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THE TWITTER ROBLOX MINITOON CULThey what's up broskies welcome back to,another video uh i know it ha


Updated on Jan 16,2023


hey what's up broskies welcome back to,another video uh i know it hasn't been,exactly a week since i have uploaded my,last video but,this is a relevant topic so i want to,get this,out so i'm basically making this in one,day so because i want to make videos,on a topic while it is still relevant um,i might actually upload,more than once a week am i crazy yes yes,i am but that's why i do a speed paint,in the back of these videos so it's not,as hard as other videos to make,so just to be clear before i continue on,with this video,i wanted to tell you guys to not harass,literally anyone that i mentioned,in this video um that's never cool,that's not okay,and you shouldn't be doing that uh if,you harass people who i mentioned in,this video you are not epic,and yeah just please don't do that guys,it's not okay it's never okay don't,so i'm making this video because it's an,interesting thing to me and i'm not,really sure if anyone has made,a video revolving around this topic i,personally,haven't really seen anyone talk about,this which is also why i want to talk,about this because i just think it's,kind of weird and i just want to give my,personal,opinion and view on it but anyways,enough rambling on let's get into the,topic so,if you guys for some bizarre reason,don't know already,a minitoon is a popular roblox developer,who is mainly known for,creating the game piggy which blew up a,lot and,is extremely popular and i honestly,think it's a really good game you're,free to disagree on that but i,personally like it a lot and you know,minitoon,seems like a really nice guy to be,honest he interacts with the community a,lot,and he seems pretty cool and he has a,lot of fans,and as many of us know when someone,gains a huge platform and becomes really,popular there are bound to be at least a,few people who are going to try to,imitate you,because they want a little taste of that,popularity or they just want to goof,around,and yes i am talking about people on,twitter who,imitate mini-tune and pretend to be him,you know whether it's for comedic,purposes or,they genuinely want people to believe,that they are mini-tuned,i know that this isn't a new topic or,anything because you know let's face it,if you have a platform there's going to,be at least a few people pretending to,be you,or at least there's going to be people,who make accounts solely based on you,which can be either cool or creepy so,yeah like i said,i know this isn't anything new however,uh minitune seems to,especially have a lot of these clones,going around,compared to other people and you know,i'm almost positive,that he has nothing to do with these,accounts obviously these are just random,people uh i found,several of these accounts and i know,there are way more than just these alone,but these are some of the accounts that,i am talking about,a majority of these are just copying and,pasting his description on his own,account,and yeah just basically pretending to be,him and there are some accounts that,even go as far as to copy all the posts,that he makes and put them onto,their own timeline just to make it seem,like more that they are him,as expected these accounts do get some,backlash,and most people know that these accounts,are obviously fake what's insane to me,is that some of these accounts have,actually garnered,a lot of followers even though they're,obviously fake which is really crazy to,me because,you'd think that there wouldn't be that,many people who actually fall for it but,i guess they do,or you know maybe some people just,follow it simply for the joke and they,they obviously know that it isn't him,but either way there's,probably at least a few people who,believe it which is kind of sad and i,know that at least some of these people,believe it because there are comments,under these posts,that seem like people who genuinely,think that it is him like this one for,example,minitune can you build chapter 13 on,piggy,i feel so bad for this kid like come on,dude,i'm not going to read this one out loud,because it's kind of long but this,person also seems to believe that this,person is the real mini tune in general,do i think that these fake accounts are,problematic,um for the most part no most people,are smart enough to to know that uh,these aren't real but,my personal problem with this and i,don't know how many people,find this as much of a problem that i do,but i personally i personally think this,is kind of a problem one problem that i,wanted to address in this video,is the fact that these accounts,do follow people and unfortunately since,you don't really see the account and,stuff right away and you only see the,name,you know it has his name and profile,picture for a split second,it actually looks like the real mini,tune is following you and that's just,one thing that i wanted to talk about,because,i have seen a few kids,get really upset when this happens one,of these fake accounts will follow a,random person that is a huge fan of,minitoon or just piggy,and when

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Minitoon Is Officially Ending Piggy...

