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The dirty truth behind Mia Khalifa's big mistake...mia,khalifa,i know you've heard that name and may

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

The dirty truth behind Mia Khalifa's big mistake...

mia,khalifa,i know you've heard that name and maybe,you've even seen the horrible thing she,did at 21. you were wearing the islamic,headscarf often known as hijab and of,course then it developed into a,scene you must have known how,provocative that was,mia agreed to wear the islamic symbol of,modesty while carrying out some of the,most immodest acts in a porn video there,is absolutely no question that what she,did was absolutely unacceptable and,disrespectful but before we decide if we,should all hate her i need you to hear,the full story behind all of this and,only then i want to know your answer,should mia khalifa be forever defined,by her past mistakes,this is how she looked like before all,of this but everyone knows her as the,famous porn star who once ranked number,one in the world and is still one of the,most searched actresses on adult sites,but what most people don't know is that,she was only in the industry for three,months and that even though there are,thousands of adult videos of her online,she only acted in 11 of them so how did,this all happen,it's tough to tell just by looking at,her but when mia was approached to do,porn she was at a very vulnerable point,in her life hated myself i couldn't i,there wasn't a version of me that i,could see in the mirror and be okay with,i didn't feel as pretty as i was so,whenever i got attention from men i felt,like i need to hold on to this i might,not ever get it again i need to hold on,to this and do,whatever i can to make them happy so,that i can keep getting this since her,self-worth depended so much on outside,validation especially from men you can,imagine how she felt walking down the,street one day,literally stops dead on its tracks,and rolls the window down and they're,like you are so gorgeous would you like,to model for me like can i give you my,card,and,i'm like me are you serious really,the man was from a porn agency and two,weeks later desperate for more,validation mia signed a contract to star,in adult movies,the reason,i thought it was okay for me to,do porn was because i thought no one,would ever find out about it and when,men laughed at her for not wanting to,wear a hijab on set she gave in thinking,no one would find out when there's four,white male producers in the room and you,say something like that to them and they,all just laugh it's kind of devastating,and it makes you not want to speak up,and say anything again and as soon as,that video was released mia khalifa's,dirty little secret turned into,international outrage in a matter of,days her whole world shattered her,family disowned her she received death,threats her address was leaked and,shared all over the internet and even,when she quit and tried to lead a normal,life her mistakes followed her,everywhere,the stairs i get i feel like people can,see through my clothes and it brings me,deep shame to make her karma even worse,mia made no money from the billions of,views all while the real masterminds,behind her offensive video made millions,of her content today anyone can,repurpose her old videos into,compilations and mia can do nothing,about it at the beginning of this video,i asked you should mia khalifa be,forever defined by her past mistakes,to fairly answer that question you have,to know the woman she is today mia has,rebranded herself as a sports,commentator a chef and most importantly,an activist she is doing everything she,can to make sure no young girl makes her,mistakes now she teaches girls the,importance of self-love and respect she,has inspired many women who could relate,to her past insecurities don't rely on,men or anybody else for your happiness,mia khalifa fully understands the,consequences of her actions and wants no,one else to go through them there's not,a day that goes by where i don't think,about what my future child is going to,be put through i'm not looking forward,to the day where i have to sit them down,and tell them what their mother did at,21 years old,night farm truth is all of us make,mistakes,but most of us are lucky that the whole,world doesn't have to witness them and,enjoy seeing them over and over again we,are all a product of our experiences,that have shamed but also shaped and,molded us and as i end this video for,the last time i want to ask having her,whole story in mind should mia khalifa,be forever defined,by her past,mistakes,you

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Joel Embiid Is the King of Social Media, Takes Down Mia Khalifa

