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The WORST NBA Players Deleted Tweets...all right we did earlier we did NFL,players best deleted twee

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

The WORST NBA Players Deleted Tweets...

all right we did earlier we did NFL,players best deleted tweets yeah which I,just think is going to be so funny 10,years in the future when everybody's,just got the worst tweets everywhere uh,we have NBA player deleted tweets which,I imagine are probably worse okay oh my,God Kevin Durant is a menace on Twitter,I know this would be horrible bro he's,actually a menace it's Kraken in Taiwan,but I'm getting a massage and this lady,put this hot ass oil on my back so I'm,about to fart what it says get back that,is July 2013. so it's nine years ago how,old is he right now he would have been,like 22 at the time how old's Kevin,Durant oh wait no Kevin Durant is like,30 he's 33 years older yeah so he would,have been 24 10 years ago yeah and it's,24. I respect it Scarlett Johansson I,will drink your bath water there's,nothing wrong with that I would drink,Scarlett Johansson's bathwater that one,gets brought up a lot I have Kevin,Durant and Scarlett Johansson ever spoke,about this because Kevin Durant is a,super super high profile 24 thousand,retweets and twenty two thousand likes I,think I don't know if it's still up but,I guarantee it's way over that now oh,yeah probably oh my gosh yeah cause I,was in 2011. holy I want to play,with Oklahoma City for my whole career,yikes Hey listen dude some people's,opinions change okay that was an 0-9 so,yeah realistically Cody Zeller love the,profile picture Cody Zeller I'm giving,out free smooches tomorrow to all cute,girls so nobody feels left out there's,plenty to go around I got a family-sized,bag of them that just sounds so Papito I,was just gonna say that it sounds like,get in my van I got some candy even like,the family size bag yeah that's about,what made it sound sketch to me is the,family size bag part giving out free kid,you gotta love the like Jesus profile,picture on that too he's blending in,with all the priests Maurice harkless,I'm tweeting in the shower feeling like,a fiend plus I was tweeting to a boy,that's the kind of gay I don't know I'm,gonna give him a benefit right there,dude do you remember that that um,commercial that went around honors like,when you say gay do you realize what,you're saying no do you remember that's,a commercial it was this whole PSA,because gay was like the most common,word at the time yeah and like the the,mainstream media fought so hard to make,it a word that you shouldn't say in,hindsight you shouldn't say it the way,we all said it right right but like this,is just so like imagine an NBA player,tweeting that out right now bro 12 years,later yeah I gotta eat bro you'd have to,go through so much ER nonsense dude they,would probably get suspended you think,oh yes 100 yes yes for violating yes,absolutely the Shrek movie wasn't too,good the best part was when the donkey,Eddie Murphy called The Gingerbread Man,a cracker I was dying I don't know Lavoy,Allen is although he's got a fire at,Chef Boyardee mans is with a sauce I,respect it,oh he didn't even spell you're right,come on Kyle Lowry okay loud so that was,back when it was acceptable oh nine baby,yes I'm guarantee Kyle Lowry did not get,in trouble for this because this was he,said this in 2000 2010 today after my,birthday he's feeling some type of way I,just turned 12 I think probably talking,about you he is talking about me he was,tweeting at me Twitter what is with,everyone in The Game Twitter I'm gay I'm,admitting it I love looking at guy's,penis dude wow that's someone on his,team I gotta give him credit he even,used the correct apostrophe because it,was a plurals guy's penises yeah so the,correct way to do that when there's an S,at the end of the world is just an,apostrophe and no additional s whoever,took his phone or if it was him himself,and he was just wanted to admit it,perfect grammar perfect uh English I,respect it not many people get that,correct well done RJ Hunter Monday is,like her that sounds like,something I will hear at Faster Horses,that sounds like something here at a,country music festival,I'm surprised boss didn't try to cop a,feel on the middle of the fight he's gay,as ,Jesus these are brutal bro this is like,back in the MW2 days when you if you,were a little in the pre-game,Lobby oh my God you would never talk I'm,gonna start saying even controller,again when I see a girl who's just,ratching she's yelling at me I'ma say,you got her ,that one's so good oh my God Seth Curry,mom's sexy as hell damn she cute,that's scary Terry yeah that he,definitely tweeted that when he was,really young I don't know how old,terror's here is but hold up I do need,to look that up Tara's ear is 28 so he,tweeted that when he was 17.,classic big classic all right we'll keep,it Hornets oh yeah he's on the Hornets,put this brown thing in that room,Lillard hey Lou that's probably just a,rap lyric though so I gotta give all,right,if you can't afford porn just turn on,women's tennis and shut your eyes that's,actually funny that's actually hilarious,classic you gotta love it it only has 36,re

