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The Elitist, Snide Worldview of Yoel Roth—Twitter’s Former Censor-in-Chief, with Michael Traceythank

Glenn Greenwald

Updated on Jan 16,2023

The Elitist, Snide Worldview of Yoel Roth—Twitter’s Former Censor-in-Chief, with Michael Tracey

thank you,we often talk about faceless,institutions the CIA big tack Wall,Street but to really understand them it,is often very helpful even necessary to,put a human face on them to hear from,them in the voice and words and,intonations of the real humans who run,them over the last few weeks one of the,individuals who has been Central for,years to the censorship regime that ran,Twitter prior to Elon musk's purchase,the person who really was most,responsible for deciding what ideas you,couldn't could not express what specific,voices you couldn't could not hear from,has decided to become much more public,in his views largely in order to,criticize what musk has been doing with,Twitter,and we should be very glad he made this,decision because listening to him as,genuinely unpleasant as it is really,helps to understand what kind of,unelected corporate functionaries and,what kind of mentality have wielded a,Stranglehold over our political,discourse his name is Joel Roth until he,quit his job at Twitter and reaction to,must loosening of some of the censorship,constraints he helped build he bore the,rather creepy and orwellian title of,quote head of trust and safety,he was censored to protect you for your,safety because like big brother himself,Joelle Roth loves you,appearing on the podcast of New York,Times columnist and Tech writer Kara,Swisher who recently pronounced musk to,be her biggest disappointment in,covering Tech over 25 years rosh had,significant light into how he thinks and,why he believes censorship was so vital,on the platform take a look oh look a,good look at the person who has been,deciding who deserves a speed platform,and who does not,one I don't think was a mistake January,6th so it it starts on the 6th but it,also starts prior to that that's correct,in the weeks leading up in the weeks,between election day and January 6th,Twitter moderated,hundreds I think the the final number,ended up was like 140 separate tweets,from just at realdonaldtrump that,violated various policies yes he was,good at that Integrity policy every,morning it was a new tweet much of it,was recirculating some of the same,narratives and all of it was focused on,the ultimately false claim that the 2020,election had been stolen and so we're,going into the events of the sixth and,there's that context there's the,centrality of his account we let him get,away with it for a long time in other,words well we've been enforcing on it,right so we restricted the tweets we put,warnings on them you couldn't like them,you couldn't retweet them,um but we didn't ban him because it was,a relevant part of a moment in American,politics right,the events of the sext happen and,um if you talk to content moderators who,worked on January 6 myself included the,word that nearly everybody uses is,trauma we we experience those events not,some of us as Americans but not just as,Americans or as Citizens but as people,working on sort of how to prevent harm,on the internet we saw the clearest,possible example of what it looked like,for things to move from online to off we,saw what was we saw the way that,rhetoric about a stolen election was,being mobilized on sites like the, sure we saw the trafficking,of this content in The Fringe parts of,the internet and we saw people dead in,the capital why not support,this interview really had it all,accusations of inciting violence against,those with whom he disagrees warning of,the Grave dangers of free speech and,needless to say deep expositions on How,Deeply terrifying it is for him to hear,criticisms of his work in the jarring,Trauma from which uh he and his fellow,sensors continued to be crippled for our,interview segment tonight I'm going to,speak to one of the independent,journalists who has performed the often,deeply unpleasant work of watching,reporting on and analyzing these kinds,of people Michael Tracy whose work can,be found at substack and soon here on,Rumble,so Michael before we get into the clip,itself,um first of all thanks for joining us,tonight,um tell us what you think we ought to,know about this person Joel Ross,background what did he do before he went,to Twitter and what did he do while he,was there,well one of his first professional,experiences was as a research fellow of,some sort at an organization called the,dangerous speech project,so he clearly had a deep-seated interest,in examining all the multi-fold dangers,caused by speech and sort of proffering,this sprawling Theory as to how internet,companies and social media Platforms in,particular ought to be regulating man,and managing speech including purging,speech that it deems to be sufficiently,dangerous but you know Roth had a,particular emphasis in one facet of this,whole discussion and that was as it,happens on issues around gay social,media platforms including gay dating,apps see sort of sort of has touted,himself as the leading expert on the,kind of inter-network Dynamics within,Grindr the gay sort of hookup app and I,just want t

