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Shannon Sharpe CONFRONTS Skip Bayless Live On Undisputed Over Damar Hamlin Tweet | This Looks BADSha

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Shannon Sharpe CONFRONTS Skip Bayless Live On Undisputed Over Damar Hamlin Tweet | This Looks BAD

Shannon Sharpe was noticeably absent,during Undisputed yesterday after the,Skip Bayless controversy blew up after,Bill's safety Demar Hamlin suffered that,freak frightening injury after making a,routine attack we'll take a helmet to,the chest then standing up he,immediately fell down his heart stopped,on the field they were doing CPR they,were shocking him they were giving him,option all in front of all of his,teammates one of the most horrific,experiences that anybody can remember in,recent memory from the NFL and in the,aftermath after skip had said I'm,worried about Demar Hamlin this is so,scary for tomorrow Hammond I'm praying,for Demar Hamlin he's done in a tweet,asking about what's the NFL going to do,how do they make the decision to play,this game to remake this game when,everybody is truly only worried about,Demar Hamlin and rightfully so that,didn't get taken the right way I think,it was poorly worded but I don't think,it was intended as bad as a lot of,people are putting it off to be and Skip,Bayless has been getting hammered since,then well Shannon Sharpe did make his,return to Undisputed today a and it,started off in fireworks Shannon sharp,confronts skip over Hamlin tweet in,return to Undisputed at the very start,of the program they decided to give,Shannon sharp some moments to speak and,Skip Bayless actually interrupts him for,something and this is not going over,well online well I wasn't on air,yesterday and I won't get into,speculation no conjecture innuendo but I,will say this in watching that game on,Monday night uh what happened to Demar,Hamlin struck me a little different at,the Brotherhood in the NFL when injuries,happened when we know injuries are part,of the game I've seen guys suffer ACLS,and achilles Terror but I've never seen,anybody have to be revived and fight for,their life on the field so they struck,me a little differently because I,remember seeing my brother paralyzed on,the field temporarily and he was able to,regain Focus,um skip tweeted something and although I,disagree with the Tweet uh and and,hopefully uh skip would take it down but,I didn't want to come out come out I'm,not going to take it down because I,stand by what I tweeted skill let me,call you all right okay go ahead no you,go,good let's go Jane okay I mean I cannot,even get through a monologue without you,interrupting me you could have came back,I thought skipped just left no I was,just going to say skip I didn't want to,yesterday to get into a situation where,Demar Hamlin was the issue we should,have been talking about him and not,getting to not get into your uh your,Tweet that's what I was gonna do but you,can't even let me finish my opening,monologue without you interrupting okay,I was under the impression you weren't,going to bring this up because nobody,here had a problem with that tweet no,clearly the bosses wanted you to offer,explanations so clearly so no they did,not have nobody let's go,foreign,thoughts and prayers were made with,Demar Hamlin that's where the focus,could have been and not on the football,game so that's that's what you saw in,the first one minute 30 seconds or so of,Undisputed,um listen I understand that a lot of,people are differently affected by this,I get it I I was shaken by this entire,thing it was a scary thing to watch,especially if you're a former or current,NFL player that sees those type of,tackles every single day a hundred times,a game you know what I mean and I'm sure,that you know a lot of people are going,to tune in but I think it's a big,mistake for them to do this on the air,uh for them not to actually handle this,stuff off or handle this stuff off,screen and then maybe come in and be,ready to discuss it I saw Gary Sheffield,Jr tweeted out something very similar uh,Shannon sharp and Skip Bayless should,have handled this off air and had the,same conversation on air with the,situation resolve clearing the air on,national TV was a mistake just might,cost them the chemistry to go with the,show and so it didn't look like skip,thought that Shannon was going to bring,it up at least in this way talking about,his tweets and saying I wish we would,taking it down all this stuff and when,you do look at what Skip Bayless said I,see people saying you were only thinking,about the game first when you look I,don't like Skip Bayless I think he's a, idiot I've criticized him a,million times on this show but when you,look at his reaction here is after what,happened to Mara Hamlin not exactly sure,what happened players on both teams are,shaking ambulance on the field CPR,administer can't remember play being,stopped just said a prayer for him and,his family I've seen so many horrific,injuries on football fields that I've,never seen a reaction like this in every,other situation I witnessed or covered,the game has always been on fairly,quickly the attitude was hey that's,football for these players this is,different and then he says this no doubt,the NFL is considering postponing the,rest of t

