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Putin Tried to Blackmail Europe... it failedthis video was brought to you by our,brand new channel t


Updated on Jan 14,2023

Putin Tried to Blackmail Europe... it failed

this video was brought to you by our,brand new channel tldr business,subscribe by clicking the link in the,description,from the very outset of the war there,were legitimate concerns that Putin,would use several levers at his disposal,to either test Europe's patience or,ratchet up the pain when it comes to,supporting Ukraine one of the biggest,being Russian oil and gas prices Before,the War Began Russia supplied anywhere,between 40 to 50 percent of the eu's,natural gas Imports and so as one of,Europe's main core energy producers,Russia was seemingly in a good position,to use that lever and effectively hold,Europe to Ransom But ultimately the,question is whether Putin has failed to,do just that,foreign,as we see it there are broadly three,factors at play as to why Putin's plan,has failed so far the weather foresight,and political will first and foremost,the weather for the most part here,Europe has been incredibly lucky,experiencing unseasonably warm some,would even go as far as saying hot,weather eight European countries have,already seen National temperature,records for January broken in fact,Bilbao in Spain recorded a temperature,of 25.1 degrees Celsius on New Year's,Day equivalent to the average in July,and more than 10 degrees above the,average for December even before the new,year the UK Ireland France and Spain all,declared 2022 their hottest year on,record this unseasonably warm weather,has ultimately meant that demands for,energy is much lower than previous years,in certain parts of Europe when it comes,to the second Factor foresight what we,mentioned at the top of the video isn't,and wasn't anything new,from the very outset of the ward,to either test Europe's patience or,ratchet up the pain when it comes to,supporting Ukraine in other words we,kind of knew that Putin was either going,to or could use natural gas supplies as,a proxy war between the west and Russia,and so very quickly steps were taken to,mitigate and reduce dependency on Russia,that is to say as the scale of the war,became Ever Clear Europe began bracing,for the worst nordstream 2 a major,natural gas pipeline connecting Russia,and Germany via the Baltic Sea had its,certificate suspended in February last,year more importantly in substantive,terms European nations rushed to fill up,gas storage facilities buying boatloads,of liquefied natural gas or LNG from the,likes of the US Qatar and elsewhere,these gas storage facilities were filled,to near capacity in the Autumn and are,still averaging 84 percent full compared,to 52 percent with the same time last,year in fact at the time of writing most,trees in Europe were actually adding to,their gas storage more than they were,drawing down the fact stores are so high,is given many breathing room all of,which brings us on to the third Factor,political will both when it comes to,supporting their citizens and standing,shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine many,European leaders have gone far beyond,what was otherwise expected of them from,Germany's major investment in the new,era of its military through to the,doggedly neutral nations of Sweden and,Finland applying to join the NATO,military Alliance things that were,otherwise unimaginable to happen during,peacetime did happen added to that,countries throughout Europe have spent,truly enormous amounts of money both,directly supporting Ukraine and,supporting their citizens amid Rising,Energy prices and the cost of living,crisis in the UK the original energy,build support scheme was widely touted,as perhaps the single most expensive tax,or spend policy in British peacetime,history before being slightly scaled,back Germany announced a huge 200,billion Euro energy subsidy program,Italy has a marked some 21 billion euros,to help families and firms many,countries have also urged their citizens,to cut down on energy usage as much as,they can with the countries themselves,leading the way local authorities in,Denmark cut down on Christmas lighting,over the festive season France reduced,the temperatures of public swimming,pools and limited Heating in homes and,offices to a maximum of 19 degrees,whilst in Germany lighting up public,buildings was heavily restricted,plunging the likes of the Brandenburg,gate Into Darkness all three factors,together have allowed for natural gas,prices to come tumbling down from their,lofty highs to close to 350 Euros per,megawatt hour to pre-invasion levels of,about 76 Euro a mega hour none of this,is to say that Putin's gas War hasn't,tested and ultimately hurt European,nations and citizens while Putin may,have failed to effectively,European economies and cut off nations,from supporting Ukraine The increased,cost of living is deeply affecting a lot,of people with many unable to afford to,heat their homes and many more forced to,cut back in some cases this has led to,increased deaths given the annual flu,season coupled with the remnants of,covid circulation in fact The Economist,built a statistical model to predict,excess mortality ar

