mizkif sister twitter

My Sister is is only fans is it not like some,dirty people you know,okay so give me your se


Updated on Jan 29,2023

My Sister is Back.

how is only fans is it not like some,dirty people you know,okay so give me your seeds,huh you just want to trade platforms for,a week I would so be down dude Emily,no I don't when I also look really old,and Italian and like look like a used,car sales,we were gonna carve pumpkins not become,one what the pumpkins what the just,happened oh these shorts stand out so,much I get there's Italian Heritage but,bro you just went like 50 Shades of of,tan higher in the past three minutes,oh maybe I should just go outside dude,oh my God my hair looks terrible in this,lighting anyway chat this is uh Emily,she's here for the GTR the GTR I know,for the R8 that's about it does Nick,still have the G2 yeah but you can't say,that that car is better than mine,it is,it is much much better look I know you,love plastic but you know that's not,true oh I already set my uh,no you didn't,there's some followers and everything,you did not I did,I don't believe you,show me you set up your Twitch Channel,didn't you make your profile when you're,under 13,you have five followers,why would I promote it before I go on it,okay let's make some rules okay,rules let me write these down it's like,it's like us sharing the landline you,are not gonna go live when I'm live okay,you go live before me and then I think I,typed in my notes,oh,I'm gonna talk to my notes,good knob and everybody and welcome to,my channel if you're one of the 50 of,that are not subscribed boy do I have a,deal for you if you subscribe in the,month of October I am going to be,allowing one of my lucky new subscribers,to spin the wheel this wheel is featured,in every tick tock video I have ever,done and whatever you land on you get to,keep so if you are the lucky person that,gets to spend this wheel this month you,can win up to ten thousand dollars on,the wheel so please subscribe to the,channel I greatly appreciate it and I'll,see you in the next video it was to the,pilots you wanted to get first class,yeah I was like when I walked by I was,like wow you do not stream while I'm,streaming you could stream before I'm,streaming yeah or so you can react,correct and but I also want you to raid,me after you're done streaming okay,reading that's that's really it I think,that's pretty fair so just you know go,live before me you know do a little Jazz,and then be like all right I'm raiding,Matt you know I think that's,and it's it's boom right there and then,you go on eight and we're also stream,and then you know you guys do whatever,and then move on from there do you know,who Aidan Ross is yeah I know he is I,watched I actually watched that stream I,watched the YouTube video of it what,stream the one where you were on his or,like y'all were like doing like a split,screen kind of thing oh me him and Kai,yeah yeah I know I think that Kai guy is,really funny,why aren't you saying I'm really funny,why are you saying I was the one that,was making all the jokes no his,reactions are so funny like I don't know,what it's like real like his loud,obnoxious yeah yelling and screaming at,son of a yeah,no he's good he's good I like him a lot,wait how long are you here for,I have no expiration date so you can,stay as long as you want,you're trying to stream today no that's,today not today I wouldn't do it today,Jesus Christ your first Dream is going,to be garbage and I know like the chat's,just gonna be spamming a bunch of dog, and hating on you I'm gonna put a,garbage can just in front of the camera,I'm just gonna sit,nothing's gonna get any worse you're,gonna start streaming all right so let,me ask you a question Emily you think,you can stream well why are you,getting hostile because you can't yeah,why are you cussing at me at me this job,Ain't Easy,it runs in the family bro you never know,you know I've streamed before hot tub,stream pool stream streaming right now,she's literally popping off she had the,whole chat talking about her you know,okay so you know what we're gonna do I,have an idea Emily I'm gonna let you,have the stream I'm gonna come back in,10 minutes and we'll see how you're,doing no because I don't want to do that,on your screen but it's gonna be your,streaming exactly the same thing I don't,care I don't care about messing up my,stream you can't mess up my stream this,place is a I'm a piece of wait what,are you doing two years ago less than,three do I think I want to be like a,samurai wait I don't know what if I'm,you for Halloween you're me I'm,yeah,yeah the little space ones yeah yeah,yeah,are you gonna be here for Halloween or,wait you're gonna be Chang Lee yeah,yeah okay yeah just stream when you wake,up this is my Halloween oh if you are,Chung Lee while I'm out here playing,who's I'm just checking to watch I know,Lee or me sitting here playing,you know Mario Kart okay hold on did I,ever say I was gonna be Chun-Li on on,stream on Halloween did I say he's,already getting scared I'm already,getting he's already still actually I'm,so scared oh I'm not gonna just stream,I'll do cosplay

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Reuniting with My SISTER...

