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Pence: This is why Biden has a 'close eye' on Elon Muskwe begin with Elon Musk going up against,some

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Pence: This is why Biden has a 'close eye' on Elon Musk

we begin with Elon Musk going up against,some of the most powerful forces in the,country he is now taking on the Democrat,establishment its media enforcers and,Silicon Valley in his fight for free,speech so the White House is now warning,that it's keeping a quote close eye on,Twitter watch,are you concerned Elon Musk says there's,more and more,subscribers,fine are you concerned about that and,what tools do you have who is it at the,White House that is really keeping track,so like this is something that we're,certainly uh keeping an eye on look um,we you know we have always been very,clear,um and that when it comes to social,media platforms it is their,responsibility uh to make sure that um,when it comes to misinformation when we,when it comes to the hate that we're,seeing uh that they they take action,that they continue uh to take action,again we're all keeping a close eye on,this,maybe that's because musk says he will,release Twitter Free Speech suppression,files that include the platform,censorship of the hunter Biden laptop,story tweeting the Twitter files on Free,Speech suppression soon to be published,on Twitter itself the public deserves to,know what really happened musk also says,Stakes are high for the country tweeting,this is a battle for the future of,civilization if free speech is lost even,in America tyranny is all that lies,ahead,Mr Vice President is Elon Musk right,well I think Elon Musk is exactly right,I mean the foundation of America is,freedom and the freedom of speech free,and independent press is a bulwark of uh,of why this nation is extraordinary and,exceptional I just I just have to tell,you I mean to see in the White House,Press Room,the suggestion that uh that the,president of the United States is,keeping a close eye,uh on on any element of of the media is,deeply offensive to me it's it's your,job in the media to keep a close eye on,elected officials I I lived in that,world for 20 years as a congressman as a,governor and as your vice president and,uh but I do think as you suggest I I,think it may well be,because Elon Musk who I came to know,very well during the four years of the,Trump Pence Administration,I I think it's because he is preparing,to release information finally about the,suppression of the hunter Biden story,which as I write about in my,autobiography so help me God was a,disgrace the fact that that a laptop was,discovered in the weeks before the,election that emails were revealed and,that social media platforms including,Twitter actually suppressed access to a,New York Post story is deeply offensive,to me and and Twitter wasn't the only,one but the fact that they're going to,come out with this information I have to,believe some of the people walking,around in the west ring it it's one of,the reasons why they're keeping a close,eye that's that's right and Sir what,role then do you see the government,playing in this if any at all well look,I I think the I think it's important,that we recognize even in a free Society,you're not free to yield fire in a,crowded theater right and so there are,there are basic elements basic,requirements uh of of maintaining the,debate and and Twitter is about that,they've reaffirmed their commitment to,that I have great confidence in that but,we ought to always err on the side of,freedom and freedom of speech I mean for,heaven's sakes right now we're on the,cusp of a heroic person named Jimmy Lai,facing a trial in Hong Kong for standing,for freedom of speech and freedom of the,press we ought to be sending a deafening,message of support for that godly man in,the stand that he's taken and and we,ought to be pushing back on any rhetoric,in a public debate here that would that,would send any message other than we,believe in freedom of speech and the,freedom of the press that's right and,Martha the vice president brings up Hong,Kong territory of China critics argue,that no more entity has been furtherance,of their censorship of a cog in the,wheel or even that actual proxy than,Apple itself and in that showcase,showdown between Apple and Twitter Elon,Musk and Mr cook to the tune of 40,million dollars worth of AD Revenue per,year where do you see that going,well I think I think it's fascinating uh,when you see what's happening right now,in China and you see people standing up,for freedom and and I just want to say,about Elon Musk and I think Mr vice,president first of all it's great to,have you with us today and thank you for,your service to this country over all of,the years that you have served and you,know but Elon Musk is is such a,fascinating character in the history of,this country you know you look at what,he's done with uh Rockets to space with,electric vehicles he's always pushing,the envelope and he's oh he likes,failure he likes it when things don't,work because he talks about what you,learn when you fail over and over again,if you've watched there's a great,documentary about SpaceX which you know,just really shows how dedicated he is so,I