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Michael Russo on Anson Carter, Kirill Kaprizov, the Wild’s Cup Odds | The Athletic Hockey Show

Michael Russo on Anson Carter, Kirill Kaprizov, the Wild’s Cup Odds | The Athletic Hockey Show

pretty excited to have mike russo join,us because minnesota wild,are you know they're they're sneaky good,and i think the,hockey world's starting to realize that,uh this is a legitimate stanley cup,contender i love the uh the quote from,kevin fiala on the weekend about hey if,their contenders were contenders there's,so much to get to uh let's bring them in,mike russo on the athletic hockey show,on this monday,how are we doing today mike i'm doing,great how are you guys hey fantastic,fantastic i love you guys just excited,i'm gonna be coming to both your neck of,the woods in the next week or so so yeah,pretty fun yeah welcome back to uh to,canada we're uh we're excited to,excited to have you and uh you know when,the wild come to ottawa we actually get,some fans back in the building so this,is gonna be it's gonna be pretty,exciting,yeah no i can't wait the wild go to,winnipeg on wednesday and it's gonna be,100 capacity and uh,a little different than than what they,were playing in last week when they were,there and there was like nobody in the,building they said i think it was i,think they said it was 50 but it didn't,look that much yeah actually i'm looking,at the schedule now uh unless i have it,wrong here you i might not be able to,see you until the 19th in april,really why,because i'm in montreal oh right right,right yep that's true and honestly that,might be a one-off game where i don't,even go to um yeah uh you don't even get,oh man it sucks we'll figure it out,maybe maybe i will go i don't know uh,there was i have a conflict uh,personally for that game so i might have,to cover it virtually but we'll see,also common misconception uh to be,thought of as a toronto person that has,happened to me many times yeah,that's all of us we all get uh they all,figure we live in uh,in toronto but hey mike before we talk,about the wild and i look i i i really,want to hit on your column that dropped,on monday because i think minnesota and,bill garan have some really important,decisions to make in the next month but,look listen you unfortunately got into,the news cycle,last week and it's not a thing that,reporters necessarily crave like you,don't you didn't want to be i know you,didn't want to be part of it you didn't,want to have your name dropped on a,national telecast and all of a sudden,there was quite a frenzy around it can,you can you maybe just walk us through,um i know you addressed this on twitter,but just maybe walk us through what what,last week was like for you yeah it was,it was you know as you mentioned it was,uh it was uh super uncomfortable still,not exactly,over it you know i mean in a lot of ways,you know,um i i i,you know i thought i was beyond it but,i'm definitely not i i i've had trouble,sleeping here the last two or three,nights woke up a couple times almost,like,anxiety attacks i was able to get sleep,last night but uh honestly like dreamed,about it all night and all that type of,stuff and so yeah um luckily i didn't uh,and what you're referring to obviously,is is anson carter dropping my name on,on um,national tv,um basie,um you know a real what i thought minor,um,difference of opinion on twitter where,he uh called into question the wild's,depth on a national telecast and what,happened is that wild fans sort of lost,um you know uh,disagreed obviously and started,coincidentally it was game 41 that the,wild were on the chicago playing the,chicago black ops on tnt,and i wrote a mid-season report that,jake leonard my editor actually pretty,much edited during the day,and in that um i had up just one line,that said,the wild comma you know one of the,deepest teams in the nhl and he called,into the question the wild's depth and,wild fans screen captured that snippet,of the column and kept on you know,peppering him with the picture of of,the fact that one of the reporters,happened to call him that that day so he,came out with a tweet where he basically,you know you know brought up minnesota,wild fans and reporters with a laughing,emoji and brought up the winter classic,where the wild rap so he rolled and i,just corrected him and i said look you,know i have a lot of respect for you but,the wild are nine on one since then a,lot of with a lot of the guys that,you've pretty much mentioned i mean the,wild,are nine three and one in their last 12,and in that time have missed dumba two,or three uh three times spurgeon seven,times brodien seven times so i was just,basically saying that look the one night,that they were on your telecast they,were absolutely rocked it was their,first game in 12 days but since then,they're 901 sometimes without nine or,eight players in their lineup that's the,team that's deep,and so uh what i did say was,you know maybe you should listen to the,the fans and the reporters,that watch them regularly rather than,laugh at them and he obviously was,stewing over that he replied to the,tweet i never mentioned it again and,then obviously ansel went on the air and,insinuated that uh that it was

