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Ballot Rigging is a Very Delicate Processhey everybody uh we're going to talk,about uh,boat rigging

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Ballot Rigging is a Very Delicate Process

hey everybody uh we're going to talk,about uh,boat rigging today ballot rigging i'm,wearing my uh,my united states postal service hat,because i used to be a,rural mail carrier for the united states,postal service out of,luther oklahoma delivering to luther and,jones,so i have a little bit of experience,with uh delivering the mail,what that entails what goes on with that,and,i have a lot of significant,concerns about uh melon balloting,especially when it comes to activists,who,are spread out everywhere randomly,what we're looking at right here though,is a tweet from nate cohn,who is uh revealing poll results let's,understand and acknowledge that ballot,rigging,is a delicate process for one they have,to,prepare for a strong trump victory if,they're going to rig the ballots,if they're going to throw out ballots if,they're going to change ballots,and to do that one one way to uh,condition the public,is to put out polls that show ridiculous,results um for example,another very strong set of results for,biden in the upper midwest,plus six in wisconsin plus 16 in,minnesota,among likely likely voters from,abc washington post washington post yeah,that's a,very reliable source so they are putting,out,absurd results plus 16 in minnesota,minnesota was a toss-up state in the,last election and it,very nearly went to trump and now,they're trying to,claim that it's plus 16 for biden who is,a senile,old man who can barely spit out a single,sentence,who can barely complete one and he has,to use a teleprompter for,interviews we're not talking speeches,we're talking interviews,so if you are using a teleprompter for,an interview,it means that the questions are already,pre-selected,they have to be pre-selected for the uh,answers to be shown,on the teleprompter for him to read so,they are conditioning the public with,these absolutely absurd,polls uh plus 16 in minnesota,and uh plus six in wisconsin,and that is in case they go overboard,with the ballot rigging they,they they over um they make a,uh too broad of an assumption for a,trump win,and rig too many ballots and it's a,massive victory for biden because of,this,then they can point to the polls and say,well this is what it was showing,it was showing these that he had this uh,massive,ridiculous absurd lead,now let's talk about melon boating,especially as a real america,rural mail carrier who uh mail carriers,often use their own vehicle,they use what's called a pov which is a,personally,owned vehicle i think that's what it,stands for what the acronym is,so when you're riding around in your own,vehicle you have all the mail,in your own vehicle you're not sharing a,mail truck,and you're not if you have mail left,over,you have to uh you have to deal with,that mail,you can't just uh take it from your mail,truck,i think that's called an llv if i,remember correctly it's been almost two,years since i carried,carried mel but you you can't it's it's,a little bit more of a difficult process,for rural america mail carriers who use,their own vehicle,all they have to do is at the end of the,day they go in,they uh case whatever mail they have,and then they get back in their vehicle,of course they they uh we,we would uh fill out our time card all,that stuff we would uh,return uh a keys if we needed,keys to open uh uh mel cubicles,and then uh boop we'd split that's how,it worked,so if mel happened,to be left in the personal vehicle,there's no way anybody else would know,that mail carrier,can just go home,take a plastic bag if they wanted to and,feel whatever's in their vehicle,with that male and just toss it in the,trash that's how easy it would be,for a person who's using their own,vehicle,to uh throw away mouth so if you've got,an activist male carrier,which you will you're going to have male,carriers who believe that uh,literal hitler is uh running the country,and i don't think that they're gonna,have a problem,with committing a federal crime to stop,liberal hitler,that's their uh purpose in their well,that's what's in there that's what's in,their mind is oh my gosh,literal hitler he's gonna put people in,concentration camps he's so racist and,horrible,so it's a small step for um,for justice social justice for them to,just hide whatever ballots,people are uh putting in their mailbox,especially if you're,in rural areas which are much more,likely to vote trump,and you're using your own vehicle it is,ridiculously,easy for a mail carrier to uh,to hide the mail and throw it away,so this i'm sure is a part of,trump's concern about mel in balloting,i don't know all the particulars and all,the other ways that,um activists can try to rig the election,with melon ballots but i do know from,personal experience,that way that that is a very easy way,for an activist to affect,the um the voting results,all they have to do is when they're,pulling up to the mailboxes and pulling,out these ballots,from these people who live in the,countryside who have,huge trump flags and maggot gear,on the yard all they have t

