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These Cards will be REMOVED For MLB The Show 23... πŸ˜₯we are only using players that could be,removed


Updated on Jan 12,2023

These Cards will be REMOVED For MLB The Show 23... πŸ˜₯

we are only using players that could be,removed from MLB the show 23. and every,new year of MLB the show we gain some,Legends and we lose some Legends in the,past we've lost big Legends like Ted,Williams Ty Cobb and this year we could,lose Albert Pujols so we got a full team,today of guys that could be removed in,MLB the Show 23. now we still don't have,any news on 23 bro it's literally 20 23.,MLB the Show can you drop something we,got to 700 home runs and he retired when,a player retires we usually don't see,them for maybe a few years later on down,the road I'm hoping that somehow they,can keep Albert pools right but you guys,know how it goes we end up losing,Legends and I'm expecting Albert to not,be in the game next year so I'll give,you three seconds to drop a like if they,should keep pools so drop a like,Yadier Molina also retired alongside his,long time teammate Albert Pujols I never,use this guy's cards and honestly in the,game or not it doesn't matter I don't,care but I know for you Cardinals fans,or people out there that might like,yachty cards well it's kind of tough he,won't be in the game next year it's,already a move yeah his player model out,of the game I'm moving over to the,Outfield in center field we've got,Lorenzo Kane who I believe retired in,the middle of last season and I think,the Braves designated him for assignment,if you don't know what that means that,means they caught him during the season,so yeah Lorenzo Kane this is the final,year that he'll be in the game and maybe,that's why they give him a 99 because,Lorenzo Kane does not deserve a 99,honestly I take that back I'm getting,flashbacks from the 2014 playoffs the,last time the Angels were in the,playoffs this guy was making every,single catch and hitting everything in,left field we've got Justin Upton he,hasn't officially retired yet out of the,MLB but to be honest I don't think he'll,be in the game next year the angels,caught him before the season started,last year and then the Mariners picked,them up they caught him after two weeks,honestly but keep in mind J up hasn't,retired yet so we very well could maybe,be a free agent in next year's game in,right field we've got Nelson Cruz this,one was a little bit hard to put on the,team because as the current moment right,now Nelson Cruz is not on a Major League,roster and he is 42 years old for a,hitter that's pretty old he is a,designated hitter though so he could,very well end up signing with the team,like I said he's 42 years old he's,getting up there in age I don't don't,know what he's thinking if he's going to,retire if he's going to play next year,so he got him on the squad at second,we've got Robinson Cano I have not heard,a word on if this guy will play next,year I haven't really heard him and not,one team being in on him I see him as a,guy that could go play off in another,league but right now in the MLB I don't,think anyone wants some and I think this,could very well be the final year not,gonna waste too much time on this Brock,Holt we got him at shortstop he retired,so yeah No One's Gonna use this card,anyway final starter at third we've got,you lead now Yuli hasn't officially,retired same thing as Nelson Cruz for,one he's coming off the worst year of,his career in his high 30s for two I,haven't really seen much teams in on him,he could play next year for maybe the,MLB minimum but I don't know if he'll,sign for the minimum so for right now,Julie goreal same with Nelson Cruz not,on a team he's in his high 30s this guy,probably could not be in the game next,year and here for my bench we've got,Ryan Zimmerman Josh Reddick Todd Frazier,Luke Roy and Kurt Suzuki all of these,guys all retire and then moving over to,the pitchers we got Zach Greinke here,now Zach Greinke hasn't officially,retired yet but I see this guy probably,not playing next year now I can't read,Zack ranky's mind but he's in his high,30s his Velo is extremely down I,honestly I don't think he's playing next,year but if he does he might run it back,for one more year and as of right not,the current moment he's not on a roster,and pitchers and catchers report in one,month second starter we got David Price,I believe he retired I know he will not,be pitching next year so David Price,this could be it honestly I don't think,he'll be in the game next year we got,Dallas Taco Jake Arrieta and J.A hapna I,believe Dallas Cocker retired and I,don't think he'll be in MLB the show 23.,and I use this card a lot to start the,year this was everyone's like number one,starter at the beginning of the year the,bullpen there's a couple guys that,haven't retired but I don't think we'll,be playing next year like Zach Britton I,don't think he'll be coming back we've,got Steve cishek he retired Tony Watson,Oliver Perez Dylan Betances and Andrew,Miller all retired Rhoda Chapman quit on,his team and then the Yankees left him,off the playoff roster honestly that's a,guy that I think doesn't want to play,anymore and probably won't be signed fo

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The All-Time White Sox!