Minitoon Is Officially Ending Piggy...

minitoon is officially leaving piggy,after over two years of updates he's,finally done with the game he posted in,a tweet Ahoy everyone the next Piggy,Season will be the last Piggy Season and,last update to the main game with two,exceptions being build mode and Bug,fixes it's been a lot of fun working on,the game over the years and I couldn't,be happier to have met so many of you,through it the next picky season's most,likely going to be a Christmasy themed,one and then nothing else no more maps,no more chapters no more skins just,nothing except for build mode updates,and Bug fixes this is super sad because,this has been my entire life for like,over two years can you imagine that a,day where piggy no longer updates where,he can no longer look forward to the,next season or the next bot or the next,skin contest or anything that's crazy,now if you're wondering why mini tuners,finally decided to end it with one more,seasonal update he says in the Twitter,replies below while the journey was,fantastic I have grown so very burnt out,of working on this game and have been,wanting to work on new projects for a,long while now it's hard to continue,updating a game that just doesn't,resonate with you anymore I totally get,that minitude has been working on this,project for so long it almost feels like,he's been working on piggy longer than,the entire sun's been around and with,the main story of the game over and done,with it's pretty much like you're,performing CPR on the game now just to,keep it alive like adding skins doing,the occasional Side Story with a little,chapter then adding more skins blah blah,blah and all of it hasn't really brought,back the huge hype that piggy used to,have back in the day when it had like,hundreds and thousands of players,nowadays a new chapter releases and it,probably it gets like 50k for a day and,then it goes all the way back down so,the spirit of piggy has sort of died out,and like you can sort of tell as well,with mini 2 not being as excited for,Piggy and that is totally understandable,do you know one piggy fan who has,literally played piggy non-stop like,what looked at nothing else for over two,years no literally literally Roblox,YouTube YouTubers get burnt out all the,time like they're like Dennis Daly for,example and they focus on so like every,game on the platform not just one single,game every single day every single week,every single month for two years Heck if,I was still making piggy content now I,probably would have bonked a baseball,bat over my head about a year ago out of,frustration anyway minitoon continues,saying I'm gonna be moving on to other,projects from my RTS game ia2 that's,iron Assault 2 one of his old games to a,new story focused IP entirely which,isn't piggy Intercity he's coming up,with a new story game that has nothing,to do with piggy imagine if it's the,exact same but this time it just rips,off Mickey Mouse and calls it Mickey I,have so many fresh ideas for games in my,head and unfortunately having to go back,to update this game just holds me from,really embracing my creativity don't get,me wrong I'm incredibly fortunate to be,in this position where I'm able to just,make whatever I want without having to,worry if they'll be successful I'm in a,situation that arguably any developer,would find ideal and I'm forever,grateful for all of you helping me,honestly the fact that minitune is once,again feeling passionate about different,projects gets me as excited as a kid at,6am on a Christmas morning knowing,Santa's come with a new PlayStation,because he's gonna be able to put his,heart and soul into those games it'll be,just like book one chapter one piggy,back when minitoon was uploading a new,chapters weekly there was like a lot of,excitement around that and you could,tell from the developer himself he's,gonna get his creative juices flowing,and then from there who knows we might,get something even better than piggy,which has an even greater story but,while he's done with the main Piggy game,he's not completely done with the piggy,story he continues saying of course for,those looking for more piggy piggy's,story isn't over yet and will continue,in piggy Intercity however it's a huge,project and even with a sizable team it,will take some time to make I'm sure if,you stick around it'll be worth the wait,so piggy Intercity isn't canceled which,is what I first thought when I read that,very first tweet I I like my heart,started beating rapidly I thought I was,about to have a heart attack and just,eye on the spot but judging by the size,of the piggy into City development team,and the time is taken to make I think,piggy into city is probably going to be,one of the most professionally produced,games on the Roblox platform it may be,the first Roblox AAA game but now it's,time to put on my big boy pants and,admit when I'm wrong see throughout my,entire Channel's existence I have always,been adamant as soon as we heard that,minitum was saying Book 2 was going to,be at the

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In a twitter space with minitoon