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Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

hi my name is aubry plaza and i am here,with buzzfeed to read your thirst tweets,i'm just gonna say right now that i,think probably 90 of these are gonna be,people telling me they want me to run,them over with a car or like stomp on,their face or something let's do it,if aubrey plaza actually reads thirst,tweets i will be burying myself alive,um i'm doing it so i hope that you're,gonna bury yourself alive miss aubry,plaza are you free on thursday because i,am free on thursday so if you want to go,out on thursday when i am free that,would be great because i am free on,thursday and thursdays when i'm free i,i'm not free on thursday i'm free on,never day,i wish aubry plaza and matthew gray,goobler were my birth parents actually,no i wish i was in a throuple with them,i think you,need to decide if you want to be in a,throuple with your parents and that's,something that you should talk to your,therapist about and i don't know who,matthew gray gubler is i've never heard,of that person in my life aubry plaza,reading thirst tweets let's bring back,her drinking milk trowel her nose,because that was,h-o-t all capitals hot,exclamation point exclamation point,exclamation point first of all i was,snorting milk through my nose i wasn't,drinking it through my nose and i don't,have any milk right now so i'm not gonna,do that aubrey plaza if you are,listening please let me take you out on,a date i am a good company i swear i'm,not a sweaty person i will let you be,mean,oh that's enticing that's,really um,yeah perfect threesome question mark me,aubry plaza and a tub of peanut butter,that makes,me feel weird i'm sorry for being,thirsty on maine i'm just a huge simp,for aubry plaza what is simp why does,everyone say simp what is this i don't,understand simp is the grossest word,i've ever heard though i don't like,saying it or reading it like this tweet,if you would suck aubry plaza's big toe,and if you don't like this tweet let me,know so i can block you that i like that,is just nasty and,i'm into it,i'm watching anger goes west and i just,want to say that i would like both aubry,plaza and elizabeth olsen to curb stomp,me okay this is what i'm talking about i,knew that most of these tweets were,gonna be about stomping on your face or,crushing you with high heels or running,you over with a car aubry plaza is so,daddy she can fix all my daddy issues i,don't know that's just ironic i feel,like i have daddy issues and i feel like,i want my daddy to,fix my daddy issues but i'll be your,daddy i'd put myself on a spit roast for,aubry plaza,thank you so much chris and stewart and,aubrey plaza step on my face challenge,what is it about stepping on your face,people twitter why do you want me to,step on your face how did we get to this,point in,the world aubry plaza hot sex gorgeous,good acting hilarious funny amazing,person charitable busy with the two s's,bussy bussy amazing sexy pretty cute,emily the criminal that was a bot i,think that was a bot and that was not a,real person i would walk into traffic,for aubry plaza i would sacrifice my,firstborn for aubry plaza i would let,aubry plaza kill me if she wanted to,god i would do anything just to smell,her hair,aubry plaza is a goddess and no other,human woman will ever live up to her,standard again thank you so much the,feminine urge to get railed by aubry,plaza,get railed why do you guys want me to,rail you because i could,aubrey plaza could choke me to death and,i'd still be like,nice the violence in these tweets i have,nightmares about this people want me to,be mean to them i don't what did i do to,deserve this i'm a nice person i know,everyone has a crush on aubry plaza but,i would actually let her stab me again,with the stabbing and the stomping and,the chomping it's like a weird thing,where it's like i hear i hear this so,much that i don't i want to stab you i,want to stab you and i would i would let,jesus,sick you were all sick sick little,babies and you all need to be stabbed,and stomped on i would let aubry plaza,poke my eyeball out with a fork and step,on my throat with boots with nails on,them and if it pleased her well you know,what it does please me,petition for aubry plaza to plow me i,support your petition and i don't know,if i if we're gonna get there but if we,do you're welcome aubry plaza i am,simply just a hole for you,i,and i'm simply just a,i'm a person i'm a human being what do,you want me to do to your holes be more,specific what do you want me to do to,your holes twitter because i will anyway,i'm looking forward to more,people wanting me to stab them,and um throw them into oncoming traffic,i asked for this and,i deserve this check out my movie emily,the criminal it's coming out in theaters,you can sit in the theater and imagine,me stabbing your holes and railing you,with my goddamn talent,sick,the thing is that i want to be dominated,that's the thing that y'all are missing,is that i want to be slapped around and,choked and,stabbed but,whatever

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Emma Chamberlain CLAPS BACK because of THIS...

