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Molly Jong-Fast tweets to stardom (11-7-22)g'day mate 40 here so just reading an,article in,New York

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Molly Jong-Fast tweets to stardom (11-7-22)

g'day mate 40 here so just reading an,article in,New York Times,a Molly Jong fast right she is the,daughter of Erica John,and here's the article right how Molly,Zhang fast tweeted her way to stardom,and I interviewed her back in 2004.,I was doing a whole series of interviews,on American Jewish literature and she,was one of the Jewish novelists that I,interviewed,so,why,has Molly jungfast been able to tweet,her way to stardom,why if say Kyrie Irving and Kanye West,got into a ton of trouble recently and a,lot of it simply has to do with,likability like Molly jungfast is,incredibly likable actually it's,incredibly open about her struggles with,addiction,and I I knew she was a lefty when I,interviewed her and she knew I was on,the right but she was just incredibly,charming and pleasant and fun to talk to,and people like Kyrie Irving and Kanye,West,it's just not very nice,not just very fun,not exactly fun to talk to,right they're difficult people,Molly Jung young not such a difficult,person,which is very easy to get along with,and so people like easy,so how Molly jungfast tweeted her way to,Liberal stardom,he wasn't a political expert but a trump,era angst,found a following among Democrats and,even the White House is interested,so she just the Story begins with her,interviewing vice president Kamala,Harris,and,she tells the owner of the new Republic,when McCormack oh I just interviewed the,vice president,and McCormack replies brow following the,vice president of the United States,so,Erica jungfast 44 she is perhaps best,known as being the daughter of her,mother Erica Jung,he wrote the classic feminist novel fear,of flying,so Molly jungfast went into rehab at 19.,she got married at age 23. she read a,couple of novels that's why I,interviewed her she read a book of,essays,about her Bohemia by way of Park Avenue,upbringing,now she's a liberal media star,so how did she do it by being damn,likable,so this week she joined Vanity Fair as a,special correspondent one million people,follow her on Twitter,her podcast is distributed by I heart,media,my first guess was Ron Clane President,Joe Biden to chief of staff,she's interviewed all sorts of senators,Like Bernie Sanders Chuck Schumer,Julia Louis Dreyfus John fetterman,Kamala Harris all right she's,interviewed people like a MSNBC lineup,so,her Ascent is a little bit like the,Woody Allen movie purple rose of Cairo,where a moviegoer steps into the screen,and enters the world of her favorite,film,so she marshaled her weapons grade,Twitter habit,and her networking ability she just laid,into journalist DMS and she's become a,star of left-wing media she's an MSNBC,mum,who appears on MSNBC,so part of it,in the big picture you say oh it's,because of you know the growing,importance of social media but a darn,light of it it's just that she's so,likable,you can be right wing and enjoy a,conversation with Molly Jung fast,right she is not pompous,and a lot of it is that professional,punditry does not require,a unique rare skills,right,there's not a big difference between,armchair pundits and professional,pundits,all right this is a woman who's likable,and a great networker,is friends easily,she wears a privilege lightly,and she has incredible empathy and charm,and,most people rise to Media start startup,are pretty good with being child,Charming like Richard Spencer it was,Charming Nick Fuentes Charming,all right,the power of likability,so Noah shackman is now the editor of,Rolling Stones so Noah wrote three,articles about me,back in the year 2000 and 2001.,now he's the editor of Rolling Stone,like when he came to La we used to go to,social Gatherings together,I introduced him to Andrew Breitbart and,a whole bunch of the that crew,so now Noah shackman's done good,it's like uh there's this economics,rider for the for the New York Times,I used to Adam Adam blanking on his name,it's known 20 years ago like he,introduced himself to me showed me,around,he's gone under great success now with,the New York Times regular column I,think weekly on the economy for the New,York Times,so she's not adversarial she's nice so,one big reason why Molly Jong fast is,successful and Kyrie Irving,and,Kanye West was struggling,is that Kanye Harry not very nice,and one key to likability is just Molly,junk fast it's just incredibly open,people generally speak up and like,people are open and honest,and people like people who are willing,to be vulnerable,people like people who open up,so she says I was a drug addict and he,died I got cyber I've had this,incredible run,he's grateful people like people who are,grateful,so,my grandparents include Howard fast the,novelist of Spartacus Fame I'm communist,it's a prison time during the McCarthy,era,and her mother Erica Zhang was an early,adopter of oversharing so 1985 Erica,Jung,maybe a six-year-old Molly John,into the Beverly Hilton from um,because Erica was developing a sitcom,based on her daughter's experience with,divorce,so,Eric,Molly Jung's father Jonathan fast s

