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Why Corporate Media HATES The “Twitter Files” w/ Matt Taibbihey everybody it's Jimmy dors show and,I

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Why Corporate Media HATES The “Twitter Files” w/ Matt Taibbi

hey everybody it's Jimmy dors show and,I'm here uh with Matt taibi independent,journalist,who writes at and is,author of several books and is the lead,reporter on the Twitter file so Matt as,we wrap up today uh I'm just curious how,this process has been for you how the uh,reporting process goes how do you access,the information that you end up,reporting,well that's actually a complicated,question it's difficult to answer the,the process has changed multiple times,over the course of the month that we've,been doing this uh obviously as you're,probably aware there was a hiccup in the,beginning where we found out that Jim,Baker was reviewing the the material,that we were getting and explain who Jim,Baker is he's the former general counsel,of the FBI and one of the major sources,of the Russia get stuff he ended up,being the uh General Deputy general,counsel of Twitter uh he got fired um in,the middle of this,um Twitter files uh episode,um but it's you know basically we we've,been doing targeted searches,um that have been kind of delivered to,us via company lawyers,um I haven't gotten the sense that,there's been any serious vetting but you,know we've been trying to add,disclaimers to leave open that,possibility,um we have more material than you could,possibly go through in a lifetime at,this point so,um it's been interesting you know for me,personally it's been educational because,I I I think the moderation and,censorship issue was a lot more advanced,than maybe I thought it was,um and and more sophisticated in terms,of how formal it it is so that that's,the main takeaway that I'm that I'm,coming away with so far and what do you,make of the uh hostile response to you,from,your colleagues in establishment media,uh The Washington Post first described,you as a conservative journalist,although they quickly edited that out,but didn't didn't announce a correction,it was a Stealth at it the New York,Times said that your role in this is,controversial uh among most journalists,because you dared question,the theory that Donald Trump colluded,with Russia and there's been a lot of,people who work in media who call,themselves journalists trying to say,that this is all a big nothing Burger,something to see here how do you respond,to all that,well look I I expected that there there,would be a kind of a non-response to,this story initially and,or that there would be outright,hostility and maybe didn't expect it to,be quite so personal but I I understood,why they did it but overall I think this,is going to bleed through this is the,story reached a lot of people though it,certainly had significant spread on the,internet and it's talked about a lot,um and it's it's not a surprising story,I think people when they look at the,particulars of it they'll realize that,this is it fits in with the same history,as you know the the cia's Family Jewels,domestic surveillance program in the 70s,some of the stuff that happened after 9,11. this is just another way that the,government figured out,um you know an angle to have an,influence on the population not only on,surveillance but also in this case,um uh in getting their fingers on what,people couldn't could not say it's a,significant story I think eventually,it'll be recognized but it might take a,little while because the media right now,is in a very bizarre state,and I know there's a lot of material and,a lot of material you probably even had,access to yet but from what you've seen,so far have you seen any evidence of for,example the censorship of,pro-palestinian accounts which is you,know a big issue on the left and we've,seen it happen just Palestinian accounts,getting shut down uh by social media,Giants including Twitter have have you,come across that yet,so I haven't and you know I've written,about that subject many times and and,um I and I know it happens I I looked,um I didn't look there I looked for,assange's page I looked for a number of,other kind of leftist movements but the,problem is it the way you do these,searches,um,what you're really doing is identifying,names of people who are in certain,departments and then hoping that a batch,of emails belonging to them might,contain uh that subject and you know I,have to be honest like just to take an,example for the for the trust and safety,officers Iran searches for both RNC and,DNC expecting that I would see requests,for moderation coming in from both sides,and it really wasn't that way like the,DNC the Democrats are super enthusiastic,about asking to take people down,Republicans mostly are suing Twitter,right,um and so there is a discrepancy you,have to ask yourself what does that mean,does it mean that there are more people,on the right who are who are doing,things that are offensive that might,lead to being taken off Twitter or does,it mean that Republican politicians just,don't think they have a chance of,getting action out of these companies,um but there's definitely a difference,in terms of uh what what kinds of

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Dems DEMANDED Twitter Find Phony Russiagate Evidence!

