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#BehindTheTweets with Nadeshot | Twitterhello my name is Matthew Haig also known,as nature I'm the f


Updated on Jan 26,2023

#BehindTheTweets with Nadeshot | Twitter

hello my name is Matthew Haig also known,as nature I'm the founder and CEO of 100,thieves and today with Twitter you and I,are gonna be doing some behind the,tweets April 4 2011,I'm quitting McDonald's this month I'll,have who knows of time for MLG and,YouTube hashtag just saying I had been,working there for four years I started,when I was fifteen when I finally quit I,was 19 my goal was to make gaming a,full-time gig I wanted to quit school I,want to quit my job so I can go,full-time I wanted to be all in that was,my absolute goal and we finally achieved,that I don't remember when exactly but,maybe I'll find out from these tweets,that sweater pulled up June 29th 2013,I can I swear holy Sh because this this,day was crazy for me June 29 2013 12,o'clock in the morning we were trending,worldwide not only was made shot,trending worldwide first in the entire,in the entire world this wasn't per,region this wasn't just the United,States,nadeshot and optic gaming we're trending,world wide I think this might have been,at an MLG event when we made a really,big play or we want to match when you,have a social impact like that,especially on a platform like Twitter,where you're trending worldwide I mean,for us that was a huge accomplishment,that was kind of the tipping point where,we knew that we were on to something at,that time I still wasn't making a ton of,money off of gaming and I did I mean it,was still sort of up in the air if this,was gonna be a lifelong career but that,was like a turning point that was when,we knew we had one of the best audiences,in all of gaming when you have people,externally on an entirely different,platform like Twitter showing love and,showing out and talking about you and,using the hashtag off to gaming that was,a very big moment shut out to everybody,that was watching us in 2013,I kind of want to frame something like,this June 8th 2014 my dream has come,true first win and an MLG event and gold,medal let's go,growing up I used to watch halo at MLG,which was on the USA TV network at that,time MLG players were rock stars this,was the one thing that I wanted to do my,one goal aside from making a living was,to win an MLG event at that moment our,team really wasn't that great I mean we,had the talent but we weren't meshing,too well all of a sudden we came out of,the gates we started playing strong and,then there was a moment where it clicked,when you could actually win this I think,it's one of my proudest achievements,it's top three absolutely never in my,wildest dreams did I ever think a me to,take me on this crazy of an adventure,thank you all for 1 million followers ok,so February 22nd 2015 we have a million,followers on Twitter even thinking about,a million followers now on Twitter to,this day it's just absolutely,mind-boggling but from a competitive,eSports perspective I think I was one of,the first players to ever reach a,million on Twitter just because I had,such an incredible audience on YouTube,it was a milestone that nobody had,really reached before and I've always,wanted to push for push the industry,board and obviously push myself more,towards success April 4 2015 thanks for,supporting me throughout my entire,competitive career you guys have truly,changed my life and I'll be forever in,debt to you all this was a really tough,day for me actually in 2015 I think was,after the advanced warfare called the,championship so it's a million dollar,tournament that they have every single,year and we were the favourites going,into the event prior to that we won back,to back to back tournaments so we went,to the World Championships which is,obviously the one thing that is most,important to any competitive,and something was up something was wrong,we just came out flat and we got our,asses kicked I think our audience had,hopes of us taking it all home when you,have a million flowers and you have all,these people watching you there is quite,a bit of pressure and I mean with the,territory it's like you have all this,success there is a lot of chryses and,for me I did not handle criticism well,just because it was amplified so much,more because I was the captain of the,team so at that point in my life I was,just so sick of the negativity and the,criticism and I was I just needed a,break I needed time off and so April 4,2015 this must have been the day where I,kind of knew in my head that this is,gonna be it for me I don't know what,would have happened if I continued to,compete I think I could have went down,either road but I'm happy with the,decisions I made mmm god damn alright,November 20 in 2017 the wait is over 100,thieves is back we received an,investment from Dan Gilbert owner of the,Cleveland Cavaliers to help us build our,eSports program more announcements,coming soon file 100 keys to stay,updated this is why Twitter is so,powerful is that just this one tweet the,announcement that aren't these is,backwards the biggest moment of my life,spiraled out of control in so many,fantastic ways I think

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The State of Call of Duty...

