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Meyers Leonard Uses Anti-Semitic Slur During Livestreamthis is the miami heat to myers leonard,on hi

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

Meyers Leonard Uses Anti-Semitic Slur During Livestream

this is the miami heat to myers leonard,on his own twitch channel,oh no they're not gaming phone,leonard playing call of duty war zone,got mad when someone,shot at him so he swore multiple times,and angrily,more so casually dropped an anti-semitic,slur,he then claims he has to log off for the,rest of the day because his wife,needs him,yo my wife needs me she just called me,i'll uh i gotta roll brother likely what,occurred were his reps calling and game,planning how to weather the storm,he created it is inexcusable,but after all this is the same,myers-leonard,who was the lone player on his team in,the nba's orlando,bubble to stand for the playing of the,national anthem so leonard is now away,from the team,a team owned by mickey arrison a man who,is from,tel aviv israel leonard gave a statement,of his own,via his instagram while i didn't know,what the word,meant at the time what my ignorance,about its history and how offensive it,is to the jewish community is,absolutely not an excuse and i was just,wrong he promised to do better and,educate himself,the part that gets me is the while i,didn't know,what the word meant let's go baby,it's not me ,this is a little too casual my guy myers,leonard said he didn't know what the,word meant that would be,like imagine you adopt a kid who had,never heard rap before and you play him,some drake and he asked,can you play some benny the butcher and,you're like what and he's like,no sorry didn't know what i just said,the esports community also,gave leonard a good bye wave faze clan,said it was cutting ties with him,and a number of other gaming companies,including astro gaming and origin pc,have severed their relationships the,gaming sponsorships are,gone yet unsurprisingly leonard played,with symphony,a twitch streamer who said this i mean,math,i mean i'm down to go on a hike today,i'm not i'm not gonna go on a hike,tomorrow,actually i can't tomorrow but why,tuesday bro let's go let's go,monday,dude you know what i like ellington you,don't you don't like what,oh i'm dead,symphony casually dropped the n-word on,his own stream,when faze swag a black gamer asked,symphony what happened,symphony intentionally put him off,and denied ever using it i mean he,denied,denied denied over and over again,there's a history here of gamers and,streamers just,casually dropping slurs arguably the,biggest streamer pre-nick merx,was ninja who said the n-word multiple,times on his stream not once or twice,multiple the culture of streaming flat,out needs to change,one thing i've seen in the wake of this,news is you should have been in cod,lobbies back in the day and this is soft,i was i was and that is,not an excuse for what is occurring,right now as,keith smith wrote on twitter the only,bad takes,related to the use of offensive slurs,are the ones defending the use,of offensive slurs currently leonard is,out for the rest of the season with an,injury at its conclusion,he has a team option for the following,season anna horford the sister of,okc's al horford put out a few really,good tweets,he made an excuse when he said he didn't,know what it meant,and he's apologizing because he got,caught if he truly wants to change as a,human being,we'll see it in his future actions until,then we have a right to be skeptical,when people show you who they are,believe them when a commenter wrote to,anna i'd be willing to bet he didn't,know what it meant she strongly replied,do you usually use,words without knowing their meaning it's,a very distinctive word,he knew to which i concur

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The Inside Crew Reacts To Meyers Leonard's Comments | NBA on TNT