Emma Chamberlain CLAPS BACK because of THIS...

hey guys so little life update my mic,still not working I don't know if you,can tell the audio is absolute garbage,but it is so that's cool probably will,need to buy a new one because you know,having money also it's like 9:00 a.m.,10:00 maybe I'll wake up at 8:00 a.m.,today just like I've been doing for the,last week or so just trying to fix my,sleeping schedule so I can actually do a,proper nine-to-five because if I don't,do a nine-to-five I don't get any work,done because then I think I have way too,much time on my hands and I just don't,do anything so doing a nice five now,also I need to be held accountable if I,don't see now I will not be held,accountable so I will be posting videos,every other day yes you heard me right,one week will be three videos another,week will be four and three four three,four and so on and so forth because as,much as I like to convince myself that I,have nothing to make a video on I always,have something to make a video on,because you should constantly and that's,the tea for today that's what we have,gathered so yeah every other day I want,everyone to hold me accountable posting,every other day because the jutsu thing,is not forever and if I don't make the,most of it now I'm going to regret it in,five years time IRA's here as emotional,support my stomach is rumbling because I,still haven't had breakfast if you hear,that don't be concerned I am just fine,just slightly hungry so I wanted to,start off on the first story bits a,little bit of a hard-hitting one I'll,put it in liqueur on just in case so,it'll be the last story if you don't,want to hear something a little bit sad,and just kind of like an accusation of,sorts again then just don't listen to,that one that'll be the last story let's,just get into like more chill stories I,guess so Emma Chamberlain went to Whole,Foods as every early youtuber does I,respect it I respect Whole Foods I like,it a little bit overpriced but I like it,our Chamberlain went to Whole Foods as,you do and she then was secretly filmed,by a few tick tock stars that have like,at least a million followers on,Instagram and no other than Antonio Gaza,yes our Queen allegedly someone that you,know everyone likes so unproblematic so,so cool just filming ever chain been,walking around the store with the,soundtrack oh oh so stinky that one,paying and and telling you guys is like,like this whole thing of just like oh,she stinks,and it's like make the joke make a tweet,I don't care but when you follow someone,around when they're just doing their,like grocery shopping don't do that,that's just I need to stop looking bad,there there's where we look that's just,gross,that's one an invasion of someone's,privacy second of all that's just gross,like just don't do that um you know,youtubers tend to have this thing of,like oh I am sensitive,don't leave me heat comment and then,they'll follow someone around eating,Whole Foods saying they stink to,millions of their fans it's like why do,you think that Emma Jane Byrne somehow,just does not have feelings and you are,just not able to hurt her,she's also human being like she does not,want to go on tick-tock and see herself,walking around a Whole Foods to a,soundtrack calling her stinky and then,until you guys are basically said that,she wasn't aware of this situation and,that if she was she wouldn't have like,agreed so when she didn't know what the,soundtrack was for she came in realized,and it was there yeah because there was,like thousands of people in the whole,foods it's like great yeah because,there's just so many people in Whole,Foods I saw maybe like five people in,the background because no one goes to,Whole Foods because Whole Foods is,expensive so no you did not just like oh,I just didn't see Emma Chamberlain I,just didn't know he was Shady,I'm a dreamer no you did you absolutely,did and you thought you were gonna get,away with it because everyone jokes,about ever to you when it means thank,you but no one follows her around the,Whole Foods filming her it's just gross,don't do that why is that something that,you thought was acceptable in any way,shape or form and then I don't know I'm,gonna sneeze again it's that time of,year if I get no I swear and then,someone dm's I'm Tony Garza and she says,I'm not going to apologize because I,didn't know this was happening and I,didn't intend on you know it like,offending her because I didn't even know,this was the thing and when I found out,I told him to delete the tick-tock the,thing about offending people is it,doesn't matter if you intend to do it,the matter of fact is you did it any -,just hold yourself accountable and,apologize it's like if I say something,to someone that I don't think is,offensive but they find offensive matter,of fact is I'm gonna need to apologize,to them because it's not up to me to,decide whose song it not up to me to,decide what someone gets upset about,it's just people get upset over,different things and sometimes you'll,say something and it'll upset s

