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Funny推特(Twitter)毒舌貼文 NBA球星來回應 2016合集【中文字幕】I just have her fun not son exactly like,the chemical was

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Funny推特(Twitter)毒舌貼文 NBA球星來回應 2016合集【中文字幕】

I just have her fun not son exactly like,the chemical was spitting his magic ,but remember when Kobe Bryant used to,dunk and it wasn't a surprise every time,he dunks it's a big deal I remember,DeAndre Jordan you can suck a million,per second yourself until you die you,piece of butt does anyone know what,Blake Griffin is did Morgan Freeman and,carrot-top impregnated Amazon has anyone,noticed that Chris Paul has Michael,Jackson's original nose Blake Griffin is,still ugly,oh wow who's that from home goodbye,Blake Griffin you soft ginger-haired,colored Lindsay Lohan freckled face to a, kpi's home all caps huh and,you throw in some lowercase next time,the honors Jordan doesn't look like he,knows how to read well I just read that,you idiot DeAndre Jordan sucks my,DeAndre Jordan looks like that uncle and,a cookout that sticks his fork in your,plate well I think that sharing is,caring so you Joey fly Chris Paul has,Rice Krispies peanut Ledger Zach,Randolph is not so much in basketball,shape rather he is a basketball shape,yes I just caught him fat hashtag sports,side Timmy oh does arise around to look,like that turtle named Franklin or Nick,Julia,DeMarcus Cousins is an emotional lesbian,people say LeBron flops have you ever,seen this little French woman named Tony,Parker thanks for me shark is a fat ass,old man if your mother loved very dearly,you are that viewer commercial you know,you don't fit in that Buick that's what,we mean what's the difference between,Ron Artest,and Metta World Peace nothing they are,both huge pieces of whatever now Russell,Westbrook look like Jar Jar Binks how,take your work I don't know who that is,for sure I'm convinced Magic Johnson has,approximately 73 teeth in his mouth,Magic Johnson looks like a bald black,John Travolta Jimmy Butler looks so ugly,brah look like a face you put on a totem,pole brah looking like a tiki mask bro,Andrew Bogut is so ugly he might be the,infamous Bigfoot well guess we found him,Jalen Rose you're not very good at your,new job your command of the language is,poor your analysis is subpar your fear,eora T to your peer whatever I still,have no idea how Jalen Rose has a job he,looks like he sells bootleg DVDs,can we make a special call I hate jaylen,rolls because I hate,jaylen roll Reggie Miller can't dress,for really pretty sure Reggie Miller's,ears provide Wi-Fi oh my god they do,Mark Jackson is easily the most annoying,voice on television well then there's,Jeff Van Gundy yo Jeff Van Gundy a fool,lol is that rivers voice is Ashley as,hell put some lotion on those voice,course bro Michael carter-williams,is all hype dude is straight-up awful,Wow,I can't lie the more I started my looks,homeless Nate Robinson can't do it,pick a role properly he can't see over,anybody technically that's true,suck my duck Matt Barnes I think you,meant to say you're gonna spell it,ready Wesley Matthews complains about,every file just go eat doughnuts on the,bench you fat six percent body fat,Jeremy Lin is worth probably a half jar,of mustard pickles you're worth a half,jar of mustard pickles Jeremy Lin need,to get the weight room you need to get,the spell check white how it wears,panties with leg warmers,Kris Humphries you you're so pathetic,seriously kill yourself please xxxx I,would kill my parents if they named me,Paul George that's the ugly ass name,Stephan Korea's facial hair is a little,pubie while we're on the subject your,teeth need some work,come on man that's come on dream on,grain look like donkey from Shrek,one day klay Thompson is gonna leave the,house without remembering to attach his,goatee that he bought from Party City,have you ever been downloading something,online and halfway through it just froze,and couldn't go anywhere think Steph,Curry's puberty come over after it's,good Andre Iguodala sucks gizelle Andre,Iguodala has the worst body language of,anyone in the NBA if he got a dollar for,every dirty look he made he'd have,another 80 million imagine the damage,Steph Curry would be doing in the NBA if,you didn't have such a girlie name,hashtag change it to Steve Stephen,Terrill,if anything ever happens to the guy that,does the voice of Cookie Monster I can,sleep at night knowing we have the,chemical plumber's Ibaka

