miley cyrus wardrobe accident twitter

15 Celebrities Who Had Extreme Wardrobe Malfunctionsi hope it's not i was like just please,don't be

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

15 Celebrities Who Had Extreme Wardrobe Malfunctions

i hope it's not i was like just please,don't be on tv already nearly everyone,has experienced a wardrobe malfunction,but when you're a celebrity the cameras,catch everything so an accidental slip,rip or flash of the well you know can,quickly turn into a major public,embarrassment oops,these 15 stars suffered fashion flubs,and lived to tell the tale a very,embarrassing moment it was a very,embarrassing moment,number one,camilla cabello,back in march camila cabello went on the,british talk show the one show to,promote her third album familia the,singer did the live interview remotely,wearing a loose flowy top a few minutes,into the chat one of the hosts asked,camila to show off her favorite dance,moves camila got up and as she adjusted,her blouse she accidentally exposed,herself i think my favorite vampire,would be it's like a oh,and then moved on to her dance,unfortunately everybody saw everything,camila laughed it off and later on her,tick tock she expressed regret that she,hadn't taken her stylist advice for,extra coverage i wish i had a time,machine,number two cardi b,cardi b is no stranger to revealing,outfits but fans got more than they,bargained for during her performance at,bonnaroo music festival in 2019. the,rapper's skin-tight multi-colored,catsuit split right at the bottom,bearing her derriere she announced to,the crowd that her outfit had ripped,left the stage and came back in a white,bathrobe cardi told the crowd we gotta,keep it moving baby i don't know how in,this row but we gonna do it and continue,to perform her biggest hits later on in,the set cardi slid off the sleeves of,the robe revealing a skin-colored,strapless bra cardi b queen of rolling,with the punches,number 3 miley cyrus,miley cyrus rang in 2022 on nbc's live,new year's eve special the thing about,live tv is well it's live viewers may,have tuned in to watch the ball drop but,during miley's performance of party in,the usa something else dropped her,slinky silver top miley had to hold her,falling top up with her hands about 30,seconds into the song she left the stage,to fix her look the band continued to,play and soon she returned wearing an,equally revealing oversized red blazer,cute miley managed to finish the song,but made a slight change to the original,lyrics,crisis averted,number four,lil nossex,last year lil nos x appeared as the,musical guest on snl and performed his,mega hit montero with a double theme and,viewers knew they were in for an edgy,performance but not even nos knew how,wild things would get the moment snoss,hit the pole he ripped his leather pants,in a very inappropriate place on live tv,noss quickly covered himself up with his,hands and continued on like a champ soon,after the incident nos took to twitter,to react writing not my pants ripped on,live tv he also denied accusations that,the wardrobe malfunction was a publicity,stunt i know i do a lot of planned stuff,but ripping my pants on live television,is not one of them,number five gigi hadid,gigi hadid is the world's biggest,supermodel so it's safe to say she's,comfortable showing off her body it's a,good thing too because she's experienced,an extreme wardrobe malfunction at the,versace show during milan fashion week,2016. gigi wore a black evening gown,with a cutout at the rib cage and a,plunging neckline the neckline was,gigi's downfall it slipped on one side,revealing,well,everything for most of her runway walk,but gigi kept her cool and finished the,show later she went on twitter to,address the mishap writing wardrobe,malfunctions happen on the runway every,day of fashion week and are unfortunate,but let's talk instead about the new,versace jokers great segway,number six,zendaya,this next one's less of a malfunction,and more of a close call zendaya showed,up to the spiderman no way home premiere,wearing this now iconic valentino,spiderweb dress with a dramatic lace,mask the gown had a plunging neckline,and leg slit cut all the way up to her,hip a look this revealing required an,expert red carpet poser and zendaya was,up for the challenge but even the greats,can fall victim to wardrobe malfunctions,while taking pictures with the rest of,the cast zendaya adjusted the front of,her dress to make sure she was fully,concealed but tom holland wasn't about,to let the cameras catch his girlfriend,in a compromising position spider-man,stood in front blocking her from,photographers oh a real superhero,number seven,kim kardashian,in may kim kardashian was modeling a,sheer black bra from her skim's,shapewear line on her instagram stories,when she accidentally exposed herself,but like a pro kim isn't going to let a,silly little wardrobe malfunction get in,the way of promoting her business,so she covered herself up with an emoji,and an instagram slider poll and posted,the video anyway voila malfunction,managed not only that but her exposure,made headlines ipso facto even more,exposure for skins oh kris jenner would,be proud,number eight,kate middleton,the wind kate mi