Dems DEMANDED Twitter Find Phony Russiagate Evidence!

hey everybody it's the Jimmy dors show,I'm Aaron mate sitting in for Jimmy here,with Matt taibi independent journalist,who writes at lead,reporter on the Twitter file so Matt,let's go through your other new thread,that you've just put out it is called,how Twitter let the intelligence,community in so talk to us about what,you reported here,so basically Twitter thought that that,the Russia gate story was not gonna hit,them they were incredibly confident that,this had nothing to do with them you you,see all these emails saying oh we don't,have a Russia problem there is no,coordinated,um activity this is all the spotlight's,on Facebook,let's keep the spotlight on Facebook and,they were way overconfident about this,and what ended up happening was uh the,Senate intelligence Community uh,committee led by Virginia senator Mark,Warner the ranking Democrat in the,committee,um basically raked them over the coals,and,um you know it it ordered them not,ordered them he sort of asked them to,keep producing material uh which really,translates to finding accounts that were,linked to Russia they eventually got the,hint but they they were unable to find,those links for a long time and this,created a political problem for them yes,I have the clip here let's go to Mark,Warner this is uh I think it's in the,fall of 2017 and Mark Warner is really,pushing this idea and it was by the way,it was invented by Democratic operators,which I'll get to in a second that,Russian social media,um you know manipulated millions of,Americans and brainwashed them into not,voting for Hillary Clinton that was a,theory like every other conspiracy,theory in Russia gate developed by,Democratic party operatives which I'll,get to in a second but here's Mark,Warner complaining that he's gone to,Twitter and Twitter has not found the,Russian Bots where are they so here he,is presentation that the Twitter team,made to the center Intel staff today was,deeply disappointing,the notion,that their work was basically derivative,based upon accounts that Facebook had,identified,showed up enormous lack of understanding,from the Twitter,team of how serious this issue is,the threaded poses,to democratic institutions,and,again begs many more questions,than they offered their response,was frankly inadequate,on almost every level,so that's Mark Werner Matt livid that,Twitter did not give him the Russian,Bots and memes that he wanted,yeah so so the day after this uh this,prester by Warner there one of the,senior Executives got an e-circular like,asking for five dollars or anything you,can spare from the Warner campaign and,there's an email that says hashtag irony,um by by one of the executives but the,the real problem was you know he's he's,basically saying,your number of Russians was frankly,inadequate on every level uh and they,went back and they formed what they,called a Russia task force to look for,more uh Russians and they couldn't find,them and and you see these sequential,reports afterwards saying like we're not,finding coordinated activity and when,they went back to them with that,um you know that turned into a problem,uh but but basically that was that was,the pronouncement from from Warner's,that we want you to find more we want,you to produce more material uh and they,did the same thing with Facebook too let,me read you from a recent article that I,wrote which goes into this it was based,on actually the first round of Twitter,files that you released that had to do,with Hunter Biden's laptop and the,suppression of reporting on that so uh I,wrote this article at my sub stack, the Twitter files,reveal influence of Russia gate,disinformation and what I in this,passage I'm just quoting from The,Washington Post here because the,Washington Post was the first to reveal,the origin of this theory that uh,Russian social media accounts had,manipulated Americans into voting for,Donald Trump and uh defeating Hillary,Clinton so this this is what I write in,a long forgotten episode revealed by The,Washington Post Facebook was,successfully pressured to prop up a,democratic generated claim that Russia,posted deceptive social media posts as,part of a quote far-reaching,disinformation campaign designed to,shape the outcome of the of the US,presidential race in 2016. when Facebook,first came across Pages created by,suspected Russian operatives in late,2016 and early 2017 it found that its,output quote had clear Financial motives,which suggested they weren't working for,a foreign government according to the,post account moreover Facebook's experts,did not find clear evidence of Russian,disinformation or ad purchases by,Russian linked accounts so the same,thing as Twitter when Facebook initially,went looking for anything to do with,Russia after 2016 they didn't find,anything except for just some troll Farm,pages that they that they perceived as,just being uh clickbait trying to make,money by attracting followers but that,wasn't enough for Mark W

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PROOF Twitter Censored Anyone CIA & FBI Told Them To!