The State of Call of Duty...

we need a ranked mode man give me some,rank play give me something to feel boys,I've got every game in existence rank,play I got mobile games that have better,ranking systems or just a ranking system,in general why why can't we just do a,rank system man I'd be locked on this,goddamn game I mean I love the game I'm,having a lot of fun with it but how is,Call of Duty the only game,2023 without like rank play bro can,somebody explain that to me it's a great,game bro I mean there is not a video,game title that you could play with a,controller that is as fluid as Call of,Duty and all they need to do is give us,some range play and this game,would be coded,people everywhere,was yeah man in the roof yeah,they're all over this wall on me,what's pushing you from behind what's,puts you from behind everybody I don't,have,damages,on the rooftop too I'm trying oh I've,got a sniper in this sub that not have,any bullets in it,foreign,forever since you've been gone please,come back home,we got one knocked in the distance,points directly to our left,nice job gentlemen great work I love it,I love it I love it oh baby I love you,baby,I want to be with you now to do,want to be with you now today I want to, uh I wish if I could if I could,do anything for a day like one wish,I wish I had the voice of the main,singer from Creed,well just go there,Northwest Corridor 300 Knox West,it's great comms,up you know I mean precise,Precision Delta Force,hello bud,then there was another team over here I,think another team up here for sure that,was on the UAV I forget which building,it was,I think it might have been the deeper,one,yeah there's definitely some people here,over,they just pop the smoke over by me yep,heard that sounds like they're fighting,oh they're a cluster model,nice shots,um I think they all killed each other,that match got the cleanup,I think you're right brother,that's a wipe that's the last one of the,party a shot boys I gotta sell frizz,finally,got an armor box,my belly button is itching hold up,oh that'll be fun,above a good old belly button pick,not it did you cut your uh your daughter,your son's uh,um umbilical cord yeah yeah that's what,it says are how nice and Squishy you,slice them both yeah slice them both,there's those rubbery yeah I'm about to,do that,bro,you make sure they take a picture all,right,pick,yeah yeah make sure make sure,the second time I'm almost gonna get a,picture I forgot and the wife's like,giving them your phone I was like oh,yeah uh the black site,a bunch of people diving around uh yeah,that'll be a wild experience I'm sure I,don't know bro you know what's weird is,that I didn't think I was an experished,person but I don't like the side of,blood but it's gonna be my child one day,so I guess I got it yeah you in the,moment gonna step up to the play You're,gonna be like this is all beautiful I,don't give a damn about anything they,come out all slymanship yeah you're,gonna be like that's my slime coming out,we're throwing up throwing out gang,signs,it's my blood,all right watch out to our left bro for,real there's more yeah they just bought,back at the center by if you guys want,to cross so that we get out of this,black side UAV we can and then just hold,oh uh in the water,on the other side of the bridge one's,knocked right here and then there's one,on the other side of the bridge on the,bottom,I Just Whipped I just got smoked,honestly,the rest are up the hill can you take me,higher,foreign,get ammo very good you're good I'm,chilling for now,I could have people coming above me now,honestly once he once he gets out I have,three shots on him yeah I think it's two,I paid it,I want pushing you in the smoke in the,smoke in the smoke I just smoked on,accident but that's okay,I knew I was gonna get pushed in the,back bro I said what are these guys, doing man,this guy just played perfectly under the,bridge and I mean I guess they knew,people were probably up here should have,just turned around instead of helping,apathy bro I knew people were going to,be behind me it's just me and my friends,yeah you got this I believe so you,got I mean it's a lot of 1v1s bro it's,like 2v1v1 this is easy this is a cake,right I believe bro I believe,absolutely,I used to go hard in the paint in my,mind's face dude I was slinging,I love Nate chat stream because there's,no ads bro I gotta get I Gotta,Throw Some ads at you guys couldn't even,if I tried I wanted to,can't have you guys having fun in here,this is a place for misery,foreign,how is ABS still alive,truly have no idea,it's all solos they're both ourselves,I got a selfie in the water,you're right,hey good bro I don't know how the, you man bro I just got back from, with the water nice shot bro I,feel like you should have died like 20,times

