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92% Of Newt Gingrich Twitter Followers Are Fakecandidate newt gingrich finds himself in,the midst of


Updated on Jan 25,2023

92% Of Newt Gingrich Twitter Followers Are Fake

candidate newt gingrich finds himself in,the midst of well yet another scandal,this time though one that's quite new to,politics no Newt hasn't been sending,inappropriate images of himself dressed,up in a tiger suit he's being accused of,hiring an agency whose sole purpose was,to boost his Twitter following by either,buying followers or creating fake ones,this is the allegation Gingrich who is,leaps and bounds ahead of his,competition in terms of followers flatly,denied denies the allegations yet some,are still in some shock for more on this,i'm joined by CEO of PQ michael hussey,michael what has happened here has mr.,Gingrich been buying followers on his,Twitter account it's our opinion that,that he has not been actually buying,followers but indeed our methodology,shows that roughly eight percent of his,followers aren't the real consumers act,people that you can reach out to so only,eight percent a genuine individual so,what are the eighty eighty two percent,who are they we believe it's a,combination of business accounts private,anonymous accounts that no one knows,exactly who they are and a lot of them,are clearly spambots and however we need,to make clear that the reason we don't,think this was a newt gingrich's team,buying the accounts is because we since,this story is broken we've done a lot of,research and started to notice that the,same sort of issue relates to an old,sort of what you would call a bug in,Twitter that started in 2009-2010 right,so actually the Twitter organization is,to blame sort of it not really they've,since definitely corrected the the issue,and it has to do with something that was,called the suggested users list and it's,a bit technical I don't know if you need,me to go into the thing but it's related,to there were a lot of spam bots that,we're signing up to Twitter and continue,to do so,two years ago when you would sign up for,new account they would check off boxes,and say follow new followed so and so,soon yes and through that people who,were creating fake accounts were just,checking keeping the Box check click,Submit creating a new account and that,seems to be what boosted up the the raw,numbers and so in our methodology goes,back and looks at each one of those,specific individual accounts looks to,see if they have a public online,identity do they exist elsewhere on the,web most of the people that follow new,or people are accounts certainly do not,but I do think we need to look again at,at Newton in particular at least at the,accusation of him purchasing accounts,michael hussey I'd love to know who the,other eighty-two percent really are,thank you very much for joining us and,while some may feel the need to pay for,their Twitter followers whether or not,you did I'm not much in that business so,if you have a moment we invite you to,follow the show at slash,Bashir live or like the show on facebook,at slash martin bashir

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Elon Musk's efforts to uphold American values are 'remarkable': Newt Gingrich