Joel Embiid Is the King of Social Media, Takes Down Mia Khalifa

I have said it multiple times in this,platform but now we are going to devote,an entire clip to it Joe and bead is the,absolute end-all be-all greatest to ever,be on social media done Brandon McCarthy,always deserves a shout out he's a,Dodgers pitcher he's great hilarious but,Joe and bead since day one has been,fantastic but he has upped it even one,more because Mia Khalifa bare with me,loves to go out on social media and,either put players on blast when it's,unnecessary and sometimes it's very,necessary and funny and other times it's,like I don't know I used to really like,this because I thought it was something,I was different from an ex adult film,star turned NFL pikuach personality,right in fantasy football and she talks,about the Washington Wizards and all,that stuff but now I think she's picking,fights with that she can't win and Joe,and beed was one of them so here's what,I'm getting referring to I barstool,sports kind of picked this up on top of,it cuz you know nobody would have,figured this out unless you know people,are really looking for it so Mia Khalifa,Instagram account she posted a picture,of Joe and beat Ben Simmons and the,Sixers saying roomful of elves and Joe,and B respondent says the woman with,miles of D Francis Maxwell are you sick,or bored of Mia Khalifa's antagonizing,socio that is oh you want because,remember we did the clip where was,another QB I'm the video generation Chad,Chad yeah I was another QB that she,called out against she loves the screen,grab like and I don't get why people,continue to try and slide into a DM,unless they want to play that game I,don't want to get a little bit more,relevant she loves to do this she loves,to be seen as the girl who combines,every man's two fantasies sports and,plowin like she loves to combine both,right and I'm but then she's Russia,detracted away from this right side,about the plowing she's no longer an,adult film star I think that's really,why you're upset because they you can't,go in and see the fresh content that,she's producing you can only just,produce in fresh amounts of trolling,look wanna stay relevant you have to,bring new material to the team yeah,exactly and in this example I mean I,think this was the ago film industry I,know she kept picking cherries,okay uh DS right yeah come back it's,like a method actor in five years to be,Lincoln alright doesn't work out it's,amazing but if you already give a Golden,Globe to someone who has a good set of,Golden Globe did you know written to,happen yeah adamant that I was going to,tweet that about Sofia vegara last night,but I thought I'll get attacked by this,the sjw's you wouldn't think it was,funny because I am NOT one of the sjw's,I can comment on appearances I do I,think they're fine,they're good Golden Globes but I think,the joy and beads response here was,top-notch banter that is top quality,like you just pick that from your head,so simple so easy to read and easy to,understand,you've got miles addy this even like,doesn't grammatically make that much,sense,but in my head those miles of the,letters Francis he's using letters to,fight back there's more we have more Joe,and bead expert Twitter trolling of the,world including his own teammates when,Ben Simmons I guess was watching debates,during the presidential election he said,this and Joe and B responded he said I,can't listen to this guy Inchon says a,few ways is going to deport you and then,even better is now with the NBA all-star,vote going around and how again by the,way and I know some people were trying,to explain it to me I just refused to,want to understand it because remember,50% of it is the fans vote while 17% of,it comes from a combination of family,members and 3% comes from how many shots,- free throw attempts you've had high,theorists and you have to take a squared,plus B squared equals C all that stuff,this is what he's been doing is he's,been finding the people who were,tweeting about him around the NBA Draft,Joel embiid is about the coolest NBA bus,you'll ever follow on Twitter this is,like a couple weeks after the draft and,he just Co treats it like he's it's just,he's not doing that much and then,somebody also put out yesterday saying,the biggest snub of the Golden Globes,was for short films Joe and beads,Instagram account like my stories on,Instagram it's really phenomenal I think,we have one more we have one more,drawing be tweeted or am I wrong I was,be a vote all the point on one of the,make was I'm watching the recap the,Lakers game yesterday and in the post,game interview during like on the court,they're interviewing Brandon Ingram and,it just comes out Brandon Ingram goes he,goes you know man like sometimes like I,had like two good fourth quarters and,sometimes you know you just got to trust,the process if you have a movement it's,contagious it's like it's people cannot,help but regurgitate it it's it's,catching on and but what makes this all,better is that he is plane phenomenally,well like I watched the Cel

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Mia Khalifa: Why I’m speaking out about the porn industry - BBC News

