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How Elon Musk’s Twitter helped make far-right violence in Brazil possible | The Mehdi Hasan Showas w


Updated on Jan 15,2023

How Elon Musk’s Twitter helped make far-right violence in Brazil possible | The Mehdi Hasan Show

as we've said on this show before there,are way too many similarities between,the violent right-wing riots in our,Capital back in January 2021 and in,Brazil's on Sunday but one of the most,important similarities is that neither,attack could have happened without,right-wing organizers rallying support,on social media and on Twitter,specifically as the Washington Post,reports researchers in Brazil said,Twitter in particular was a place to,watch because it is heavily used by a,circle of right-wing influencers allies,of the former president bolsonaro who,continue to promote election fraud,narratives Elon Musk did not own Twitter,when our Capital was attacked two years,ago but he does now as rioters,sympathetic to the election lies of the,former Brazilian president stormed,government buildings on Sunday musk,wrote this on Twitter I hope that the,people of Brazil are able to resolve,matters peacefully well I think we all,hope that good tweet Elon but just about,a month before the riot it was Elon Musk,on Twitter spreading talking points just,like the ones from the election deniers,replying he loves replying to a,right-wing personality musk wrote I've,seen a lot of concerning tweets about,the recent Brazil election if those,tweets are accurate it's possible that,Twitter Personnel gave preference to,left-wing candidates,there are many reasons Elon Musk reminds,me of Donald J Trump one reason is that,his tweets are not just tweets they,often turn into policy they have real,world impact remember that funny bot,that would superimpose Trump tweets on,White House letterheads when it comes to,Twitter and the Brazil Riot well we,can't just talk about what Elon Musk,said on the platform we need to talk,about what he did to the platform before,musk bought Twitter the site had entire,teams dedicated to what they called,content moderation among other things,staff would look out for posts that,spread misinformation or incited,violence Elon Musk gutted those teams,this is reporting from Politico since,Elon Musk took over Twitter in late,October the world's richest man has,slashed the internal teams in charge of,combating misinformation including,individuals in charge of the company's,oversight in Brazil according to two,people with knowledge of those layoffs,who spoke on the condition of anonymity,the event here in Washington on January,the 6th 2021 happened despite Twitter,having guard rails like content,moderation thanks to musk a lot of those,guard rails are gone in the US in Brazil,and around the world,but musk isn't just removing guard rails,he's also bringing back bringing back,the very election deniers who helped,pave the way for the violence last week,former Trump National Security adviser,Mike Flynn got his account reinstated in,time to tweet on the second anniversary,of the capital attack quote I want to,personally thank Elon Musk for all he's,doing to help protect our basic human,rights especially our freedom of speech,and then there is Ali Alexander who,organized a number of stop the steel,events after the 2020 election and later,described himself as a VIP at the rally,near the White House on January the 6th,2021 where Trump told supporters who he,knew were armed to march on the capital,and fight like hell,let me read a bit from Ali Alexander's,deposition before the January 6,committee this transcript came out just,a few days ago question which social,media platforms did you use to promote,the event on January the 6th answer,primarily Twitter question primarily,Twitter answer yes,Ali Alexander was banned from Twitter,after the capital Insurrection so he,didn't have that platform at his,disposal ahead of the attack in Brazil,but that didn't stop him from exporting,his stop the steel message to right,Wingers there on Donald Trump's social,media site though one Trump launched,after being banned from Twitter Ali,Alexander posted things like take it to,the streets Brothers of Brazil military,Stand By and as the riot unfolded he,posted do whatever is necessary love you,all,Ali Alexander lost his Twitter account,after helping incite an Insurrection in,Washington he got it back after cheering,on one in Brasilia,maybe the timing is just a coincidence,after all he said last month that he had,spoken to musk and apparently gotten,some assurance that his account was,coming back,I got a I gotta reintroduce myself to,the world I,gotta go I need to I'm going to get back,on Twitter soon,I'm making moves,yeah the guy who used primarily Twitter,to help undermine a free and fair,American election he talked to talk on,and now has his account back along with,Michael Flynn oh and yes Donald J Trump,meanwhile American and Brazilian,democracy remain under attack,joining me now Washington Post Tech,reporter Drew Harwell he's reported,extensively on musk's takeover of,Twitter and had his own Twitter account,taken down and then restored after Elon,Musk took over the site Drew thanks for,coming on the show even with content,moderation in place