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5 times Miley Cyrus got ANGRY

5 times Miley Cyrus got ANGRY

I can easily let little things that,don't matter that much shut me down,completely,if one little details off,makes me hate it all,wait did we mess up my police car oh,somebody anything happened yet no hell,no and boot are you kidding,where you cannot get up we can't get out,of the bar right now I'm sorry we might,be circling I think,don't you should be me see don't show me,let's back her up as we say,I'm on the phone with you I know a lot,of bone yo this it's been ruined so okay,let me just get out guitar no I don't,want it now reverse and get in and then,everyone seem to get in the car that was,the point the point was to show up in,the car,this looks lame stop back at me the guns,that's lame,I'm not finished,are you it was just sitting back there,what was the point of that Bo's all,dressed up,I'm not gonna bet with like start off,Rob,every one of them in Iran every movement,I mean now,me,Oh,Nigeria,and now back to this that had a,lot to say about me to up a day in the,press might leave what's good hey we're,all in this industry we all do,interviews and we all know how they,manipulate Nikki congratulations,and just because the VMAs have already,started doesn't mean that the voting is,done,mm uh scare nose man,you think Lindsay deserved to be upset,over be made fun of Miley don't you ever,do that again,always always wear my mom's over to,everyone think about it

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Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)

♪ 空气中似乎... ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 空气中似乎弥漫着什么 ♪,♪ 时光变得恍惚 ♪,♪ 我陷入虚无 ♪,♪ 而这恰到好处 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 那天你根本没出现 ♪,♪ 而我却苦苦地挂念 ♪,♪ 把你挂念 ♪,♪ 你可能永远不知道 ♪,♪ 那是压垮我的 最后稻草 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 给你送去的鲜花 ♪,♪ 你可曾在乎它?♪,♪ 你沐浴着装 ♪,♪ 把它丢弃在楼梯上 ♪,♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪,♪ Eh, eh, eh, eh ♪,♪ 我以为你能整装再出发 ♪,♪ 但这根本是一个笑话 ♪,♪ 你是个注定失败的空想家 ♪,♪ 这不是我心中的美丽图画 ♪,♪ 我知道你自视甚高 ♪,♪ 可你连工作都找不到 ♪,♪ 你是个注定失败的 空想家 ♪,♪ 这不是我心中的美丽图画 ♪,♪ 我知道你自视甚高 ♪,♪ 但你连工作都找不到 ♪,♪ 曾以为你不善言表 ♪,♪ 但也许你真的 什么也不知道 ♪,♪ 也许你只在乎 自己的悲欢喜恼 ♪,♪ 曾想把你留在身边 ♪,♪ 后来才发现 ♪,♪ 像你这样的人 浮世何止万千 ♪,♪ 何止万千 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 万千 ♪,♪ Mmm, mmm, mmm ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 从未收过你的花 ♪,♪ 真希望我不在乎它 ♪,♪ 离开半晌没一个电话 ♪,♪ 今晚夜宿谁家?♪,♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪,♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪,♪ 以为你终会长大 ♪,♪ 不曾想是我眼瞎 ♪,♪ 你是个注定失败的空想家 ♪,♪ 这不是我心中的美丽图画 ♪,♪ 我知道你自视甚高 ♪,♪ 可你连工作都找不到 ♪,♪ 你是个注定失败的空想家 ♪,♪ 这不是我心中的美丽图画 ♪,♪ 我知道你自视甚高 ♪,♪ 但你连工作都找不到 ♪,♪ 还记得我说过什么?♪,♪ 要戒骄戒躁 ♪,♪ 把坏毛病改掉 ♪,♪ 立刻改掉 ♪,♪ 还记得我说过什么?♪,♪ 要戒骄戒躁 ♪,♪ 把坏毛病改掉 ♪,♪ 立刻改掉 ♪