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The Worst NFL Players Deleted Tweets…

The Worst NFL Players Deleted Tweets…

let's do this incredible nfl and ex-nfl,players deleted tweets made by our very,own zach zach thank you so much let's,get it the best yes the best straight,off the bat that's how you started out,zach mitch trubisky when was this this,is 27th of december 2011. i love to kiss,titties a little post christmas action,he must have left that on there for a,minute to get all those retweets and,likes well i guess two things you never,would notice you know like how would you,ever know to go back and find those,number two i have to imagine that this,is gonna be a way more massive problem,in the future because like dude you're,talking about like the depths of twitter,this is when twitter just started yeah i,mean this is like nobody tweets but you,got these kids now who have had twitter,since they're like 10. true and they,tweet constantly and then they balloon,into like famousness and now you're,gonna go back you're going to see a lot,of heart already the facebook memories i,always have and like that was our,twitter kind of growing up for me and,you because we were always just posting,like,in downtown and then you would be like,oh i just seen you or just like some,dumb and this is like when we're in,like sixth grade yeah so like dude the,kids growing up now like they don't,really use facebook facebook's kind of, done facebook is from twitter,twitter and instagram and snapchat but,snapchat is smart kiddos if you're gonna,drop something put it on snap right,but if you really have to get out of,your system and put it on snapchat he,also tweeted hell yeah go packers that's,classic because he just got clapped by,them year after year after year 2015.,you know he has a shot at i don't know,if the steelers play the packers this,year but if they do he has a shot at,actually beating them finally because,the steelers defense can carry cindy,wait what san diego chargers in 2007.,so hungry need to find my wife and head,to pf changs,wait so so was it just some guy's,twitter that they converted to the, chargers twitter buddy forgot to,log out of the chargers twitter account,and back into his home but this is in,2007. no no this is in 2007 and then,someone found it again on the oh so i'm,thinking well no you could be right too,but i'm thinking what happened is it was,somebody's account who works for the,chargers and when twitter first came out,they're like oh well i already have a,twitter account let's just change it to,san diego chargers you see what i'm,saying it'd be like if i took my twitter,account right now and i changed the name,to ppwiener buttsex69 yeah yeah yeah and,then i still had all my old tweets as i,see,yeah that or yeah i think you just log,into the wrong account in 07. this guy, loves pfj though i guess so,makes me kind of crave some pf jags p.f,that's fire classic the bottom one i'll,take my face out it says pf changs is so,good guy just loves bfg former wide,receiver for the bills from 08 to 13,thanks for the context stevie johnson,war is nothing to be played with i,apologize north korea but if y'all do,bomb first bomb fox bro mass sincerely,hashtag,you know i bet at the time this was just,like this should be the equivalent of,tweeting out about like russia ukraine,right now but hopefully if it all boils,over and nothing happens you know 10,years from now we'll all get a good,laugh about it right this is probably,the least funny thing at the time,probably you know how you know because,there's a thousand comments and 2 700,likes that is not a good ratio on,twitter on twitter you want like 10 000,likes and like 100 replies yeah versace,versace i bust in your girl mouth and,now,why is that is that a rat bar i'm,googling that is that a real rap bar,well the song like versace i forget what,who sings i just mean like did he make,up his own freestyle yeah wait so he's,like what 23 right now so this is when,he was 13. no way that is so true i did,not think about that oh my god yeah how,did they find this dude i love it he,literally made that up that is his own,bar that it's his own bar the migos did,definitely not say it like that oh my,josh allen has a boat load,no way are these real 2012. all from,2012 it looks like no 2013. making hoes,wobble like a bridge and an earthquake,i feel like a viagra pill with a face,punches,jesus he quote tweets at dictator hitler,how old is he how old is josh allen,right now yeah that's my quarterback how,old is josh allen dude these are some,heaters here's he's 25 so in 2012 he,would have been 13 again right 13 is,just a minute no you can't be 13 again,that doesn't make any sense oh,no it does it's 20 22. that was 10 years,ago so he's 15. i like touching younger,kids peters nice one josh that's a tough,one driving naked have you ever driven,naked serious question no i can't,imagine a scenario,where are you gonna get in your car,naked and then get out where it's okay,to be out naked i could see like getting,road head but even then what are you,stripping you're taking your shoes off,what's g

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Brady's Twitter Fans are a Different Breed...