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Celebrate and Save: Elevate Your Gift Wrapping with Michael Russo

Celebrate and Save: Elevate Your Gift Wrapping with Michael Russo

welcome back,so this week we are going to be showing,you budget friendly ways to celebrate,the holiday season here with,festive wrapping ideas to elevate your,gifts is lifestyle expert michael russo,michael welcome to the show,hi thank you for having me um i'm kelly,and i are very excited about the,glue gun we're going to use and it's a,low temperature hot glue gun so you,won't get burned a low temp hot glue gun,okay just so let's get into it so we're,going to wrap these gifts,um with clever stuff that you have,around your house right okay so do you,have yarn around your house well i don't,know if i have yarn but i'll find some,okay,so what we're going to do is um we're,going to use the yarn um,you see the little initial yes so it's,an r so i'll show you how to do that,beautiful and then just taking these,natural greenery that you have,either from your christmas tree or just,outside so,cut a little you know from the tree in,the back because no one sees it anyway,right um and i just created a little,wreath there um,and then we put a little sprig on this,one so that's this is the one we're,making first okay,um so you have your box i've got my box,right so you can just hot glue,um a little hot glue there okay and then,take your fresh greenery,right and you just put it right on top,so easy right it's just so simple i can,actually pull that off,and it looks great and that's it and i,like the brown paper too,the brown paper is great so you can use,um like a shopping bag that you have at,home or you could just buy some brown,paper,okay now should we talk about the yarn,which i will yes so do you know how to,make a pom pom,so i'm going to show you last time i,made a pom pom i'm not quite sure what i,was doing but i think it was involved,with a herky it's,it's very easy so you um take the string,that you have here,right and you just keep layering,layering layering right,right so it will look something like,this right so you tie,in the center once it's done um and then,on the ends,you just give it a nice fresh cut and,that will create your little pom pom oh,and you cut it on both sides oh,beautiful i like that,okay super easy um so to do the initial,on the package,um take your glue right and just do,whatever initial you want so you could,do off orion,i'm going to do it so i'm giving myself,a gift yeah this is a gift for me i'm,going to do,l for live okay um,and you just take the yarn and you just,trace,the letter i mean it's pretty easy if,you have to cut,um to continue the letter um you could,just do that,i actually really these are great ideas,so easy,and then once you're done clip that off,it looks like that,yeah super easy what'd you get us,last one you'll have to see what's,inside so the last one,this is great um so it's just using,photos so i took pictures of you and,kelly,this is great because no one has,pictures anymore everything's digital,true right so i just took double face,tape which you have on the side,um and you just tape it right onto the,package,so easy and then your guests can keep,this um,whoever you're giving the gift to they,can keep it and they'll have it as a,moment it's a picture of the person or,people you're giving the gift to,yes not who it's from correct or you can,put just a picture of you on it,all right kelly that's all i'll send you,over a picture of me on my dummy,i already have ryan wrapping paper all,right let's take a break we have more,ideas with michael after this stay with,us,back with the incredible michael,rousseau who's showing us ways to,elevate,our gift wrapping i love all of your,ideas what's next,how simple is this so this is just using,paper straws,right so cute um so i made a christmas,tree so,to finish it off you're just gonna use,the hot glue gun,with a little dollop of hot glue and,you're just going to continue with the,pattern,right yep and this is great to do with,the kids it's super fun it's easy,and then once you're done with that i,have these cute little buttons,so you can hot glue the buttons as,little ornaments,oh that's so cool because everyone has,buttons laying around the house i mean,i do at least yeah everybody does and,then that famous pom-pom that ryan knows,how to make,um i use that as the tree topper it was,fascinating watching ryan make a pom-pom,that could be a pay-per-view dream come,true it's so,cute i love it so moving on to the emoji,gift i mean everyone's everyone loves,emojis right,this is so easy to make so i just got,the foam sheets,from your local craft store cut them out,into shapes um i use the googly eyes,though for the eyes because,they're hard to cut out they're so great,googly eyes,so you just put them right on the gift,this way everything's um pre uh taped,with double face tape,and how easy is that you wouldn't and,the kids would love them you wouldn't,use the hot glue gun,no because if you're doing this with the,kids i think um the tape is great and,it's easy it's simple,i love it the kids will love this look,so easy and then you c