Elon Musk's efforts to uphold American values are 'remarkable': Newt Gingrich

joining me now is Newt Gingrich former,house speaker and Fox News contributor,newt,um,my question to you is why can't we learn,about everyone who was Shadow banned now,well just minutes ago Elon Musk tweeted,Twitter is working on a software update,that will show your true account status,so you know clearly if you've been,Shadow bound the reason why you were and,how to appeal it,no I mean should any of this exist for,in any iteration at this point,look I think all of it ought to come out,in the open and you know you it's it's,amazing that here is a first generation,first generation immigrant to America,who is doing more to uphold American,values the First Amendment your right of,free speech than anybody we've ever seen,I mean it's remarkable what he's done so,far I hope he'll have the courage to,continue and let it all out there I mean,people deserve to know what was going on,and then the challenge comes to Facebook,and to to Google to match that kind of,openness because frankly they've been at,least as bad in Google in some ways has,been worse I think than it was Twitter,and so uh these these systems are so,gigantic they are so powerful and,there's so much in everybody's lives,that they have to be transparent or,we're gonna have to do something pretty,dramatic to limit their capacity well I,mean isn't this now be Beyond obvious,that Congress does have to step in here,I mean Republicans always want to take a,hands-off approach to big business but,we've seen and you and I have talked,about this that time and again big,business not the 80s anymore has become,diametrically opposed to the American,tradition of free speech Second,Amendment parental rights,etc etc and the wokeness and the,disinformation you know campaigns all of,that's part of it,look what you're seeing is is what,originally fascism was all about which,is the idea that big government gets,together with big business to control,the country against small business and,against individuals and I think what,we're going to find out what we're begin,to find out is that the FBI was deeply,involved in all this we're going to find,out I think that the Center for Disease,Control that Dr falci Who remember is a,public official he's not just a,celebrity he is a government official,with certain obligations and certain,responsibilities and I think we're going,to find out all of these people were,violating the First Amendment behaving,illegally and that this is a much deeper,and bigger mess than people realize,nude I want to play This Moment from,this x Twitter safety Chief this guy,yell Roth just two weeks ago defending,the Twitter protocols,we had a system of governance it was,rules based we enforced our rules as,written we changed our rules in writing,we did it transparently and when that,system of governance went away you don't,you don't need a head of trust and,safety,note for Twitter leadership to claim,that they were transparent,I mean now with everything we're sick,it's just it's just defensive,Laura I I don't quite know for,reasonable people how you get across the,idea these people are just liars uh it's,not complicated they're Liars they lie,all the time they have total contempt,for the rest of us they think they can,break the rules and get away with it uh,they think they are somehow this Elite,that's above us and that we're too,stupid to know what they're doing and I,think we're all too often and this is a,case where by the way I think Kevin,McCarthy is showing the right leadership,with people like Adam scheff who was,chairman of the house intelligence,Committee just routinely lied to the,American people totally misinformed them,well there ought to be a consequence and,we ought to start with simple,old-fashioned language these people are,liars they ought to be ostracized they,ought to be kicked out of polite Society,if there is such a thing anymore but we,shouldn't kid ourselves I don't need any,complex explanation when I'm looking at,a total liar,note we really appreciate your voice,tonight thank you hey Sean Hannity here,hey click here to subscribe to Fox News,YouTube page and catch our hottest,interviews and most compelling analysis,you will not get it anywhere else

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Newt Gingrich Announces Race Via Twitter

Newt Gingrich Announces Race Via Twitter

that well there you go case in point it,should inspire us to finish what we,started Osama bin Laden is dead and gone,but he is not forgotten he has already,appeared in some presidential stump,speeches yeah you think we'll be seeing,that a lot more on the campaign trail I,knew top line starts right now hello and,welcome to ABC News top-line on Rick,Klein and I'm Amy Walter every day at,noon eastern right here with the latest,in politics it's slash Rick,Klein / amy e walter Amy let,us know what is on your mind today what,is your first top line well I am looking,at the Republican race in 2012 and it,seems to be getting a little less sleepy,I'm going to start off with my first top,line eye of Newt that's right Newt,Gingrich is going to be the first,candidate in the history of the Republic,to announce via the Twitter's but will,embracing new technology really make,this 68 year old ex House Speaker feel,new and fresh well we know one thing,Rick at least he understands or at least,he says he understands his own,weaknesses take a look at what he said,today in the Washington Times he says my,two biggest mistakes were being,undisciplined and that I didn't listen,enough so Rick is that the answer here,he just has to get a little hunker down,a little bit more and open up his ears,and he's going to win this record a,little bit of discipline goes a long way,you know one of the big knocks on him of,course is his history of marital,infidelities that to me seems like a,coded answer for that but in terms of,the Twitter we saw Newt Gingrich a,couple of weeks ago have a kind of a,false start for the beginning of his,campaign he has previewed this we know,it's actually happening for real we can,say with lots of certainty that Newt,Gingrich will be a candidate for,president next up today it's in the,Huntsman he's only been back from China,for a couple of weeks now but the former,ambassador john huntsman is making lots,of noise we have now news that he's,going to be in New Hampshire next week,he hasn't done any big national press,yet but Jon Huntsman making clear that,he is very much serious about this we,were hearing a me that the White House,so fierce his bid maybe more than any,other Republican but of course the,difficulty is winning the nomination,that's right and I mean this guy again,he's been on so he's been back here for,just a week or so and he is already,staffing up more than almost any other,candidate including the other one that,we're all waiting for and that's mitch,Daniels who continues to sort of hem and,haw and Hamlet his way around the 2012,question but if he does decide to get in,mitch Daniels has not done nearly the,spadework that Jon Huntsman has all,right next up remember the Alamo Dems,get their man in the Texas Senate race,lieutenant general Rick Sanchez going to,be their candidate there which they're,saying gives them a really great shot at,what is now an open Senate seat in that,state and of course the president we saw,earlier on the show here was raising,money in Austin Texas so there are some,who think that Texas because of the,changing demographics could be a big,target for Democrats and yet Rick it,feels like we talked about Texas every,year it's like Lucy with that football,they put it out there Democrats get,really close Lucy pulls that football,away and somehow Dems end up coming up,short that's right realistically this is,a very red state you'll hear from,president obama and his folks yes,they're going to try to make the snake,competitive but it's going to be so,difficult to put anyone up including a,former general like like Sanchez and,finally today it's professor Joe Joe,Biden played law professor a little bit,our producer john garcia caught up with,him yesterday and let him know about the,claim that osama bin laden's sons have,been making take a look at this exchange,George in lahti son say that the killing,was illegal,are you kidding no no we're not kidding,professor Biden indeed I yeah I think,that's actually that's actually a real,live legal answer I think that's what,they teach you in law school you just,say are you kidding and move on in fact,if you watched our tonight live the,other night I think it was Seth Meyers,you said it hey you guys it's okay we're,we're good whatever you're exactly,whatever you decide we're gonna go with,your story so I think that I'm fine with,that right regardless