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Every NBA Mean Tweet (Compilation)

Every NBA Mean Tweet (Compilation)

what's going on guys it's,troidan here and today we've got,every single mean tweet nba main tweet,that is,we've compiled them all here these go,back to,june of 2013 that was like eight years,ago or something,i'm curious to see if some of those,tweets held up,there's about nine or ten here let's go,first one that's jimmy kimmel,go you know va players and personalities,tend to be very active on twitter and,while twitter,does give them an opportunity kevin,durant connect with their fans it also,opens them up,and criticism some people have no,problem tweeting terrible things to,celebrities,and it can hurt so tonight we asked some,of the folks working in and around the,nba,to read some of the most unpleasant,tweets ever written about them for a,special nba edition,of mean tweets yay,yay all right let's see we got here,what's the difference between ron artest,and meta world peace,nothing they are both huge pieces of,whatever man i like ron but he,unfollowed me on twitter so i don't know,anyone look at this combo,chris paul has michael jackson's,original nose,is it me or does roger ronda look like,that turtle name franklin,nick jr yes he does,he is a turtle he looks like the type of,guy who will watch you sleeping,who's that suck my duck matt barnes,i think you meant to say you're gonna,talk,bob costas is a vampire mark my words,blake griffin still ugly,yo oh wow who was that from no,andre iguodala kardashian,remember when kobe bryant used to dunk,and it wasn't a surprise,every time he dunks it's a big deal,yeah i remember that greg anthony looks,like a young,hold on find that find that twitter,account handle what is it go back,write that down i'm writing it down,right now i'm gonna,i think i'm not kidding i wrote it down,greg anthony looks like a young person,in costume as a grandfather,yeah i see you in that buick commercial,you know you don't fit in that buick,deandre jordan doesn't look like he,knows how to read,whoa,yo that was mildly racist,i can't lie amari statement looks,homeless,he looks like john rules you're not very,good at your new job,your command of the language is poor,your analysis is subpar,your inferiority to your peer,whatever i would kill my parents,if they named me paul george that's the,ugly ass name,dwight howard wears panties with leg,warmers,that's fitting jeremy lynn need to get,the weight room,you need to get the spell check,deandre jordan sucks my,i put two blue swarovski gems on my head,and i swear to god it looks just like,bill simmons,well thank you what michael carter,williams is all hype,dude is straight up awful wow,oh sorry i i didn't mean to price pause,chris paul has,rice crispy he's not legend,you're so pathetic he looks like he's,from twilight seriously kill yourself,please yo,nate robinson can't do it pick and roll,properly he can't see over anybody,technically that's true it is very true,stephen curry,wait it's curry is this hat backwards,did he get that from joy,stephen curry's facial hair is a little,pube,while we're on the subject your teeth,need some work,come on man come on man,demarcus cousins is an emotional lesbian,it sure is what a classic what a classic,he's so young there,anything ever happens to the guy that,does the voice of cookie master,i can't sleep at night knowing we have,to came in with,a backup sound just like him that's a,good one that's a good one,that's a good one that was a good one,convinced magic johnson has,approximately,73 teeth in his mouth,people say lebron flops have you ever,seen this little french woman named,hannah parker,the french language st matthews,complains about every foul,just go eat donuts on the bench you fat,six percent body fat can we make a,special one called,i hate jalen rolls because i,hate jaylen rowe,jimmy butler looks so ugly bruh,look like a face you put on a totem pole,bruh that,looking like a tiki mask,jeremy lynn is worth probably a half jar,of mustard pickles,you're worth a half jar of mustard,pickles,reggie miller can't dress for,really draymond green look like donkey,from shrek,zach randolph is not so much in,basketball shape,rather he is a basketball shape dude he,does i just called him fat,hashtag sports side,mark jackson is easily the most annoying,voice on television,well then there's jeff van gundy yo,jeff van gundy a fool lol,hi is andrew bogut is so,ugly he might be on this bigfoot,i guess we found him imagine the damage,steph curry would be doing in the nba,if he didn't have such a girly name,hashtag,change it to steve steve steve's a,terrible,andre jordan looks like that uncle at a,cookout that sticks his fork in your,plate,well i think that sharing is caring so,you joey,whoa whoa goodbye blake griffin you soft,ginger hair colored lindsay lohan,freckled face two-headed take you,guys home ,yellow wow all caps huh maybe throwing,some lower case next time no that means,they're shouting,oh i still have no idea how jaylen rose,has a job,he looks like he sells bootleg dvds,at the barber shop one day,klay thomps