The All-Time White Sox!

today I'm using the all-time Chicago,White Sox in MLB the show 22. the White,Sox always give me so much trouble in,this series because of one position,first base you have Frank Thomas Paul,kanerko and Jose Abreu all three of,these guys deserve a starting spot on,this team but none of them have any,secondaries and every year before this,I've thrown Abreu and kinerco on the,bench but if you've kept up with the,all-time Team videos this year you know,that I am not afraid to throw guys out,of position so all three of them are on,the team in the starting lineup canarco,is in left field abreu's at second base,I don't see what could possibly go wrong,in this video,in the starting rotation we have Dylan,cease Chris Sale Jose Quintana Tom,Seaver and Carlos rodon and the bullpens,a little top heavy and it doesn't help,that rich Gossage is kind of low on,energy also yesterday some news came out,that Liam Hendricks was diagnosed with,Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and he's,beginning treatment immediately I think,I speak for everyone when I say Liam,Hendricks we wish you the speediest,recovery possible we wish you all the,best in this process and we can't wait,to see you back on the mound sometime,soon alright Chris Sale on the bump for,the all-time White Sox I haven't played,MLB the Show in like four days I think I,just got back from Las Vegas I went to,the Raiders Chiefs game this is on Hall,of Fame so if I suck offensively I will,not take the slander,okay so Chris sales slider is gonna be,disgusting today huh,oh here we go Paul kanerko out of,position honestly Ray Durham should have,just taken that away from him and this,inning come on there it is change up in,the dirt who am I facing Sandy we got,this we can hit Sandy let's go,Ray Durham give me a lead off double,let's go Ray Ray Durham has been so good,in these all-time Team videos he was a,menace in the Giants one 3-2 with Frank,on Deck come on kinerco Ball Four yes,I oh my God bro I knew he was gonna go,inside with that come on I gotta get at,least one across here,no no,dude how is that my best swing of the,inning and that's the double play as,always guys down in the comments section,let me know what player you want to see,added to the game next year that would,make the all-time White Sox better I,mentioned him in the Tigers video but,I'd love to see maglio Ordonez in this,game at some point go make a play minoso,at a boy but my official pick is a guy,that we actually had in the game as a,legend like a year or two ago I want to,see Mark Burley back in the game for the,rotation I can't remember if it was 19,or 20. I don't think it was 21 but we,had Mark Burley like a signature card,for a year and then he was just gone,again he's an awesome guy for this,rotation he's absolutely getting a spot,he might even be deserving of the,starting spot over a guy like Chris Sale,too so that's my pick but of course down,in the comments let me know who you want,to see long at bat for Arenado 3-2 he's,fouled off a couple they go with a low,and Away change up maybe oh my God the,at-bat Never Ends,there it is got him looking on the 13th,pitch,that was a really bad slider that was so,bad I'm gonna challenge him inside with,a fastball,got him 95. well the nice thing so far,is there's only been one ball hit to one,of the out of position guys so if we,could keep that a trend for this entire,game that would be lovely I'm gonna go,ahead and get this strikeout on Sandy,thank you very much,that was such a weird swing hold on a,second that felt like a very early swing,that was weird,there we go all good another two out,double that doesn't matter three shutout,innings for Chris Sale let's try to get,something going with the bottom of the,order right here set up the guys at the,top,oh my God bro I keep missing these,fastballs on the lower third of the,plate,there we go Chris Sale help yourself out,a little bit out a boy,dude if I'm on the late side of good,that ball leaves,dude they are gonna make me work for it,this game absolutely zero room for error,in the first three innings,I don't voice sale what a snag slider,low and in I feel a strikeout,oh something about these two strike,sliders I'm I'm not hitting my spot as,well as I should be highing in fastball,0-2,got him come on man let's help out Chris,Sale,that's a filthy Circle change dude,honestly the thing about this game so,far that both myself and my opponent are,doing really well is we're getting ahead,in the count on almost every batter,almost every at-bat The Hitter is at a,disadvantage after the first pitch,because it's always a one,and I put up swings like that man it is,so tough to do anything right now,oh that was,yeah there's a lot of game left but this,is starting to feel like one of those,whoever scores first is gonna win type,of ball games you know oh and super dot,lowing away on belly,super dot fastball just a little bit,above,got him Paul canerko wait wait wait I,can't say got him got a boy,oh,I this is just five incredible Innings,

