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Mike Francesa twitter rant 5/15/12that broadcasters media people and,athletes are allowed to tweet w


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Mike Francesa twitter rant 5/15/12

that broadcasters media people and,athletes are allowed to tweet which,should be against the law is a big,change,okay she be against the law but you're,right,because no one needs to hear from any of,but the bottom line you know and,including me I mean you're never gonna,catch me tweeting I'm promise you if I,do you know you got a scoop it never,happened never that,all right 3:05 we'll get to Steve cards,a little NBA with him Peter Gammons on,some NBA we'll get the sweet on on the,major league baseball gets to Sweeney on,all the Yankee stuff I want to clarify,so everyone understands what I said,about tweeting here's what I think okay,I think the worst thing that happened is,having a place where every random,thought every hour of the day by every,person in the media okay athletes people,in the media is the it is incessant it,never stops it is boring it is tedious,it creates all kinds of stirs on,nonsense people you know they tweet what,they're eating for dinner where they're,going what their thought is every second,of the game so what happens when the,game changes and you tweeted this second,then you tweet the next second in the,game changes and then you tweet again,who wants everybody's 4000 random,thoughts you know you want to hear from,somebody four thousand times a day so I,I think it's I wish it never happened,because I don't want to hear you know I,don't want to hear from everybody and,now if you put a game up like if you put,a game up on a computer they put like,people's tweets up they come over to,thing they're in a game why do I want to,hear what people are saying about the,game I don't care I got some writer or,some media guy or some player making a,comment or some broadcaster analyst I,don't want to hear what they say about,the game I just want to see the score of,the game and they have all these,comments coming over every two seconds,and forget it and I'm telling you why do,you want to hear from players there,should be a place you know there should,be a little mystery back into sport,where you know the players comment it's,at given times you don't want the,players having their own because I'm,telling right now with people don't,realize is the players eventually are,going to wipe out the middleman which is,the broadcaster which is the reporter,because they could talk directly to the,to the public now anyway they don't need,to do anything they can do it on their,own,and people do Tiger Woods basically,gives his own infamy, out now on his own website and he,tweets his own information that he wants,to get out there who wants to hear every,did anybody ever pay attention to how,many of these ridiculous things I got,calls last year at home because guys,were tweeting that I was retiring one,night in August it became a big string,of people calling me in at 11 o'clock at,night in my house because some guy,decided to say that I was leaving a fan,that day because I was on vacation right,you guys are not what off for days no,information nothing true,no one ever checked not know no truth to,it but that kind of stuff goes on in,that universe all day and night who,wants to I mean think about it here's,what I would say the average person who,utilizes that medium how many tweets do,they actually send into the universe a,day how many what would be and can,somebody tell me who utilizes this and I,don't I've never even I've never tweeted,I don't do it I don't have an account I,don't do that is I know this fake,accounts I don't do it I've never done,one I have no interest you will never,ever see me use that utilize that meet,him ever will never happen you tell me,the people who use it how many times a,day they actually give you random,thoughts that came now every random,thought that comes into their head is,now tweeted why who wants it all out,there who wants to yes something,important to say say it all this innate,you know inane some of this stuff is I,mean enough and he's peed all day all,day,I mean if it's if it's used properly and,it was used for you know you only had,did it when you had something,significant to say that be one thing,that's mostly nonsense players do it,media people do it it's ridiculous it,really is,I wish it I honestly now I don't get,involved with it much but I'll tell you,something actually actually infringes,now because people are treating it like,it is a legitimate news source,now this tweet is this and they they,treat it like and there's your who's who,who substantiates it before it goes out,there nobody so that's where most of the,rumors come from now they come from,tweets,that's where almost all of them come,from now so I would rather they went,back to the old way it was,really as far as that now a lot of this,stuff you know,a lot of the technology is is it's,tremendous stuff it's brilliant stuff,but that part of it that part of the,process I could live without a really,good Terry and Long Island what's up,Terry like everything you just said I,mean you know thank you first of all for,not s

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Instant Reaction to Week 18 & Mike's Early Thoughts on the Wild Card Round - Mike Francesa Podcast