Reuniting with My SISTER...

damn this is the nicest merch i've ever,seen,hi,okay so 50 of you guys are not,subscribed and if you want my brother to,lose weight you should subscribe oh,and why is merch,you're here,with clothes on i am multiple clothes on,she's here after all these years,you finally made it yes,welcome back thanks,hi,oh this is a a new for them they haven't,ever most of these people have never,seen you before they're new,they're new yes i've grown a lot since,you left like how much yeah i'm one of,the biggest streamers on twitch now i've,uh established myself as that,wait what do you think of my house i've,seen it,what the i stayed here in simply's,room i slept in simply's bed,nobody ever said no i did because i,remember things,wait she did yeah i literally took a,nude in somebody's bathroom what you did,yeah,fantastic stuff,you want some,how long has i been here,four days okay i'm good what come,on over there that's my favorite thing,in the entire room,yeah,i'm throwing that out when you leave,okay can i take it you are not taking it,that's mine i got it yeah my box are,pretty cool right yeah,cool can i can i guess which one's the,most expensive,oh i love this game all right chad she,wants to guess which one is the most,expensive okay,if you guess the right one you keep it,rich get out of my chat you're in an otk,meeting,dates on it um,if you guess it you have it,oh this is hard is it the very top one,ah she got it no i didn't did it really,i don't want it oh thank god,i don't know what i would do with it,you can give it to me for christmas the,smash yeah how the did you guess,it's genetics chat she knows which one's,a good investment for boxes that's what,we're talking about it's a good she's,it's genetics that's sick it looks the,oldest,it is not the oldest actually not even,close the oldest one is that doom box,right there what do you want to do when,you're in austin,um eat,no,what do you mean no it's ,homemade have they seen this so they,could they could see it's good ass food,can you understand a word they're saying,it's going really fast does this look,good who made this,and what did maya make this like what,that no i have a chef,you should fire them,oh,do not say that i'm kidding i'm kidding,it looks good but it looks old what do,you mean it looks good and old what are,you talking about like what the ,tell my forces no it looks ,fantastic you're wrong wait so what do,you want to do while you're here i'm,just going to use your pool so you just,want to sit in my pool all day yeah,that's fine that what a coincidence,that's what they want you to do have you,met everybody by the way yeah,name five people,russell okay,maya okay i've never met simply but do,you wanna meet simply,i can like go knock on this door right,hey i'll go get them you stay here,hello,god you're so annoying loud,oh yeah is he asleep no they're all gone,drinking is that where slick is,wait slick left too times say hi,oh this looks scared,i know how this works no slick's just,scared of you are you excited to be here,do you like austin i'm just trying to,come here like i want to move here and,then when i'm gone for a while i'm like,yeah austin sucks but you want to move,here i tell you that every single time,dude everyone wants to move here,everybody basically,i mean it is it is it is a vibe yeah it,is a vibe it is a good time honestly you,couldn't even even go out no,how do you even know what the vibe is,cause i checked twitter no listen the,only time i ever go out is to buy a new,house,pretty cool huh,do you know ski master slump god not no,i'm like personally but he's my boy now,okay,what do you want what do you want,i i i can't impress her at all she's,gonna give a flying dude what do,you want me to say oh yeah do you know,young gravy,yeah like one song he only he only has,like one song right no,he's got two,do you know him too oh my god,what do you want me to say oh that was,pretty good do you know mitch jones yeah,last time i was here,am i allowed to say that yes,i guess i already did it so that's okay,never mind,i thought you might know me as like a,musician but never mind that's how you,know mitch jones okay all right it seems,like you know much better than most,people then,classic house tour you already had one,right you know what we'll give you a,house tour sadaq,right now,yeah now how do i make this look better,hold on like this,i don't know what am i doing,hold on i got this,all right so over here we got my boxes,what they're cool we've got pokemon snap,what,don't you dare what if someone,like trips into it,if they're not knocked out already i'll,knock them out okay,what do you think of this room,it's much better than your old one,exactly it looks more like you exactly,filled with ,exactly yes,chad she gets me she resonates with me,all right so there's the pool that's,your house tour you need to get on that,uh you can see how dusty it is for a,reason yeah i ain't get on the oh it's,chompy,he doesn't look like he's mad at you,anymore,uh n