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Sammy Sosa Is Back With The ALL TIME CUBS 🐻

Sammy Sosa Is Back With The ALL TIME CUBS 🐻

Sammy Sosa is back with the all-time,Cubs and I know what you're thinking,right off the bat,that looks exactly like him I also don't,know why it says out of position when he,has a secondary but I've checked he will,be just fine in right field in center,field we got the hawk Andre Dawson,you gotta have a little bit of solar,power in there I mean any team that he's,on he's getting to play Jimmy Fox over,at third base Ernie Spanx banks will be,playing shorts up Soriano at second base,Kyle schwart daddy at first base and,brand new Legend this year Giovanni Soto,behind home plate the bench is,definitely filled with guys who are,platoon heavy Jim Edmonds jockey ,Sandberg will be the guy who could take,on anybody in a pinch Javi maze we'll be,taking on lefties and same with big dick,Nick and I do want to say as a whole I,am surprised how good this Cubs team is,we're gonna have Carrie Wood Cole Hamels,Fergie Jenkins,yeah Greg Maddox and Mark Pryor boo so,if you couldn't pick up on it our two,starters or Carrie Wood and Cole Hamels,with the bullpen we got some good pieces,in here as well are all this chappy Joe,Smith who I swear hey God every single,team he's been on Brew Suiter Goose Joe,Nathan Dennis ackersley a little bit of,Steve cheese check and Lee Smith how he,only has an 85 this year mind-blowing as,always if we're the home team we will be,playing in the team's home stadium,Wrigley Field if you're new to the,channel do me a favor hit that subscribe,button right in the old fart box and if,you're a current subscriber hit that,like button and give it a kiss for Daddy,now before we get into the rest of our,content I would like to give a huge,shout out to upside for sponsoring,today's video inflation has us all,thinking of ways we could cut back,whether that is driving less dining less,or getting less at the grocery store we,can all agree on one thing there's,nothing fun about less now thanks to,upside you don't have to cut back get,cash back on gas dining out and,groceries with upside now I personally,use upside when I'm going to the gas,station or getting groceries and I,absolutely love how easy and convenient,their mobile app is and with all the,cashback that I am getting thanks to,upside I'm just putting it away for my,rainy day fun to get started all you,have to do is download the free upside,app in the app store or Google Play and,use my promo code magunski and get five,dollars or more cashback on your first,purchase of 10 or more next claim an,offer for whatever you're buying on,upside checking out the business pay as,usual with your credit or debit card and,get paid it's that easy with upside,you'll never have to worry you can cash,out to your bank account anytime PayPal,or even an e-gift card to Amazon or,other amazing Brands so what are you,waiting for upside users are earning,more than a million dollars every week,that's why they have a 4.8 star rating,on the App Store and I gave them a five,again be sure to download the free,upside app in the app store or Google,Play and use my promo code magunski in,all caps or click the link in the,description box down below to get five,dollars or more cash back on your first,purchase of 10 or more thank you to,upside for sponsoring today's video now,back to the rest of our content our,opponent for today is going to be you,know lavala he's gonna have jv on the,mountain honest Wagner Brian Reynolds,Francisco olindor oh yes Cody be made,girls scream make me cream J Ram Ken,Griffin I didn't see who's in eight this,is like the first time I've ever picked,a Major League Stadium and then our,opponent did as well it chose the worst,one possible I already know our man just,gonna be getting blurred on Legend no no,how about no,okay good start good hack,hey I'm not you baby you're gonna come,to Daddy,oh my God I'm too early,that's the first inning you already know,what's gonna happen,Sammy Sosa you know damn well in real,life he lines out like a ,Jimmy that one's got to be leaving,right now no no way no way remember how,I said this is the worst stadium in the,game and it's not even close yeah get,ready for a 2-0 slug Fest after 18.,to be fair though our Mains is,absolutely lost,the nippies,hey get out of my box now if I'm gonna,guess what pitch I could run right into,his Barrel it's the back door cut ,nine see how he makes contact I'm on him,now I'm gonna be a little douche nozzle,Here Comes Your fastball try and hit it,good try,yeah full cow you're gonna put it in the,zone I'm not you come on Georgie just,like the World Series over the train,tracks,oh,damn it,yeah he'll get one he'll get one,daddy down the line and that is not,gonna be a double weight maybe maybe it,is gonna be a double we may even be able,to send him home nope no no shot no,shots second and third one down we're,bringing the infield in that's how you,know this dude knows damn well he ain't,scoring,and neither am I,Andre Dawson,oh we just missed it I can already feel,how this game's gonna go he's gonna,fluke