Instant Reaction to Week 18 & Mike's Early Thoughts on the Wild Card Round - Mike Francesa Podcast

it's the Mike Francesa podcast on the,BET Rivers network hello again everybody,and welcome to the Mike Francis podcast,after we put a ribbon on the regular,season except for this evening's Prime,Time game which now that Seattle has won,in overtime Mr kick,and then made the kick in overtime after,a great interception by Diggs,um on a ball where it looked like,Mayfield had Jefferson for a touchdown,but he under threw it enough to let,Diggs get back there and get it and make,a great interception we're on the Bette,Rivers network as always and for all,your wagering needs is vet rivers in New,York and New Jersey play Sugarhouse in,Connecticut so whatever you need just go,to their app and you'll find everything,you need for all your needs there and,the program of course always on the BET,Rivers network and wherever you can find,your podcast all right,um,now here's tonight's game,if Detroit wins Seattle gets the last,slot and will go play San Francisco if,not Green Bay with a win,will gold play San Francisco so the,playoffs are set,we'll talk about today's games but first,let me give you the matchups I don't,have who's playing what day yet remember,this is going to be a big Wild Card,Weekend with six games two buys six,games,in the AFC,the Chiefs are the number one seed they,have to buy remember the one thing that,came out of the cancellation of the,Buffalo Cincinnati game,if Kansas City and buffalo meet in the,AFC title game it will not be played in,Kansas City it will be played on a,neutral field we don't know which one,yet they won in Indianapolis but the,Colts said no so we're waiting I'm sure,it'll be a dome somewhere so the,weather's very good we don't know where,it'll be played yet so,Chiefs get to buy,here are the matchups Miami,we don't know who their quarterback will,be,I don't think it will be tour I do think,it'll be Bridgewater if I had a guess,um Miami at Buffalo Buffalo has been,installed as a 10 and a half Point,favorite,Baltimore and Cincinnati meet again,Cincinnati is a five and a half Point,favorite,and the charges are favored at,Jacksonville,and Jacksonville showed their youth last,night showed their inexperience last,night uh Lawrence did not play very well,last night he missed a wide open,TouchDown he made a couple of big,mistakes but,they got the big turnover and won the,game and now they will be a two and a,half Point Underdog so the charges will,be favored in the four or five matchup,both fives are favored against the fours,who did not have big records this year,so,that means that Jacksonville will be a,two and a half point on the village,despite how well they've played down the,stretch in terms of winning five,straight games now moving to the NFC buy,for the Eagles,they played hurts today but he did not,look like himself plus they handcuffed,him the whole day he wasn't allowed to,run,they didn't let him extend the plays,they didn't let him throw the ball deep,in the second half they really they,basically put him out there,and let him halfway it and I'm sure that,frustrated some Eagle backers but they,got what they wanted which was the one,seed and the buy,um see but the Eagles did not close the,season playing well which they will,carry into that first playoff game,there's no way for them to get that out,of their head they have not played a,good game in a month,Seattle,and Green Bay the winner of that matchup,Lions win Seattle's in Green Bay wins,they're in at San Francisco I don't have,a line in that game yet because we don't,have a matchup I'm figuring it's going,to be somewhere around 10 11 points uh,if it's Seattle if it's Green Bay it'll,be less cause of Rogers it'll be,somewhere around seven and a half eight,points I would think something like that,um I do have lines on the other two,games Giants and Minnesota in the 3-6,matchup the,Vikings are a three that's it three,point favorite against the Giants,and then Dallas and Tampa and once again,the five will be favored over the four,Tom Brady will be at home,in a playoff game and he will be a home,dog getting three points,Dallas at Tampa the Cowboys favored by,three those are the early lines so,three and three in the NFC two and a,half five and a half,and,two and a half five and a half and ten,and a half in the,AFC now,first the Jets today,hey,they finished the season,in just absolutely awful fashion,let's be honest they had no offense,except for one game after the hall got,hurt,wholesale finished as the leading rusher,and he didn't play after the late,October,and he still was there leading Russia,and he will be a dynamic player when he,restores his health,um,you have to like what you saw from the,jet defense they played really well,but they had no offense,and actually that game,probably wouldn't have been decided in,regulation time,and unless if it wasn't for that 15-yard,penalty,on the unnecessary roughness,and that was a borderline call it really,was but it made a big difference and it,gave them a field goal they could make,and of co