Mia Khalifa: Why I’m speaking out about the porn industry - BBC News

let's go through this step-by-step how,did a girl who was brought by her,parents the United States from Lebanon,your home country schooled in the United,States clearly smart went to university,in Texas read history how did you get,involved with the sex porn industry,I don't think low self-esteem,discriminates against anyone it doesn't,matter if you come from a great family,or if you come from a not-so-great,background I struggled my entire,childhood with weight and I never felt,attractive or worthy of male attention,and suddenly my first year of college I,start losing all this weight from making,small changes and by the time I,graduated I was ready to make a bigger,difference I felt extremely,self-conscious about my breasts because,that was the first thing to go when I,lost all the weight I lost about 50,pounds I don't know how many kilos that,is or stones well it's a considerable,amount of weight yeah changed yeah,changed your physic completely so my,biggest insecurity was my breast so I,wanted to more or less go back to what,they normally were and once I did that I,started garnering all of this attention,from men and I was never used to it and,I felt like unless I held onto it and,kind of did what was asked of me or what,was expected of me it would go away and,after feeling what it was like that,validation and you know the compliments,for the first time I did not want that,to go away hmm you were spotted,I think honest Rittman there you were,you were a young graduate wanting to,sort of find a job and and you were,spotted on the street by a guy who said,I I can work with you and clearly he,opened up and said it's the porn,business,what was it in you that,from far from running away we was drawn,into it I it wasn't that's not how it,was it wasn't just hey do you want to,come to porn it was more so oh you're,beautiful like would you like to do some,modeling oh you know you have a great,body like I think you'd be great nude,modeling things like that and after I,came in toward the studio you know it,was very respectable it was a gorgeous,location it was in Miami in Doral,Florida it was clean everyone who worked,there was nice all of their cubicles,were decorated with family photos like,it was nothing dodgy or mid that made me,uncomfortable and after do I get the,first time I went in wasn't the first,time I I filmed a porn movie it was the,second time the first time was more so,do you want to do this like sign the,paperwork etc etc so these guys they,just saw you frankly as a money machine,absolutely but you still had no advisors,you had no lawyer,you had no nothing so I was what 21 year,old has a lawyer on retainer I'm just,trying to get my head around how,stressful this must have been and,whether even now because you sit here so,poised and obviously a lot of time has,passed and you've moved on but do you,think there is some sort of,post-traumatic stress that is in you,from this experience yes and I think it,kicks in,mostly when I go out in public because,the stairs I get I feel like people can,see through my clothes and it brings me,deep shame it makes me feel like it,makes me feel like I lost all right to,my privacy which I did because then I'm,one Google search away yeah and those,images,you cannot expunge you have no right,even though it is deeply personal to you,you have no right to remove them from,anybody's view around the world it is,very hard and I'm just thinking this,isn't I mean this story is your story,but frankly it's also the story of other,porn actors and actresses I honestly,started seeing that recently after the,interview came out and people started,reaching out and all of the emails go,my manager checks them and when he gets,stuff like that he filters them and,sends them to me and reading the words,of some of these girls who have been sex,trafficked and forced into porn and then,all of these stories of girls whose,lives have been ruined by owed and by,men who have taken advantage of them and,by contracts that they didn't even,didn't even understand the jargon of it,makes me feel like okay maybe maybe it,was good that I started talking and that,I posted this interview and that I'm,speaking out now because other people,feel the same way and even if they don't,relate on as deep a level as you know,doing porn they can relate on the level,of being insecure and being pressured,into doing something I didn't want to do,you were wearing the Islamic headscarf,often known as her job and of course,then it developed into a sex scene you,must have known how provocative that was,a verbatim told them you guys are gonna,get me killed and they said they just,laughed why didn't you then say I'm not,doing it,intimidation I was scared right I knew,that if I said no it would it would you,know they're not you keep thinking,they're not gonna force you to do it,that's at that point that's rape no,one's going to force you to have sex but,I was still scared I mean I have you,ever felt scared - not scared but,nervous to

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Why You Shouldn't Slide Into Mia Khalifa's DMs...

Why You Shouldn't Slide Into Mia Khalifa's DMs...