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what do you look for in a girl but uh i,need,very good hygiene main thing obviously,is good,do you have a date yet,yeah i know they always,hi guys welcome to my creators live talk,to boys with me,um basically there's a lot of guys,coming here and so i'm just gonna ask,them what are their opinions on girls,you know get their input because they,probably have a lot of followers and,they're probably your celebrity crush so,i'm just gonna ask them for you so then,you get their answer so yeah i'm just,gonna go around and ask all the boys,that create his life stay tuned,love you first boy that i'm with is,matthew,so yeah so we're gonna ask him um some,valentine's day questions,um we're in the creator's life then you,know,dinner early got landon over there the,kid is live ceo danny the creator is,live,it's kind of hot in this car this is hot,assistant,but anyways,um anyways matthew,i have some questions for you the first,boy that i'm asking,so the first question is what do you,look for in a girl,um i look for a girl who's very genuine,and isn't fake around me,and that has um like good like,manners which is i don't know like just,like a girl that's just like respectful,so okay well that's good that's good,what about valentine's day how many,girls in mind,should the creators live dance that you,want to ask um actually no,you don't have any girls in mind nope,because the one,i mean most of these girls are taking or,like i don't know,and like i got someone in mind at home,nah i was gonna get out of the valentine,i don't know what is your perfect,like valentine's day like your perfect,valentine's day that you would want um,that's,that's hard okay you know like those,like drive-ins kind of,that'd be the perfect date just like,both of us just in the car,yeah it's just us we're like yeah would,that be a good dude,that actually would be kind of cute i,would be down for your flowers like in,the car,yeah all right well guys that's matthew,for you let's see,the next guys okay so i have,um matthew again jr and julian,um so i'm gonna ask them some questions,for the video so these are like my first,group that i'm asking so you guys are,you guys are special all right let's see,the questions i already answered mine,okay so the first one is you guys can,like we can start with him and then like,go down,the first one is um what do you guys,look for in a girl,what do i look for in a girl first very,important for me,is okay,but uh i need very good hygiene i like,keeping them with myself and i'm very,big on hygiene so,first hygiene um but yeah,lips are a very big important thing to,me i don't know why it's just,lips yeah it's just something that,attracts me,um hygiene what about you jeremy,i think very important i like a girl,that has goals you know,i can't be with no bone i can't be with,no ball i'm sorry but i know that's,good i need like a girl that like has,the same work energy's move or we'd be,grinding together,yeah matt you already asked him today,yeah you already asked me before so,he just said not about that's fake so,not a good night's work,not a girl that has like a fake,personality like i want her to be real,and what was your answer it's not me,it's for guys oh,okay okay i'll answer mine at the end of,the video if you want to do it watch at,the end,um next one is do you guys have any,plans for valentine's day,um this year unfortunately,um i think i'm gonna be solo,no valentine i don't know yet we still,got a couple more days wait what's today,the 11th we got three more days so who,knows what could happen in three days,but as as of this moment,what about you jack same here probably,he's gonna go on zoom,find me again go on zoom get get a,little zoom call,he's gonna go on tinder he's gonna go on,tinder i don't know about that,my plan for this year was not to be solo,but now i'm solo because i'm stuck here,in the snow what happened to that one,i'm just not in texas,and you can still facetime her you can,send her,um okay so creators live is having a,valentine's day dance are you guys,attending,um,is there anyone you guys have in mind,that you guys are taking let them know,yeah i gotta see my opportunity oh my i,don't wanna say options,that sounds bad dude i i gotta scope out,some potential,yeah we gotta scope out the potential,maybe somebody might get lucky,or i might get lucky okay too lucky,what about you um i think i'm just gonna,be chilling,i just need me some food on valentine's,day i'll be good you know,okay but thanks for answering okay so,i'm whip do you say your name like valid,oh damn,have you heard that i swear my voice,keep cracking wait but is that how you,say my name valid,yeah okay so i'm gonna ask you questions,what do you look for in a girl,and a girl yeah oh damn,anything particular okay all right the,main thing,obviously is good hygiene nobody girl or,boy you're like the second boy to say,that actually which is like,i feel like that's a common thing,exactly because you cannot if you go,into a boy and he,you kno