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‘Trumpism Only Works For Trump’: Molly Jong-Fast On Dr. Oz’s Social Media Attacks

‘Trumpism Only Works For Trump’: Molly Jong-Fast On Dr. Oz’s Social Media Attacks

now molly young fest um is joining me,why why can we just talk through molly,it's just some some of the ins okay the,crudites thing right,it's not live,it's it's not live it's there's someone,behind the camera that could have gone,well let's not say crudite you know,maybe like a you know a super bowl party,or something or you know like a,like a snack that's,crudite right multiple homes talking,about multiple homes um for instance,just completely disconnected with,the voter that he needs right and then,follow that up with kind of just being,straight up mean spirited his team at,least right talking about john fetterman,and his health essentially saying and,this was uh his senior communications,advisor rachel tripp if john fetterman,had ever eaten a vegetable in his life,that maybe he wouldn't have had a major,stroke and wouldn't be in the position,of having to lie about it constantly,this is a physician this is the the top,communications advisor for a physician,who was running for,for senate,saying this about an individual,why are they just so bad at this,well i think there are two problems here,one is that trumpism only works for,trump right so when other people try to,do trumpism it's always a disaster and,that's what you're seeing like marco,rubio like in 2016 back in 2016.,right yeah trump is able to do it in a,way that his people like but uh other,republican candidates just can't get it,to work for them but the other problem,is that the things that made us a good,surgeon and he really was known as a,very prestigious surgeon surgeon in a,good hospital those are the things that,really make him an unappealing,republican candidate you know he's bossy,he's exacting he tells you what to do he,has this kind of definitiveness which is,sort of unbearable i mean you don't want,to have a beer with this guy,and ultimately unfortunately you know a,lot of american retail politics is do,you want to have a beer with this guy,i also,comes in real contrast you know so much,of trumpism is this anti-immigration,rhetoric that you have someone that is,an immigrant who voted in the election,in turkey in 2018,yeah and even the way that he explains,how his family came to this country,seemed inauthentic in and of itself,right trying to kind of say okay you can,relate to me right they came here,legally you know and it just seemed kind,of inauthentic even coming from him in,the way in which he wanted to kind of,ingratiate himself with the crowd let me,read some of what you you have talked,about here um in your piece if trump,showed everyone what a powerful tool,twitter in particular could be to,amplify his message oz has demonstrated,that for a less adept social media user,the platform can be a liability,betraying the hidden flaws of a,political candidate couldn't couldn't a,rally in support of as i wonder here as,we take a listen to kind of what your,analysis is on his usage of social media,couldn't this kind of amplify,write these,shortcomings,oh yeah i mean he he does better when,he's hiding he does worse when he's out,there and you see this again and again,he just is kind of he just can't sell,himself and and maybe because he never,has had to remember he was a surgeon he,went to ivy league college ivy league,medical school he has this incredible,pedigree that's very fancy but now he,needs to go out and charm people and,that is kind of not what he can do it's,also interesting that i do think they're,really coming up against the problem,that that a lot of trump is a misfit,built on this kind of racism and they,and and real anti-immigrant sentiment,legal or otherwise so him saying well,they were legal immigrants i'm not sure,these trumpy people care so much yeah um,i want to play for your little sound of,the former president last night kind of,making this really egregious shocking,claim about john fetterman and and drug,usage,um let's play it and then we'll talk the,other side molly,veteran supports taxpayer-funded drug,dens,and the complete decriminalization of,illegal drugs including,heroin,cocaine crystal meth,and ultra lethal fentanyl and by the way,he takes them himself,it's honestly shocking to hear backed up,obviously with with no evidence to put,something like that out there again a,guy who just had this kind of massive,stroke and then essentially calling him,a drug abuser,well it's trump 101 right he always says,stuff like that right hillary couldn't,use bleach on her emails i mean he is he,lies and that's what we've seen again,and again and so i'm not super surprised,about that but i am curious to see what,the fetterman camp will do with this,because yeah trump has opened the door,to them using this now how they use it,i'll be interested to see they've been,extremely good at social media and,they've used a lot of you know the,campaign raised half a million dollars,on oz's crudite plate,uh so,i think it's an opportunity for them,molly junkfest as always,someone i love to get crudite with i,mean who doesn't love good crew

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POTUS' B-Day & Molly's Deleted Tweet!!!