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Munk Debate Podcast on Twitter: Kyle Spencer vs. Michael Tracey

Munk Debate Podcast on Twitter: Kyle Spencer vs. Michael Tracey

these statues have to come down,it's always been a pandemic of the,unvaccinated the problem now is it's a,pandemic of the willfully unvaccinated,falling birth rates are good they're,good for our planet they're good for our,societies we're not responsible for the,escalation with Russia we're not the,ones who invaded Ukraine I don't think,it's fair to portray people of color as,victims it is a very dangerous time in,American politics,welcome to the monk debates every,episode we provide you with a civil and,substantive debate on the big issue of,the day to arm you The Listener with,enough information to make up your own,mind today's debate be it resolved Elon,musk's Twitter is a threat to our,democracy,Twitter has agreed to sell itself to,Elon Musk the flamboyant controversial,CEO of Tesla and SpaceX for about 44,billion dollars after revolutionizing,the space race and electric cars the,world's richest man is now promising a,Twitter makeover Elon Musk said today,he's buying San francisco-based Twitter,to quote help Humanity the board of,Twitter is set to meet in a couple of,hours to hold a discussion on Elon,musk's takeover bit,hello I'm your moderator Roger Griffis,well few people engender public debate,like Elon Musk were the world's richest,man purchased Twitter for a whopping 44,billion dollars earlier this year much,of the media the political establishment,and countless users heralded the,beginning of the end of one of the most,beloved social media platforms musk's,misguided maximal commitment to free,speeches turning Twitter into a cesspool,of hate violent threats and outright,disinformation in short Elon Musk,Twitter is not just a nuisance it's fast,becoming a threat to our democracy,Donald Trump's Twitter account restored,tonight nearly two years after the,former president was suspended due to,the risk of further incitement of,violence in the wake of the January 6th,attack,but others see must Twitter take over as,a godsend Elon Musk has proved himself,time and time again as an Adept,businessman and Visionary whose Midas,Touch could conceivably make Twitter,into an even better social media,platform they argue freedom of,expression is a Hallmark of our,democracy and opening up what people can,express on Twitter is only going to make,our democracy more vibrant and real,for must supporters democracy thrives,when all of us are able to determine for,ourselves what in whom we believe in a,free exchange of ideas only encourages,all of us to seek to learn to discuss,and to engage with one another on this,installment of the monk debates we go,deep into Elon Musk Twitter by debating,the motion be it resolved Elon Musk,Twitter is a threat to our democracy,arguing for the motion as Kyle Spencer,award-winning journalist and author her,most recent book is raising them right,the untold story of America's,ultra-conservative youth movement and,its plot for power,arguing against the motion is Michael,Tracy an independent journalist with,over a quarter of a million followers on,Twitter Tracy's writings in recent years,have appeared everywhere from the New,York daily news The Wall Street Journal,The Daily Beast and the nation Kyle,Michael welcome to the monk debates,thank you it's great to be here great to,be with you I'm looking forward to,today's debate it certainly is a topical,one uh the resolution before the house,so to speak be it resolved Elon Musk,Twitter,is a threat to our democracy Kyle you're,speaking in favor of the motion so I'm,going to put two minutes on the show,clock and turn the program over to you,when Elon Musk,upon uh taking control of Twitter what,he really meant was tyranny is alive and,well and democracy in a site is an idea,that has expired,power in the hands of few is a danger to,democracy power in the hands of one is a,disaster Elon Musk buying Twitter is a,threat to our democratic ideals and our,democracy as a whole,Twitter is a town square of sorts where,political players Express their views,journalists report and analyze them and,group think and tribal clashes are,encouraged musk is a billionaire,technocrat who operates like a bad faith,actor on a platform which is essentially,the place where a Dominican democracy,Now plays out,if musk were in 1970s character and a,sci-fi film his mockery of Civility his,Cavalier attitude about truth,and his encouraging of his many,followers to do what he did recently,which before a major American election,which was to vote for Republicans one,particular party might be funny and his,Free Speech absolutism might be engaging,but he is not a Sci-Fi character he is,the owner of the most important platform,in which Americans now Express,themselves as a corporatist who operates,with the financial resources of a,political State he is a danger to our,democracy thank you Kyle for that,opening statement I appreciate you,Landing it within our two-minute,parameter there great way to start out,this debate so Michael we're going to,have you up on Deck now you're arguing,aga

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Michael Tracey: When does anti-war become pro-Putin?