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Mike Pence RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT Against Trump in 2024 as Twitter Files 10 Released

Mike Pence RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT Against Trump in 2024 as Twitter Files 10 Released

ladies and gentlemen U.S news and world,report Mike Pence to run for U.S,president in 2024 Sky News,and there's a Sky News article Mike,Pence filing appears to announce former,VP will run for president in 2024.,then there are Reuters articles or one,Reuters article saying well you know it,was a mistake or no the advisor said,he's not running,but,all indications have shown that he's,going to run and that he plans on,running against Trump also Twitter files,part 10 are out huge Revelations there,we'll talk about that a little later on,this segment and also we'll talk about,that this evening probably around eight,to nine PM Pacific time so be here for,the live stream at eight to nine PM,Pacific time,uh to talk about the Twitter files part,10. probably the most important Twitter,files that we've had thus far and they,were all very very important,the interesting thing about Mike Pence,possibly running and possibly filing,paperwork,is that well it's the last,last remnants you have the Lincoln,project you have Liz Cheney Adam,kinzinger you have uh Mitch McConnell,Mitt Romney and interestingly enough you,have,Mike Pence now,Trump should never have chosen Mike,Pence he should never have chosen Mike,Pence's present for a number of reasons,I'm not gonna get it I'm not gonna,address the last year of his presidency,or the last couple of months,with Pence I'm talking about you should,have chosen somebody you should have,picked somebody like a better Attorney,General Sessions was the absolute worst,Attorney General of all time you want to,talk about a psychological type of,um Ploy or some kind of,psychological op,anyone who said to trust or believe in a,person like Jeff sessions I mean these,message boards I was at the Forefront of,saying immediately never believe any,absurd stupid message boards,and you could go to my website h a, by the way hit subscribe to,this channel ladies and gentlemen be,here at 8 A.M Pacific time every single,day,uh on this channel I'll have a video at,8am set in stone forever 8 A.M Pacific,become a member to my new patreons thank,you and be here tonight for the live,stream at around 8pm 9 p.m Pacific time,but,Jeff sessions for example there's an,absurd Message Board said oh you should,trust session they're so absurd the,whole thing was nonsense,and I stated that and I debated one of,the people who tried to promote that,absurd myth you know hoax whatever,it was dangerous also,but,Trump had a number of people around him,that he shouldn't have trusted,I would say that Pence,see this is the thing with with with,Pence and Trump and people like Mike,Pence he's a politician first,and he's gonna do politically what's,good for him most of the time or at all,times generally generally he just stood,aside from the very beginning they went,after Mike Flynn,Pence was the part of that fabricated,story Mike Flynn was accused of not,telling Pence the truth about a certain,topic when was the last time Kamala,Harris's was accused of of not uh,telling Jake Sullivan something or you,know when was the last time a vice,president was accused of was was forced,out because they didn't or no a national,security advisor was forced out when was,the last time Jake Sullivan for example,was accused of not telling uh Kamala,Harris something okay,it would never happen but here you have,Pence starting off kind of being part of,the drama,so he didn't come out and say no this is,not true this is ridiculous uh why why,are uh you know these Federal Bureau of,Investigation employees and we'll talk,about that in the Twitter files part 10,later this evening for the live stream,but he never came to bet never defended,Mike Mike Flynn really never defended,Trump during the whole absurd russiagate,nonsense the special counsel I someone,said to said to me uh oh you're a fool,h.j Goodman uh because,um there's a special counsel and they've,referred criminal uh they have a,criminal referral to Congress and and,he's going to be investigating it's been,seven years they don't have anything on,Trump,you know if they had people like Mike,Pence defending Trump against absurd,allegations that he was a Kremlin,operative,or that he even recently Trump never,tried to overthrow the United States,government he never tried to put anyone,in harm or risk,but you don't get any like defense of,trump from Pence,they had nothing Trump still hasn't been,charged or indicted for January he never,will be those okay,the criminal referral was a political,document even MSNBC stated that today I,was actually going to do a segment on,MSNBC,clearing and essentially clearing Trump,there's an article saying that's a,political document,it's public relations the special,counsel 2.0 uh is only around because,the uh failed committee ended up just,referring criminal charge and of course,the Department of Justice still hasn't,found anything to indict Trump,so they don't have anything to indict,Trump they can't indict him for,mishandling classified data because,there's a

