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I Had Strangers Paint Me Nakedthis is like the worst idea i've ever,had you look hella nervous i don

Kelly Wakasa

Updated on Jan 25,2023

I Had Strangers Paint Me Naked

this is like the worst idea i've ever,had you look hella nervous i don't want,to do this this is so honorable,i know,today i'm modeling nude for the first,time yeah the majority of my life i've,had some type of insecurity connected to,my physical appearance i'm definitely my,biggest critic but i can see endless,flaws in myself which i know is terrible,but sometimes i just find myself doing,back in the day i was fat and that,really started it all i think up into,that point i didn't really care at all,but then that's when some insecurities,started popping in and even after i lost,the fat and i was skinny i still had,that insecurity inside me i would still,wear a shirt at a pool party this kind,of it's kind of sad even today my right,eye sags a little bit more than my left,my right and left ears attached,differently to my head sometimes i ask,myself is my penis too small is it too,big okay i don't really think i've ever,asked is it too big you get the point so,the other day i saw a sculpture of a,naked man and it reminded me of video i,saw a while back of a girl nude modeling,for the first time i remember vividly,watching that video and being super,uncomfortable and like damn that's,i don't want to do that but i live by,the motto do it excites and i knew i had,to do it and i don't want to live in,fear ever i want to be confident for me,i'm not trying to be butt ass naked in,front of random people drawing me in a,classroom sounds terrible but i want to,be as confident as i possibly can be i,want to walk around naked and not care,what other people think i want to be,free so in this week's video i'm going,to be nude modeling god damn do it,excites,we're here at my sister's college she,just moved into college like her first,week of school she's really lonely we're,dropping off some goodies for her to,make her feel better maybe my sister,wants to come dude modeling with me,probably not but,worth a shot,hey carrie,what the,dropping off some stuff oh my gosh,oh my god what the heck how you doing oh,my god hi good to see you,so we're on our way to la right i'm,going nude modeling you can come with me,just one more time okay for the video,what's up buddy what's up three blind,noise,make it for my glasses,can we just stop throwing the cards for,one second i'm doing nude modeling for,the first time for our art class,much less,you guys want to join,oh,okay,you guys want to sign up time to draw,you,oh come on i like painting,oh,that was a clean cut i hope it's really,cold there,dude honestly,i love your videos,all right so we're here at violet myers,house she's a porn star she's going to,help me figure out you know how to be,comfortable being naked and who better,to go to than pornstar i've been so,caught up in your eyes you running,through my mind i've never been naked in,front of other people i wanted to come,to you for advice okay i feel like the,first step is always posting news on,social media,hold up hold up okay wait pause,i want to do this so i'm just even more,open i feel like after i model news,there's gonna be no hesitation for me to,just like take my pants off in front of,random you know maybe not i don't want,to go to the park and just like what's,that little kids,if anything just don't stink,just don't stink all right you'll be,surprised what if you're like like this,and you're like,i'm not entirely confident about like my,penis size i don't know if how many guys,are really that confident you know big,dick guys are actually insecure about,their dick oh interesting and i was like,are you serious your dick is,huge like you're like at least 10 inches,and you're telling me you're gonna cure,i feel like i don't have the confidence,to do a class what are you kidding me,yeah you're joking no i swear to god you,don't have the confidence to do a class,but i'm naked,i mean if they want to see my butthole,like that's not no you can't get more no,you're good you need your business,strategy i'm just giving out for free,already well i think i'm ready so at,this point i felt a little bit better,mentally about the art class but i,haven't really practiced the physical,side of things so i decided to meet up,with a guy to do some body painting yo,yo sorry i'm late no worries bro i live,here,this is marco a fellow youtuber and,artist and is going to be painting me,practically naked,oh good thing i'm wearing underwear i'm,gonna say my ass is so hairy like that,would not be good yeah i'm not painting,your eyes i'm gonna just get started,yeah i guess i just have to get naked,yeah,damn it,let's start with your pants oh whoa man,you gotta take me out first,what dude what are you doing what,well that's some upper inner thigh there,you go i've known marking for like 30,minutes max oh my god,look at this shake,hey,hey,i got you,i don't know what it is but it's like,making my legs itch it sounds faint,hey you're having a little bit too much,fun,the legs were chill but then he was,going in on my booty hole,no,i love that you're on your kn