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Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe Feud Over Damar Hamlin Tweet

Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe Feud Over Damar Hamlin Tweet

Skip Bayless decided to say some things that were more than,insensitive in my opinion, but I'm going to do this.,Let me first by the context of Shannon Sharpe,who tried to help Skip in my opinion.,And then this happened here.,Here it is.,>> Good to see you Sharnone is there something youwanna share?,>> Good morning, yes.,>> Morning.,There's been a lot of speculation on why I wasn't on there yesterday and,I won't get into speculation or conjecture innuendo, but I will say this and watching,that game on Monday night, what happened to Damar Hamlin struck me look different.,As a brotherhood in the NFL when injuries happened,,when we know injuries are part of the game.,I've seen guys suffer a CLS and Achilles tear, but,I've never seen anybody have to be revived and fight for their life on the field.,So they struck me a little differently because I remember seeing my brother,paralyzed on the field temporarily, and he was able to regain focus.,Skip, tweeted something and although I disagree with the tweet and,hopefully Skip would take it down, but I didn't want it.,>> Time out.,Time out.,I'm not gonna take it down cuz I stand by what I tweeted.,>> All right, go ahead.,>> No, you go.,>> Good, let's go Jane.,>> Okay.,>> I mean, I cannot even get through a monologue without you interrupting me.,You could have came back skip, skip, just like that.,I was gonna bring, I was just gonna say Skip.,I didn't want to yesterday to get into a situation where Damar Hamlin was,the issue.,We should have been talking about him and not getting to your your tweet?,That's what I was gonna do.,But you can't even let me finish my opening monologue without you,interrupting.,>> Okay, I was under the impression you weren't going to bring this up because,nobody here had a problem with that tweet.,>> No.,Clearly the bosses wanted you to offer explanations so clearly.,No, they did not have, nobody.,Let's go Jane.,>> Thoughts and prayers remain with Damar Hamlin.,>> That's where the focus should have been.,Skip the lost his damn mind.,Now I've heard skip go back and forth with Shannon for a long time.,Sometimes Skip will even see the light, change his mind, and openly say so.,So let's be very clear about what Skip did.,File a young 24-year-old black male,was damn near dying in front of the world.,Skip was concerned about the season,,the NFL, the game, the sport, not the life,,not the health of the individual.,Damn it Skip.,If it's not in you, you could have at least faked it.,The level of insensitivity is so extreme.,I don't understand how Skip doesn't get it.,I really don't.,It was more than inappropriate try to help Skip see the light.,Look at the social media threat.,Shannon tried to help Skip see the light.,I'm going to try to help him see the light.,Now, Skip went on the day before to offer an apology.,Shannon was not there and well, judge for yourself,,do you think this was an apology?,Here it is.,>> I'll need to say up front that I apologize for,what we're going to set out to do here today.,If it offends anyone, because we're going to try to,do the show pretty much as we usually do the show.,But I'll admit upfront.,I'm still shook up by what happened last night to Damar Hamlin.,In fact, I'm still wrecked.,In fact, I'm not sure I'm capable of doing this show today,,but after barely sleeping on it, I decided to give it a try.,Maybe I'll fail.,Maybe we will fail.,But we're going to try.,We wrestled through much of the night whether to even do,a show today because it felt like in our minds we almost can't win with this.,>> What kind of apology is that?,That made me, okay, so first I was offended, now I'm just mad at him.,I no longer respect him.,He says he's apologizing for.,And I quote what we're going to set out to do today.,That's what he said, he apologizes for.,What we're going to set out to do today, and what's all of this?,We and our Skip.,It's you and yours.,There's no we, and our, and we struggled with this, and,then you want me to feel bad about the fact you didn't sleep last night.,What kind of apology are you submitting, sir?,I submit to you your time is done.,Your time is done.,I'm going to say something else and you may say it's insensitive.,You've been broadcasting Skip for 40 years.,You have never in your life played professional football,,you have never in your life played collegiate football.,As a matter of fact, the only time people will watch anything,you're part of is when you have a black face sitting across from you,,you have never been able to really hold down an actual relative show.,That's interesting.,You need that interaction.,If Shannon was not part of the program sir, let's be clear.,Here's how it struck me.,And I'm going to provide some context that I think has been missed in this.,Before I do that, let me highlight what,the Buffalo Bills tweeted about the young Mr. Hamlin.,Per the physicians caring for Damar Hamlin at the University,of Cincinnati Medical Center, Damar has shown remarkable,improvement over the