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CRAZY GAMES! Road to Superfractor #7

CRAZY GAMES! Road to Superfractor #7

I'm pretty sure this is episode 7 of,playing until one of these 26 cards gets,super fractured where the home team so,we get a pitch first facing super,fractor Johnny Cueto and a lot of other,cards too the Reno to Mickey Mantle if I,don't swing in the next two pitches,there's a decent chance that we get the,first base runner of the game and there,it is perfect games going for Johnny,Cueto next stop the no-hitter,that's not a double play cause it's a,base hit the no-hitter's gone next stop,why not the shutdown we got a full count,to Josh Donaldson,and I just watched strike three I really,thought it was gonna be a ball but it,just slid into the zone,at least it's not gonna be a double play,do I send the runner home,no that was a bad idea,worked he throws,those oh wait no he didn't,yo when I saw the catcher start to throw,I didn't think he was gonna fake me out,three into the Jimmy Rollins with the,pitcher spot on Deck probably gonna be,the first base runner of the game for,Kerry Wood and no he's actually swinging,at it,but it is still the first base runner,and besides the strikeout it wasn't a,bad inning Full Count to Jorge Polanco,leading off the bottom of the eighth,inning,and that's Ball Four lead off walk for,Jorge Polanco bottom of the eighth,inning I think Carrie Wood has decent,hitting attributes for me it's just,about not grounding into a double play,now unless could tell Marte has like a,three or four home run ball game I don't,think he's gonna be getting super,fractured and he's our closest player,and he's over two after granting into,that double play,it's ball four one hour walk a double,play would get us out at the inning,broken bat big out number two,hey I will take that we escape without,allowing a run maybe we could get one of,our own,Albert gets a base hit to oh my bad,that's a base hit yeah babe no way Babe,Ruth makes that play ever,I'm glad we're safe,You Gotta Give me that I know it's early,timing but come on man 125 power,wow that's tough I should have had good,timing if I wanted it,man oh we had a good opportunity but I,feel like we're swinging decent we'll,get some runs three into the Babe Ruth,this has been my go-to pitch I feel like,he's got to be expecting it by now yeah,that's gonna be a base hit the good news,is I know not to throw it again I'm a,little bit nervous though that that run,might come across the score with it,being the lead off double,that's a two-run shot from Hank Aaron,oh that's gone,oh no,and besides the two home runs it wasn't,that bad of an inning,all right I think that's a sign to take,out Carrie Wood,and Babe Ruth goes yard I don't know why,Carrie Wood's still in this game,and that's Ball Four we have a base,runner here two down bottom of the sixth,inning,and it doesn't matter,and we just drew a walk to lead off the,bottom of the seventh inning I'm,actually kind of excited about this one,I was being a little sarcastic last,inning,Jackie with the perfect perfect man that,actually feels good doing it on Legend,we have two guys with 99 speed on base,I just struck down man that would have,been a ball,that should have been a home run I don't,know how I'm missing a 95 mile an hour,fastball down the middle oh we have one,more out to work with,poor no no no no that was oh I was so,close but I missed it we had a much,better inning than the rest of the game,right there I'm hoping it's not too,little too late,Full Count to Prince Fielder and we get,another perfect perfect where was this,twin earlier on,I just struck out with katel Marte this,dude is over four I'm never gonna get,him super fractured if I keep playing,like that,there's no shot he's dotted my life away,like that with Johnny Cueto in the,eighth inning at 110 pitches,Brian Roberts I deserve this I don't,deserve it actually but I choked it I,still don't have a run,and Aroldis Chapman strikes out the side,in the top of the ninth we're down by,five three ounce to go before we lose,at least we didn't get shut out by,Johnny Cueto oh thank the Lord a home,run would two down in the ninth inning,Josh Donaldson brings some rain to,Chicago and he brings a run to our,scoreboard thank you,Hadley rushman gets a base hit I would,love to somehow come back,Jorge Polanco ends the game at least we,gotta run and yeah that was on Legend,we're getting further and further from,World Series we get a hit first facing,my corbinite Krypton,Burns Cato Marte has to have a good game,to get super fractured but seeing how,that last game went versus Johnny Cueto,I'm not sure how high my hopes are,versus Corbin Burns,and instead of taking the walk he's,hitless today that's sad,to be honest it feels like everybody's,hit list today Albert's getting a base,hit on that yo don't gum me a second,please oh no oh no,he's safe with a double oh this game's,already going better than last game,let's try to take advantage of that,I hope this gets down for my sake,as,catch,but we actually,yo this game's already going better than,last game,we gotta run in the

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Rebuilding the Twins cause Carlos Correa is back!

