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NECA TOYS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Signature Edition" SHREDDER Video Reviewthank you,what's up


Updated on Jan 29,2023

NECA TOYS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Signature Edition" SHREDDER Video Review

thank you,what's up you beautiful collectors and,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans once,again it's the one and only after bottom,it's committed with another video review,and on today's episode we're going to be,taking a look at the new Eastman and,Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles uh,signature edition Shredder version of a,shredder is technically the third,version of them being that colored,version and that black and dark blue,Loot Crate exclusive they're the exact,same figures so there's not really a lot,different or really different to talk,about other than the coloration take a,look at Shredder again same basic thing,signature edition except it's not got a,cool image of them right there the side,here is an up close image of his head,the other side here him leaping into,battle come around to the back of the,package and again a very nice black and,white look for them which is just super,super cool and literally looks like it,jumped off the comics I love that and,then of course you got those same three,characters down here all done in color,so again,hoping for black away versions and then,of course you got the black and white,foot Ninja down there but for the,packaging on these guys that's about it,so without further Ado let's get him out,here and see how cool they actually are,and here we have the new black and white,uh signature edition of Shredder from,NECA toys opened up and out of its,packaging and if you've seen any of my,other reviews uh specifically of the,Mirage Shredder you basically know what,you're getting this figure and the,accessories are identical except for The,Coloring so that being said in addition,to two fisted hands that are currently,on them he also does come with a pair of,hands that are designed to hold some of,his weapons with kind of like an open,Palm sort of thing going on there but,again great detail much like all of them,always do you have this very white,plastic with this kind of black cell,shading that's designed to look like a,comic book he also comes with this I I,don't even know what this is called but,it's primarily done in a white plastic,or white paint as well but you got a,really nice silver paint that's actually,on the blade which does kind of look a,little bit different but because of how,shiny it is it does kind of blend in,with the white but you can definitely,see that it's a silver paint I don't,necessarily know how I like that just I,mean it still looks good but in terms of,trying to create a black and white image,this should really be white honestly,that's more of a nitpick than anything,but it's worth noting but you can see,the really nice black kind of sketch,marks throughout the entire thing you,got a real metal chain and this little,uh handle sort of thing or maybe he just,holds on to that and,spins it around you spin me right round,baby right round something like that I,don't know but he's got that and he also,does come with a bow and arrow the uh,bow itself again very nice you got the,black sort of scribble marks on there,you have a white string that's very,tight that's actually pretty cool to see,and then you have this arrow with the,nice little feather section section down,here in the back you have the Arrow Head,itself you can kind of see that there's,a little bit of a separation there so,you can actually take this,fit that on the string maybe if I can,line it up well maybe not now well,something like now,I'm not going to be able to do it,because that's tiny but you're just,gonna put that,right something there and then you can,bring that back and just go oh holy cow,that went pretty good uh so you do have,that again all identical come into the,figure itself I I do wish they would do,something differently about the feet I I,feel like I've talked about this before,but when they did the white versions of,the Ninja Turtles there were always,images of Shredder and the foot soldier,so this design is still based off of,those and by that I mean we get some toe,articulation I do kind of wish that they,would make that go away just because it,actually does make him standing a little,less stable because it's kind of making,that piece Bend up I do wish they would,redo the feet on them it's not bad but I,I definitely use one of the NECA display,stands with this guy and for comparison,uh I actually put this guy back in the,trade because I am planning on selling,him because I prefer this as you can see,you have that nice black with the blue,on there which is designed to look like,him in the shade of night inside play so,I always did like the way that this one,looked but this is the vision that I,always had so you can see that again,weapons are identical figure is,identical it's just the coloration on,them and this is a great figure it,really is even this is great this to get,you had to go through that Loot Crate,sort of fiasco which was truly one of,the most annoying things that any toy,company has ever done and why I really,do talk about how NECA really doesn't,care

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NECA Twitter confirms "Prey" Predator Action Figure is coming