The Inside Crew Reacts To Meyers Leonard's Comments | NBA on TNT

adam silver's statement regarding what,myers-leonard said his anti-semitic,comment while he was live streaming a,video game myers-leonard's comment was,inexcusable and hurtful and such an,offensive term has no place in the nba,or in society,yesterday he spoke to representatives of,the anti-defamation league to better,understand the,impact of his words and we accept that,he is genuinely,remorseful we have further communicated,to myers that derogatory comments like,this will not be tolerated and that he,will be expected to uphold the core,values of our league,equality tolerance inclusion and respect,at all times,moving forward fifty thousand dollar,fine for myers leonard,banned from team activities for a week,um by the nba you know you and i talked,about this on the,on the podcast today yeah you know uh,uh i like myers linda he said something,was really uh,stupid uh he made a huge mistake,i would challenge everybody to you know,one of my one of the guys and i've only,said hello to him a couple of times,julian edelman he did,the patriots other patriots he wrote a,really thought-provoking,conversation uh i think it was somewhere,on twitter,uh to miles leonard it was special it,was,the constructor constructive criticism,and compassion,letting him know he screwed up but,wanted to educate him on what he was,saying,he actually did the same thing last year,with deshaun jackson,and if you can criticize somebody and,give them compassion,i admire that and respect that you know,we live in a society today,they call it the council culture when,everybody says something stupid or dumb,we want to end their life i'm not a big,believer in that,so i challenged everybody to go,read julian edelman's uh statement,the one he wrote to desean jackson last,year and the one he wrote to myers,leonard today,is thoughtful it's considerate,it's critical and it's compassionate so,shout out to,julian edelman of the patriots and miles,leonard it's just,a teaching moment part of edelman's,statement he said i get the sense that,you didn't use that word out of hate,more out of ignorance,most likely you weren't trying to hurt,anyone or even profile,jews in your community or in your,comment,that's what makes it so destructive when,someone intends to be hateful it's,usually met with great resistance,casual ignorance is harder to combat and,has greater reach especially when you,command great influence hate is like a,virus,even accidentally it can rapidly spread,and he invited him to,to dinner down in miami um,if that happens how you know so what is,we know the punishment here handed down,by the league,for myers leonard what will it take for,him,when he faces his teammates to make sure,everything's straight,well in an organization like the miami,heat which i play for this is something,they don't really,tolerate you know the the owner is,jewish there's a big jewish community in,miami,and they're going to have to believe,that he was really sorry,i think myers mentioned that he didn't,know what the word meant,a lot of people don't know what the word,meant but i think you should really,educate yourself,we know it's hurtful we know it's,derogatory,and uh you know he he made a mistake but,we professional athletes professional,athletes we,have to realize that we're held to,higher standards,we're watched 24 7 people you know,like to call us misquote us and we have,to say the right thing,do the right thing and we have to leave,by example and you know,this is a league that's a you know a,professional league and you know adam,says it,you know this is stuff that will not be,tolerated i i want to say one thing too,ernie,i want as a jock a former jock,i'm not going to try to speak for kenny,or shaq,but i want to say this,stuff that i that we and i,have said in the locker room when i,played,we can't say that stuff anymore we,thought it was funny,we thought it was a joke and i'm not,going to get on tv and try to,like i ain't never said something stupid,but i'm telling you,stuff that we said in the locker room,you wrote about that,stuff we said in the locker room if you,said it today,you gonna lose your job or get fined,depending on what type of player you are,and i,tell all these jocks hey man stuff we,used to joke about,in the 70s excuse me in the 80s when i,played in the 90s,it can't fly anymore so you're gonna,have to really be,careful really be careful when you're,joking around,with your friends because you don't know,who's around,and if you're live streaming stuff even,if it's a friend of yours,you can't joke with all those people,watching us yeah,we could make that excuse but it's not,what i'm saying like you've got to do,it you don't have to be careful you just,have to educate yourself like,that's was ridiculous like he doesn't,i don't want him to be careful i want,him to realize what he's saying or what,he's,trying to be careful of saying is not,tolerated,and so for me as you said is is is,you know when he comes into the locker,room what he also has to answe

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Meyers Leonard Suspended For Using Racial Slur, LeBron James Avoids Speaking About Covid Vaccine

Meyers Leonard Suspended For Using Racial Slur, LeBron James Avoids Speaking About Covid Vaccine