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SAD: Newt Gingrich Apologizes On Twitter Minutes After Speaking To Trump—Drain the Swamp Is Still On

SAD: Newt Gingrich Apologizes On Twitter Minutes After Speaking To Trump—Drain the Swamp Is Still On

this is newt gingrich apparently was a,little too open on the drain the swamp,morsel and has been cocked in a Twitter,video,oh my gosh this is fantastic this is,really fantastic hold on she's a,sensitive matter his video my mistake,hold on one second,all right we'll play this this is great,back completely back Matt Newt was not,subtle enough he should have said,chronologically Mr antis video games,console or PC what games yes I'm a PC,elitist and turbo nerd planet to side,planetside 2 still owns Wharf 427 2016,best of the interview you did with Jane,Mackel vvv you know I would have but,that was too close,that would be like a 2017 best of if you,can believe it,Jimmy roof gate Trump is what you might,call an honest hypocrite and that he's,honest about what he'll areas,normalization of hypocrisy is here,madness happy holidays to everyone,except Michael just kidding Mike I f,with you because I love you dude peace,on earth we pass ranked choice voting in,Maine Lapage can suck on that that's,excellent,tickle Biddle's do you think trump,mini-drones will use gold tip LED light,ammunition and shoot a pattern that,spells out Trump and bright lights,across your bullet-ridden body,tremendous alright so we've over the,past two days we've had Newt Gingrich,come out and say he was told that Donald,Trump doesn't want to use the drain the,swamp words anymore because he doesn't,like it now we know from Donald Trump,himself that he didn't like it initially,then it caught on so I figured why not,then we saw that he was actually he had,drained the swamp and then filled it,back up with even more swamp and,two hours ago you had Donald Trump on,Twitter saying someone incorrectly,stated that the phrase quote,drain the swamp was no longer being used,by me actually we will always be trying,to and so then Newt Gingrich gets on,Twitter and realizing that oh I screwed,up now Don Trump does this at 11:45 a.m.,East Coast time,and by 12:03 p.m. 16 minutes later here,is maybe he'll be the are they gonna,have stars in this,maybe he'll be the Cubs are here is Newt,Gingrich I want to report that I made a,big boo-boo I talked this morning with,president-elect Donald Trump and he,reminded me he likes draining the swamp,I mischaracterized that the other day he,intends to drain the swamp he even,describes it as DTS he thinks taking on,Boeing and the price is an example of,draining the swamp and so I want all of,you know I goofed draining the swamp is,in the alligators should be worried and,you'll hear me write more about,alligators and the swamp but I wanted I,thought I owed it to all of the folks,who follow me that when I make a mistake,I'm gonna be straightforward and tell,you I blew that one draining the swamp,is in president like Trump wants to do,it and you're gonna get to be part of it,I love God plugged his future columns in,the beginning that's the well a huge car,he's going like a but please mr.,Brewster up up sorry mr. Charlie right,about this guy's like a hostage video,I'm getting cooked I'm getting cooked,I'm getting cut this guy's such a,grifter he's just like oh my god it's,like by saying that he's not serious,about getting rid of the scams,I might get cut a scare yeah I need to,record a video down right exactly the,gravy train is just about at capacity do,you see this video where do you see this,video I released on Twitter I really I I,released,so weird cuz I saw a performance and I,thought to myself you know you're,adopted this swamp here is here is they,I found a swamp creature hey kid,he's sitting in his office going I mean,because you know Newt Gingrich can go,like literally down the street and get,on Fox immediately but he is so scared,I'm gonna get on my phone and hold my,phone but mr. Gingrich we can get you,you hold my photo just shoot it and put,it on Twitter,do it now you don't think about you Newt,you know your place hi dude listen,we lost the dice on my rear view mirror,in my limo and so would you mind sending,over your testicles please thank you,yeah I like about you nude sometimes you,get a little bit carried away with,yourself but you know just how and when,to apologize no no no just touch it,through the pants it's not game