In a twitter space with minitoon

actually just i'm just laying in my bed,sleeping right now just listening i'm,just like man i hope,i just stopped,are you sure you're sleeping i think you,might be lying to me,no um yeah i'm sleeping um so we're,supposed to be talking about drama,yeah yeah yeah we're talking about the,drama you know the drama that's been,happening yeah yeah,so people have been like hey,because they've been saying that you,still unless good scholar models and,stuff like that,no that's actual drama we don't want to,talk about real drama here we talk about,like the real real drama yeah,yeah that's drama is irrelevant now yeah,on a pizza,sorry,yeah oh yeah oh yeah it's amazing,pineapple on pizza is,incredibly underrated anyone who says,they hate it they haven't even tried it,they're liars they're lying to,themselves,they hate it because they haven't tried,it and they're jealous of those who have,i haven't actually tried it though,oh my gosh you do not know how big of a,moment this is for me,well i appreciate that i appreciate that,it's a big moment for me,too mostly because i have to face drama,could you imagine,taking accountability couldn't be me,never,i'll do it again,anyways yeah yeah no no it is it's,awesome to to hear that,i appreciate it i appreciate it,yeah but um,so i like,well,if i get white no,nevermind um,it's kind of too big,oh can i get a shout out oh yeah yeah,yeah sure for a second i thought you,were gonna like confess your love to me,but you know i'm like 86 right,i'm like 86. you don't want to do that,dude,i'm i'm 80 i'm turning like 92 in a year,so it's probably not the best idea but,yeah sure,shout out to uh beast plays,he likes to play roblox,cause i make youtube videos oh snap,nice nice nice nice,all right guys check out beast plays,youtube channel,makes great content,definitely better than mine,he's he's doing great all right awesome,awesome,nice,all right well take care beast please,you know you too,i'm gonna leave yeah,yeah you should probably do that i agree,i agree,all right everyone here take care aw,all right take care take care,dude that was so wholesome that couldn't,be me,just kidding i'm i'm wholesome before,after hours after after hours oh boy,that's when i become a menace to society,that's when i my demons come out you,know i turned into evil tune,it's like it's like that photo it's like,you don't want to get on my bad side or,like,you may bully me in the real world but,you haven't seen me in the gaming world,and then it's like some half demon,it's like don't mess with me you haven't,seen my evil side i need to make a,photoshop of that,of me just turning into like evil,but it's actually just me like in a maid,suit or something,because that's intimidating that would,scare a lot of people i won't lie,could you imagine if i just like,suddenly post a maidsuit photo,how many people would be terrified and,just block me on the spot,out of my ten followers i'll probably,lose nine of them,the last remaining one would be my alt,account,okay,okay,all right uh uh first one to do a peace,sign,will get summoned to the stage,oh oh that would be,okay never mind i guys i i'm gonna be,honest,i was kind of browsing my timeline so i,didn't see who did it first,i procrastinated on the live call,oops you know what happens so i'll have,to change the symbol,let's do a let's do a clap let's do a,clap,i swear i'll be here this time,i i promise okay all right jax,welcome aboard,it's good to have you,it's good to see you hi,how are you doing how are you doing,uh good,are you still thinking of thinking about,like staying at a horribly rated hotel,yes that hasn't changed i'm still,planning on doing that no please don't,come i have to get experience anyway i,want to do some volunteering abroad and,i think going through like the most,cursed places possible is,some experience i don't know if it's,good experience but like it'll mentally,prepare me for the horrors i'll see,you know,especially when i get deported out of,canada into the middle of the ocean you,know i think it's going to be good,preparation so,oh yeah yeah so,yeah,yeah it's still on my to-do list don't,worry i've been looking at uh more more,reviews,and uh they just keep getting better and,better so,no,i haven't found anyone insane enough to,to join me unfortunately they all think,i'm joking,i do,i do how dare they not want to fend off,against like all sorts of horrors like,mouse poop on the bed sheets and whatnot,what is wrong with people am i right,it's so true exactly exactly i'm glad i,have someone who agrees,you should play the accordion,i should shouldn't i i don't uh,i haven't played in like a week so i'm,probably like really crusty,no rusty is what i meant to say not i'm,not crusty,i i didn't deep fry myself but my skills,are probably deep fried,oh god,uh,i'll plan my smaller one i have,a bigger one which i'm too lazy to pull,out right now because it's got like i,have to like unlock it it's in the case,with keys,needed to open it so,jeez i know it's like s

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MiniToon Joined My Stream, Then This Happened..