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I challenged Twitter on NBA 2K20 for $1000

I challenged Twitter on NBA 2K20 for $1000

look at this team we've got godly point,guards,we've got freaks we've got the future,the past and the present,we've got reward cards and we've also,got the greatest of all time,goat that's what it stands for this team,right here can't do it all he can do,whatever it wants to and with my hands,on these men I can do anything I can't,beat anyone I think it's time for me to,finally put my mouth where my money is,I'm challenging you on NBA 2k 20 my team,ps4 if you beat me I give you $1,000 to,enter send a 15 second voice message to,PSN Detroit in gaming if I go up by 15,at any point it's an automatic for faint,kicking people at random that's right,open challenge going out right now,wait and now we wait a few moments later,so I have just tweeted out my open,challenge on NBA 2k 20 and as you can,see people are messaging me as we speak,and some are not even using voice,message so some people are stupid,it's time to listen to a couple a pic,semi-random,ah let's shine these parsing X if you,didn't even send me I said 15 seconds,not 8 you're trash,you lose every Tom Brady fan Jeff hi,Troy dan give me a chance to play you an,NBA 2k 20 you're probably better than me,you don't have it you don't have the,cojones cojones you don't have any balls,let's pick this person j-money let's,pick this person,J let's pay this first thing clean,whitey oh it's a youtuber why not try,Dan I'm the Deuter up the Teddy's music,video I'm gonna beat you so bad no,matter what lap you use all Galaxy opals,whatever 99 Michael Jordan I don't care,I'm gonna beat you bad so get ready to,give me that 1,000 G's baby Oh our 52nd,weight is Jack ain't the guy that made,the titty music video let's go,I've just sent him a party invites and,we will now wait hello hello is this,Troy den no it's Don Jay oh really,of course it's me what the hell what do,you mean who else would it be,I know it's you oh I don't know it's,probably you alright I'd you to my,locker you know I invite you to my,locker it's not how it goes alright fine,I'll be your way I will have it my wife,Burger King why do you sound like you're,in a wind turbine cuz I am in a wind,turbine sending you the invite so,there's $1,000 what would you do with,$1,000 I'll probably save it that's a,good answer,okay you have a bit of a team yeah you,know what I'm gonna do I am going to uh,I'm going to mute you and I will correct,you in a second I can't hear anything,but wind every time he speaks I have to,mute him guys I have to do it this guy's,a better team that I expected to start,playing blight you know what I'm gonna,on the sticks and on the toilet all,right we are in the donkey dome and it's,time to turn up this guy made a titty,song enemy that's a very sink we won the,tip-off,that's not watch this watch this where,is he I mean practice have you warmed up,today I don't need a warm-up cuz I was,born moist,come on look at these days look at the,glam come on,doubleday have a permit to double status,that was nine come on duty sure he's,sure all right we picked a shook man to,start it off pass it inside and you,already know all about bass let's go D,up D up D oh no no no no he landed three,it's over bacon T step back go back go,back,yeah how was embarrassing I'm not gonna,lie didn't expect it to be that bad that,didn't go very well for you car no it,didn't,any last words just kidding,losers don't get last words stick to,music we're not leaving it on that let's,find our next Percy let's try this,person coach Adams 20 what's up man it,would be awesome if you picked me,I think you'd go up by 15 probably late,in the state quarter but my son would be,ecstatic,please take my dad Torian no no no your,dad needs to get some confidence okay,I'm teaching a whole family a licen,right now believe in yourself,I need to play someone confident I'm,gonna go back,yo hand to K for that please pick me I,need to feed my family I was starving,and I will around 300 pounds so please,no no your chubby ass get off the game,14 I said 15 seconds is that so I'm not,no rules are rules,try stupid Pavel,eval he's been sending messages it seems,for a while it my god that's a lot of,messages okay this guy wants it this is,a real man predictions,hello what's wrong with you nothing's,wrong this is my voice I'm just a slob,you were spitting in the mic now it's,not me that's I either brother I need to,find someone who wants this Eddie this,must be a fake Eddie throw Dan I will,take are you on you're my team challenge,for the thousand dollars and I will beat,you I know I will,I got the Mexican spirit I can get this,w easy man are you scared,what don't bad cow easy money easy money,what the hell,Wow are you scared just kind of a,challenge no I'm just surprised that's,all that I'm surprised,why surprise you you know I played okay,I don't sleep on me throwing I'm,actually I'm actually pretty good okay,Eddie okay I'll send you the invite,let's do this man easy Barney I'm about,to secure the bag as a kid say let's go,throw you ready you ready to tak