why did he share so many athletes,sliding into your DMS that was always,entitled little pricks who need to be,put in their place that's your reason,yes exactly,cuz I feel like one of the big,criticisms was like I'm doing it for,attention we're doing it to be like look,who's trying to come oh no I was doing,it like look at this who,thinks that he can get any girl he wants,just by saying I'm in Miami come to my,hotel room cuz I'm a football player,like go yourself you can't talk to,women like that yeah well I think the,problem is probably they like outside of,you and several others I'm sure people,take the take the opportunity well of,course but also like they need to be put,in their place and most of these men who,are doing it have girlfriends yeah we'll,see that seems like a reason to to,potentially do something about it okay,who was I'll try to remember who who is,kind of the stopped me from pointing at,my manager he stopped me from doing it,too oh yeah you can't you can't do that,anymore I'm like but this one's so good,well especially what was that it was,that kind of a round just in it in,general or around the time that you're,like oh when was the last person that,you did this on can we cut this out oh,okay oh I mean yes we'll figure it out,bode goes oh damn it be like that it's,like it's a cold cold world it seems,like maybe you you've dodged a bullet,even even even just one not even oh wow,I'm gonna still shoot my shot,well I'm sure guys like that like that's,they don't even see that as a ghost no,they feed off of it I think I think they,feed off of the um yeah I mean if you're,an athlete here like I'm the best yes I,can take what I bet he goes are,unmatched and sometimes men need a, ego check and that's why I do it,I feel like I'm gonna do it in front of,10 million people and possibly even,greater since this is going to be a,press coverage is gonna be on barstool,that's I never once thought that it was,interesting enough for press coverage,that that was never my intention my,intention was just to make him look,stupid because they Mar like how can how,could how could he walk around,with this sense of entitlement you fat, because people give it to them,exactly if it like you're an offensive,lineman ice in your seat,I feel like I can get your frustration,but if everyone in the world is like yes,you can walk this path all right no,one's stopped you or they've done I'm,just gonna let you walk by me like I,feel like sure we can criticize that,person but we should probably also talk,about what what do we what are we saying,is society that someone's like you're,famous,I don't know anything about you,take me yeah like the way that they do,it too is literally just like sup oh I,see your location is in Miami I'm at the,Fontainebleau come through what what,woman in their right mind just comes,through probably plenty for your lives,like I went to go meet my future fiance,like the man that I knew I had very,strong feelings for that took me six,months to build up to like go and,actually meet him cuz we met online I,flew to Copenhagen and I turned my,location services on for every single,friend that I have updated them on where,I was just all of that stuff because I,was terrified I was gonna get murdered,and thrown into a River I've,just always kind of assumed that like,these athletes and larger people treat,Instagram like a menu that's always kind,of just been that's a good way to yeah,that's completely true yeah and also,rejection builds character they need to,experience you got a humble oh yeah,that's great but I did when when you,would sometimes reject maybe not,publicly because I imagine you didn't do,this with every single person did they,kind of just keep going along and then,one guy did one guy still tried after my,blasted him oh really,after the fact what are you doing it was,the guy who played for who did he,play for you they played against Florida,State and we beat them and I was like,you know instead of being in my DM,shouldn't you have been in your playbook,maybe then the game outcome would have,been different,I remember this final post yeah blasted,him the first time and he still came,back regardless I don't even know what,that life is I loved I lived like half,of the reason that I love having people,on my,what the is even like what is that,like I for one of the people that you,mentioned off camera like their social,media person mentioned to them for a,potential collab but then seeing that,person and then being like and then,they're saying things that you said,off-camera I'm like wow that's so wild,that's so wild

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Mia Khalifa Lied To Everyone...

Mia Khalifa Lied To Everyone...