Michael Tracey: When does anti-war become pro-Putin?

The US policy is to wage perpetual proxy warfare.,Hello and welcome to UnHerd. I'm Freddie Sayers. Today we have,with us in the studio, Michael Tracey, a famous journalist.,Substacker. Provocateur?,I disavow the notion that I've ever provoked anyone.,Okay,Online or off.,You have been even more controversial than usual, on the,topic of Ukraine. Your social media feed, where most people,are being very much condemning of Russia, focusing on the evil,of the Putin invasion - your focus, it's fair to say, almost,exclusively, is on the missteps of the West, the cynicism of the,response, the scepticism towards Zelensky and the Ukrainian,information that we're getting. Give us a summary, why is that,your emphasis? Why are you so focused in that direction?,Well, actually what I did, the moment the invasion was launched,by Russia, was do what I'm constantly beckoned and,beseeched to do, which is condemn Russia. Because I,actually do think that the invasion is a condemn-worthy,act, just like virtually any act of offensive, preemptive,warfare, whoever commits it, including Russia. So the very,first remark that I made once the invasion commenced was a,condemnation. And part of that was that I actually genuinely,believed in the need to condemn it from a moral standpoint, but,also because I wanted to be able to reference that, from the,outset, I was clear, unabashed in my willingness to condemn the,invasion itself. But that would not insulate me from charges,,henceforth, of being somehow in thrall to Putin, or engaging in,apologetics, or otherwise defending the Kremlin line,,which I haven't done. What I have done, in general, is note,this incredible coalescence of consensus around what is,essentially a US-led military intervention in Ukraine that,escalates by the day. And no, I'm not saying that there are,boots on the ground as yet inside Ukraine, meaning American,soldiers. But the nature of the military commitment, vis-a-vis,the Ukraine conflict on the part of the US and NATO, continues to,intensify. And hardly anyone raises a sceptical note about,any of this, whether it's the potential to broaden into some,wider war, whether the furore around the Ukraine conflict is,leading to the ability, for example, of social media,companies to ramp up their censorship of various platforms,,whether it's enriching the military-industrial complex in,the US and Europe, which it is. Just yesterday, the Pentagon,convened a classified meeting of the eight largest arms,manufacturers in the US to discuss plans for what Reuters,described as a protracted conflict with Russia. And so for,everyone to just sleepwalk into this posture of cheering on a,limitless military intervention on the part of the US, aimed,toward regime change, which Joe Biden himself explicitly,declared his intention to facilitate –,And then retracted.,Well, kind of, not really.,So there's a lot of stuff there that I would like to probe a,little bit, and I'm going to play the part today of the,establishment view, the NATO shill, as no doubt the,commenters will call it. Let's start with the beginning of what,you said, which is that you made one statement disavowing the,Russian invasion, and then since then the emphasis has been in,the other direction. Isn't there a question of proportion here?,By putting 99% of your emphasis on the wickedness of the West,,you give the impression that you think the greater moral outrage,is whatever the West is doing, as opposed to invading a,sovereign nation, which is what Russia did. Clarify for us now –,who do you think is the greater moral villain in this piece?,Well, number one, I'm a citizen of the United States. I'm not a,citizen of Russia. If I were a citizen of Russia, I presume my,outlook will be different and my journalistic disposition would,differ. But having lived in the US my entire life, which has the,world's most powerful military, and which has been the leading,hegemonic authority, the world over for decades – I don't know,,I think it's reasonable to orient one's focus in the,direction of what the US government is doing. And in,terms of proportionality, I don't know, do you perceive a,lack of condemnation of Russia in much of the media coverage,nowadays? I feel like that's pretty well served in terms of,the constituency who demands that sort of rhetoric.,So you feel you're correcting a bias elsewhere, and that's why,you put your focus in that direction, is that what you,would say.,I don't know that I would consciously, on a daily basis,think of it in exactly those terms. But yeah, I think one,good thing for a journalist to do is to note, when there are,these tides of unanimity that sweep over everything, and to,see if it's possible to puncture different holes in that,,especially if the tide is all going toward a potentially,cataclysmic military conflict.,So for the record, since I asked you that, if you were to kind of,evaluate both sides and say, who you think was the bigger moral,villain who has done worse, what would your an