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I Just Had A Naked Full-Body Massage I Magnitude Wellness Massage and Spa

I Just Had A Naked Full-Body Massage I Magnitude Wellness Massage and Spa

hi guys so I I got a massage naked,hello makahagot join us as we experience,a different level of massage only in the,Philippines,plus best friend Victor has his own,stories to share,and so much more,are you ready,Mark Alvey TV,welcome to the world of wellness and,lifestyle,what's up guys you watching,ladies and gentlemen the king,finally we're here after a long ride hi,guys,welcome back to my vlog,and we are here at Wellness massage,on the hurricane,foreign,so again guys it's time for another uh,relaxation,Let's uh where are things inside,they have Locker,so later guys I have a lot of exciting,things to show you,so the hurricane massage,a combination massage and perhaps twin,massage and so much more you might even,see my friends so watch out,let's go,but of course we can't start our session,without the cleansing blessing of foot,wash,hi guys so we're back here at magnitude,therapists here,hey guys,therapist for today's video see you,later,all right time to go to the massage area,the clean bed is ready,I'm ready but wait once there Earl,advised me that in this session I should,completely undress and that there will,be no towels or sheets to use I was like,what,according to Earl,magnitude's hurricane massage requires a,client to be completely undressed,so that they can accurately work on,points of your body that will be barred,by clothing especially when they use the,oil,one example will be buttocks where your,glute muscles are located,glutes are sometimes taken for granted,and a massage can reduce muscle,tightness and decrease pain,during the session Earl made me feel,comfortable,they are professional therapists that,practice the way of the body and the,skin in and out,the growing area is another part of the,body that doesn't normally get the,proper massage treatment,growing muscle pain can occur during,heavy workouts or other strenuous,physical activities,giving it a proper massage treatment,helps release muscle tension,and help stimulate blood circulation,foreign,here's the thing if you are not really,much comfortable being completely naked,there's an option for you to request for,a towel at least to give you more,privacy,I must say that Earl is a well-skilled,talented and most of all well-mannered,masseur,whenever I go to Spas I want to make,sure that I'm comfortable with the,people especially the one who's gonna,take care of me,you're amazing man thank you,hi guys,so uh,I got a massage naked what wow like I,think it's the first time I did this you,would really feel it's a holistic,experience like coolest thing like your,entire body is being massaged,which I never really felt before I just,tried right now,very cool well I had my massage session,my best friend Victor also had his,I wonder how he's doing,oh and by the way I almost forgot to,tell you guys that yeah I did had a twin,massage session too,and it was the same relaxing experience,I had in my previous visit,it is also called the magnitude massage,for its overall massage experience that,lives up to the Spa's name definitely a,must try for all you massage lovers out,there,foreign,foreign,foreign,ER therapists so he's actually very good,you guys should look for him as well,he's awesome,now that we're done with our session,let's check on Victor,he should be having his Turkish bath by,now,and yep there he is all drenched in soap,and Bubbles,meet therapist Philip he's Victor's,Messer for today,they soaked the sponge with soap and,warm water to absorb it then afterwards,they pour it onto Victor and then,massage him,oh,foreign,some of the benefits of Turkish path,include skin brightening and deep muscle,relaxation,guys you should try this your,evil spirit get your freaking name,Victor definitely enjoyed his session,I'm so glad you came along,we all did had the relaxing experience,and it's all thanks to magnitude,Wellness massage and spa we're nearing,the end of the video and I just want to,take this opportunity to thank you all,for always supporting my channel,thank you all,till next video,see ya,if you like this video and want more,content please don't forget to support,our Channel and hit subscribe,thanks for watching

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The NAKED Truth About 'The Twitter Files'

The NAKED Truth About 'The Twitter Files'

