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Blue Haired 20 Year Olds Took Over The NHL Twitterall right,let's see let's move to this daily wires

Matt Walsh

Updated on Jan 24,2023

Blue Haired 20 Year Olds Took Over The NHL Twitter

all right,let's see let's move to this daily wires,reporting the National Hockey League,took some heat over a Tuesday tweet,promoting a transgender and non-binary,hockey tournament and a follow-up,comment asserting trans women are women,trans men are men non-binary identity is,real,the tournament in question the team,trans draft tournament took place over,the weekend in Middleton Wisconsin and,included only trans and non-binary,players,on Tuesday at the NH NHL's official,Twitter account shared several photos,from the tournament along with a,statement showing support for the event,said the NHL is is proud to support this,past weekend's team trans draft,tournament in Middleton Wisconsin this,was the first tournament uh comprised,entirely of transgender and non-binary,players with around 80 folks,participating,and then that's when they responded uh,to someone else saying that trans women,are women trans men are men non-binary,identity is real,what we have to understand is that every,institution and organization at this,point is basically run by blue-haired,liberal women,and gay liberal men like that's every,organization in America is either run by,such or as or as operates as though it,is,okay which is how you get the NHL,tweeting something that it sounds like,it's you know you you imagine a blue,haired 22 year old gender Studies major,saying that and this is what you're,getting from the NHL which used to be,I've never been a hockey fan,but I've always respected hockey at,least as a as a kind of rough and tumble,masculine sport,and even there,tweeting this stuff,trying to appeal to an audience that,will never be their customer base,like the people who,want to hear that kind of thing trans,women are women non-binary identities,are real like the the the the,demographic of people who find that sort,of thing appealing,this is a demographic that is not,watching hockey okay,and that's not even to say that nobody,no liberal identifying person watches,hockey I'm sure there are,but even they like they it's not going,to be the kind of liberal that needs to,hear you say that,you know I love spending the holidays,with my family and one of the ways that,I like to do that is with delicious meat,from good ranchers as a special gift to,my listeners this holiday season good,ranchers is giving away two Black Angus,New York strip steaks free with your,order these are two 12-ounce Steakhouse,quality cuts a 70 value for free and you,don't want to miss this offer because,I'll tell you why well Black Angus,tastes better and is more tender than,any other beef black angus meat is,marbled in such a way that the fat is,distributed thinly and evenly this,marbling gives it a consistent flavor,that you don't get with other meats plus,the Black Angus from good ranchers is,hand cut and trimmed by expert butchers,so you know every piece is going to be,Exquisite go to Walsh,use code walls to check out for this,special offer that's,Walsh for two Black Angus New York strip,steaks free with your order good,ranchers American Meat delivered,so this is just these woke,uh institutions committing it's like,it's suicide it's self-destruction,you really don't gain anything from it,they're not they're not going to profit,off of this,and this isn't even a case you know,sometimes you have these these,organizations corporations that will go,woke in response to some sort of,controversy,so it would almost be it would still not,be justifiable but almost be a different,case if you had say I don't know some,NHL player who said something who who,dared to say out loud that um you know,women are women and men are men and then,was getting a lot of heat from it from,from uh from uh the media and then the,NHL responded by saying oh we don't,believe that we believe that trans women,are women,so that would be a case of them trying,to dig themselves out of a hole it would,still be again,unjustifiable and a stupid thing to do,but you understand the motivation anyway,they're just cowardly trying to dig,themselves out of this PR Hole by um by,pandering to the left,but in this case it's an unforced error,like they could have just not tweeted,that you don't need to,no one needed to see you tweet that,the only thing you can hope to do is,alienate the audience you already have,because again you're not going to,attract,whatever audience it finds that kind of,statement really appealing you're not,you're not going to attract them and not,watching hockey,that's why wokeness it really does,especially when it comes to these,corporations it reminds me of lives,think of this the other day,you know that uh,there's a certain kind of parasite it's,like a brain parasite and it's,Toxoplasma something or other that can,infest mice,and when when the mice are infested by,this parasite it causes the mice to be,suicidal actually makes them attracted,to cats and so they will run to their,own death,they will run into the into the the,mouths of a of a waiting cat th

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NHL Plays Of The Week: He Hit The Griddy In Overtime! | Steve's Hat-Picks