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“i’m seeing your sister…”

“i’m seeing your sister…”

listen i didn't jerk off for 100 days,and you know what happened in those,hundred days what i became a streamer,you probably had one dream at some point,seven seven wet dreams and i remember,one of them and i a balloon was,it shaped like a girl i think it was a,girl and i think she streams maya,i don't know any other girls streamers,that you i don't know any other,girl streamers,any other girl streamers you could said,literally anyone else,huh that you bro what are you,doing this was three years ago maya,wasn't even a thing okay so you ,up balloon girl wait you've been with,other streamer girls inside maya,you need to go on nofap your braid is,just chat chat chat i know my brain,isn't working right now your brain it's,drink your black coffee you, see peach,oh my god you're ridiculous,you're ridiculous what looks like oh,okay okay so what are you doing girl,this is 2018. i was a five-viewer,streamer okay okay he did who mary,people are saying mary i first of all,k bubbles,i want you to get the hell out of my,life right now how dare you ever say,this i was writing what chad is saying,how dare you ever say that leslie,no,this i was a five viewer stranger,no okay i was a five literally i had not,even five years i was not a streamer i,didn't it was i was a wet dream,and you're you're asking me who did i, irl,don't cry it's okay,i'm okay with it you know honestly funny,when i was a kid,uh i there's this one girl that i used,to pick on a lot not because i liked her,i actually hated her it wasn't like oh i,thought she was cute,i legitimately hated this girl right,like i would on her i would troll,her i would bother i was i really was a,bully like in fourth grade i was,actually a bully and she was a second,grader what is saying was,because i was in fourth grade i'm still,a bully but i'm not in fourth grade,anymore you got it and one time i'm on,the playground and aftercare we did an,aftercare thing right,and uh,she got a a knife like a plastic knife,and i was in the swing swing set and she,stabbed me in the back with plastic with,a plastic knife it didn't hurt though no,it did it was a plastic knife,she stabbed me was it pointy yeah what,did she do with her you step like after,she stabbed me what happened i ,snitched i went right over to the,goddamn lady i'm like by the way,oh yeah i'm bleeding in my back and i'm,like this just stopped are you,bleeding from a plastic knife you call,me a i got it you're from i get it,from columbia okay i get it boy from a,plastic knife,no what do you want i was i had a very,soft back back then i did not work lats,anyway then the next year guess what,happened i was in i was at lunch and my,my bully so you know like feeding frenzy,my bully,walks up to me so you had a bully yeah,that was a boy and then you bullied a,girl well i'm not gonna bully a boy,they'd kick my ass so i bullied a girl,so um,i bullied this girl and then this guy,started bullying me right his name was,russell he used to shoot me with airsoft,guns,like legit he'd be like,i'm like happy easter dude i'm with my, family would you get out of my,goddamn driveway,i'm like bro what is this you're on,the other side you're jewish you're on,the other side of town what is this crap,i'm like what the so i'm over there,celebrating easter right having the time,of my life and this bully it is uh we're,in school and i'm eating my sandwich,right i had a ham and cheese i still,remember that like give me your food,i'm like bro because i say bro all the,time cause i'm i'm from jersey so bro,what are you doing,and i'm like what the hell are you,trying to do,and he's like give me your ham and,cheese sandwich i'm hungry i'm like this,is no like disney channel stop,this crap,he takes a pencil,stabs me in the back,and it stood there it didn't move it,actually just stood there like this,a pencil or a pen a pencil in my back,what did you do i,i didn't snitch,you should have,oh now i should have snitched yeah,that's a pencil,what if there's a difference between the,plastic now there is the state inside of,you,yeah i swear,you should have gone to the doctor for,that call your mom it's a fake story hi,mom hi i'm on a tv show i need your help,okay guys remember russell,yeah russell okay russell did he not,used to bully me yes do you remember did,i ever tell you or do you remember the,story of when he stabbed me in the back,of the pencil,no not i i kind of remember it,that was a long time ago so you didn't,snitch i i did didn't russell used to,shoot me with airsoft guns all the time,and bully me,yes wasn't he a big jerk i don't know,about that,what the hell is that douchebag doing,nowadays huh,i don't know matt you know what that,prick's doing,sorry mom bye thank you for hell bye i,won 100,okay bye you don't even care that 100,congratulations oh i don't have to force,this out of you we'll talk in therapy,wow what the you know how you talk,to your mom how does she that's how she,talks to me,i thought you i want a hundred bucks and,she's not trying to