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Jeff Jarrett RESPONDS to Recent Vince Russo Comments on Twitter

Jeff Jarrett RESPONDS to Recent Vince Russo Comments on Twitter

let's talk about somebody who's mind we,wish we could read at different times,and I didn't tell you I was going to,bring this up but I feel like I need to,because I've heard I haven't seen it but,I'm getting DMS from folks who are,saying that based on our,non-discussion of a discussion that was,happening on another platform,that your man Vince Russo is doubling,down on a whole lot of Double J talk and,a lot of people have decided,that since Eric mishoff and,Ric Flair had a little desktop I don't,even know that you know this but Ric,Flair has a documentary coming out the,day after Christmas on the 26th called,woo becoming Ric Flair,WWE spent a boatload of cash over the,summer putting it together I believe,it's a two-hour Affair and allegedly,there is a a clip in there or a line in,there because Rick of course has already,seen a screener version,where basically they talk about things,that Rick had to go through in order to,become who he is today and that included,his 1998 well very well publicized Feud,with Ric Flair and supposedly when they,ask Eric about what happened,Eric basically says I had to make an,example out of Ric Flair,and teach him that rules are rules and,that sort of thing and apparently in,2022 when Eric saw that or when Rick saw,that he got fired up,so last week man on his podcast he just,made a list and checked it twice it was,his naughty and nice list and I didn't,see anything nice just a lot of naughty,and at the top of that list was Eric,Bischoff so now folks see Eric and and,Rick going back and forth and they think,well Conrad's just working a bunch of,feuds I think,the implication there is that this Russo,thing with you and him is building,towards something,we do not as far as I know I don't have,anything planned for some sort of big,payoff or collision course we didn't,even have it necessarily listed as a,topic I'm sure we're going to talk a lot,about him on today's show but it feels,as if he sort of got his sights set on,talking about Double J this is your show,it's called My World,any response you'd like to provide to,anything that you've seen,I kind of thought we had an,understanding but,we are 50 50 Partners in my world uh,uh I see no upside and all right let me,get this out if you yeah and I get it I,I really do get it so I I'm going to,look directly in the camera and say,well you mentioned Feud and all that and,here's kind of the,the reality and kind of the Fallout I,don't know did you see Road dogs tweet,or he said something to the effect that,they're having a riff and I'm thinking,Brian hasn't listened has it watched he,he doesn't really know the full context,and that's okay but,do you think we would have ever brought,this up had Vince not said,I worked him,and myself we would no we that's,I wish Vince Russo I've told him this by,email I've told him this I've seen him,at a couple of signings Conrad I thought,about this,um that I probably should have brought,up and he just wants to manufacture all,this stuff he says uh somebody contacted,me and said hey I'd like to get Vince,Russo for a signing Ken and I said yeah,I text uh disco and I said dicks though,what's Vince Russo's email and he sent,it to me it's the same one he's had,forever but I didn't know if he still,had the same one sir I forwarded it all,so there's no hard feelings Vince I wish,you nothing but the best I hope you are,happy in life uh I would have never,responded to Conrad had I known all this,silliness but it is exactly what I,thought,almost to the T that I said last week,I'll be very curious to hear,his response but maybe he didn't take a,look at the man in the mirror and really,like what's his role in all of this,Conrad see you got me do it again it,just it just you talk about culture and,bad juju and it it's just Vince and uh,Road dog thinks there's a riff and all,this kind of stuff,I'll say this Vince has what he I truly,believe Vince believes,everything coming out of his mouth no,doubt in my mind so I'll just,diplomatically and I'm happy for him he,has his version of his truth or it's his,truth maybe that's better said,ah have my truth or my version of the,truth,I agree to disagree there's no doubt in,my mind go on with your life be happy,about it uh but he he wants to start,saying that I I worked him,it so I had a guy who does my Analytics,on the deal and he goes hey uh,uh he's he's talking about I said do me,a favor what kind of traction is all,this getting and he said give me a few,minutes he came back zero traction it's,8 10 15 20 people whatever it may be,it's it's not a,topic discussion it's not that it's,little to nothing and here we are given,more time to it but it's silly and and,he screenshotted two tweets that Vince,put and one was,something to the effect that he left the,wrestling business 11 years ago yes,yeah something like that and then the,following day and Conrad maybe you know,this the following day,he said something about he's happy to,say that he's writing for two wrestling,websites yes,s