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because I am kind of going through it,there's a lot of stuff really dark ugly,stuff happening behind the scenes since,the breakup and I've been devastated,honestly like and I don't want to say,that as I'm afraid of being degraded,online I'm afraid of people misconstrue,what I'm saying and going with it,somewhere else so I've been going,through it I really have and I haven't,told anyone that I have advantage or,said a word nights want has been in a,lot of drama recently from moving on,very fast from Qi free and then from,being accused of moving on with a Malibu,woman are very fast right after these,splits also from allegedly suing,Geoffrey start over a car and trying to,get a slice of some of his net worth,because I've been together for a long,period of time living under the same,roof so much has gone on and I've been,sent even more tea in screenshots as,well of literal evidence exposing where,he's at currently and what he's getting,up to so I got sent a message from an,anonymous account with no followers and,usually I'd be like hmm that's very,suspicious yet it's real but no they,sent me actual screenshotted receipts of,someone who was apparently breaking,about hooking up with Jeffrey's ex Nate,so this person that Nate is allegedly,seeing she's very beautiful and is,actually an Instagram model and she also,has her own a private Instagram account,probably for close friends and family,which is where we've got our receipts,from today it's very saucy saucy it's,very juicy so first of all let's read,the message that I was initially sent,the anonymous accountant said I know who,chief three-stars X is actually Lowell,and have the name you can look into for,yourself I'm from Grand Rapids,now Grand Rapids as we're nathan lips so,at first I was like Christian my,question my question my the account had,responded Lauren rowden now I won't see,this name because I might get to,monetize so we'll just call it Loudoun,Loudoun as her Fenster she's posted,about it on the air but that's a private,account so I said oMG do you have any,screenshots the account had replied you,can ask her and see if she sees anything,LMAO and here we can see screenshots,from her private account,wish she'd posted a photo on a bikini,stating so update on my life,really know if I should be posting about,this lmao but okay I'm literally talking,two to three stars X night and I even,spent the night at his house in Miami,like a wTF is life anyway here we bet to,LA for the week and he's probably going,to get back with his ex but it's fine,I'm thriving LMFAO so is Nate gonna get,back with Jeffery or is this another ex,we don't know we don't know I personally,think from this caption nature's gonna,get back with Jeffery what are your,thoughts now on the post one of her,friends had said proof or it didn't,happen someone else is probably her,friend had said I'm the proof it,happened lo lo lo lo Dan had said at my,roomies and autumns bf were like my,blonde when he came over LMFAO,okay get it girl fingers crossed he,marries you and if y'all ever hang out,again at call me and I'm there Lowell,then Loudon's friend had said had to be,discreet and sniff down what else he,would have left Loudoun had been replied,hahaha I will I will now I actually,private messaged or Lauren Roden on her,main Instagram account just to see if,this was real and I basically asked if,she was Nate she wants new girlfriend,and she had responded haha where did you,hear that from,so I said someone with an account with,no followers or Peck Tommy you guys were,together and sent screenshots but I,wanted to hear it from me first she,responded I'm not tasting him no haha,she didn't say she didn't say that she,wasn't seeing him and then when I asked,her if she'd seen her in person she just,applied it can I see screenshots so,therefore from the receipts we can,gather this chick has been hanging out,with Nate now on more news gabby team,are nintendo believes she caught the,cops,when she went travelling a while back,she had tweeted about her experience in,her symptoms stating this was me back an,early fear but after returning from,bahamas sicker than I've been in a while,plus I swore it was the flu waited for,this to go away and it never did so by,week three I got a flu test and it came,back negative,started with sore throats led to cough,and fevers hmm,this is de de vie but with the flu,seasonal flu guys don't freak out so,crazy where is this a fan had responded,what if he hit it,she'd replied it's odd I went to Disney,the way cats breed and came back fine I,wonder if I hit it in fear and hit the,antibodies I don't want to jinx us but,like how flu landed and JFK was in full,large parks all while it was spreading,this sickness at the risks of the tank,Bahamas cast about 12 days later a,producer PA and I started symptoms last,three days filming and I was my sickest,when I landed another fan had said is,everyone okay now Gaby responded at,thankfully yes can't wait to take the,antibody test when it come