NHL Plays Of The Week: He Hit The Griddy In Overtime! | Steve's Hat-Picks

Kevin fiala just fighting off two,Defenders at the same time like he's,Captain America in the elevator,hot picks Hello friends Steve dangle,here and welcome to the first edition of,Steve's hat picks of 2023. a lot,happened since the last time I saw you,well the last time I saw you on hat,picks because we did a stream of watch,Hockey Night in Canada with Steve dangle,presented by Coca-Cola on the Sportsnet,YouTube channel but possibly even more,notable than that we released a dang its,video where I had a visible booger the,entire time the comments,the comments that were so,any comments but this time I I think I'm,good so since it's been a few weeks,since the last edition of Steve's had,picks let's look at the best from around,the NHL over the past few weeks we start,with an empty Netter and it's not a,particularly impressive empty Netter,apart from the fact that it moved,Alexander Ovechkin into second in,all-time NHL goal scoring Jensen plays,it ahead picked by Connor played onto,Ovechkin Alex Ovechkin at the line feeds,it because that sucks doesn't want to,shoot it I'm not sure Obi wanted to,shoot it either there it is,there it is,Alex Ovechkin has overtaken Mr Hockey,one great Hill left to climb,astounding spectacular and absolutely,wonderful to do it here on home ice with,all its fans in attendance everybody,clad in the great apes number saluting,the fans Alex ovech can try to give that,to Koozie Koozie said I don't want I'll,give it right back to you he spins it,around and just fires it at the net,something only OV can do with Morrissey,all over him and the family and friends,all 18,000 plus here in unison here in,Washington don't ever tell me a jersey,doesn't matter like for example Buffalo,Sabers fans wear up and down that the,goat head Jersey is gonna propel them to,a playoff spot and they just might be,right it gives them something but,Alexander Ovechkin when he's wearing the,Washington Capitals reverse retro jersey,from his rookie season it does something,to him and while it does look like he'll,eventually be able to do it that hill to,first ever in NHL goal scoring it's a,big mouth to climb let's see what,happens next but in the meantime that's,a hat pick for our next hat pick this,play is so disgusting that it would end,up in had picks on its own but it also,just happens to feature Brent Burns,800th career NHL points check out this,passing play from the Carolina,Hurricanes soja important the Face-Off,win was Puck possession racing up Isis,slave and low Gates burn Passover and,it's broad score it's slaven,they want the full 200 feet 23 seconds,into overtime in the Hurricanes Prevail,4-3 the final score and guys,yeah that was really might have been a,shot blockers that were on side wow,great hands that's a defenseman to make,that move in tight quarters that's an,incredible move by slavin he's going at,full speed there mersey for him to be,able to take that pass,and turn it back quickly that is,beautiful handsy stuff I like I didn't,get to watch this live was this a,particularly chippy game like were they,mad at each other did they seem mad,because I don't care if no punches were,thrown that is violence man the Carolina,Hurricanes are a wagon and it's,hilarious that while we were gone they,just willy-nilly got Max pacharetti back,who you didn't even know was traded,there you did know you forgot disgusting,play that's a habit for her next hat,pick last year I ranted and raved about,how the St Louis Blues are full of,underrated players and by the end of the,season they weren't underrated anymore,Jordan Cairo was at the All-Star Game I,suppose I suppose you can't be,underrated when you do that and it just,so happens he factors in on this play,along with Robert Thomas and Pavel,buchanovic and it rolled on him but then,he knocks it out to midair now Thomas,back in for Butch nevich to the net tip,they score pyro with a brilliant tip in,Devils were going to be okay but the,blues stay with it and I don't know how,how the heck did he see him there what a,pass this is eyes on the back who said I,mean it is so much on the money John,Kelly you would have put your stick on,the ice and laid that one in right there,all right producer Nick said and I quote,best pass to tip ever yes I printed it,apparently producer Nick's New Year's,resolution to avoid hyperbole was broken,after less than two weeks but it's a,nasty goal isn't it Blues are so weird,they're so weird you can watch them any,given night and be like are you good and,by the end of the game the answer is for,sure no they're not and then the very,next night they'll do something like,this that's a hat pick for our next hat,pick I often say if you're a goaltender,thank you yes that's right 10 the goal,well sometimes if you face a shooter,sneaky enough they can beat you even,when you're doing that here's Carol,capris of right off of Jake ottinger's,well you'll see,caprisov got a piece of it,he dances out of traffic and scores,here comes up with a loose Puck I'd,

