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midwestemma Viral Video Twitter - Emma Clair Etherlvz Twitter Lola Flora Scandalhey guys how are you


Updated on Jan 14,2023

midwestemma Viral Video Twitter - Emma Clair Etherlvz Twitter Lola Flora Scandal

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started midwest in my league video viral,on twitter,one of the users is trending online,because of his recent viral videos all,over the internet,the girl's name is afro loves and people,are searching online for her leak video,and are excited to know the whole matter,so let's know the complete information,joe,who is immaculate,emaclaire has gone vital on internet as,her video was leaked she was uh i mean,she has a huge fan following on tick,tock and often shared her videos on the,platform,he has an account called midwest dima,within a few hours she became an,internet sensation after her videos and,photos were leaked,now she is getting a lot of attentions,from the netizens and people are,searching for her a lot on the internet,as of now,he has more than 9 000 followers on her,tiktok account,tiktok is not only,account where she has been it is also,her only fan account where she shares,her old and essential,i mean sensual pictures,for those who do not know about only,friends then let us tell you only,friends is a subscription,platform based in london where people,subscribe to view private pictures and,videos of their favorite celebrities and,people,emma i mean emma also has an only,friend's account where she shares her,account and has a good number of which,is increasing now,but,the midwest drama hasn't shown,her face in the few photos and videos,she started owing friends and other,social media accounts to pay her rent,but slowly and steadily it became her,full-time business when she started,earning well from her,so cowgirl emma claire aka midwest emma,leaked video on twitter,midwest demo video has been linked on,twitter,the numerous twitter account called,ether loves,shared many bold pictures and videos of,celebrities,internet models and television stars the,anonymous account has gained more than 4,000 followers within just one day and,the reason behind this is the premium,content,the the account recently leaked videos,of emma claire on its official twitter,and guess what content goes vital on,social media,midwest emma has yet to comment on the,full situation,also there is not much information,available about him on social media,so this is the whole information about,midwest cima which is going viral on,twitter on tiktok on,reddit and on other social media,networks as well so thanks for watching,my video if you find this video helpful,please like share and subscribe my,channel and if you want more interesting,topics like that you can also visit, website thanks and have a,good day ahead

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Onlyfans Tips from TOP 0.05% Creator Emma Claire (@midwestemma) E01 TheSummaryGuy

Onlyfans Tips from TOP 0.05% Creator Emma Claire (@midwestemma) E01 TheSummaryGuy

mais,tommy lee a,raconté m,allez,savoir des sabres,arnaud montebourg,est,consentie avec un taux record royaume,s'apprète à roppenheim et,farid daoud et,emma drhouin,des nets soit,6 miles,samedi,c'est comme si l,impression,qu,on a beau leur survie,en,justice à,mon mari,on n'y fait pas du bye bye bye my phone,vandales et,myspace,l émission en,prime time,quatorze auteurs transporter 500 days,of spain and access to my eyes est,extrêmement,réduit cette année

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Midwest Emma OnlyFans; I Subscribed so You Won't Have to