Brady's Twitter Fans are a Different Breed...

let me just start this video by saying,yes dude i know that tom brady is the,ghost bro,there's no question tom brady's a goat,so let's just put that out there okay,but for some reason for tom brady's fans,whether that's patriots who've now,bandwagoned to the buccaneers literal,tom brady die hards or buccaneers fans,who are so grateful for him when is,enough enough okay we get it he's the go,he's the greatest football player of all,time why do you have to be on twitter so,mad relax you have the best player of,all time on your team nobody's arguing,that okay this isn't a lebron jordan,debate there's no debate nobody's in his,realm other than it maybe will clap he,has to retire still so we'll see that's,why he's the goat,look out,the reason i start out with this rant is,because i tweeted this out after the,buccaneers cowboys game how is tom brady,the goat if he has the most,interceptions of any quarterback this,season okay number one obvious bait an,actual nine-year-old with 35 iq could,tell you that that is bait i'm fishing,okay i'm just joking and my tweets,usually do all right but this one kind,of popped off sixteen thousand likes 205,quotes i'm like oh people think this is,funny no that's not what it was people,were pissed about this i had people like,actually dming me how upset they were,that i would say such a thing about tom,brady and i want to walk you through,some of them because they're so there's,also some funny replies too here's my,first one what's your point idiot 300,regular season games oh shiver me,timbers shut up man all right slash,whoosh,dude he's literally encouraging pat,mcafee to be pissed at me at pam agnes,show you follow this adolescent tool,hopefully this is just another charity,case like you did for the old bald spot,i don't even know what he's talking,about here julius caesar is absolutely,not having it he also has the most rings,out of anybody who played just shut the, up shut the up because when it,matters the most he always seems to get,it done for the last 20 years and won,possession games and he gets the ball at,least he always comes come through in,the big way,so i had a stroke during the middle of,that but you get the idea man is on face,for 34 interceptions right now what's,funnier than anything about this whole,thing is tom brady realistically threw,zero interceptions that game like i know,you can't go back through and change the,stat but if there's a way where you're,kind of supposed to they do this in,baseball a little bit i almost think,they should leonard fernett stone hands,and then a hail mary like the hail mary,is a 50 50 ball you have to chuck it up,in case your team catches it but you,know it's still an interception on his,record brady has more interceptions than,jameis winston jameis winston might be,in the top three for nfl mvp right now,whoa whoa whoa now you got too much dip,on your chip this isn't spanish but i'm,guessing this says facts no opinions i,don't know what that means i'm sure some,of you can help me out but more,interceptions tonight than peyton,manning had in the past five years,that is a good one i like that one who,is your goat then,and who will pass brady's super bowl,records playing 20 plus years put an o,line in front of him and some weapons to,throw plus running backs he got bored,winning rig's goat minus three he lost,he almost might be reverse baiting me,this is such a bad reply he's either,blackout drunk posting this or he's,reverse baiting me i don't know the,stats offhand but i bet he has one of,the highest throw slash play percentages,farv was one of the greatest of all time,but holds the record for most,interceptions in a season slash career,bro what the season just started pipe it,down only thing i'm piping down is your,mom buddy,they should suspend your account for 24,hours for saying something like that,also this video is brought to you by, the global brand for men's,grooming and hygiene products you guys,know i love manscaped i talk about them,all the time and in case you've been,living under a rock they recently,dropped the greatest ball trimmer on the,planet an upgrade from the lawnmower 3.0,this is the lawnmower 4.0 it's a,waterproof electric trimmer and you can,get this with the ultimate manscaped,experience when you purchase the,performance package 4.0 bundle the,performance package is probably the most,efficient way to be ready for just about,any moment low more 4.0 will knock out a,ton of that it's waterproof so you can,shave in the shower that's huge got a,little led light to help guide you and,the ceramic blade up here is actually,replaceable and it comes with skin safe,technology gonna help prevent any,accidents you might have and once you're,done in the shower you've got the crop,preserver ball toner you've got the crop,preserver ball deodorant unbelievably,slept on this has saved me at so many,festivals i went to this year thank you,manscaped i love you for a little midday,refresher you've got the crop revi

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Madden 23 Seahawks Fantasy Draft..!