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Mike Francesa talks about Facebook/Twitter

Mike Francesa talks about Facebook/Twitter

i haven't figured out how to use an,iphone yet these guys are twitter,they're like six stages i think i'll,catch up on the 18th degree,of technology because you know like,iphone was like one,then there was blackberries a blackberry,blueberry raised very blackberry,blackberry right,my friend blackberry blackberry was,first and the blackberry than the iphone,and then came uh something after that,that everyone did um like myspace and uh,facebook,yeah they all did something though i,think you have a facebook mike no,you may not know about it but you have,not if it's it's bogus if there is one,can i take that off like if i tell them,to take it off like facebook because if,there's a facebook,it's not mine i never did it so does,someone do it for me yeah,yeah they do they make it up yeah they,do have a lot how can they do that,though but how can they do it in my name,how can they do that,do they have to give any idea id or,anything like that to the wild west on,there,that's what i mean that thing is crazy,now so they can see but that thing's,focused don't people realize it's bogus,you think i'm doing something on the,facebook or something i don't think,anyone who follows the show would,actually follow my,page or whatever those things are,already or anybody who's a public person,do you think everybody has time to go,you know you think barack obama or you,think uh anybody you think uh,lebron james or you think uh you know,anybody,picking a jackpot jack's a big twitterer,though who shaquille o'neal shaquille,o'neal is a twitter of them yeah a lot,of these guys tweet,barack probably tweets no no but my,point is you can name,any person who's a public person think,any person,uh take uh you could register any person,and they people can,can put them up on that facebook and,they're not real,and they could do that with twitter as,well like say somebody could use your,name and,say that you're you know saying whatever,it is that you're doing or tweeting and,it could be you and it's not,see that's there's something wrong about,that i mean it's not fair,yeah i agree with you well the roots are,sued,and one somebody was twittering,under larussa's name and tweeted some,crazy stuff and larussa got,he filed a lawsuit against them and won,now i don't know how much he got paid or,what the deal was but they stopped,i mean that was that did happen see it's,not right though they should not allow,a person's name to be used without their,say-so,like you can't name a racehorse after,somebody,without their permission if you take a,famous person you want to name a,racehorse after you have to have their,permission to do it,that's how it should be for like any of,these things,if someone wants to use a famous name or,a,public name they should have permission,to have permission from that person to,use it they should not just be allowed,to use it because,if someone's twittering under my name,that's not fair i mean i don't even know,what they're saying i don't think it,could be right now anything,come on it's not that's right right and,some people think i believe i'm actually,doing it right people do sign up and,follow you right now i'm not doing it,i've never done it so if you think,that's out there and i'm doing it i'm,not,counting long island what's up

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Mike Francesa - Mark Mongo asks about twitter integration into Fox Sports telecast

Mike Francesa - Mark Mongo asks about twitter integration into Fox Sports telecast