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now we can be caught run through the six,wooden bottles oh nice one slack great,great great pop culture somebody should,get the heli behind us in oil no where,if you want to grab it you can and I can,grab their contract Chrome you got the,heli yeah are you grabbing that yeah I,got it all right I'm gonna live down,here everybody stick together besides,the helicopter mission let's go boys,clutch up,turn the game sound up,ranked, I'm gonna come to y'all,better just load up we keep the hell 11,get it to the stronghold do the,stronghold do the backside,right away take it to the black side,then we do the other ones and boom boom,boom boom honestly it's hoping to start,being a little mixier Chad I've got a, attack and a fennec bro I'm,basically in the CDO playlist right now,uh armored car it's the vehicle,proceeding uh 20 miles per hour uavin,pop,why was that so delayed,I got one knocked yo we should fight,this I got one knocked or front gas yeah,three kills,somebody's sniping at us from across the,way heads up Wow Let's Get in the hell,let's get another we're about to go to,the stronghold right now yeah,come pick us up let's get it yeah,I got angles I got angles,we're gonna cite that from right here,you're getting sights up from behind I,can't pick it let's go let's go let's go,we need to leave it's cracked let's go,come on we can do this stronghold in,front of us or we can go elsewhere it,doesn't matter let's do it here I'm,coming I'm coming or we can go you want,to meet us there no let's do the marsh,one low key that'll be Center Zone if we,can't I don't know do whatever it,doesn't matter let's go let's go Oh,Derek if you want our Mars I don't care,dude that was it's yeah more centers on,it'd be better for us later game let's,keep the Holly love it I'm gonna go in,there and defuse it yeah don't drop it,off here they'll blow it up,I didn't have the gun anyways,I got you yeah my fault oh you're,chilling,he was a bad boy all right grab the,backside key we're gonna vibrates here,got one of them,I'll grab the other one I don't I got,the key,I might need a rise here,you done the Box yeah you can smoke,yourself out you're chilling I'm good,now I'm good now all right let's go yeah,it's a good start here,right by the black side you can just,recruit yeah yeah I'm gonna repair real,quick and then I'll come help you guys,I'll drop you off first everybody jump,up top,somebody already grabbed these crates so,I had to open up the stairs,where's it,marking his ass,holy shitra,show me,are you in the heli app yeah,oh Rob hammered I'm hammered I'm,hammered I'm hammered,the whole lot I'm gonna pop this in,advance Bro it yeah do it do it,the whole Lobby's gotta turn around for,me I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm,coming I'm coming yeah,I got one guy I need to kill I'm gonna,grab this armor,sitting on the highway I'm hammered,I don't know we did see where T spawns,and then go from there,honestly I'm not gonna shoot this box,yo they're about across yeah yeah I see,that I got two guys on me hell out of,the right hello to the left yeah if we,kill these repair that armored truck in,a second,another guy flying in,knocked that's good I'm getting,snipe from like the building,um why don't you try and grab that,armored truck and repair it we're gonna,have to go yeah hold on there's uh other,t-spawn on us,we're getting held by two guys on the,back left I'm grabbing this armor,vehicle I'm coming,are you out are you out yeah,oh wait we gotta go we gotta go get pu,bro,we need to rotate in more well now we,need to get PU,our team oh ,oh my God I just drove straight into the, I'm fine,yeah what getting in,what am I gonna do we gotta get pu or we,lose I'm going for it with the crown I,guess I get in with you guys I get in,with you guys uh I could take the car,and go this is done oh my God,all right we're good oh we have to get,brother pu is in the zone it's over,yeah I was kind of selling there Chad to,be honest with you man I kind of lost my,uh mind there too far to get,right it's impossible to get RPM,is it too far yeah no it's too far oh,they grabbed it look it's in zone it's,in zone that's a bug you sure that's a,bug,might as well give it a shot I don't,know how that would have just appeared,there maybe somebody picked it up maybe,somebody picked it up yeah hold up bro,it might touch the gas so it's the only,problem I'm still a couple steps away,from it I think it's still no it looks,it looks good for the most part what's,his name will come back to grab it uh,whenever you grab them hit the jailbreak,yo I've got no more armor and there's,people right by it I need help no you,guys need to come to me I gotta get it I,gotta grab b e and touch two here all,right hold on,I could try to hop in the water and go,get it I've got 45 seconds,yeah what do you have to land on be no, I got you I got you I'll get,this but,yo I've got it I've got it I got people,not I've got people knocked in the water,I'm gonna need help though I've got no,more armor,I've g

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Warzone is Broken...