Madden 23 Seahawks Fantasy Draft..!

all right gentlemen it's drop time baby,good to see all you guys and welcome to,the brand new fantasy draft for our,brand new CFM I was saying this a little,bit before but for those of you confused,Electronic Arts sucks good God they're,literally one of the worst video game,companies of all time and recently they,had this error where 60 6-0 of every,single Madden franchise in existence was,completely deleted anybody who tried to,log in from December 28th to December,30th corrupted their franchise and then,it just lost the entire save file now I,think it's funny the number says that 60,were deleted right but the other 40 are,most likely inactive franchises because,if nobody logged in from the 28th to,30th I mean maybe they're just with,their families but 60 were deleted a,good percentage of that 40 are probably,completely inactive and only like five,to ten percent of actual online,franchises made it through an,unbelievable blunder it is so,embarrassing the they get away with,but we are not to be courage we're gonna,make the best of it this is an excellent,opportunity for us to go ahead and start,fresh start brand new with a new,franchise and if you can't tell from the,Jersey this season on the Seattle,Seahawks now obviously it's a fantasy,draft so it's not going to matter what,team I actually am I don't know my draft,pick yet we haven't done anything but,I'd like to welcome you and join me in,having an absolute blast on this brand,new franchise I'm so excited this,franchise things will only be slightly,different number one thing we're gonna,do is we're gonna stop people from stat,patting ridiculously I think it probably,had last season franchise was it wasn't,really fun to even try the MVP race,because if you played good players all,the time it was impossible some people,were putting up 600 yards and six,touchdowns every single game because,they just had bums in their division you,know so we're gonna try and stay away,from that so that everybody has a decent,chance to be in the MVP race but,obviously that's not realistic either we,only have 13 other guys in the league,right now that is to speed up the,fantasy draft but once we get going,we'll have a lot more people we're,looking for a top 10 pick where the,Seattle Seahawks we got a brand new,franchise drum roll please,please I got pick five last CFM my first,CFM I think I was pick seven this is not,Legends by the way this is not Legends,regular teams Legends was cool I didn't,like it that much come on man hey I'm,getting horny out here come on with you,they're toying with Captain top ten top,ten oh he said we started he said we,started oh I started three,two one,our pick is stole,round one pick 20 you know what it's,okay I've never drafted this late I've,never drafted this late I don't know,what it's like let's make the best out,of it all right and just so everybody is,clear I intentionally oh it's not an L,hey it's not now pick 27 can still be,good just so everybody knows we Are,Gonna Fill this league with players but,I did not want 32 people drafting all at,once this would have taken nine hours so,we've only got 13 guys in here they're,probably the 13 most active guys so,they're actually gonna make their picks,everything else would be the CPU it's,not an L pick guys pick 27 means I get a,good player backed up with another good,player Aaron Donald goes to the Raiders,do we take Justin fields we have the,opportunity we have the opportunity to,take Justin Fields right now Kenny,Pickett why really can you pick it even,in here I don't think Parsons is in,there you guys no Michael Parsons got,taken Mad Max Crosby's in there that's,an elite Edge rusher I think I will,weigh down a quarterback listen I'm not,I'm not crazy about Justin Fields I'm,sure he's all right it's just Jalen,hurts 2.0 and Jalen hurts wasn't like,Sailors wasn't anything crazy I think it,might be Max Crosby or wait TJ Watson,there he's probably a better option he's,probably way better huh our Mad Max,might progress a little faster Mad Max,Crosby's pretty young right he's X,Factor 25. how fast is he 85 speed huh,that's tough that would be unique let's,go Max Crosby that's somebody I probably,never draft I think this will be a fun,one they gave me a good pick he's ranked,at 12 in True Value we drafted him at 27,Mad Max Crosby is a Seattle Seahawk oh,I'm up I'm up I'm up oh I'm up dude,there's god tier tight ends still do I,just take a Travis Kelsey do I,rock Max Crosby Travis Kelsey he's gonna,have tight Adam Brett this I could put,crazy routes on him bro I'm about to,take a tight end I could get killed do I,get kiddle cat Kelsey six five kiddo's,six four what abilities does Kittle get,because I like Kittle better 88 speed,Kelsey is 86. kiddo gets all abilities I,think I'm a rock George Kittle bro let's, go let's go George Kettle is a,Seattle Seahawk bro this is the weirdest,draft I've ever done holy I'm used,to the getting quarterback safety,yourself the quarterback made a,linebacker I've never