NECA Twitter confirms "Prey" Predator Action Figure is coming

hey guys alex kahn here before i start i,want to say if you have not seen the the,new predator movie called pray made in,2022 do not watch his video because i'm,going to post pictures very clear images,of what the this new predator looks like,so if you want to avoid spoilers don't,watch the rest of this video um so,i'm alex kahn from prince mastered on,vlogs as you guys know i am a huge fan,of collecting certain types of action,figures,among those my biggest collection are,the the predator line from neca i've got,i've got like 20-ish 30-ish,predators um i love to collect the the,movie versions,and now since hulu has uh produced their,own uh predator movie i'll be getting,this,the predator from from this movie too,and i'm pretty excited now i gotta say i,was a little disappointed when neca did,not have any action figures released,uh for the for the release of this of,this movie,and i wasn't sure if they were going to,because you know i was under the,impression that if they were going to,release any figures it would have been,in time for the movie's release um so i,went to a neca's website i went to their,twitter and finally i found out that,neca does have plans on releasing at,least the predator from the prey movie i,hope they release the the girl from that,movie um played by amber uh mid thunder,uh,character's name is nauru because she,she's my favorite human uh character in,in all these predator movies she's my,absolute favorite i love her um but,the big news is they are gonna they do,have plans to release,uh the the predator from from prey,and a lot of people are calling this,predator the feral,predator you know like kind of like i,guess like a feral cat or some kind of,feral animal which i think is kind of,misplaced because it doesn't really seem,very feral to me because,um,at the start of the movie you see it,coming in a spaceship,it's very sophisticated it clearly came,from another planet and it doesn't,really look any more feral than the,other predators maybe it looks a bit,more,a bit more old school or more primitive,but it doesn't make it like a wild feral,predator but but if people are gonna,call it the pharaoh predator we'll go,with that um i was initially gonna call,it the the comanche predator just,because it fought against the comanche,one of the actors from the movie is uh,you know has posted uh some,behind the scenes shots,of the the predator costumes and these,are very clear images um you can,probably get some some pretty good um,still images from the movie if you,paused it and then took screenshots uh,but this actor posted very crisp uh,clear images of what these predators,look like it's very clear what these,predators look like well there's only,one of them but um,yeah,in the first shot that i'm showing is uh,it's it's two actors playing the same,predator,um,i love the look of the of this predator,and the weaponry is is a bit different i,guess a bit more old-school than what,you see in the 80s 90s and 2000s,predator,uh warriors,um but i i like the bio mask especially,and also the shield when,when the french um trappers are shooting,at this predator,um he has a awesome bio mask on and at,the same time he's got a shield,protecting him and he looks so,so cool and stoic just sitting there,taking uh,what what musket fire or,you know gunpowder fire,and um,so hopefully you know all those,accessories are going to be with this,figure i want the shield,and all those different weapons that you,see in the movie,uh but yeah the bio mask looks very,unique it kind of looks like a,a,a more crude version of the alpha,predator's mask,um,alpha predator's mask was kind of based,off of the original you know van damme,bio mask which they scrapped,and um,they went with that that jungle predator,look that that we know now,um but i kind of like that more,primitive look it makes it look even,more sinister i like both looks but yeah,i i'm very much looking forward to this,action figure from neca,i i just wish they they,you know had the foresight to plan it to,plan the release of these figures,at the time,of the movie's release but they didn't,basically we're not going to see images,of this action figure,until sometime after this movie released,the movie released on friday which was,two days ago,so hopefully sometime this week they're,going to release images of what this,predator is going to look like but in,the meantime,the actor from the movie did,does have a lot of great um,crisp looking shots of what the predator,costume looks like so yeah um this is me,just rambling i'm very excited that,they're gonna have a uh,you know a action figure for this i'm,definitely gonna get this one because i,want all the,all the movie release,predators,and that's going to include this one,i still don't have the one from the 2018,the predator,i've been dragging my feet on those,figures because i thought i thought that,movie sucked so hard,but the predators look pretty cool,though,all right guys post your thoughts and,again if you hav

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Real or fake??The problem with NECA Toys and bootleg figures!!