so Mia Khalifa arguably one of the,biggest figures for many boys during,their prepubescent eras a very,influential woman in some cases and she,was well known for her work in a certain,industry which I'm not gonna name yet,possibly because I'm thinking of whether,or not you twos gonna do monetize this,video if I actually do say anything,about that industry but let's take a,look at what she's most known for it and,I'll give you guys a little bit of a,glimpse of what Mia Khalifa is because,I'm pretty sure you younglings you don't,know the half of it and you take a look,here and you see Mia Khalifa an American,Lebanese sports commentator that is not,what Mia Khalifa is known for at least,that's not what many boys know her for,now all of the people who watched her,back in the day when they were in their,hormonal teenage era which it's not a,good era trust me it's never a clear to,be in but many many of those people have,grown up into hopefully good adults,hopefully they're not weirdos you never,know with anyone no needs but what they,know her for is her career in the,industry or the how do I put this,without getting to monetize the BBC,industry hopefully that doesn't get,picked up by YouTube but her career in,the industry was arguably one the,biggest being one of the biggest actors,in that industry for a while and many,people know her for her big bang on the,industry she did make a really big,splash when she actually got into the,industry she was one of the most well,known people to actually get into that,type of acting work and she's honestly,grown to be a person that many people,know as the biggest actor of all time,but recently she doesn't want to be,known as an actor and I can really just,get behind that but I'll be talking,about two things why is this whole thing,where she doesn't want to be known for,this thing is never gonna become a,reality and the second thing is she,billion Li lied to try and get sympathy,for her whole cause and these two topics,they're gonna be a little bit,interesting to talk about if I might say,now the whole thing that kicked off this,whole Mia Khalifa movement if you will,it sounds a little bit crazy to me was,this whole video that she made that was,made to generate sympathy that's plain,and simple what it is and there is one,blatant lie dye was disproved by a very,special someone which I'll mention in a,few minutes but take a look at this and,try and figure out what the lie,that hourly disassociative attack from,remembering hundreds of millions of,people's only impression of you is,solely based on the lowest most toxic,most uncharacteristic three months of,your life when you were 21 did you find,the lie well I'll be telling you the lie,in just a little bit but let me tell you,something before we continue I kind of,do feel from your Khalifa now nan that,weird way calm down guys like I'm not a,weirdo,but I do feel for her in a sense like if,I was known for something as shitty if,she was I'd be pretty upset I'd maybe,even go through depression as well but,you have to understand this Mia made a,conscious decision when she signed that,contract people have this false,perception of reality where it's like no,she was manipulated into doing the,contract she was forced to do the,country but no she wasn't like a fire,drill and God forbid five-year-old signs,of those contracts like holy wasn't,woman's name but she wasn't a,five-year-old she was a fully,functioning adult when she signed that,contract and this is why it's so,important to read the fine print like,you know you know the actual contract,has some words to it it's not just a,thing that you sign it's a thing that,you read and people think that they were,forced her hand into doing this but it,was with her own eyes that she would,have read the contract it's with her own,hand that she would have signed that,contract and it's through her own head,she would have processed all these,things I'm a 16 year old right and I,know what to do don't do that don't do,that don't do that but some of these,rules are often broken and people tend,to have a lot of sympathy for these,people who break the rules which are,clearly set out for us and these rules,can easily be broken of course but you,have to understand the ramification like,when items girlfriend created an only,fence they didn't just make a decision,out of the spur of the moment no they,actually weighed the benefits and the,negatives and they take a look at,everything and how it's gonna affect,their future that's literally the basis,of literally everything an adult tells,you right now like don't get on your,computer don't make shitty YouTube,videos always think about your future,don't just think in the present like Mia,Khalifa it's it's really gonna be,impossible for the Internet to forget,that about you but there were a few,things that she said that bangbros did,that was horrible,terrible and should never be forgiven,and let's take a look at that now now to,gain those 1.8 millions of people,s

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Ziwe Reads Thirst Tweets

Ziwe Reads Thirst Tweets

hi i'm z-way and i'm here with buzzfeed,to read my thirst tweets,number one z-way is so sexy and cool i,love badass women,wow that's really nice i love,compliments so i really love this,segment already this is now at seaway,sand account please watch her show her,brain comma iconic heart,taste taste i'm excited that you guys,are excited about season two of my show,when i tell you the guests are oh the,lineup is stout charlemagne chet hanks,dumois mia khalifa nicole buyer hannibal,burris emerald oh elana glazer it's,yeah it's great it's great it's great,z-wave's smile makes me feel like,everything is going to be okay,how do you feel now,z-wave is so stunning in every single,photo and on every single ig live i,would probably faint if i saw her irl,if you fainted,after seeing me i would be so concerned,i would be like are you okay,do you need help do you need water how's,your tummy that's really kind but i hope,please if you ever if we ever cross,bounce don't faint,i promise i'm a regular person i'm,really nice too i did not know what to,expect with that z-way show that is,hilarious she's smart she's a real live,troll and she's gorgeous yes i'm a real,live troll like the smurfs smurfette i'm,a smurfette i actually now that i think,of it i've never done i like my outfits,are sort of inspired like right now my,outfits kind of bratz doll but i've,never done a smurf at outfit are they,trolls a lot to think about i want,zeeway to come into my house slap me in,the face and tell me to get my,together i feel like i'd listen to her,what i'm not gonna slap you you listen,to your heart when it's calling for you,listen to your heart there's nothing,else you can do i don't know where,you're going i and i don't know why,listen to your heart before it tells you,goodbye i think that's a love song but,in this case make it a love song to,yourself trust yourself you'll you don't,need me god z-way is an instant classic,one of the most hilarious comedians of,our time she's also very hot thank you i,like that she's also very hot got its,own break line because it's like not,only am i quote one of the most,hilarious means of our time i'm also hot,and you know what that is the,representation that that girls with,symmetrical faces need like i'm glad i,could be that person i've never been as,in love with obsessed with or as jealous,of anyone as i am from z-way wow this is,a lot of i feel like,thank you can you feel the this shift in,my demeanor suddenly i'm like just,uncomfortable with all the compliments,and that's that's how you know i'm a,pisces oh god don't look at me don't,perceive me thank you i'm obsessed with,you and i'm obsessed with with i'm,jealous of you okay next question not,next tweet rather tweet on um elon,musk's twitter shout out to him an,african american what i love about,zeeway is that despite being supremely,intelligent and funny she hasn't lost,sight of what's important in life being,hot and serving looks wow i love it so,my aesthetic is working okay when i read,tweets like this what i hear is that you,guys love bratz dolls you guys love,cinema you love looks you love serving,you love aesthetic i'm very lucky that,you guys would say such nice kind things,about me thank you but i'm even more,lucky to have an audience that has such,impeccable tastes i am merely,a cog in the taste machine and you guys,are churning out that granola or i guess,it wouldn't be granola snow piercer i,don't know can z-wave marry me can see,me and i get married z-way call me if,you're interested i'll marry you someone,tells e-way we can get legally married,in the country of the usatm i'm not,getting married but i support those,endeavors shout out to you thank you it,would be really funny if i got married,to people so they could watch my show,but,all of my audiences are my partners in,life quote z-way is so fine,great that was straight to the point i,like that a lot of,comments about my boobs comments about,my lips comments about styling my,styling i'm styled by pamela shepard i,have a great great team thank you so,much for tweeting at me you know what,will really help if you guys love me,tweet about the show and tell people to,watch the iconic episodes but yeah thank,you so much for the new time,you