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MSNBC Columnist SMEARS Matt Taibbi As 'AUTHORITARIAN' For Twitter Files Drops

MSNBC Columnist SMEARS Matt Taibbi As 'AUTHORITARIAN' For Twitter Files Drops

political columnists for msnbc's ishana,Lim wrote an op-ed for the left-leaning,media site denouncing leftist figures,like Glenn Greenwald Tulsi gabbard Matt,taibi just to name a few for being,critical of the left and its efforts at,times to suppress Free Speech elim,warmed that these figures frequent,criticisms of the political left ignore,wrongdoing coming from the right and,what this could mean in the long run one,such figure Matt taibi who was reported,for the Twitter files expose responded,to elim's piece saying quote only MSNBC,could respond to an expose about how the,DHS FBI DOD CIA and other agencies are,funneling masses of content moderation,requests to private companies,so I read this MSNBC piece it was a,little less incendiary I think than,maybe the headline made it seem like he,did well he did acknowledge,you know it was a little bit of that,kind of thing like well there is some,validity to the things they're saying,about the bad stuff with liberals or,mainstream whatever but I want to talk,about my concern about conservatives or,you know that kind of thing yeah look I,I do think it's a difficult line to,balance you know I'm someone who,has not been antagonistic to Tulsi Giver,in the past I appreciated the courage,that she showed back in 2016 in,endorsing Bernie Sanders,um and at a time when it was a very,unpopular thing to do I appreciated her,willingness to confront uh uh vice,president,Kamala Harris on her hypocrisy during,the debates I think that she has been,right on a lot of issues related to this,country's support of endless Wars etc,etc I think it's also fair to criticize,her when you disagree and on and on with,all of these figures I've had Glenn,Greenwald on my own show impressed him,about you know why he seems to not,always bring the same level of heat and,when talking about someone like Tucker,Carlson or some right-leading figures,who also say things that are at times,untrue or misleading the same way he,does about left-leading figures that we,had a good back and forth about that I,think the reason is this when you are,coming from a political camp where all,of the criticism is already on the right,and I I relate to this you don't feel,like it's your responsibility to speak,to those criticisms as much as you do,criticism to the left which are nowhere,apparent in your own political milia so,if everyone is saying Trump is bad,and I relate to this you don't,necessarily need to say Trump is bad,someone else is already covering that,beat so the perception can be like that,you don't care about the bad actions,that are happening on the other side I,do think however that when you are,engaging directly with some of the Bad,actors it's important to be clear that,you going on somebody else's show and,making criticisms of liberals isn't a,tacit endorsement of the conservative,alternative because we do live in the,binary country and people will take the,criticism as one as an endorsement of,the other and we need to be talking,about third party options realistically,I wonder if they've experienced,something that I myself have experienced,back when I was writing a lot like maybe,three stories a day for reason magazine,about,um Progressive or liberal intolerance on,college campuses right you know three,times a day about you know a student a,conservative student group or,conservative student who is in trouble,because they invited a conservative,speaker to campus or they had a,conservative event and and the campus,just violated the first amendment in,obvious ways telling them they couldn't,do something or or uh or or the students,themselves a small number of activist,students shouting down a speaker you,know this used to happen and I'm not,maybe it still does it used to happen so,many times a day I had tons of stuff to,write about on that beat and I was kind,of specializing in that but every time I,would do one of those stories then I,would have some liberals saying oh so,why don't you care about this other,thing this example of kind of,conservative censorship or intolerance,and I used to try to when they say that,I go oh well I want to I care about Free,Speech as a principle I want to prove,that I do so then I would write about,that as well,but it turned out no matter how many,times I did that I would still have,people yelling oh you don't care about,it,I could not make them happy I it,wouldn't care there's no amount of if I,I could do a hundred of those stories a,day and it would not have appeased the,people who were mad at me so what,happened eventually is I completely,stopped trying to appease them,whatsoever like they dropped like At,first I wanted them to understand that I,really do care about free speech and I,wanted them to care about these liberal,intolerance stories I was writing about,so I I also tried to do the things they,wanted me to do then when it became,clear there was no amount of bringing,them along or like convincing them that,I was a good faith actor it just stopped,mattering to me