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LeBron’s Odd Tweet Makes No Sense

LeBron’s Odd Tweet Makes No Sense

a reporter followed LeBron to the team,boss after they won a fifth straight,game rumors say the Lakers won't trade,at the deadline LeBron's not happy,they're doing what they feel is best for,the franchise well how do you feel about,that I'm doing what's best for my guys,in the locker room that's all I can,worry about look you all know what the f,should be happening I don't need to talk,so it seems like LeBron's mad because La,promised they would trade their picks,but now they're having second thoughts,but LeBron went to Twitter to call out,that reporter hey Sam Actually my,patience isn't winning you make it sound,like I'm frustrated when I'm really not,I told you over and over my job is,focused on the guys in the locker room,my job isn't the roster that's the,reality of the conversation okay does,anyone believe that's true legium,doesn't mess with the roster then why,did he just make a threat to possibly,demand a trade but if that happens there,are only two teams he would go to I,looked at every single franchise just to,makes sense but how did he get in this,mess we know LeBron is the one who,forced them to trade two championship,players Kyle kuzman Davis Caldwell Pope,for Russ he's the one who decided to,take a 97 million dollar Max contract,this off-season when he could have taken,less to help the roster even James,Harden did that for the Sixers but,Hardin wasn't just named a billionaire,it's a pretty bad look when you're named,a billionaire and then right after,demand a Max contract in a salary cap,sport sometimes you gotta do that to be,the goat Business Insider analyzed Tom,Brady Brady frequently took contract,extensions and restructured his deals to,help the patriots address other,positions giving up at least 60 million,in his career maybe as high as a hundred,million dollars look it helps when your,wife at the time is a good jillionaire,but LeBron still messed up but even with,all of that I would still be pretty,upset if I was LeBron imagine dominating,every night rumors say the team is not,going to trade the picks but before the,season your GM said this will the Lakers,trade their picks will they not trade,their picks,let me be abundantly clear we we have,one of the great players in LeBron James,to ever play the game on our team and he,committed to us with a long-term,contract a three-year contract,so of course we will do everything we,can,picks included to make deals that give,us a chance,it almost sounds like a literal promise,like I could just see LeBron with his,pin to that extension and he's like okay,if I sign this are you gonna trade the,picks and Rob the link is like of course,we are just sign it backstabber Rob am I,right magic when you allude to the,backstabbing who exactly will you talk,no just Rob so what if Rob does go back,on his word here the only thing left for,LeBron to do is threaten to leave people,say he already made that threat I don't,know I don't want to finish my career uh,you know playing at this level,uh from a team aspect I must still be,able to compete for championships,because I I know what I can still bring,to any ball club with the right pieces,any ball club with the right pieces okay,never mind yes that actually does sound,like a threat but the two teams that he,would actually leave the Lakers for do,not matter right now we will get to them,in a second but what matters now is the,trade deadline because you know LeBron's,mentality has just make us a little,better and it'll take us to the finals,like I've done before he took