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She finds out about my old Twitter DMs

She finds out about my old Twitter DMs

like I'm supposed to jump okay that was,good that was actually perfect placement,so I stay here she messaged you on,Twitter oh really,wait really hold chat,yeah don't look at that items coming,don't what your text messages between,meaner I swear I don't ask for this I,don't know this is bad my I swear to God,I don't ask for these ever I know it's,not me it's her it's her I swear to god,Maya Maya I swear to god it's her,okay I swear to god it's her I swear God,okay look everyone I say read what I say,read what I say should we have sex that,just because I got bigger doesn't mean,my penis ass you don't want this do you,see like look well I mean no I but silly,oh my god a book she sent me a picture,of her ass I said is this some dove,commercial you see know what she said,hey was it she's not responding to it I,mean Maya I I win her chat and my chat,for dated her look at this are you Nina,uh,I know people are very so angry even the,uber to EDC I'll pay for your uber I'm,so sorry that you had to pay for that,please don't baby you nobody a band in,two seconds no I'm okay,break up street,everything is a-okay all right I talked,to Maya it's perfectly far I was just,cold all right everything's fine there's,no problems with anything at all okay,let's just dance and remember September,all right so should we put on some nice,cookie music or do we just go from here,I've never done a cooking stream that I,actually enjoyed today chat we are going,to cook oh my god she hurt herself today,we're cooking rabbit so step one chat is,to have Maya do everything and step two,is to grab yourself a beer can you open,this it's a twist-off why the hurt how'd,you do that away Daddy Q's right they're,scared shitless right now and you should,be terrible well actually no you would,know they're actually pretty good I'm,making really shitty ketchup mash to me,what it's sliced up tomatoes like I'm,not gonna do squares but a little sliced,up Tomatoes is good can you get can you,get some salt and pepper I can't and so,can you,Maya pain I asked where is the salt and,pepper and the wine is and all boilers,Oh,they're empty you chapter empty relax,what is this basil what the is this,Hammerton Jarek what the hell chicken,and some chili place holy ,red next any Italians in Jogja,all kind of sea salt,what nice tonight we watch their wine,how am i doing chat that's a trick,question I'm not reading the chat while,I'm doing this boys by the way,shout out to Maya forgetting me My,Little Tikes knife what you went out so,I could barely caught anything and it,takes 20 minutes,honestly shout out to her traveler this,huh what do you think that's not bad,boys that's not bad,this looks like you know this looks like,this looks like the dog food that,chances dogs eat,it looks like high quality dog food oh,I'm gonna cut an avocado,no no no I got it I'll do it I'll do it,I'll show them ready you go you go you,do I got it I got you Californians you,you go come on you Californians think,you know everything look huh I know how,to cook okay I on a hook go,go hook it don't look wait wait long bum,you cheater,where is the pit here just eat around it,who gives a ,you can't side and kill a chat the fresh,cuts Wow you okay ready hold the camera,for me,okay,oh there's a reason

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Adin Ross Tries to DATE My Sister...