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Reaction to Donald Trump's tweet about Mike Pence

Reaction to Donald Trump's tweet about Mike Pence

it was obvious that the situation at the,capitol was violent and escalating,quickly and so i thought that the tweet,about the vice president was the last,thing that was needed in that moment,and i,i remember thinking that um this was,going to be bad for him to tweet this,because it was essentially him giving,the green light to these uh people,telling them that what they were doing,at the steps of the capitol and entering,the capitol was okay that they were,justified in their anger and,he shouldn't have been doing that he,should have been telling these people to,go home and to leave and to condemn the,violence that we're seeing and,i'm someone who,has worked with him you know i worked on,the campaign traveled all around the,country going to countless rallies with,him and i've seen the impact that his,words have on his supporters,he,they truly latch on to every word and,every tweet that he says and so i think,that in that moment for him to tweet out,the message about mike pence it was him,pouring gasoline on the fire and making,it much worse,thank you both and let's watch what,others also told us about their,reactions to this tweet,i don't remember when exactly i heard,about that tweet but my reaction to it,is that's a terrible tweet and i,disagreed with the sentiment,and,i thought it was wrong,what was your reaction when you saw that,tweet,extremely unhelpful,why,um,it it wasn't the message that we needed,at at that time,it wasn't going to,um,the the,scenes at the u.s capitol were only,getting worse at that point,this was not going to help that,would concern it worse certainly miss,hutchinson what was your reaction when,you saw this tweet,as a staffer,that worked,to always represent the administration,to the best of my ability,and to showcase the good things that he,had done for the country,i remember feeling,frustrated,disappointed,and,really it felt personal i it was really,sad,as an american,i was disgusted,it was,unpatriotic it was,un-american we were watching the capitol,building get defaced over a lie,as you will see at 2 26,the vice president had to be evacuated,to safety a second time and came within,40 feet of the rioters the attack,escalated quickly right after the tweet,oh

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Former Vice President Mike Pence On The Biden Papers

