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miraculous tweets that made Adrien have feelings for Mari😧❤️家族のために,彼は一線を超えるあんた頭おかしくなった,んじゃないの,ガンリバルお


Updated on Jan 14,2023

miraculous tweets that made Adrien have feelings for Mari😧❤️


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Funny Miraculous Tweets on TikTok! | Best Miraculous TikTok Compilations!

Funny Miraculous Tweets on TikTok! | Best Miraculous TikTok Compilations!

우린 10년 만에 700억을 벌었어,어떻게 그럴 수 있었을까,웰컴투 필리핀입니다

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MLB | Unusual Interference

MLB | Unusual Interference

foreign,thank you,inside on the hands,while on a stroke Aaron wants him to,review it,interference oh catchers interference,that's what they're talking about and,that's why,yep pretty clear there,and and Stan is looking at The Dugout,now Sam I think might be someone so,another huge mistake by Murphy,oh yeah close not even close oh yeah,Jason delivers to Trey Turner and,nothing,hit him,wasn't sure based on that reaction if it,was him or the bat Cardinals are saying,hold on they want to take a look at this,that's definitely as bad isn't it yeah,in a situation like this but I wouldn't,complain if he ran one out of the ball,sure take the four,oh yeah no doubt,did the bat hit the glove,after reviewing off,grounded double play ball to Second,India flip to barrero on the first gets,away they get the out at second,the Reds challenging that,there was a violation on the slide at,second but just gonna need them I think,now it's really starting to brighten up,cut on and foul tipped,that's interference catchers,interference that's what gonna get some,help here from Nestor seija the third,base umpire Runner goes pitch swung on,and missed,and that is an inadvertent backswing the,runner is going please very often but,this is what we call a do-over,and now he's running it swung on and,missed throw down safe at second a rose,not going this time and Ozzie hits a,high fly Ball Deep left at the track at,the wall it's how to reach a Peralta,Freeman around third he's gonna review,that from the looks of that angle,Peralta never got to that ball it was,beyond the reach of his 1-0 to Cabrera,Chopper to shore Garcia had to back up,the bag,they they,sent people out to tell you why it's the,right call,did he get a piece of it I think he got,his glove challenge this and this is all,about the sound how close I mean he,looks like he's way up there I mean he,got it I saw the glove move yeah,slowly rolled to second,Reds will leave him loaded,appearance once again he lets the ball,travel,wow,we've seen this often,with Nikki sinzel hitting yeah,punch him out in front of the plate,geselman,and it hits the runner Here Comes,that's not even really that that,egregious and gold by the way has to go,back to second,popped up Stallings over and,so if it's on a backswing and he goes,after it and I thought he did and,certainly that is uh the replay yeah he,is out terrible rule that's tough that's,terrible that's a fair ball,interference keep going by the picture,watch this,ah smart you see him push him out of the,way,enjoy three off days here in the next,week when you need her in the most in,September,maybe an E2 on labarnway,just barely touches the baseball with,his mask,interesting,and they yep hit it hit the glove that's,gonna be a catcher's interference,a late swing a lot of times you'll see,that wow that actually hit him in the,wrist rock that did it I mean that's how,far,foreign,catcher's interference will score a run,and that'll make it 7-4 Astros,s,fouls it off Beyond caratini standing in,foul ground down there at third,and the Padres are on the board it's,three to one,enables one one pitch he runs the swing,and a miss throw goes into center field,all these didn't see it in time,but there,right there the contact Albus needs to,go back I've never seen the Rope,lays the bunt down it was a safety,squeeze Ahmed not going anywhere but it,gets by Muncie checks him gets the throw,and you can see his liberally on the,inside of the 45-foot line in Fair,territory Steen straight,bounced a short that glacias up with,that,oh hang on what what do we have catch,your interference here,yeah everybody knows got that arm,extended in right there yep there it is,knocked the mitt right off his hands one,get on the ground with El tuve moving,the only play will be at first so Altuve,in scoring position because of Al tube,movement as you said guy he really,didn't have much of a chance,David sends the 2-0 out to left O'Neal,won't get there and that's off the wall,Here Comes Escobar Marte is home Eduardo,coming in has to run and cost us a run,yes,and there's catcher's interference again,on Sanchez we've seen a lot of in it,several times now over the last two,weeks you can see because of that left,leg extended you could,the glove started on the ground and then,he's reaching out,in time so Diaz has a stolen made,obstructed the throw so it's a strikeout,and because it's a strikeout the,interference causes the runner to,so that spins back and gets him on the,leg finish off the inning,push to Turner a full swing and a,dribbler up the third base side this,would be a tough chance peacock hurries,his throw and the ball gets away the,ball threw guriel down instead of second,and third they're going to send Gomes,back to First and Turner is out as he,goes to the bag he's right down the,center of the bag and he's arriving at,this,first base sign Lopez says it's mine,pulls it over there and he didn't make,the catch to the grass as Lopez makes,the play,and had no angle because Robinson