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Lawrence: Republicans have created a ‘committee to obstruct justice’

Lawrence: Republicans have created a ‘committee to obstruct justice’

well after never reaching a unanimous,agreement on who should be their Speaker,of the House House Republicans are now,unanimous,about two things,first House Republicans unanimously,voted,for a bill to defund the police,that's right the very first thing House,Republicans voted on was defunding the,police,the police they want to defund are the,federal tax police House Republicans,have voted unanimously to defund the,Internal Revenue Service in a way that,would specifically Target the capacity,of the Internal Revenue Service to,investigate the tax returns of the very,richest people in America Republicans,voted unanimously to make it easier for,America's richest people to get away,with tax crimes,and Republicans have now voted,unanimously to create what our first,guest tonight calls the Republican,committee to obstruct Justice,Republicans are calling the committee,which is structured as a subcommittee of,the house Judiciary Committee the quote,select subcommittee,on the weaponization,of the federal government and that is a,perfect example of what former Harvard,professor and Senator Daniel Patrick,Moynihan called semantic infiltration,the concept of semantic infiltration is,to infiltrate your opposition with your,language,that forces them,to tell the lie that your language tells,a perfect example is Fox News every time,someone says the words Fox News they are,lying about what Fox News does,that is a deliberate lie created by,Rupert Murdoch when he created the fox,Republican propaganda Channel and,infiltrated the opposition to Republican,propaganda by forcing the opposition to,call his propaganda channel Fox News,the propaganda Channel created by Rupert,Murdoch is not now and never has been in,the news business which is why I don't,use the name that Rupert Murdoch gave to,his propaganda Channel every time you,use the name that Rupert Murdoch gave,his propaganda Channel you have,successfully allowed,Rupert Murdoch,infiltrate your own vocabulary your own,semantics that is what Daniel Patrick,Monahan meant by semantic infiltration,Republicans are masters of semantic,infiltration they came up with the,phrase pro-life to main anti-abortion,everyone is pro-life,but Republicans seized possession of,that phrase so that the news media would,call only Republicans pro-life,which most of the news media does,because the news media is highly,susceptible to semantic infiltration the,news media is the target of semantic,infiltration most of the news media,will make no effort at all,to try to overcome the semantic,infiltration that the Republicans are,using in the name of their new,subcommittee,which,as I said they are calling the select,subcommittee on the weaponization of the,federal government it is a subcommittee,to investigate Federal investigators,so today's the day that Republicans made,Congressional history by creating a new,investigative committee to launch,investigations where Congress has never,launched investigations before including,ongoing criminal investigations by the,justice department that's right for the,first time in the history of the house a,committee has been created to,investigate ongoing criminal,investigations by the justice department,including criminal investigations by the,justice department of Republican members,of Congress,some of whom want to be members of the,new subcommittee to investigate the,investigators who are investigating them,here is who the Republicans will not be,investigating,so have you made any decision as to how,you're going to handle George Santos in,his time no but I'll tell you when we do,so no investigation of a pathological,liar who lied about every single aspect,of his personal history and lied about,his income and delivered a mysterious,seven hundred thousand dollar,contribution to his campaign no,investigation of any of that no,investigation of George Santos,given all that we know now about what,Congressman Sancho's lied about his,resume the various inquiries into him at,the federal local level do you think,that he should be a member of Congress,well you saw him seated last week there,were no challenges to that this is,something that's being handled,internally obviously there were concerns,about what we had heard and so we're,going to have to sit down and talk to,him about it and that's something that,we're going to deal with just like,there's a lot of other things we're,going to deal with,so we're going to have to sit down,and talk to him about it,George Santos is under criminal,investigation by the U.S attorney for,the eastern district of New York George,Santos is under criminal investigation,by the Attorney General of the state of,New York George Santos is under criminal,investigation by the Republican district,attorney,on Long Island,but George Santos,is not going to be under investigation,at any time,by the Republican House of,Representatives,we're going to have to sit down,and talk to him about it that is a lie,Steve scalise is never going to sit down,and talk to Geor