a subpar,Cavs team there in 2018 Cavs in 2007 so,if teams decide to sell the Lakers could,buy the most realistic trade I think is,with the Spurs San Antonio obviously,doesn't care about winning but they have,legit vets that the Lakers could want,and we just got new information on what,that would take if the Lakers also,wanted to add a valued player from the,Spurs like yaka Purtle the cost could be,two firsts and then some then some for,Jacob Pearl no actually the Lakers would,get pertle Josh Richardson and Doug,McDermott and the Spurs will get Russ,both picks and Max Christy he's the then,some and I get it that is way too much,to pay but Doug McDermott is shooting 42,from three this season poodle gives them,more defense that is exactly what the,Lakers need Jay Rich adds more depth but,you can see why the Lakers do not want,to do trades like these are the kinds of,offers they're getting but forget like,boy on bogdanovich or Miles Turner the,player La would go all in for is a,raptor I just did a video talking about,why Toronto could blow everything up but,obviously LeBron would want Pascal,siacom all NBA proven number two for,Championship but he is way too expensive,be realistic like if Pascal or OG got on,the market La cannot compete with all,the other offers from those guys so,instead the Lakers could get Fred Van,Vleet Gary Trent Jr Thad young and Josh,Jackson for salary the Raptors get Russ,Lonnie Walker Max Christy and both first,so la gives up a

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Shaq Welcomes Jamal Crawford To The Crew With A Big Prank 😂🍿 | NBA on TNT

Shaq Welcomes Jamal Crawford To The Crew With A Big Prank 😂🍿 | NBA on TNT

welcome to the team Jamal I got you a,gift it's a turtleneck from the,unreleased left coal line in terms of,dealing with Shaq one piece of advice,never look him directly in the eye or,else you're gonna have to fight him,and I'm not going to help you,hey Jamal we're so happy to have you I,want to give you a little advice when,dealing with checks never go one two,back to one because you know he gets a,little upset when he takes his shoes off,runs he hasn't gotten a pedicure in like,I don't even know since he was in the,league third thing is we're too old to,do Tick Tock so when Shaq's in the back,not watching the games don't do a tick,tock with him,a little advice Jamal how do you do you,feel prepared to deal with Shaquille I,do I do Shaq is,Shaq is all the things he has a good,heart so at the end of the day he'll,make sure we're all right um You Afraid,Of Me no I bet you won't look me in my,eye,you want to look at me why no I don't,want to go ahead just look me in my,please look me in my mind hit it,no it is,welcome welcome to the show you're,laughing because I wasn't looking him in,his eyes,yeah look,yeah,so I need you to get on this thing,put the popcorn anything and then at,some point we're gonna drop it,slice we better than that,hey it's still coming then you turn into,a dance move he turned to Louise y'all,saw my quick Twitch in the wrong way,it's supposed to be on the court like,I'm I'm not supposed to be moving that,quick when something bad happens oh the,best part is here all right I think,Shaq's gonna take care of us it's cool,wow he it's a little rookie hazing all,right so yeah got it I got it next time,can you fill me in on this I'm not a,rookie oh you didn't know about that I,had no idea,he got scared too he's about to dance so,it's about to happen,terrible there's a look at Jamal's eye,right now that I see Vengeance,Is War okay,don't do that yeah,okay,stop,hold Twitter because I hear the real,Boogie Nights,he was located