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Iggy's MAJOR Booty Wardrobe Malfunction - Miley Cyrus Dating Patrick Schwarzenegger? (DHR)

Iggy's MAJOR Booty Wardrobe Malfunction - Miley Cyrus Dating Patrick Schwarzenegger? (DHR)

Iggy azalea's bootiful wardrobe,malfunction Selena Gomez and Beyonce are,both working on new music and says Miley,Cyrus have a hot new boyfriend looks,like it all this and more on today's,rundown you know where y'all are it's,the daily Hollywood rundown of course,this is Missy King ma I am Erin Robinson,and it is Tuesday and I'm excited,I know what Tuesday means what it's hash,tag o of T G today we have a very,special edition coming for you guys but,first it's all about Miley and someone,sitting in a tree and they are ki SS I,in G y'all well we don't know that for,sure we're speculating at this point but,Miley Cyrus has been spending a lot of,quality time with patrick Schwarzenegger,now if you'll remember back in 2011,Miley and Patrick went on a couple of,days when she uh with Liam but she,ultimately went back with Liam and back,then in a detailed interview he told the,magazine his celebrity crush his,response was my eye is set on Miley but,e news is now confirming that the two of,them are back together dating casually,they're so friendly yeah so they're just,starting and we saw signs of this this,weekend over the Halloween weekend when,they were spotted out together that's,right that party and then a lot of,people saw her leaving his apartment,that day they also responded at the,Universal haunted hayride together but,apparently they did the hayride together,they spent a lot of time together but,there was no PDA the only PDA I can see,is him in this photo with his hand,around her waist okay obviously there's,no PDA because they're trying to keep it,under wraps,it makes sense that she would go back to,him they've dated before and going on,the hayride and hanging on a Halloween I,feel like that's couple of things to do,that is a very couple thing to do and I,hope they they're together I hear they,make a really cute couple,and Miley needs I think someone in her,life right now to kind of like get her,focus back on like happiness and feeling,like she made up with Mike will made it,for one pop-songs dressed to several,other pub songstress is who aren't doing,couple things right now they're making,music oh yeah first thanks first Selena,Gomez you guys she took to Instagram,last night to confirm that she has new,music coming and so in this black and,white photo she's in the studio and it,just seems like she was just so excited,she couldn't contain herself she had to,share with us so the caption to this,reads as I have a last list and I,thought a lot about my year I thought a,lot about my voice and after a year of,holding on I think it's time to start,sharing hashtag November so hashtag,November means it's coming this month,you think and whole album are just a new,song um I think wall can't remember,she's supposed to drop a greatest hits,album right you don't know if this is a,new song we don't know if this is part,of that we don't know if it's a whole,new album but her saying last listened,means it's done and it's coming soon,remember her last release was last,summer stars dance we got a lot of hit,songs but I feel like she's trying to,tell us that it's a whole new sound yeah,and then it's cuz it's a whole new year,for her yeah I think her friend Taylor,Swift has probably inspired her to kind,of do something different and change it,up a little bit and she's had a really,rough year with the Anagha,again with the Biebs and so I think he,has a lot to do with it I really feel,like maybe she's gonna go in a darker,direction because of all the breakups,and makeups she's had this year with him,I really feel like we're in for,something exciting and as Aaron said,Selena's not the only songs just teasing,new music Beyonce is which is so,exciting beehive so yesterday the,internet totally freaked out because of,this leaked document that was making the,rounds,it has Beyonce's company as the,letterhead Parkwood entertainment and it,basically was saying that she's about to,surprise us with another new album a,whole album but last December remember,she dropped that and people were saying,that this was volume 2 okay so on this,leaked document it said that Beyonce was,dropping a new album on November 14 and,that it featured Nicki Minaj on a new,song called donk rihanna on a song,called cherry and justin timberlake on,another new song but it or not today,beyonce approved us oh no as she always,does she can never never one-up us I,mean she made up her own divorce rumors,don't think that we caught her in,anything yeah I don't get it twisted,so Columbia Records did announce today,that all this hoopla is really just for,Beyonce,Platinum Edition box set so wait these,aren't real songs what she's gonna do,no that was fake as of now so what we do,have is a whole new box set that you can,get just in time for the holidays it,does come out November 24 so what it,includes is two CDs including her,original visual album two DVDs which,includes tour images and like all those,music videos also it has two new songs,so we do have two new songs but th