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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Jan. 9

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Jan. 9

there was a brief flurry of excitement,on the right this afternoon when CBS,News was first to report that the U.S,justice department had started,investigating the discovery of,classified documents found at a think,tank called the Penn Biden Center this,is effectively where President Biden had,his office in Washington after serving,as vice president in the Obama,Administration he vacated offices there,effectively when he declared his run for,president in 2020 but the Penn Biden,Center is sort of the Biden home in D.C,in terms of his work life out of office,well on November 2nd lawyers for,President Biden lawyers who work for him,in his personal capacity were reportedly,packing up some of the office space that,the vice president used at the Penn,Biden Center in so doing they found,classified documents there classified,documents that they say were in a locked,closet inside those offices mixed in,with some non-classified documents,this is of course a weird set of,circumstances but that's what they say,happened the White House has since,confirmed the basics of this account as,have other news organizations after CBS,News was was first to break the story,The reason this created a lot of,excitement on the right briefly tonight,is that it immediately created a,perceived what about ISM defense for,president Trump president Trump is under,Federal criminal investigation for,apparently deliberately hoarding,hundreds of classified documents at his,home in Florida including refusing to,hand them over after National Archives,told them he had to even after they,subpoenaed him to get those documents so,there was this sort of brief excitement,on the right tonight that they thought,they had a new defense right oh it's,supposedly so bad what Trump did at,Mar-A-Lago with all the nuclear,documents and stuff but look Joe Biden's,just as bad why aren't they serving,search warrants on President Biden the,way they did on former president Trump,as I said tonight A Brief flurry of,excitement on the right about this,Prospect when this news broke about the,Penn Biden Center the reason it was only,a brief flurry of excitement is because,in President Biden's case uh he and his,lawyers appear to have actually done the,right thing when it comes to these,classified documents Biden's lawyers say,they discovered these documents among,his vice presidential papers at his,office at the Penn Biden Center on,November 2nd,the White House council's office then,notified the National Archives that same,day,about what had been found the National,Archives apparently did not even know,these documents were missing and had not,been seeking their return the archetype,the archives took custody of that,material the following morning,and that appears to be it,attorney general Merritt Garland has,asked one of the last remaining,trump-appointed U.S attorneys to review,the discovery of these documents at the,Penn Biden Center,but it does not sound like it's an,adversarial process at all the White,House says it is cooperating fully with,the National Archives and with the,Department of Justice on the review and,again this was not as it was in Trump's,case the archives Desperately Seeking,the return of materials that Trump was,blowing off and and Trump was blowing,off those requests and then ultimately,blowing off The subpoena to return all,those documents these appear to have,been documents that were inadvertently,held at the Penn Biden Center discovered,by Biden's attorneys they notified White,House which notified immediately the,National Archives that these documents,were in the wrong place the archives,moved immediately to retrieve them that,appears to be the sum total of it at,least as far as we know but again the,White House says they are cooperating,fully with the archives and with the,justice department on reviewing the,situation,again we will bring you more on this if,we learn more about it tonight but the,brief Euphoria on the right that this,would somehow you know exonerate Trump,by what aboutism uh it's already turning,into a bit of a hangover because of the,stark contrast between the actions of,the current president and the former guy,when it comes to classified material,there's another provision in this deal,though that I think is kind of a sleeper,that I think is worth more notice than,it has received so far,and that's the provision as part of the,new rules package that the Republicans,are agreeing to which would create a,committee to investigate what they call,the weaponization of the federal,government this is a committee that's,expected to be chaired by Trump,Republican Jim Jordan and the,Republicans claim that this committee,would have the power to oversee not just,the justice department and the FBI the,way they're usually overseen by Congress,they claim this committee led by Jim,Jordan would have the ability to oversee,ongoing criminal investigations being,conducted by the justice department,ongoing criminal investigations like say,the ongoing crim