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Michael Tracey vs. Ben Burgis on Election Denialism (ft. Destiny, Matt Binder & Lauren Chen)

Michael Tracey vs. Ben Burgis on Election Denialism (ft. Destiny, Matt Binder & Lauren Chen)

foreign,to Ben because I'm always curious for,his take on things about this whole idea,of election denialism like this term,election denier is now in popular,currency where every Republican who,raises any concern or doubt about,anything to do with the manner in which,votes are counted or tabulated or the,way when which ballots are received,they're all election deniers now and,therefore this like cataclysmic threat,to democracy and therefore Pro you know,planning some Insurrection 2.0 or,domestic terrorism or whatever that's,like the grand theory that Democrats,seem to be going with so I'm just,wondering if you think that it would be,reasonable to postulate that post 2016,there was another species of quote,unquote election denialism and that was,incredibly rampant among Democrats I,mean I can quote you I can say to you in,about two seconds the polling data which,showed that a super majority,so 67 plus percent of democratic voters,post 2016 election as far as late as,2018-19 believe not just that the,election was unfairly won by Donald,Trump in some vague sense but that,Russia actually hacked the voting,machines themselves and fraudulently,installed Trump into power now that,seems like a potential delegitimization,quote unquote of the election but I,don't remember you know people screaming,like a chicken with their head chopped,off that that was this like profound,threat to democracy and showed how,Insidious and destructive election,denialism was and like tore at the,fabric of our democracy and I'm just,wondering why not and why this like,Republican version which does obviously,exist in some fashion is like just,presumptively this major threat where,the Democratic variation which also,plainly exists is like just something,that we're supposed to memory hole yeah,I mean I think that there are uh there,are obviously uh versions of like Russia,get stuff that were ridiculous and,people said had silly things I would,never uh oh never deny that but I also,think there are some pretty big,disinologies between the two cases you,know one of them is when you look at,attempts to actually overturn the result,of the election which I think is the is,the biggest uh the biggest deal uh you,know you certainly had uh some people,liberal celebrities you know who were,doing this like pretty peripheral stuff,with the Hamilton electors whatever to,try to do that but,um but they you know you didn't really,get like you know Hillary Clinton uh,engaged in um in months and months of,attempts to uh to overturn uh the,results of of the election and to try to,you know try to get it to be not,certified and Etc so I mean I think that,even if you you know even if you have,like you know I mean I was never a you,know I was never a Russian guy I always,thought that was like severely,overstated but like I I still think that,like one of these things is on the face,of it a lot worse than the other,certainly in terms of like the uh the,caliber of the people I mean the sitting,president of the United States was uh,was uh was very openly trying very hard,to get the result of the election,overturned there wasn't really anything,equivalent like what you're talking,about Ben you mean you mean funding just,dying for a recount wasn't the uh the,election the election brought a,conspiracy that Trump put forward,yeah I mean I don't think you know I,again I think what Mike was describing,is mostly a media phenomenon that's,interesting it wasn't it wasn't totally,a media phenomenon though and yeah,the real question is what did Dems do,after and then what did Republicans do,after and I think the the Gap there is,as wide as can be Dems eventually went,no further than continuing to question,it,um well they were they were talking,about questioning it they were,Congressional investigations to be clear,but absolutely they were actually there,was nothing Correctional investigations,to whether Trump or one of the elections,real quick Matt your microphone it,sounds like you're having a sampling,error right now I don't know what's,going on yeah I thought that might have,been just me but yeah I mean Ben I agree,that obviously there are dis analogies,between what the Republicans did post,2020 what Democrats did post 2016. I'm,not saying that they're equivalent or,even that they're equally grave in their,offensiveness I'm simply noting that,Republicans are kind of,frivolously labeled or capriciously,labeled quote election deniers even if,they rhetorically voice doubts as to the,veracity of relational results so forget,what Donald Trump even himself did or,forget like the more concrete actions,that were taken even like a republican,Congressional candidate or something who,said you know gee whiz maybe the,Pennsylvania mail-in balloting system,was not entirely Flawless or maybe there,were some issues in Fulton County,Georgia or whatever even if they,expressed just some kind of a rhetorical,um doubt as to the legitimacy of the,vote,they're called elections John Lewis John,Lewis