Midwest Emma OnlyFans; I Subscribed so You Won't Have to

what's up gorgeous it's your girl nicole,and you're watching nicole loves only,fans,so guys before we get started please,make sure you rate and subscribe from,this video so you get more nicole and,her only fans reviews okay now let's get,to the review,so today we are gonna be doing a review,on midwest emma so midwest emma,like i,i have a confession to make i was going,through youtube,i typed in only fans and i just kind of,wanted to see where my videos were wait,were ranking,and i found this girl midwest emma,now she claims to be like a top like one,percent,um only fans creator like she's the,stuff i watch one of her tutorials about,how to be like,fabulous on only fans like she has the,formula she knows what to do so like you,know i was like oh let me check her out,like i want to see emma i want to see a,top one percent,only fans model who like knows how to,make it happen okay so this is i i did a,little searching little digging she has,a youtube channel but not really that,active on it but she does have like a,serious like tick tock like her tick,tock like she has 400 000 followers on,her tic toc that's,insane right she has a ton of followers,so i can see why she's making that money,on,only fans okay so this is her tick tock,as you can see she's,she doesn't show her face,like me,but she is super sexy she knows how to,do it so let's go like check her out so,she does have a link tree this is her,link tree and she actually has two only,fans account one is free and one is not,free okay so we're gonna obviously check,out the free account to see,what we're getting ourselves into and,then we'll also pay,for,her other only fans because you know,that's what we do i'm always going to,bring you guys the only fans reviews all,right,here we go emma claire,uh her handle on her free only fans page,is midwest emma free okay so this is a,free account so we're gonna go through,it i'm actually gonna show you a little,bit of it because i don't think there's,anything on here that says that i cannot,do that right so,it says free page and then it has a link,to her pay page cool,uh she has 43 posts on here which isn't,a whole lot because obviously she,probably dedicates most of her time to,her paid page,uh she has,i mean wow she has 15 000 likes on here,and she has a 179,000 fans holy sh i think that's,that's the most i have ever seen so,let's subscribe and like get to it,and i have a feeling like a lot of this,is gonna be um,similar to her tick tock okay well it's,not sex on the beach so okay so i'm,going through this and it looks like she,has some paid content on here,oh effing on the balcony,of the overwater bungalow ass eaten,multiple physicians and huge facial oh,my well,well there you go okay picture here we,go,uh oh okay looks like she,it says did you know you subscribed to,when you subscribe to midwest emma you,get two free videos on your welcome,message a 20-minute,dildo video and a,ggg foursome i think that's girl girl,girl girl on foursome and so here's some,of her pictures,um,yeah so tick tocks,you have to pay for the content take,nine inches oh wow,okay in the butt,all right so anyway,as you can see there's not a lot going,on on emma's free page,uh you have to pay you have to you just,have to pay for these 90 videos double,penetration for my favorite sex toy,um,sex while you were turkey hunting really,held past the time creep okay yeah so,yeah,so all those 43 posts or the vast,majority of those 43 posts um,seem like they're just paid you have to,pay you know between 20,and like 15 bucks so,that's what oh there we go there's a,pitcher,the very last picture,is a picture of her as you can see she's,you know got a nice little body country,girl,um,that's what we like to see okay so as,you can see not a whole lot going on on,her free page,very underwhelming,so instead of paying a little 20 for one,video let's go over to her paid page and,see,what we can get for her i think it's,like 10.99 let's go see what we can get,for 10.99 okay,all right her paid page here we go it,actually doesn't say on this one how,many um subscribers she's has,which i'm ex,extremely curious,but she has 226,000 likes which is incredible,542 posts her handle on her only fans,her paid only fans her paid only fans,is,midwest emma okay now let's read your,description it says top,one percent creator i can believe that,like the numbers are,insane,she must be good she has to be good with,those numbers right we're not making,wasting our money okay free 20-minute,dildo play and girl and girl for some,video,uh your welcome messes instantly okay so,we get a little bonus as soon as we,as soon as we subscribe it says horny,country girl with solo girl on girl guy,on girl and for some content,i reply to every message personally,here's my wish list you can buy stuff i,like that subscribe,subscribers and not copy download,distribute yeah yeah okay i won't,i promise,okay so let's do this it's 10.99,for miss emma let's subscribe and see,what the fuss is about total pr

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Tiktoker Emma Claire Onlyfans Review! (Midwest Emma)

Tiktoker Emma Claire Onlyfans Review! (Midwest Emma)