Former Vice President Mike Pence On The Biden Papers

welcome back America I'm Hugh Hewitt,standing by for a former vice president,Mike Pence who is going to be at The,Villages uh later today so I know he's,in Florida,um he will be today at The Villages at 3,30.,for a fireside chat about his,best-selling book so help me God and a,book signing uh will follow uh fireside,chat and the vice president at The,Villages so I'm looking forward to,talking about that I hope he uh I hope,we track him down let me play for you if,I can just a quick glimpse of,um,President Biden yesterday meeting and,greeting oh vice president Pence joins,me good morning Mr Vice President,welcome back,good morning Hugh Hewitt great to be,back on your incredible broadcast,appreciate you have me on well so,congratulations on so help me God your,Memoir you're going to be at The,Villages today at 3 30. and that means,you're going to have to be signing books,forever because they're going to show up,in Legion,you know number one thanks for having me,on early on on the book tour I've been,I've been very humbled at the response,to so help me God I still think your,interview,maybe because you read the book before,you interviewed me you was still the,best interview I've had the privilege to,do but we've been we've been grateful,for the response around the country in,Florida today in Dallas over the weekend,and you know for me the most satisfying,thing has been not only uh the,opportunity to to tell my life story and,the foundation of Faith and family our,commitment to the conservative agenda,but but also just reflecting on the,incredible accomplishments uh of of the,Trump Pence Administration which,obviously it didn't end well but uh I've,met so many people Express appreciation,for for us was laying out everything we,did to make the country stronger more,prosperous more secure most of which has,been undone by the Biden Administration,in the last two years I like I like to,point out to people that the villages I,know this because my son works for Mike,Wallace a great Congressman down there,he always stops at The Villages,newspaper because it's the only,newspaper the daily paper circulation,which is growing in the United States so,you'll have reporters from The Village's,newspaper there you know Congressman,Waltz announced yesterday he's going to,uh introduce an authorization for the,use of military force against the,cartels I think that's a great idea what,do you think about that Mr Vice,President,well these these transnational uh uh,drugs syndicates that have now evolved,into a massive human trafficking,operation uh exploiting uh people,driving this incredible crisis that our,Southern border have to be have to be,confronted I'm a big fan of Congressman,Walsh I appreciate uh him calling,attention to that look a nation Without,Borders is not a nation uh we've got,we've got to recognize and and I know,President Biden is down in Mexico as we,speak he's having a summit of the,Americas down there with Canadian,leadership and Mexican leadership but,but the reality is that uh these cartels,represent an extraordinary uh danger to,the American people the flow of,Narcotics the human trafficking uh as,well as a as perpetrating the violence,that they do against any opposition not,only in Mexico and in the region and so,I I think I think I think some response,uh renewed energetic response uh in in,the years ahead is called for focusing,on these these uh these cartels that are,exploiting uh in the misery of people,south of our border and creating,heartache and loss uh in virtually every,community in this country now I haven't,seen the waltz language yet on the,proposed AUM F uh auf authorization aumf,authorization for the use of military,force obviously you'd consult with our,Ally before doing that but in in,principle would you have any objection,to coordinating attacks on cartel,headquarters with U.S military sources,if Mexico is on board,well I I mean I think you know you put,your finger on it to me it's got to be a,multilateral response,in in the region I mean we we have every,right in this country,uh work with our allies and and confront,people you look at everywhere I traveled,over the last two years and you know I,was on the campaign Trail a whole bunch,I've been on this book tour for,uh about a month and a half is there is,no community in this country that isn't,impacted by the flow of fentanyl the,flow of the legal uh drugs and also by,the but you know by the these criminal,gangs that are being fueled uh from,south of our border and I I I really do,believe that an energetic commitment,marshalling not only the resources of,the United States but of our allies to,confront these cartels and isolate them,uh economically uh and and be prepared,to take such action to protect uh the,interests of the United States is in,order Mr Vice President in so help me,God we spent a lot of time talking about,this when we first interviewed you you,were not only a member of the House you,were the,um the chairman of the conference

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Tuesday LIVE: Twitter Files, Equity Grift, Mike Pence Hoax FEC FIling (Superchats)

Tuesday LIVE: Twitter Files, Equity Grift, Mike Pence Hoax FEC FIling (Superchats)