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🔴⚪ Inter: ⚠️Chutou o balde e disparou críticas | Xingou o presidente em russo | Bastidores de richa

🔴⚪ Inter: ⚠️Chutou o balde e disparou críticas | Xingou o presidente em russo | Bastidores de richa

poucas horas depois da oficialização de,sua rescisão contratual com o,Internacional Tyson se manifestou,publicamente em uma live de Twitch Tyson,disparou contra o presidente Alessandro,Barros afirmou que não quero ver nem,pintado de ouro contou o bastidores do,Internacional e fez diversas críticas a,gestão do clube e até alguns jogadores,especialmente e em determinado momento,ele cita ofensas ele dispara ofensas,contra o Presidente do Clube em russo,tudo sobre o que Tyson falou em uma live,na tarde deste sábado logo depois de ele,sentir o seu contrato eu conto agora,aqui na Dupla,tudo bem gente obrigado pela,participação aqui não esquece de deixar,teu like te inscrever de ativar as,notificações bora falar do Internacional,aqui na Dupla e nesse vídeo eu quero,contar para vocês o que Tyson falou em,uma live na tarde deste sábado na Twitch,ele estava conversando nesta live com o,paivinha que é um streamer que joga FIFA,na Twitch e que é muito amigo do Taison,ele joga como o time do Tyson é um,campeonato onlines é de FIFA e o Tyson,tava ali trocando uma ideia com esse,amigo com o pai vinha na Live do,paivinha ao vivo a última vez que eu vi,estavam 2.500 pessoas assistindo aquela,transmissão E durante toda a tarde eles,conversaram sobre o episódio da saída do,Tyson e o que eu vou fazer aqui é ler,aspas aspas do que taisson disse nessa,transmissão aspas do que taisson disse,em público para mais de 2 mil pessoas e,que aqui eu retrato eu,transcrevi o que disse Tyson e vou de,alguma maneira também é dar algum tipo,de contexto em relação a isso tá vai ser,um vídeo bem simples comigo lendo essas,aspas do Tyson por exemplo eu abro,falando sobre,as críticas totais são o presidente,Alessandro Barcelos tá e o Tyson ele se,mostrou bem magoado com mandatário do,clube abre aspas eu não quero ver ele,nem pintado de ouro na minha frente sabe,o que é o cara ficar te ligando todo dia,eu tinha um bom salário eu tinha um bom,contrato e ele todo dia me ligava para,eu vir para o internacional aí eu,recinto deixo um caminhão de dinheiro lá,na Ucrânia para chegar aqui e fazerem,isso comigo O Tyson se refere e fala da,mágoa que ele tem como presidente,Alessandro Barcelos pela maneira como,que o presidente brigou para que ele,viesse para Porto Alegre e depois da,maneira como retratado é pela direção do,Internacional segundo o jogador,E aí ele diz,eu saí de lá e pedi para eles cuidarem,dos roupeiros e dos massagistas o seu,Gentil que é roupeiro tá lá há 40 anos,os caras não tiveram nenhum ratatá que é,um bicho uma premiação,quem deu a premiação para eles no fim do,ano foi nós jogadores e eu que tirei do,meu salário para dar se eu falar as,pessoas não vão acreditar no que eles,fazem,E aí contou e o Tyson ainda fala se eu,fosse,mau caráter mas ele utiliza uma outra,expressão palavrão eu daria uma,entrevista na segunda-feira contando,tudo que esses caras fazem mas eu não,vou fazer isso e ele ainda complementa é,direcionado ao presidente Alessandro,Barcelos e conta algo que ele disse,segundo ele na cara do presidente,venceslando parcelos abre aspas para,Tyson tá eu falei para ele na cara dele,eu tinha que ter feito igual o Yuri,Alberto fez com vocês na segunda-feira,disse que ia vir jogar e na quarta-feira,foi anunciado no Corinthians largando,flauta do DVD vocês gostam de jogadores,assim isso tá isso afirmou ter dito ao,presidente Barcelos que ele tá isso não,devia ter feito igual eu Alberto que a,direção do entre ele presentear eles,gostam de jogadores assim,depois o Tyson fala sobre a greve tá e o,episódio da greve e ele mostra aqui,também uma mágoa com um presente,Alessandro Barcelos abre aspas botaram,tudo no meu 33 jogadores sentados no,vestiário dizendo que não iam treinar e,sobrou para o Tyson Presidente não teve,coragem de dizer na entrevista que não,foi o Tyson os caras me batendo igual,criança eu apanhando igual criança,parecia que eu fiz aquilo tô com uma,mágoa muito grande mas quarta-feira isso,passa quando eu tiver treinando com três,graus já passa,e aí o Tyson é mostra de novo a mágoa,que ele tá com um presente Barcelos é e,coloca também aquele Episódio da greve,que ele não foi defendido da maneira que,ele entende que gostaria de ter sido,defendido outra aspas importante do,Tyson aqui um relato que ele faz,quando Estevão estreou e foi mal ninguém,teve a capacidade de mandar uma mensagem,para o guri aí eu fui lá Falei com ele,para ele se acalmar seguir tranquilo nem,treinador nem diretor Presidente ninguém,foi falar com ele eu que tive que falar,mais uma crítica do Tyson e aí não só a,direção Tá mas essa crítica ela respinga,no treinador que na época era Medina na,direção também é e no grupo de jogadores,tá porque segundo Tyson ninguém foi lá,dar uma mensagem para o guri e apoiar o,guri depois do jogo ruim que ele fez e,esse jogo foi pelo Campeonato Gaúcho uma,partida onde esteve um estreou e não foi,tão bem assim,é Ele conta também um bastidor de hoje,pela manhã da saída dele tá ele,rescindiu o contrato se despediu dos,jogador