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Shannon Sharpe BREAKS HIS SILENCE After HEATED EXCHANGE With Skip Bayless Over Damar Hamlin Tweets

Shannon Sharpe BREAKS HIS SILENCE After HEATED EXCHANGE With Skip Bayless Over Damar Hamlin Tweets

remember,what's going on world it's showing me,some cigarette and I'm back again with,another video today we got Shannon sharp,reacting to his heated exchange with,Skip Bayless earlier today for those who,may have missed it Shannon showed up to,address his absence from yesterday's,episode in which Skip Bayless had to,address the backlash behind the series,of tweets he made about Demar Hamlin's,injury that's right y'all before we get,into what Shannon had to say let's check,out this clip so you can hear exactly,what was said between Shannon and Skip,and I'll catch y'all after it was in my,commentary so with that being said let's,get right to it,um skip tweeted something and although I,disagree with the Tweet uh and and I,hopefully uh skip would take it down but,I didn't want it yeah time out come out,I'm not going to take it down because I,stand by what I tweeted skip let me call,you all right okay go ahead no you go,ahead let's go Jen okay I mean I cannot,even get through a monologue without you,interrupting me you could have came back,skip,no I was just gonna say skip I didn't,want to yesterday to get into a,situation where Demar Hamlin was the,issue we should have been talking about,him and not get into your not get into,your uh your Tweet that's what I was,gonna do but you can't even let me,finish my opening monologue without you,interrupting okay I was under the,impression you weren't going to bring,this up because nobody here had a,problem with that tweet no clearly the,bosses wanted you to offer explanations,so clearly so no they did not have,nobody let's go dear moments ago on,Instagram Shannon sharp made a post that,reads I'm so proud of the person you,have become you don't pick or choose the,stand you take you take them all Barney,Murray Joe Tatum as well as Miss kales,would give you a standing ovation,Shannon you are truly a special man then,below the post the caption reads my bro,just sent this to me he doesn't show or,share a lot of emotions with me over,last month he sent me more text messages,and voice messages than ever he sees the,little boy that he helped raise that was,quick tempered and ready to fight become,what every person he mentioned saw in me,and wanted me to become God has a plan,for Shea and no one can stop it in 23.,the year of Shea hashtag sit back and,watch now again this isn't a direct,right response but,you got to question the timing of this,man coming,literally after an episode in which,Shannon is here to address the absence,from yesterday and Skip is already like,oh why are we why are we talking about,the Tweet I'm under the impression we,weren't supposed to it's like no no you,see how this works you see how skip is,trying to already control the narrative,and dictate how people respond to it and,listen you got to deal with the backlash,it's it's amazing to me how,uh you know when it comes to athletes,you know it's almost mandatory that they,address certain things and acknowledge,the wrong even if you didn't intend to,offend people you still own up to it but,skip you on the other hand you want to,double down and let it be known that you,stand by it and why are you trying to,stand on this island man it's pitiful,seriously,your pride and ego is about to ruin a,show,that could have been around for several,more years now again you know there's no,sign that this show is coming to an end,but I will say this is the first I've,ever seen,Shannon become just basically Fed Up,with the back and forth with skip any,other time you know they next segment,they smile and they good but we all know,when somebody just says you know what go,ahead man they'll let you know right,then when somebody just be like all,right man go ahead they'll let you know,they done with the back and forth,and then now Shannon makes this post to,acknowledge that the growth in him,knowing that he was quick tempered and,ready to you know jump out that Blazer,and of course that's the type of energy,Skip Bayless you know he he possessed,man he'll get you in your feelings,because sometimes he doesn't use logic,man he's going straight off of,the understanding knowing that I can,easily upset people with these takes,damn the the you know the logic behind,it or the understanding I'm just gonna,get my off and take it a lot but,this is what it is and some people like,that Unapologetic approach from skip but,come on man,not during a time when a man is fighting,for his life and people just hoping this,man gets up again I mean that that was,the whole issue with this,time issue sensitivity understanding,that's why they're saying he's an,insensitive person because you could,have saved that tweet for yesterday's,episode but instead they had to scrap,that so you can come in and dress the,backlash but y'all let me know what's,your thoughts on this post made by,Shannon Sharpe and do you believe that,skip is wrong for refusing to delete his,Demar Hammond tweets let me know down in,the section below but that's all I got,for y'all today my