mark in jersey with someone hey Mike hey,doing good I wanted you to display about,Terrell but I had another point real,quick um back in May 2012 you bet you,made a very good point and it was about,watching a game and having tweets come,up on the screen when you're trying to,watch the game and I'm a nation I,was actually one of the guys who helps,what the other princess to come for you,and you were going to come out and now,today Fox Sports is putting hashtags up,on the stream as you're watching your,show I mean I don't know how we're pneus,you have it but I I they're not up in my,studio they're not on my monitor so I'm,not seeing them okay so I'm not seeing,it but again i'm not a bowl game though,you're not a ball game no but you're,more entertaining than some bulk right,but my point is that if they want to do,something to the telecast that's well,within their right okay yeah the,graphics is their business as long as,it's not offensive it's their business,what I was talking about is how the,eventually you'll see tweets from fans,on on the game during the game and,you're virtually seeing that now you,know and that's not gonna stop it's,gonna get more invasive as far as the,thing that I know Fox was doing now is,my craw lovely yes my they ask my,permission about this and that was they,want to have some kind of contests about,my sayings in some kind of Latino,bracket format did I care and I said no,I didn't care yeah I guess they're doing,that now as far as they've been doing,that today on the website go ahead yeah,and my own issues by Makoto sucker um,Pirela um dismiss this thing you know,think they admit we're decision would,having Stephen Drew of naming your mo,care do they learn where decision that,was his do that was a way of cementing,his decision that was conscious decision,had chanced made so and nobody took his,job away when he gave him five million,dollars for the job sure now that that,being said you know Perales been pretty,impressive this pretty busy,they want to keep it they want to give,him a spot easy to live come out in the,outfield though cuz he's a utility heard,why he gets injured playing centerfield,that he's got a position it just,bothered me a little they don't know,what did you just you just you could get,hurt right but you just created,something that's not true they he is,making the team anyway all right he,wasn't considered to be the everyday,second baseman there that the guy was,gonna eventually push drew his rep,Snyder they are they want Perella to be,the they won't probably come north to be,the utility man and the utility man they,expect to play outfield and infield so,he's not out of position in center field,they now we did run into the wall he has,been more of an infielder but they also,feel he's very capable of playing the,outfield so that's why they want him to,be a jack of all trades and play,everywhere for the team that was their,plan with him to make him a utility man,and let refs night to go to the minors,and if drew didn't hit then they'd be,able to go get reps night it to play wit,push true but Perales role was to come,to the team as the utility man and then,he ran into the wall yesterday I still,think he will be the utility man he's,doing well he's having a good spring and,that was their plan they didn't want,responded to be utility mail they wanted,to play every day and listen they gave,it to Drew early so they took away all,the confusion because they expected,parrilla be on a team anyway as utility,man and they want responded to go to the,minuses thought the year to work on his,defense and then if Drew's not hitting,in May they can go get reps night which,is what I think they'll probably do but,probably not until May or June Dean in,Islip what's up Dean

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Mike Francesa on Funhouse-others,there WILL be a REAL twitter account,calls-Mikes app,Duncan,MJ,more

Mike Francesa on Funhouse-others,there WILL be a REAL twitter account,calls-Mikes app,Duncan,MJ,more

a little after 5 o'clock Yankees rained,out they'll replay or they'll make it up,on the 18th of June the suspend the game,and the regular game and so that's as,far as today goes within they have,tomorrow off and they will be back in,action on Friday and I'm going to be,with us on Friday but the Preakness,stuff on Friday is we're ready for the,second leg justify at the Preakness,which I make it to straight and then,head the Belmont and see if he can win a,trip the crown never bathmat I said the,sauce could be better actually better,than his recent Triple Crown winner,Harvey has gotten through couple innings,he's given up three runs he had a four,nothing lead it's top 5 and he's winning,4-3 so one more inning and he could get,himself a win if he can hold on in and,get through one more inning at least,he'd leave with on the upside of a 4-3,game but you know hard to give a Homer a,great catch by the vows saved an inning,for him where it could have been a much,bigger inning in the first inning so,that was a that was and the second thing,that was a positive so give him credit,so it's not bad it's something great as,I'm prepared I mentioned a couple of,things number one CNB L being in for me,tomorrow I before I came back there were,two dates where I had charity events,that I had to keep my commitment because,they've been set up since the start of,the year the first was on the 8th and we,did that tomorrow's the other one in the,17th so I have to do that so I will be,wait on a at a charity event tomorrow,that I've committed to for a long time,so I will miss the show so that's the,last one of those that I had committed,to there were two of them there's one,more but it's at night so I can get I,can get to it but there were a couple,that I had committed to long ago back,the start of the year so I have to keep,my commitment to those charities and I,will so I thanked the fan for allowing,me to do that but I had told him from,the beginning I had to commit to those,days and they were fine with that a,couple things I had had said earlier in,the show that I met with the guys that,were working on with the app and,everything else and met with some of,those guys today and a couple things,came up number one I know there's been a,lot of,social media conjecture about the of the,change in the content first with the,other with the sites and with the you,know different accounts and everything,else a we had not to do with that I,wasn't even aware that it happened I,don't pay attention to that stuff but if,the comm was well within their bounds,that's the way they want to handle the,content and for those who are out there,who are followers or looking for our,stuff will make it very available to you,so don't worry about that and they're,well within their rights to do what they,did that's number one and not that I had,anything do with it was idea I guess,couple places said that I did I didn't,that it wasn't even aware of what's,going on I don't get involved in that,stuff number two,one of the things that a lot of people,thought when we went on social media to,promote the app and you know you can go,out you can connect with Mike's on,through Facebook and Instagram and,Twitter they were disappointed that the,Twitter account which was verifiable,because it had to be verifiable because,of the rush to the to the name they made,it be verifiable the first I guess they,do that because of the how many people,rushed to the name one that was made,public I said the account was just going,to be to promote the app but I've been,talked into it by some folks and I will,see how it goes the interesting I didn't,think about this for a long time I am,going to activate the account on Friday,in the afternoon and I will go on there,will be a real Mike Francis or Twitter,account now starting on Friday that I,will use that I will I will make,comments on now I'm not saying when I,answer comments because I don't have I,don't see how I could possibly do that,in terms of time and most people I've,talked to said that don't even try to do,because it's just impossible to do so,this is too many to do so I'm not gonna,try that but I will the comments in it,will be mine no one else's they will not,be like mods will make comments when we,have the mics on one and different,people will the promote things that will,go on on Instagram that will go on but,if it's under the show if it's on the,mics on,it could be just somebody giving you a,program note that might not be me but if,it's on the Twitter with my name on it,which it will be opened on four,they it will be me and no one else so,that will begin on Friday so late in the,day on Friday so they are at Twitter we,were in touch with Twitter today they're,working on putting it together and,activating it it will be activated on,Friday afternoon and I will be using it,this weekend so that will be started I,haven't put the I just put the app and,today I haven't done everything I have,to do to get it ready but I will do that,and the