all right we're back with another only,fence review this time it's emma claire,aka,midwest emma and my buddy sent me her,page and was like hey check this girl,out you know you might be interested,whatever,and i was like okay okay let's take a,look and it was like 11 bucks and i was,like oh,you know it's like that mid-range price,and i thought that there was a lot of,content so i was like damn okay,okay okay let's see her twitter,says innocent farmer's daughter with an,only fans top 0.01 percent and i was,first of all i was like cap,okay you're lying to me right and then i,saw a screenshot,and she's 11 000 fans which is,absolutely insane,and before fees and taxes she's probably,making about a hundred and ten thousand,dollars u.s a month,and that again before fees so you can,mine us like 20 off,and then taxes if she pays those you,know you never know,some of these people pay taxes or not,but that free account is just promotion,for her paid account,there's like this tick tock in here,which like who cares right nobody cares,um jumping over to her only fans though,i clicked into the media section,and she's got uh 1061 photos and 43,videos which is not a good sign,right off the bat right low video,account high photos,uh kind of screams lazy to me and i,would say already off the bat,i'm a little bit skeptical of how good,this account is going to be but,11 000 fans might disagree so,let's take a look at these videos,because that's where we want to go first,things first,and first thing i see she's slopping,some dude,let's see okay okay slop it,yo there's a bible verse,tattooed on his side something the lord,strength something,something two way something,to something it's definitely a bible,verse i'll put a screenshot of that,tattoo,right here but i sheesh,you know let's see she's slapping them,up slapping them up okay clapping some,cheeks,all right reverse cowgirl fitting very,fitting miss,midwest emma she does a really good job,of shaving her butthole,i just really want to put that out there,a fantastic like a phenomenal job like,that's got to be lasered off or waxed or,something,or plucked out individually by,somebody's teeth i have no idea,let's take a look at some more of these,videos here,there's a girl in this one okay some,kiss and girl action,some clear dildy action sweet smooth as,butter butthole again,looking good double ended dildo action,okay okay but very short-lived,it looks like a lot of this content is,very very very short,it almost looks like it's like a not,safe for work promotion,basically something,hey yo okay,home page first thing which i clicked in,straight into the media but the post,section,wow wow this somebody's this deep,in her coochie,if you haven't seen that super hot 14,minute video tip,10.99 on this post and i'll send it over,okay,so that's where the real money is 5,500 in tips on that picture,first of all i don't know why anybody,wants to be fisted it's way beyond me,these country girls,are out of pocket okay and then five,thousand,five hundred dollars in tips oh my god,this girl is making bang like she can,literally move off the farm,and maybe stop getting five knuckles,deep in that bad boy holy cow dude,still not worth it the up charges alone,are just not worth it right 1099 plus,1099 plus 1099 and all this other stuff,like,i get it like you make a lot of money,you're very popular i'm sure there's a,lot of stuff that you uh,you would want to say for like the the,special boys right but like,it's it's really really expensive and,just,there's more that you could see so go,take a look at my other reviews,on my youtube playlist if you're on the,hub watching this,pop over to my youtube we do live,streams if you're on youtube hit the sub,button,notifications catch the live streams we,talk about these girls we talk about,drama we talk about all kinds of stuff,play games vibe out if you have,questions or you know you want something,cleared up,i'm always there not always but i'm like,sometimes there that's why you need to,sub with notifications,so yeah if you want to see my past,streams uh,after they're done memberships one two,eight dollars,you can pick any tier it doesn't matter,you'll see it on like the home page,under the members only videos playlist,at the very bottom,uh again you don't have to goodbye

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Starting an OnlyFans as a No Face Creator

Starting an OnlyFans as a No Face Creator

hi my name is katya otherwise known as,katya curves and i make adult content,i've been making adult content on only,fans for a few months now,and within my first 30 days was able to,make it into the top 3.9,of creators,now i don't want to get everyone too,excited those numbers definitely ebb and,flow over time depending on how much you,put into it but i will say i have,learned a thing or two and i'd really,like to share that with you all and talk,a little bit about how i got started as,you may have noticed i do not show my,full face online whether that's on,youtube or only fans instagram or,twitter,i never reveal my full face that's to,protect my anonymity and i'm also very,careful about what details i share,online which is something that i,recommend no matter if you're showing,your face or not being very wary of,what you present online because you,never know,who's looking at you who's looking for,information and it's important that,everyone stays safe,i asked on my instagram what questions,people had for me about being a no-face,creator and how i got started and a lot,of people just wanted to know where the,idea came from i think like a lot of,people it was the pandemic and well i,had a job and i loved my job still love,my job,it doesn't necessarily pay the best so i,was looking for ways to make money,online from the comfort of my home and,while i've done lots of other side,hustles and things like that um i never,thought that doing adult content would,be something that i would be interested,in or comfortable with um i didn't,really think that i wanted to see my,body on screen,and i definitely didn't think other,people would want to see it about a year,before i started i went ahead and came,up with a username and lucky for me it,was available on all the different,social media platforms which was awesome,so curves is obviously not my last name,but it's great because i made it start,with a k which goes really nicely the,alliteration works it kind of creates a,catchy username which i definitely,recommend,don't use numbers don't use underscores,if you can help it,um just trying to come up with something,that maybe encompasses your personality,a little bit or your niche,for me,being curvy is also one of my attributes,i'm definitely not petite,i'm very natural i have large,breasts and a curvy body so it worked,out really well for me that that's the,username i came up with so the different,platforms that i created for myself were,reddit twitter and instagram so i have,those three social media platforms in,addition to my only fans page,and i started there first so well it is,important to get content on your only,fans and you should get some up there,because then when a user goes and clicks,on your profile they can see the number,of posts and the amount of media that,you have on your page and you want to,make sure that it's something worthwhile,enough for people to subscribe to,but a big part of advertising is social,media you have to be careful on,different platforms because they each,have their own rules and restrictions,reddit was very useful um in finding,information about how to promote your,only fan's account as well as just tips,on doing only fans and i still,constantly read different forums and,subreddits on,that site so that i can get new ideas,understand pricing and just keep up to,date with anything new that's going on,so i started with lingerie and i got,just some cheap lingerie to start with,from sheen which is something that a lot,of people use,and i just started playing around taking,photos i have a tripod i have a camera,and i have an iphone 11,so between those things i was able to,make some pretty good photos and,to my surprise i really really enjoyed,making the content this is key,if someone does not enjoy making it does,not feel good about themselves does not,look like looking at themselves,you will most likely burn out so this,was kind of a test for me let's take,some suitable for workish suitable for,instagram photos see how i felt about it,see you know if i felt empowered if i,felt gross,and i felt empowered i felt great i,thought i looked awesome and,i was excited about trying out new,things and i think that's a really,important thing for anyone that's,considering doing any adult content you,can start small start with lingerie,pictures or start with whatever you're,comfortable with and you can work your,way up to different things,someone asked me what my most favorite,and least favorite things about doing,only fans is,i think my most favorite thing aside,from the obvious financial benefits are,that i feel really good doing it i feel,like i've awakened some parts of me,my sexual side my sensual side and i've,developed a better appreciation for my,body and the way that i look and,that's something that is invaluable to,me as a young woman i think my least,favorite thing about it,is just the amount of people who try to,give you a hard time you know it's,something that i think you need to,develop a