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Miraculous ladybug tweets that made plagg get akumatized

Miraculous ladybug tweets that made plagg get akumatized


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Carlos Correa Won't Be a Met, Signs Six-Year Deal with the Twins

Carlos Correa Won't Be a Met, Signs Six-Year Deal with the Twins

well after three weeks of story lines of,reporting of back and forth of this is,gonna get done Correa needs the match,the Mets need Correia it's all gonna,happen,the ending none of us expected Carlos,Correa yeah third team of one-off season,he's going back to the twins we're gonna,discuss that on today's uh surprising,edition of locked on mats you are locked,on Mets your daily New York Mets podcast,part of the locked on podcast Network,your team every day,hello to all you amazing Mets fans,you're watching locked on that's part of,the locked on podcast Network your team,every day I'm your host Ryan ficklestein,for finding my work follow me on Twitter,at ficklestein Ryan you can also find,some by writing at,where I work the managing editor now the,Minnesota Twins get their guy they first,watch him go to the Giants 13 years 350.,failed physical well whatever you want,to call it a difference of opinions on a,physical same thing happens with the,Mets a 315 million dollars gone,he ends up Landing with the twins six,years 200 million now based on average,annual value nice deal for Korea uptick,in aav you go from 26 and change I,believe with the Mets to over 33 million,getting close to Francisco Lindor,territory now according to Jeff passen,contract could max out a 270 million so,assuming the first six years are,guaranteed with the 200 million that's,the 33 a year and then maybe there's two,more 35 million dollar options on it is,my guess that might vest based on uh,games played potentially so then if it's,an eight year 270 million dollar,contract well even with that you're,looking at a deal that was 45 million,dollars Less in guaranteed value than,what the Mets were putting forth now we,don't know the details yet we don't know,how the negotiations broke down we don't,know what the Mets had a similar,contract on the table if they only,wanted to guarantee the first four like,we have no idea and I'm sure all of,those reports are going to unfold over,the next 24 hours hours and then we can,dissect them but this is just breaking,down gut reaction what just happened,which is after all the promise after,Steve Cohen said this is the the last,piece that takes us over the top after,all the the stories that continued to,say Correa is coming to the Mets after,he put his kid in an eye or a hot dog,pretzel New York shirt,you know I love New York taking uh,taking the kid to work,they're all of that drama and I'm sorry,if I'm amused that that's what you're,reading on my face but I I am I,legitimately love good stories in,baseball and even though the Mets in,some ways get the raw you know end of,the stick here,they also avoid the risk of what college,Correa brings and obviously I'd prefer,Korea to assign with the Mets and to,have that type of a team,but it's just insane I mean this is one,of the most incredible free agent,stories we've ever seen to see a guy,sign with three different teams and one,off-season,that doesn't happen,as a rarity and he can be fantastic over,the next six years and the twins might,have just got the piece that they can,build their franchise around they,already have the uncertain health of,Byron Buxton but if the two of those,guys can stay healthy on a given season,they can go and run and win a World,Series so it makes sense for them,for the Mets,I think you gotta trust this this,ownership in this front office,you gotta at this point because,what they've done other than this was,still enough moves I believe,to be right back in the position they,were in last year you could say Okay,that wasn't good enough they were 101,win team the Mets go out right now if I,could sign on a title line that says,they're going to win 101 wins again how,to win games again,everyone's gonna sign and said we want,that and you bring back the same lineup,from last year,without any other moves and they are,still probably not done they're now,going to have to Pivot here we'll,discuss that a little bit,but,I think the pitching staff is improved,the lineup is the same with the possible,escalators of a Brett Beatty of a mark,Vientos of Francisco Alvarez hell of,even Ronnie Mauricio these prospects,that could move the needle for the mess,next season,all that is still,in place where this team should be fine,without Carlos Correa,does not overshadow or diminish the fact,that this is still a very disappointing,day if you're a Mets fan,because we were for a minute,able to dream on an infield,that would have been defensively one of,the best we've ever seen with Korea and,Lindor on the same side of the infield,that would have been Sensational Jeff,McNeil on second base with Lou gehorme,coming off the bench,team was going to be very special and,offensively I'd be surprised if they got,another bat in here that is as,established and as good as Carlos Correa,because you know Brian Reynolds is on,the trade market they're asking for you,know a Chief's Ransom to get him are you,really gonna make that move and if not,that what else is