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The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (1993 Remix) - Live Streaming with Songs & Thongs

The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (1993 Remix) - Live Streaming with Songs & Thongs

because breeds blood said need to check,out the Doobie Brothers,a Long Train Runner that sounds familiar,I've got to be honest yes it does no,don't start playing,right let's check it out,see what the Doobie Brothers are all,about,yes sorry another song,nice,damn,by the way Rich dreamer chat to Doom,he's gonna hook you up the song just,change yours to life please but I did I,know you did it changed back why I'm,just gave him a song below six minutes,in duration please and thank you and,it's got it it's Gotta Be A dark skin,secrets you don't want people to know,that you like,you like right,let me carry on,the tracks,that's a nice Harmony man you gotta give,him that damn dude okay,it's one way of giving yourself a pie in,the face,foreign,whatsoever,um and even that little bit of a cool,Harmony that's going on yes but I think,that's the thing like a lot of the songs,that we probably have heard before we've,heard it way back yeah this is true okay,so it wouldn't have been that you,actually,it was and this was the remix oh my gosh,okay cool yeah so um yes this was back,in the day when I didn't pay attention,to music I will say,having this channel has completely,changed the way we listen to music so,foreign,oh my gosh so they had some big shows as,well,the guitars are groovy man that's like,it's super cool it's really got a funky,Cool vibe to it but like I've never ever,ever picked that up before and I was,like this song has a lot to give man I,can totally get why why this is actually,a pleasure to listen to yep so,resistance,I mean that gets you going,to be right now,and again the right voice for the oh,absolutely oh those harmonies are so,nice,good,got to get the baby,nice,oh nice,I mean you gotta do it,nice,when the people,oh this is very cool it definitely is,it's got a group man I like the guitars,the harmonies are super cool yeah um and,like I said he's got the right voice for,this type of stuff yeah just give me one,second yeah,um yeah that was fun I so songs like,that really works for me or videos like,that because you can see that the band,actually like you know they have a cool,way of,um,of becoming a family if I can say that,you know,um when you're with your band mates on,the road for so long like you you just,end up becoming family and legitimate,best friends are it's fun and you can,see that in this video it's just like ah,we're just gonna use the footage we've,got because it's fun so I,I like it now thank you so much,breezeblad that was fun,welcome back last thank you thank you,back