POTUS' B-Day & Molly's Deleted Tweet!!!

well today is POTUS s birthday happy,birthday POTUS thank you so much for,everything you've done for us president,Trump we really appreciate you and we're,so glad you're our president anyway,we're going to talk a little bit about,that and then we're going to talk about,some of the things going on with the,protests and I have an update a little,bit on that one Circuit Court Judge that,is on the Flynn case and then we're,gonna talk a little bit about Molly and,her deleted tweet so lots of stuff on,the schedule,stay with me folks and I'll be with you,in a minute,hey everybody this is Deb with truth,vacation Chronicles and although I'm,recording this on the evening of the,13th you should see it on the morning of,the 14th I hope if everything goes right,and I just wanted to wish our president,a happy birthday and if you're a boater,this is something you might want to,participate in now I'm gonna have to,shut down the sound on this because,music is really picky and they can give,you copyright strikes on it really easy,but with the video I think I'm okay on,that so here we go and here we have I,love the design on this that's really,cool but yeah here we are is dramatic,music is what it is going on in the,background and you have all these,boaters that are coming from all over,the country that are going to be,celebrating president Trump's birthday I,think this is so wonderful and it's,already started in Michigan I think they,had 2,000 boats already that they were,out there so if you've got a boat and,you're at the end of this it'll show you,some of the places they're gonna be so,if you've got a boat get out there you,know celebrate our president and you,know encourage him I think this is one,of the best ways to show them our,support so this this is really great and,this is from the yachting lifestyle and,so how crazy we are but you know we're,out there celebrating our country and be,there I just think this is great right,here what they're doing so here's all,the places that they're gonna be if,you're anywhere near those you know,check it out and there's lots of other,places like I said Lake Michigan they're,having some too so I'm sure the other,Great Lakes are probably having,something as well so if you are,interested go to boaters for a brighter,future org and check it out I just think,that's really great it's a wonderful way,to show President Trump that we,appreciate him anyway,that's the first thing I have for you,and then I wanted to show you this,because the anons believe,that there is a plan that the left are,going to swarm in and they're really,going to attack president Trump's,Twitter account just because of this so,what we need is if you have a Twitter,account make sure you get in there and,you get a lot of good tweets in on his,posts whenever he posts so that we can,flood them out we just want to make sure,that that when people go there they're,seeing positive things instead of all,the negative we may not be able to fight,the algorithm but we can at least do our,part to show him our support so that's,something if you are you know on Twitter,and I know a lot of you aren't but,that's okay if you are just that would,be something to really go after memes at,the ready so I want to play just a,little bit of a clip on this for you I'm,not gonna play the whole thing but I,will leave the link down below as I,always do so you can go watch this full,clip cuz it's well worth it why is it,that this guy is different it's because,unlike any other president he could have,been in the ruling class he said no,things he had enough money to be in the,ruling class he's got more money than,James call me Andrew McCabe Peter,structure of smirk has lover lisa page,and the person who probably published,his book combined and multiplies times,100 he's the only president in modern,history to have his own plane and,actually go to probably a smaller plane,when he becomes president the only,president presidents that was a,best-selling author number one TV show,on The Apprentice NBC literally was in,every single rap song was glamorized,President Barack Obama said the American,dream is to be what is to be Donald,Trump that's what he said the American,dream was why is that this guy's office,in the populists here he's supposed to,be part of the ruling class it's because,he's a defector from it it's because he,was in the dinners he was in a cocktail,parties he heard the language he heard,the contempt that the ruling class the,Wall Street financiers the Washington DC,lobbyists and the silicon valley elites,that he had to be around,he knew the contempt that they had for,the plumber electrician the carpenter,the bricklayer and the person building,the very same building that he was,financing so he took the woman rank,mentality the philosophy that built that,woman rank quicker and better than,anyone could have imagined despite the,New York City bureaucracy in the,minister the municipal burdensome,rulz he said I'm gonna bring this to,Washington you