MiniToon Joined My Stream, Then This Happened..

get out of there mini tunes in the game,here you're in trouble girl girl,he just jumps off he's like,oh he's talking in voice chat he's,talking,okay so,guys i think he knows we know he's here,he's he's laughing,oh,he's looking at this one right here very,strange,almost like there might be another,wishing wizard come back,we wish,wishing wizard i have one wish,i can't even hear him i don't have it,i'm a fool i think we're safe,i think we're fine here,i can finally tell you my secrets,what's the secret,i think it's gone i think we're fine now,yeah we're good we're good we're good,is that morse code,yeah yeah it is,what it is,it's going to be like a wrinkle,how do you do that,i can't make my voice go that high,what honey,like i sound like a dying dinosaur,this is my natural voice,get out of here,oh no i'm uh protecting you i'm,protecting you i don't want the monster,to get you that monster is big and scary,it is,it is,typing is morse code no i don't think so,epic tank is bullying me well i'm gonna,teach him a lesson,i don't know,yes,is your throat okay,is that some water i got water too,i can't wait to beat this shot,he needs some milk uh i think he needs,more than some milk,ah they said you needed some milk,you better uh you better run there,meditation is good for the soul,i ran into it and it didn't kill me,oh my gosh,the last thing i hear is him screaming,because i'd be like you guys i found a,funny dog i'd like go through my files,and i'd send like my entire computer,wait guys stop talking,wait anything,may seem destroying the game and he's a,chicken,and he's a,he's a chicken

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MINITOON FACE REVEAL.. (Creator of Roblox Piggy)

MINITOON FACE REVEAL.. (Creator of Roblox Piggy)

so I can't believe I'm saying this but,mini tune has actually done an IRL face,wrinkle he has done a face reveal of him,in real life and I'm gonna show it to,you here in a second if you haven't,already seen it no I'm sure you guys are,pretty familiar with face ervil's,basically it's when someone who but we,haven't seen their face before it shows,their face normally a lot of youtubers,do it for like sub goals or giant events,like hey man we hit a giant sub goal,here's my face so here's my face right,here if you guys haven't seen it yet,this is a creek rat face reveal as well,but anyway I gotta say huge problem,submitting tune before we get into this,video face ervil's can be pretty scary,at first I was really scared to show my,face obviously a lot of other youtubers,are really scared to show their face as,well and a lot of you know devs on,roblox they also do not show their face,and really it's all for good reason,obviously showing your face can be,really really scary there's a lot of,really crazy people a lot of really mean,people on the internet there's a lot of,really nice people though too but you,know sometimes it can get a little bit,weird and of course for privacy reasons,some people just don't want people to,know what they look like so they can go,to Walmart without being like oh my gosh,that's mini toon and Walmart buying some,pop-tarts man can I sign my forehead but,mini toon did it anyway so let's go,ahead and let's get into this also I do,want to say congrats to these guys on,screen for winning our robocode giveaway,from the last video and if you would,like to win one of these roll bucks,cards all you got to do is be subscribed,and leave a comment down below with your,roblox name twitter name disk word or,some way for me to contact you so go,ahead and subscribe leave a comment down,below and let's go ahead and get into,this video so without further ado here,is mini toons face Orville that he put,on Twitter what happened is this one,person that he follows DM demand I was,like hey how many retweets for a face,reveal how many likes for a face reveal,and he said 9,000 and boom we hit it so,boom here it is on screen obviously this,is a pretty funny face reveal obviously,he put the eye patch on his face and the,mustache on his face and I guess that's,a diploma from when he graduated high,school or something that's that's what,makes the most sense and what he did is,he colored over and it says Hawaii which,is what he always says on Twitter so,that's pretty funny actually looks,exactly like his roblox avatar and he,also has his little hat up there as well,which is pretty cool anyway that's not,the point of this video I thought we,would have a little bit of fun with this,since he had a little bit of fun with,his face Ervil and honestly this picture,is very very me mobile so I'm like you,know why guys I tweeted out and I told,you guys to send me the best memes with,the mini toon to face real and I'm gonna,make a video and put them all into a,video and that's what this video is,go ahead and let's get started with some,mini tune face ervil means all right so,we're kicking it off with blaze he said,I made a monster what is oh my gosh,right off the bat we're right into the,okay they turned him into a very holy,set it's actually a pretty good,Photoshop but all you have been invited,to a furry convention the king of all,furries okay all right well they okay,that's a way to start off the uh let's,start off there this was by Tony,I prefer mini tune over mini tune this,is all yeah the Drake mean with the the,mini tune avatar and then the rule it's,crazy how he actually looks like his,avatar dude like there's a lot of,developers that spend a lot of money and,time making their avatar look just like,themselves and he's done a really good,job with it as long as my mr. night fox,Congrats to romeny to non-passing your,ice cream safety course scoops I'm,always proud to have you as an employee,and this is of course this is really,good this is of course scoops away from,a stranger things season three I'm sure,a lot of you guys are big fans and it's,you know it's really funny cuz he always,says ahoy and that's like the that's,like the thing dude they always say ahoy,in the TV show so it just it fits man,ahoy there he is right there are mini -,I'm late but here it is a game they,Photoshop Steve Steve's from also,stranger things if you haven't seen it,Oh Hawaii ladies that's that's that's,good that's that's actually good this is,really good all right what is this one,this one's by Asuna this is show us your,full face or draw 25 feet he drew 25,minute cards oh my gosh I mean he's,basically showing his full face he's put,a mustache on there and a little eye,patch you can guess what's you know,what's underneath this up I mean,basically the full face so anonymous,plays will see mini toon says hey,they're ready for a date hot girl hot,girl and want to hit the love book bit,want to do - wait what I love this meet,me in five hours fo