Warzone is Broken...

I thought we were only staying awake to,get the heater fixed not to play to,switch through tournament at one o'clock,Nate I'm gonna be honest man do you,wanna do you want me to keep it on a,stack sure keep it on the stack let's,hear the stack I'm sort of playing to,not end up underneath an underpass in a,slightly used REI 10 AKA homeless all,right real reason so I don't have to,wear those goddamn colors again Graham,can we get weather Jokes Aside let's,remember it's still very very young a,lot of Life to Live okay I've sort of,been like depressed lately bro yeah man,at least you're not the only one abs and,flows brother you gotta ride the highs,with the lows I should honestly take,this low and just depress these nuts in,your mouth oh Jesus Christ oh my gosh,I'm tired bro oh my god dude I got a UAV,I can pop in a second uh I either see,boss or see a team of three or four no,it's definitely people all right I'll,pop this UAB while I'm falling,yeah,bang oh ,oh ,well I'll tell you what it takes much,longer to pull out your UAV than I had,anticipated Chad I have done that with,an airstrike before the other day I,actually made it,how did that happen I have no idea bro,we're wait actually how the ,did that just happen I don't know but,heli was full health,guys mopping it's popping,oh my God,we got me,oh my God Matthew,another one another one,holy ,go Matt,yeah baby won't you lock them doors and,turn lights down low,give me the stronghold before I,lose my mind abercromb have a good,running for whoever's died the most,today I don't know who it is,remember abdine all that much to be,honest Graham 100 percent,that was his damn thing bro,I mean so you want to join the jerk off,I mean you can what yeah people are,about to be here, are those guys doing,foreign,the happened what's going on here,uh that guy got throwing knife but I'm,gonna be honest I don't know what's,going on right now,are they at porterhouse I think they,they had to have gone low right I think,they were in a car all right thanks,nice shots,nice,far on the bridge,if we go to the gas station on me I,think I got a tiny package,yeah yeah,try again I think I'm about to do what I,do best oh my God that would have hit,let's watch that one yeah,wow nice shots Chad that was kind of,cold this is for four out of five the,airstrike would have hit I would have,been um in the money with a clip there I,think what is happening bro,there's no way some of these people we,you know killing this unreal,there's no way you don't think they're,real I mean Brothers they can't be that,bad I think you underestimate how long,you've been playing God for yeah,yeah I mean I mean I mean okay I,explained how we came back last year and,qualified for Champs,what do you mean your original stable is,these people can't believe,they can adjust whatever the it is,that guy's turn yeah all that talking,for that what guy that guy's real okay,he's under he's under Jerry he came up,to you it looks like,you just said that guy's cracked I mean,again I'm done I'm not I'm watching over,you,he's knocked,out knocked on you,I'm playing with the big with the big,guns,I'm just gonna go down,good help Matthew uh one more,then there was another sniper on their,team that was down the way here,yeah buddy what are you doing buddy he's,absolute going oh he looks dead,you litter taco man get a grip taco man,taco man we got we got mortars over here,we're gonna have a lot of Tangles you,guys want to approach the vicinity very,quickly,snake in the back of the armored truck,yeah I closed right Hut one guy deeper,I just dropped an airstrike on that,little uh sandbar,it's looking like a white you want me to,pop this yui for yes yeah yeah they're,like,oh my God two there's three,that's a good UE,can't see smoke error,foreign,weak,oh my God,these retro profanity,watch your profile,I'm getting the out of here bro,uh I have a beauty here here here,come come,no shot my rpk disappeared then you,might want to turn around oh my me,Richard let's see what happens at the,drop here three to four we're gonna have,to these guys are gonna be our biggest,threat dude this is good,I've got Sergo,you want to rotate out one of us can,play in it I think one of us plays in it,one of us rotates I don't know they're a,little love and there's still more,people than those guys we can't just,only switch these ones they're routine,alone right now multiple two went low,ready I got people on me yeah you have a,different Matt has a different team okay,they're gonna be right there you're,gonna be above you they're all right it,could be a little left on those two out,oh one guy stayed all right,okay,stop me already Matt,I'm Blake,every cross you haven't crossed you yet,right,one's one shot in the shack,multiple in that shot next to you up,literally on you,all right I got knocked,hold on deep left on Matt right here,one more safe spot rapping a little left,easy

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Why Symfuhny Didn't Join 100 Thieves...