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Michael Tracey CALLS OUT Vaush Over His Tweets About Ukraine

Michael Tracey CALLS OUT Vaush Over His Tweets About Ukraine

here's the considered judgment one of,youtube's top left extremists oh thank,you about ukraine using lethal drug i,love i love the way that they like,compound upon like they try to,fearmonger with the adjectives the same, jordan peterson does lethal drones,yeah well we're not sending them radio,shack remote piloted like helicopter,cameras yeah and a first for the war so,far today ukraine forces are confirmed,to have used a u.s supplied switchblade,300 loitering munition on russian,territory basically some guys got,deleted oops did the biden admin sign,off on us weapons being used to strike,inside russian territory for i don't,think the biden admin has to give,ukraine permission,to use those weapons,how they want,i i think they can just do that bunch of,people in the comments saying these are,civilians but i don't think they are i,think that's fake news it's like one,kilometer from the border,would they strike i think these are some,like what are they called fsb agents,supplied by the us uh-huh to strike,inside russian territory despite,repeated assurances from buying the u.s,weapons would not be used to strike,inside russian territory also worst case,scenario wouldn't this just be biden,getting cut i think that's funny like,the virgin biden these weapons will not,be used inside russian territory versus,the chad zielinski we actually are going,to use advanced drone fired grenade,missiles to strike fsb agents on russian,soil hell yeah absolutely do you really,want ukraine to attack russian territory,are you actually memeing um i don't care,i don't really care,the the the problem is like russia is a,completely irrational actor um at this,point and i don't know if like i don't i,don't know if old-fashioned ideas about,how to prevent like escalation of,conflict really apply anymore,now that's stupid it'll only make things,worse yet here's the thing i don't know,if it will um the the the fastest way to,peace is to make the russians um tired,of war you know to drain their their,coffers to make their their citizenry,you know um uh so agitated that the,country starts to shut down that's like,the only way to do it right it looks,like ukraine is going to be another,forever war for russia yeah i i don't,we'll see how things go but yeah russia,has basically already said like blood,and soil ukraine belongs to russia we,will delete the memory of ukraine i,don't know how they can move up from,there aside from nuclear weapons but i,don't know i don't i don't know,if there's any,direction this can go that has a lower,percentage chance of those being,mobilized attacking russian territory,inevitably means innocent civilians will,die that will mobilize people behind,putin that's not always how it works,sometimes attacks on civilian,populations don't mobilize also this,wasn't an attack on a civilian,population,also i'm not signing off on attacks on,civilian populations i only said that i,don't care if attacks are made on,russian soil it's not like ukraine is,invading russia or whatever yet we'll,get there inshallah i thought it sounds,taken ukraine had gotten better but he,started saying the azole battalion's,been selling guns in the black markets,neighboring white nationalist movements,in europe the only source i could find,was a website which is russian apologia,do you know anything about this didn't,aizov die in mario pool there are,definitely still people who are kind of,like azov block aligned in ukraine you,can't like totally eliminate a political,group like that but i haven't heard,anything about them selling guns in the,black market to neighboring white,nationalist movements in europe also um,it wouldn't surprise me if that did end,up happening but also like isn't that an,inevitable consequence of any guns,suddenly appearing in a country ever,right i mean i mean like that that seems,like a,i mean,the kind of an inevitable consequence of,just that,distribution,under those circumstances,uh they would have you know they have to,sell them off it's not yeah it's not,like the ace of battalion owns these,guns to sell them off with they would,have to siphon them like illegally you,know if they got caught doing that,they'd probably be shot not to mention,keep in mind like russia,russia is the neighboring white,nationalist roof,so russia invading is the most,the most aggressive form of the weapons,being taken by uh,you know the far right we go for russian,war crimes and twitter yesterday um i,mean it's just like russians,murdering and castrating pows i mean,it's like stan it's standard like,russian military right,it's like it's pretty it's pretty par,for the for the course with them just,sort of monsters you know just evil,not only is every russian apologist in,western media in favor of it um they've,actually personally castrated and,murdered pows yeah there's some not,safer life videos out there did i ever,tell you guys about my black teeth i had,four wisdom teeth that were like present,and like fully out but i have a really,big