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NBA Twitter Reacts to Warriors Beating Grizzlies on Christmas

NBA Twitter Reacts to Warriors Beating Grizzlies on Christmas

from the players to the media to Twitter,people had a lot to say regarding the,Christmas Day game between the Golden,State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies,John Morant said there was no team zero,team in the west that Memphis fears,Shannon how embarrassed should John be,about those comments now they should be,very embarrassed because they do all,that talking and don't do a whole lot of,winning like I said if they if if Steph,Curry has said this I ain't got no,problem with it I mean the four-time,champion the league MVP of finals MVP,and one of the greatest players I've,ever played if he wants to play Hey bro,I'm good we great we Peach out here in,the web,I'm good with that yeah what what has,the Grizzlies won don't give me this,what's he supposed to say he's supposed,to be respectful of everybody in the,Western Conference considering he hadn't,won anything they keep talking about,they keep talking about a dynasty I,don't understand what battles have you,heard what have I seen up there,well I mean I don't see any the Warriors,can say we are a dynasty we won four,championships in six years that's a,dynasty well if you want to say the,Celtics or the Lakers and when they were,magic in the 80s that was a dynasty you,ain't no damn Dynasty because you made,the playoffs and they was talking about,Dynasty and all that you can't talk,Dynasty when you haven't won before I,don't think people realize how hard that,is the commitment and sacrifice to take,I mean you gotta sacrifice your body and,I thought that was premature talk you,know to talk to even mention that word,but they bring the best out of us and I,think we do the same,and uh even though you don't like them,you gotta respect them because uh,they're a threat here are some tweets as,well as some videos from the players and,the media sharing their thoughts on the,Christmas Day game with the Golden State,Warriors defeating the Memphis Grizzlies,foreign,tomorrow,foreign,I used to love jaw he is losing me this,year I was bullish on the Grizz last,year if you recall I was riding that,band I was driving the bandwagon they,are losing me because Swagger to your,point is one thing but just empty,boasting and chest beating is quite,another I like their Swagger but you,gotta tie it to some basketball,character you have to can't go over the,delusional Edge into thinking you're,something that you haven't earned yet,because you haven't earned a thing yet,no and John doesn't seem to realize that,because he seems to be a little bit of a,victim of social media and he they've,launched a sneaker last night,thank you,thank you,but it was a little befuddling to watch,them I don't want to say I don't want to,be too harsh perk but to watch them get,punked last night by the Warriors,yeah,I mean yeah look the Warriors gave them,a spanking and I'm talking about with,the Louis Vuitton belt if you don't like,Louis Vuitton maybe it was Gucci or Miz,I don't give a damn which one but they,caught a spanking last night and I,understand that but I'm not concerned,you know why because I don't believe,that the Warriors are going to be there,the Warriors are the Memphis Grizzlies,Kryptonite that's the only team that,they have to be concerned about,thank you,foreign,thank you,let me know if you guys would like more,content like this Twitter reactions,Instagram I hope you like this video,please like And subscribe thank you

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Grading The NBA's 5 BIGGEST Offseason Trades Midway Through The Year...