well on sunday lebron was asked if he,planned to get vaccinated as soon as,it's available for him and this was his,response,do you plan to get vaccinated as soon as,it's available that's that is,that's a conversation that you know that,my family and i will have,and pretty much probably keep that to it,to a private thing,what's the problem well i i mean there's,no problem and you know they've been,tried they've been saying a lot of nba,players aren't being proactive and,saying they want to get the vaccine but,they've been trying to target them,because people are listening,because as you know in the black,community a lot of people are a little,wary,understandably so about whether or not,they want to get vaccinated,and stephen a smith was on first take,and he also went into the history of,black people with vaccinations,and here's what he had to say about,lebron he has taken positions,on many many many things of incredible,importance to our community and if you,could speak up about those things,you just might want to think about,speaking up about this,i think he should but i'm not going to,engage in condemnation or anything like,that because i do,understand where he's coming from i,truly do,but because he is who he is this is not,the time,to get private and that's why i decided,i'm not going to be private about it as,well i will be taking the vaccine,today i respect stephen a uh totally,understand his points but i disagree i,mean there's nothing wrong with what,lebron said if,you don't know you stand on the vaccine,and you're lebron and you know the power,of your voice,and you have just trust towards the,vaccine like many black people do and,rightfully so,uh because of this racist ass medical,system you may not want to discourage,others so you say i'm gonna keep this,private until i decide what i'm gonna do,i don't i don't see the problem,maybe he hasn't decided maybe he doesn't,know as much information people always,say hey don't talk unless you know all,the facts and all the information and he,said look i'm gonna speak it over with,my family first i don't see nothing,wrong with that,he don't want to discourage folks he,knows the power of his voice i get it,all right now let's talk about maya's,leonard from the miami heat he was,on twitch and he was playing call of,duty war zone,and he had some he said some,anti-semitic slurs during a game listen,to this,let's go baby cowards don't snipe me, i don't even know what he said,what do you say,something that rhymed oh,i did it but um it's an anti-semitic,slur and since then he has,apologized and you know the nba released,a statement on the videos that they said,the league is in the process of,gathering more info on the incident,they said the nba unequivocally condemns,all forms of hate speech,right now the phase clan organization is,distancing itself from,from him and they said they do not,tolerate hate speech or discriminatory,language of any kind then myers leonard,did apologize he said i am now more,aware of its meaning and i am committed,to properly,seeking out people who can help educate,me about this type of hate and how we,can fight it,i acknowledge and own my mistake and,there's no running from something like,that,so it's hurtful to someone else so what,was the consequence i missed the,consequence what happened what do you,what well the miami is reviewing the,they're reviewing the footage,oh i thought i saw something when he got,suspended or something like that from,the team i thought i read that,no but let me ask you a question with,these words that people are saying and,they say oh i didn't know what the word,meant,like can we take that out can we take,that out of the context that's not true,because if you use the word,i mean in a derogatory manner you,clearly know what it meant yeah exactly,if you use the word as an insult you,clearly,they investigate the situation yeah they,put them on leave,mm-hmm well all right now i want to give,a big congratulations this morning to,cardi,b she is the first female rapper to earn,diamond single award for bodak yellow so,congratulations,to cardi that is huge the riaa sent a,congratulatory tweet to her tuesday,morning,before that there was a video of her,earning her award and,a five-time platinum plaque for as,well so i'm sure that's going to end up,going,diamond at some point too drop on a,clue's bounce for body,i mean listen you can't help but feel,good for body especially if you saw it,from the beginning,like so many of us did you know what i,mean just watching her,you know be funny on social media to,becoming the superstar she is the day,you gotta love it man,unless you're just a hater yeah she was,getting ready for the grammys because,you know the grammys is on sunday,and she said she was really stressed out,at rehearsal they told her you gotta,meet up with atlantic exec,she said i don't want to i'm tired i,don't want to talk about no grammys no,album i'm just tired,but they had that surprise for her way,too many pe

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Adam Silver on the NBA fining Meyers Leonard $50K for using anti-Semitic slur | #Greeny

Adam Silver on the NBA fining Meyers Leonard $50K for using anti-Semitic slur | #Greeny