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you're not on Twitter we need just one,of those we're getting close down to,December 15th which will be his final,show here where he's going to be after,this and I guess he has some sort of 90,day non-compete of what you're going to,do before I leave I cannot announce it,until after the beginning of the year,have to survive I have to get by without,me,so actually yes one of the accounts that,was in my name and then they contacted,me about,the country actually I'm not allowed,until after the first of the year,allowed to make any comments plus I can,tell you they have some restrictions,that keep me from doing certain things,for 90 days I'm gonna be famous how you,the truth my canvas I'm like you know,they wouldn't have a problem with any,who care I mean he's gonna be missed,around here for sure simply because an,off and I heard everything Alice bud,honors the why can't he say where he's,going what impact does that have on,anything or doing none of us have,contracts you guys so you would know,better than us,yeah I don't know I don't understand,that I understand why you wouldn't just,say you know if you're gonna go,somewhere I put in this retired well,that wouldn't be the right thing to do,right dude what's going somewhere to,spend the last couple of weeks being,like hey here people sitting around a,board meeting at Twitter you know all,right we got to go through a couple of,things you know a new interface,everything you know we're gonna try to,change our retweets hey where are we,with the getting like friends anybody,who's on that is that you Steve's at,your thing give them a call,contact might try to get them on there,okay because that's the one thing we're,missing here yeah anyway so what's the,how we gonna handle this Trump thing now,what's next,they contacted me hey Mike phone call,who is it Twitter okay,it's gonna sign up okay you know this is,a subtle thing about what Mike does but,we'll finish the sentence with a word,like a bit I can't tell you I'm gonna be,like it's like a little bit of a thing,like at the end you know like they're,always yeah that is a key of the Mike,impersonation you know I mean you're,gonna have to go down to a little while,it's blessing you with his breath yes,breathe tend to breathe I ditch,everything happy isn't it I don't know,what it is but it's it's magical does it,does he say you would know this because,you were in the other sunglass business,yeah does he have like a like a thing,with this guy they're not allowed to,talk to him on the air anomaly,they are sometimes you'll hear that like,he'll go to mon-sol for the Rangers,stuff and whatever the range is doing oh,and they good play boss and they play,moms you know do that yeah but I never,hear I got a lot of times I'll hear him,talking to somebody but nobody,responding to him yeah I mean seriously,when he's angry and yeah listening,there's nothing tough contain mcmoneagle,the board operator was reading the years,off of croaker Cleveland Alexander he's,like he's like listen to these numbers,these are crazy numbers but I was like,31 and 1032 at 8,he won 26 games in 1918 you know,desperately get on the air so put on his,tape district loss record that's good

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#TankusEruptus ... Francesa explodes