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James Carville on GOP’s new power

James Carville on GOP’s new power

have you made any decisions as to how,you're going to handle with George,Santos in his time no but I'll tell you,when we do have you considered maybe not,seating him on any committees is that an,option that's on the table right now you,know you're a good reporter you asked,the question many times but I'll do it,I'll let you all know when the time is,right have you talked to him at all have,you had a conversation with him I'll let,you guys all know,speaker Kevin McCarthy refusing to,comment on New York Republican George,Santos Santos is of course facing,multiple investigations related to lies,he told on the campaign Trail he's,apologized for misleading his voters but,many say it is not enough and while,Santos and his party have been dodging,reporter's questions Democrats have had,plenty to say about this subject here's,fellow New Yorker Dan Goldman just,earlier today,we haven't seen a single,movement on the part of Republican,leadership George Santos cast the,deciding vote for Kevin McCarthy so that,he could become speaker of the house so,they have wrapped their arms around him,George Santos needs to be held,accountable for his lies,Dan Goldman is one of two house,Democrats who have filed an Ethics,complaint against Santos so let's,discuss this and more with Democratic,strategist James Carville who helped,elect former President Bill Clinton in,the early 90s and he gets us smarter,every time he's here James had a,republican solve a problem called George,Santos what should they do and what will,they do,I'd like to see the guy's passport,I said how do we know that he's a,citizen I mean maybe he is and maybe he,has a passport but I haven't seen it uh,the second thing is I think he's just a,perfect instrument to expose the rock,that is the modern Republican party and,I think Congressman golden all of them,should just keep hammering away and of,course they can't do anything about it,because they have to have his vote and,just use him,you know as a political pinata and just,keep hitting it and hitting it and,hitting it and keep asking the,Republicans let's see your passport what,about this what about that I think he's,more valuable there than he is gone,I really do,that is truly sick it may be true but,it's sick here's something else we keep,hearing about from Republicans cuts to,Social Security and other entitlement,reform they've been talking about this,for a long long time but if they,actually move forward is it going to,backfire a whole lot of Voters on every,side of the aisle really want to keep,their social security,so Stephanie indels me here a second all,right I I read this on the Fox News,website one of the secret deals that,they made with Kevin McCarthy in by the,way to 18 Republicans that are from,Industries Biden care they don't know,what they voted on they have no idea of,what Kevin McCarthy and the freedom,caucus deal income Congressman buddy,Carter of Georgia is bringing to the,floor a bill that would not abolish the,IRS abolish the income tax wait not just,abolish the income tax would abolish the,estate tax,would abolish the the gift tax all right,but more importantly would abolish all,payroll taxes all right that's how,Social Security and Medicare fund that,is on Fox news's website that is coming,to the floor,all right,and they said that what they're going to,replace it what is a tax on consumption,that's a fancy word for attacks on,everything you buy,and to make up that Revenue you you'd,have to get a revenue estimated,Economist on your show I bet you use,somewhere in the high 30 percent uh tax,and that means a gallon of gas a bottle,of aspirin a,quart of milk a loaf of bread everything,is going to go up it should if this were,to happen now that is part of the deal,they're made,it this is how crazy this entire thing,is now and you say well James come on,the center never go along with that it,won't get enough votes you know it is a,statement of their intent it's a,statement of their values and it's a,statement of their priorities and these,18 Republicans that said they want to go,to Washington the problem solvers or,whatever that stupidity is,they they,voted for things that they had no idea,what Kevin McCarthy had given away to,the freedom caucus and the Democrats,after just pound this home okay James,then let's say they're doing it is that,not the greatest gift to Democrats,because changing the tax code in that,way doesn't add up for a mathematician,and more importantly for you it don't,add up for voters,not at all and you've got to keep,reminding people of it you remember,Kevin McCarthy said in the campaign in,October of 2022 that he was going to use,the debt limit to force cuts and Social,Security and Medicare all right the,voters didn't know that,because,they got people got distracted and you,got to bring it home they have to they,have to make people all the time go on,what they're voting on what deals that,they made that they have no idea no idea,what what McCarthy has done and and you,know Mc