Fox News Alert Elon Musk exposes Twitter,files showing the censorship of Hunter,Biden's laptop and the tech Giant's,political bias so when you see what was,revealed last night what's your biggest,takeaway this makes uh Watergate seem,like jaywalking,um and uh and I don't think that's,hyperbole I think it is hyperbole,Watergate had Smoking Gun evidence not,even Fox News thinks this has Smoking,Gun evidence don't take my word for it,listen to bully in an 80s movie will,Kane interviewing the hunter laptop,repair man dressed here as the sax,player from The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones,there isn't necessarily A Smoking Gun,yet when it comes to your case Hunter,bite in other words we don't have the,the government official saying Spike,that to be fair I'm only making fun of,his fashion choices not his lazy eye,called strabismus all right let's back,up what are the Twitter files Elon Musk,gave journalist Matt Ty ebi a whole,Trove of documents revealing who at,Twitter helped to spike the giant Hunter,Biden laptop nothing Burger deluxe from,a few years ago a couple days ago taibi,tweeted his conclusions on Daddy elon's,site which is weird right Wingers are,choking themselves while they're,stroking themselves over this but I'm,going to tell you exactly what's really,going on this is all PR by Elon Musk now,wanting good PR is not an evil thing but,people on the right wing are freaking,out when you point out stuff that is,super duper Elementary and obvious Tim,Poole retweeted this leftists are Bots,or scripts with pre-prepared talking,points like PR and richest man see for,yourself this is how the regime Works,blah blah blah you know the rest dude,Elon Musk was having some horrible press,because he made some horrible decisions,he lost 100 billion dollars he paid up,to four times more for Twitter than it,was worth he then got rid of the blue,check which was the only reliably,accurate thing on the whole website then,banned comedians who pointed out how,ridiculous that decision was this right,after saying that comedy was legal again,on Twitter hate speech was the only,thing that was on the rise and the most,mad lib-esque element of all of it he,reactivated Kanye West who immediately,said I love Nazis I love Nazis and then,Elon booted him again so of course Elon,wanted to change the conversation that's,why he gave the story to Matt taibi who,used to be good at rolling stone and,that was fine but like he's on sub stack,so he like needs the gig like I need the,gig bro pick me Elon I'm your people If,you deny that's what happened you deny,reality all right next Point Twitter was,like yo I don't know about this Hunter,Biden story but you know what so was Fox,News I mean let's just say not,sugar-coated the whole thing is sketchy,you couldn't write this script you know,19 days from an election Fox News,reportedly turned down the story before,it went to the New York Post next point,right Wingers and musk's trillion,neckbeard chud balls are freaking out,saying that this violates the First,Amendment rights of people musk even,tweeted if there's a isn't a violation,of the Constitution's First Amendment,what is this is how he sounds what is,but the First Amendment only covers,government censorship Twitter is a,private company Biden was a private,citizen it's Shady but it ain't a First,Amendment thing and obviously someone,told him that because he walked it back,real quick tweeting put her acting by,itself to suppress free speech is not a,First Amendment violation but acting,under orders from the government to,suppress free speech with no judicial,review is but even this limp noodle,version was destroyed by Who Matt taibi,who tie-weeted there is no evidence that,I've seen of any government involvement,in the laptop story oh God that sucks,because the time you was supposed to be,your guy he was your man's yeah I hit,you with your own pimp but while we're,on the subject you know who was in,office and did pressure Twitter like,every single day Donald Trump the,president of the United States but,nobody on that side is going to say,about that you know what else I need to,stop saying saying anything about stop,saying Elon Musk is bringing Free Speech,back to Twitter it's just not true not,even Elon Musk is a free speech,absolutist he just kicked Kanye West off,the website because of words before that,he banned people for saying they were,him he has policies just like Twitter,did those policies are politically and,financially motivated just like he,alleges Twitter's work so please spare,all of us your fake principalism so it's,not a First Amendment issue and it's not,a free speech issue so what do they want,that must mean that they really want to,know what's on Hunter Biden's laptop,which brings me to my next Point Fox,News and Elon Musk and every right,winger you know really wants you to see,Hunter Biden's penis because at the end,of the day that's all that's really on,the laptop is his lap tip Hunter Biden,is believed to have filmed himself wit