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My secret to making $7000 in one month on onlyfans-no following//+ what people want to gatekeep.

My secret to making $7000 in one month on onlyfans-no following//+ what people want to gatekeep.

oh it's been a minute hi a lot's,happened i had a baby he's down there so,if you hear him grunting just mind your,business let's just cut right to it i,wanted to continue the series for the,only fans videos i wanted to make a,continuation of basically how to grow,your business and marketing and all that,all that fun stuff that that we talked,about last year so this video is going,to be about basically,you have your online business or your,own business it really you could apply,this to,whatever you see fit but,you have your own business and basically,it's how to drive traffic to your,business so how to get customers how to,get eyes on whatever it is that you're,selling it can be any online business,etsy only fans this applies to pretty,much anything the first thing that i,wanted to mention was,it all starts with your socials,pretty much we live in an era where,everything is digital everything's,online uh it's the best tool that you,can use is your socials maybe a facebook,page tick tock twitter,instagram snapchat even whatever it is,that you have that that you can get,views on use it my personal platform,that i used was instagram that's where i,built my following i do not have the,instagram anymore i deleted it i deleted,it at 10k you don't need a lot of,followers,necessarily 10k is not a lot of,followers it's it's more than i've ever,had before that's just another thing to,mention you don't need a lot of money,and you don't need a lot of followers,you can also do in-person marketing you,can do,um handing out business cards,door-to-door type of thing if that's,what you want to do i want to talk,instagram specifically because that's,what most people have instagram is going,to be our,like base,our like home base what we're gonna you,know cultivate in order to drive traffic,to our business you're gonna want to,start there if you don't have an,instagram make one if you have an,instagram,use it,um if you have a personal instagram and,it has like 500 followers on it and it's,just pictures of you and your grandma or,whatever i don't know what you're,posting,you can choose,to either start from scratch or you can,choose to turn that into a business page,instagram makes it very easy using their,creator tools and things like that to,or like you know business tools to turn,whatever page you have into a business,page and you can choose to do that or,you can choose to start over you can,choose to take that account delete,everything you have and start posting,fresh,granted there's some things that happen,when you do that like you lose followers,because people,maybe don't want to see what you're the,new things that you're posting,better than starting completely over,i have a severe attachment to this,hospital cup,that's all i have to say,neighbors,in their car,i see you,you're so funny your car is parked right,outside my house,you eating a carrot,i'm friends with my neighbors on a first,name basis take that trash out,take that trash out,don't look at me,hold up carlos,don't look at me,instagram whether it be a fresh,instagram or an instagram that you,already have it doesn't matter i don't,care you shouldn't care i mean you,should care about i don't care can you,do what you do you're going to want to,start thinking of this whole entire,thing as an investment like i said you,don't need a lot of money you really,don't need any money at all but if you,have like 20 bucks 20 bucks here and,there,put it aside and use it for,what i'm about to tell you in my last,video my previous videos i talked about,finding pages that will shout you out,a lot of these are paid there are some,pages that will just do it for free if,you can find those that's perfect too,that's like what i said you don't need a,lot you don't need money so the page,that i use this tattoo underscore today,because that's my niche that's,like my vibe um i like their page,they're they're reputable credible i've,worked them in the past thing that you,can do to,vet the pages that you want to work with,is go on to the people so you go on to,the instagram page and then you look at,the people that they've shouted out you,can message them personally and say hey,what was your experience working with,this page did you see any results and if,they're kind enough to share with you,the details of that process then perfect,a lot of it is just communication you,have to reach out,some people aren't going to message you,back that's just how it goes the type of,pictures that you send to have promoted,are very important so you need to make,sure that your niche matches with their,niche it's important to go onto their,page and see what has the most likes the,type of pictures that have the most,likes for instance tattoo today,their fan base or their their audience,or what you know the people that follow,them they're gonna they're gonna fall,into a certain category of things that,they like for instance this page the,photos that they posted that got the,most likes typically were girls in,bikini