PROOF Twitter Censored Anyone CIA & FBI Told Them To!

hey everybody it's the Jimmy Dore show,I'm Aaron mate sitting in for Jimmy here,with Matt taibi independent journalist,who writes at and the,lead reporter on the Twitter files so,Matt let's go through this one uh you,write in the Twitter files uh thread you,write remember the 2017 internal,guidance in which Twitter decided to,remove any user identified by the US,intelligence Community as a state,sponsored entity committing cyber,operations by 2020 such identifications,came in bulk so talk to us about what's,Happening Here,so in 2017 and we may talk about that or,not but basically Twitter had a a huge,struggle dealing with the government,back then over the russiagate Scandal,and they eventually came to this,decision that I think was pretty,significant this internal guidance where,they said publicly we're going to say we,only remove content at our sole,discretion that's explicitly what they,say but internally the guidance is any,user identified by the U.S intelligence,committee as a foreign State actor,committing cyber operations will be,removed so there's they're essentially,saying that privately if the if the,intelligence Community fingers an,account and says we want to get rid of,that we're going to do it and that,basically committed them to this endless,cycle of moderation requests,all right so one of them is new a new,case of U.S intelligence officials,trying to censor reporting on anything,critical of the Biden family and their,dealings inside of Ukraine we know from,before this is the well-publicized case,where before the 2020 election the uh,social media giants like Twitter,censored reporting on the hunter Biden,laptop which contained information about,his business dealings on the fake,grounds that it could be Russian,disinformation right so you have a new,uh case here where you say the U.S,intelligence officials,um warn Twitter about publicity,surrounding a book by former Ukraine,prosecutor Victor shulkin who alleged,corruption by the U.S government,specifically by Joe Biden now shokin,as a reminder to people he was the,prosecutor who was investigating barisma,in Ukraine and who was barisma barisma,is the company that shortly after the,2014 U.S Baku which Joe Biden's,government was involved in in Ukraine,brisma hired Hunter Biden uh to their,board making something like eighty,thousand dollars a month and what,choking allege was that basically,barisma hired but uh Biden to help,shield barisma from his own offices,scrutiny and he wrote a book about it,and here is Twitter getting a warning,about that book about how it really,could be some sort of Russian,intelligence operation so let's read,from some of what Twitter was told this,is a U.S intelligence assessment that,was shared with Twitter we assessed with,high confidence that in the summer of,2020 members of a Russian influence,organization which is at least partially,directed by Russian intelligence we're,aware of a production plan associated,with an upcoming book authored by former,Ukrainian prosecutor General Victor,shoken so this is very this is tough to,follow aware so some influence,organization which they don't Define,which is partially connected to Russian,intelligence they're aware of a book,that's about to come out wow big,bombshell but apparently that's the,that's on in their eyes grounds for,censorship so let's go on with this,um we have information that indicates,that the book is intended to reveal,corruption allegedly perpetrated by the,U.S and Ukraine and that the intended,audience includes political institutions,in the U.S Europe and Ukraine versions,of the book could be released in Russian,Ukrainian and English this fall so wow a,book is going to come out and it might,reveal corruption by U.S figures namely,Joe Biden and his family in Ukraine,yeah and and,that's your guidance right so to be,perfectly fair about this like I I was,not able to determine which government,agency this came from I I could tell,that it came through the FBI,um but there were a lot of these,documents that are sort of marked oga or,weren't marked at all and simply came,through uh you know the belly button,through either through teleporter or,through signal to Twitter this was,actually retrieved from the laptop of,one of the senior Executives who left,um but,unquestionably there were so many,um of these reports where they would say,something extremely vague like we have,indications that this is connected to,the in to the you know the IRA the,internet research agency and then they,would send a list of accounts and you,were just supposed to to say well they,assessed it so we might it must be true,um and I guess in this case they didn't,even send a list but it was for their,information like if you if you want to,take action against any tweets that,might have to do with shokun's book,um you know we're sort of encouraging,you to do so which I I think is pretty,Insidious yes and and they do,acknowledge that they actually have no,evidence so this is t