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NHL Picks, Predictions and Props | Daily NHL Betting Preview | 🏒 Puck Time for January 10

NHL Picks, Predictions and Props | Daily NHL Betting Preview | 🏒 Puck Time for January 10

thank you,Dave coken turned 70 on January 13th and,we want to celebrate Dave's 70th all,week long by offering everyone seven,days of his all-access service for just,70 using coupon code Coke and 70 when,checking out on a seven day all access,pass that's every play in every sport,for seven days including any five,percent releases for just seventy,dollars coming out to only ten dollars a,day Dave is a legend in this business,with many calling him the goat despite,betting and winning in sports since the,Black Box Scandal he could be enjoying,one of the best runs of his career since,joining,look at his lifetime numbers since,joining the wager talk family,exclusively number one in total profit,number one in college football number,one in golf number two in NHL and number,four in MLB just like fine wine Dave,coken is getting better with age happy,birthday Dave and take advantage of code,Coke and 70 and get seven days for only,seventy dollars,it is Tuesday January 10th we are back,here and live on wager talk TV this is,another episode of Puck time I'm Andrew,McGinnis I have Karma and Bianca with me,Ed and Don and Buster looking forward to,breaking down four games on tap for,today the Devils hurricanes wild Rangers,Flames blues and Panthers taking on the,Colorado Avalanche lots to get to lots,of promo stuff to get to before we jump,into all that I will bring in my co-host,Carmine Bianca what's up Carm,hello Andrew hopefully you're feeling,well,um uh I am I apologize in advance or uh,actually not in advance I apologize for,telling you to,um whatever you do don't take the Flyers,yesterday they uh played our producers,just buzzing in my ear right now because,he's a Philly man,um the Flyers played you give credit,where credit is to they played Andrew a,perfect Road game yesterday completely,shut down uh the Sabers a lot of people,were on the the over in that game,um and the Sabers generated nothing and,now they get the very tough Seattle,crack and it's funny because you know in,looking at reviewing yesterday's plays,on the show The liens and,um I gave all four leans on the show,three of the four leadens get there with,the Kraken over three and a half,um the Nashville game,um and uh and and then the Kevin fiala,prop over two and a half shots on goal,uh the only one that doesn't get there,is the one that we had is the show best,bet which was the Rasmus Dalene as the,Sabers went Darlene went they generated,nothing I think they only had like five,shots on goal in the first period uh uh,a bad game for the Sabers we'll see what,they do tonight against uh the Kraken,who are red hot and scoring goals it,seems like every single game,um uh four more yesterday 26 goals in,their last five games for the Seattle,Kraken and Marty Jones now 11-1 on the,road this year as the goalie know if,he's in goal yet tonight but uh some of,those games it was like a three and four,night for me some of those games aged me,um let me tell you that one and I'm,already old enough the only guy who's,not old is he's moved to Mexico and this,guy gets younger each and every show,he's like Benjamin Button,um Don Buster welcome to the puck time,thank you very much Carmine and that is,true and you know why that is Carmine,because I don't have to be in that,freezing cold weather in Canada and,believe me that will take years off your,life every time you walk out that door,and you don't see Sun I learned that a,long time ago somebody told me that I,told myself when it's time I will be,seeing the Sun every day and so far so,good down here in Mexico,yeah I literally got a text before the,show started Buster saying that uh even,if you have winter tires stay off the,road it's a mess out there so uh Welcome,to my life I'm sure you might not miss,that at all Andrew I don't miss that at,all yeah yeah good thing the uh the,fridge is stocked lots of food at home I,don't know if I'm leaving the house,today uh that's for sure as far as that,Seattle game is concerned because you,know I'm a Montreal fan that still puts,myself through misery of watching these,games because that's that's what a,committed fan does I think uh imagine if,you had the team total I talked about it,yesterday on the show three nothing,early in the game and then like pretty,much no goals the rest of the game and,then Marty St Louis like you know what,whatever I'll pull the goalie and and,you know what happened after that so uh,Team total Puck line regulation whatever,it was that that cash for for the Kraken,last God bless Marty St Louis for,pulling the goalie I'm like I'm like,cheering for the Canadian things to,score a goal because then the likelihood,of 3-1 that they're going to pull the,goalie is they're going to pull in with,about four minutes left but Seattle's,four checking was so good that canines,couldn't get the puck out and they went,to a commercial break and it comes back,from the commercial break and I knew the,Face-Off was in the uh it was in the,Kraken Zone and I hear that the goalie's,be

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The NHL is a WOKE DISASTER and signs the DEATH WARRANT for Women's Sports with this Tweet!