all right everyone we should be live,we'll have to make sure that's actually,the case and definitely have the uh,Kitty co-host here at the moment trying,to type actually and uh it was funny,because I had to manually end,yesterday's Rumble live stream in order,to start this one even though it wasn't,actually recording or streaming so,yesterday uh there was definitely a,glitch of some kind I'm assuming that,they were updating the site uh people,weren't getting notified at first to,close out the tab but I do see Rumble,rants is working now uh so I think that,we shouldn't have any problems let's,make sure I'm correct,you are correct sir yes okay so Tuesday,live we've got a lot to cover,unfortunately the main story of the day,we can't talk about a hundred percent,frankly because I'm recording this on,YouTube as well streaming rather,um if you want my unbridled opinion with,regards to the new Twitter uh release,the Twitter files part 10 I think we're,on now it has to do with covid no,there's a reason that we can't speak a,hundred percent openly about it again on,YouTube live stream uh you should be,following me on some permutation of,Rumble bit shoot Odyssey or mines or on,all four that's what I would do myself,being on all the sites to begin with,remember I do at least one uh piece of,work a day one upload that only goes on,those sites,um sometimes not mines if it's over 15,minutes they still have that old school,like cap on it otherwise it goes on all,four and you can read my uh unbridled,opinions there again I occasionally have,to Omit some material for YouTube,purposes because their TOS is still,screwy and it's not entirely clear,actually about their so-called misinfo,policy uh at this point I think they,parsed it back but I can't make heads,nor Tales of it so I err on the side of,caution so we'll get right into it right,now as,rant section here,we do have David's white today uh,putting out the Twitter releases thread,the Twitter files how Twitter honked uh,the uh medicine debate we'll have to uh,insert some Creole language in here,here's the the long story short,there are two main points that I'd like,to address I'm not going to go through,the entire thing Link in the description,you can read it for yourself if you're,inclined to read uh like a 50 or,something tweet long thing here how many,is it let me get this right right off,the bat,I think it was about that,yeah 41 different tweets and uh there's,the and uh an expanded version is,available there according to this vague,I'm not sure why Elon Musk decided to go,through his Vibe for this because his,follower count is considerably lower,than most of the others he's been going,through or go the reach you know it's,it's still high but maybe not as big,this is a big one uh to be clear long,story short the main thing to take away,from this is that the Biden White House,explicitly objectively and directly,attempted to coerce Twitter into Banning,materials for posting things that in,some cases did not run afoul of TOS in,one case you have person who got removed,from Twitter for linking to CDC material,now you can't even get banned for that,on YouTube uh just to be clear CDC and,who material is considered acceptable,now this therefore I can mention simply,linking to the material and interpreting,it in a way that the Biden White House,itself did not like was enough now this,is point number two for a very specific,reason the Biden Administration marks,certain in some cases U.S citizens again,law-abiding tax paying members of the,public that are supposedly protected by,the First Amendment and explicitly,attempted to get them banned it made,reports on its own authority using again,taxpayer money which is illegal to be,clear,that's number one,um to try to get people banned under,spurious accusations in some cases going,so far as to complain about material,that involved legit medical,establishment information that simply,was presented for the purposes of,criticism,um this is not against Twitter TOS it,wasn't against their misinfo expansion,TOS prior to musk taking over he's ended,that policy for example it wasn't,against any rules but the people had,been can the reason that they were,banned for something that for anyone,else wasn't outside of TOS was because,they were marked by the Biden admin,itself this makes the FBI foibling,around there well Thunder Trump and,continuing under Biden looked tame by,comparison hell even the CIA,involvement's not as big as the White,House itself having its own,taxpayer-funded staff circumventing the,first amendment by attempting to get,people banned for things that are,objectively protected by the First,Amendment to be clear you have the right,to uh criticized fauci you have the,inalienable right to criticize Biden I,would ask this is there going to be some,evidence that comes out that this was,done for political reasons by the Biden,white house as well I wouldn't be uh,particularly surprised if that were,actually the case unfortu

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WATCH: Trump tweet attacking Pence was like ‘pouring gasoline on the fire,’ White House aide says

WATCH: Trump tweet attacking Pence was like ‘pouring gasoline on the fire,’ White House aide says