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The DUMBEST Roblox Drama…

The DUMBEST Roblox Drama…

today we got some big drama in the,community even popular creators like,krikraft tripped in their thoughts,please subscribe but we're so close to,3000 subscribers thank you let's get,right into it so the other day i made,this video talking about how people are,mad at minitune because they delayed the,skin contest the piggy skin contest is a,big contest in the community and it's,where people submit their skin ideas and,the winners who are voted by the,community wins and get added to the game,anyways the drama for the delay was kind,of dumb but the drama surrounding the,winners is even worse so yeah the,winners were actually announced,yesterday here are the five winners,fifth place fourth place third place,second place and the winner each of them,will eventually be added to the game and,also the winners got other prizes so,yeah this games aren't that bad nothing,bad is going to happen right well no,for some reason the community absolutely,exploded there was drama left right and,center people were mad over every little,thing let's break down the drama get,into maintenance response and also show,what people actually got to say so,firstly there's big drama with the,fourth winner because this person who,actually made this is a popular picky,youtuber he put this post to his youtube,channel which translates to guys i'm,participating in the piggy skin contest,here's a link to vote for my skin so,obviously that gave him a big boost,craig had a big back and forth with,someone about this and creek was,basically saying that someone's always,going to have more of an influence over,someone else you can't really mitigate,that and where do you draw the line let,me know what you guys think of what's in,the comments though now the next drama,is people are just being salty and i,think this is so stupid there's so many,people in the comments saying how ugly,the skins are and being shocked that,they won,like come on is literally voted by the,community even if there is an influence,also why people discouraging the winners,like the one just stop crying about it,you don't have to go in insult or,submission imagine being one of the,winners and you check the replies just,to see people being shocked you won,because you think your skin sucks i,completely understand if you don't like,the skins that's fair but don't go and,just insult their work i don't know,that's my take though and lastly the,biggest drama in this contest is,actually people apparently stealing some,of the stuff in this image we can see,that the first place person needs a lot,of assets from other things,and the piggy contest rules do say that,the people who enter must submit their,stuff that is completely made by them,but even the winner said he used access,from a different content creator he also,mentioned he's deeply sorry though also,don't go send hate to anyone mentioned,in this video it's unnecessary,but in the end the person i feel the,worst for is minitude himself he's very,disappointed some things he said were,i've never been more disappointed in,this community and that there's nothing,he could possibly do to please everyone,in the end maintenance tried his best to,make sure all the winners were legit and,in the end it was voted by the community,whether or not there was an influence,creek said everyone upset needs to stop,being a crybaby pull up their diapers go,get the baby bottle from the fridge and,relax watching coco melon so he's,basically just calling everyone,crybabies and he said the same thing on,stream but yeah so much drama today i,think it's all unneeded it's supposed to,be a fun contest where we get new skins,and piggy but people just got salty and,mad over everything which kind of ruined,it not gonna lie massive respect to,minitune though for putting up this,contest it's like you can't catch a,break with all this drama comment double,your thoughts on this though there's a,lot of mixed opinions so i'm curious to,see what you guys think about all this,see in the next one,you