Real or fake??The problem with NECA Toys and bootleg figures!!

we have a problem,with neca,hello and welcome to another bearded,geek toy review video,in today's video we're going to do,something a little bit different i'm not,actually going to be reviewing one of,the actual,figures that i've recently purchased,or that i've got underneath my desk here,that has been sitting there for a while,i just haven't got around to showing you,yet,but,i'm going to be talking about something,about neca figures,now um,if you're a regular watcher of the,channel and obviously if you're a,subscriber you've probably seen from the,videos that i've posted that the neca,videos,um seem to be the most popular um one of,the most popular i think is,the one for pennywise the clown here uh,which i think is 44 000 viewers which is,absolutely amazing um freddy krueger i,think has 14 000 views,uh,and,michael myers,here has,around about 10 000 views and then,you've got stuff like the alien and the,predator which are averaging out about,about a thousand views uh quite close to,so it's obvious that neca figures are,popular uh we've you who watch the,channel and it's obvious that they're,popular with um,collectors out there um and there is a,very very good reason why they are so,popular it's because they're bloody good,they're great sculpts they're great,articulation they're great display,pieces these are,kind of like modern,action figures that you could only have,dreamt of when you were a young kid,especially uh in certain like aspects of,some of the figures that they actually,do which is obviously they seem to,concentrate more on like the sci-fi and,the horror market so they have some,really cracking figures out there,but there is a problem,with neca figures overall and it's,something that i wasn't aware of until i,started seeing comments,on,some of my videos,where people who'd watched the video,were kind of like saying,that figures fake,that figure's a bootleg that doesn't,look right um,and,i was,kind of like well how do you know,what's,what leads you to that conclusion and,obviously i was a little perturbed,because a lot of these figures um have,been bought on the internet some of them,from respected websites and i'm not,casting any dispersions there but also,some from ebay you know because you know,i like any collector i,search ebay,regularly just to see if there's any,bargains on there and as you're probably,aware of necker figures are not cheap,they're normally in the 30 to 40 pound,price range,for most of these,um ultimate movie figures that they do,so,i did a bit of digging,and,i found out that there is a huge problem,with bootlegs,uh amongst neca figures,and that there's a huge market for them,and,obviously um the more and more i looked,into this and the more comments i got on,particular videos,the more obviously you'll probably see,is the more recent neca,videos that i've done um i have actually,obviously advised you make sure you know,where you're buying from and chances are,if you're buying off ebay and the seller,is based in china it's going to be a,knockoff,and lo and behold,i'm right um unfortunately it seems to,be a bit of a huge issue,uh amongst the toy collecting community,um,i know there is some issue with some,black series figures uh which are,bootlegged uh but they're not,essentially bootlegs so they're not made,by,um,another factory who's taking the moulds,and making their own versions and,putting them out there but making them,look as if they're the real thing,um if you search for stormtroopers or,clone troopers or anything like that on,ebay you'll find a lot of them,uh offered in group,sellings and they're all roughly around,about 10 pound a figure now i've got a,couple of those and the reason why i got,a couple of those is because i did some,research and what they're actually is,they're not bootlegs they're actually,factory seconds so they were made by,hasbro and at some point in the quality,control process,they've deemed not acceptable to be sold,by,hasbro and they've,rejected them now obviously what the,factories in china or taiwan or hong,kong or wherever they're made should be,doing is destroying those figures,but obviously you know,they accidentally find their way out of,the back door and they find their way,onto the internet and the few that i've,bought,i've never had a problem with because,they look like genuine bona fide figures,in fact if you told me that that was a,factory second or it had been rejected,by hasbro quality control i wouldn't,even have a clue,but with these,obviously there is some kind of issue,because it appears that neca who are a,much smaller company than the 13 billion,dollar,toy company that is named hasbro,and hasn't really got a handle on it,and,there are some ways that you can double,check,to find out,if you've got a genuine bonafide neca,figure,so,that's going to go through all these now,and see which ones,are real neca,and which one's a fake,so one of the main things that you can,actually do to check if your nekki,figures are genuine is obviousl

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New Neca and Clearance Black Series | Walmart, Walgreens and Target Toy Hunt