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Skip Bayless Gets Destroyed On Twitter For Insensitive Tweets About Damar Hamlin Incident

Skip Bayless Gets Destroyed On Twitter For Insensitive Tweets About Damar Hamlin Incident

okay so after Bill's safety tomorrow,Hamlet collapsed on the field following,the hit made on Bengals whiteout T,Higgins this obviously got a lot of,reaction on social media first and,foremost before we begin my prayers go,to Demar Hamlin and his family and the,whole Buffalo Bills organization,hopefully the safety can recover from,this incident smoothly and enjoy his,life so while a lot of tweets were pour,again offering their prayers on a speedy,recovery for Hamlet one tweet from fs1's,Undisputed Skip Bayless pretty much lit,up social media following the incident,there were many calls for the game to be,canceled as many saw that players and,coaching staff clearly distraught from,what they had just witnessed it's not,easy seeing your teammate claps on the,ground and being administered CPR and,being told to suck it up and get back,out on the field obviously this isn't,the first time we've seen players react,badly to a hit but this incident clearly,hit different than others in the past,anyways so before the Monday night game,got postponed at 10 pm eastern time,there were a lot of takes on social,media calling on Roger Goodell and the,NFL for this one particular tweet from,Skip Bayless had everyone basically try,to cancel him Skip's first two tweets,basically was his reaction following the,incident and that he had never seen play,stop for such a long period of time and,offered his prayers the next tweet then,discussed how he had never seen a,reaction like this on the football field,following an injury and that the game,would just usually continue shortly,after but his third tweet regarding the,bills Bengals game really hit a Nerf on,social media once get tweeted out no,doubt the NFL is considering postponing,the rest of this game but how this late,in the season a game of this magnitude,is crucial to the regular season outcome,which suddenly seems so irrelevant so,this tweet was met with a lot of,negative reactions including from some,former NBA and NFL players in media,heads calling Skip Bayless human trash,this insensitive tweet basically,focusing on the Monday Night Football,game and playoff implications rather,than the health of Demar Hamlin had most,people up in arms former Fox executive,producer Scott Ackerson replied back to,skip tweeting you've actually created,the worst take ever a man could be piece,of crap you actually make me embarrassed,that I helped start the network that,pays you millions of dollars you truly,are a worthless piece of crap what are,you thinking so well these are some,pretty harsh words listen I'm no fan of,Skip Bayless but the Hades been getting,from this tweet is pretty insane former,Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant said,that we need to cancel Skip Bayless,while Kendrick Perkins called him a sick,individual Isaiah Thomas said he hoped,skip would get fired and for him to even,think that is just sad an SB Nation,journalist probably had the most hardest,hitting tweet when he called Skip,Bayless a spineless gutless coward who,everyone in the industry hates so yeah,the reaction for Skip Bayless has been,pretty crazy and insane but this isn't,anything new for him he got pretty much,the same reaction a couple years ago,when he basically called Dak Prescott,week for public admitting that he was,depressed following the death of his,brother skip later apologized on,Undisputed for his remarks on the,Cowboys QB but for his tweet on Demar,Hamlin he has yet to take it down,anyways let me know what you think of,this whole reaction on social media to,Skip's tweet

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Is This The End of Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe?