it's been such a a complicated year for,all of us,but there have been along with all of,the horror and all of the sadness and,all of the difficulties there have,obviously been wonderful and rewarding,things,so as you look back on this year what,would you say has been the most,rewarding,part of it for you,well one of the most rewarding things,for me is in the middle of all this,uh my wife and i had another baby so we,had a new daughter,in the middle of all this so that's,clearly top of my list,but i would say from a larger standpoint,there's been a coming together,of the league um you know of course the,the teams are,are killer competitors on the floor but,they're all partners,in the overall enterprise and same you,know together with the players and i'd,say you know,we to me we had a very good relationship,with michelle roberts the executive,director the player association i,mentioned,chris paul before and and the players,generally going into the pandemic but,what you know what was sort of to me,heartwarming in many ways is that the,community really came together,once we had shut down i mean we quickly,turned to what it would mean to restart,you know as i've said before it's it's,it's fairly straightforward decide to,shut,down the really complicated part is can,you find a safe and healthy way,to continue and i think you know you,know a few weeks after we shut down and,had an opportunity to better understand,what was happening,um that was the first time this this,so-called bubble concept was introduced,and which which ultimately obviously we,we moved to in orlando and restarted the,season with 22 teams but,it required enormous compromi you know,enormous sacrifice and compromises from,everyone,obviously the players agreeing to live,on that,campus for those teams that that went to,the finals it was a full,three months largely away from their,families,you know and friends that we needed the,teams to agree to modified formats to,finish,the regular season we needed financial,investments,from the teams in order to pull this off,a great partnership at disney,and their willingness to do it and i,think in many ways we saw the best of,people,during the most difficult of times and i,think that's continued,you know largely into this season of,course it doesn't mean that everyone,agrees with everything that we do,even within the nba community but i,think largely,it's been a coming together you know of,of everyone who's,involved in operating nba basketball and,and i'm particularly proud of the fact,that collectively we have,we have found a way a healthy healthy,and safe way,to continue operating an appropriate,balance of,you know the the the health of everyone,involved and,and the economics frankly and i haven't,shied away from that i mean that there's,an economic crisis in this country as,well,and it's it's absolutely meaningful not,just for the players,and the coaches to have that ability to,work but there are thousands and,thousands of jobs that are dependent on,the nba's ability to operate,adam silver is with me here and so again,the one year anniversary of all of that,i have a limited time here so let me get,a couple of things in quickly if i can,we've been talking here a little bit,about,um as far as the way the game itself is,played in the proliferation of,three-point shots as a result of,analytics and and the concern that some,people have that that is becoming too,prominent,daryl mori of all people who sort of,began this revolution has voiced that i,just wonder what if any conversations,have been had relative to that and,whether it is it is viewed as something,that is a concern,it's it i wouldn't say it rises to the,level of a,concern i mean i i actually really,enjoying the game,aesthetically right now i've been a,lifelong fan i've been with the league,for over 30 years and i think we're,seeing some incredible basketball,having said that um we're constantly,looking at tinkering,at the game we've moved the three-point,line as you recall we moved it in once,then we moved it back out and we moved,it to a slightly different place,on the floor i think as the as the,caliber of the shooting,has gotten better i mean you know you,know bob cousy,said to me last year you know of all,people like he said,fans today don't understand the skill,level of these players,what they're doing by shooting from that,length on the floor with the kind of,accuracy they do,having said that you want a diverse game,and and i think you recall mike,my early days in the league everyone,used to complain there was too much,dunking,and that and that we had a lot of you,know,a lot of great athletes in the league,but they weren't skilled in the way,that you see a lot of these players now,so are we at the right balance i'm sure,there may be some adjustments we,we can make i mean i think again there's,there's so much great about the game,right now but the three-point line in,particular is something we'll continue,to look at,okay yeah that's something we'v

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Max Kellerman & Stephen A. discuss Meyers Leonard's apology for using anti-Semitic slur | First Take

Max Kellerman & Stephen A. discuss Meyers Leonard's apology for using anti-Semitic slur | First Take

miami head coach eric spoelstra spoke,out after a video,of center myers leonard surfaced on,social media tuesday where leonard can,be heard using an anti-semitic slur,during a video game live stream,leonard has since issued an apology,while spoelstra called his comments,distasteful,and hurtful several people across the,sports world have weighed in on this,week including new england patriots wide,receiver julian edelman,who is jewish published an open letter,saying in part quote,i get the sense that you didn't use that,word out of hate,more out of ignorance most likely you,weren't trying to hurt anyone or even,profile,jews in your comment that's what makes,it so destructive,when someone intends to be hateful it's,usually met with great resistance,casual ignorance is harder to combat and,has greater reach especially,when you command great influence hate is,like a virus,even accidentally it can rapidly spread,i'm down in miami fairly often let's do,a shabbat dinner with some friends,i'll show you a fun time it has also,since been announced that leonard will,be away from the heat,and definitely that according to the,organization while the nba,conducts an investigation um max,what's your reaction to myers leonard's,comments there,first i want to react to julian edelman,i,like when he does this very much he did,it with desean jackson too,instead of canceling someone as they say,usually bigotry or that kind of speech,or and bigotry generally is from fear,and hate but also largely from,ignorance and so what julian edelman,does is reach out ahead and say,look let me put you up on some stuff and,maybe it'll change the way you,think and behave and i like that,outreach from edelman i applaud it,both in the desean jackson case and here,with myers leonard,let me say i'm jewish but not only am i,jewish i,speak yiddish,i just spoke yiddish on espn right i had,i had,uh relatives who were killed in the,holocaust my youngest daughter,meera is named for my great-grandmother,who was shot in the espateria ditch,along with three 000 other jews by the,nazis this is a personal issue to me,i am not offended personally i think,oftentimes,when these things happen you have to ask,yourself who is the offended party,because i feel that we're in a great,rush to be offended by something,and i am a member of the group of which,he's speaking and i'm not offended,however,i have questions i'm not offended,because i don't believe he meant it,um other than just kind of like a kind,of,general kind of insult toward the person,he was shooting at in the game,right or playing against in the game but,i do have questions,i have questions this is different than,desean jackson,who quoted hitler and then highlighted a,specific,especially anti-semitic part right and,even then,i'm not ready to cancel to sean jackson,i have questions and i didn't like,desean jackson's,explanation i it led to more questions,um,and i have questions from ire's letter i,don't believe he doesn't know what the,word means,i mean i don't know literally what the,word means either i know it's an insult,towards jews that's all you have to know,it's meant as an insult towards jews,i also don't find an equivalency here,with this and the n-word,let's say because it we're not in,germany we're living in the united,states,the history of different persecuted,ethnic minorities is not exactly the,same as african-american history,so there's a lot that goes into this,i'll just,say i'd like to know stephen a where he,was coming from,what did he mean by it i don't believe,he doesn't know it that he didn't know,it was an insult toward jews is he from,a kind of,friend group that messes around like,that was he playing someone who was,jewish and they're going back,and forth like that i'd like to know the,very least,we can say is right now myers-leonard's,paying a stupid tax,because it's one thing to do that,privately and say that's the culture of,my friend group,it's quite another to do it publicly,that at the very least you pay a stupid,tax for,and and more than that now i have,questions i'd like to hear you answer,i appreciate that explanation and i,appreciate you providing the education,not just to the world,about the things that you just said max,but to me cause,i didn't know all of that all right so i,really appreciate that,let me say this i could have listened to,you there's a rare moment because i,could,actually listen to you for the next 10,minutes and usually that's very,difficult for me to do when it comes to,you but i would have gladly done that in,this particular situation because,i would have wanted to hear a complete,soliloquy,diatribe or whatever word is appropriate,from you,because you are jewish you are the,offended party,and i think that's incredibly incredibly,important here what i have to say about,this,to me isn't that important the most,important thing is what you had to say,because you're the offended party and so,to me,you get to determine how offended you,are by what miles lond