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CBJin30: Michael Russo

CBJin30: Michael Russo

it's time for CBJ and 30 presented by,tell hi oh credit union find us on,soundcloud apple podcast Spotify Google,Play Music YouTube and tuning the,easiest thing to do is tell Alexa or,Siri to play CBJ and 30 here's your host,Bob Miguel again welcome to see BJ in 30,presented by tell hi oh credit union I'm,Bob mikela --get and as the NHL,continues to talk about returning to,play sometime this summer how are they,going to do it first of all when are,they going to do it when are they going,to get back into small groups when are,they gonna have a training camp when are,they going to play games where are they,gonna play games there's a lot of,speculation but a few days ago there was,a big article that came out in the,athletic about hubs different cities,that could be hubs and they would just,send X amount of teams to each hub and,finish off the regular season and get,into the playoffs and one of the co,writers of that article is with me right,now Mike Russo who covers the Minnesota,Wild for the athletic and a whole bunch,of stuff in Minnesota so Mike thanks for,coming on today I appreciate that how,are things in Minnesota are you guys,still a lockdown there yeah we are I,think the governor is going to announce,today you know that they're slowly going,to open things up but I think it's,pretty much until mid-may that like,before we can go to like restaurants and,and things like that but yeah we've been,on lockdown and no per capitalize,Minnesota's actually been you know one,of the lowest in the country in terms of,koban 19 cases and fatalities so you,know I think that the majority of the,citizens here have done a pretty good,job of abiding by you know this kind of,new world that we're in right now and I,know I definitely take it to heart I'm,barely left my house and go for long,walks ER and I'm like about a month and,a half now it's been a weird time as you,guys know yeah it has been weird and,unfortunately the weather is getting,better so you can get out and and do,that walking and ride a bike a little,bit and all of that and yeah you as you,mentioned it's very serious there's no,question about it you can also get the,sense where people are hoping that,finally there's light at the end of the,tunnel here though right yeah I mean and,you know you know I've talked of it,certainly seems like the NIH goes,intense on on come,back at some point this this summer and,and finishing this season and you know,at a minimum it gives us something right,about you know an actual look at head,and something to look forward to but,yeah it just seemed like that things are,starting to flatten out I mean this has,been just a crazy crazy time and I think,the big thing that I think I'm,interested in from normalcy standpoint,is what what is the new world could be,like you know what is I mean you get to,fly on that snazzy cooled charter that,the Columbus Blue Jackets,flying during the rainy season but I'm,just fascinated about you know from,somebody from my perspective that is,jet-setting every second of the season,it feels like know what's that next,flight gonna be like or you have to take,temperatures to get into the airport or,mean I have to you know wear masks I'm,playing are they gonna have staggered,seating you know what a rate what our,restaurant is gonna be like you know,what is this what our arena is gonna be,like I'm really good friends with Marty,Milford who's one of the head honchos,that sells tickets for the Columbus Blue,Jackets what says we're all gonna be,like is he gonna have to stagger seating,in the arena or the same thing or fans,gonna have to take eventually when we,get back in there you know their,temperature to get in and wear masks,it's just gonna be a strange strange,time I think as we over this next year,or hopefully less but maybe more or two,before we get a backseat yeah it,obviously would be nice if they could,figure out the science of it as quickly,as possible I know they're trying to,because you're right there are just so,many different questions about this but,in the article that you helped to write,in the athletic where you talk about,these different hub cities Columbus was,in the top tier it was in the top four,and when you lay out the reasoning which,is the arena the practice arena that's,attached to the arena there are 10 other,sheets of ice in town the Blue Jackets,owning the chillers around town they,controlled what 8 of those 10 sheets of,ice they control the ice time there so I,don't know if you if you went back a,month and said to people ok there's,gonna be four cities in the league,they're gonna pick and they're gonna,send teams to to play out the rest of,the regular season I don't know how many,people would have had Columbus on any,list but yet it's there and I know that,you looked very much into Columbus,part of the story so what does the,league like about Columbus that has it,in the limelight well I think you know,relative to Ohio and what's going on in,places like Cleveland in Columbus has,had f