New Neca and Clearance Black Series | Walmart, Walgreens and Target Toy Hunt

what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel welcome back for another toy,hunting Adventure this is the first one,of 2023 we're at Walmart let's see what,we can find,all right,so this particular Walmart I have not,been to,oh man it's probably over a year,so yeah hopefully we'll find some stuff,got that baroness lady J,got some Transformers,I haven't got a razor Crest down there,got a couple of those,got the Dinobot sludge,very nice,um I got some,some Legends not a whole lot,Darwin siren,oh look at that one,huh got a mega halo,very cool,got uh some of these on clearance it,looks like,and,grogu,wrestling,got a uh Solomon Grundy,a one,troop transports,of the razor Crest back there,and a whole bunch of the 12 not a whole,bunch three landos,greenlandos,TIE fighter whoops,yep it decided it wanted to Launch,foreign,anything else,Star Trek,who are those,Pokemon,yeah,that's some uh Power Rangers,a little bit of fortnite,wrestling,looks pretty good here,to tell you the truth,doesn't look bad at all no,no I like it,got a Raquel Godzilla I got you Godzilla,Godzillas,uh they definitely got the music blaring,here so,yeah,let's keep going,all right,got a little bit of Lego over here,this is sort of the small section,uh Halo,that's pretty cool,not bad,but over here is where they have all the,rest of them,wow miles is 100 bucks,definitely got some,clearances going on,Potter,more Potter and Mario,ah but as you can see,the shelves are getting empty uh oh,somebody,somebody got everything in the Box,shame for shame,yeah,Vader,well how cool it'll be if that Batmobile,is 34 bucks,foreign,got the include the justifier,I think that's gonna do it for uh Lego,well we did got some uh Hot Wheels,got a little bit going on,huh,pretty neat,let's see nope,nope,a few here,not a tremendous amount but a few,bus is cool I like that one,and got some Matchbox,I mean considering you know,Christmas was just a like a week ago,not too bad,I've always liked that VW monster truck,right there,I always thought it looked cool,mystery models,yeah I don't need to go down that hole,Mario got some Super Friends,oh look at here we got the chase,I've been uh actually looking bro got a,couple of them right there,nice hmm,that's cool find,those are neat,a little bit of Jada,that b m racing is really cool,and we got some m2s hi Sierra,anything,ah,snow speeder very nice,well,I think,that may be it for uh,this area so uh let's head back to,electronics,collectibles,hello eagly,Spiderman,they're maidens or roll,okay,some of those WrestleMania,I'm not even going to talk about that,set,nope not talking about it,can't do it,peanuts,got some DC back here too,a joker,oh we got,Red Hood,that's pretty cool,not bad not bad at all,thank you,Batman,Turtles,got a uh ultimate April right there,got some new turtles,very cool,and got a,a few pops over here,there may be some uh,elsewhere so let me go see,all right,we've got a few more Pops over here but,nothing uh nothing to write home about,so,I think we're done with uh,this spot I'll see you at the next one,all right guys so we wrapped it up at,Walmart number one we're at Walmart,number two let's see what they got well,might as well start things off back here,nothing really jumping out,it's your Mix A Lot Whitney Zorro,yeah,not a whole lot,Queen YouTube,got a uh,New World Order right there,predator,got a whole bunch of Splinter and,shredders some Gundam,what is this,combat helicopter what 1 8p scale,oh,could I put a three and three quarter,Death Trooper,and that bad boy,possibly oh looky here,got the armored which I have that one,I've done a review on that one,and we got the unarmored which is cool,I just like the armored one a lot better,but,yeah,that's uh,I've got a whole bunch more of the,unarmored they do the armored so,that's cool,got the shaman predator,I did eyeball this thing,huh yeah,this is cool but I don't know but,that's a cool little sets to see,got some more of the uh neck of stuff,Angus Young,and around the corner here,still got uh all of these Obi wands as,you can see there's probably 60 or 70 of,them there,way too many,and,a little bit right here not a whole lot,but there's more to see so let's go look,at it,well we got a avatar display,I tell you what,the colors,on these toys,is just absolutely amazing,oh radio controls,wow pretty neat,amp suit,some more over here very nice but yeah,the colors,are just crazy,little light up the facts,very very nice,all right,I only got a little bit of,Transformers going on not a lot but they,got some,I expect this bus stuff will probably go,on clearance at some point,got that on clearance,Black Adam DC stuff,Starscream,master and Fiona,transport slave one,millennium x-wings,just a little bit of a hodgepodge of,everything,you've got some uh,Legends not a lot but there is some,ah,Static Shock,that's cool it's cool looking colors,and cyclone,yeah,that's pretty cool,super powers bunch of those,hello Princess Leia,oh yeah,nothing I need but there's mace,got four of those,got a Bra