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How Molly Jong-fast tweeted her way to liberal media stardom

How Molly Jong-fast tweeted her way to liberal media stardom

written by Michael m grinbaum Molly Jong,fast had just finished interviewing vice,president Kamala Harris for her podcast,when she hopped in an Uber SUV headed to,the century the Manhattan literary Club,where she was throwing a book party for,media critic Margaret Sullivan a friend,the editors of Rolling Stone and Vanity,Fair greeted her with hugs,the owner of the new Republic win,McCormick stopped to say hello,I just interviewed the vice president,Zhang fast gushed,the vice president McCormick replied,brow furrowing of the United States for,much of her life Zhang fast 44 was known,for being the daughter of her mother,Erica Jung whose novel fear of flying is,a feminist classic,Zhang fast went to rehab at 19 married,at 23 and wrote a couple of novels in a,book of essays about her Bohemia by way,of Park Avenue upbringing now within a,certain rarified slice of American,political life she is a star,on Wednesday she joined Vanity Fair as a,special correspondent one million people,follow her on Twitter the first guest on,her new podcast produced by the mega,Network I heart media was President Joe,Biden's chief of staff,ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections she,has interviewed since Bernie Sanders and,Chuck Schumer Julia Louis-Dreyfus John,fetterman and Harris a lineup rivaling,MSNBC,from her Manhattan living room Zhang,fast marshaled a weapons-grade Twitter,habit and a penchant for sliding into,journalists DMS to catapult herself into,the Beating Heart of left-wing media,her eyes is a testament to the power of,social media the increasingly blurred,lines between armchair pundits and,professional commentators and the,opportunism of writers on the right and,the left who used Donald Trump's,presidency to reinvent themselves,her eyes is also about the flight to,ideological Comfort among news consumers,in a partisan era and about Zhong fast,and her ability to win friends wear her,privilege lightly and help anxious,liberals cope with a chaotic moment,she speaks and writes in a way that is,incredibly relatable to a group of,people that don't ordinarily have a,colonist that speaks to them said Noah,shockedman the editor of Rolling Stone,who praised her black of her umph one,superfan artist Diana Weimar stitched,enough needlepoints of Joe,I'm so grateful I got sober before,social media at Molly Jong fast for much,of her life John fast 44 was known for,being the daughter of her mother Erica,Zhang the New York Times last month,Zhang fast sat barefoot in her spacious,but homie Upper East Side Co-op,surrounded by the bricabrack,as one dog was groomed in the dining,room another nestled in her lap in her,makeshift home podcast Studio John fast,had just wrapped a zoom interview with,Gisele Barreto fetterman wife of the,Pennsylvania Senate candidate,I was a drug addict I nearly died I got,sober I've had this incredible run Zhang,fast said,a lot of kids who grew up like I grew up,are not high functioning,I feel very grateful her parents split,up when she was three,her mother busy being a cultural icon,often left Zhang fast with her,grandparents including Howard fast that,Spartacus novelist and communist,activist who served prison time in the,McCarthy era and introduced Molly to,left-wing politics,her mother Zhang fast notes was an early,adopter of oversharing in 1985 Erica,moved six-year-old Molly from New York,to the Beverly Hilton for a month,because she was developing a sitcom,based on her daughter's experience with,divorce,a pilot aired but not before John fast's,father Jonathan fast sued and demanded,that his ex-wife change the character's,name from Molly to Megan,a review in the New York Times praised,the show's appealing breeziness,quote closing parenthesis Zhang fast is,dyslexic and did poorly in school her,ejection from Dalton she said was a,seismic shock for her intellectual,family,she got into alcohol and drugs after,spending time at Hazelden the A-list,rehab center Zhong fast at 21 published,a Roman a clef about her struggles,that was what my mother did she said,referring to the act of novelizing one's,life,so I just thought that was what you're,supposed to do the reviews were vicious,she married her husband an English,Professor turned venture capitalist had,three children and wrote another book,but she felt at a loss I was like my,life has no meaning she recalled,I was not put on this Earth to write,Chiclet novels,her writing on politics at the forward,Drew little notice,then Trump came down the escalator,at some point I realized this guy was,gonna win and I was like why isn't,everyone hysterical she recalled that's,when I really started tweeting she,tweeted her angst 5 10 15 times a day,sometimes she would merely reply to,Trump's tweets scoring likes and,retweets for her Punchy responses,she replied to journalists and posted,links to their stories,conservative commentator Bill Crystal,hired her to write for his site the,bulwark she traveled on her own dime to,cover Trump rallies in conservative,conferences mingling wit