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Twitter Obeyed Gov Orders To Censor Critics As “Russian Disinformation” w/Matt Taibbi

Twitter Obeyed Gov Orders To Censor Critics As “Russian Disinformation” w/Matt Taibbi

hey everybody it's the Jimmy Dore show,I'm Aaron mate sitting in again for,Jimmy here with mishapalan who's sitting,in for Steph hey Misha hello hey,and we have a big show today but first,we are joined by Matt taybe he is a,journalist and author who writes at, and he has been the,lead reporter on the Twitter files these,explosive Revelations that have come,from inside of the social media giant,that have revealed that I've revealed in,part how us intelligence has been,influencing Twitter to ban accounts and,censor countervailing information,information that it doesn't like so Matt,taibi thanks so much for taking the time,to join us,thanks Aaron thanks for having me good,to see you good to see you too so let's,get into uh the the First new batch of,Twitter files that you dropped today and,there's two Mega threads you put out,let's look at the first one it's called,the Twitter files Twitter and the FBI,belly button so talk to us about what,this one is about,so basically Twitter,periodically had some objections to,dealing with certain government agencies,and they were being overwhelmed by uh,different agencies wanting their phone,number,um and so they ended up doing this,compromise where basically every,government agency got access to them but,it had to be through uh the DHS or the,FBI and there's one email where an FBI,agent says think of us as the belly,button for the USG uh so basically the,FBI ends up being the conduit for the,entire enforcement slash intelligence,mechanism of the United States,government which is all sending,moderation requests to Twitter,so let's read from some of this uh this,is uh what you write on Twitter and uh,by 2020 Twitter was struggling with the,problem of public and private agencies,bypassing them and going straight to the,media with lists of suspect accounts,in February 2020 as covet broke out the,global engagement Center a fledgling,analytic intelligence arm of the state,department went to the media with a,report called Russian disinformation,apparatus taking advantage of,coronavirus concerns so this is one of,many examples you have where basically,the U.S intelligence Community tells,Twitter that Russia is manipulating,Americans uh on this certain topic and,can you crack down on these accounts,yeah they would later send a list of 5,500 accounts that they attributed to,Chinese slash Russian slash Iranian,disinformation uh and Twitter balked at,it because it included accounts like the,Canadian military there was a CNN,account in there uh but that particular,report was interesting because it gives,you a window into how stupid the,government's uh assessment methodology,is for deciding what is and is not a,suspicious account they were using,criteria like you know persons,speculated that coronavirus is a,bioweapon or person retweeted news that,Zero Hedge have been banned,um that's that's really that's literally,the level at which they were,um deciding that things were suspicious,or not,here's more from the Twitter files the,global engagement Center still led,directly to new stories like the afp's,headline Russia linked disinformation,campaign led to coronavirus alarm U.S,says and a political story about how,Russian Chinese Iranian disinformation,narratives Echo one another so this is a,case of the feedback loop where U.S,intelligence Community shares these,claims no evidence or little evidence is,provided but then that then fuels this,new cycle where media Outlets take this,stuff on faith,yeah I mean this this is really the,shameful part of it right because if you,actually look at this report which I,guess at one time was classified it,becomes unclassified at some point but,there's no evidence in there what the,what they're doing is they're looking at,characteristics of social media accounts,and again it's things like does the,person follow two or more uh Chinese,diplomats has the person speculated that,the CIA has a role had a role in the,development of the coronavirus did they,think it came from a lab have they,speculated on lab origin like these are,all things that they're using to decide,whether or not a thing is Russian,disinformation and you have major news,organizations running with this,um and being credulous about it so tell,me what's going on with this one uh this,is from an email that something called,the Clemson media forensics Hub maybe,maybe you can explain to us what that is,it complains that Twitter,hasn't quote made a Russian attribution,in some time uh and they're complaining,to of course to Joel Roth the Twitter uh,trust and safety Chief who infamously,now was one of the people who pushed the,censorship of reporting a hunter Biden's,laptop so what's going on here,so basically,after about 2016 2017 when,in the wake of the uh election Donald,Trump and the Russian foreign,interference Scandal you suddenly had,the appearance of all these quasi,private,um,Laboratories that were analyzing cyber,information sometimes with with,government grants they co