#TankusEruptus ... Francesa explodes

wait a second wait so you think hey come,on now wait a second wait a second get,lost get Laura can't take anymore this,babble Justin and Dobbs Ferry what's up,Justin and Mike don't want the trolls,get you down I said yeah you know what,they'd realize by now nothing they will,ever say or what anyone will ever say if,you do what I do you cannot let the,public or 1/10 of it impact you you will,want 1/100 of it you cannot that you're,not gonna please everybody you're gonna,have people who try to annoy you,that's part of being in the public eye,you can let people bother you just do,your job that's all you can do that that,stuff does not even faze me wait a,second did he take the balls and order,the equipment guy to alter them no no,what do you mean oh here this garbage,give me an answer to the questions I,asked you equations tell me you just,told me he didn't talk to the boss did,you read the evidence I read it all and,you think that Tom Brady did not,instruct those guys too hard to doctor,the boss,what are you nuts wait a second,Java where's that Alex how are they what,job is he ready this year too late to,work maybe 389 390,starring better many pennies and,starting pitchers one of them doing the,games what are you talking about,pitching you now it's Andy Pettitte can,pitch the eighth inning hey get rid of,them giving them get me the job as stats,for his career I'll teach Alex a lesson,here when you had guys tied at -1 they,only put one guy up they didn't pull all,the minus ones up they put one guy up,you made it seem like only one guy was,minus 1 or minus 2 no Bailey put one guy,off of the punch they never went to a,second page of the leaderboard who said,it's only 5 guys all day what only five,guys ever get mentioned the whole day,that's why you never know anybody's,making a run because you had nobody on,the board why would they lock through,there's five that's five little people,thing then they have the five people up,all day they go to commercial and give,you a full screen of the five guys the,five guys I've been there the whole time,you'll need a full screen of five guys,we already know their scores,yeah it was rough what you guys are,saying it's not true what they're saying,you you're telling me they're trying to,tell you that the Union can tell them,who to play absolutely no way no that's,ridiculous,that is wait a second you're telling me,the Union can tell them who to put on,the field that is ridiculous nonsense,you know you got me get me the plant,Association on the phone there I'll,prove it right that is that's the,dumbest thing I've ever heard,since when can the Union tell you who to,put on the field stances they feel that,they are being added on by everybody to,not dress them so that they can take on,the Union and they don't have to take on,the Union they have to pay them they,never have to become beta use your new,gun use your noodle here how can you,ever compel a team to play anybody they,saw your team put up zero effort they,watched them yesterday play like,absolute just garbage and yesterday,Orton threw for completed ten passes for,9,000 yards,Sammy Watkins it was so easy for God he,was playing he thought he was in a,scrimmage he only caught three passes,yesterday for 157 yards you know how,long it takes to join receiver to get,157 yards three years here's the problem,with the Jets and retro they are so,easily satisfied any little victory even,inside the game makes them smile and,high-five,well why should the losing D you know,what win the game win the game it,doesn't matter,you know what win the game wait a second,wait a second did Kent and and Barry,Bonds get in fights,nobody did Reggie Jackson gonna fight in,the dugout second what is the big deal,what if Harvey gets hurt your season so,do not do that you you can't predict,when he would get hurt if you get hurt,the first inning didn't get hurt next,Thursday against the Phillies I told you,before I think he's the second most,important person to put on uniform Mike,Mike Mike Mike until Matt Harvey starts,talking about pitching postseason games,to compare him to Tom Seaver is doing,Tom Seaver a great a great injustice,okay Matt Harvey I'm a Mets fan run for,the hills as quickly as you can from,this organization I never missed an you,telling Matt Harvin you you're telling,Matt Harvey to leave you a second Mike,Mike let me get this safe,let me get this straight like Mike Mike,Mike Mike Mike let me get this straight,Mike let me get this straight,Mike be just be quiet it's a quiet right,now I will one more word I'm hanging up,on you one more word under another word,right now and I'm hanging up on you you,tell me you're condoning him missing,practice cancer yeah you're condoning a,mess in fact answer the question I asked,you not just said answer the question no,I don't condone it but cancer that is an,answer that's all I wanted was whether,you condoned him missing practice I,think that's the answer I wanted I don't,want anything else out of you,Pete C

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Opie & Anthony: Mike Francesa's Twitter Rant (10/23/13)