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Adam Schefter’s Insensitive Haskins Tweet…

Adam Schefter’s Insensitive Haskins Tweet…

but how in god's name it's possible that,an nfl player can die under horrible,circumstances like this he didn't odie,on drugs he didn't get in a dui car,crash that we could still have,negativity surrounding it is absolutely, insane and the two people who,come up when we talk about just the,horrible judgment choices are adam,schefter and gil brandt and i'll get to,gilbrandt after because i think that's a,little less known adam schefter huge,name uh in the sports reporting industry,this is what adam schefter tweeted out,i'm just gonna read it verbatim you guys,can let me know if uh if you agree with,my opinion here dwayne haskins a,standout at ohio state before struggling,to catch on with washington and,pittsburgh in the nfl died this morning,when he got hit by a car in south,florida per his agent haskins would have,turned 25 years old on may 3rd a day,before my birthday how tone deaf,brain dead are you yeah yeah because i,didn't see this tell you just showed me,and i don't even know how to describe,this how can you be this ,ignorant this is adam schefter this,isn't a bot 13 year old account,who has like a mahomes profile picture,is just tweeting dumb just to be,dumb right this is supposedly the most,reputable person in the nfl what,journalism i guess other than ian,rappaport yeah that's ridiculous here's,a tweet that sums up my opinion on this,really well dwayne haskins family,deserves an apology they don't need to,hear about his professional struggles on,the same morning of his untimely death,let's talk about five million different,ways you could word this tweet and i,actually see useless morons out,there whose opinion on this is what it's,true a million different things are true,you don't put them out there in a tweet,when a guy dies there's a billion,different things that could be true this,exact same tweet could read this dwayne,haskins a former first round pick stand,out at ohio state died this morning or,it could read dwayne haskins pittsburgh,quarterback died this morning when he,got hit all every information between,dwayne haskins and died this morning is,virtually irrelevant for sports fans if,you want to give a small amount of,context for someone who might not off,the top of their head know who dwayne,haskins is then just simply say dwayne,haskins pittsburgh quarterback am i am i,supposed to wait for the absolute, morons who really believe that,just because it's true it should be in,this tweet adam schechter did nothing,wrong it's it's true so so when adam,schefter dies is it okay if the all of,the news media reports it as adam,schefter controversial news reporter who,once tweeted tom brady's early,retirement and was totally wrong,died this morning is that is that okay,it shouldn't read that and even if there,are negative things surrounding,somebody's career or negative anything,surrounding somebody it's not what you,talk about when they die i can,understand being negative if he died in,a negative circumstance right like if he,was i don't know doing an armed robbery,or a odd on a drug okay well it's,already a negative circumstance maybe i,can understand it even then it's very,disgraceful just to spit on someone's,grave but this is adam schefter,what are you are you actually just,anything that pops into your mind you,just tweeted out instantly with no,repercussions pisses me off so bad and,let's uh let's go over to lamar,jackson's twitter because i'm glad i,don't i'm not alone on this lamar,jackson at adam schefter you're lame as, all around grown ass man you can,look in the mirror and still smile at,yourself lamar jackson just tweeted this,out i mean the first reply is great,never any quantsco never any,consequences for this man this is what,pissed me off this first reply here,michael garrett studford fan okay,whatever i i get it's twitter and,twitter is home to the some of the,saddest most negative people on the,planet but there are actually people out,there who believe this you guys need to,calm down again haskins stint in the nfl,is real and true his loss is tragic but,not to mention his time in washington,would be disingenuous and unfair to his,life story when you tweet out someone's,rest in peace on twitter you don't need,to include their whole life,story and in fact based on michael,garrett's dumb ass comment here it also,leaves out a million other things like,the fact that he's a former first round,pick do you find that disingenuous,michael i don't get how there are people,in on this planet who are this ,dumb and it makes me so mad unbelievable,like what what when you die is it,supposed to be your name a bunch of,negative about you and then that,you died it's ridiculous i just,can't believe that i can't believe,people actually believe this either way,adam schefter's tweet in and of itself,is not the worst thing in the world if a,random bot twitter account tweeted this,out it would it would still be really,ignorant and just i guess insensitive,but this is adam sheffield coming from,him this g

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Reading My Most SUS Messages...