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Bus & Metro to Bangkok Airport (Last Episode)

Bus & Metro to Bangkok Airport (Last Episode)

My bus number is 96,- Oh! Are you also coming from Chiang Rai? - No, I just verified the information from this counter,Which I got from Google maps, I asked Google how to reach the airport from my location using public transport?,Here is 7 Eleven store, Everybody's going left from here.,None of the people understood English,But this gentleman, who is a security guard, He spoke in English, He told me to catch bus number 134.,The lady is asking for 8 Bahts to drop me at Chatuchak,This is how their ticket is, I paid 8 Bahts,I reach here in just two minutes, This is the BTS Station, The bus I took was number 96,I bought the BTS ticket from this counter, I paid 37 Bahts, From here, I have to go to Phaya Thai,Then I have to buy another ticket for the airport Metro,My Thailand trip is, finished now, This is Suvarnabhumi International Airport,This was my entry point to Thailand,I took Air India for my to-and-fro journey, I hope you liked this trip, I tried to explore some offbeat places, I just explored north Thailand., I tried to explore the culture., Touched a bit on the regular tourist attractions, but mainly I travelled my way,Right now, I am at the boarding gate,My gadgets are getting charged,I am also transferring the data, Also waiting for a person who just let me here,He approached me while I was recording this video, he saw my Instagram story, He is also taking the same flight., I asked him to allow me two minutes to finish the recording.,He is the gentleman. ,- how are you?,- I'm good - sorry I couldn't ask your name,- actually, I just finished all the tasks,Here are my gadgets,- my name is Siddhant - Siddhant?,- oh! Chiang Rai! Are you coming from there? - No, I just work here ,- even I like to travel like a local,Now I am going to talk to him, then..., until now, I used to have just 2 small bags on all my Thailand trips,Oh! That's a big queue at the immigration,you first, my Thailand trip now comes to an end, I'm not sure what's next, I hope you'll like this series., Share it if you like it,So that they can also plan a trip,You also plan a trip and record videos, So that your videos inspire others,to explore this beautiful world

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CAUGHT! Dem Congressman DEMANDED Twitter Ban Journalists! w/Matt Taibbi