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Gingrich Buying Twitter Followers

Gingrich Buying Twitter Followers

newt gingrich the often brags about hamid twitter policy as any has a one,point three million that's a lot right,specially for a politician in fact he said,i am six times as may twenty fall resist all the other candidates combine,but it doesn't mean but he didn't tell me is a big fan of so they can take,suspected a candidate that can count meaning of the media is not paying,enough attention to me that are calling the legitimate,he had been discussing i don't want to baca laughter and other remember or your,entire staff quit,remember when you enter the greek isles instead of campaigning remember when you,had the million dollars to bs account that causes so much trouble and is one,disaster after another but he thinks the media is a payment of attention they,saluted,bessemer although the floors and on for a much different,now you ready for a bar some story,well yesterday gawker broke the story that and inside source,said that in fact newt gingrich bias most of those twitter followers and they,are not reap real people they are created by companies that helping create,they put her followers,and they said eighty percent on them,were fake,gawker looked into it a little bit more,and uh... has some other sources,and they thought that another ten percent,might be,people that were not actually following newt gingrich but were reciprocating,based on again there these companies they other businesses also use them in,in the business as follow one another,and in this case and there are so far newt gingrich is set up,we have an update on that story today yet from gawker it turns out eighty,percent recruiters followers for newt gingrich uh... are not fake the real,number might be,ninety two percent,there's a company called therapy you that apparently looks into this and had,been studying this issue for quite some time unrelated to newt gingrich,but it also been loaded politicians because it turns out police the lebanese,politicians other national figures,have all whole bunch of fake porter followers which i i was leading the,minotaur,uh... and pete yusef as,but among all the never bought this is a look and all the other thing is a look,at it looks like,newt gingrich,has the highest number,of fake followers that do not exist,uh... but here's an interesting fact to the average where user family,says of therefore account consists of anywhere between,thirty five percent,the sixty percent real people,really i don't know if i thought most of our popular really wanted to throw them,all the time,but a m maybe worry,in extraordinarily high percentage,followers on twitter it's by the way at the young turks if you'd like to file,but apparently got a lot of these people are frozen fact,when you look past newt gingrich it turns out sample always brings us six,hundred thousand he'll follow on twitter,present eighty percent of them are fake,there either robot ceridian,i'm using a loose term here ed there created robots online tip you to be real,people on there not,by their figured anything on the is for anything else they're not real people is,a,point out or their reciprocated in their uh... businesses that don't actually,fall pay lenore newt gingrich's cetera,but it's not just them uh...,twenty six percent mitt romney's follows a real apparently i'm michelle bachman,is twenty eight percent real tempo and he is thirty two percent and he's the,most in terms of the highest percentage heal so slow some other people falling,on twitter im in that group,so turns out there all full of crap so wielded overall percentage,if comically low how many people are actually following,these politicians as specifically newt gingrich