Adin Ross Tries to DATE My Sister...

wait joby's dead oh oh that is literally,the cutest thing ever died of boredom,wait Aiden messaged me a feeling,I said sit down Miss Kip promises that,Aiden will be banned soon,is that a bad thing whoa,mark my words if Aiden keeps doing this,I guarantee you Aiden gets banned in,less by the end of November Aiden Ross,will be banned I guarantee you I will,say it right now he's pushing the limits,hard Jeff I just said that you should,gotta just watch it what's wrong with,that he said why you saying like that,what listen Mr Aiden Ross if you're out,there I didn't mean it in a bad way I,was kind of making it in like a you just,gotta be careful I mean it like I want,you bam so last thing I give a, about I with Aiden and I love,you and you're the better streamer and,I'm I'm sorry riding Aiden's dick I'm,not glazing I'm just shut up I'm just,trying to look there's a few people that,still with me okay Aiden's one of,them let's not lose that all right I'm,not lazing don't hurt me Aiden please,okay you're one of those 100K andies I'm,just a mere 30. I'm not trying to fight,you this is how it works it's like,politics I'm like a peasant boy to them,Mr Aiden Rosser as a apology for what I,said,you can uh you can have Emily for a,stream,what,say thank you you get to be on Aiden,Ross's stream do you know how great that,is I could have probably done,oh easily not even a question but okay,but,one stream,actually has a pool that works so yeah,you can enjoy that one check Twitter,even watching yo yo later Emily let me,know when you try to come over and do a,hot substring with me bro you just gave,him,when he does it before bro I,didn't even get to finish my sentence,and you're already begging for it no way,gulab and everybody and welcome to my,channel if you're one of the 50 of that,are not subscribed boy do I have a deal,for you if you subscribe in the month of,October I am going to be allowing one of,my lucky new subscribers to spin the,wheel this wheel is featured in every,tick tock video I have ever done and,whatever you land on you get to keep so,if you are the lucky person that gets to,spend this with this month you can win,up to ten thousand dollars on the wheel,so please subscribe to the channel I,greatly appreciate it and I'll see you,in the next video maybe you shouldn't go,no no you can't you can't do that to,them you can't just like get it I'm,tired of you homie hopping on my,friends like just not gonna be hopping,on your friends you're just going to the,guy that's bigger than me that's all,you're trying to do I don't blame you by,the way he runs in the family just make,sure you're safe okay that's all I care,about wait Aiden's face timing me hi,Aiden,Emily please of course hi,hey Emily how are you I'm good how are,you good,um you saw my tweet yeah I replied to,you okay cool okay let's lock it in and,then um I saw you know I saw something,about you someone like uh you like to,have sex by the fireplace yeah yeah yeah,yeah,that's like my dream sex sessions like,buy a fireplace I feel like that's so,like sexy that's fire no no it's,literally fire,all right I'll reply he's blushing he's,blushing for me,oh all right and talk to you later,man see ya that was awesome what the,hell is going on dude wait what if I,have sex by a fireplace I have to record,it first of all there's no you're not,doing that with Aiden no I'm,kidding I'm not none of that okay you go,there you're respectful I'm,respectful what did you do back in the,day when you hung out with my friends,you're respectful yeah and you hung out,with them that's what you said to me,played games and you would leave and,that's all you're that's it none of that,other okay would you actually go,there if he was like yo come,um,of it,I'm not that easily like persuaded,oh not enough Aiden not enough he didn't,offer you what did he really say to you,nothing he like said he read my tweets,that I wanted to have sex by a fireplace,which I retweeted something that Kim,Kardashian said I mean you did your,research but like he should have that,was like the second tweet on my profile,he should have offered you the private,chat wait e-rob wants to join me and,Russell for my payback reparation stream,bro shut up erup you're not invited man,what is that emo that that's Iran do you,think your Rob's attractive no,I didn't have to think about that yeah,you really said that quick she'll she'll,jump in the pool after how about that,that's fair,oh,he's like yo how do you know Ms Kip tell,my boy I said,and then she said he's my brother and he,he said no way I promise I,didn't know I still want to play Apex,with you though or meet Miss,he said I still want to play Apex video,or meet you and Ms,I'm just I'm a tag along hey it works,though am I right third wheel I'm third,Wheeling so hard we can arrange,predictions does it pop over do a,hundred,fifteen,Twenty One 33 no,no 36 33 this is going to blow up in our,face and we're going to die chat but,we're gonna die for you the only people,that have

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Mizkif And His Sister Rates His Viewers