The NHL is a WOKE DISASTER and signs the DEATH WARRANT for Women's Sports with this Tweet!

you're tuning into,black and white sports on YouTube the No,Holds Barred truth on Sports the main,event starts now guys I don't know,what's going on with these Sports leads,that um I actually grew up loving I used,to be a bedtime NBA fan used to actually,grow up watching Houston Rockets uh,watching Hakeem Olajuwon,went back to bat titles in the 1990s,but guys we're living in a different age,here we're living in in the Walt Sports,age,and you know what folks we may just have,to accept that Sports will never be what,it used to be,no politics,no virtue settling just the game because,fans just tune in for the game,now we've done many videos here on this,channel,talking about how,having biological men go over into,women's sports is bad for women's sports,and the women overall really don't like,it but maybe they need to speak louder,because it seems like every single week,we're putting out a new video about,some biological man,actually going over into women's sports,and destroying the competition,it just happened um in a high school we,did a video on that in a cross on,country meet it happened,but now guys this brings us to the NHL,the National Hockey League,faults they virtue signaled for the,trans community,let's get into it over here on outkick,NHL goes full woke publicly supports,tournament showcasing showcasing a,transgender players,now they put out a couple of tweets here,now in this uh first one here let me,just blow it up and go over here to,Twitter so you can see it a little bit,better,they put this out the NHL is proud to,support this past weekend's uh Team,trans draft tournament in Middleton,Wisconsin,this was the first tournament comprised,entirely of transgender and non-binary,players,with around 80 votes participating,#hockey is for everyone hashtag NHL,Pride,now guys,this is supposed to be a trans draft,tournament here,but yet,non-binary players are in here as well,now some of you guys may not know,whether or not binary player is is,basically like if I just said to myself,you know what I don't feel like I'm a,man or woman,I'm just non-binary I could be wrong,about that too these things change all,the time,it changes all the time,this is a virtue signal folks,now check this out,a person uh tweeted back to them so man,playing in um man playing on women's uh,teams with a question mark,the NHL tweets back to this person and,says trans women are women,trans men or men,non-binary identity is real,so they're just flat out saying,if you are a biological man,and you say one day hey I really feel,like a woman they're saying that you are,a woman,just like a woman saying you know what I,feel like a man today,the the NHL is saying you are a man,now it's kind of funny guys that they,couldn't say the same thing about a,non-binary they just said non-binary,identity is real,that you know they couldn't put a,stipulation on that one I guess,this is ridiculous man what do you,hockey fans actually think of this,I mean it's the NHL,one day are they actually gonna have a,um,a,I guess you couldn't really have a um,trans uh woman but maybe so maybe,they'll do this,maybe they'll actually have um,a male player that wants to be trans and,identifies a woman but still play there,or you know,they may forcefully make um biological,women who actually want to identify as,men come over and play in the NHL,and folks they probably would get,destroyed,let's just be real about that the NHL,seems to be opening up a whole new can,of worms now when it comes like to the,NBA the NFL they really haven't said,much on the whole trans thing at all,now they actually stay pretty silent,about this I'm willing to bet folks if,you actually ask your average everyday,NHL um player or NFL player NBA player,MLB player,they're not going to be saying in public,that uh trans women or women and trans,men or men because Common Sense thinking,people don't think this way,but the NHL needs to Virtue signal,and they're just trying to Pander to the,one percent of waltzers out there that,actually believes in this stuff,this is utterly ridiculous folks but I'm,not surprised man,the sports leads that we actually grew,up with they no longer exist this stuff,is on a whole nother level now folks and,it's going to end pretty badly I said it,before guys it may end up uh taking a,fatality to actually stop all of this,but it doesn't seem to be stopping,it doesn't this is utterly ridiculous,this is insane but the NHL,they want to go woke maybe they'll end,up going broke just like the NBA the NBA,is still not recovered from um the uh,2020 bubble when they were nailing for,the national anthem I know that's a,little bit different here but you guys,get the point that's just my thoughts on,this what do you guys think of this,black and white sports fans let's show,stick about all this in the comments,make sure to subscribe to the channel,and we'll catch you next time,thanks for watching the show be sure to,like comment and subscribe be sure to,tune in next time on black and white,