Is This The End of Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe?

tell me to say up front I apologize I'm,still Shook Up by what happened last,night to Demar Hamlin last thing we want,to try to do is come off as insensitive,all right so this is my last stop in my,gigantic trip with my family for those,of you guys that are new to the channel,I don't typically record in a bedroom I,took my family on this gigantic,three-week trip we started out in Dubai,then we went to Turkey now we're in,Israel in six days from now should be,back in my studio but to be honest it's,been really awesome getting you guys,content while I'm on vacation and still,being able to do my job the caveat being,of course there's a slight hit in,quality and I hope you guys don't mind,before we get to the content today I,want to let you guys know you could,donate to Demar Hamlin's foundation and,charity in the description down below,that link takes you to a tweet promoting,his charity so if you don't have the,financial means of supporting Damar,Hamlin then you can retweet the tweet,for free and spread the word out now,look at all that out of the way Brink,foreign,sponsored by prizefix you guys know,prizefix has been my latest Obsession,because I live in California there's no,way that you could gamble on games in,California so the best way you could get,action on games is through prize picks,and ever since I partnered with them,we've been having a lot of fun and,before we get to the latest promo I want,to give a huge shout out to my man nasri,hasbun who tweeted me a six-legged pick,that he hit on as a result of our last,promo which means he 25 acts does money,and that's freaking awesome hopefully,more of my Subs hit this big as a result,of today's promo as a matter of fact,it's not only today's promo because from,this day and on until Christmas Day,prize picks is releasing a brand new,promo every day and it's called pixmas,all you have to do is download prize,picks use my promo code microphone to,get up to a 100 deposit match and then,just log into prize picks each and every,day to see what they're offering for,that day since they're offering a brand,new promo each and every day I'm,probably going to be posting my picks,onto my Instagram story and if you,follow me on Instagram you'll see I,literally play prize picks each and,every day so huge shout out to prizefix,for the sponsorship make sure you sign,up with my promo code microphone or the,link in the description down below and,thank you prize picks for the sponsor,mike check one two one two what's going,on everybody I want you guys to know I,really don't have any agenda against,Skip Bayless or Shannon sharp I'm not,out trying to kill him as a matter of,fact Skip Bayless is one of my biggest,influences I actually saw Shannon sharp,at the gym about a month and a half ago,and I told him that he was a huge,influence of mine and his response was,well he could give less of a sh,regardless he was a legend and I have,tremendous respect for the both of them,unfortunately it seems like as a result,of recent controversial statements that,Skip Bayless has made there's a chance,that Shannon sharp and him could,potentially break up that is my own,speculative comment but the evidence for,this is is the fact that Shannon sharp,didn't show up to Undisputed as a result,of skip bayless's recent comments and,when you take a look at skip bayless's,history man it could have potentially,been the straw that broke the camel's,back on one hand I will admit there is a,chance that this could be some gigantic,publicity stunt but I feel like the,situation at hand is so sensitive that I,don't think they would be using this for,publicity at all I mean I hope they,wouldn't be but let me take you through,the whole shebang so you guys can decide,for yourself the story starts from two,years ago in September of 2020 Dak,Prescott opened up about one of the most,challenging Summers of his life a summer,where he lost his brother Jace as a,result of him ending his own life,because of him watching his mother go,through cancer treatment and her,unfortunately losing her life as well,which I could only imagine how difficult,that might be for a child to see the,mother go through rounds and rounds and,rounds and rounds and rounds and rounds,and rounds of chemotherapy there's a,special place in my heart for any,individual that has to go go through,that for those of you guys that do know,my story and what I have had to deal,with recently in this past summer and,ultimately there was an interview in,depth with graham Bessinger where Dak,Prescott opened up about how much pain,this caused him the sad thing about this,is Jack Prescott's Road was only going,to become more challenging because,literally a month later he would sustain,that season-ending leg injury but at the,time Skip Bayless who is known for being,the gigantic Dallas Cowboys fan went on,Undisputed and for those of you guys,that don't watch Undisputed at least 75,percent of the show is dedicated to the,Dallas Cowboys and LeBron James which I,don

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NFL Playoff Picture: Wild Card Matchups, Schedule, Bracket, Dates, Times For 2023 NFL Playoffs | NFC