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Vaush ADDRESSES Michael Tracey's Post-Debate Tweets

Vaush ADDRESSES Michael Tracey's Post-Debate Tweets

okay just wrapped up I guess what's on,YouTube he concluded by announcing he,hates me and that he doesn't think I,really believe anything I say I replied,that I don't hate him I have every,reason to think he's completely sincere,and has stated yeah okay yeah I don't,think he believes the that he's,saying how is he this stupid though I,don't think well I do think he's also,stupid it's just you know I want to make,it clear by the way the fact that I went,90 minutes without once hitting the mute,button is a testament to Divine levels,of patience on my part yeah so my my,impression so obviously like eventually,that convo got to the point where he,would literally like interrupt,everything that I said and when I did,complete a sentence he would just,deliberately misinterpret it and then,like go on a tangential point so it was,it was kind of a waste of time but I,think if anything like all of you should,recognize like this is the caliber of,evil that we're dealing with it's not,people who will just like openly,Proclaim stuff that he believes like,being pro-hitler which again he went on,Twitter tirades on how like U.S,involvement in World War II actually,made the Holocaust worse,um he wouldn't commit to saying our,involvement we was good instead he was,like you know well actually did you know,that we started it and his version of we,started it was we had troops voluntarily,placed in our uh neutral country Iceland,and uh German ships invaded territorial,Waters like so like it's not say,apologia and everything but explicit,admission right and um but but anyway,rather than being open about all of that,uh instead I think that like he'll just,like say anything right like if if he's,challenged on a position uh directly,then he'll just not respond to it he's,just very slimy do you guys remember the,first conversation that I had with him,where he would literally like refuse to,answer anything about BLM or trans women,I thought back then he was just a weasel,like personality wise but I think um I,think it's pretty clear that like he's,if not paid to be that way at the very,least like it's a deliberate thing that,he does like it's a strategy that he,weaponizes to avoid having to own up to,the the horrible positions that he has,you know but that's the name nature of,evil these days right by the way vosh,Tracy either lied about or,misrepresented Iceland I know there's no,reason to ever like believe a,descriptive claim that he's made so you,know not not even like worth getting,into but yes he's probably lied about,literally everything that he said no I,don't think he just suffers from an,acute case of American diabolism I don't,think that explains his behavior at all,to whatever degree of like,disingenuousness that he engages in I,think it's either,um vacuous in support of whoever pays,him or it is like entirely 100 like far,right or Nazi oriented I have no like he,he literally did Holocaust Holocaust,revisionism I don't know how you like,parse that you know then again like I've,made the I've made the case before that,like anybody who defends Russia here,would have had to have defended Hitler,back then which I still think is correct,most of the time at least there are edge,cases where there are differences but,for the most part I think it's true and,he actively made the effort,to start defending Hitler and like,opposing U.S intervention in World War,II he made the choice to bite that,bullet rather than like let it stay by,implication does that make sense he,chose to explicitly defend the Nazis,rather than implicitly defend it which,means either that it's ideological and,he genuinely like wants to support the,Nazis or he's really stupid and he,doesn't realize that that's something he,also should have been like strategically,ambiguous about it could be a,combination of both do you think it's,possible he just can't comprehend the,subject matter no I think that um I,think that the whole don't attribute to,malice what can be attributed to,stupidity thing has gone too far when,we're talking about fascism and people,like conveniently having all their,positions align up with fascists like,over and over and over again and just,constantly being empirically wrong all,the time even when it's provable the,that they're wrong and they could just,learn and not be that that's not,coincidence and it's not stupidity,um they're malicious and they're uh you,know opposed to empiricism conceptually,personally I don't think he believed any,of that because if he really did,why would he end that conversation with,that Dave Rubin like uh haha well,despite everything I still enjoy talking,to you kind of thing you know if he had,like genuine convictions he would be,more stained but he just got more and,more smug and more and more evasive with,time which makes me think that his,response to having his positions,challenged isn't I'm being attacked but,rather look at this guy trying to attack,me as I'm being all slippery does that,make any sense the smugness m

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Michael Tracey Makes Jaw-Droppingly Racist Comment on Twitter