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Mia Khalifa- the biggest phony on Twitter

Mia Khalifa- the biggest phony on Twitter

right so I'm gonna talk a little bit,more about Mia Khalifa here so now all,of a sudden she's a victim and she's a,she's a voice for women everywhere and,look at this so she's on some show here,I don't know what the hell show this is,with some fake fake on the,right,women are so fake you ever notice how,phony they are look at those phony,smiles look at how phony they are like,oh I know girl you went out you got a,bunch of and you got rich being a,porn star and now you're a victim and I,know that this it's like this little,game they play I don't know why people,say that women mature faster than men,maybe physically they mature faster than,men but look at this here these are two,grown woman prop women she's definitely,in her 30s she might be late 20s okay,and look at this phone eNOS look at,these phony looks oh yeah we're just we,just said it for the money hahaha I,played the system now I'm of quote,unquote victim she look like a victim to,you look look at that she's got her tits,out this is what made her famous guys,this is what made her four million,dollars and the fact that she looks,Muslim and she came around at the right,time when America was at war or we're,still at war but whatever when when this,you know anti-muslim thing was going,going on and she wore a hijab and some,porn and she got instantly famous and,then she got she rekindled her fame,later on when she was calling out some,basketball players or pro football,players or whatever when they were,trying to DM her or whatever because,she's so disgusted the guys want to ,her even though she's got her tits out,even though she did porn,she's so disgusted the guy's view her as,a sex object I mean the level of,hypocrisy here is astronomical,astronomical hypocrisy so the reason why,I'm talking about this is because she,recently came out and and I think she a,lot of the reason why she's doing a lot,of this is because apparently she's,getting married now or something to this,guy right here,I'm luckiest girl in the world,okay Oh March back in March which is not,that long ago five six months ago,so now she's regretting what she did is,this look like a picture of a victim to,you does this look like the face of,regret this girl is happy as hell,Mia Cleophas among the world's most,watched women yet blah blah blah the old,the adult industry created an endless,loop of content from popular stars even,as they are often shut out from a cut or,struggling to out I don't know what the, this is sucking let me let me click,on this link to this article,here from Washington Post on when she's,thanking the she's thanking that I mean,this is pure hypocrisy let's read what,she writes here she says I'm so thankful,to Alex Horton Texas for getting my,sentiments across impeccably who the,hell uses the word impeccably in a,Twitter post, off Mia Khalifa we talked about my,12 K earning self esteem invalidation in,my future,me me me give it a read here okay Mia,I'll give it a read so let's see Mia,Khalifa is among the world's most,watched women yet the porn industry is,keeping the profits oh gosh,the don't get to keep it all oh,those poor let's poor ,those poor it I'm not even gonna,read this to you guys you can go and,read it,Khalifa shattered any illusions,regarding the pay blah blah blah she,received about 12,000 from about a dozen,shoots over three months oh I thought it,was 25 shoots now it's only a dozen,twelve thousand bucks so you're so buddy,so what's a $1,000 a shoot that's the,average price you agree to it you sign,the contract,the industry is the way that it is so,what are you gonna do rehaul it you're,gonna change it buy it buy plinth,claiming you're a victim oh you want,more money you're such a victim you want,more money a huge revenue little pay,blah blah blah okay so many ways she's,whining that she did,get paid more and she's trying to say,then you've scrolled down she's trying,to say that Pete that she did it because,of the way that she was that that men,were attracted to her here she says,people think I'm racking in millions,from porn completely untrue I made a,total of around twelve thousand dollars,in the industry and never saw a painting,again after that difficulty finding a,normal job after quitting porn was dot,dot scary oh yeah because you got famous,you got famous for showing those which,is what you're doing now and you're,talking about it isn't that amazing,oh let's talk about it let's make a,statement,so sure so her tits are I mean like you,are not a victim your tits are out you,are a that's what you are you have,great tits,you look good when you wear a ton of,makeup you got big teeth you got a nice,smile that's why you're famous okay,that's why you're famous and you hit a,bubble all right you agreed to the to,the money and anyway let's see,she's just whining in all these so so so,here she goes I do not own the site,profit in any way I've never seen a,penny from it all,all I've won in the last three years,these last year's is for the site to be,changed for