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Jeff Plays Pool Naked | Community

Jeff Plays Pool Naked | Community

yeah see you haven't learned anything,except how to look cool,playing pool and shorts you're wrong man,i'm just having a good time because i,love playing pool,liar you think you look cool,yeah well how cool,is this,stop projecting your obsession with,clothes onto me as an excuse,for when i beat you in a game of real,pool oh you want to play real pool huh,i'll play real pool now who doesn't care,how they look me shouldn't you be,stopping,soon soon just gathering evidence,oh,you know what jeff one of us is about to,win this game,but years from now when the story's,retold,all they're gonna remember,is one of us loved clothes and the other,loved the game,oh,look at me you beat me from now,on you play pool dress however you,choose,i choose shorts i choose shorts,shorts son of a ,you magnificent son of a ,okay you're sweating all right,somebody,i should stay

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Teacher Tweets: 'I'm Naked, Wet, & Stoned' (Pictures)

Teacher Tweets: 'I'm Naked, Wet, & Stoned' (Pictures)

المعلم القديم 23 سنة في ولاية كولورادو من قبل اسم ماكيني كراولي الذي,هو يجري,علقت بسبب حقيقة أنها كانت على تويتر,التداول حول كيفية أنها كانت تجعل من,والحجارة,فقت عدم اليقين في المقام الأول وسيلة لمدة ثلاث سنوات من العمر,مدرس رياضيات أي نوع من يدهشني الآن كنت تبيع خارج,قد تكون لهجات هي التي تحرك إذا كنت جدا,لطيفة أود أن أعرف ما كان ذلك الشاب غير قادر على دفع دوافع فإنه من الممكن,ولكن هناك قضايا لها مدرس الرياضيات لهذا والمدرسة,وأم ...,برا المدرسة الثانوية في ولاية كولورادو أورورا أن تكون محددة على أي حال ويعامل أنها,هذه الصور هي التدخين وعاء هناك,وقالت انها وعاء التدخين يزعم أرض المدرسة الأخرى بلدي مصادر,هناك زوجين من الصور لا صفقة كبيرة لها خمسة لتباطؤ من قبل شرطة لوس انجليس و,انها معلقة رأسا على عقب لويس,ثم نراه مع فصيل واحد بروك,تعلمون بخير,ننظر الآن في نهاية الخزان الآباء,اه ...,مناقشة اجتمع مع نظيره يزال الإيدز من بلد حر,وقالت انها تريد شنق رأسا على عقب في معارض باتينسون لها القيام به بشكل جيد من خلال الطريقة,وبالمناسبة كان ذلك في كلية كولورادو ولكن من المحتمل القانونية,في هذه اللحظة وآمل أن يبقى على هذا النحو حتى موافق يمكنك الدخان وعاء على,مدرسة أساس روسادو ينتهي على الأرجح أن الزجاج الأمامي كان هناك برنامج و,كسب,ويشهد الحرارة دون معرفة الحقيقة بعد أن الحد سليمة,كما أن علاجها من مشاهدة وتشغيل بواسطة إبطاء في موقف للسيارات,انه مضحك لأنني لديها ونحن في سيارتي,في الجنوب حزب سطر,نعم هذا هو مضحك إلا أنت وقعت العام,نعم أنها قدمت العام أن هناك أشجار أخرى على سبيل المثال ما يعني أنني الثالث,المشار إليها في وقت سابق هذا,اه ... كان عاريا المشحذ التي كانت واحدة من تويت لها باب واحد آخر السهل,يوم به لنشمر عن بعد المدرسة,آل 4 تشمير بعد المدرسة الحق في عدم شخصيا لا تضرب في ذلك الوقت,ربما يجب عليك