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Molly Jong-Fast — Election Night Coverage

Molly Jong-Fast — Election Night Coverage

not live,so welcome to intergenerational politics,with jill wine banks and victors here,where we host weekly political,discussions that are engaging and,relevant to all generations,my name is victor xi i'll be an incoming,freshman at ucla next year also the pro,co-host of this podcast with jill,and i'm joel weinbanks the author of the,watergate girl,about my experiences during the,watergate trial,as the only woman on the trial team and,some of my other,jobs after that i'm also an msnbc,contributor and,very excited to be hosting this podcast,with victor,and our special guest tonight yeah so,tonight is the moment that we've all,been waiting for um and we're all,stressed we're all anxious,so we have with us molly john fast who,is a senior editor,um at the daily beast um and we are so,excited to have you so first thank you,so much for being here on especially on,such,short notice well thanks for having me,i'm thrilled to get to do it i'm glad to,not be watching the exit poll,yeah yeah like we all are so you know,it's been a long and tiring campaign so,far,luckily for us uh hopefully luckily um,election day is here,you know you've been covering the race,been writing for the daily beast you,know,how are you holding up during the stress,um what are you doing to cope with that,you know i did i mean it's,hard i think it's really hard and this,is like not a normal election,it's not like mitt romney is going to be,president if the democrat doesn't win,it's like this lunatic who has no plan,for the country i also think it's just,it's hard to watch people get so tricked,again you know i was watching some,interviews with voters,and and you know you there are people,who believe,trump still after all this time,and it's kind of shocking so um,you know i'm i'm concerned and we just,saw basically that florida's gonna go,for trump,which is really pretty scary and,you know i i it's hard i mean i don't,know,i mean i don't think you wanna stay sane,when things are crazy,like i think you wanna be you know,where the world is yeah for sure,we are definitely all extremely anxious,i know i,i don't think i have ever felt this,level of anxiety,um never ever have i felt this,and and i'm just wondering from you know,your expert,viewpoint what are you looking for in,the results,so far and what are you expecting in the,next few,hours that might give us some predictive,value about how the overall election is,going to turn out,well if biden wins north carolina or,georgia or florida,it's over right if he wins any of those,three states,because it shows right,that the rest it it's you know those are,states that should not,be going to biden i mean except with the,exception of florida,so uh if he wins north carolina i don't,think he's going to win georgia but i,think he might win north carolina if he,wins north carolina that's a big deal,um if jamie harrison wins,south carolina again i think it's a long,shot but if that happens that's a big,deal,um so we'll see that if joni ernst,loses her seat to teresa greenfield,in iowa that will be you know there's,you know it's i mean mo what i think,we're seeing and what i saw in florida,earlier when we was watching,kornacki go through the big board was,that,um biden is over performing in the white,suburbs,right the reason why he's losing florida,is because,he lost with the cubans right that trump,was able to get out this message that,you know democrats or communists or,whatever and that,speaks to these cuban voters because,they've lived they lived into castro who,has been dead for five years but,whatever so,um i think that certainly biden is for,overperforming hillary,in those white suburbs if that,continues to hold i think you'll see him,be able to deliver a north carolina and,a win because remember hillary didn't,lose by a lot,she just lost by a little um so,i think i think i still think biden's,going to win but whether or not,he wins trump knows he's not going to,win outright,trump is preparing to steal it so,whether we have the fight of our lives,for the next,couple months i mean certainly possible,and i hope democrats won't do,what they did in 2000 i hope they'll,fight,i think the legal stuff is continuing,the u.s postal service missed the,deadline set by,judge sullivan right they are holding on,to,a lot of mail-in ballots they are,sitting,in post offices yeah i don't think,that's an accident,you have trump and his postmaster,general,who made a real effort to interfere with,the election by interfering with the,post office,last election we worried about russians,this time i'm worried about domestic,terrorism and the administration,interfering with our election,so do you have any sense of what time we,might be able to,take a deep breath and say we have,enough results to know the outcome,one way or the other um if,biden wins north carolina i will feel,really good and i will be like,this is you know uh if biden loses north,carolina georgia and florida,we're up until look if you know,right now texas doesn't