The rioters breached the,capitol at 2:13 P.M.,>> Go, go, go.,Rep. Aguilar: Let's take a look,at what was going on at the,white house at this time.,We received testimony the chief,of staff, mark meadows, was,notified of the violence at the,capitol by 2:00 P.M., likely,earlier.,Testimony further establishes,that he quickly informed the,president and did so before the,president issued his 2:24 P.M.,Tweet, criticizing Mike pence,for not having "The courage to,do what needed to be done.",Here is what the president wrote,in his 2:24 P.M. Tweet, while,the violence at the capital was,going on.,"And here is what the rioters,thought.",>> He deserve to burn with the,rest of them.,>> It all escalated after pence,-- what happened?,He did not do what we wanted.,>> He voted against trump.,>> That is when it started?,>> That is when we marched on,the capitol.,We have a shot with rubber,bullets, tear gas.,>> We just heard that Mike pence,will not reject any fraudulent,votes.,Boo.,>> Boo!,>> You are a traitor!,>> That is right, you heard it,here first.,Mike pence has betrayed the,United States of America!,>> Boo!,>> Mike pence has betrayed this,president and he has betrayed,the people of the United States.,And we will never ever forget!,>> Yeah!,>> It's real simple, pence,betrayed us.,Which apparently everybody knew,he was going to.,And the president mentioned it,like five times when he talked.,You can go back and watch the,president's video.,>> Be respectful.,There are 4 million people,coming in, so --,>> We love the cops.,>> It is only a matter of time.,Justice is coming.,Rep. Aguilar: Although the,president's chief of staff has,refused to testify before the,committee, his aide, Ben,Williamson, and the white house,press secretary, Sarah Matthews,,testified that Mr. Meadows went,to the dining room to tell the,president about the violence at,the capitol, before his 2:24,P.M. Tweet.,In future hearings, you will,hear more about exactly what was,happening in the white house at,that time, but here is what some,white house staff told the,select committee.,>> Do you know where he went?,>> Yes, I followed him down the,hallway.,And I followed him into that,outer oval core door, which is,the hallway between the oval,office hallway and the outer,global section of the oval,office.,I followed him into that,hallway.,And I saw him walk into outer,oval.,I maybe took a step into outer,oval, then left.,I do not know where he went,after that but it looked like he,was heading in the direction of,the oval office.,>> We had talked about at that,point how it was bad and the,situation was getting out of,hand.,And, I know that Ben Williamson,and I were conferring, and we,thought the president needed to,tweet something, tweet something,immediately.,And I think that when Kaylee,gave us that order of did not,say anything to the media, I,told her I thought the president,needed to tweet something.,And then, I remember getting a,notification on my phone.,And I was sitting in a room with,Ben.,And we all got a notification.,So, we knew it was a tweet from,the president.,And we looked down and it was,,it was a tweet about Mike pence.,>> I believe I had sent him a,text saying we may want to put,out a statement because the,situation was getting Harry over,-- hairy over at the capitol.,It was, that I would see him in,person after I texted him.,>> You went down to speak with,mark meadows, what was that,conversation?,>> Very brief.,I told him the same thing I,texted, that I can recall, and I,do not remember anything that,was said between us other than I,told him that to my recollection,-- and he immediately got up and,left his office.,Rep. Aguilar: Our investigation,found immediately after the 2:24,P.M. Tweet, the crowds outside,of the capitol and inside the,capitol surged.,The crowds inside the capital,were able to overtur law,enforcement and the vice,president was affected to.,-- The vice president was taken,to a secure location within the,complex.,>> By 2:24 P.M., the secret,service had moved to vice,president pence from the senate,chamber to his office across the,hall.,>> The noise became audible.,You could recognize that they,had gotten into the building.,>> Then president trump tweeted,,"Mike pence did not have the,courage to do what should have,been done to protect our country,and constitution, give me,states a chance to certify a,corrected set of facts, not the,fraudulent ones which they were,asked to previously certify.,Usa demands the truth.",>> It was clear that it was,escalating and escalating,quickly.,>> Hang Mike pence!,>> So in that tweet was sent,out, I remember us saying that,that was the last thing that,needed to be tweeted.,The situation was already bad.,So it felt like he was pouring,gasoline on the fire.,>> 30 seconds later, rioters,already in the capital, opened,the east rotunda door just down,the hall.,And 30 seconds after that, the,rioters breached the cryp,T.,Then service Russia vice,president pence down the stairs.,>> They have been try

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Trump Officially Announces 2024 Presidential Bid, Pence's So Help Me God Memoir | The Tonight Show

Trump Officially Announces 2024 Presidential Bid, Pence's So Help Me God Memoir | The Tonight Show