Rebuilding the Twins cause Carlos Correa is back!

So today we're doing another rebuild,with Carlos Correa this time with the,twins six years 200 million he seems to,be finally finally getting a team to,agree to sign him and keep him and you,know what the twins I I I like the move,you know you get a shortstop you've,still got some young players who are,starting to come up you've got you've,got a decent team and I just think you,need a couple more options we've added,Joey Gallo maybe a trade or two and his,team could be pretty solid I'm excited,to see what the twins do in the future,so with that being said let's rebuild,them so today's video is sponsored by,our friends over at factor and we've,actually had Factor on the channel,before and I'm not gonna lie to you I've,been using their services since that,video went live in fact there's a meal,prep surface that offers you fresh never,frozen meals that are dietitian approved,delivered straight to your doorstep and,with the new year that has just begun I,know some of you may have some,resolutions or some goals that you want,to achieve and factors got your back if,you don't want to eat out as often or,maybe you just don't want to have to go,to the grocery store so much save some,time or you just want to eat healthier,Factor literally checks all those boxes,what I like about factor is one it's,super quick it's a two minute cook time,another thing that I like is that the,menu options there's so many of them and,each week it's a different menu so you,don't have to worry about getting bored,with each different option not only do,they have the meals but they do have,some smoothies here I have the,strawberry banana smoothie I also do,have the tropical fruit one and the,mango one upstairs all of them are,really good they have breakfast options,which I like those as well and then the,desserts and as well as I think they,have some juices too so like I said,there's meals there's desserts there's,Breakfast they have all these different,bases covered for you to make your life,easier and like I said it's a two minute,cook time it's super easy you can see on,screen it's literally a couple holes in,the top of the Saran Wrap pop it in the,microwave two minutes and you're good to,go here I'm eating the chili chorizo and,also I'm gonna taste the tostada bake,and both of them delicious so if quick,meal options time save so you have to,run to the grocery store you don't have,to clean up eating healthy if all those,things sound good to you head over to go,dot ant 60 and use code ant,60 for 60 off your first Factor box the,website has plenty of different options,how many meals you can have per week and,just it there's a plenty of different,options you can go check it out and pick,the one that's best for you not only do,they have meat options they do have,vegan they do have keto they have other,options that cover kind of all different,Lifestyles so again if that all sounds,great head over to, ant 60 and use that code,ant 60 for 60 off your first box again,thanks for fact for sponsoring today's,video so with this team I'm not gonna,make a lot of change or I didn't make,any changes going into this 2023 season,the only thing that I did was I went out,and I brought back Michael Fulmer,because I know he's a real life free,agent currently but he's still a free,agent in real life and I thought you,know what twins could use another arm in,the bullpen let's bring them back and,did a two-year Club option and we'll see,what happens so otherwise the team is,like the same like as as what it would,be in real life I may have released like,a fringe player that they might have,kept or I might have kept The Fringe,player that they might have gotten rid,of but for the most part this is kind of,the the team that is,predicted from fan graphs so I kind of,went with what we had here so players,that I'm looking to get rid of are,Kepler potentially Jorge Polanco and the,reason I'm okay with that is we do have,Royce Lewis we do have Aston Martin both,can play the infield Royce Lewis is the,one that I'm kind of looking for forward,to the most so we'll see what happens,there Matt walner is also another player,that I want to get involved but like the,corner Outfield spots are are pretty,pretty taken up with caroloff larnik and,also Gallo right now and then of course,Buxton and Center he's not going,anywhere so I don't know we've got to,figure something out figure out a way to,like kind of get everybody in play and,then pitching right now I think is,pretty self-explanatory we will need,somebody just because I think my Ada's,contract is starting to come to an end,it is I think Sunny crazes also and,Tyler Maley so we'll need some pitching,because we do have blasovich we do have,Bailey Ober but it's not like I can,really be like yeah they're gonna be the,top part of the rotation for us so we'll,see what we can do I think the the,deadline is probably the most like the,quickest time that I'll actually make,some moves other moves that I did i

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EPIC WORLD SERIES GAME 7! | MLB The Show 22 | Road to the Show #202