CAUGHT! Dem Congressman DEMANDED Twitter Ban Journalists! w/Matt Taibbi

hey everybody it's the Jimmy Dore show,I'm Aaron mate sitting in for Jimmy and,we are joined by Matt tabi journalist,who writes at, and author of several,books and the lead reporter on the,Twitter files which we've been going,through so Matt let's go to one of the,newest Revelations you have which is,this you're going through these Twitter,files and you reveal that this uh that,Twitter also received an astonishing,variety of requests from officials,asking for individuals they didn't like,to be banned here are the office for,Democratic house intelligence committee,Chief Adam Schiff asked Twitter to ban,journalist Paul Sperry and Paul Sperry,is a journalist who writes for Real,Clear investigations which I also write,for has done a lot of work exposing the,russiagate scam,Adam Schiff is the leading proponent You,could argue of the Russia Gates game and,here he is asking Twitter to ban Paul,Sperry's account so Matt tab you what,happened here,Well it's worse than that because Paul,Sperry was specifically the reporter who,outed the name of the quote-unquote,Whistleblower uh that that Adam Schiff,was,um hyping during the Ukraine Gate,scandal so he was kind of a thorn and,Adam schiff's side and here he is,sending a letter I mean I think this is,an incredibly embarrassing letter for an,elected official saying we want this uh,this account and another account for a,guy named Greg rabini we want them to be,removed because they're you know pushing,q and on conspiracies and it's what's,amusing is that even Twitter,um immediately is like no we don't do,this uh and which it stands out in the,vast sea of requests that they kind of,rubber stamp that they say no in this,case so uh that's that's a very,embarrassing email for an elected,official and did I read the email right,that shift is also asking Twitter to ban,all like derogatory claims about a,certain White House official who,apparently was in touch with this uh,with this whistleblower who triggered,that Trump impeachment inquiry,I believe it's actually a,um a hipsy uh staffer like a house,intelligence right right yeah he used to,be at the White House and then he went,and joined shift's committee and chip is,saying can you basically censor anything,negative said about him on Twitter did I,read that prop correctly yeah yeah,that's that's what it says you didn't,misread that which is again,you know if we lived in an error when,elected officials had to answer the,stuff that came out in the news or I,think it would be a big story but uh,unfortunately that's not the game not,the case anymore and let's just remember,who Adam Schiff is Adam Schiff is the,Democratic Congress member who claimed,on National Television uh back uh early,on during russiagate that he had seen,secret evidence of trump-russia,collusion that was more than,circumstantial that he wasn't allowed to,talk about yet right he also read,portions of the steel dossier into the,Congressional Record the steel dossier,is the Clinton campaign funded,collection of conspiracy theories that,helped kick off russiagate and Adam so,Adam Schiff is one of the biggest Bears,of disinformation in the country and,here he is asking a social media giant,to censor a journalist who's critical of,him or at least who's reporting facts,that don't make Adam Schiff and his,causes look very good and Twitter after,agreeing to so many requests from the,government was so taken aback that even,they pushed back on this so here's the,here's you writing in the Twitter files,thread we don't do this uh that's a,quote even Twitter declined to,ownership's request at the time although,pulse Berry was later suspended,nonetheless,yeah and I I wasn't able to get to the,bottom of what the actual reason for his,suspension was later on,um but uh it is interesting that they,declined to even escalate it right,because that that's that's normally what,would happen in this case I did I saw a,number of,um a pretty large number of emails like,this that in some cases that you know,we're dealing with people who were,genuinely abusive toward an elected,official or a celebrity or whatever it,is and the almost inevitable response is,okay we'll escalate that and then it,goes to the trust and safety department,and it has to be analyzed they didn't,even take that step they just said no,right away which I think was pretty,significant,and they did though honor many other,requests and you write this Twitter,honored almost everyone else's requests,and even those from the global,engagement Center including a decision,to ban accounts like Rebel protests and,Brix media because the GC identified,them as Gru controlled and linked to the,Russian government respectively did the,GC provide any evidence for these claims,that they're controlled by the Russian,government and then of course the other,question is even if they were,why why should they be banned by Twitter,but that's I guess that's just a that's,a that's a separate question that's an,interesting question b

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The Twitter files: How Twitter handled Hunter Biden story? | English News | WION