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know either this girl is just really,really ignorant or all the semen that,she's collected on the roof of her mouth,has got her forming different vowels and,consonants because cereal is just not,the word honey,so Chris Brown was banned from,performing at the amas a few days ago,for reasons unknown AKA they are still,punishing him for what he did to Rihanna,in 2009 and now this end of visual named,Mia Khalifa decided to tweet her,approval of the ama's decision saying,can we stop pretending Chris Brown made,a small oopsie one time when he is in,fact a Serial abuser now I had no idea,who this girl was but when I Googled her,oh dare me so for those of you who do,know Miss Mia Khalifa is a webcam model,and a former porn star who specializes,in hijab porn yes child I did not,stutter he jab a porn better excuse for,doing all this was that she was just,young dumb and 21 but I mean girl like,come on like I mean you could have found,the Walmart application two blocks down,the road now but honey I guess we all,make mistakes at some point I mean,whatever's clever and long story short,after one year and you decided to leave,the porn industry because she said it,damaged her reputation Her Image and it,also damaged the relationships that,she's had with her friends her family,members partners and I at one point Isis,yeah Isis was on her ass now for,somebody who's had a past like me as I'm,a bit taken back and she's decided to,get on her high horse and start,condemning people now first of all,calling Chris Brown a Serial abuser,cereal like really oh okay no either,this girl is just really really ignorant,or all the semen that she's collected on,the roof of her mouth has got her,forming different vowels and consonants,because cereal is just not the word,honey,because according to my research Chris,Brown has only been guilty for that one,isolated incident so girl what are you,talking about what also makes this Mia,Khalifa to be laughable it's like girl,like aren't you on the road to,Redemption like you are no place to be,pointing fingers at somebody or passing,judgment and for people who want to come,up in the comments talking about well,you you saw him because right like no I,am not excusing what Chris Brown did to,Rihanna it was completely disgusting and,there was no excuse for it but the man,has owned up to his mistakes like he's a,boss apologize for it for almost 15,years he has pled guilty for his actions,and he has paid his debt to society so,I'm not too sure why the person who has,decided to suck balls on camera for a,living while wearing a hijab and grossly,disrespecting the fate of one billion,people house decided to throw stones and,uh should we continue to condemn Mia,Khalifa for using the n-word on her,Twitter platform multiple times even,after she's apologized for it so what,I'm getting here from this idiot Mia,Khalifa is that she wants the public to,look past her disgusting Behavior while,she condemns and antagonizes somebody,else's for theirs okay girl bye me,Khalifa the best thing for you to do in,this situation is just to keep your head,down and your mouth shut and yes I know,one of two things are probably extremely,challenging for you baby girl because,you see the last thing that the public,wants to see is some racist ex-porn Star,Nail somebody to the Cross especially,when you are looking to redeem yourself,Samir darling please remember remember,glass houses,but I guess in her case glass brothels I,don't know

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