Why Symfuhny Didn't Join 100 Thieves...

hey Matt Brooke wants to say hi real,quick I don't know Nate shot sucks,what the is going on over there,what is Brooke's problem today we get 8,sports Personality of the year and,everybody's still talking to me like I'm,getting son Derek deserved it,yo Doug can you tell Mason I'm not,talking to him for the rest of this game,tell him I won't carry him to a nuke,again then Doug can you let him know,that the game uh where we got our nuke,that I had the most damage and the most,amount of kills let him know he had,Karma with us uh Doug can you let Mason,know that he better pray to God that,introduce him to my barber because every,time he gets his hair cut he looks like,Pidgeotto,nice nice nice nice,well like what the ,more here yes he went in the left door,over here,guys cracked left corner,one shot uh back building one shot back,building that building I'm scared no no,building on the sea,in here in here,nice missing one maybe,there was somebody on this roof before,or this roof that I beamed and he ran,away I think he ran away but,it's a heads up,it sounds like you went down the stairs,this guy in this building,oh,I told him earlier,yeah he's one shot deep one shot yeah I,I'm yeah,thanks brother,I don't know what the this car is,doing but,okay your ears are better than mine I,guess,wow we have no money holy did they,grab the crates where's the guy that we,killed back here,uh he was like right by the Lodi the guy,killed in there,where the hell is the Buy,it moved there's a guy between you and,uh Jesus I'm dead,one shot on me, hell I hate this pistol,foreign,okay,kill this guy yo what is my guy doing,shoot him,he's on top of the building uh ,there's someone running here it's the,top of the main roof,and there's somebody by me okay maybe,Loot on me,above,somebody's running towards you I think,on the roof for now,ramp ice beams,outside outside,there's one shot inside,the other one's gonna be inside the,building already I'm gonna pop pretty,sure we fought this guy earlier,looking over here 15. in there,oh great,what's with the giggles bro he said what,I know oh I was pissed,bro I jump in there thinking I'm about,to get in the mix the guy that TP was,shooting at goes to the other side of,the pole and then I've got the darkest,character model I've ever seen coming,out of the bathroom and I'm just ,that was my own fault I guess I don't,know this is a pretty Friendly Fire ,everybody up and then that happens I,think you heard somebody behind you,foreign,holy I've been dead for an hour all,right did I ever get my Loadout I think,I did yeah Chief good bro that was, fun to watch that was fun to,watch I'm not gonna lie running in, circles at these stupid things I,would have loved to watch your POV as I,ran in there and died that must,have been comedy are they at the camp,thing yeah yeah,yeah once towards me now I should be,flanking him I got one,got two,oh,I wonder if that's the guy who killed me,because,they're in the shack or not I got two,guys,perfect,I'm going towards Lodi I think Doug's,Landing in there hey let's just secure,the one win real quick we're top 27.,yeah yeah yeah hey my fruit my food yo,uh Doug I'm the blue building,foreign,a little bit,see they're flashed,no break oh,can we top red Tower still careful,on the bridge right now got one oh,flying off uh high rise yeah guys,knocked second guy is very weak he's,knocked as well,one's on the wall next to me,cracked him I cracked them,three more at your mark yeah,named that from behind uh I don't know,where the that is,I think he's above me on the bridge,maybe how am I still getting aimed at,rather than towards black site,I'm up here I don't know somebody's,aiming at me from the where me and,Tiffany ran from you yeah nice,pretty sure by black site,oh they're all running through smoke,in fact God damn it I have to reload,last one,oh what the what the yo ain't,no way bro hold up bro what the ,you still got years to reload a gun I,didn't even care,like one person left,4v1 situation boys there we go baby,go,like that,I think I just saw him at the wall yeah,he's at the wall,those names beat by me,good job boys

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I Got Banned...