Reading My Most SUS Messages...

down bad ratio cotton 8k right guys,today olaf is going to be the down bad,police he will be blocking thotties up,and honestly putting a lot of the boys,behind bars today,olaf get them cuffs ready baby and not,the ones that me and you use,bro god he's so thick he's got,such a wagon,such a pooper on him bro hot on,instagram i see these studies on ig all,day all over my feed all over my explore,page just with their dummy stupid thick,poopers sitting on my front page and i'm,like why can't i post a thirst trap why,can't i topple the matriarch i see these,i see these streamers these hot tub,streamers on i know what sells,why can't that be me why do women have,to rule the world why can't men rule the,world that's why i said a message there,goes my monetization but that's okay,because this is gonna be a super heat,banger not,no actually i don't know i'm kind of i'm,embarrassed about it actually i posted a,thirst strap on instagram not my,proudest moment but you know what i'm an,adult i accept you know that sometimes i,make bad decisions so point being i,posted this picture right here,i was being an ig thought i know it's,embarrassing it's cringe i don't know,why i did it i did it but with no,provocation there's a lot a lot of sus,replies so number one i gotta say boys,thank you for hyping me up i love it i,respect it but you're about to get,caught in 64k ultra hd so right after,that i posted a few different stories,exposing a couple of the boys but i,didn't put their ig ads in there because,i saved that for this video these are,the ones i got before i put any on my,sword like no provocation no reason to,put them in please pipe me papa while,sipping lemonade that's so specific next,one was have my child that's a classic i,slide in dms like that sometimes are,your toes suckable right now they're,always suckable,do you fart though yes why pop it,respectfully asking you to absolutely,reel me as long as it's respectful,this is my personal favorite he belongs,to the streets boys you were the chosen,one you were supposed to destroy the,sith not join them i have failed you,anakin yeah my absolute favorite,whatever now naturally right naturally,if i'm gonna put that on my story all,the boys are like oh my free opening to,be suss and papa meeks dms well guess,what maybe you sent me a dm after seeing,those stories and you thought to,yourself oh you know maybe he'll put it,on his story no you're on full blast,buddy this is going on the,and you're about to be put on blast i'm,just gonna go all my dm requests over,the past 12 hours since i put those,stories up and we're gonna see who is so,criminally down bad who is the most sus,who would make aiden ross proud i just,got done sucking on a gun,yeah,i do have to say though big thank you to,aiden ross for really revolutionizing,being gay on the internet it's super,cool to be gay on the internet now there,is a while where it wasn't and then just,slowly over the last six seven eight,months it's gotten cool so that's,exciting i've been doing this for a long,long long time and finally it's,acceptable i gotta edit that out man,holy how big is you,this wasn't even on the initial one,that's just a lot that's just the tip of,the iceberg like i'm telling you,dust thou have the fattest of buttocks,in my bantaloons that one's good do it,suck that is it,do it fart do it jiggle do it clap do it,be correct and clap to how you spell,will clap do it stank this dude i can't,do it hit the naked do it lay pipe it do,do it get erectile dysfunction while,trying to hook up with a girl you like,damn this guy this guy heard the story,that's tough hello papa would you mind,sending,some of this i literally like i think is,so funny but i don't even feel,comfortable reading it out loud,if you,if you're interested or you would be,optimus prime i mean fine just ,block me do i do it no i can't bro i,can't do it i wish i could be with you,all right this one's actually just like,sad i'm sorry chuck i'm willing to pay,1500 for a booty pic you're underpaying,sir don't come out with that broke ,do they produce milk though they do,these are my milkmers and you cannot,have them my mommy milkmers my favorite,snapchat to send to every girl in my,contacts i just go milkers milky milkers,give me your milker i hope none of my,female friends see this video because,they'll know exactly what i'm talking,about papa please give me the dirty,slurry turdy brand new one for me i'm,not gonna lie you have become what you,swear to destroy mans hit me with a no,invite when i was like 14 15 16 every,time a girl would send me snapchat be,like oh about to get in the shower i'd,be like no invite it was never,successful either i don't know why i,kept doing it this is all my boys if you,ever actually say no invite to a girl,the success rate on that one is like,literally point zero two it's not worth,the shot honestly you'll have more,success with milkmurse give me your,milkers that one has given me some,success,don't

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These NFL Memes WILL Make YOU Laugh!