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Carlos Correa BACK to the Twins reportedly!! (Correa, Twins reach deal, pending physical)

Carlos Correa BACK to the Twins reportedly!! (Correa, Twins reach deal, pending physical)

shortstop Carlos Correa and the,Minnesota Twins finalizing a six-year,200 million dollar contract sources tell,ESPN the deal's investing option that,can max out at,270 million it is still pending a,physical here we are as we welcome you,back inside Studio K waiting to see a,resolution about him and the Mets wow we,just opened our email your thoughts your,reaction Harold well when you heard the,twins are back in it I knew the Mets,were not comfortable it was going to be,a short-term deal and I kept saying if,he says hey it's five years I think,other clubs jump in so the the,uncomfortable part of going out 10 years,was trying to ensure it and do you need,the a do you need the to be able to get,the the luxury tax stretched out but,more the twins don't fit in that,category they just had him clearly,they're going to do their own physical,again this is all pending physical,so they're comfortable with that and,that's where we ended up yeah we hear,the twins but we still kind of thought,around here maybe something would get,worked out you know yesterday I felt,like Mets are out you you have said that,because you said as time goes by,something's just not right you've said,that for a couple days well you can only,be hedging or looking at something for,so long eventually you're gonna this is,not the guy they had had he been a met,you know the twins had him for a year so,they're way more comfortable when you're,going to another team another situation,and you take this long too many,conversations happen because it's not,just now a sudden you start getting,advice from everybody right it's like,when you go buy that car and after,you've lingered on it for about a week,I'll come back everybody's told you your,cousin your mom your handsome you know,what I mean and that's what happened I,think here the longer you sit with,people that don't know you the more,conversations you have and then at the,end I think the Mets are like we're out,JP morosi been following this story very,closely let's welcome him in JP reaction,to this news just moments ago good,morning well Lauren and Harold this is,how we think the Correa story ends and,again Harold said some very important,words there still pending the physical I,I think that here we are on the 10th of,January uh this is where Korea is going,to spend the foreseeable future in and,to Harold's point the twins know his,Medicals better than anybody else this,was the only team that would have had,the most recent Imaging all the,information as of the end of the 2022,season which obviously was when the the,scare of this uh this ankle issue came,back up in Korea by his own,acknowledgment late in the season had,felt a vibration in the plate that's in,his ankle and that was sort of what,began this entire Saga with the Giants,the Mets now going back to the Minnesota,Twins and you consider where he got with,the aav and this is an important number,despite everything that was going on and,where the aav would have been might have,been with the Giants and the Mets and,the reality is only two contracts in,baseball history for a shortstop,were higher than the 33.3 million,dollars that he just signed for on this,aav one was correa's short short-term,deal with the twins that he opted out of,that's still right now the record it,ended up being just a one-year deal and,then Lindor at 34 was the second highest,and now this one so despite everything,going back and forth he actually did get,a better aav than the dealer turned down,from the Tigers now what seems like,ancient history ago after the 2021,season which was 275 over 10. so despite,all of this he did quite well with this,contract now was it with the team that,he wanted all along he'll probably say,that the reality was that certainly he,had an agreement at least in principle,with two other franchises so clearly he,was interested in going elsewhere but,the reality was the comfort of the,people there the medical staff knowing,Kim knowing uh his his body and what it,takes for him to get ready to play every,day it's going to be where he plays for,the foreseeable feature and and the two,twins still Lauren have a legitimate,path to the playoffs it's in a division,that's not as challenging obviously as,the National League East when you,consider uh fighting with the likes of,them,we still have a chance to make the,playoffs this year