NFL Playoff Picture: Wild Card Matchups, Schedule, Bracket, Dates, Times For 2023 NFL Playoffs | NFC

you're watching NFL daily I am Tom,Downey the final playoff picture,schedule bracket matchup times dates you,name it it's all here we're gonna break,it down for you guys we'll also do some,playoff predictions for you guys later,in the week NFL draft order coaching hot,seats the off season for most teams are,here the rest it's all about playoffs if,you want to stay in the know make sure,you guys are subscribed we did our AFC,playoff picture overview like seven,hours ago depending on when exactly,you're watching this video seven hours,when we got the next one out because we,take care of you guys hit that sub,button for us right now,foreign,Sunday night football game the Lions,nothing to play for take down the,Packers sending Seattle to the NFL,playoffs we're gonna break down with a,specific Focus the NFC playoff picture,and where things currently sit on that,front well finalized I should say excuse,me the Philadelphia Eagles have clinched,the number one seed in the playoffs,congrats Philadelphia more on them in a,little bit the Niners and Vikings secure,the two seed and the three seed,respectively the Giants are the sixth,seed the Cowboys are the five seed bucks,are the four seed and Seattle sneaks,their way into the seventh seed you see,the match-up and times on there those,were announced moments ago before,filming Niners Seahawks 4 30 p.m it's,all Eastern Time by the way Saturday,Vikings Giants same time on Sunday bucks,Cowboys is your Monday night football,match up we also have the AFC we won't,spend too much on that check the,comments section the breakdown preview,of all those games is in there Chiefs,the one seed they are of course on by,Bill's Dolphins Sunday 1 p.m Bengals,Ravens Sunday 8 15 Sunday night football,for the AFC North back-to-back games,being played and in the classic AFC,South playoff spot Jags Chargers Sunday,Night Football also on NBC but of these,seven playoff teams in the NFC Eagles,Niners Vikings bucks Cowboys Giants and,Seattle who will end up winning the NFC,this year I think it's pretty wide open,let me know in the comments section,I think like especially last year nfc's,open you saw the Cowboys look like,garbage against the commanders the Bucks,have not played very good football the,Eagles are getting a little bit,healthier Jalen hurts was back somewhat,uninspiring win over the Giants third,stringers the Seahawks needed overtime,to beat the Rams the Vikings were,playing the Bears number one overall,pick tanking team the Niners actually,great against the Cardinals uh there are,flaws with all of these teams there's no,clear cut like yes this is the best team,which probably means the Eagles are a,good bet to win the to win the NFC,because they have the buy they get,another week for Hertz to get healthy,they finish the year on a high note,unlike the Cowboys and others,Philadelphia has that advantageous bite,does not mean it's a guarantee they get,to the uh the Super Bowl or whatever but,buys certainly do help it keeps them,fresher as long as you come out prepared,and ready to go so are the Eagles the,best team in the NFC I'll make this the,pin comment on today's show maybe there,are some Niners vote original typing in,no which is totally fine it's your,opinion why for yes and for no let me,know in the comments section,now coming up next we're going to break,down every single NFC Wild Card round,match up super Wild Card recap weekend,three games this upcoming weekend which,is always fun for NFL fans and if you,want to make it more fun bet on the,games bet promo code NFL,do they bet on every single playoff game,I'll run through the odds one time here,real quick for the games I know are out,the bills are 10 point favorites the,Bengals are six point favorites the,Chargers Two and a Half Point favorites,on the road Minnesota only a three-point,favorite at home the Cowboys are a,three-point favorite on the road as of,filming there is no update on the uh,Niners Seahawks spread but I feel pretty,confident saying the Niners will be,favored in that game go over to betus, bet and use promo code,NFL daily 425 deposit bonus,Seahawks Niners let's start with that,game The Last of the playoff matchups to,be finalized San Francisco at home once,again this will be the first of our,playoff matchups this year opening,things up on Saturday Niners should be,pretty heavily favored I've been really,impressed by San Francisco of all the,teams in the NFC or at least the ones,playing this weekend this is the one,I've been most impressed by their,defense is fantastic they can run the,football and Brock Purdy has been,surprisingly and in a good way I mean,steady at the helm for the at the,quarterback position after you lose Trey,Lance you lose Jimmy Garoppolo you make,the move to Purdy Mr not so irrelevant,I've been impressed by San Francisco,Credit to Seattle no respect to them by,the way no one thought they'd be here uh,we were all correct when we said Seattle,would have a top five

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The Worst NFL Players Deleted Tweets…