EPIC WORLD SERIES GAME 7! | MLB The Show 22 | Road to the Show #202

I got this welcome the road of the show,202 it was a long season it took a lot,of hard work to get to this point we are,playing the Padres in the World Series,game six currently down three to two and,I want that ring I'm gonna give,everything I got on the field because I,do not want to lose this unfortunately,the World Series returns to San Diego,and oh my goodness what a setting to get,me locked in raining coming down from,the clouds in This World Series has me,determined I do not want to lose I do,not want to go home without a ring,without the trophy Anaheim needs this,Blake Snell is the pitcher on the mound,and he had our number last time but,we're gonna make sure that we turn,things around we watched the tape,Nathaniel Lowe has this ball on the,ground it's gonna be the first out right,here who's pitching for us hi me Berea,oh God you're gonna have to have the,game of your life sir let's see what,happens the next time we see the field,scoreless he was able to pitch out of,that good now against Blake Snell with,one out top two we hit this ball it's,not gonna go it's not it's gonna be a,long fly out damn it if we didn't take a,pitch that was outside and pull it then,maybe we could have done something but,unfortunately that was the wrong thing,to do still scoreless tatis in the box,I'm hugging the line I'm gonna scoot in,a tiny bit and Jaime Maria's pitch is,smoked and fielded I didn't even think,that hit the ground Jared Walsh wasn't,even at the bag yet I could literally,see him running to it okay here we go,come on we gotta get something we need,double or better I don't want to be too,cocky two outs Blake Snell still,dominating top four with one runner on,we need this we gotta have this and no,okay they called it a ball beautiful be,relaxed wait for the right pitch don't,jump at anything you have to be smart,and look at Blake Snell he's nervous,okay he knows who's in the Box it's me,it's your boy and I gotta be clutch,right now come on waiting for that one,give me a high fastball right here,please and now it's right at tatis damn,it you got me on the inside if that was,down the middle curveball goodbye that,ball will not be seen for years but,unfortunately it got me jammed and it's,still scoreless we could still get a,double play right here on Machado and,okay I can do this easy right here get,Jalen Miller for one and two oh that was,too easy come on we gotta break this,goose egg we gotta hatch a nice lead,right now I'll take it one to zero all,right I mean we still need to do a lot,of work because I don't trust our,bullpen but as long as we have a lead,that we're sitting on then I feel pretty,good and now,Austin what are you doing we're gonna,have one more at-bat I know we are but,damn it that sucks and we still got this,one zero lead,scary this is very scary Jaime Maria is,dealing though and please be there oh my,God out of my reach not feeling good hit,me for the cut off no okay cool it's,because I'm having a bad day at the,plate isn't it and oh my goodness it's,literally the next batter,all right fine get a double play two,outs I'll take that over one out any day,and now it's a pop-up well damn I really,wanted this to be a double play where is,it lock onto it please gotcha all right,no no just don't yeah all right whatever,and now get me in the batter's box and,bigger lead please four to zero,of course you know yeah it always comes,down to my first hit when I'm batting on,the left side I I hate that I want to,get right-handed hits and I need you,guys to know the hit streak doesn't,apply in the postseason so that pressure,is not on me but the pressure of winning,these games I'm feeling all of that,right now come on what are we gonna get,and that is down the line we have a hit,and we are gonna turn we are gonna have,two runners in scoring position love it,a nice little double what's up tatis I,didn't do any ringworm stuff like you so,all that good luck it's coming our way,okay Lane Thomas 3-0 count I assume this,will be a walk but you never know he,could actually put this in play let's,see I bet it's going to be Heinen,fastball for a walk or highing out,fastball for a walk good base is loaded,for Anthony Rendon why does he have to,have two strikes here I still believe he,could actually make contact but why does,there have to be two strikes ah man big,moment for you whether you come through,and it's shot through yes Anthony,renowned that's One RBI and this will be,two RBIs Anthony Rendon the biggest,stage comes through let's go man and we,are getting another at-bat we're up,seven to zero two outs I would like to,have another hit against a guy named,Boris what kind of name is that and I,don't know if we're gonna get something,out of this damn it we're not in this,rainy setting though we came through we,had our head down determined look and I,can make the final out of game six right,here and then it would go to game seven,come on I want this ball oh you're gonna,give me a chance to get you on a bunt oh,God

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NEW Legends For MLB The Show 23!