These NFL Memes WILL Make YOU Laugh!

before we look at a million juicy memes,the most recent post from ghetto Gronk,makes me so happy let's pray for Buffalo,number three Hamlin everybody is so,supportive I love this comment section,even on a very offensive meme page and,you know we'll start this video off with,some prayers he's in the hospital and,that's all we know so if that has,changed as you're watching this video uh,hopefully it's for the better but in,spite of that especially during sad,times like this it's actually an even,better time to have a good laugh and to,try and take your mind off of something,crazy I've got six new heaters here from,ghetto Gronk let's see what he's got,start out with some Justin Herbert,ruins Justin Herbert haters knowing they,can no longer use never made the,playoffs in an argument anymore hey I,don't know how deep the Chargers are,gonna go I'm rooting for him but uh yeah,they've struggled the past few seasons,when I think they really should have,made the playoffs but hey they're in now,baby here comes Joe Lombardi yeah that,is an absolute dog play call cats,when they're about to throw up,dude I'm not gonna lie this is one of,the best stretches ever bro I'll be,doing yoga like,hey me and Brandon Staley got the same,headphones look,right,we got the same headphones on whatever,yoga's awesome I'm not I'm not gonna,talk here can't believe during,James got a jacket,he rocked a defenseless receiver with,the crown of his helmet he should have,gotten ejected but I don't think that's,how you spell it Nick Foles going on one,of the greatest playoff runs of all time,is something I will never understand,honestly true he really just came out of,the woodwork sit and won a Super,Bowl what's up y'all,you know what time it is Matt Ryan,leaving the field knowing he can't be,blamed for tonight's loss,hey,hey,yo Matt Ryan's got it down man other,than obviously the choking that Super,Bowl that sucks ass for Matt Ryan but,you know what Matt Ryan has stayed,healthy throughout almost his entire,career he's playing for a bunch of,different teams and he's got paid a,stupid amount of money so if you take,away that one Super Bowl which must have,been heartbreaking you take away that,Matt Ryan is like the guy I'd aspire to,be in the NFL like I don't want to be,Tom Brady Tom Brady has too many eyes on,him too much hate for no reason for,being good Matt Ryan can just you know,float under the radar keep making,bajillions of dollars and do his thing,Colt's country let's ride you know,Russell Wilson looked pretty good,against Kansas City I'm not gonna lie he,put up a nasty fantasy performance to it,like 26 points that's all that matters,right is fantasy football Dak Prescott,is now tied with Derek Carr for the most,interceptions despite missing five games,I have been such a like Cowboys meat,rider that's what she said but I'm,finally off the bandwagon Dak Prescott,is very overrated every single season I,like Dax still but he just he ain't it,cowboys Cowboys fits when Zeke averages,1.9 yards per carry but he scored a,rushing touchdown,Pollard Zeke is washed Zeke is a Zeke,was a stud but you've got Pollard who is,just straight up better at this point,start Pollard Titans offense without,Derek Henry,tough ah it's a tough comparison to get,Cowboys fans after beating the Titans,third stringers led by a QB making his,first career start with help for the,refs,always a good old pap meme the Dallas,Cowboys cycle season starts win some,games fans get their hopes up We Dem,boys choke in the playoffs I don't think,they're gonna choke in the playoffs I,actually think that the Cowboys will go,deep in the playoffs this season this,became an interception for the Titans,that's not on Deck you can't say that's,on Deck John McCoy on his way to call,Dak ass after a perfectly thrown pass,bounces off his wide receiver that's it,gets intercepted,I love the Conor McGregor walk man,Joshua Dobbs parents realizing they,drove from Detroit to Nashville for this,tough meeting Mike vrabo and my opponent,in the fantasy Championship has Derrick,Henry,what is this video,what the is this video that's,horrifying who's your response this is,Taylor lawn tweeted this,and it's Taylor lawn in a fake,wheelchair that was quite the edit,Daniel Jones apology form,reason for Behavior the media told me he,wasn't good made fun of him for tripping,I'm a Cowboys Eagles or commanders fan,blatant for incompetence bad wide,receiver core Duke always beats my,basketball team I will hear my respect,Danny dimes and will not talk down on,the future Hall of Famer you've got my,signature I'll tell you that came on,Thibodeau making snow angels right next,to a very injured Nick Foles that,celebrates putting fools to sleep dude,Kayvon Thibodeau does not give a he,literally does not give a flying ,it's the best way I can describe this,this is pretty disrespectful I don't,think it's the worst thing in the world,H I don't know the snow angels next to,him you could excuse but when you do the,put to sleep,and

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The Spiciest NFL Memes...