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How I made $1600 my first month on Onlyfans..(Tips and stuff to avoid)

How I made $1600 my first month on Onlyfans..(Tips and stuff to avoid)

hey guys it's melanie today i'll be,talking about how i made 1600 my first,month on only bands i really think that,i'm in a position where i can give other,creators advice since an average only,fans creator makes three to four injured,their first month 1600 a month was,nowhere i thought i'd be i didn't even,think i'd get to this point i've been in,the business for almost seven months and,i haven't been making any less than 3,000 per month i,started from scratch and today i'll be,teaching you how you can also do the,same thing i did,i actually wrote in my notes so let me,check in my notebook but yeah on,december 2nd i got verified on only fans,it took me like two tries,but i eventually got verified and,started my only fan's journey the first,thing i did was to post like at least 20,to 30 pictures that was already in my,camera roll,to,house some pictures on my page because,you can't expect people to subscribe to,your page if you have like zero or one,post i mean would you pay ten dollars to,someone who has zero pictures on their,page right i posted like a couple of,pictures like bikini selfies of mirror,pictures and like spicy pictures that i,already had in my camera roll i did not,think that,i was even gonna be making twenty,dollars i started only fans to be able,to pay for my school school is expensive,and i was like i needed the money real,quick but i didn't think i'd get to this,point the point where i um make stable,income every month so i posted my,pictures and the next obstacle of my,journey was,how do i find customers how do i get,people up find my picture and subscribe,only fans doesn't promote you you have,to like promote yourself so i decided to,go on date and app so i went on app,store and downloaded every single data,now you could possibly think of,i got banned in like two or three of,them but i made a profile,and that was my first mistake because,data apps might work sometimes but if,you're like linking your only fans they,automatically ban you sometimes or,sometimes people,um just report you and your account gets,shut down they ban your device so you,can't make another account either,there's this app called bumpy and i,downloaded it in hopes of like getting,some customers i was talking to people,at first i was just like hey you know,like having a normal conversation which,would take hours for a single person and,that wasn't worth it for me,because the time you put into it does,not convert to the desired amount of,subscribers so i stopped doing that but,whenever i did that i got like two subs,and the rest just blocked me here they,just ignored me whenever we matched they,just unmatched with me i also use this,app called girl's ass guys which is kind,of like reddit but you ask questions,basically and then people can answer,your questions i was like asking,questions hey,do i have like a big butt what do you,think and then they just comment under,my pictures complimented darcy comments,and i just dm them with my only fans,like i got my first sub on girl's ass,guys but,oh my gosh i'm sorry about the ambulance,i actually got my first up on girls at,skies that website brought me about four,subscribers to me it wasn't worth it,because my account just kept getting,shut down and people,on there just got annoyed and i had,already promoted to like every single,guy possible i made like ten dollars my,first ten dollars i remember i was like,really excited i thought i was rich,and um i got really excited i'm like if,i can make ten dollars i can take this,to another level which is what led me to,promote it on snap i used my personal,snap which was my biggest mistake your,account can get shut down you can lose,your snap i mean i didn't lose my snap,because,i was like extra careful and i have like,600 people that i want to school with so,um i made a private story with my only,pantsling i was posting teasers and,small clips whenever i post like,twerking videos and stuff i like cover,my,you know that area just blur it out,and that got me like a hundred,subscribers that month that first month,i was like really excited i couldn't,sleep i was putting all my energy and,only fans my first three hundred dollars,got me really excited i had some of the,guys that went to high school with sub,to my page and then they like dm me,every time i send them like a ppv,majority of the part they'd be like oh,you're trying to get that back like,you paid for my page obviously this is,not some volunteer doing this stuff just,to do it you know like this is business,and some people just can comprehend the,fact that this could be a business i,have this one customer my regular well,regulars are basically,customers clients whatever you want to,call him that constantly tip you,constantly by your content constantly,check in with you but i have this,regular and he he'd buy all my content,he constantly tipped me,he asked me for like a video a custom,video and,me knowing me i just wanted to get it,over with and i wanted to like get the,custom do