Mizkif And His Sister Rates His Viewers

or more with me a chat roll with me,don't haha don't be embarrassed,war alright chat we're gonna have you,guys Emily rate you guys now okay well,happy why'd you like another picture of,Mitch dude I don't understand all right,you'll have we'll have her break you,guys now alright so link it in the chat,or do it other way we'll do it like that,will just link it it I donate it,I'll obviously look at it and we'll go,from there okay this is gonna be ,terrible,alright you can start with this guy,before you do what were you what were,you expecting,you will be a complete SOI boy like,MySpace,Seanie we need seem kid works at you,below you work at ShopRite and you've,been trying to work up the ranks to the,past three years and you're just going,nowhere all you do is smoke cigarettes,in the back room geez you're in it,that's just us,we're together on this one alright do we,keep doing this shot I'm out looking at,your Instagram dude rate this guy we,think what is that it's a smiley face we,should do a hashtag we should not take,photos like this mmm,why wearing pokey pants so what would,you rate this guy absolutely the photo,he looks like he has man tits geez what,there's like the nose right you look so,much better without the nose ring yeah,dude why do you have this nose ring what,the is this thing why it was a bet,I'd still get with you what's this,holy whoa another dude bro is it,weird to see like your viewers know this,looks exactly what my viewers usually,look like really for the most part yeah,that guy doesn't look like he has time,to sit here and watch it he looks like,he's too busy like I feel like you for,$10 yeah I feel like you pretend that,you play video games so that way you can,live in this lifestyle but the reality,is you don't really like video games,whatsoever and you just like the fact,that you can like brag to people be like,oh I'm really jacked because you have,some kind of issues going on any smart,protein powder are we really doing this,through Twitter chat okay we're doing,this,hello Emily if I don't get a ten I'm not,oh my god you're serious right me,Oh just to call your bluff man go for it,I don't know dude you look like a muffin,that fell on the ground and got cat hair,all over it I don't know oh my goodness,hey Riley you know it's spongebob likes,miles to harness cheese get like really,really pink and like he looks like he's,trained really hard for now Oh,mizuka new things rates me smile or this,picture of me you look so cute buddy are,you actually in my chat he is oh but he,looks so cute you need a new computer,though look if we were doing a desktop,rating shame I tell you right now this,desktop needs to go I don't know,where you are but you're in some shitty,elementary school it is a ah,he's in school really bamm-bamm what do,you think this guy's clean hi boy Eve,such us you definitely watch my streams,do you look so joy and he loves tick,tock you love tick tock you like you,tried to breakdance once in your life,and you up and you did it for two,days,doctor I'm like Rasul you brought my,switch my switch I actually won your,divorce I don't have a computer I'm,gonna play the switch man wait what the,hell right this guy right here yeah here,let me click a bunch of links to do this,a lot what is this,well I'm just gonna keep looking like,you look like train wrecks on high,school go back home I'm gonna keep,clicking links give me a sec okay we'll,go with that one another picture of,moxie,keep going childlike you clicking links,will do like 20 if you donate you insta,get it it's a lot easier clicking oh my,god Jesus some of these kids your you,gotta be showing us these pictures oh,damn he's got you in the background yeah,try to have me in the background so I,know it to you he just accepted you if,you can do that chat try to have them,rank me smiled yeah see try to input,your myself in the background do where's,your adapter you know No,oh by the way your Swiss bride please,bless our Angie raped me smiled damn,some of you guys are actually pretty,good-looking I'm surprised like what you,showed me the stereotypical,oh my god alright some of these are,really bad I got a few more of my Emmy,chat break to me and don't scam I,believe in polygamy and date supermodels,hold on look at this one okay,take back my setup the drug earlier that,was the drug holy some of these are,so bad no oh my god okay here we go I,got some we got enough I think if you,were gonna donate or do anything please,make sure you have my screen or,something,on the background so I know it's you,okay I don't want to do this okay this,is my friend mocks by the way I don't so,if you're gonna send me stuff make sure,that it's you have me in the background,like some kind of so I can know like,this is not just some random person I'm, on who doesn't watch me,whatsoever,yeah that's my job,are you having fun doing it well I know,people do a lot the best one I hate not,like like want you to rate like your,face like you won't be shirtless,alright r

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Having Fun With My Sister [10/14/22]