The Spiciest NFL Memes...

oh it's it's about that time baby we,have to run we have to run an nfl memes,review back just like every week just,some absolute anarchy happens this has,to be in a recent memory it's just one,of the wildest nfl seasons bro there's,so much has happened that you kind of,forget about it bro henry ruggs john,gruden urban meyer if any of those,instances individually would have been,the biggest thing in the whole nfl,season and that's just three from this,season you got antonio brown now who,honestly before we even go into those,because i know there's going to be a lot,of antonio brown memes i literally feel,bad everybody's clowning him and meme in,him can be funny but i feel like,we're just watching a guy with cte and,severe crippling lifelong brain damage,just break down before our eyes and it's,so sad we gotta let this simmer is it,possible that he's just a nut case it's,definitely possible but i don't know,dude with that being said there's so,much content we haven't done one of,these in a few months so let's hop in,baby we're on the best meme page in the,entire planet ghetto gronk let's hop in,there's literally so much so much to go,for here since the browns cut odell,baker tds the wire savers 2 obj tds3 by,the way this is from mid-december okay,obj has had a touchdown in every game,since there were actually people who,thought that odell beckham jr was the,problem and i must say after watching,baker mayfield these last few weeks he,looks horrible like actually horrible i,am so happy for him that he secured all,those brand deals you know those,commercials where he's like tending to,the pending to the stadium i don't even,know what company it's for but that man,is getting his bag because he's not,getting his bag from another nfl team,because he looks like jumped on top,of the football,halo tea bag celebration,he's kind of a nerd bro isn't it crazy,to think that like six foot five 250,pound joey boso sits down and plays,video games the same way that me and you,do is that weird to think about urban,myers time in the nfl bro don't talk, about my boy my i hope another team,picks up urban trevor lawrence hearing,urban pirates got admired bro that whole,jaguars team was tweaking balls that guy,apparently urban meyer was just the,worst guy ever the jaguars bringing,urban meyer to the facility,well what can i say it's been great,knowing you spongebob good luck,somewhere else,i'm gonna miss you,buddy what's your name,stan stay,bro i don't know if you guys saw that,article we talked about it on mmg live,bro urban meyer like kicked physically,kicked josh lambo and josh lambo came,out about it josh sainbo is a dude that,i played madden against last year great,guys hilarious so i definitely i,definitely believe josh lambeau and,after that got reported urban got fired,so it seems to have pushed them in that,direction jaguar players and coaches to,josh lambeau after getting urban my,fired hang us we're jacksonville and not,going to be anything it's a little,different when you don't got boosters,urban your team is ass yeah i will say i,mean who who is really gonna win with,that jaguars team but hey you just you,still don't have to be urban meyer about,it shut up yeah my homies might,have beat me but at the end of the day,he has to go home to this so who really,what you know what props to jackson,holmes he has not been in the media for,like a whole month straight that is,really impressive we don't talk about,that travis kelsey really turned this,into a game-winning touchdown i have no,idea how travis kelsey so consistently,does this bro by the way that,chief's chargers game was sick but,he's not he's not even particularly fast,i'm sure he's a relatively fast tight,end but he's not known for being fast,and he does this all the time it,charges demands on travis kelsey thanks,for turning my check down into a game,winner you bailed me out again he really,turns that into a touchdown so,often it's like half of my home's yard,sometimes stop giving me your toughest,battles how are you still alive the,chargers really do get the toughest,beats of any nfl team they're building,character over there that's for sure nfl,fans i hated tom brady in new england,but like him in tampa tom brady was a,hero i just couldn't see it you know,that is so true i hated tom brady so,much more in new england i low-key kind,of like him in tampa bit,bro please tell me this this isn't real,is it,that's not real is it that audio has to,be fake uh-uh i don't believe that ,no way,it's back,i didn't think there'd be more oh i love,it is anybody in that building we think,there's a mediocre box safety who can't,cover on the second floor uh dude why,does joel adams get so much though,for real no one's saying he's that read,but he's a good player,derek carr trying to hold the raiders,organization together derek carr is top,three most clutch quarterbacks in the,league he's done it from time to time,matt jones when his run game and defense,aren't carrying him he froze m

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