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so guys I have got some really really,interesting content coming for you guys,right now and in this video we get to,interview at mini toon himself the,creator of piggy now luckily I had the,privilege to interview mini tune and I,will say this he was such a nice guy,honestly such a genuine dude like it was,really really cool so hopefully you guys,are going to enjoy this lovely little,interview of myself and mini toon and,guys we found out some like really,really interesting stuff but first I,will just say it as a little disclaimer,I had a few like audio issues just,before we were about to record so if,he's a little bit quiet it's because,he's coming through my phone because my,kind of audio was not really working it,didn't really work out but anyway we did,the interview and nonetheless the show,must go on,so guys kick back relax enjoy and again,thank you mini tune for allowing me to,interview you it was awesome okay you,get to go alright so welcome mini tape,how you do all the moving stuff going,well I see the you got to delay pills,potentially didn't even get to do,anything so yeah I guess we'll start,with question one shall we okay so how,did it all begin and what gave you the,inspiration to go Peppa Pig themed,that's pretty weird it's like do not,play 18 plus games these games are all,clickbait while the majority of the ones,I played nice to have free models over,yeah and I saw like you know one day I,was like okay I'll play one with my,friends just to just to mess around and,yeah you know poke fun ended a little,sorry I'm a bad person,I'll say that you,I'm aware of its impact especially on,YouTube yeah so I'm like okay I'm gonna,see why people are playing this yeah,this really loud squealing pig yelling,in my ears yeah this probably like if,it's a really good link I guess yeah and,I'm like okay I could probably make a,better one I'd only compare it myself,but like consider like I wanted to make,one that actually had some effort put,into it yeah yeah and I also thought you,know cuz I'm making I'm testing roblox,pathfinding in case I want to do,something with it like with BOTS and,NPCs and all that yeah ok I'll don't put,two and two together make a game for my,friends and I to mess around in yeah you,know make like a granny ask game yes you,know just a joke and kind of,accidentally blew up so accidentally,blew up I like that they actually got to,like 5k players and just to put some,things into perspective my last like,record for concurrent players was 400,and I just died but yeah my record for,like highest players reached out of time,was 400,so really 5000 was just mind-blowing,yeah yeah and it's only been increasing,from there so Wow,no it's doing really good though like I,think you hit the nail on the head with,a Peppa Pig themed as well I'm like yeah,it's kind of like the two and the two,together the way that peppa pig was on,YouTube as well like I couldn't have,gone with a better theme I don't think,no it's it's quite big yeah,yeah like I had to change a lot of,things obviously yeah it was just gonna,be a Peppa Pig PNG image that just like,chases you around the map yeah,but then I decided you know I wanted to,actually make look kind of scary so I,made the Peppa Pig or the piggy model,yeah yeah no that's cool that's really,cool that's what it's worked out really,well obviously anyway thank you question,2 how long did it take to create piggy,from that first tiny initial idea in,your head to the release of chapter 1,this was actually the second fastest,game I've ever made because like before,this I saw you know those tycoon,superhero yes yeah yeah I challenged,myself to make one in the day and I did,not and that was like the fastest game,that I've ever made so I'm like okay I,can make a faster game or a fast game as,well yeah with you know the granny idea,so that's what I did with piggy,it took me five days but that's only,because a lot of the assets in piggy are,sort of borrowed from my other games,yeah for example the main menu has a lot,of similarities to my iron salt gaming,if anyone has ever played that's very,small and not surprised does he have it,right yeah yeah so it took me five days,to make you know up until chapter one,not including all the bug fixes it was,still a buggy mess back then was it it's,running really smoothly now I think,that's like the biggest thing that I,hear a lot around the community is that,a lot unlike a lot of other roblox games,this game runs so smoothly and all of,the roadblocks like all of the other,roblox games are just like you said a,buggy mess that's also because I'm like,always hanging out around the bugs and,glitches area on my discord servers,right always looking into this stuff,yeah yeah,question three out of all the chapters,so far which is your least and favorite,map design wise and why design wise,design wise,that's that's really tough I'll give you,my opinion first Justi I really like,this one because it gives you that,stranger things sort of yes I know I,kno

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