The Worst NFL Players Deleted Tweets…

let's do this incredible nfl and ex-nfl,players deleted tweets made by our very,own zach zach thank you so much let's,get it the best yes the best straight,off the bat that's how you started out,zach mitch trubisky when was this this,is 27th of december 2011. i love to kiss,titties a little post christmas action,he must have left that on there for a,minute to get all those retweets and,likes well i guess two things you never,would notice you know like how would you,ever know to go back and find those,number two i have to imagine that this,is gonna be a way more massive problem,in the future because like dude you're,talking about like the depths of twitter,this is when twitter just started yeah i,mean this is like nobody tweets but you,got these kids now who have had twitter,since they're like 10. true and they,tweet constantly and then they balloon,into like famousness and now you're,gonna go back you're going to see a lot,of heart already the facebook memories i,always have and like that was our,twitter kind of growing up for me and,you because we were always just posting,like,in downtown and then you would be like,oh i just seen you or just like some,dumb and this is like when we're in,like sixth grade yeah so like dude the,kids growing up now like they don't,really use facebook facebook's kind of, done facebook is from twitter,twitter and instagram and snapchat but,snapchat is smart kiddos if you're gonna,drop something put it on snap right,but if you really have to get out of,your system and put it on snapchat he,also tweeted hell yeah go packers that's,classic because he just got clapped by,them year after year after year 2015.,you know he has a shot at i don't know,if the steelers play the packers this,year but if they do he has a shot at,actually beating them finally because,the steelers defense can carry cindy,wait what san diego chargers in 2007.,so hungry need to find my wife and head,to pf changs,wait so so was it just some guy's,twitter that they converted to the, chargers twitter buddy forgot to,log out of the chargers twitter account,and back into his home but this is in,2007. no no this is in 2007 and then,someone found it again on the oh so i'm,thinking well no you could be right too,but i'm thinking what happened is it was,somebody's account who works for the,chargers and when twitter first came out,they're like oh well i already have a,twitter account let's just change it to,san diego chargers you see what i'm,saying it'd be like if i took my twitter,account right now and i changed the name,to ppwiener buttsex69 yeah yeah yeah and,then i still had all my old tweets as i,see,yeah that or yeah i think you just log,into the wrong account in 07. this guy, loves pfj though i guess so,makes me kind of crave some pf jags p.f,that's fire classic the bottom one i'll,take my face out it says pf changs is so,good guy just loves bfg former wide,receiver for the bills from 08 to 13,thanks for the context stevie johnson,war is nothing to be played with i,apologize north korea but if y'all do,bomb first bomb fox bro mass sincerely,hashtag,you know i bet at the time this was just,like this should be the equivalent of,tweeting out about like russia ukraine,right now but hopefully if it all boils,over and nothing happens you know 10,years from now we'll all get a good,laugh about it right this is probably,the least funny thing at the time,probably you know how you know because,there's a thousand comments and 2 700,likes that is not a good ratio on,twitter on twitter you want like 10 000,likes and like 100 replies yeah versace,versace i bust in your girl mouth and,now,why is that is that a rat bar i'm,googling that is that a real rap bar,well the song like versace i forget what,who sings i just mean like did he make,up his own freestyle yeah wait so he's,like what 23 right now so this is when,he was 13. no way that is so true i did,not think about that oh my god yeah how,did they find this dude i love it he,literally made that up that is his own,bar that it's his own bar the migos did,definitely not say it like that oh my,josh allen has a boat load,no way are these real 2012. all from,2012 it looks like no 2013. making hoes,wobble like a bridge and an earthquake,i feel like a viagra pill with a face,punches,jesus he quote tweets at dictator hitler,how old is he how old is josh allen,right now yeah that's my quarterback how,old is josh allen dude these are some,heaters here's he's 25 so in 2012 he,would have been 13 again right 13 is,just a minute no you can't be 13 again,that doesn't make any sense oh,no it does it's 20 22. that was 10 years,ago so he's 15. i like touching younger,kids peters nice one josh that's a tough,one driving naked have you ever driven,naked serious question no i can't,imagine a scenario,where are you gonna get in your car,naked and then get out where it's okay,to be out naked i could see like getting,road head but even then what are you,stripping you're taking your shoes off,what's g

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Every NFL Mean Tweet (Compilation)