أن تجعل لنا العامة السبب في ذلك هذه القصة الطريق,الناس يريدون حقا أن قاعدة ما سيأتي,ذلك هو السبب في أن قصة كسر لأنك تعرف لحسن الحظ لدينا,الأخبار المحلية الأخبار في الليل في ولاية كولورادو,وجدت هذا الحساب تويتر وظنوا أن تعرف ما هو هذا ربما,في الواقع رحلة في شوارع حقيقية في الحصول على السماح قريبا يحدث لدينا ثقة و,الآن يمكنك الحصول على شعور أو ذكاء هذه المرأة حقا,هيكاري اه ... عندما أتصل الحادي والعشرين مدرس رياضيات لمدة ثلاث سنوات من العمر نقد,80 اعتقدت أنها ربما كانت ضحية لفرانك القاسية,كنت الاشياء التي يتألف منها عن ماكيني الماريجوانا أجاب انني لم افعل,بحيث يتم لكم في السيطرة على هذا الحساب تويتر أو أنت لا mckinny في,كان الرد الأول ولكن أعتقد أنني لست,على الرغم من أن آخر مشاركة العامة على موقع ينتصر كارلي الأخبار المحلية,محطة فقط ودعا لي من التغيير والتبديل,هذا كل ذهب,هذا ما لن تفعل ذلك لماذا وراءه الليلة على الهواء الذي سيكون بسهولة,تحويل السير,والتي يمكن أن تتجاوز مجرد كلام على أندريا الخاصة,الله ثم,وهذا وحده مبرر وأنا لا أريدها أن هاتفها الجديد الممارسات التقى نيويورك,ملفوف,في الجزء السفلي من,مجلة بالملصقات ونحن شريك على الملقم,لكن,شكرا البريدية ما كان جزءا لا شك القانونية,اه ... ولكن عليك أن تويتر موافق القانونية والمساعدة النقدية القانونية يمكنني الحصول مارتن JR ميسي,خداع هو أنت تعرف أنني معدلها,لديك بعض المهارات في بعض درجة ربما انها سوف الجمباز,الركاب ووضع المعلم الصالة الرياضية,مرونة الفهارس حواف التمادي,هنا,ب,أنت تعرف ماذا الاسبوع اه ... واحد من هذه,لاعب إلى أمريكا,حسنا ... اه و وحول ما سيكون هنا,كذلك اه ... اه ... هذا,ومن ثم يحصل طردت التي أعتقد أنها تافهة للغاية أنا لا أعتقد,وينبغي الحصول على تعليقها على أساس وحدها الصور,أعتقد أنه يجب الحصول على تعليق لها أنها تحت وتجاهل اه ... و,إكمال فقط,مثل عدم وجود المخابرات ولكن,ماستركارد فورد العامة البديهية الحس السليم فارغة تماما حتى,اسمحوا البديل وأو إطلاق لها ربما لينة بعض الشيء كونه يوم عظيم و,قال,ذلك لأن تعرف شيئا مرة أخرى يجب أن تكون قريبة بشكل معقول لك كنت تعرف واحدة,المجموعة ان الاطفال في المدرسة يقول,في كتي كما تقول يا كنت سجنه لك المعونة في العطاء الأصلي على وجود,هذه الحلقة مثل هذه تسير جميع لضبط الكرة ولكن من الواضح البلورية,ولكن سوف الثاني,كيف السبت التسليم ويليامز عنوان الارقام التي هي,والحالة فقط,انحنى الشيء الذي يجعلني نحو اطلاق لها وهناك من يجب أن يكون دليلا على,هذا,اه ... هناك إشارة إلى أن كانت تبحث على أرض المدرسة هو أنها,حقا لم تفعل حتى الآن وينبغي فصلها لا يمكنك التضخم في العمل و,صخرة,يمكنك أن شرب في العمل إلا إذا كانت كيتي ضارب إلى البياض,لذلك اه ... حتى تعرف أن مثل في حرم المدرسة يمكنك أن تفعل ذلك إذا كان الأمر كذلك أنها,يقبض عليه القيام بذلك، وهناك دليل على ذلك ونعم انها يجب ان تحصل,أطلقت,نحوها,انها غير جذابة بك متوهج غير جذابة الإناث كارولين تو أنهم,تميل إلى أن تكون مثل,قبالة مع رؤوسهم,الفيلم أخذ مني أي شيء عن المخاوف المتجددة في بعض الأحيان على الإطلاق أي,المستوى العسكري من جاذبية ما هي القصة التجارة وليس له علاقة,مع بلدي,الحكم مع اللعبة حتى