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NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Slash Figure @TheReviewSpot

NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Slash Figure @TheReviewSpot

the turtles get an adversary from the,pages of Archie here's a look at the new,NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Adventures slash,the wait is finally over neck is proud,to announce the new slash figure based,on Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant,Ninja Turtles Adventures comic book,series from RG Comics this solitary,mutant turtle from Palmer dice isn't as,evil as he is ecologically dedicated,driven mad by the needless destruction,of his paradise planet for the,presidential Palace the Sinister slash,will take his Vengeance on authority,figures across the Galaxy,before we see what Adventures lie in,store for slash I'd like to thank the,folks over at NECA that did provide this,sample of the Eastman and Lair Teenage,Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures slash,that we can have a look at this video uh,he's available right now if you guys are,interested to pick this one up for,yourself I'm gonna go ahead then and,follow up that with grabbing my tape,measure just to see how tall the figure,stands from the bottom of his feet to,the top of his head at Adventures slash,stands five and a quarter inches in,height or the figure's 13 centimeters,tall and to see other samples of Slash,here's what the figure looks like and,next to the original Teenage Mutant,Ninja Turtles turtles in time slash who,up to the point of releasing the,adventures was my go-to slash when it,came to displaying him on the Shelf I'm,not even just meaning displaying along,with the other Turtles and time Turtles,but he was my go-to slash for a long,time he's going to be replaced now and,here's also what he looks like against,the turtle's cartoon slash who I always,felt to be the inferior slash for me I,was my go-to for slash when I was,growing up was always the Playmates Toys,slash so the one that we got from the,cartoon not only didn't sound like slash,but he didn't look anything like how I,recognized the character,in the off chance that any of you are,actually interested in this as well,slash gets packaged along with,technically a diorama the diorama is,more so just actually a cardboard sheet,but if you pull it out however you can,actually have this display behind the,Turtle figures I haven't done it with,all my Turtle figures but some of the,ones they've done lately here the one,for example the one I'm thinking of is,rennet I've actually used the backdrop,that came include with the rennet as a,display piece to have displayed along,the back of the figures now obviously,it's not going to fit completely even,when you open up the sides one side you,can see it sort of has the cutout here,that would have been the side window of,the box you can trim off the sides and,use just really essentially the backdrop,and then again the flooring and have the,figure standing in front of that for,again anybody that was interested move,that to the side though let's get a,closer look though with Slash the,figure's a bit back heavy so I'm hoping,he's not going to take a tumble while we,have a look at the rest of the,accessories the figure comes include for,example with a crooked sigh the side you,can see is nicely sculpted here mostly,done in white but a half and half,treatment's been done one side is white,one side is blue and down the middle of,that you actually got yourself some,broken up panel lining stopping abruptly,of course whenever it meets a corner,this does get fit into his hand but,there's a technique I've noticed myself,when it comes to actually changing out,the hands and actually holding the,accessories leave it with me I'll talk,about that more in a moment the handle,though is nicely done here you can see,some additional Brown gets afforded you,can see as well they've painted in some,lines of black it's a nice looking side,just as a side note also I'm not going,to be lying too far away from actually,talking about the figure here but for me,growing up I was into the Archie Turtle,Comics The Mirage stuff got more red,later into my years but actually as a,kid I was always collecting the Archie,Comics I think I even had the first 15,issues or so which was a small feat for,me at least as a kid it was one comic,run that I could tell myself yes I have,issue one and all the variations of,issue one and then I had all the way up,again until I think about issue 12 to 15,which I still had those Comics the other,thing that the figure comes also,included with as well is a kasui gamma,it's basically a hook blade and it's,actually done in the same sort of color,palette as the Crooked Psy again some,nice use of blue although the blue,doesn't actually make any appearance on,the blade or the hook itself rather,instead the blue actually comes down,below more in the handle area but it,matches a very similar color scheme to,the side he also Wheels in his hand,there is no other place on the figure we,can actually store the accessories,there's no Loop or anything on the back,of the figure shell for example that can,store the psy or the kasugami instead,which you can actually have it dis