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Beopardy 2022 Marathon

Beopardy 2022 Marathon

how well do we know Generation Z,specifically how well do these,Millennials know Generation Z anyways,we're about to find out it's another,episode of Jeopardy,wow that was me I was expecting like,some Applause and like,we all knew you would do that I think,some of you are millennials and some of,you actually are Generation Z yourselves,I think we're Inbetweeners yeah we're,we're on the edge of millennial but I,think we're still Millennials I I read,in an article once that if you're born,in 97 you're the first okay so then your,generals I I'm the first gen scene so,we'll introduce you one by one uh first,up we got Courtney Miller who's uh on,the edge I guess of Glory uh Noah,Grossman who is Generation Z the first,gen Z person on the planet on Smosh it's,like walking on the moon it's important,yeah it's important Sage Ryan I've been,on Tick Tock too and Tommy bones I'm old,yeah tummy Buzz the categories today are,Wendy these are dates and like specific,times that things happen maybe when what,what came first blah blah blah,talk the talk these are gen Z phrases,walk the walk these are gen Z movements,physical actions,off the charts is all about music and,hello my name is is uh like people that,gen Z loves or just started fascinated,with you know celebrities celebrities,wow wow Tech talk you know what Noah,since you are the most gen Z person here,I'm gonna let you pick a category first,but before we begin I do something very,gen Z and I have to say guys like And,subscribe hit that notification Bell,Noah go ahead uh I'm gonna be honest,here uh although I did like Gass myself,up a little bit I don't use tick tock,I think the only category I might have a,strength is when Z so I'm gonna go Wendy,for 100. oh did Space Jam hit theaters,before or after the oldest gen zers were,born,we got Noah why do I feel like space,stream was 98 so I'm gonna say after,that is correct,100 points for Noah that was scary Noah,pick another category we're gonna do,Whimsy for 150. all right Lindsay for,150. Which presidential election was the,first that the oldest members of gen Z,could voted,that goes to Noah I'm gonna say the uh,election between Donald Trump and,Hillary Clinton how does,how does can I talk,uh we're gonna talk the talk for 50.,which three emojis used together mean,that you are shocked and or stunned by,what you just saw,Tommy okay this isn't really that this,can't be right but I'm gonna I've seen,it too much is it is it eyeball lips,like this and then other eyeball that is,correct,oh wow how do you pick a category okay,wow I'm feeling my 28 years and I'm,going to uh embarrass myself by doing,hello my name is for 15 please I'm going,to show you there's a picture on this,card a very small photo uh there's a,photo on this card I'm gonna flip it you,need to hit it and say who it is it's,important because it also tests your,eyesight okay three two one,uh that is Courtney okay Robert Henson,that is correct I used to see every,Twilight movie,dudes my age back when Twilight was,around were so annoyed with Robert,Pattinson but now we all like love him,yeah he's awesome yeah because he's,Batman like he just hates everything and,I think that's awesome let's let's do,off the charts for 50 Alex you oh wait,that side down,which chart topping song broke spotify's,record for the most single day streams,uh that goes to Sage uh driver's license,that's correct,the charts for 100. awesome off the,charts for 100 points,10 kills on the board right now just,wiped out tomato Town my friends just,got down,are the lyrics to a parody of what song,by what artist Sage you you jumped the,gun but I'll give it to you,um it is uh American Boy uh by,um Kanye West and Estelle that's correct,that is correct all right Sage dude,let's get a walk the walk in here let's,just walk the walk for 50. how do the,children of today pantomime using the,phone,uh Courtney like this that is correct,how does that describe to you on a car I,hate it it says with a flat hand to the,ear because smartphones are the only,phones they know and no longer like this,like our red pizza phone it's so sad I,missed this this was awesome Cowabunga,brain,Courtney go ahead let's do Walk The Walk,for a hundred the Dolphin Dance Move,might share a name with the lovable,mammal but what's but that's where the,similarities end do that dance Sage it's,it's this thing with the arch back right,that is correct wow the worst I want,Tick Tock all the time but my for you,page is the most messed up Wasteland on,the planet there's no dancing there yeah,I have a bunch of like 50 year old women,on my free page,old truckers that are just like it's,another day,like I get unironic tick-tockers like,people who think it's their their diary,Sage back to you ah okay uh let's go,with hello my name is for 100. who is,this person,three two one,uh that goes to Courtney my baby that is,correct,you had it though I thought it was you,Courtney,um okay let's do Whimsy for 50. which,came first Smosh's Pokemon theme song,