Having Fun With My Sister [10/14/22]

you see it,yo,isn't that sick,it's getting even cooler tomorrow it's,actually just one of the most,life-changing things that's happened to,me in a long time,in a long time I have not felt any,different in my life that is,life-changing that has changed me,these are new shelves,foreign,that sick,your room's smaller now no way,stop counting low and sold the boxes,they're sick,okay what's up what,aren't they cool chat,thank you,wait they're saying they're too high up,I I disagree no no no once the couch is,on yeah yeah yeah,they're they're trying to psych me out,right now they're saying that,Chad don't do this to me this is one of,the most important things that just has,ever happened in this room it's,life-changing,it literally it like makes the room feel,like a Game Stop doesn't it,yeah,yeah RZ from the five gifted I was,joking,six months and watch all your streams,goes 97. meow cool stuff here is nice,it's not too hot I kind of like it Jeff,because then it gives off the feeling of,GameStop you know when you're at a,GameStop like think it was like you,couldn't get to like the good ,because they were high up in the shelves,you know and also like why are you so,short I don't know what to tell you,yo that's the rare sub think of the sub,man I appreciate it I like it,if we are zoomed out my it's just a big,ass room dude this thing's huge I mean,he he measured it by going off my head,and I'm only five six so okay so you're,five six to chat you would be like,getting bottom shelf liquor if you,looked at that thing,well yeah but,yeah when I was saying that's what we're,talking about uh the head clearance you,need no I think I think it's good I,think it's a good,looks way higher than it is because what,what it does is it makes the stuff on,the top you know they already are very,very very important,and some of the most important things in,America,but,you know makes no way wait that's the,sign,no we can see it okay,no,we just covered this,chat you can see it,um coming down tight or do we need to oh,okay this slides in,no there's it's pre-drilled so there's,like a whole location already yo,Maya's Keith cozy,nah that's way it's so good,yeah so so let me just like make sure,that I bought the right thing so this,comes with so it's glass on it right,yeah will there be a lock for the glass,that is exactly what I I want to be like,I'm a GameStop uh employee and I have to,get the box and I'm gonna RP oh it's,gonna be so much fun I that's what I,wanted I just want,that looks so good that looks so good,I got this for a reason chat because I'm,tired of whenever girls come,over and they go and try to touch my box,and be like oh look at me I'm just,touching biscuits no I'm done with that,now is a glass case and you're not,finding the keys it's not happening,I can't stand when people come over and,try to touch my boxes it bothers the, out of me so I got this massive,Contraption from these guys from the,other side of the country to stop anyone,from getting to my boxes it is,bulletproof glass you are not getting in,my boxes all right it's over and done,with,High yes try hard,nope yo,is it sick though it's 10K case do you,think this was only ten thousand dollars,Keith hypers mice Keith not mice Keith,hug you're damn might you think this is,only ten thousand dollars,wait how much was this thing I don't,even know the bill,huh,am I even allowed to ask I haven't paid,the bill yet,right or have I did snack pay the bill,oh not install yet oh okay,that's close to a million dollars but,think about a million dollars that's,going in it so it's a good investment,you're saying it's too bright but guess,what you can dim it chat,I spent the extra five dollars with a,million dollars I spent on this and you,could dim the lights,um yes,it's too high shut up no it's not this,is good I want it to be high up here's,how it's going to work the worst boxes,go on the bottom right you got your,Glovers you got your that's really it,right I don't really have any other bad,boxes they go on the bottom shelf and on,the top shelf it's just like when you go,to alcohol chat that's where all the,good is you got your Mario 64s you,got your Super Smash Brothers so the,only ones that can touch that stuff are,really tall people but really tall,people are not going to want to mess,with that stuff because really tall,people are already rich and successful,because they're very tall does that make,sense,shut up and kiss me no,does that make sense yet it is good we,got shorty way doing this they're,honestly killing it and they're doing a,great job,uh,we I've been working with them all day,all day I've been doing this,yo,show with the couch under it no they're,working,they're literally chat they're working,their ass off and here you are just, on them,continue guys I'm sorry,I can't stand these people they're so, rude this one's for the right,smaller room let's go no,look this will make my room way better,because what this room's get this is,going to allow me is to not be afraid,li

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My Viewers CONFESS to Us Face to Face...