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The Naked Man From Japan Performs TRADITIONAL Naked Act! | America's Got Talent 2018

The Naked Man From Japan Performs TRADITIONAL Naked Act! | America's Got Talent 2018

well who are you please his name is Wes,P okay and what's your name my name is,sherry sherry are you just an,interpreter or you are you in the act,I'm just saying to Peter Oh okay where,you from guys oh we are from Japan and,what have you flown him to do this show,he came here yesterday wow your act,today tell me about what it is so he's,going to show you that traditional,Japanese tablecloths performance oh cool,this is something which is very well,known in Japan this is very highly,regarded performance in Japan,why did Wes B decide to audition this,year on America's Got Talent,because this is the most famous TV show,you're supposed to ask him and then he,goes back to you and then you come back,to me he said what I said was right,I will festive life,yes we're ready,as traditional,is there any need for that,I kind of want to see where this is,going to go can you interpret this to me,please what the bloody hell was that,apparently my co judges are not familiar,with the Japanese traditions right let's,end this Howie I think we know where,this is gonna go yes,oh no oh yes Thank You Mel it's an,absolute no from me no we don't want to,see it again but thank you see you later,guys,it's a long flight to be disappointed,you guys should be ashamed of yourself,you

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Bubble Gang: Kim Domingo sa Touch Therapy (with English subtitles)

Bubble Gang: Kim Domingo sa Touch Therapy (with English subtitles)

Three times. Okay?,Here's your prescription.,You drink your medicine,,or else I'll have to inject them.,Doc, it'll hurt.,Eh you know I'll be gentle, as always. Trust me!,You said it, Doc.,Of course!,Thank you, Doc!,Okay. Sure, sure.,Make sure, I'll see you next week?,Yes.,Okay.,Doc, here's your next patient.,Okay, sure. Thank you.,- Okay, sure. Thank you. - Thank you.,Okay. Sit down.,What's the problem?,Uh, Doc, my tonsils hurt.,I have a slight fever and cough.,Really?,Can I check?,You are a bit hot.,Actually, I feel it all over me.,Huh?,No, I mean I feel you are hot.,Your body temperature is high.,Can I see your mouth? Can you open it?,Open it please.,Say 'ah'.,Wider.,Oh no.,It looks infected.,Take your jacket off.,Why?,You said, uh, you have a cough?,Uh, I can check it better with my stethoscope.,Go ahead.,Can't you check it with my jacket on?,No. I'll hear it better without the jacket. Go ahead.,I have to see it.,But I'm shy!,Don't be. I'm a doctor. This is normal.,Please remove your jacket.,(whispering) Okay, fine.,It's swelling!,What is it, Doc?,Your tonsils! It's swelling!,There. I have to check your breathing, okay?,We need to do it. Is it okay?,Okay.,Inhale,,exhale.,Inhale,,exhale.,Wait. This looks broken.,No, no. It's fine.,It's working.,Okay.,Inhale,,exhale.,Inhale,,exhale.,Inhale,,exhale.,Inhale!,Exhale!,Doc, are you alright?,I think you're exhaling too much.,Oh no. Doc? Doc?,Oh no! Doc? Nurse! Help!,- Oh my! - Doc, what happened?,Help! Help! The doctor is ill!,Oh no! Doc? Doc?,I need to breathe. I need to breathe.,Inhale! Inhale!,- Exhale. - Exhale.,Inhale!,Exhale! You can do it, doc!,What happened here?,Life... is... good.