NEW Legends For MLB The Show 23!

is officially 2023 today we're going to,be going over 10 new Legends for MLB the,show 23. and happy New Year to all of,you guys we're gonna get the year,started off right with some MLB the Show,23 New Legends today I didn't want to,wait until 2023 to start talking about,some of this stuff and you know we,haven't really got the cover athlete yet,it's probably gonna be j-rod or Aaron,judge we've got to really get much news,for 23 I know we're in 2023 now so,probably within the upcoming weeks we'll,start hearing some stuff but it doesn't,stop us from going over some new Legends,for next year's game let me know in the,comments any new Legends you want to see,for 23. so drop a like and maybe we'll,get Barry Bonds,so starting off here at number 10 we've,got Ichiro Suzuki now he is a contact,here I know much of you guys probably,don't use contact hitters in MLB the,show but that's just because it may be,the show plays better when you just have,power hitters like contact hitters just,aren't that good but that's just the,hitting engine it might take a whole new,hitting engine to make contact hitters,better but that's a whole nother,conversation for another Time intro will,be a great addition to the game,especially early on in the year if you,drop them at the right time he'd be used,a lot this is a guy that would have,pretty much maxed out speed maxed out,fielding and maxed out contact back in,2001 had probably one of the best,contact Seasons I've ever seen I mean he,was a dog 242 hits eight home runs won,the MVP with only eight home runs also,one rookie of the year that was his,first season on top of that won a gold,glove one a Silver Slugger and he stole,56 bags so he would have maxed out speed,maxed out fielding and pretty much maxed,out contact so come on man just get,Ichiro back in the game keeping the,contact hitter Trend going here that is,Ty Cobb last in the game and MLB the,show 20. I have no idea why they removed,this guy I've heard many different,rumors why he was removed I don't want,to say this this is the reason but I've,heard he's racist I've heard this I've,heard that bro if he was racist who,cares it was 100 years ago we gotta move,on because I'd love to see this guy back,in the game man he was an amazing,contact hitter just like Ichiro his card,back in MLB the Show 20 maxed out,contact pretty damn good power in the,game as well so not only a contact,hitter if he got that much power in 23,this might be one of the best,outfielders in the game Fielding on the,card as well 99 speed stealing all that,good stuff still a lot of bags in his,playing days it's time to bring him back,and another legend that was removed from,MLB the Show 20 that was Ted Williams,now Ted Williams would be an amazing,Legend if he was brought back absolute,amazing swing great hitting stats and,next year we're probably gonna get DH,this is a guy looking at his stats he'd,play pretty well on a DH spot will be a,great bat in your Diamond Dynasty line,up and you don't have to really take the,hit at the bad defense and speed there,pretty much hit over 300 every single,year of his career and in back in 1941,this guy hit freaking 400 and it's very,likely that the DH will be brought into,Diamond Dynasty next year so like I said,this will be a great bat to have in that,type of spot one of the greatest hitters,of all time when you need to see him,back in the game next guy on the list,we've got Pete Rose well another contact,hitter now there's only two players to,ever get to 4 000 hits one of them we,went over earlier at,4189 that is Ty Cobb the all-time MLB,hits leader is Pete Rose at 4,256. so another potential Max contact,guy that would be in the game I'd love,to see a Pete Rose I know you guys would,probably love to see him as well if we,get more contact here's eventually we,end up using the morning I'll be the,show anyways and like I said earlier I,know we use mostly power heaters but,Pete Rose would still be a great,addition to the game there was a couple,Seasons where he had pretty good pop as,high as home run season that was 1966,with 16 bombs so hey that's enough to,give him like 80 power obviously I don't,make the stats but I'd still love to see,Pete Rose in the game I think he'd be a,great addition next on the list we've,got New York Yankee Derek Jeter the,captain now let me start off by saying,look I know the captain gets a lot of,just weird hate from people and I don't,really understand why now there's a huge,crowd of people that want to see Jeter,there's also just a hate crowd that,never wants to see him in the game they,say Oh Derek Jeter would have 60 power,bro if Jimmy Rollins has 100 power and,22 then Derek Jeter would have 100 power,and 23. the controversy aside I honestly,think Derek Jeter would be a great,addition to the game obviously this guy,would be another high contact hitter I,think he'd have more power than many,people would think as well because he,does have some Seasons with over 20 plus,home runs five times Gol

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Getting An Online Win in Every MLB The Show