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Molly Jong-Fast on How to Save A Democracy in Peril and Danger | FULL Interview

Molly Jong-Fast on How to Save A Democracy in Peril and Danger | FULL Interview

welcome back to igran politics this is a,podcast that makes politics engaging and,relevant for all generations this is,victor xi i'm currently a sophomore at,ucla was elected as the youngest,delegate for joe biden and also,co-host's podcast,and i'm jill wine banks and welcome back,not just to igen politics but welcome to,2022 this is our first recording of the,year,i'm the author of the watergate girl and,the wearer of,jill's,and today in honor of our special guest,who is a writer i'm wearing a pen as my,pin,and i got to say that correctly,like jill said it's 2022 which means,that this year the abiding,administration must achieve its goals,before the midterm elections that means,passing voting rights and components of,the build back better and defeating the,pandemic before the midterm elections,swing into full gear on top of that this,year is critical for the future of our,democracy how do we protect it where and,how much accountability is needed,our guest today is molly jong fast,and she is here to talk to us about all,of those things,as we begin the new year and look ahead,to what's coming,molly is the editor at large of the,daily beast she is also a regular,contributor to vogue and the host of the,abnormal podcast,most recently molly became a weekly,columnist at the atlantic producing a,column called wait what,thank you so much for being here with us,today molly,well thank you for having me i'm,thrilled to be here,we are so glad and we'll talk about the,unique events of 2021 in the political,landscape of 2022 um but before we do so,one of the things that we love doing on,this podcast is allowing our audience to,get to know better the people they read,hear or see,for you both your parents were writers,and i'm wondering how they shaped or,influenced what you're doing now,so i actually my my,so my grandfather howard fast was a,pretty famous writer and and in the 70s,he had a party,and at that party my mother met my,father and my father was a writer but,you know he wrote science fiction,and my grandfather at that time was,writing these uh,very successful but pretty mainstream,novels,about uh,these families sort of dynasty kind of,as a book that were very in style,and he was also writing tv and movies so,uh but i didn't grow up in los angeles i,grew up in new york so,i would say that what,i thought growing up was that,being a writer was a really good career,where you could,support a family that is completely,insane and so had i grown up in a normal,family where my father had been a doctor,or my mother had been a lawyer i think i,would have would be a little more sane,and have a little more of a sense of,what uh normal people do and how they,make a living so that has influenced me,because i don't know that i would have,been a writer had i grown up in a normal,family this is one of those times when,the intergenerational aspect of this,show comes into play because of course i,knew and read howard fast and victor was,well victor doesn't i'm sure,well then thank goodness you are a,writer but i mean how did you get to,where you were or i guess are today,so i wrote so i've had like sort of an,interesting i haven't had a completely,straight line in my,uh career i started out writing novels,when i was young which is a little bit,like a lot of times people start out,like i wish i had started out working in,a newsroom,being like a fact checker and started,out in a more traditional,in a more traditional background because,i think it would have really helped me,learn a lot of stuff that i didn't that,i had to learn later which was harder,um but i started out writing novels and,then i went to writing nonfiction i'd,always written essays but i,hadn't written like more non-fiction,reporting and so i got to that later in,my career,um,i i don't it's a very kind of unusual,way to do it usually it's sort of the,opposite,interesting um so let's get into this,here in last year so we're done with,2021 so i guess let's get an overview,maybe on your thoughts of 2021 and what,you expect to see in 2022,i mean it's the midterms right i i'm,worried i want to know what jill thinks,about,why merrick garland hasn't,gone after the ringleaders of january,6th and is he going to now sorry okay,let me answer that okay well yeah,i think that,hopefully merrick garland is conducting,an investigation through his staff,that because the appropriate way for the,department of justice to function is in,silence and secrecy,not to leak things that they may be,doing a lot of work that we don't know,about,to me there would be no excuse,one for not investigating and two based,on what is already public for not,indicting for a number of crimes some of,which go back to for example the mueller,report and the obstruction of justice,that's pretty obvious some of which are,clearly under investigation in new york,which has to do with taxes,i still want to know what happened to,the audit he said he was under audit in,2015.,it's now 2022. i'm sorry but audits,don't tak