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Cam Girl Orders Pizza Naked

Cam Girl Orders Pizza Naked

yo what up guys check it out it's been a,while since we've done one of our girl,orders pizza naked pranks so we're,thinking what if we have a cam girl,order pizza naked jk has only done 200,deliveries this is gonna be his last one,wondering if you accept,titties for tips shout out to our,sponsor seriously guys if,you haven't heard of them you guys are,probably liars because if you've been to,the hub you've definitely seen them it's,basically like twitch except the girls,are actually naked it's pretty much one,of the best websites in the world i'm,might even lie besides who really likes,to jerk off alone marshall do you like,drinking off alone no i don't jerk off,alone do you jerk off alone absolutely,not because that would be weird do you,jerk off alone yeah i mean why would i,jerk off with other people thanks for,coming out here nice digs thanks for,having me it says on here this is the,hardcore anal scene,with you know i didn't get the,wrong house so you're gonna be,pretending to be like live as a cam girl,oh god i'm gonna be upstairs on the,livestream i'm gonna be typing stuff and,when you come back you're like oh the,chat things are cute the chat's saying,to take off your shirt oh the to the,pizza okay and then the chats will be,like oh they just tipped me a hundred,dollars to take off my shirt you know,something you take off yours okay so you,basically will feed off what the chat is,saying but what kind should we get i,like the ones with all the meat the,extra sausage maybe sausage all right,extra sausage i mean i know marshall,likes extra sauce,pizza driver is six minutes away oh ,this is a practice one like nothing to,be nervous about we're gonna order a lot,more so for this one for the woman,what's gonna be funny is it's like oh,hey sorry i'm like live on twitch right,now oh wow the chat things are really,cute wow one guy tipped a hundred,dollars if you'll show your tits like,okay and then like she does cool if not,then like okay but if she does it i'll,actually like,hi sorry i was live i have a cash tip do,you want to come in and put it down so i,can give you some cash real quick,and i'll get you some cash i'm live for,a bunch of people and they said if you,want to flash with me they'll pay you a,hundred dollars,yeah for sure look like dead ass on what,it's like here you want to close the,door,oh it's okay well jeffy real quick yeah,for a hundred dollar tip i have this for,you right here for you know just the,pizza but if you want to i mean honestly,i have fun,right oh yeah girl,no mascot you're so cute okay,let's go,hell yes,amazing,here you go well no thank you for the,lisa thanks for the flash can you get,one more okay oh yes you're gorgeous,have a good time,holy you killed that,i was like shaking i was like she's,gonna think i'm gonna kill her like,that was wild i gave her a hundred,twenty dollars is that fine,that's crazy we have our second delivery,driver coming so she just left,her name is sarah dude that's two girls,in a row but uh oh that hurt,okay,oh hey the guys i'm streaming for said,you're cute do you think you would like,want to like flash a little for like 100,tips or something,um i don't know since i'm on the clock,yeah i mean no one has to know we could,just real quick one two i'll do it with,you,i'm on the clock too it's my job to,stream oh no i don't want to like do,anything oh okay,what would be funny if uh the next girl,if she doesn't you can ask her well what,do you think of my kids oh okay,she just sat down and drove off,what did she really she just left it in,front of the door and drove off you,think it's because she saw me with my,ass i went through the window she's like,i'm not dealing with this if we don't,fake the pranks guys sometimes they just,don't deliver dakota is the next guy,it's a guy oh he's heading this way why,i deliver need tips to survive,favorite food pot is pre-tips tips tips,all right i think he misspelled tits,like your profile says tits it's like,tents,i have a cash tip,i have a cash tip if you wanted to come,in real quick okay,you think you could close that i'm just,live online available,sorry yeah could you shut the door,actually i'm live on right,now oh okay,did you bring the extra sausage with the,pizza i'm good thank you how about,titties for tip i appreciate it do you,have a good night oh okay,i'm not single,my tits look great,you could tell smiles all around there's,like a gander ahead smile say you're,enjoying this,seriously guys, i'm live on jerk mate right,now do you think you can shut the door,for me yeah yeah i gotta head out but,okay what do you think of these,awesome thanks,good nerds,and i'm not happy about it jk has only,done 200 deliveries so this is gonna be,his last one,hi,um yeah that's for me do you think he,could come in for a second and put that,down right there yeah of course i'm,actually,wondering if you accept,titties for tips titties for tips,titties for tips,yeah yeah yeah like this,oh ye

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