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See Michael Moore Call 2022 Right - Before the "Red Wave" Evaporated I Melber-Moore Intv

See Michael Moore Call 2022 Right - Before the "Red Wave" Evaporated I Melber-Moore Intv

well Michael Moore is here as our,special guest tonight on all of this the,economic populace you may recall back,Bernie Sanders and Biden the last,election I'll get to you in a moment he,offers A View From the left,just as beat viewers heard A View From,the right just last night as,conservative activist Grover norquist,also rebutted any talk of benefit cuts,and when I showed some receipts that the,largest Republican group in the house,does back some of these changes well he,told us those people don't wield any,power in the party,the Republican study committee which is,the largest group of House Republicans,does now back raising the Medicare age,of Eligibility to 67 Social Security to,70. you're talking about a a group that,is a subset of the modern Republican,party you're sort of saying that's not,going to happen those are some prominent,Republicans saying it was then you have,this class nobody building any power,does it's not going to happen and it's,not something that's being discussed by,the leadership of the Republican Party,not gonna happen well we want to get all,views from all people with experience so,as promised to broaden the conversation,we're joined by Michael Moore the,oscar-winning filmmaker who's made some,groundbreaking projects tackling,American capitalism globalization the,Iraq War and the gun epidemic that we,still live with he's also host of Rumble,with Michael Moore the podcast and the,Michael Moore sub stack newsletter,welcome back sir,thank you for having me on Ari and uh,thank you for beginning with a little,bit of Comedy there with those clips you,know go ahead and give your response,well I was I,oh Kevin all these people say oh no no,we're not going to do anything so saith,the people that uh won't acknowledge the,legitimacy of the 2020 election,I mean they they have,back in the day you would just say well,you know they're not telling the truth,or they're pulling your leg,maybe you'd say the word lie but but,they have lived uh during these last two,years uh uh uh propagating a big lie,about our democracy about the election,of 2020 that Joe Biden isn't really,president so automatically anything they,say like this oh no we're not going to,touch Social Security whatever obviously,if you're if you have half a brain,you're not going to be trusting,anything that that they're saying so,that's my first reaction to that but but,the the if I can express just a moment,of Joy here uh sure I'm not worried that,this is going to happen because they're,not going to be in charge,they're not going to win next Tuesday,and I know I I it seems like I have a uh,take a minority position on this because,the media is full of a lot of how the,Republicans are surging and the,Republicans are doing so well and uh and,and so and so this race we're going to,lose and and and you know how Liberals,are you know we get all,you know proclaimed yeah for this oh no,oh no we're we're gonna lose and it's,like no actually we're not going to lose,there's more of us than there are of,them,and um to believe that we're going to,lose on Tuesday and that they're going,to take over you have to accept certain,assumptions for instance you have to,believe what the pollsters and people,have been telling us that uh since the,road decision women were very upset,back in June when the decision came down,but now you know they've kind of,collected themselves,and they're not so upset because they're,thinking more about the price of a,gallon of gas or the can of Campbell,Soup is up 27 cents,and and you know you know how women are,you know they're just uh uh once they,once they hear that the soup has gone up,27 cents a can or the gas what's gas,this week now it's uh about 20 to 20,cents over last year at this sign per,gallon uh right away women are like you,know I don't need these what I don't,need these Reproductive Rights you know,I I want less with the gas pump I mean,it's so condescending and so,I just wonder when I as I watch uh the,news and listen to the pundits and the,pollsters,do they know any women,is there someone at home that's a woman,have they talked to anybody really since,June do does do people watching this,right now people I when I say people I,mean I'm talking about men,if you're watching this right now do you,really think that women are just over it,going on,yeah Michael your your theory of the,case and I I mentioned some of your work,because the gun epidemic something you,were leading on in a fundamental way,before it had become as big a concern at,least on the left Center left,um your work on the way capitalism uh,uses and abuses people,um I think early on groundbreaking and,then you warned about Trump when some in,the Democratic party were writing him,off in 1516. so are you here tonight,making your your bones on this uh race,that you think it will be a women's,revolt and that will hold the Dems is,that is that your view of Tuesday,well I think it already is I think that,women are are fed up uh I mean you know,they alre