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GOP Rep. Byron Donalds and Joy Reid debate his House speaker nomination after one term

GOP Rep. Byron Donalds and Joy Reid debate his House speaker nomination after one term

one of the unexpected features of the,four day 15 ballot fight over the house,speakers gavel was when Texas,Congressman chip Roy nominated second,term Florida Republican Congressman,Byron Donalds for speaker,Donald got the votes of all 20 holdouts,on three of the 15 ballots and his,nomination sparked a lot of conversation,to say the least and joining me now is,Congressman Byron Donalds welcome to the,show how you doing good thanks for,coming down basically across the street,because we're like really close to the,Capitol so I want to start by just,talking about in the previous uh segment,with Congressman swalwell we were just,talking about the changes,um that are happening in the house under,this new leadership three people,including Congressman swalwell ilhan,Omar and Adam Schiff have been take are,being taken off their committees,those who are being added Congressman,Santos is the one who made up his whole,resume allegedly in New York Paul gosar,whose family have said he's a white,supremacist you know attended sort of,meetings of white supremacy and got,kicked off his committees because he,tweeted out an anime of killing,depicting him killing AOC uh,congresswoman Alexandra Kaiser Cortez,and Marjorie green they're getting back,on committees I just wonder what you,think of that do you think that that is,a good look for the Republican party no,I think going back on committees is what,should happen look well we told Democrat,leadership when they went down this this,pathway of removing members from,committee is basically saying you should,not do that because if it's good for the,goose it's good for the gander let's be,very clear Elon Omar has said things,that are reprehensible hold on hold on,hold on let me finish she has said,terrible things about about the Jewish,community so much so that resolutions,had to go to the house floor about them,and they were watered down with respect,to Eric swalwell and to to the other,gentleman that's something for speaker,McCarthy to speak to in more detail,because he's going to make those,decisions but we were very clear in the,117th Congress we should not be going,down this pathway of saying oh that,member said this they got to be kicked,off of committees that is happening no,no no no no no we're not what we're,doing is,committee people will pick hours and,we'll go from there well let me ask you,this because that isn't you're not,getting back to that status quo if,you're kicking people off committees and,you're saying it's literally for,vengeance you're now admitting it's just,for Revenge that doesn't sound like,getting back to the status quo it sounds,like using committee leadership,you want to change the rules then we'll,live by your rules I don't think we,should do that but if you want to change,the rules that the House of,Representatives has lived under since,the beginning of the Republic and now,you're going to change them because you,didn't like what somebody said I don't,think that's a change in the rules,that's happened before you know what I'm,just gonna I'm letting you know people,have been removed,I will say though that people being on,and off committee says nothing to do,with the work of the 118th Congress we,are actually going to get to border,security we're going to get to energy,policy we have to go through debt,ceiling we're gonna have to figure out a,way to cut our spending curtail our,spending because we're living well,beyond our means that is the work of the,Republican conference in the next,Congress this other stuff that's kind of,a sideshow it's not Sideshow because,unfortunately it's kind of a show so,let's talk about some of the things that,Republicans have said that they would,actually like to do when they're talking,about the agenda of the Republican Party,um and this is what the chairs of the,Committees are saying that they're going,to do representative Mike Rogers of,Alabama says they're going to,investigate woke social advocacy at the,Department of Defense that does nothing,to do with the Border or the budget,you've got Jody Arrington of Texas,saying they're going to restructure,entitlement programs in slow spending,which is what you just talked about but,that means they would like to in some,cases cut slash social programs Social,Security things that a lot of Americans,depend on and paid into Michael McCall,of Texas investigate the withdrawal from,Afghanistan I think that seems fair,um calling on mallorcas to resign that,is what Mark Greene of the homeland,security said is his priority,um calling on him on secretary Orchestra,reside you've got Jim Jordan who's,leading Judiciary leading a subcommittee,to prove the quote weaponization of the,Federal Gov government,you've also got those who want to,investigate President Biden but this one,about weaponization of the federal,government that is about the FBI having,a court sanctioned raid on the former,president Donald Trump's home because he,had,lots and lots of classified documents,hundreds of classif