I Got Banned...

where the hell are these guys talking,from main building you think,yeah I don't hear them anymore probably,man,they're inside our building,are they in the dome yeah,easy free stuff,damn what's the worst the worst name in,Call of Duty history yeah I don't know,bro that's that's tough one to answer, I think we might be playing with,them,it's not the worst but it's up there,bad ones the worst got to be being slow,key beans yeah I don't know bro beans,actually it might have to be bro beans,beans,what are we doing baby,nah you can't real real,wait really,foreign,this thing there it is there's a,car down here yeah,there's a car to the right as well,it's an armored it's a meaty one I don't,know if I can take this out,charges,there's one shot in the,he just jumped in the water,God damn it I knocked him I think he,self-res into the water,bro I swear to God people's bullets are,doing more damage today this is,crazy I'm driving the armored truck into,you guys,here really,oh it's a whole team holy bet no don't,tell me they're getting back in Target,area,top one,oh,these dudes are running all over,damn these guys are gonna run me over,too,foreign,I think there's still one player live,from the team that was in the car that,ran you guys over,I was a guy on top of this roof careful,it was too close,I killed one,died,the top somewhere,oh ,oh there's a Roku ping brother one's to,your right stuff,bro,where about now I'm trying to look hold,on I don't think I'm getting pushed you,good,I'm gonna continue out pushing you on,your building on you on you,I got one cracked on the other side,there in that building,oh he's reach out oh,it's kind of stupid on my part dude,foreign,like I don't even understand where my, reticle is on this deagle how,does that not hit that guy if,you want we can meet you at a Loadout,yeah I might just go up here real quick,actually there's people there,um,my shots,is there a lady on you guys yeah there's,one right in front of me up to my left,on the Lodi right now,he's on the loadout,I am faded,I'm in there dog,got one I don't know if out in the oven,is where I want to be I might try to go,more towards Center Zone get a win on,the Bucks you guys play do your thing do,your thing 21.,shut up shut up,shut the up,guys landing on you right side gas,station three knocks West,this guy just picked up the crown across,me,hungry,guy pushing you,someone throw smoke out there,he's down at the gas station or some, I think I think yeah I think that,was one guy gas stations,be careful there are laser on our boys,I'm at 2b9,we gotta we gotta get up top now do you,need anything no I'm good for now I,think I think I think I'm gonna go right,hold on there's probably people to our,left,okay,I hear it comes you think the right you,think right was the play I'm down to go,it don't matter I was just trying to,avoid the people out there in the,village there's a lot of people you guys,definitely just wrap lefts,well I don't think there's anybody I was,getting shot from oil yep just want to,know why I had voice comms on me,I think there's a team all the way up,here no cap,find the bet there's a I'm gonna go all,the way bro I didn't even know you could,go all the way up here no ,either but we're doing it yeah no, jump here they are in front of,me I'm waiting to shoot I'm not shooting,yeah let's get a free knock all right I,couldn't get up,I'm trying to get to what you see,because yeah I'm ready to go,I just got kicked,you got kicked disconnected from server,send you guys invites Chad we're not,Shadow band,it's something's going on servers this,party might be hold on I'm about,to start a new one real quick it might,be up from the last game let me,see there's no shot in hell that me,slacked apathy and Symphony all within,30 minutes just got Shadow banned guys,let's use our heads here let's use our,thinking caps contacts clues come on bro,I'm gonna hold you guys to a higher,standard than that,oh wait I actually might be,I actually might be Shadow banned it,says like under review yeah it says,under review games but Warzone 2 Modern,Warfare 2 your account is being reviewed,to determine a potential violation,unfortunately we're unable to inform you,when the review process will be,completed bro what the shadow man,yeah it takes about a week for what,what am I possibly getting shadow,32 000 spent to revive me how in the,world could it be possible for me a 30,year old man who can't even shoot,straight anymore to get Shadow banned,meanwhile I got people booting up,cronuses that are literally cheating all,right gentlemen well,now I uh I'm gonna go try to work on,this and I'll hit you guys back if I get,it fixed

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Nadeshot’s Tattoo Bet GONE WRONG!