Michael Tracey Makes Jaw-Droppingly Racist Comment on Twitter

oh ladies and gentlemen brothers and,sisters comrades of all kinds thank you,for joining me no matter where you're at,across country around this big beautiful,globe and we got a doozy right here,folks,we got a Whopper with this one make no,doubt about it Michael Tracy shown his,whole ass and nobody wants to see that,nobody wants to see that nonsense and by,the way this goes for everybody this,goes for me uh this goes for anyone on,any social media platform quite frankly,anywhere in life,not everything you have to say is,profound and not everything you have to,say needs to be put out there this,digital diarrhea right here these,constant brain farts that people Muse,about on Twitter or Facebook or,Instagram or wherever you can keep some,things to yourself,you know,I had a major when I was in the Marine,Corps I was a sergeant I got out as a,sergeant,I had a major in the Marine Corps he was,a good pilot uh he was um our,maintenance officer for a period of time,I imagine he got promoted from there,after I left and made lieutenant colonel,I hope he's a fulburger,okay seemed to have a good good head on,his shoulders I challenged him to some,stuff by the way maybe I'll get into,that short story had to do with Iran,while we were on deployment,um,I got in trouble for that a little bit,I'll get into that story some other time,it's pretty interesting actually very,interesting story uh tells you a lot,about the professionality of the Marine,Corps in the Navy but nevertheless this,guy was pretty good to go,and um he used to have this saying and,he said it every single time we went on,deployment it didn't matter if it was a,little debt we call it a debt to El,Centro or Yuma or Fallon he said if,there's any doubt there is no doubt you,get what I'm saying now Michael Trace,that gets right back to my point not,everything needs to go out there so I'm,gonna read you what Michael Tracy had to,say and I am telling you,the responses to this fantastic,Michael Tracy,what time he posted this 10 48 p.m,perfect example way too late for you to,be posting pal you're oh you are over,the hill my man you never had a fastball,and you're over the hill already so you,can cut that out Herschel here we,go,at Mt,r-a-c-e-y Michael Tracy okay this is him,Herschel Walker doesn't come across as,the ideal U.S senator but the main,reason he's called stupid,seems to be because he speaks in a heavy,Regional dialect with lots of,colloquialisms,okay so far so good this alone does not,make him stupid,he sounds like countless blacks,in the Deep South,what,what'd you say for real do I need to,read that again I mean that is,outrageous,Herschel Walker doesn't come across as,the ideal U.S Center but the main reason,he's called stupid seems to be because,he speaks in a heavy Regional dialect,with lots of colloquialisms okay you,know whatever this alone does not make,him stupid he sounds like countless,blacks in the Deep South,foreign,here's my initial response to him,because let's keep it real I've lived in,the South uh several years of my life I,lived in the Deep South so I lived in,South Carolina Georgia Florida North,Carolina Virginia all right Virginia not,being the Deep South okay I know I don't,consider North Carolina the Deep South,Island,but here we go I mean that's like,appalaches almost quite frankly,I responded immediately as a person who,lived in the Deep South I can tell you,with deep certainty that this is not how,countless blacks sound anywhere Herschel,Walker is just a racist caricature right,Wingers like Michael Michael Tracy have,in mind when they think of blacks,American Southerners think about that,for a second it's just the caricature,they have in mind a guy who goes around,and a bunch of women beats people,up smacks around his wife threatens to,kill other random people forces women to,have abortions then lies about it that's,the caricature right Wingers have it,that's not this is something disgusting,they are this is how out of touch with,reality these people they've never met,folks they don't know anybody,so they just think oh well he's two,steps away from being in a Minstrel show,you guys are unbelievable if this was a,hundred years ago I guarantee you'd be,running around with blackface on chasing,people around,okay,and I'm gonna read you some of the,responses and you'll you'll hear these,folks because the crowd can articulate,it well articulate why this is so racist,very well,and by the way,2 465 likes,what's up with y'all,to,2719 quote tweets,I don't I can't even imagine how many,comments are on this thing I don't I,don't care to find out,no nothing responds no nothing at no,nothing TV he says making fun of a black,person for being generally stupid is,racist because I think lots of black,people sound stupid is ironically an,incredibly racist take you see what I'm,getting at,laughing at this is racist most black,people in the South carry around fake,badges so they can pretend to be a cop,if they've ever if they're ever even,pressing whit