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Huge FAIL by NECA? Robocop 2022 - Unbox & Review

Huge FAIL by NECA? Robocop 2022 - Unbox & Review

hey everybody and welcome to the channel,today we're going to be reviewing and,unboxing,with the help of this cat this the,ultimate RoboCop from NECA but first,I want to talk about Squarespace no I'm,just kidding let's get to the review,ultimate RoboCop by Neca so let's do a,brief overview here of the packaging,itself,aside from the front which is the,original movie poster the NECA team,their photography is always on point and,any additional details that you may be,interested in and obviously a lot of,respect for the team here when you open,the flap which is a huge advantage to,the neck of products is that you get to,see the figure,really nice shot here all the bits and,pieces but a lot of glare in this so uh,let's open it up,and see what we got,let's get all these accessories out and,this style connection is very typical,for NECA so it's a plastic piece it's,kind of uh bent if you're lucky enough,you can actually pull them out,straighten them and pop them through so,if you ever want to actually get it back,in the Box,um and not have it rattling around there,we go we got it,as you can see strap is still intact and,while I say that it's probably,impossible to get your fingers in there,to do that but whatever at least we,tried,all right we're gonna get into an,overview here of the figure and the,accessories incredibly movie accurate,we're gonna get some shots put up here,that you can reference on screen to see,the difference between this and the,movie really looks like Peter Weller,incredibly basic weapons it's a sniper,rifle an alternate hand and then the,muzzle flash,all right so here we can see incredible,detail in this figure even the text in,his helmet is visible the coloring is,honestly fantastic while those parts are,airbrushed to kind of simulate the,highlights of the light blue and the,purple,um it comes off really really well in,the lighting I mean it honestly looks,like it is,part of the material reflecting more so,than a straight up paint job speaking of,paint job so on this one there's a,particular issue the paint has been,chipped or a black mark happened to hit,right there on the arm I mean just look,at this,foreign,and again I mean it really looks like,Peter Weller if you get into the,unmasked helmet,and face detection on the camera is,working and even tracking his eyes all,the little pieces here in the back of,the helmet,I'm having with this figure so far are,in the accessories for an ultimate,figure these are incredibly boring now,the upsides I mean the the tripods are,functional they snap in so you don't,have to worry about them necessarily,breaking off,um some highlighted detail pieces would,actually be in the scope,there are colors here obviously the,grape there's a little red and yellow,dot one of the best parts about it is,probably this strap I mean that's works,really well but we'll pop up add to the,screen and if we can find like a movie,version of this and see how accurate it,is to the prop maybe the original movie,was boring looking too uh but even the,pistol was way cooler looking in the,movie,um there's no paint to it it's really,just like a kind of semi-gloss black,plastic another Advanced detail piece,though would be in the alternate hand so,that looks pretty good obviously uh both,dangerous and potentially easy to break,uh the muzzle flash uh yeah we'll put,that up on screen too from the movie,but something famous about his gun is,that it had the flash it would come off,from the side as well uh maybe with some,right lighting this thing would look,cool but this looks like alien slime or,something I would expect like a little,bit of a like an Amber tone to it or,something uh I mean you really you have,the two hands,for that side you can't change this hand,it just is always that shape let's,swap out that head so they do just pull,pull off uh just the ball joints pretty,straightforward good old Peter Weller,the figure itself maybe you saw in the,detail shots there's this little lever,which it's kind of a bummer but most,people probably not going to be staring,at his back end here so when you flip,this,you get where his gun pops out in the,movie so pretty cool I mean obviously,you can see the springs and stuff if you,look at it from the right angle so I,don't know if there's a way for this,specifically to go into the leg but it,kind of,all right well for trying way too long,it doesn't seem like that has any way to,mount in there,um despite all these little tabs if you,figured it out please let me know I,would love to see what's supposed to,happen there let's get it in to his hand,closing this is spring-loaded that's for,the Springs are it's where you're going,to want to put your put the pressure,it's like right against those Springs,themselves and then just be delicate,with this uh,other piece here,uh very sensitive getting this thing to,close properly there we go couple things,to notice uh articulation let's get into,that right before we get into posing so,head,a lot of functionalit