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Marchand, Crosby Mic'd Up for 2023 Winter Classic | NHL Mic Drop

Marchand, Crosby Mic'd Up for 2023 Winter Classic | NHL Mic Drop


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Hockey Players Reading Tweets

Hockey Players Reading Tweets

my friends and I have come up with a new,drinking game during the Ducks broadcast,every time Ryan Getzlaf shoots a shot,row it's not rocket we take a shot we'll,get drunk,hmm cam Fowler looks like every,chick-fil-a employee I can't help but,want to punch it baby,aah never seen a handsome chick-fil-a,worker so appreciate that thank you,hey Corey Perry last I checked my,grandmother can grow a better mustache,that's great,Jacob Silva Silverberg looks like one of,the bad guys in in a die hard movie hey,Paul marry my four-year-old has a better,slap shot we might I must be pretty good,then sole four-year-old Sam okay,wicked Rockette looks like the sixth,member of the band One Direction pay for,that that's that's a compliment paddler,sounds like someone's stuck while I'm up,its windpipe they have to signal an,eight-year-old girl scaled called she,wants her hair back Thin Mints that's,that's pretty funny Adam I think yeah I,have pretty good hair but I lost you you,think so I guess I have to do something,about actually going through the get a,haircut today so I'll ask her to do,something about it has cam Fowler even,entered puberty yet and you guys see,this beard this is a couple weeks here,so I don't know really where you're,getting that from Corey Perry more like,Rory Perry,is it just me or is pepper missing an X,and a big blue ox sweet europass campus,did you borrow them from a power player,now many Europeans I'm just going to,live with I like my tight pants and have,a nice leg ones show them off right,really Ryan Kesler that's the face,you're gonna go with today you buddy,Daniel Sedin is my favorite City Michael,Henry,like no I say is like cheap beers are,edible okay I love,let's do Gras for our spiritual interval,closure ooh looks like every bad guy,ever from Law & Order okay,who is more hashtag serious Colin Hays,or Jon Snow,I don't know I'm not that serious,if the NHL release an official workout,would be the highest-grossing video of,all time pollutes Sidney Crosby that is,great I think it's time for me to wear a,suit all the time like Barney Stinson,and Henrik Lundqvist your game mouth,gift has the cutest nose I love it I,love it too Masha when ya smile it looks,like one of the bad guys in a Sean,Connery Bond movie,hashtag bigoted bugger yeah I don't know,I think it would be more like why like,James Bond but not one of the bad guys,maybe bit Denis Craig looking but well I,mean I think just when everybody has,their opinion and you're entitled to,yours you know I think you're wrong,From Russia With Love remember that 80s,movie when that chick were tended to be,a dude looks like Harry price hashtag,Canada hashtag can versus Ben that's not,very nice,just one of the guy,so they nice little Tremblant is so slow,max that's ready which like the kind of,guy who would put paradise by the,dashboard light on the jukebox and then,leave the bar there you go,and me man damn,the number I see Daniels from a nursery,and I can't help but to think of sharing,Terry from The Simpsons I don't know,they or Justin Timberlake never fails to,make me dance which is bad because I,dance a John page which obviously you,have sig Danton the only man I need my,life for my dog Sam my dad my longtime,pretend boyfriend Sidney Crosby got a,gig my mom is on Twitter and the second,person she follows henrik lundqvist one,second the greatest sibling relationship,will forever be used Daniel Dennett to,be highly I expect any particular to,have a lot of mid-2000 Britney Spears,and some Macklemore my really just leave,it, Dante's only had a lake named at,them time to rename the Atlantic I agree,that has the best we have heard in a,long time,oh you know just making grilled cheese,at 10:45 at night quote the boots,they're proud very proud Sidney Crosby,literally has the best smile it lights,up my insides not even kidding I don't,know where this 501 was sold his soul to,the devil for perfect hair so well I,think comfy socks too is that if you,mean mountains for in Ooty I will run,around the house naked screaming Russia,I love you I hope you show me video,thanks for all the support so far keep,tweets coming there are some of the,favorite the end Meister I like that,name the price - why wouldn't you vote,for @j pave for the cover he's way,hotter than the other dude actually,again HL 17 close he's another guy miss,em sharks 21 are you vote for Trump or,quitting now I'm vote for NHL 17 fealty,America's Choice is NHL some teams about,it I approve this message,all hair stood here 10s Hagan HL 17th,Pavelski to do the best thing to come,out sconces,probably over sized choose second fat,loss of elves gave,I did not have heard that much at fourth,line wings go fidelity at American Hero,I will hear no argument on this hashtag,NHL 17 Pavelski,Ashton yeah addi devs - Dylan develop,make sure you vote for Captain America,at j58 to be on the cover of NHL 17,hashtag an excel 17th of LT just one,tweet today rook you got about 50 more,to go get on that at the Sweet Caroline,