My Viewers CONFESS to Us Face to Face...

yo I did the unthinkable today something,that never has been done in the history,of live streaming some of the most toxic,to your parents literally don't even,love you terrible people ever to ever,grace my channel who have been banned,permanently I talked to them and found,out if they deserve to be banned or not,and it's probably one of the most crazy,ridiculous streams I ever done I am,never doing this again it was terrible,however speaking of terrible only 50 of,you guys are subscribed to the channel,and if you guys would like to subscribe,I'll be giving away one thousand dollars,a month to a random subscriber so be,sure to subscribe thanks all right let's,set this up we're doing band appeals,chap wait a minute they have a camera I,thought it was just gonna be audio I,thought they were all audio I didn't,think anyone would actually do cam I'm,just gonna add them to a group call with,you vegeto that is I don't want to join,a call with four people at a time calm,down all right so you're gonna add one,person here each time yeah I'm the first,one ready when you are are they bad,people I mean they're banned so yeah is,this a good idea totally not did you vet,the people at all yeah a little bit do,they seem like nice guys uh they yeah,they're great real good functioning,members of society I said we started,first one is yup gup he is banned from,your Discord it's a Discord band,he's banned from my Discord yo that is,way worse I've seen some of the that,flies in my Discord you gotta be pretty, up to get banned from my Discord,I don't know if I trust this,yo yo your name is yup gup yeah how did,you get banned from my Discord and first,of all why are you in my Discord I'm not,in your Discord I'm banned you're,good all right why were you in my,Discord I loved being around I loved her,community loved your community what,happened you banned me I banned you yeah,me this all went downhill because you I,have a clip I was talking to you and,your sister and you banned me how long,ago was this you look like a ,baby this has got to be first of all,that's me,this has got to be like almost three,years ago hey what's up man is there,anything you like to say to the you know,to me uh probably your favorite streamer,at this point uh I love you you're,awesome and we miss Maya oh all right,buddy you ready for this band yup gup,from the Discord uh come on dude no and,I banned him why,well I mean he just go to Maya's uh,Discord he'll be fine that's what I,banned you for is just all you said is,that we missed Maya yup so you've been,stuck out of the Void for three years,because I jokingly dude this is your,repercussions I jokingly banned you and,see them every three years I even made,an apology if you want that I do want,the apology because I don't know if I'm,gonna ban you yet but I need to see the,apology I'm reformed now okay let's see,I still want to be on band uh,I've asked a few times it's been a few,days now uh please unban me,please,Maya bro are you kidding me,that's all you did is you said we miss,Maya and I banned you yeah were you like,big into the Discord Community or,something I don't know I watched you a,lot I even have your pillow I have a,pillow dude holy ,wait who do you watch nowadays you and I,mean that's about it that's a,terrible list man you gotta work on that,I don't I don't watch Twitch I just I,just watch you I watched you a while ago,please don't say anything please don't,say the Arabic when e-rob stabbed the um,polar bear Xavier yeah after that band,did Ice did you stop watching my stream,no so you still watch the stream yeah,I'm a loser respect so why do you want,to be unbanned for this Discord so bad,just to say that I've I've gotten back,you realize it's beneficial for you to,not be my Discord right yeah give me a,minute to talk to my associates okay,what should I do because obviously he's,an he's a bad person,um,it's not a joke he was trying to bring,something up that was it's ,up okay he tried to bring it up and it,bothered you,you banned him he waited three,three you wanted to cry yeah maybe he'll,cry why don't you ask him did you see,that apology looks like he was just,reading a script is that whatever,well at the end he also just said we,miss Maya here's the thing this guy,wants to be unbanned from my Discord but,I feel like I'm doing him a favor by not,unbanning him what's wrong with your,Discord it is just a cringe place,and you know that there's only one good,streamer Discord and that's soda Poppins,for the not safer work area that is it,every other streamers Discord is utter, well maybe,and just confine him there then he'll be,okay if you're from 2018 you should be,permaband yup you still there buddy yeah,listen do you really want to be on,banned from Discord yeah I mean yup wait,hold on what did you just say,yup no I thought you said yeah that's,not my vocabulary I don't know what,you're talking about ah wait a minute,you said yeah did you hear that he said,yeah,who are you yuck up I'm your best,

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