Nadeshot’s Tattoo Bet GONE WRONG!

things,i mean yes you're not gonna get a,hundred thousand retweets,you're lying it ain't at 10k already my,mentions have,not moved this fast on a minute a,journey,that i don't know if they'll reach,to be honest with you it seems like,frosty has put together the thanos,gauntlet,can we just pull the plug on the,internet for the day,100 more boys 100 more,gg frosty get a hundred thousand,retweets,on a tweet that says if this gets a,hundred thousand retweets,nadeshot will get a tattoo,of sex is temporary but gaming is,forever,how did you let it happen tim the tatman,courage for fisher hex skunk,zed my girlfriend my dad valkyrie,all retweets i don't even know what to,hold on frosty's,facetiming me um,so where are you getting that tattoo bro,i can't believe,somehow i can't believe that,you doubted me for a second bro,what has anybody ever underestimated her,overestimated gg frosty,you always underestimate me and i always,prove you wrong,i'm just saying man where are you,getting the tattoo hold on just so i,have it on record i haven't decided,where i'm gonna get the tattoo,but yes i am a man of my word and i am,going to get the tattoo,but i want i've got you up to the,microphone in front of 22 000 people,and you tell the truth in your life,right yeah i got always have you ever,taken money from me in poker,okay you got me up to the mic i have you,up to the mic the truth is,chat use your twitch prom at,slash,it was a normal day,what am i going to tell the tattoo,artist,my dad as nice as he,is literally tweets me,you know what my dad said to me always,mean what you say matt,always mean what you say

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Nadeshot's *HEATED* Rant about MW2...

Nadeshot's *HEATED* Rant about MW2...

listen,all these attachments give me a ,break come on I mean I I in all the,settings I got to go through at the end,of the day I know they make decisions,for certain reasons and now that we're,building a game ourselves I'm definitely,more mindful of on something,when I don't know the amount of the body,of work that it took to get to where,it's at today but yeah half the,attachments are useless like I don't,want to have to look up a YouTube or a,tick tock just to see what my gun needs,to be running and you know I can't,imagine that they had that much,foresight because the only argument I,can make in my head is like maybe they,love to add all these attachments,because people are just going to make,more content about the game and they're,basically deploying like guerrilla,marketing with user generated marketing,like hey this is the class you need to,run so maybe it's a good thing I don't,know dude there's 28 under barrels yeah,brother it doesn't make any sense and,then I had to I had to use like two,different 8ks just to unlock the AK-74,you some of this stuff is just too damn,confusing but but it to me the thing,that pissed me off the most is the first,thing I said if you are hating on this,Call of Duty you never like Call,of Duty in the first place you're just,jamming up the airwaves with your shitty,ass opinion it's Call of Duty it's not,much different year to year and maybe,that's what you hate about it but don't,come into chats every single year like,I'm not buying this game well we,know we don't want to hear about it it's,Call of Duty it's not that much,different so shut the up and it,made 800 million dollars in three days,so obviously it's over a billion now MW2,too much core gameplay a lot of fun I I,I do hate some of the aspects of making,the game more uh entry level friendly,you know making the game easier but I,don't know man if you look back at even,some of the most beloved Maps like crash,had a bunch of areas on the map that,were absolutely useless like I got doc,posting that clip listen I don't like,the highway map it's not as bad as,people describe but it's definitely not,the best either way he's like who's,designing these Maps a lot of old,beloved Call of Duty maps had very,pointless parts of the maps you know I I,do think three lane is best for,competitive but I don't think that every,map needs to be gumed down to a science,and be absolutely perfect I don't know,man I like in for the first time for the,first time in my life I'm like more on,Call of Duty side than I ever have been,before but the rank play we'll see I,think Treyarch working on it and the,fact this game is going to be around for,two years it doesn't hurt me as much the,fact that it's dropping in 2023 but I,still think it's launch the, rank play the same day the,goddamn game comes out no it's not that, hard I agree yeah like who you,listen Call of Duty it's a game that,people play for a couple months and then,they're done with it they're back onto,something else but yo why are we,launching this four or five months,and oh that's what we got to be happy,about oh we finally got it but it's five,months too late this game's out for two,years so I give them the benefit of the,doubt but guys how many how many,releases are we gonna do to where we,don't have ranked day one

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