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'This Week' Web Extra: Newt Gingrich Answers Viewer Questions From Facebook, Twitter

'This Week' Web Extra: Newt Gingrich Answers Viewer Questions From Facebook, Twitter

hello I'm Jonathan Karl chief White,House correspondent for ABC News and I,am here with former Speaker of the House,and one-time presidential candidate newt,gingrich thank you for joining us and,because all politics is social here at,this week we have put out some questions,here or ask for some questions on,Facebook and Twitter and I've got some,for you if you're right all right all,right let's get right to it the first,one I kind of like this one from Edward,McKinney he wants to know do you still,think that the Clintons are quote,counterculture McGovern Knicks well they,certainly were in the 70s when they were,actually McGovern's campaign workers in,South Carolina Clinton himself actually,I think moved very far towards the,center with the Democratic Leadership,Council and ended up governing almost as,a sort of centrist president once we,want I mean seven this was not obvious,in 93-94 but I think he really moved in,95 I think most of the people who've,done histories that period would,indicate that in the summer of 95 he,decided he had to come to the center if,he was going to get reelected so you,obviously had some major accomplishments,with with President Clinton welfare,reform balanced budget surpluses but you,also there was a pretty rocky,relationship at the time obviously what,is your relationship like with Bill,Clinton now do you do want into them at,all do you now we've talked on the phone,recently and I think we have a good,relationship and just as I do with,Secretary Clinton she and I served on,the transformational advisory group for,for a major military command and we did,work together in health information,technology I think we have a sense of,mutual respect just based on the fact,that we like ideas and that we we try to,work on finding solutions and we may not,come at it from the same angle but we,have some ability to talk with each,other and try to find a practical way to,get things done there is a certain,freedom with being a former president,and a former Speaker I think there is,although we were actually able to work,once we got through the initial year and,a half of learning how to deal with each,other we got a lot done for about two,and a half years it was mostly pretty,practical be very tough negotiating but,pretty practical stuff now Pat Roberts,asks when do you plan to retire from,look speaking I imagine that's not on,the horizon anytime soon the I can't,quite imagine doing I like you know,first of all I like doing things like,this show and I like giving speeches and,and this coming friday i'm going to do a,hour-long lecture on the internet from,mount vernon about washington and what,he meant and so forth so I i like doing,things like that but you're you're done,in terms of elected Paul yeah i don't i,don't think i'll run for office no you,don't they said it strikes me as,unlikely i'll take a Paul Ryan position,they say that's good now you're not on,my current list another definite maybe,you know around here we time kind of,view that as a declaration of candidacy,with a lot of people all right a denzel,walker asks when you're a spending bill,was vetoed by president clinton causing,a government shutdown in 1995 did it,usher in the GOP obstructionism that has,become commonplace these days now that's,a rather loaded questions but at the,time an interesting comment on how the,city works no Republican have been,elected to a majority in the house in 40,years but what was more interesting was,no Republican majority had been,reelected in the house in 68 years and,the fact is we've got reelected as a,majority for the first time since 1928,after we closed the government twice and,I think that's because we communicated,to people how really serious we were,about balancing the budget and balancing,the budget was a very high value to the,American people and and so I would argue,nobody in the city of greaseless I would,argue as the guy who helped design 94,and 96 successfully that Republicans,were not hurt by the collision of 95 96,Republicans were helped because they,showed real determination to get it done,and then they showed real practicality,in working with the president to make it,real so by the summer of ninety-six we,were passing welfare reform we had,passed a substantial reduction in,domestic spending and and we were and we,were making real reforms in Medicare but,based on your experience and what,happened in in 95 you now have,Republican leaders to it person saying,oh no no no government shutdown,not going to do that no no no are they,were they wrong to reload of course,they're wrong I mean if it certainly on,the electoral side it's not going to,hurt them in the long run if people,think it's not capricious or it's not,silly I mean at what point does a,particular agency become so absurd that,you zero it out even if the president,wants to then fight you and potentially,risky shut down and then this thing that,George will describe for example the,house ought is zero out this agency of,the US Depar

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Newt Gingrich makes prediction of when next House speaker will be elected