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DEBUNKING the WORST POLL of the 2020 Election

DEBUNKING the WORST POLL of the 2020 Election

hello everybody and welcome back to a,brand new video today i will be,debunking one of the worst polls that,i've ever seen,in the history of polling uh so make,sure you like this video down below and,subscribe to the channel before we get,started,but first i'd like to tell you guys,about my friends,over at noble gold so with the election,less than a month away it's time to take,a step back,the political uncertainty could be,devastating for your retirement fund if,it's not handled properly,and i think you'd agree whatever the,outcome of the election may be,that things are going to be rough for a,while if you're worried about your,finances taking a hit,you should look at protecting your,savings especially your hard-earned,retirement fund,a gold ira uses the value of precious,metals to keep you out of trouble,and the team at noble gold knows how to,do this and they've done it for,thousands of people before you,don't let a sudden stock market or,banking crisis wipe out your finances,and if you need an extra reason to jump,on this noble gold is gifting a 10th,ounce solid gold american eagle proof,coin with every qualifying ira,or 401k rollover going through in,october,grab the phone and give noble gold a,call now there isn't much time left,the number is 877 646,535 or submit a request from the link in,the description,and now we have to analyze this poll,done by nate cohn which i like to call,nate cope because all he does on twitter,is,cope he twists the facts about things he,pushes his own narrative,about the election while trying to seem,unbiased and that's,just not the real case in reality he's,saying that new polls,show biden is gaining in the northern,battlegrounds among white voters,while nate plastic out of 527 has been,praising this he actually,raided the poll a plus these polls were,not really all that accurate in 2018,especially at the state level and they,also had several misses at the house,level for example,they had jason lewis in minnesota losing,his house race by like 12 to 13 points,he ended up losing by around five or so,so we can already see that the poll,isn't that historically accurate but big,media is going to be pushing it anyways,because it's a big media poll,and big media likes to set the narrative,so there's new polls out of michigan new,polls out of wisconsin,biden is up by 10 in wisconsin and,eight in michigan in the new york times,upshot poll,and it's important that we analyze the,map here because,this is their map this is who they,polled,now you can notice that there is a lot,of empty area,a lot of that is in the rural areas but,at the same time a lot of the rural,areas that got pulled you see a lot of,blue,and you can already tell that something,is up here because there's a lot of blue,where the blue necessarily shouldn't be,there's not a whole lot of red,and a lot of these republican voters,they're harder to reach they're harder,to pull again when you look at education,even when you do weigh by education it's,still hard to fully,reach a whole lot of the voters and a,lot of pollsters continue to do this,where they weigh by education very,poorly,and it is a big problem in the midwest,for example,we can look at these polls wisconsin,biden plus 10.,do we really see a 10-point swing,against donald trump in the state of,wisconsin even a lot of the other polls,have it,at a roughly five to six they have it at,ten,michigan biden plus eight ohio biden,plus one that's a joke,all the metrics we have out of ohio show,that trump is probably going to win the,state by over five points i could,probably make that bet right now,and these polls were abysmal in 2018 in,ohio as well,as well as iowa where they have biden up,by three mike dewine did not lead a,single pole,out of the state of ohio and he ended up,winning by four percent,kim reynolds won by four percent in iowa,she trailed the fred hubbell in the,final average fred hubbell which was a,lot more of a moderate candidate by the,way,by one percent she ended up winning by,roughly four percent,so already you can see a lot of flaws in,the 2018 polling they like to pretend,that they fixed the polling in 2018,they didn't fix it at all there was,still a big skew to the left in a lot of,these midwestern states,maybe occasionally like for the,wisconsin senate race they hit a nail on,the head,and the methodology of this poll is,abysmal you look at minnesota for,example,northern minnesota especially if you,look at,northwest minnesota where there is a lot,of blue where there really shouldn't be,a whole lot of blue there,if you look at wisconsin look at the,wisconsin suburbs,look at how many blue dots are in places,like waukesha where the ballot returns,are coming in heavily for republicans so,far according to many metrics that we've,seen,it's a total joke this pollster is a,total joke the fact that northern,wisconsin which is a republican,stronghold,went heavily for scott walker in 2018 is,roughly,50 50. is a total joke it shows you how,poor their methodolo