Opie & Anthony: Mike Francesa's Twitter Rant (10/23/13)

and also everyone sending us to Mayor,Menino clip which is Justin yes just,another classic the good mayor I'm a,Nino was there anything else with the,press conference or just this is the,highlight that was it,mmm he's got a good uh he's got a good,mayor mean you know Boston accent thing,going on in that clip too here it is,never die,Red Sox playing third World Series the,last nine years yes Molly moon high to,bring back hides,finally Hooton ha ha honey Hooton hi,we're gonna miss him,Holly who Todd isn't that much time left,I mean on this planet oh man not looking,good gonna be rooting hard as I believe,you'll be real hot nine years,Molly moon hides are friendly hug hot,wrote God cuddly wouldn't I think it's,finally who now it's suddenly hooting,hot yeah that's possibly not so probably,bring that back last nine years finally,wound hard wrote the cruel series,comfortable like we did in 2004 the,world in 2007 World Series copy of the,World Series thought that that makes,that clip is gonna take a big Papi's Cup,and just put it over his nose we're like,a Japanese guy scared of scars like a, a horse a feedbag in eat a no,salad out of poppies athletic supporter,uh Holly Hooton huh Lee he might as well,have said cuddly Hooton odd I'm quite,sure he did,yes uh what a tool,giant tongue very good and then,we got Mike Francesa,yes another guy we're loving lately Mike,every day night I'm seeing clips of Mike,France s online taking a call that he's,a little angry about the prank call,wondering wondering why the people with,spending so much,I'm on hold to say something so,incredibly stupid I think it's been a,thing obviously for a while but I think,it's the microcell thing is really,stating Bob yeah it's it's going on,ramped up people are apparently aware,now that he's on television he will take,calls and he gets a little uh myth and,other claims enjoy it just as money is,makes more people yes I get in on it and,and he's such a curmudgeon oh yeah that,he's pushing himself no I like this,whole thing that he's doing with Twitter,and I guess it was in the paper,he's I like this already with them,because there are so many tools on,Twitter well Mike Francesa is not on,Twitter but there is no there's an,account that said the safe fake or is it,just a it says it's a parody account,yeah it's like hard and why but the,daily news I guess you know cuz the guy,does a very good job at that Twitter,account that the Daily News actually,puts the tweets in the page how do they,quote him the name like the full name,it's Mike France s er it's not even his,real name,already account no no but yeah Mike,France s er because that's how Mike,Francesa would say it's right but here's,the problem the actual at the the actual,account that you see when you're,tweeting just says my friend Mike,Francesa and why that's so most people,wouldn't know it's a parody count if you,just seen it on your time but if you're,gonna admit Daily News puts it in the,paper and they know it's a parody,account but they just write at Mike,France at and why is where this tweet,came from so you just assume all Mike,Francesa said this everything is spelled,in Mike France has to speak yeah right I,don't think I I think once again Mike,completely missed the point here like,the Daily News loves to rag on him as,yeah oh yeah of course,and I don't think they've ever liked it,they don't think this is him know they,know in the stand but they're pushing,forward like they know some people are,gonna believe that it might be him is,what I'm trying to say they've never,once said look this is a fake account I,think they have you sure yeah find that,for me please cuz I actually see these,tweets in the paper all the time and you,know they kind of put them out there as,like you could have said this okay yeah,cuz they know like I think they're just, with them I don't like,like everybody else it's not like,everyone I'm I mean if you do a little,research on your own sure you would,absolutely no - it's a pariah town but,there portioning like it's it's party,counseling we're not really going to,tell you that yeah the Daily News is,quoting the fake Twitter account in the,story about Mike Francis of being mad,about the fake Twitter massive interview,Thanks,so Mike Francesa who's not on Twitter he,went off yesterday with a little rant,about this fake Twitter account yeah so,you know The Daily News which is at,times been a nod to me because,especially during this,I've been attacking that a broad,coverage which has been incredibly,one-sided but if the daily news is going,to start taking quotes of different,personalities and then using fake,Twitter quotes with my name on it,first of all folks I told you before I,don't have a Twitter account but they,allow fake ones but there's one that is,has my name on it which the donors,purports like they put them next to real,quotes and act like it's a real quote,for me so if it's one that it that's,what I'm trying to say that's exactly,right what he does right oh ye

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