Getting An Online Win in Every MLB The Show

today I'm going to be getting a ranked,Seasons win online in every MLB of the,show possible starting with it will be,the show 19. this is as far back as we,have servers up for the game we're gonna,start off by making this team here with,the live series collection Ward and that,was Willie Mays here in MLB the show 19.,this was the first game that I really,really grinded now one of the coolest,aspects with the show 19 that I'd love,to see brought back maybe not as,powerful but the XP reward path you got,players available from day one that were,here all year long just by coming in and,leveling up and getting XP for example,you could get guys such as Clayton,Kershaw Nolan Ryan Trevor Hoffman,available out the gate Ichiro a legend,we have no more Matt Kemp as well we had,the bosses too that were all really good,Brooks Robinson Frank Thomas Joe Morgan,Tony Gwen Duke Snider you saw people use,these cards all year long for example I,had 130k games and 327 plate appearances,here with Tony Gwen and he was even good,despite his lack of power look at that,my two favorite players from that x-ray,work back here and that of course is,Frank Thomas at first base and then we,gotta have Clayton Kershaw one of the,most dominant pitchers in MLB the show,history which is funny because you look,at this card he wouldn't really Stack Up,in him with the show 22 but he didn't,win the show 19 this card was a demon,the wizard 19 was also the first year,that we saw Choice packs come out in the,game too that was unheard of in a movie,the show 19 also the first year with our,6 series cars as well so first year we,really had an end game MLB 19 was a,Monumental year for Diamond Dynasty,which was massive coming off the heels,of lv-18 which is the worst movie the,show of all time but let's rip open too,let's rip open a stick pack and let's,rip open a finest Choice pack and add,both of these players to our Squad we,have some really really good options,here Stan Musial Walter Johnson Sandberg,Feller Gary Carter Kinley Jansen not get,a 99 nobody to show 22 but we had a 99,note with the show 19. don't get it,twisted Maggie Molitor Hanley Ramirez oh,my God I miss Hanley Ramirez and it'll,be the show we got Joey Votto we got,Ryan Braun another Legend not in the,game Matt Holliday he's out of only the,show oh boy oh Boykins we will be adding,kids under the squad Kinser will be on,the squad even if we don't pull him here,we do get what I believe is the base,round no I think it's actually the mid,round let's add Hanley Ramirez though,he's no longer in the game let's grab,Haley Ramirez and add him to our lineup,at shortstop here now we also had this,finest lead pack which the art on that,pack is so so sick we had belly fragment,hater Rendon Arenado guitar Marte,Chapman Devers Ozzy Lindor glabor Bryce,Bell Chris Bryant Flaherty Patty's Max,Muncie Eugenio Suarez mobile,you're done so Lair Grand though I do,not I did not remember this many players,in this pack oh my goodness Danny,Santana one thing to know people fitting,in over the show 19. it sucked it was,awful for example the Orioles here this,was there was one team Affinity from day,one it was only that was it there was,only the one I didn't even finish the,Orioles one and he got an 87 Zach,Britain you got some packs and Subs at,the end but that was it you got to Zach,Britain in the Orioles team Affinity you,were done it makes a little bit more,sense why there were so many in that,pack right here let's see what we can,get maybe we can get the elite round,that would be incredible we do we get,the Lee round the pack look is still,there baby we gotta go Cody Bellinger,this is one of my favorite Diamond,Dynasty cards in the history of this,game we're snagging Cody Bellinger he's,gonna be our right fielder in this one,that is a Monumental dog now in left,field we're facing the legend of Terra,score we are coming in with a player no,longer in Diamond Dynasty and hopefully,he is back soon maybe he'll be in it,will be the show 23 it would be a heck,of a way to have a headlining Legend,that's gonna,Suzuki this card again and MLB 19 the,contact hitters were really valid so,this card was incredibly fun to use I,was hitting oh wow I was hitting 154,with this Easter okay the 93 each row,that you got early on I was hitting 438,okay I'm not that bad I'm not that bad,as I mentioned earlier second base is,going to be Ian Kinsler give me Kinsler,back in the game he would be a really,awesome Legend especially with retro,finest oh that'd be a sweet card now,with the introduction of six series cars,we also saw our very first ever legit,and flashback collection that dropped,out of nowhere the new Legend in Honus,Wagner and gave us this beautiful,beautiful card right here so in honor of,that collection we gotta add Honus here,at third base and I already see another,card I want to add as well adding our,first bench card right here real quick,that's gonna be Rogers Hornsby a legend,that we have lost over time and over the,sh

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