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NHL Legend Details His On-Ice Collapse After Damar Hamlin Suffered Same Injury

NHL Legend Details His On-Ice Collapse After Damar Hamlin Suffered Same Injury

we witness the unthinkable on the,football field Buffalo Bills safety,Demar Hamlin after making a tackle on,Bengals whiteout T Higgins suffered,Cardiac Arrest CPR would be administered,multiple times Dr William Knight and Dr,Timothy pritz met the media days after,Hamlin went down yet if there is one man,who could understand where Hamlin is,coming from it's 17-year NHL veteran,Chris Pronger I got hit with a slab shot,literally right in the heart,and uh in in between beats and that's,called commercial quartus where you get,hit,in between beats your heart thinks it,beat so it skips One Beat sometimes the,heart restarts sometimes it doesn't and,a lot of little Leaguers get this in in,baseball from a line drive or what have,you and uh,uh you know it's stung and you know I,covered the puck up got a whistle in my,head I'm thinking all right get to the,bench,uh we're in Detroit so I'm trying to,limit the amount of booze I'm gonna get,and uh uh,that's really the last thing I remember,was thinking that progner said he,suffered from commercial quartus what we,saw happen tonight is not related to any,sort of vaccines this is almost,certainly something called commercial,Cordis an extremely extremely rare,condition that's one of those things,that we typically only think we're going,to read about in textbooks essentially,what can happen is if you have a blunt,trauma to the chest that occurs at,exactly the right time in the cardiac,electrical cycle your heart can be sent,into cardiac arrest which Dr Brian,sutterer breaks down on his YouTube,channel this is a tracing of our hearts,electrical activity basically this is,one cycle of the hard squeezing starts,off with this P wave which is the,electrical activity of the atrium at the,top of the heart squeezing then the QRS,complex which is going to be the,ventricles acting but then the last,phase is this T wave where the ventricle,basically depolarizes and kind of resets,to get ready for the next cycle for,commercial chord is to happen you have,to suffer this blunt trauma to the chest,at exactly the right moment specifically,on this upstroke of the T wave in order,for the heart to then be sent into this,arrhythmia and subsequent Cardiac Arrest,this is one of those things that not,only do you have to have a high enough,Force but it has to happen within,milliseconds of a Time window because if,that impact comes at any other time in,this electrical cycle you're fine you,don't go into this playing against the,Detroit Red Wings as a member of the St,Louis Blues Pronger sacrificed his body,to block a slap shot he would be taken,off the ice on a stretcher the Buffalo,News is Lance lysowski would write like,Hamlin before his collapse on the field,Pronger managed to stand up following,the impact and took two strides before,falling to the ice teammates huddled,around Pronger both athletic training,staffs rushed to his side I kind of get,up a little bit stumble a couple strides,and then collapse to the ice the next,thing you know I'm waking up and I got,my shirt cut open all my stuff's off,um I'm looking up at the rafters and,looking up at the banners in Joe Louis,Arena and looking over to my right I can,see our bench guys are crying and you,know you kind of you don't really know,what's going on the palooza's trainer,nor their team position could find a,pull some progress neck or wrist,pronger's lips were blue and becoming,Bluer by the second while his eyes were,rolled back into his head one trainer,cut pronger's jersey and shoulder pads,to prepare to perform CPR when suddenly,he awoke when you see somebody follow,the way that you do in these situations,uh you clearly can tell something is is,wrong and uh and and they were quick to,uh to get out to me and and start,working on me he would tell the,Washington Post for me it could have,been much worse from a timing,perspective right place right time and,timing of the heartbeat the timing of,the shot that hit me all those things,just made it a perfect storm it was like,winning the lottery the reason I passed,out was uh there's that much oxygen in,one heartbeat as it pushes throughout,your body uh you know I just had to lack,of oxygen for that one heartbeat and,down I went part of the post once more,commercial Cordis is a condition that,occurs when there's a blow to the chest,during a vulnerable moment in the,heart's electrical cycle Gregory Marcus,a cardiologist and professor of medicine,at the University of California San,Francisco told the post which notes the,window is only 40 milliseconds long,which obviously makes this very rare,however one expert named Dr Barry Maron,told the Buffalo news that the window,was even smaller at 30 milliseconds that,is why many say it is so rare because it,must occur in this small frame of time,it's been 25 years and you know as I,talked to the doctors then you know it's,it's,uh you know does not happen very often,it hasn't happened in hockey since uh,which speaks to you know the the,abnormality of this actu