The Twitter files: How Twitter handled Hunter Biden story? | English News | WION

#twitter files is trending on Twitter,the files are an Elon Musk endorsed,expose revealing internal documents,about how the company handled a news,article the New York Post article in,question here was about Hunter Biden it,was published in the run-up to the 2020,U.S presidential elections,as per what is being called the Twitter,files a small group of top-level Twitter,Executives decided to label the New York,Post article as hacked material,allegedly without any evidence that two,behind the back of the then CEO and,founder Jack Dorsey earlier today,Twitter's current CEO Elon Musk,retweeted independent journalist,matibi's Twitter thread titled the,Twitter files the files which are part,one of the expose shared light on,Twitter's controversial censorship,decision TV calls his expose a,frankenstinian tale of a human-built,mechanism grown out of the control of,its designer he banks his claims by what,he says are emails between Twitter,employees according to JB Twitter's,former head of legal policy and Trust,Vijaya Garde played a key role in the,censorship decision the company's,rational for taking the censorship step,was that the story violated the,company's hacked materials policy TV,claims that this rational was questioned,by many insiders even Twitter's then,vice president of Global Communications,questioned if Twitter can truthfully,claim the that this is a part of the,policy and TV says that Twitter took,extraordinary steps to suppress the,hunter Biden laptop story removing links,to the expose shared by users and,posting warnings that it may be unsafe,Twitter even resorted to a rarely used,tactic to stop the dissemination of the,story that is blocking the sharing of,links to the story even via direct,message such a tool is usually only used,in extreme cases such as to stop the,distribution of child pornography,to a desensitive of the story led to,then White House Press Secretary Katie,mcanany getting locked out of her,account with just weeks before the 2020,election,Elon Musk who purchased Twitter last,month has previously insisted that full,disclosure was needed to determine why,Twitter decided to block the article,musk had been teasing the release of the,internal files for several days arguing,that the public deserves to know what,really happened TB through his Twitter,files also revealed company emails,responding to a request allegedly from,the Biden team shortly after the company,cracked down on the hunter Biden story,one email dated October the 24th 2020,contained a list of tweets that had the,message more to review from the Biden,team in response someone wrote back,handled these,TV further notes that both Republicans,and Democrats had access to these tools,he says in 2020 requests from both the,Trump White House and the Biden campaign,were received and honored but the,independent journalist notes that the,system wasn't balanced and was based on,contacts he argues that because Twitter,was and is overwhelmingly staffed by,people of one political orientation,there were more channels open to the,Democrats than others,Twitter as well as Facebook took,extraordinary censorship measures,against the New York Post when it first,published its expose on the Trove of,emails discovered on Hunter Biden's,laptop in October 2020 the platform,prohibited users from sharing the,article and also locked the New York,Post out of its Twitter account,this for more than two weeks now Jack,Dorset which is CEO at the time later,admitted during a congressional hearing,that blocking the report was a total,mistake,now for more on this we are being joined,by Adrian Mars who is a technology,journalist from London thank you for,being with us now this Elon Musk,endorsed expose revealing the internal,documents about how the company handled,the news article about Hunter Biden take,us through the important details of this,exposing,well there's a lot of back and forth,going on in these tweets and it it comes,down really to the veracity of the,original story which has been questioned,a lot since there's been lots of,forensic analysis of the laptop data,um there's a lot of problems with it but,none of this was known at the time,um so it was a story verified by the New,York Post a respectable news,organization and,um,it was suppressed uh that said as you,said the we will be hearing about a lot,of stories presumably leaked by musk,um that will uh that that also represent,uh stories on the other side of the,political spectrum that have been,suppressed,um to what extent that doesn't go into,is to how these contacts are there and,it's an issue with all the um social,media networks in that they're paid uh,as an app by their advertisers and,they're Advertiser very often political,parties uh to uh and therefore there's a,lot of contacts between the people,inside social media and uh and the Very,people who uh who um,that supposedly meant to have a very,independent hands-off uh relationship,with when it comes to this sort of thing,so,um,I mean there

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Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | Jan 10, 2023 | FreeDawkins

Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | Jan 10, 2023 | FreeDawkins