Newt Gingrich makes prediction of when next House speaker will be elected

now to Capitol Hill where after six,votes as I said we still still don't,have a speaker of the house here's Kevin,McCarthy moments after the house,adjourned tonight,I I felt as though we had a very good,discussion okay,well I think I think what I think what,you should engage being able to do that,vote that the discussions are going well,and continue but that doesn't mean,they're done,joining me now is Newt Gingrich former,speaker of the house and Fox News,contributor uh note I read somewhere,today I should remember where it is but,I don't because I've been reading a lot,um that there was the idea floated which,might have stirred this latest progress,in the negotiations that McCarthy at,some point might say okay forget about,this we're going to form some type of,Coalition with some Democrats and start,moving things along have you heard any,of that,no no and I don't think that Kevin would,do that uh you know McCarthy is a very,solid conservative his commitment to,America was very solidly conservative uh,the rules changes he'd already proposed,were very solidly conservative there's,no Common Ground uh and if you give the,Democrats any sense of control they're,going to demand veto over the,investigations they're going to demand,veto over the committee structures it's,not possible so I think McCarthy's,decided he's going to wear down and work,with the 20 members who have been,hostile I noted that the motion to,adjourn all but four of them voted with,the conference only four of them voted,against the Republican conference on the,motion to adjourn and I think that's a,good sign I've been told all day from,various phone calls that a lot of the,members are now looking for a way to,come back together they want some,concessions most of the things they want,are relatively reasonable and that's,part of the legislative process as you,pointed out earlier I did a tweet today,saying it's really hard to explain uh to,Putin or Xi Jinping or Kim Jong-un,exactly what's going on because this is,freedom and freedom is messy and sloppy,and also uh remarkable remarkably,creative will get there and we'll have a,speaker probably I think probably,sometime tomorrow and I just checked a,few minutes ago the last time this,happened in 1923 it took nine ballots,and the following election the,Republicans picked up 22 more seats so,people shouldn't assume this is the end,of the Republican party in any way this,is a healthy tough serious conversation,and I think probably by sometime,tomorrow virtually all not all but,virtually all of the conference will,have found a way to come back together,just so you understand what I was saying,nude I wasn't saying that Kevin McCarthy,was actually going to do that,but the possibility of that happening,obviously that if that ever did come to,fruition after 25 ballots,there would be one group that would be,blamed for that and at that point it,wouldn't be Kevin McCarthy that's all,I'm saying so that may have been a,little bit of a carrot to get things to,to move that's all I was saying there,are no there are some people you know,Congressman Don Bacon of Nebraska has,been very open that if the hardliners,who are anti-mccarthy stay tough enough,that he would in fact reach out to try,to work something out just purely just,to try to prove to people you can't have,10 percent of the conference dictate to,90 percent of the conference I mean,Lincoln warned in his first inaugural in,1861 the problem with secession as a,principle is once you get to secede so,does everybody else get to succeed well,that's the problem that these guys have,now created they basically have said,look any five Republicans can decide to,Blackmail the conference and I think,that's going to be totally unacceptable,as a way of going forward and it would,make the house ungovernable and betray,pray the trust of the American people,remember we got almost three million,more votes than the Democrats did for,the house and those folks voted for us,to have some kind of effective system,not to spend all the next two years in,chaos I don't think many many people,campaigned on this spectacle we've seen,over the past two days by the way,President Biden reacted to all of this,Newt uh and this was his take on this,be able to have a Congress that can't,function is just embarrassing and we've,had a lot of trouble with the attacks on,our institutions already,and uh it just that that's what worries,me more than anything else,wait wait no this is an attack on the,institutions I mean this man says that,that's embarrassing I mean he,embarrasses us every day sorry about,that that's mean but,no look I think the idea that Joe Biden,who has been lying consistently about,his son who's gotten Rich by means that,I think are probably illegal who has,never been been to the border and is now,I think going to finally have a visit,next week uh you look at his policies,you look at his weakness around the,world I don't think we need to be,lectured by Joe Biden this is a healthy,f

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Newt Gingrich: This is out of touch with reality