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hey this is john carlos and i am here,with a look at the thing 40th,anniversary,poster action figure by neca that was,available at san diego comic con 2022.,that was a look at the inside of the,packaging one of the things i like about,this packaging is the use of gloss,against matte i think the uh,black gloss against black matte is kind,of classy and just looks really cool,also even just the lettering the text on,the bottom of the packaging on the back,here is even done in gloss another thing,i appreciate about the packaging is the,lenticular artwork on the front,this is an incredibly cool and really,exciting figure for me see the thing,poster is iconic and as far as i can,recall no company has ever made an,action figure of poster art sure toy,companies have made 3d posters that are,like rectangular and everything in there,static,and sure funko has made a marty mcfly,pop from the back to the future poster,but as far as like a direct action,figure of poster art i can't recall that,and not just any poster art drew struzan,poster art drew struzan,is one of the greatest artists alive so,to have an action figure,of an iconic poster from a movie i love,and it's drew struzan artwork and toy,form this is just awesome one of the,things that i think that's really great,about this is the use of shading when,you look at the poster the light that's,emitting from the face makes the body,mostly in darkness like in shadow so,they've painted the front black and you,get that little hint of light with the,blue sections here on the edge and to,make it more tangible the whole back,section,is blue here's a closer look at the,surface of it all um,you know if this had been like a real,person's costume you'd you know see more,maybe detail in the in the the coloring,but since it's artwork we're dealing,with blues and blacks and it really,really works we also get the snow on the,boots because it is a very kind of snowy,poster,towards the the bottom of the figure,there the hands,splayed out perfectly the way we see it,in the poster and then we get to the,head,the head has this,kind of round white light with the the,lines come out now obviously in reality,if this was artwork it'd be like,refracted and coming at an angle but as,an action figure uh it's these little,plasticy things sticking out and i am,happy to report that they do come out at,an angle a bit they're not just flat,i mean they're flat-ish but not totally,you can see the angle there also the,fact there is little hints of blue,along the edges there that's really neat,um it pops off let me show you that,right now,and then you can make the uh the little,front section here light up,but first let's take a look at the hood,just you can see some of the details,there the hood pops off,as well,and uh there's a switch in the back and,when i hit the switch at first nothing,lit up and i thought are you kidding me,for 50 bucks this doesn't come with,batteries but when you unscrew this,there are batteries in there you just,have to pull the little tab out so thank,goodness they actually do include the,batteries see here they are so you flip,that switch there,and that lights up here let me,turn it off and then,on again you also have,an alternate face plate if you don't,want the line sticking out you can just,pop that on,and just get the glowy face,so you just pop the hood on,over the,figure's head,and you get that or you can pop this,face off,and pop in the original i think either,one looks good,but i gotta say,i think this one you know is where it's,at now here's a look at it,with my main shooting light off and you,get a good glow from that here it is,even darker and you can see that the,light really just stays within the face,it doesn't extend out into those lines,which if i'm being honest is fine the,source of light is that face so like i,wouldn't really,expect it to like extend beyond that but,that is one of the reasons why i think,if you're if you're hip to just having,this face on that makes sense to me,because that's just the only source of,light and you don't see the absence of,light,with anything else kind of coming out of,it i can't rave enough about this figure,um,it's so cool i mean yeah the price tag,is 50 bucks,for a single figure with like one,accessory which is a switchable face,but i mean my god to have a drew strews,and poster as an action figure i mean,you put this on the shelf,you put this on your dvd shelf next to,the thing and and,i think that looks so cool and any fan,would know instantly what that is i,think this is super cool of neca to make,what a fun exclusive,i freaking love it that's my review i,freaking love it thanks for watching,everybody let me know in the comments,below what you think this figure if you,want to be up to date with all my latest,reviews be sure to click subscribe