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MILEY CYRUS wardrobe malfunction, live, New Year's Eve !

MILEY CYRUS wardrobe malfunction, live, New Year's Eve !

hey good morning everybody happy new,year it's darryl here it's january 1st,2022,3 30 a.m here new year's day here in,connecticut on the east coast yes i i,slept i go to bed early,but i woke up during the night and i s i,the gods of timing were with me and i,caught something perfectly and i have to,talk about it here today i i just i just,watched this with my mouth open last,night i didn't know what was going on,gotta talk about this i usually talk,about political stuff and,i i actually can connect this i could,actually i actually have a segway,whereas both these things happened in,miami so i want to talk about miley,cyrus,in a wardrobe malfunction that i i,caught perfectly last night i want to,talk to you guys about that and i want,to talk about aoc,a bizarre tweet from some republican,uh trumper i'll just leave it at that,and both these things happen in miami so,let me get right into it okay,uh yes i i work out i get up this early,every single day of the year 365 days of,the year uh,i i've taken my,my addiction that i used to have for,drugs i you know i do everything in,excess i have an addict addictive,personality,and i've turned that instead of using,drugs and alcohol now i i exercise i,work out,four to four and a half hours every,single day,uh,365 days a year christmas every day,sick rain sleet snow whatever,i work out all right anyway,and uh my sleeping is my sleeping's,never gone back to normal since i was,using when i was using,this happens to a lot of recovery,addicts and i wake up throughout the,night okay and i sleep with my tv on i'm,one of those weirdos i i live alone i,have to have noise in the house so i,leave the tv on okay so from past years,last past 15 years i've been cleaning,sober,uh a lot of times i wake up right around,midnight and it happened last night,right it i woke up it wasn't even 1201 i,think it was about,it's like 15 seconds,after the clock hit new year's last,night,and i went to the first live station i,could find which was an nbc station,and it was uh miley's hot miley,miley's new year's eve party i think it,was called,miley cyrus and pete davidson miley,cyrus was right on stage right as i,clicked on just about 15 seconds after,midnight,and uh,it's interesting being in recovery and,uh they would switch from miley back to,the audience,and it was obvious a lot of people in,the audience had had quite quite a bit,to drink and uh,it's always interesting you know i used,to be,the person partying i don't like to use,that word you know because to me it,wasn't partying at the end but anyway,and a lot of them look like they had a,really good buzz on and i guarantee you,most of the people that were in that,crowd live in miami watching miley cyrus,last night had no idea any of this,happened i guarantee it i i give her,credit okay let's just get right into it,so she's performing,uh just a few seconds after i can't,remember this song she was doing,it was a catchy tune i don't know a lot,about my res miley cyrus but i've been,singing this song in my head,shoot i can't remember what it was but,anyway it was a it was a good tune i'm,not you know i'm from i am old enough to,remember her father billy ray cyrus not,that i like country music at all,but uh and i often think about this this,is one of the reasons i'm glad i never,had kids or i never had a especially i,never had any daughters because i i,don't know how about billy ray handles,this so anyway miley rae is on stage,my miley cyrus is on stage,and she's got the tiniest of tiny,uh a glitter top that just covers her,front,just like a handkerchief,a glittery piece across the front,with with strings in the back,and a very very short,piece of cloth covering her bottom uh,she's got some extremely high heel shoes,now i was,i just woke me right up right as soon as,i i clicked on,uh,as soon as i woke up about 15 seconds,after midnight my my eyes were wide open,i was watching her,and uh i gotta say miley loves her butt,you know the way she paraded around on,stage at first i thought it was the,high-heeled shoes,but you know she's always got that that,butt that arch in her back which drives,guys crazy,let me say this she's a little too young,for me,and honestly i've always loved dark long,dark hair brunettes,with,buxom buxom large uh,dark hair long dark hair man bam that,that gets my attention but i love all,women so anyway,i'm fixated on miley and she's owning i,give her credit man she's a she's a,consummate performer,and uh,so she's kind of got her our back arch,and another performer comes out and i,don't know who he is he kind of looks,like he looked like a rap a rapper i,don't know who he was he had like uh,braids,uh,one of you guys would probably tell me,who he was,shortly after he went back off stage she,was still singing and she had her hand,on her chest like this,and it to me,i thought oh my yeah i thought i thought,she was going to pull it down because it,looked like it looked like her top had,come off look that she pulled the string,from