Newt Gingrich: This is out of touch with reality

all right joining us now here it is we,have Herschel Walker 50.1 and uh Rafael,Warnock of 49.9 uh we've got 72 percent,of the vote in Mr Speaker this is your,home state of Georgia uh pretty close,race how do you analyze it up to now,well I think up to now and I think Bill,Hammer has been really remarkable in his,coverage,um what I read is that Herschel is doing,as well or better than he needs almost,everywhere,that in fact probably by the time this,gets done tonight if if it's accurate,that they counted the early voting first,then the rest of the evening we'll see,Herschel gradually pull further away now,again you've got some huge counties out,you had Fulton Gwinnett Cobb DeKalb,these are huge counties and so you can't,fully be sure what will happen but I,would say as of right now that looks,better for Herschel than I would have,expected I mean I'm delighted with where,we are right this minute and uh I think,all of us should just you know hold on,tight and let's see what happens the,rest of the evening but it's certainly a,sign that all the lies and all the,smears and everything that was done,against Herschel didn't work it's also a,sign to be fair that Governor Brian Camp,who is clearly the most popular and most,powerful politician in Georgia has had a,huge impact in the race and he and,Herschel together are the two Heroes of,this evening if they end up winning,because without his deep strong support,you wouldn't have had the turnout that,you're getting in rural counties you,know I asked this question of Senator,Johnson I'll ask you the same question,Mr Speaker if I had the perfect voting,system that I believe would have the,most Integrity for the country and that,everybody would have confidence in the,results in I would make Election Day a,national holiday I would go to paper,ballots uh I would make exceptions for,the military the sick the infirmed,people that might be away on business,they can apply for an absentee ballot,short of that I would have partisan,observers from every party watching the,voting in every Precinct and then,watching the voting vote counting after,the uh after the polls close start to,finish up close we get the results at,the end of the night but until then,don't Republicans have to work the,system that they have and the reason I,say that is because it seems that the,Democrats they're more in the ballot,business than they are in the business,of selling ideas or campaigning you know,you we barely saw Katie Hobb she,wouldn't debate Kerry Lake fetterman,didn't debate Dr Oz until 700 000 votes,were in and one week before the election,uh I think Republicans have been,unwilling for whatever reason reluctant,resistant to voting early and voting by,mail do they have to get over that,reluctance that resistance,sure look I mean you you have to play,the game by the rules that are existing,uh that means from for example if you,want Generation Z voters you've got to,be on Tick Tock even if in fact in the,long run we may abolish Tick-Tock as a,Chinese Communist device it means that,you have to recognize early voting it,doesn't do Republicans any good to save,their TV money till October if they've,had a third of the vote come in in,September so and if people are going to,have early voting the huge advantage of,early voting is unless you know who to,focus on because they haven't voted yet,and let me just point out Democrats,focus on elections Republicans focus on,campaigns Democratic Consultants,ultimately are paid to win elections,Republican Consultants are paid to buy,tv ads for campaigns very different,models and as I've indicated in the,newsletter that's going out tomorrow we,need to really rethink from the ground,up not just at the surface but from the,the ground up how far Republican,Doctrine is out of touch with reality I,want to ask you one other thing and it,got a lot of notice when you said that,you believe Republicans are,underestimating Joe Biden that even,surprised me,well look I I got to it in part by,watching the Bulldogs work their way to,number one and thinking about football,and frankly watching my beloved Packers,not work their way to number one and I,realize that you know there's a Clarity,in sports there are winners and losers,well the truth is if you back out by his,standards to achieve what he wants to,achieve Joe Biden has been pretty darn,effective and he had just had one of the,best off-year elections in American,history if it wasn't for Kevin,McCarthy's leadership on the house side,the Republicans would have had a bad bad,night and so I would say to you we have,to start by being honest and respectful,of our opponent and our opponent in this,case turned out to be a heck of a lot,more successful than we thought he would,be,Pelosi ran a dictatorship with great,power in the house you can despise it or,dislike it but it achieved what she,wanted it to and what Biden wanted it to,so I think you've got to start with the,reality and that that's I have a new,newsletter coming out a

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