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NECA Toys The Thing R.J. MacReady Figure Review

NECA Toys The Thing R.J. MacReady Figure Review

it was found frozen by your crew now,it's gone and copied you here's your,look at the new neca toys the thing,ultimate mccready outpost 31.,in the winter of 1982 a 12-man research,team in the remote antarctic research,station discovered an alien buried in,the snow for over 100 000 years once,unfrozen the form-changing alien wreaks,havoc creates terror and becomes one of,them,before we get down to the review of the,things mccready obviously the first,thing we're going to want to do is,figure out how tall is the figure and,the best way for me to do it at least is,to bring in my ever reliable trusty tape,measure which as far as i know is still,the same tape measure i've been using,this whole time and i don't think the,alien has taken the form of it i really,hope right now it doesn't open its mouth,and snap off my fingers let's let's do,this rather quickly we're going to move,across right where his head i believe is,we're going to move it just to about,there,according to the readout you're looking,at the things mccready standing 8.2,inches in height don't bite me don't,bite me switching that over to,centimeters then you're looking at the,figure standing 21 centimeters exactly,well so far the tape measure hasn't,turned and became some sort of mutated,monster so i'm going to assume it's,still the same tape measure i'm going to,keep my eye on it though my good eye on,it,as we do that certainly i'd like to,thank as well the folks over at toys,that provide the sample of the thing,mccready that we could have a look at in,this review which is available right now,in retail stores and online,checking out the various accessories and,this guy actually gets packed a lot,swappable heads different swappable,hands and a bunch of different,accessories that we'll have a look at,right now still keeping my eye on that,tape measure starting first he comes,included with the bottle that he has in,the movie,now this does have the label applied to,it but i'd be,confident to tell you that at least it,seems like the label is appealing off,sometimes when we do get stickers,applied to accessories this small,sometimes the labels do peel off but,this one actually is nice and applied,good strong glue that they've used,you'll see as well that the top of the,cap is missing or the cap on the top of,the bottle is missing and that's because,he has already opened it started pulling,him pouring himself off a glass which so,happens to be the other accessory that,he comes included with a little tiny,drinking glass,not only is there liquid from the bottle,in there but there's also some settled,ice cubes,very cool the fact that they included,that,oh very cool let's see what i did there,now these can be held in his hands,we'll go back to those in a second,because he does come with some swappable,hands but let's have a look at some of,the other things he comes included with,like there's a lot to cover he comes,with a little tiny lantern which does,have a functioning moving handle just be,careful that this doesn't break on you,detail for such a small piece is nicely,done even like the little flint on the,inside that the flint in the inside of,the lantern has also been painted in,silver probably i would imagine that,lantern is going to be what i'm going to,display the figure with but like i said,there is still a lot to really cover off,it comes include with this shotgun,i say this so frequently i know but i,like when they do dry brush some,additional coloring over it it adds some,depth and it does it makes it look less,like molded plastic,that's what it looks like on the other,side as well and again that can go into,his hand promises promises all these,things that can fit into his hand let's,talk about something that go onto his,hat on his head he has his hat,the hat while taking out the packaging i,just assumed it to be material but it is,very soft plastic you can see the flaps,on the front he wears his hat like this,or is it like this,he wears his hat at least with a flap on,the front and then down below that he,actually has a real fabric strap,so you can use that either with the,other head the other head sculpts that,we're going to be looking at or if you,also wanted to drape this over his head,like he does have in the movie,and just sort of do your best to get it,tucked underneath the collar like this,you can have the figure displayed like,this as well,well i suppose we're also talking about,this defaulted head sculpt let's just,remove the hat for the time being he,comes included with some goggles,the goggles they have giving you enough,clearance i i feel to stretch this,across his head,though again you may want to maybe heat,the plastic up a little bit because well,you're going to have to really stretch,that the other workaround you can do too,is pop the head off put the decapitated,body now down on the base there on the,backdrop,and then you can kind of do your best to,get the goggles up underneath his hair,like the hair separates just enough that,it

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