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Ariana Grande Finally Reveals The TRUTH About Her Plastic Surgery

Ariana Grande Finally Reveals The TRUTH About Her Plastic Surgery

but i'm trying to just say,it and like let go of that trauma,because i do have a lot to say ariana,grande sure shook things up on the,screen after appearing as one of the,judges in the voice season 21 but it,wasn't just her appearance as a new,coach that made some of the fan's,tongues wagging it was in fact her face,was it plastic surgery major weight loss,just new makeup we have all the tea,ariana grande has been in the spotlight,ever since she started her music career,at age 15. born on june 26 1993 in boca,raton florida she rose to fame when she,bagged the role as cat valentine in the,nickelodeon television series victorious,and salmon cat,while portraying her bubble nickelodeon,character cat grande's appearance was,fresh-faced with plump cheeks and a bit,of a wider nose her signature ponytailed,hair was still not her thing back then,instead she was sporting a redhead back,then now after decades of appearing on,screen grande's facial features have,drastically changed a lot of her die,hard fans have speculated that the,singer actress had a lot of things done,to her face and after appearing recently,on the voice season 21 her fans have,questioned is ariana grande really an,natural beauty one fan wrote in twitter,no because ariana grande stands dereli,think their fave had nothing done,sweetie she's had tons of plastic,surgery twitter user vic posted did,ariana grande get plastic surgery or,botox or something she looks kinda,different,another fan of the pop star even shared,that ariana grande 10 million percent,has plastic surgery people know that,right as posted in twitter now we are,starting to wonder too could it really,be true,grande may have been fresh-faced when,she started her career but after more,than a decade in the entertainment,industry it can also do a lot of changes,to a person's appearance the petite pop,princess has grown up right before our,eyes we may not have instantly noticed,the changes to her appearance but at the,age of 28 it is very noticeable that,grande's facial features have changed,dramatically a comparison of her,childhood photo and her current photo,has been circulating the internet world,the before and after photo of grande,showed that she had previously had a,much paler complexion thinner lips and a,wider jaw and nose compared to her,recent photo wherein she has a much,pronounced jaw smaller and thinner nose,thicker lips and a much tan complexion,a twitter user under the name at g4y,forte also posted a photo of the singer,with the caption ariana grande at,plastic surgery now look at this,some orionators are also convinced that,their favorite singer has done surgery,one fan posted ariana grande has had,plastic surgery fillers injections etc,in her lifetime she didn't just grow up,noses don't get smaller and point your,pointed upwards as you get older i said,what i said fight me so-called beauty,gurus have also speculated that the,thank you next singer has indeed gone,under the knife in an instagram post of,my beauty consultant they posted a list,of surgeries that grande has done the,list included surgical brow lift lip,cheek and chin fillers rhinoplasty and,lots of botox the grammy award,singer-songwriter has of course denied,rumors that she has had plastic surgery,opening up about so-called surgery,rumors grande has claimed that the,changes to her appearance was because of,puberty that's why i'm on the cover of a,magazine and they're saying i got,plastic surgery puberty went nice it,came late but she finally came through,for me grande stated in a 2014 video,some fans came to the rescue and shared,that even if she may have done any,procedures to her face she is still,beautiful a fan posted ariana grande,gotta be my fave before and after,becoming another person,one fan even came to her defense stating,that it was because of aging that the,singer actress has changed i can't with,these threads ariana grande changed a,lot since 2008 she definitely had,plastic surgery have you guys heard,about aging changes your face a lot too,the fan posted if aging looked that fine,everyone would really want to know what,ariana grande did to age that way right,so did she or did she not go under the,knife what is ari's secret anyway,other fans believe that the,transformation of grande's appearance,may not be because of surgery but,because of other physical factors if one,is to look closely during grande's,appearance in the voice as one of the,judges her hairstyle is a bit different,she may still have been wearing her,signature ponytail hairstyle during her,appearance however the length and hair,color was altered,instead of the rapunzel-like long,ponytail style grande's hair length was,mid-shoulders the hair color was also,darker another reason fans are convinced,that she did not get surgery is maybe,because of her makeup and weight loss it,is evident that ariana grande has lost a,lot of weight over the years with weight,loss the face can of course lose baby,fat and may become thinner and much,defin