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In Trump's classified documents case, the obstruction makes the difference

In Trump's classified documents case, the obstruction makes the difference

okay let's do a thought experiment stay,with me here let's say you had a job at,the White House where you dealt where,you were in National Security you,naturally had access to classified,information in the course of doing your,job at the White House,and then you either accidentally or,intentionally took some classified,documents home or maybe to another,office in one scenario hundreds of,classified documents were found and the,other about a dozen classified documents,were found putting the numbers aside it,turns out in both scenarios some of,those documents included classified,information about foreign intelligence,both scenarios are not good those,classified documents should have been,returned to the White House and then,sent to the National Archives when your,White House work ended but whether by,accident or on purpose it happened so,now what either the National Archives,realizes that some documents are missing,and asks you to return them or a,colleague discovers them at your office,stowed away with some other personal,items,now you have two choices if you find the,documents yourself you can tell the,National Archives or you can wait until,the National Archives comes to you to,request them you can voluntarily hand,over the documents and cooperate or you,can ignore multiple requests you can,refuse to hand them over and then you,can then hand over some of them but not,all of them and drag on the process for,roughly a year and a half,and then you can continue to fight to,give them back for so long and so hard,that the FBI has to go to court to,obtain a search warrant to execute on,your home because you refuse to just,give them back which of course brings us,to today's news that a lawyer for,President Biden discovered a dozen,classified documents stating from his,time in the Obama Administration the,documents were found on November 2nd at,an office Biden used in DC after leaving,the White House attorney general Merrick,Garland has assigned a U.S attorney in,Chicago one appointed by Donald Trump to,investigate this matter President Biden,at a press conference in Mexico City,earlier this evening said he was quote,surprised to learn that there were any,government records found there and that,he and his office are cooperating fully,contrast that with former president,Trump where the National Archives asked,him multiple times for documents it,realized were missing Trump strung them,along for months The Saga came to a head,in August when the FBI took the,extraordinary step of executing a search,warrant on Trump's Florida home leading,to Trump being investigated for possible,obstruction possible violations of the,Espionage Act and destruction of Records,again both situations Donald Trump and,Joe Biden have found themselves in are,not great ones but one of these things,is not like the other,joining us now is attorney Mark Sage who,specializes in cases involving National,Security Mark thanks for being here,tonight are we right to draw a very very,broad distinction between what is,happening in the Biden case and what,happened in the Trump case,no you're not you're not wrong at all,and you laid out all of these facts and,you didn't even lay out all of them,because you'd probably have to take up,your whole program to indicate the,differences that led to why the FBI had,to execute a search warrant and why,these two cases are not like one another,and neither of them are good cases but,if president Trump and his legal team,had acted the way so far we've seen the,Biden team act there would be no legal,issues for Donald Trump nobody would,have said anything about it because it,would have been just looked at as ah not,a good situation but frankly somewhat,commonplace not to the extent it was but,the mishandling of classified documents,happens all the time rarely criminal,almost always administrative in nature,and it was only because of the specific,facts in Donald Trump's case that you,laid out with respect to obstruction in,particular involving himself personally,which we have no knowledge of with,respect to Biden so far that's what,makes the difference

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New Wave Of Resignations At Twitter