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Ep. 38: Michael Russo - Making Notes on Quotes Cool and Easy

Ep. 38: Michael Russo - Making Notes on Quotes Cool and Easy

hey this is Michael Russo and you're,listening to chasing dreams with Amy J,welcome to chasing dreams podcast with,Amy Jake,Amy believes that realizing a life,without regrets is achieved by taking,chances chasing your dreams making moves,and overcoming your doubts the chasing,dreams podcast will help you overcome,life's obstacles believe in your,potential and inspire you to face your,fears and now here's the woman who is,passionately pursuing her dreams,Amy Jay,hey dream chasers this is Amy J and,thank you so much for tuning in to,episode number 38 and I have a special,guest star for you guys today someone,who is now my new friend who is a friend,of a friend and now my friend and he is,someone who was brought to my attention,and as soon as I heard his story I was,like yes absolutely,no doubt he has to be on the show as,long as he says yes let's make this,happen and so he's on the show today and,his name is Michael Russo and at the,time of this recording he's a full time,college student and founder of sticky,quotes which we'll talk about more later,in this episode he's a double major in,business management and philosophy which,you know I'm gonna I'm interested to,hear those two goes together and is very,active on his campus serving as,president of the Entrepreneurship Club,and one of his goals is to one day found,a company in the clean renewable energy,industry that helps save the planet well,Mike's already doing his part in making,this world a better place with his,positive attitude and sticky quotes,business so please welcome Mike to the,show hey Mike hey Amy thank you for the,awesome introduction I really appreciate,it and I'm so happy to be on the show I,am happy to have you here listen before,we get into why I'm so stoked to have,you on the show let's let's back up to,you are in college so you're a young gun,right yeah you're about to graduate,though what's the countdown I think,we're at 45 or 46 days I'm gonna have to,check on that but it's May 21st so we're,almost there you know it it doesn't,matter because somewhere in the world it,may be the other date you know I mean,yeah in India it could be like 45 you're,fine oh good it's still there that's,exciting though so you're about to,graduate when you entered college is,this what you imagined where you are,right now honestly I was um kinda I was,always pretty optimistic about my life,in terms of like being successful I was,I was pretty driven and like I always,won I always had a vision to do,something big I just didn't know what it,was but in high school I was actually in,a really cool program in my senior year,where,started a virtual business in my like,senior college business class yeah well,it's a really weird concept it's called,virginal enterprises and you are,connected with like all of the high,schools across the country and the world,actually who have virtual businesses so,like there's a virtual law firm and a,virtual marketing firm in a virtual,promotional products company and all the,actions are real we really did financial,reporting and marketing efforts and,designing websites and whatnot but it,was you know virtual currency and really,cool high school program is so fortunate,I'm so happy to be in the program I,still mentor kids in the program to this,day and it's awesome so you essentially,get practical experience without the,risk in reality I mean there's a richer,virtually definitely and there's like,business plan competitions and trade,shows so a lot of the things I was doing,in high school I'm doing now I just,didn't know I was would be as,entrepreneurial as I would be that kind,of came in the later mid middle of my,college experience now were you always,double major I came in accounting major,freshman year because I was like the,chief financial officer of my virtual,business and you know I thought I liked,accounting and it took a few class I'm,like wow this is really hard to it yeah,I shadowed like at a company for a day,or two and like I talked to a whole,bunch of CPAs and I've seen kids,struggle through the CPA exam and that,just really wasn't it wasn't for me and,I did an internship next semester at,Morgan Stanley because I thought I'd,like finance and I didn't like that but,I was there for like a year and it was a,great experience but uh I figured out,learning what you don't like to do is,kind of just as valuable as learning,what you do like to do it was a good,experience,yeah that happened and then I switch to,business management and I was like in,Liberal Arts Honors Program and when I,had like it was introduced to a,philosophy class I was always a bit of a,thinker and it kind of got me going I,felt like I was mind blowing every class,so I got really interested in it and I,had a room my schedule for it there's,one thing to like a class but you're,double majoring in it,yeah I've taken like 18 credits or 21,credits which is usually like 6 or 7 you,know,three hour classes a week so it's a lot,of a lot of hours of class I mean I know,I'm

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