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“This is an embarrassment,” “What a joke,” says MLB Twitter in response to Hall of Fame ballot

“This is an embarrassment,” “What a joke,” says MLB Twitter in response to Hall of Fame ballot

fans of Major League Baseball MLB are,outraged after seeing yet another,contentious Hall of Fame ballot,baseball writers association of America,bbwaa Boston chapter chairman art,Davidson cast the vote and he only chose,one candidate former closer Francisco,Rodriguez,fans on Twitter once again criticized,the method used by MLB to induct its,former greats after one vote was cast,for a player who was dominating for a,brief period of time but hardly Hall,deserving,earlier in his career Rodriguez was a,dominant closer,he played with the Los Angeles Angels,for Four Seasons in the early 2000s,recording 194 saves during that time,in 2002 the team won the World Series,but as soon as he signed with the New,York Mets in 2008 his career abruptly,came to an end,he slid significantly off his initial,career trajectory but he continued to be,a reliever who was largely efficient,until his retirement with the Detroit,Tigers in 2017.,after reading his ballot many MLB,supporters want to see Davidson's right,to vote removed,however as other MLB supporters have,noted it's not all Davidson's,responsibility,it's because the Metro West Daily news,reporter who writes for a publication,that covers Suburban Boston didn't,really have somebody outstanding to vote,for this time,however as other MLB supporters have,noted it's not all Davidson's,responsibility,it's because the MetroWest Daily News,reporter who writes for a publication,that covers Suburban Boston didn't,really have somebody outstanding to vote,for this time,thus he continues to be on the outside,looking in,a few others who are in the same,situation include Roger Clemens Mark,Maguire and Barry Bonds,according to the rules for Hall of Fame,induction Nell more than 10 eligible,players may be nominated by qualified,bbwaa members each voting cycle as,candidates for Hall of Fame admission,a player must appear on at least 75,percent of the ballots cast in order to,be inducted,players are currently dropped from the,ballot if their names appear on less,than five percent of ballots or if they,have appeared 10 times without winning,players no longer eligible to be,enshrined by the bbwa ballot can be,enshrined by a passing vote of the Hall,of Fame eras committee,thank you for watching smash that like,button leave a comment if you enjoyed,watching and share the video on your,social media please follow And subscribe,to News USA TODAY and hit that,notification icon

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EPIC WORLD SERIES GAME 7! | MLB The Show 22 | Road to the Show #202