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How I Started OnlyFans Without Showing My Face in 2021 | Beginner’s Guide to Anonymous OnlyFans

How I Started OnlyFans Without Showing My Face in 2021 | Beginner’s Guide to Anonymous OnlyFans

i know that you're probably doing a lot,of research right now trying to figure,out,how to make your only fan successful or,how to get around the face thing this is,a video,for you like do not feel obligated to,show your face at all it's totally 100,your decision,and you can make money,hey everyone i wanted to get on youtube,and make a video about how to make it,only fans,without showing your face a lot of the,videos that are here on youtube,talk about how to make an only fans,account and how to be successful,but almost all the girls on here are,showing their face and they don't really,talk about,how to attract people when you don't,show your face so if you want to make an,only fans account and you want to stay,anonymous,i'm going to give you some tips here on,how to grow your following maintain your,following,and market without marketing on your own,social media and without making it,obvious that it's your identity,so um i just have some tips written down,here that i'm going to talk to you guys,about,um and yeah let's just jump right into,it so the first tip is,um obviously don't feel obligated to,show your face on only fans,only fans is a platform where you can,create any type of content it literally,does not have to be p-o-r-n i don't know,if i can say that on,youtube but you do not have to make your,content explicit on only fans you can,literally,make videos about anything you can make,cooking videos you can make,vlogs you can make arts and crafts,videos you can make,educational videos or how-to videos you,can make literally anything that you,want,um but for the girls who are posting,explicit content,a lot of girls don't want to post this,on the internet because they don't want,you know they fear that future employers,will find it they fear that their,friends and family will find it,and they want to remain anonymous so if,you want to remain anonymous same way,that i wanted to,remain anonymous don't feel obligated to,show your face i know that you're,probably doing a lot of research right,now trying to figure out,how to make your only fan successful or,how to get around the face thing this is,a video,for you like do not feel obligated to,show your face at all it's totally 100,your decision,and you can make money without showing,your face on only fans,tip number two is going to be to pick a,stage name so i have a stage,name on my only fans my stage name is,kainalu there are lots of different,kinks on only fans,and one of the kinks that i really,appeal to online,with some of my subscribers our anime,and e-girl aesthetics,being hawaiian i'm very familiar with,that just because an asian community,anime and manga and things like that are,pretty big so yeah i picked the stage,name my stage name is kainalu savage,and so you can pick a stage name it can,literally be anything it can be,like any name that you like you can,literally look up a list of baby names,on the internet and pick a name that,means something that you like,my name means um like gentle ocean wave,or something like that and i thought,that was cool because you know like wet,gentle the wave you know i'm saying i,really like that name,so you can pick any name you want,another tip,with the stage name is um let's say your,stage name is like,diamond if your stage name is diamond,your only fans could be like,diamond xx or diamond girl,or the real diamond you want to make,that name,consistent on all of your social media,platforms so you're gonna need to market,your only fans,you can't be successful on only fans if,you don't market because people have to,click your link in order to find you you,can't just search up,mukbang nude on only fans,and find all the girls who make that,content you can only,find someone's only fans page through,their link so,if you don't promote your link and if,you don't have a social media,that's luring people in to click that,link you literally,cannot have subscribers it does not work,that way so if your stage name is,diamond you want to make sure that your,instagram,your twitter your only fans your reddit,your tumblr,your whatever social media you're using,to,promote only fans has that same name,don't mess up and go and promote one,place diamond,and promote another place katie you know,if your real name is katie and you,accidentally promote,your diamond account on your instagram,story on your personal,katy instagram you just exposed yourself,so be very careful and make sure that,you make new social media platforms,and you use that name another thing when,you,create your only fans account you're,going to have to upload your id,um as a verification for your identity,so that way only fans knows that you are,who you say you are,and you'll also have to like fill out,tax forms like a w-6 i think it's called,so there's some tax form they have to,fill out make sure that,you put your fake name under your,business name,you know like the the name of your,business is going to be diamond xx,but your name still goes on those tax,forms because

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