Every NFL Mean Tweet (Compilation)

what's going on guys,it's troy dan here,and today we've got nfl mean tweets we,got em all we did this for the nba it's,now time for football i have not seen i,don't believe any of these before so,we're watching it for the first time,three two one,go,they're not saying even tom,the fact that excessive celebration is a,penalty pisses me off thanks terrell,owens you piece of,donkey who's terrell owens,you dwight freddy i hope your foot rips,off in the game jesus,really,desean jackson seems like no matter how,much money he makes he won't stop,shopping at express,what's expressed desean goes,dez bryant is a baby back ,what,keyshawn johnson,must have ate,the guys who used to cover him,fat bastard is he five show me your,belly,whatever show me your belly michael,strahan's teeth are having a middle,school dance where the boys stand on one,side of the room,that's a good one crying this post game,interview,grow some balls bro,isn't steve smith like 50 years old,no,actually i'm 35. oh shoot terrell suggs,looks like a penis,he does she does look at her at aaron,andrews you play football ball to your,temple will knock the stupid out of you,i taylor once caught a football dot dot,dot,l-o-l-j-k,hoping vernon davis blows a hamstring,tonight fingers crossed,that's not nice that he's not nice clay,matthews is a ,not playing because of your thumb,chop that thing the off and get,you just won the who the are you,award,i'm the super bowl mvp who the are,you,dead beckham jr transitioned from an,exciting new rookie to an extremely lame,looking,in an alarmingly short amount of time,he likes poop on his chest dead eggs not,kidding jj watt kind of looks like a fat,macklemore,he does,is he on the rockets i have a deep and,sincere hatred for demarco murray opie,chokes on,it's unlikely buddy,surprise michael irvin can say,all these stupid things with demarco,murray's,so far down,tony romo sits down to pee,well what other way is there a p wait,what kurt warner is walking stupid slow,like he just sharted,i've heard that one in a while terrell,davis acting like a real mech,right now,you too yeah man i'm tired of people,saying russell wilson is too short to,play quarterback he bangs sierra it's,ugly too,he's the youngest like a 80 year old man,from 1974,joey boso looks like a dude who wanted,to be a magician but his parents made,him focus on football,wow i see that i actually saw that one,maurice jones drew is thicker than a,milkshake dude you're eating,you you're eating while you're doing,meat tweets no one's ever done that his,head looking like a jumbo milk dud,josh norman that buck tooth can't,cover,wow,really,rob gronkowski is one of the dumbest,people in the world i have no problem,with tweeting this because he probably,can't read it,i just read it showing him you're dumb,crunky dumb to god dude they ever said,something to brainy man they'd hear from,me i never liked rashad jennings he,don't have good vision as a running back,and he's slow,because you sound like a a kid i'm going,to be polite and encourage you,stay in school,mccoy is lazy who's this still as you,spell mccoy m-c-o-y but i'm the lazy one,you couldn't finish spelling my name oh,good god travis kelsey is such a,tool the trivia kelsey show sucks ass,terry bradshaw looks like someone who is,going to a halloween party as terry,bradshaw,a compliment my friend t.y hilton is a,he just me over in fantasy him,you know you don't have to drive me,right,peyton manning is the only nfl player,that looks like the mascot of the team,for which he plays,hashtag horseface,yo that's wrong,you must don't know my last name yeah,looking face,dude looks like he should be selling,shoes at journeys,i probably sell a lot of shoes at,journeys,javascript is a three inch penis,confirmed by multiple reports three inch,what if he does what if he actually does,earl thomas is a one-legged,you have one leg,more like amari pooper hashtag am i,right,you're wrong that's bad that's a bad one,it's funny jason peter paul hands looks,like something my cat,defeated your cat holy ,dearie where is his neck you catch the,ball when it's in you damn hands,first of all that doesn't even make,sense because if it's in my hands that,mean i caught it yeah,with his mustache looks like a young,burt reynolds with the height of sally,fields,who's sadly fields,who's sally is she important doesn't,ever get tired of being a total,suit,no,i think he looks like he should be,playing bass with prince in the,revolution,when the hardest thing he's ever done,was shoot himself in the leg,he shot himself in the leg,he's not i i don't know some of these,guys are hi no wait,you do not,insult the reigning defending super bowl,champion and i'm a crybaby and i have a,butthole in my chin,how is he,i imagine patrick mahomes barber is a,superhero who has to run out and save,the world every time he gets halfway,through my home's haircut,that was terrible travis kelsey looks,like the notre dame leprechaun,these are that was also terrible clement,hol

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