EPIC WORLD SERIES GAME 7! | MLB The Show 22 | Road to the Show #202

I got this welcome the road of the show,202 it was a long season it took a lot,of hard work to get to this point we are,playing the Padres in the World Series,game six currently down three to two and,I want that ring I'm gonna give,everything I got on the field because I,do not want to lose this unfortunately,the World Series returns to San Diego,and oh my goodness what a setting to get,me locked in raining coming down from,the clouds in This World Series has me,determined I do not want to lose I do,not want to go home without a ring,without the trophy Anaheim needs this,Blake Snell is the pitcher on the mound,and he had our number last time but,we're gonna make sure that we turn,things around we watched the tape,Nathaniel Lowe has this ball on the,ground it's gonna be the first out right,here who's pitching for us hi me Berea,oh God you're gonna have to have the,game of your life sir let's see what,happens the next time we see the field,scoreless he was able to pitch out of,that good now against Blake Snell with,one out top two we hit this ball it's,not gonna go it's not it's gonna be a,long fly out damn it if we didn't take a,pitch that was outside and pull it then,maybe we could have done something but,unfortunately that was the wrong thing,to do still scoreless tatis in the box,I'm hugging the line I'm gonna scoot in,a tiny bit and Jaime Maria's pitch is,smoked and fielded I didn't even think,that hit the ground Jared Walsh wasn't,even at the bag yet I could literally,see him running to it okay here we go,come on we gotta get something we need,double or better I don't want to be too,cocky two outs Blake Snell still,dominating top four with one runner on,we need this we gotta have this and no,okay they called it a ball beautiful be,relaxed wait for the right pitch don't,jump at anything you have to be smart,and look at Blake Snell he's nervous,okay he knows who's in the Box it's me,it's your boy and I gotta be clutch,right now come on waiting for that one,give me a high fastball right here,please and now it's right at tatis damn,it you got me on the inside if that was,down the middle curveball goodbye that,ball will not be seen for years but,unfortunately it got me jammed and it's,still scoreless we could still get a,double play right here on Machado and,okay I can do this easy right here get,Jalen Miller for one and two oh that was,too easy come on we gotta break this,goose egg we gotta hatch a nice lead,right now I'll take it one to zero all,right I mean we still need to do a lot,of work because I don't trust our,bullpen but as long as we have a lead,that we're sitting on then I feel pretty,good and now,Austin what are you doing we're gonna,have one more at-bat I know we are but,damn it that sucks and we still got this,one zero lead,scary this is very scary Jaime Maria is,dealing though and please be there oh my,God out of my reach not feeling good hit,me for the cut off no okay cool it's,because I'm having a bad day at the,plate isn't it and oh my goodness it's,literally the next batter,all right fine get a double play two,outs I'll take that over one out any day,and now it's a pop-up well damn I really,wanted this to be a double play where is,it lock onto it please gotcha all right,no no just don't yeah all right whatever,and now get me in the batter's box and,bigger lead please four to zero,of course you know yeah it always comes,down to my first hit when I'm batting on,the left side I I hate that I want to,get right-handed hits and I need you,guys to know the hit streak doesn't,apply in the postseason so that pressure,is not on me but the pressure of winning,these games I'm feeling all of that,right now come on what are we gonna get,and that is down the line we have a hit,and we are gonna turn we are gonna have,two runners in scoring position love it,a nice little double what's up tatis I,didn't do any ringworm stuff like you so,all that good luck it's coming our way,okay Lane Thomas 3-0 count I assume this,will be a walk but you never know he,could actually put this in play let's,see I bet it's going to be Heinen,fastball for a walk or highing out,fastball for a walk good base is loaded,for Anthony Rendon why does he have to,have two strikes here I still believe he,could actually make contact but why does,there have to be two strikes ah man big,moment for you whether you come through,and it's shot through yes Anthony,renowned that's One RBI and this will be,two RBIs Anthony Rendon the biggest,stage comes through let's go man and we,are getting another at-bat we're up,seven to zero two outs I would like to,have another hit against a guy named,Boris what kind of name is that and I,don't know if we're gonna get something,out of this damn it we're not in this,rainy setting though we came through we,had our head down determined look and I,can make the final out of game six right,here and then it would go to game seven,come on I want this ball oh you're gonna,give me a chance to get you on a bunt oh,God

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