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60-80's Hollywood Actresses and Their Shocking Look In 2021

60-80's Hollywood Actresses and Their Shocking Look In 2021

hello friends today you'll see 30 famous,hollywood actresses who have changed so,hard,i will show you how they look then in,60s 80s,and what's with them now in 2021,don't forget to like and subscribe to,the channel let's go,meg foster known for her star blue eyes,and husky yet smooth voice foster has,played a lot of roles,that are either as deceitful villains or,traitorous double agents known for her,role in films like,ticket to heaven and tv series like the,scarlet letter,kelly mcgillis widely known for her film,roles such as,rachel lapp in witness 1985 for which,she received golden globe and battle,nominations,charlie in top gun 1986 made in heaven,1987 and as kathryn murphy,in the accused,kirkland was nominated for the academy,award for best actress for her,performance in,anna she won the golden globe for best,performance by an actress in a motion,picture,grammar for her role and received the,words from the los angeles film critics,association,cathy coleman best known for playing,holly marshall,in the iconic 70s tv series land of the,lost,not much is known about her career it is,known she started out as a singer,at 10 years old in the might curve,congregation,which produced the theme song burning,bridges, spicy has been active in hollywood,for the better part of,four decades known for her portrayal of,strong female roles she has been,nominated for the oscar,six times she was the leading lady in,the 70s and 80s,and did some of the greatest roles of,the time,kathy silvers is best known for her role,as boy crazy teenager,johnny piccola in later seasons of the,tv sitcom,happy days she was a member of the cast,of the,1985-86 sitcom holy square,she also provided the voice of married,daughter,the anna melder's television roles,include russell rosalind chase on,la lo and dr catherine pulaski,in the next season of star trek the next,generation,the annals appeared in two episodes of,star trek,the original series in the late 1960s,raydon chung is best known for her roles,in the film's,quest for fire 1981 beat street,1984 and commander 1985.,her most active period in films was,during the late 1980s,and throughout the 1990s,sally struthers is well known for,playing the role of gloria stivic in,abc's sitcom,all in the family for which she earned,two emmy awards,she began her career in the early 1970s,and moved quickly into stardom she went,on to garner success,also on stage,ali mcgraw gained attention with her,role in the film goodbye columbus,for which she won the golden globe award,for most promising newcomer,she gained an international profile for,her role in the film,love story for which she was nominated,for an academy award,squeaky voiced comedian victoria jackson,is perhaps best known for being a cast,member on the nbc television sketch,comedy series,saturday night live from 1986,to 1992 which also makes sporadic film,appearances,among the beers actress is best known,for her portrayal of,marcy rose darcy the manic feminist,careerist neighbor,of the long-running series married with,children,1987 1997 mandeviers is also a prominent,a very busy director on television,terry garr frequently appeared in,comedic role throughout her career,which spans four decades and includes,over 140 credits in,film and television she is best known,for her role in the,1982 american comedy tutsi,for which she was nominated for an oscar,john bernard is best known for her role,as walin evan,on the prime time soap opera not,slanding in 1971,he received a theater world award and,was nominated for the tony award for,best featured actress,in the play for the revival of the,school for wives,faye dunaway is the recipient of many,accolades,including an academy award culture,performance in network,an emmy award prime time greek golden,globe awards,and above their work the government of,france,made her an officer of the order of arts,and letters,lauren tues is best known for her,audiences,as julie mackay from the abc drama,series,the love ball the popular hollywood,culture of drugs,caught up with jews she lost all through,her addiction,after a slew of unfortunate she,rediscovered herself as an actress,the day george is an actress whose,career spent three decades from the,1960s,to the 1980s the actress began her,career as a guest actress on tv shows,in the 60s she also starred as liza,casey,in the renowned tv series known as,mission impossible,tina lewis is known for her portrayal of,ginger grunt,in the 1960s television series,gilligan's island,she began her career on stage during,before landing her breakthrough role,in 1958 film godzilla laker,linda evans is known primarily for her,roles on television,in the 1960s she played audrey barkley,in the western television series the big,wally 1965-1969,she is best known for portraying crystal,carrington in the,1980s abc saw her dynasty,betty white became famous for her role,in game shows and was dubbed,the first lady of game shows her career,as a singer actress host and producer,spent across,80 years m

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