Grading The NBA's 5 BIGGEST Offseason Trades Midway Through The Year...

this off-season we experienced a pretty,eventful period that was filled with big,moves being made that shook up the,landscape of the league and of course at,the time each move set up the teams,involved for a certain level of,expectations all stars were flying,around on the trade market hoping to,elevate their squads in their new homes,but now as we reach the Midway point of,the NBA season we have a pretty good,picture of how each move has actually,been working out in today's video we're,going to be revisiting each of the five,biggest trades from this past off season,and will be grading how each team,involved came away from the deal now,that we have actually seen them in,action with a decent sample size at our,disposal the trades will be going over,were the ones headlined by Donovan,Mitchell Rudy gobert dejounte Murray,Christian Wood and Jeremy Grant before,we start though make sure to like the,video and subscribe to the channel as,all support is very much appreciated now,with that being said let's begin,the first trade we'll be grading today,was between the Cleveland Cavaliers and,the Utah Jazz where the Cavaliers,received Donovan Mitchell in exchange,for Colin Sexton Laurie markkanen ochai,abaji three first-round picks and two,first-round pick swaps compared to a lot,of the other trades we're going to be,discussing today this one was as close,to a win-win as it gets as both sides,honestly came away pretty well from the,deal Donovan Mitchell was unhappy in,Utah and now that he's in Cleveland he,has not only been playing the best,basketball of his career but he's also,been helping the Cavaliers establish,themselves as legitimate contenders in,the East the Cavaliers were a dominant,defense already last season when healthy,but their biggest need was a dominant,go-to scoring threat and that is exactly,what Mitchell has been providing as he's,averaging an efficient 29 points per,game while the Cavaliers also rank as,the number one defense in the NBA this,season so his presence has not at all,hurt their defensive dominance and if,anything he's more bought in on that end,than he's ever been now on the flip side,the Jazz were in a tough spot when their,Stars asked out and after the moves they,made everyone assumed that they were,going to be hitting the reset button to,tank but the reality has been that the,players they acquired from these trades,led by Laurie markkanen have been,unbelievable this year to help keep them,afloat Laurie markkanen came out of,nowhere and now looks like an All-Star,in the making scoring about 25 points,per game lighting it up both inside and,out Colin Sexton hasn't gotten fully,back to the production he had prior to,his injuries but is still giving them a,nice spark Off the Bench and then they,have an enormous chest of draft picks at,their disposal to use to build their,future while developing these,surprisingly good pieces for the grades,I'm giving the Cavaliers an A and the,jazz on a plus because both have,benefited tremendously the next deal,we'll be grading was between the Utah,Jazz again and the Minnesota,Timberwolves where the Timberwolves,received Rudy gobert in exchange from,Malik Beasley Patrick Beverly Jared,Vanderbilt Leandro bulmaro and Walker,Kessler along with four first-round,picks and a pick swap when things,fizzled out in Utah and their two best,players became available the market was,hot for them and gobert ended up netting,a pretty insane Hall of assets for the,Jazz witch in hindsight looks like,robbery the Timberwolves went all in for,this move because after taking a step,forward last season by making the,playoffs they wanted to continue that,momentum and one of their needs in,theory was someone who could help Shore,up the defense gobert is a three-time,winner of the defensive player of the,year award so you see where their head,was at with this however the actuality,of the situation has been much Bleaker,and this is now looking like not only,one of the worst trades of the year but,one of the worst trades we've seen in a,long time the Timberwolves are currently,in ninth place in the West during,Conference standings with a record below,500 they are worse both offensively and,defensively than they were last year and,the fit between their star players is,incredibly awkward and clunky a,two-center lineup in the year of 2023,was always destined to fail especially,when one of the centers in towns was,already a liability on defense and now,the assets that the team has at their,disposal is minimal because they gave it,all away to Utah it's not a total,failure yet for the Timberwolves but,it's pretty darn close so as for the,grades I'm giving the Timberwolves a d,and the jazz on a plus the next trade,will be re-grading was between the,Atlanta Hawks and the San Antonio Spurs,and in it the Hawks received dejante,Murray and jock landale in exchange for,Danilo Gallinari three first-round picks,and a first round pick swap the Hawks,are another team that experienced a bit,of success

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Stephen A. Smith reacts to Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe on Damar Hamlin | Draymond Green Show