this video is sponsored by Steph and,Clay merch get now on 10 discount for a,limited time use code doc Link in,description welcome to San Francisco,key Curry returns after missing the last,11 games with a shoulder injury,wickets driving kid Thompson,right off the back you see the energy,from the Warriors Bridges he's taking on,a lot of the scoring responsibility in,the absence of Booker,rejected biyombo with a block on Wicked,and he rolls to the rim for the flip two,good looks early for Steph that one a,little bit more,inside the bucket and some fellow,Buckeye right there Dwayne Washington I,had to get it in early Thompson can't,answer long rebound Bridges couldn't,grab it Curry dies,Thompson creating some space with a body,for the Dukes Wiggins inside the yard,Curry shifting gears gets the bucket,it's blocked,Charlotte,the step back J is good the Suns open up,five of ten from the field beautiful cut,and that's the challenge with this,Golden State team biyombo gobbles it up,had it blocked away shortage brings,toughness he banks it home in a foul,Oscar sometime with Stephen Curry also,said he has that most confidence in his,skill set that he can get to that 50 40,90 Mark again if he's able to do that,again this season he would have done,something that only two other people,have done,bird and Steve Nash pretty good company,yeah no doubt about it Thompson,charge nice Vision full bunches rocks,the rims,Thompson Baseline delivery,Lee San Francisco and he connects for,three vincenzos,in and misses it from the outside,Thompson running steps into the three,put it on the board Wayne Wright is,built like a tight end and he played,tight end for a year at Baylor that goes,down for lee,lee oh he likes being in the bay,Wainwright give it up Washington is not,shy and he's got to trade,cool crosses and a corkscrew to the rim,Washington the answer right back at you,lamb,missed it tip in goes for Wiggins on the,offensive glass,y the jumper,Lee trying to work around the green,screen green lets it fly,a three,Bridges tries to turn the corner sharich,Bingo a three,Bridges Euros to the rim for two and on,his former teammate that's a deep agenda,green turns it over it's a three-on-one,development Washington lobs it up slams,down Tori Craig major elevation Thompson,squares short Thompson follows this and,scores you know as a shooter you know,where it's coming off especially if it,comes off short green working around the,perimeter Jerome drives in and fakes it,home tied to Rome has played well for,the Warriors Washington a corner pop,Dwayne Washington Jr with a three Craig,it rims in,61-45 Phoenix charge a downtown hit for,Dario sharich Thompson got three,the lead is 14.,biombo leans in for the bucket Andrew,Wiggins and Steph Curry have played,significantly big finish biyombo behind,the back screen lavender guided home by,Wiggins who can fly,Washington gets to the rim and shifting,to another gear Craig lines it up knocks,it down it's a triple they get a lot of,their points off of that that's why,they're so tough to guard and got one,right there inside on point sons have,lost six in a row nine of their last ten,kicked charge,uh next for three and that play was made,by the patience of Mikhail Pritchard got,it out for an open three and stepped,right back at him,Bridges from the corner a chance for,four Michael Bridges,jumper,flash for Thompson,it's full fake by Craig Craig to the rim,follow,Tori Craig in his second stint with the,sons still a lot of time in his game,though and the jumper for Tory Craig,but think about it if you're one of the,sun's players you know you're playing,significant minutes why wouldn't you be,pumped and ready to play as we speak on,time right now the vicenzo feeds,there with Klay Thompson there's Lee,Walking the Tightrope cutter Wainwright,lays it in the Suns have been headed to,the metal the entire night,deep on purple,Lee right to the cup slam down to the,follow a kogi getting upstairs oh,deep in the pool,Landell strong move by the Aussie,cool,foul called the 0.6,jumper goes for pool from the outside,right down the middle the dish rings,gets inside for the deuce Bridges full,of Puck yes,the sons had not scored a hundred points,in the last four games but pool has just,cut it to 14. Bridges with a purpose the,fade away is Good Michael Bridges with a,silencer Curry drive and Deuce,charge makes himself available massages,it in in a foul,Head and Shoulder face,rejected on the inside Tory Craig stuck,with him Curry using the screen Curry,next,a three,Washington's jumper doesn't go upstairs,Bridges to follow is good and there was,no hesitation whatsoever made the,decision right away Curry connects the,three,another offensive board a kogi saves it,Washington a rainbow triple Warriors,95. Washington's got 21.,Curry finds his spot and chance it from,Long Range,Thompson doesn't take the three drives,in swatted by Bridges here's Curry,makes his move around Bridges floats it,up and in,Alabama,curry with a chance for thr

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