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FAMILY WATCHES Kpop Female Idols Wardrobe Malfunctions Accidents

FAMILY WATCHES Kpop Female Idols Wardrobe Malfunctions Accidents

what's going on pretty click it's a boy,Chris that YouTube critic coming back at,you,would another video today's video man is,gonna be kpop females idols protecting,other I guess females or maybe other,kpop arose from wardrobe malfunctions,okay from malfunctions baby so we won't,see how kind,kpop can be the stars alright anyway man,we will go ahead and get into this video,we're not gonna waste too much time,chit-chatting or whatnot but make sure,you smash that notification button take,a screenshot of it and then tweet it to,me that way I could shout you out on the,next video,and yeah get you some recognition baby,also also if you want to be a member of,the clique baby is free of charge no,charge at the door you just come on in,all you gotta do is hit that subscribe,button alright and you are now a member,of the clique baby with that being said,we're gonna go here again to this video,the link will be down in the description,below let's go ahead and get into this,video Big Time,k-pop k-pop,why did nothing Yong Yong hos shoe use,skirt so that it won't fly up in the way,yeah,sorry guys I don't know the names I've,gotta reach with you so I'm gonna mumble,- tonight oh you play it off sweet,just like the bank groups are having,problems killing the small gym in,coverage Stiles chest with the paper all,right Jimmy,tied up boy Oh Jimmy I thought Jimmy was,the boy you see how slick she played at,all,wasn't even hot oh yeah that could have,been bad,and they would,that's what I think I think they I think,they should like house on short supply,today's Kurtzman especially because,kpoppers I know I mean well I guess any,artist really they wear a lot of Ag,stuff I know the kpop girls we're alive,a short skirts a lot of legs are strong,they're not really showing up top a lot,they do show a lot of legs but not a lot,of top they usually have our nice,blouses with long sleeves or something,like that when they do their videos or,stuff but they're not super duper edgy,up top they more edgy down low but,anyway you know you got a show flaunt,your features that are your best thing a,lot of Korean women have really nice,legs so with that being said if you like,that video go ahead smells like but if,you like your book you too critical hand,smash that like button well you have two,reasons to smash the like button people,okay I also remember notification gang,tweeted sent me the link is in the,description take a screenshot of that,notification button showing that you are,getting the notifications from your boy,and I will shout you out on the next,video okay also don't remember the click,baby go head smash the subscribe button,okay that's that alright now we're bout,to get up out of here but remember stay,loyal to the clique baby now somebody,woman dogs,my job

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