-Thank you very much. Enjoy yourselves. Thank you.,Welcome, welcome, welcome to "The Tonight Show,",ladies and gentlemen.,You're here. Thank you for watching at home.,Guys, we're in the middle of a,Bruce Springsteen "Tonight Show" takeover!, ♪♪,Bruce!,Which means, for the second night in a row,,Bruce Springsteen is here in the house!,Everyone's excited.,There's a huge crowd out in the street.,It's the first time New Yorkers didn't mind a Jersey guy,driving into Midtown and causing gridlock.,I love whenever his fans see him, they go, "Bruuuce!",-It always sounds like people are booing.,I wonder if Bruce ever wishes his name was "Yay!",Well, maybe not Ye.,But it doesn't matter.,-Whoa! -Let's get to some news.,Let's get this -- Guys, I saw that in 2024,,the Summer Olympics -- they just unveiled their mascot.,And it is a hat. Here it is.,This is it.,Look, kids, it's a hat,,just like every Olympic athlete has never worn.,Yeah. Can we see it again?,Honestly, the only thing that mascot,doesn't look like is a hat.,It looks like a holiday-themed poop emoji.,-Oh!,-Well, speaking of red hats, everyone is talking about this.,Earlier tonight, former president Trump,officially announced that he's running for president in 2024., You guys saying "Bruuuce"?, They're saying "Bruuuce.",Springsteen's on -- Springsteen's on "Fallon.", Yep, Trump made the big announcement,from Mar-a-Lago, or, as it's also known,,the summer home of the National Archives.,I'm pretty sure this is the first presidential campaign,to be kicked off from an active crime scene.,Seriously, was the set from "Dahmer" not available?,What's..., It's the number-1 show on Netflix., Guys, listen to this.,Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch reportedly told Trump,that he will not back his 2024 White House bid.,Apparently, Rupert Murdoch isn't supporting Trump,because he prefers Ron DeSantis.,Ironically, that's the first time Trump,was the one to get dumped for someone younger.,Yep, Murdoch is breaking away from Trump,,so now they're going to set Sean Hannity,in the middle of the room and see which one he goes to.,It's like, "Come here. Come here, boy.,Come here. Come here, boy! Come on.,Remember who raised you.",That's right -- Trump's running for president yet again in 2024.,And Trump says that he's still at the top of his game,,feeling sharper than ever, and totally 100% ready to lead...,-The United Schess.,-He said that he won't be slowed down by what happened,in last week's...,-Midtown and midturn...,-...election. He's ready to restore his standing,among all of our elected...,-Lawmarkers. -He wants to fix our broken...,-Supply chair.,-And work with big business leaders like...,-Tim Apple.,-He won't be bogged down by attacks,from unknown sources that are...,-Anonomiss.,Really, anomanous.,-Because he'll fight for this country,until we're all back to saying...,-Merry Chrissus, everybody.,-There you go. ,Still got it. Close. Almost.,Meanwhile, today, Mike Pence released his new memoir,,"So Help Me God.",Here's the book. Yeah. Yeah.,So, if you're dreaming of a really white Christmas,,have I got the gift for you.,Yep, Mike Pence's new memoir was just released,,and we actually got our hands on the audio book.,-Really? -Yeah. Listen to this.,-Wow!,-Hey, here's some big music news.,Today's nominations were announced,for the 65th Annual Grammy Awards,,which will take place in February,at the Arena.,I think during the 75th Grammys, we're all gonna be laughing,that it used to be called the Arena.,That's right -- the Grammys will be at the Arena.,Then they're having the after party at,the Dogecoin Theater.,Honestly, the Arena makes sense,,because most of the nominees will walk away with nothing.,Some more entertainment news.,I heard that the Season 5 premiere of "Yellowstone",had a record-breaking 12.1 million viewers.,The show is a massive hit, and I think it's already influencing,some of the programming on TV.,Look at how they updated "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.",-Oh, Charlie Brown!,♪♪,Come on, Charlie Brown.,I'll hold the ball, and you kick it.,-Listen up, woman.,If you pull away that football,,I'll bury your ass alive in a pile of horse,-You see what I'm saying? Something's...,-Wow! Just a little. -It just seems different.,Well, I saw an ad for a new Teddy bear,that just hit the market.,This is real. Take a look at this.,-It's the perfect holiday gift for someone,who just wants a hug.,This is an emotional-support Teddy bear,,and, as you can see,,it's about the actual size of an actual person -- 5'7".,You can even dress it up and change its clothes,,and it's 160 bucks.,-You can order one online or buy one at Build-A-Boyfriend.,Well, this is going viral.,A man in China ran a full marathon in a pretty unique way.,Check this out.,-If the thought of running a marathon has you winded,,imagine doing it while smoking a pack of cigs.,He completed all 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 28 minutes.,-Wow! This guy's a legend.,He's already on the f

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Pence Spreads Hot Trump Gossip, MAGA Nuts Fight Election Fraud & Republicans Hatch a Childish Plan