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Confronting Michael Tracey over his Herschel Walker Tweet

Confronting Michael Tracey over his Herschel Walker Tweet

um I think I I think there are other,politicians wait when you say um,who are like have comparable,intelligence to him who don't speak in,the same kind of like I need a,clarification word draw and therefore,are not going to be considered stupid,way I need a I need a clarification when,you say his demographic group what do,you mean,I gotta bring it up I have to can I read,it quickly sure okay you said I could,even I could perform a dramatic reading,of it myself if you'd like actually yes,could you perform the dramatic race okay,fantastic actually maybe this is better,because I can like accentuate parts of,it that reflect like the uh the meaning,that was intended November 16th 10 48 PM,Eastern Standard Time Herschel Walker,doesn't come across as the ideal U.S,senator,but the main reason he's called quote,stupid seems to be because he speaks in,a heavy Regional dialect with lots of,colloquialisms this alone does not make,him stupid he sounds like countless,blacks in the Deep South Okay so,here was the point of that tweet at,least in terms of my own conscious,reality wait one second can I can I,repeat that tweet one more time just to,make sure everybody heard it like yeah,just to make sure nobody misinterpretses,it like like uh is my audio not good or,what no I just wanna I just wanted to,repeat okay make sure that because I,don't have to repeat it five times and,like go back and check every statement,okay Herschel Walker doesn't come across,as the ideal U.S senator but the main,reason he's called stupid seems to be,because he speaks in a heavy Regional,dialect with a lot of colloquialisms the,this alone does not make him stupid he,sounds like countless blacks in the Deep,South okay uh correct do you wanna do,you want to explain that tweet because I,I disagree with this but I want to hear,what okay well I'm curious to know what,your disagreement is because a lot of,people who expressed vehement,disagreement with me were disagreeing,with something I didn't say and don't,believe so but I don't know if that,applies to you or not now,as far as I could tell people were,wildly enraged by this tweet because,they thought it was racist okay,that seems odd to me because the whole,that's your question are you racist,I mean it's almost like they have you,stop beating your wife question I mean I,I of course no I would have to say but,it's almost not for me to say because,you know,you know people denying when Trump says,he's not a racist is that like accepted,I mean you know one second I'm not I I I,I'm not aware of the news station,failing to answer the question of,whether he's racing no the answer is no,I'm not I'm not cognizant of any racial,Prejudice do you love black people,I love black people white brown Orange,extraterrestrial non-human animals I,also like,um okay so the reason why I was a bit,befuddled that this was declared to have,been racist was because when I say that,he's when I say that he um,he sounds like countless blacks in the,South and that alone does not make him,stupid,I'm saying that there are people who is,vernacular,or whose style of speech whose kind of,Rhythm rhythm of language as is as he,you know,orally enunciate it enunciates it,uh lots of people in the Deep South,particularly blacks and there is a sort,of unique or specific uh Black American,dialect in certain regions,um that's it's very common throughout,the Deep South for black people and,especially if they're from a more rural,area which herself Walker is I I,understand from Georgia to sound roughly,comparable to how Herschel Walker sounds,and I'm my whole point was that that,alone does not make them stupid,and so if you have a heavy Regional,rural black American dialect,from Georgia or Alabama or Mississippi,and you have like a draw he's speaking a,lot of colloquialisms you kind of maybe,um string together thoughts in a way,that aren't like hyper lawyerly and,um consistent with you know Common,jargon in other parts of the country,that just does not make you stupid,because there are a lot of people who,speak in that fashion who are very,intelligent and I said the reason why I,put it this way is because I've been to,the Deep rural South I've talked to lots,of blacks in the Deep rural South and I,know that they're intelligent and yet,they do speak in a twang or a jargon or,with certain rhetorical flourishes that,are reminiscent of how Herschel Walker,speaks so I and yet when you see the,popular depiction of Herschel Walker as,being dumb and I'm saying he's The,Brightest Bulb in the chandelier but,when he's called stupid I know you kind,of get the sense that part of that,characterization stems from the fact,that he does have this heavy Regional,diet like he does speak in these,colloquialisms he does sort of string,together thoughts in this ad hoc way,even almost like a storytelling type way,um and because that's sort of easy to,characterize as,reflecting his lack of intelligence,that's what tends to be done with him,now of course I understand th

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