New Wave Of Resignations At Twitter

stop,as of this hour it sure looks like Elon,Musk has managed to bring Twitter to the,brink of collapse in just three weeks,the latest drama a wave of employees,resigned today rather than commit to,musk's hardcore culture ultimatum and,platformer Zoe Schiffer reports,Twitter's offices are now locked down,for fear of sabotage from current,employees back with us tonight to,discuss my dear friend and colleague,Jake Ward Jake what in the hell is,happening,stuff what is going on right now we are,you know I'm spending all this time on,Twitter at the moment and it's such an,odd scene everyone is saying goodbye to,one another and these are power users of,Twitter the kinds of people that you you,know would really expect to know they're,all talking to each other as if this,ship is going to go down at any moment,they're saying goodbye things like who's,going to get the last tweet on here that,sort of thing so I I absolutely it is,all happening tonight as you mentioned,at this hour everyone is locked out of,the building itself it's not at all,clear why that is certainly it seems to,follow on a lot of the paranoia that we,have seen out of Elon Musk in recent,days we know that his teams have been,actually combing the internal,Communications of the employees to look,for people saying disparaging things,about musk and his leadership and then,firing them we know at least a dozen,people have been fired in that manner so,far and now suddenly with everyone,locked out it is not a good look for,this guy at this point we know that,critical infrastructure teams are out,have resigned or been let go and if an,outage actually takes place if something,goes technically wrong in that place,it's not clear they're going to have,enough people on staff to bring it back,up it really is an open question you,asked it could it last overnight we,don't know so is that the thing right,when we're saying Twitter's going down,tonight is it because there's not enough,employees working there to operate the,system,let me put it this way as we understand,it at this hour there are all of these,various teams right responsible for,various parts of it and a lot of those,teams are either down to one or two,people or gone entirely one reason that,people may actually have been locked out,of the building this is one idea that's,going around is that the badge access,team was let go and that wound up,blocking everybody else out imagine the,same thing taking place on something,like the teams responsible for uptime on,the site keeping it going right running,a website is extremely difficult,especially when it has 250 million users,the way that Twitter does if something,goes wrong and there aren't the plumbers,and electricians there to fix it right,I'm using that that phrase just because,these are the kinds of crucial jobs they,are if they're not around to fix it you,could literally be clicking on there and,start to get an error message maybe it,doesn't load at all that's the kind of,thing we're actually looking at right,now it's an existential threat to one of,the most important sites in the world no,plumbers when the toilets could be,clogged for 250 million users all right,the other story that we are following,obviously is the Fallout from ftx's,bankruptcy I want to start by sharing,your latest reporting on the class,action lawsuit,you know what I'm in Tom Brady Gisele,Bundchen Larry David Naomi Osaka and,Steph Curry are among the celebrities,accused in a class action lawsuit of,being part of a quote fraudulent scheme,designed to take advantage of,unsophisticated investors that led to 11,billion dollars in Damages it's a safe,and easy way to get into crypto,yeah I don't think so all stemming from,their involvement in promoting crypto,exchange FTX ftx's founder and CEO Sam,bankman freed was until recently the,darling of the crypto Community his,company once valued at more than 32,billion dollars is now seeking,bankruptcy protection we're talking,about one of the larger bankruptcies,we've seen in a long time the fgx,founder also named in the lawsuit,resigned as CEO as his company collapsed,he did not reply to NBC's request for,comment but in a direct message exchange,with a reporter wrote F Regulators they,make everything worse we also did not,hear back from representatives for,celebrities named in the lawsuit for,appearing in ads like this with FTX I,have everything I needed to buy sell and,trade crypto safely but the lawsuit,calls ftx's platform a Ponzi scheme and,says of the defendant's none performed,any due diligence these celebrities all,should have known that when they took,this risk that if these are unregistered,Securities they're looking at live,ability for all of the damages bankman,freed has been accused of moving,billions in customers funds without,their permission to another one of his,companies his exchange then faced what,was akin to a run on the bank and now,customers can't get their money out I,have money when I hadn't put aside for,my granddaughter,

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