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NHL Goes FULL WOKE With Statement About Transgender And Non-Binary Players | Fans Are FURIOUS

NHL Goes FULL WOKE With Statement About Transgender And Non-Binary Players | Fans Are FURIOUS

the NHL isn't the biggest Sports league,in North America but it certainly has a,massive audience and what they did the,other day alienated just about each and,every one of them because as always,these sports leagues cannot help but go,completely and totally woke at every,single opportunity even when it's,completely unnecessary and it turns off,their fan base trans women are women NHL,goes Ultra woke supports all trans and,non-binary hockey tournament I cannot,wait before we even get to this story,before we get to the tweet I cannot wait,please give this to me I want to see,some 6566 trans woman who was,biologically born a man competing with,some five five women on on the ice and,just absolutely obliterate them destroy,them I would love it and then to watch,all these people in the mainstream media,to watch all these woke lunatics try to,pretend like this is a good thing like,this is okay okay the same people who've,been trying to push female Athletics and,female sports are gonna be the ones to,cause its complete and total Downfall by,adding this disgusting degeneracy but,let's get into it the National Hockey,League has jumped to Twitter to,celebrate its support its first,transgender and non-binary tournament in,Middleton Wisconsin on Tuesday the NHL,NHL tweeted out this news the NHL is,proud to support this past weekend's,team trans draft tournament in Middleton,Washington this was the first tournament,comprised completely of transgender and,non-binary players with around 80 folks,participating so stunning so brave and,when I click on this you can even see,for some reason even though it's so,stunning only people that NHL followers,or mentioned can reply that's weird,hashtag hockey is for everyone hashtag,NHL Pride weird that they had to do it's,almost like there was something that,caused it it's almost like they were,getting so much backlash that they were,literally in fear of being ratioed that,they turned off the replies because oh,it must just be so popular I guess,that's it it must be so popular coming,out and telling people this that that's,why they had to restrict the replies oh,but there's more because they doubled,down on this someone said so Men playing,on women's teams this is what the NHL,says,trans women are women trans men are men,non-binary identity is real,it's what happens when you have these,young just out of college stupid,mentally deficient individuals who are,running your social media accounts that,are putting the entire message for the,NHL out on Twitter and it's a statement,like that trans women are women trans,men are men non-binary identity is real,well a lot of people had questions about,the woke NHL then I'm sure you'll start,drafting trans men onto the men's hockey,teams if you don't you're a bigot in a,homophobe am I right uh Jesse Kelly turn,off professional sports walk away never,look back here's my man Benny Johnson,hey Normie sports fans perhaps you,should stop funding woke leagues that,hate you in your values if every NHL fan,who believes in biological sex stopped,watching or buying tickets this ,would stop real fast David hookstad if,trans women are women shouldn't the NHL,completely support eliminating the sport,being divided by men and women if,there's no biological difference then,you only have hockey no men's no women's,Just Hockey how will that work out the,NHL should definitely let a biological,woman line up against Alexander Ovechkin,and see how that theory works out for,them over and over again right if trans,men are men why aren't they playing in,the league great point you know why,because there are biological differences,between men and women and the fact that,the NHL goes so far to alienate 99 of,people you realize that right you,understand that right that 99 of people,think that what you're talking about,right now is absolutely insane,but that's what these woke sports,leagues are doing,of trans men are men trans women are,women non-binary identity is real that's,what the NHL is doing right now and,driving their fans away absolutely,disgusting woke behavior from many,professional sports leagues but very,specifically today it's the NHL how's it,going for you NHL I'm pretty sure UFC,surpassed you in popularity I hope it,continues the downward trend for you,after this display let me know your,thoughts in the comments section below,smash a like button subscribe to the,channel ring the bell for notification,share this video out there and I'll talk,to you later,foreign

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