Pence Spreads Hot Trump Gossip, MAGA Nuts Fight Election Fraud & Republicans Hatch a Childish Plan

thank you very much thanks for watching,thanks for coming thanks for um,thanks for taking time away from trying,to get Taylor Swift tickets all day and,night to be here well we're lucky to be,in Hollywood and uh or maybe we're not,lucky to be in Hollywood we are lucky,that we're not in Van Wert County Ohio,right now which is you know about this,or uh just from there well I don't know,just reacting negatively for no reason,in uh bird County Ohio not far from Fort,Wayne Indiana there right now there are,thousands and thousands of aggressive,Vermin on the loose thousands of men are,on the loose in Ohio after being,released from their cages during a,break-in between 25,000 and 40,000 mink were released the letters Alf,were spray painted on a wall alongside,the phrase we'll be back that apparently,stands for animal Liberation Front,oh no no it doesn't I know what Alf,stands for it stands for this past the,plum sauce,and he's moved on from eating cats,no but this is a serious thing they say,about 10 000 mink are still on the loose,so if you feel something Exquisite,rubbing up against your leg,call local animal control they're very,active and very aggressive they're,excellent swimmers they can climb trees,and if they're threatened they will bite,they'll hiss they'll discharge a strong,musky scent from their anal glands very,similar to Mike Pence the day of the,insurrection,has been making the rounds promoting his,new book and wowing the world with his,Robin Williams caliber Charisma Mike,Pence last night had a town hall event,with Jake Tapper on CNN and when you see,him in action talking with people,interacting with Real Americans suddenly,you understand why this guy made it,almost all the way to the White House I,want you to meet Andrea Barbara Dansby,from Anderson Indiana,Barbara thank you I represented Madison,County in Congress for many years Andrea,well it happens honest mistake you know,he usually isn't allowed to talk to,women so he got nervous,I'm sure it won't happen again I want to,bring in our first Hoosier of the night,uh Daniela milosi she's from Fort Wayne,well Michelle uh,I think we just found the new,spokesperson for Prevagen,the reason he calls his wife mothers,because he can't remember her name I,don't know, himself and then he got onto the,hot gossip we expect from the white,shadow you know not all of his stories,about Donald Trump are negative before,Trump stood by and enjoyed watching his,Hench people try to hang him he offered,a very meaningful spot turned out to uh,Pence being commander of a then,imaginary branch of the military the,only committee I ever asked to be on in,Congress was the NASA subcommittee,what he didn't know that Karen and I had,taken our kids when they were little to,vacation to Cape Canaveral just,to see the Rockets,um,I'll never forget just saying to him,over the phone would I leave the space,Council,would I,and we went to work,I think he might be a robot I think I,think someone built Donald Trump a robot,vice president and on the morning of,January 6th he lost the remote control,we met and they sat down,and I prayed I prayed for God's grace to,meet that moment and that spirit and uh,it wasn't easy,and uh,and to be honest with you I'm,I'm as human as the next guy,definitely a robot he's uh,a whip because then I'm as human as he,is in the meantime Mike's former boss,making a run for the Oval Office without,him this time Trump got a visit today,from a woman who could be his running,mate failed Arizona governor candidate,Carrie Lake traveled to Mar-A-Lago today,you know there was a real fear that the,Maga brand candidates who lost would go,full Trump and claim all their elections,were fixed but that hasn't been the case,to their credit Adam laxalt conceded in,Nevada Dr Oz and Doug mastriano conceded,in Pennsylvania and in Arizona despite,the fact that she lost by 17 000 votes,with no evidence of any election,Shenanigans whatsoever Carrie Lake still,isn't given up hey Arizona Kerry Lake,here I wanted to reach out to you to let,you know that I am still in this fight,with you no thanks that's like a,it's a very scary message from your wife,the morning after an argument I want to,let you know I'm still in a fight with,you okay just like Trump Kerry Lake,claimed the election was rigged before,it even happened and as a result her,followers have been lashing out at,officials in Maricopa County,specifically the guy in charge of,Elections there his name is Bill Gates,and here's the thing not that he did,anything wrong but if you're trying to,avoid stirring up these conspiracy,crazies you're not doing yourself any,favors going by the name Bill Gates okay,you might want to stick with William or,something Bill Gates is a republican by,the way which makes this argument,especially stupid but still the wing,nuts are fired up I don't remember this,but about a year ago this character,showed up at a board of City supervisors,meeting in San Diego do you think that,the four feet of marble that

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