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe on Damar Hamlin | Draymond Green Show

a guy who,I don't think people will ever be able,to separate y'all names just because of,the history on first take,um Skip Bayless uh recently made some,comments and when and when speaking of,No Mercy recently made some comments,about Demar Hamlin and,the comments that he made live during,the game I think everyone knew,immediately in that moment they were,wrong like uh this guy just passed out,we just watched CPR be administered on,live television,and you say a game should continue,that's no mercy that's not having any,number one feel uh I think the the field,there is just all but no uh secondly,that that to me I always speak about how,how people view the athlete and that's,having no mercy at all for just the,athlete for the mindset you know we when,and you think of today's day and age and,everyone the awareness around mental,health and all of these different issues,and to say that someone who you know,Steph Curry's a brother of mine like,Klay Thompson is my brother you you you,you Blood Sweat and Tears with these,guys you experience some of the highest,the highest in life with these guys and,some of the lowest and lows in life with,these guys and to say that you can just,witness that number one as a player,let's not even look at it from demar's,standpoint in his life let's just look,at it from the standpoint of players,athletes in general to say that josh,Allen can witness that and then just go,call a play and throw a football,like what about the compassion for the,athlete now,I don't even want to go to the,compassion for Demar and his family,because that's a totally different thing,and that I mean that really goes to an,entirely different category so I'm,really just trying to keep it Sports but,when speaking of no mercy and someone,that you've worked with what was your,opinion and thoughts on Skip and then to,double down and say oh no I stand on,that even after knowing the condition,that he's in I guess for me I can,respect you saying you stand on your,opinion I can't respect that but at the,same time,it feels low,first of all let me get this out the way,skip was wrong,plain and simple,if we want to First Take together,and he was sitting across from me,I'd have told him he was wrong,um there's no doubt about that,and that needs to be said,at that particular Moment In Time,you can use the phrase feel in the room,you can use whatever other phases do,whatever other phrases that you want but,at the end of the day,it reached a point where it was not,about,football it was not about games it was,about a man's life being a young man's,life being on the line,so there is no there's no defending that,and I agreed with Shannon Sharp's,position on that,having said that what I will say and I,had there were people that wrote,articles that Stephen A came to defense,no I didn't,but I did explain what I mean by that is,number one it's important that I,practice any comment about Skip Bayless,uh in terms of saying this Draymond I'm,not here today if it were not for,sleeping see Bayless is the one that,brought me on first date,and I will never,walk around like I don't owe that man a,lot,but I disagreed with him after I owed,him that offer fake every day so why,can't I disagree with him now and why,wouldn't I disagree with him in the,future I'm sure he would disagree me I,promise you he disagrees with what I'm,saying right now that comes with it,but remember when I talked about,attacking what someone does as opposed,to attacking them,I've known skip for 20 years I know,people who despise them I know people,who think the worst of them I know all,of these different things I'm not one of,those people,and,I will always have love for my man,I think he was wrong,but I also knew,what mistake he made,Dre,he's looking at the game and here's what,he's thinking about,he's seen Jack Tatum paralyzed Daryl,Stingley he saw Michael Irvin on the,turf at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia,believably paralyzed he just recently,saw to a tongue of the lower get carried,off the same field in Cincinnati by,ambulance and was concussed I mean his,body stiffened up like it had rigor,mortis like Rigamortis kicked in,and throughout NFL history,which Skip Bayless has been covering,since the 70s,he's seen the game continue,and a lot of times people are not taking,that into account you can say we're,living in a different time that is true,we all living in a different time but,you also have others who hold on to a,certain culture now sometimes they hold,on to certain cultures in the world of,politics we don't like that we're the,news don't like that social justice,issues we damn sure don't like that,put in a World of Sports,there's tens of millions of people who,hold on to the way things used to be,which is what the New Media as you like,to call yourself right like to like to,bring up how you got cats that hold on,to it but I'm saying to you Draymond,well that's who you're talking about,that's the guy you know the guy that is,like this is the way that things w

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