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Elon Musk is the King of Trolls. But Can the Media Stop Feeding Him? | The Mehdi Hasan Show

Elon Musk is the King of Trolls. But Can the Media Stop Feeding Him? | The Mehdi Hasan Show

I admit it I spend a lot of time talking,online about Elon Musk last year I took,the bait I was frequently outraged and,annoyed by trollish tweets from the then,world's richest man and I made that,clear on multiple platforms I even,tweeted out the Tesla CEO multiple times,asking him to come on my show and,finally answer some real questions and I,have a feeling this kind of attention is,just what musk wants since taking over,Twitter musk's posts per day nearly,doubled according to one analysis an,engagement with his account has,skyrocketed including an almost hundred,percent increase in likes after all he's,now the second richest man on earth and,the very vocal owner of one of the most,influential Communications platforms,there is that is difficult to ignore but,ignoring him is exactly what some,journalists are advocating Laura Miller,writes insane as with most trolls the,point of musk's vapidly provocative,tweets is to offend and alarm his,ideological enemies whose outrage only,serves to boost his signal to the Great,Big World Beyond Twitter and in New York,Magazine Ross Park can argues that,musk's Shenanigans distract from the,sins of other billionaires billionaires,who may be even doing more damage to our,political system,suddenly I'm having flashbacks to the,Trump presidency where we were faced,with a similar dilemma how do you cover,a powerful troll without boosting his,ideas and giving him the attention he,craves or is it possible to ignore a,trawler super influential troll without,also allowing him to evade scrutiny the,Twitter CEO may not be as powerful as,the former president but musk's,influence and I would argue negative,influence on our politics on our,democracy on our media is pretty,undeniable so when ignoring musk and,tweeting out or about him both have good,arguments in their favor,what's a Twitter addicted journalist,like myself to do,we talked about Twitter trolls nearly,one year ago exactly before musk's,Twitter takeover with two people who are,back with me today to revisit that,conversation Vanity Fair special,correspondent Molly Zhang fast also the,host of The Fast politics with Molly,jungfast podcast and John Scott Railton,a senior researcher at the citizen lab,which focuses on the intersection,between information Technologies human,rights and Global Security thank you,both for coming back on the show Molly,this is just another iteration of the,question I've been asking since Trump,ran for president how do you cover the,ridiculous or even dangerous things that,Elon Musk says or does on Twitter,without amplifying that message without,giving him more of the attention that he,so clearly craves,well so we have had this problem for a,long time right we had it with Trump I,do think though that this kind of,attention tends to Peter out pretty,quickly like when trump it didn't it,wore it sort of lasted long enough to,get him elected but it didn't you know,it didn't work for him again in 2020,right we got a little smarter about the,way we covered him and it certainly,hasn't worked for him it you know I mean,even and you had Trump had a lot of,these people like Carrie like who sort,of well they got a lot of media,attention didn't weren't able to capture,votes so I do think that there's sort of,a time limit on it and you see with with,Elon he really he dominated the new,cycle for you know a couple months but,now he's sort of you know he every tweet,kind of hurts him you're he's in a kind,of weird self-destructive tailspin at,this point which I think is pretty,interesting it certainly cost him a fair,few billion uh John are there lessons to,be learned from how we rightly or,wrongly covered Trump's tweets when he,was on Twitter when we now deal with,musk's massive and very trollish Twitter,presence,good to be back here you know I think,that the outrage that we experience and,often express about Trump is part of,what got him to where he is and since,Trump's rise and fall we got a couple,lessons one is now that he is harder to,amplify there's more friction when it,comes to moving Trump from truth social,and what he says there into Twitter we,see that he loses a lot of his teeth,musk now is kind of the new person who,has created a huge amount of anger and,frustration at what he said and is again,writing that same way but as Molly,points out he has also entered a,self-destructive suckle I think that the,main lesson to be drawn here is we have,to be careful and not play into,algorithms that push us to amplify and,provide larger platforms to people we,disagree with if you wouldn't hand out a,pamphlet full of a person's views you,shouldn't be quote treating them,it's a very good point and it all sounds,great in theory but in practice it,becomes much more difficult um Molly,let's have a look at two different Elon,Musk tweets from the last couple of,months this one from the day before,election day to independent-minded,voters shared power curbs the worst,excesses of both parties therefore I,recommend voting

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Molly Jong-Fast

Molly Jong-Fast

hi everyone this is two broads talking,politics live,and i am on with returning guest molly,jong fast who,is a writer and an editor of the daily,beast,and the co-host of the new abnormal,podcast hi molly hi,thanks for having me yeah so uh molly,and i are both juggling you know,being moms and school going on in our,houses,and election stress and,everything else i'm in a makeshift,studio in my hallway,because there's you know class going on,in multiple other rooms,so molly it's election day how are you,feeling,you know it's really stressful i think,like,we're all so freaked out from last time,that it's hard not to be i mean it's,hard not to just,fall into that again so this morning,i you know i know it's gonna be a late,night and i'm gonna have to write,and like do a lot of you know podcasty,stuff etc,so i i slept late till seven,and then i got on the exercise bike,and then i had a cronut,and then i stared at the television and,felt like i was gonna throw up for three,hours,so i mean you know we don't know,anything we don't have any,you know we have some early votes which,are huge but,does that mean they're hugely democrat,they're due to the republican you know,we can see a little bit but not really,and then we don't know i mean there are,good things that we know which is there,hasn't been violence,which is not nothing you know,and polls are moving pretty pretty,smoothly,there isn't like massive you know,outages in different places so all of,that,is huge and really good like that is,really really good,so but you know we're not really gonna,start knowing stuff until,seven and then eight and nine,and who know you know i mean who knows,so it's festival yeah definitely,our mornings sound similar i also had to,get on the exercise bike this morning i,was like i'm a ball of stress,that stress needs to go somewhere,so how did you vote you voted,i voted early new york has never ever,ever had early voting,ever and uh this was her first,time ever so it was exciting but it was,not without,its hiccups aoc actually talked about it,um there was this you know,lines and lines and lines and back up,but when we went,uh it was a couple days into early,voting was that sunday,and so it had been going on for a week,and we went in,at eight o'clock in the morning and then,we went out it was easy,so but you know early voting is really,exciting,and has really changed the way americans,look at democracy because,voting was very you know voting was if,you can get off work on tuesday you can,vote,and now all of a sudden voting is,saturday or sunday or friday or monday,and that,is very good for democracy so,there are a lot of very cool things,happening,um but yeah no it's very stressful i,mean,this is not like a normal election it's,not like if democrats lose we get mid,you know like if democrats lose we get,like,you know more ice raids and you know,uh you know no vaccine until,whenever trump feels like it and he,fires fouchy,and he tries to get everyone to get hurt,immunity i mean,there's a lot on the table that i,there's a lot on the table,most signs seem to be promising but it,feels like every time i,show any hope people are sort of pushing,back like we can't have hope hope is,dangerous okay,have you felt that too um yeah i wrote a,piece for a vogue this weekend about,that,people are very superstitious about this,election,and that there's a feeling that you know,maybe,we're not gonna you know it will keep,people from voting or i'll do this or,i'll do that,i would say i think some of it is that,it's just such an important election,that people are scared,i think some of it is that four years,ago we did not know how,like if you would ask me that if there,would be people who would vote for this,reality television host,who called all mexicans rapists i would,be like no that would never happen like,you know and oh and people,did and a lot of people and what,is the worst thing about trumpism and,about all of this,is that the more people who vote against,trump the more,it's a it you know we're rejecting,trumpism we're rejecting racism,and sexism and all the other kind of,divisive stuff,so the more he loses by the better it is,for american,society right it means that people care,about those things,you know a vote for trump is you're not,you know a vote for trump is a vote for,like lower taxes and i don't care what,happened to the other guy,and that is not um you know that is not,a great look,for america and so there is a lot,hanging in the balance here and it is,not just about,trumpism it's about like who are we as a,country,are we a country that wants to be better,or are we a country that wants to be,shitty,and in 2016 we were a country that just,wanted to be shitty,so it is you know it's very hard i think,there's a lot going on,so you uh you have certainly joined,forces,uh with some never trumpers you host the,new abnormal with rick wilson,you know what what do you think is going,to happen to these sort of coalitions,that we've built,over the p

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