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Adin Ross Apologize's About His Comments Towards The Meyers Leonard Situation On Twitter!

Adin Ross Apologize's About His Comments Towards The Meyers Leonard Situation On Twitter!

okay all right bet we're gonna we're,gonna get into it bro we're gonna get,into everything i got to talk about,uh,you're a king i appreciate your brother,i appreciate you wait where the is,the thing yeah,tylenol right there all right we got we,we're here we're here all right,so i'm gonna just talk about it chat if,you don't know i'm just gonna explain to,i'm gonna i'm gonna basically just,explain everything to you guys,um i uh i've been feeling horrible this,entire day,uh just realizing like what i did like,what you know,how things escalated when they were it,could have been,you know solved better and stuff and i,decidedly just,took a a weird route because i was just,so confused and so immature about how i,handle the situation you know what i,mean,so uh i'm gonna talk about the situation,i appreciate all the love you guys are,showing in the,the chat uh but i definitely i,definitely owe an uh you know,some sort of apology i just do uh i,wanna explain what happened today so if,you don't know,um i there was a situation with myers,uh where he was on twitch or i forgot i,don't know what platform he streams on,he was on stream,and uh he basically said something on,stream that was anti-s,synthetic okay that's the word and um,basically i didn't even watch the clip,yet i woke up i saw that bleacher report,thingy,you guys know bleacher report posted,about it and,i completely fought something i was just,so uneducated bro and instead of doing,the research,i just commented what everybody else was,commenting and,here's basically what i felt happened i,thought,myers was mixed first of all initially,right so i thought he had the n-word,pass,so basically the comments were saying,meyer said the n-word,and like that's why everyone's being,soft about it ever,i didn't even see the myers clip yet,then i go to twitter after i comment the,soft thing and i start seeing some,you know backlash of course bro um to,then find out that he said another word,that,um you know is derogatory towards a,jewish person and i'm jewish by the way,um you know as you guys know i would,never disrespect my own race,my great-grandmother was in the,holocaust she's she was a survivor of,the holocaust,um and i would never disrespect my own,you know race religion culture any of,that stuff but,i want to apologize and just say how,ignorant and uneducated i was to,you know kind of just blurt out with,before you've been researching,anything you know what i mean like i,just it's just wrong of me,it's immature um and people are saying,like yo aiden you're young i'm 20,and you know what so what i'm 20 there's,no excuse there's no excuse for anybody,i up,i took the l and it was really wrong,with me just to,just you know say any of that and and,then i made a twitter video,basically defending the fact that i,thought miles of the n word and it just,got all messy,had to delete all my tweets i was just,really going through it emotionally i,had a breakdown,and i just felt horrible for anybody,that i offended and,you know what everyone deserves to be,mad and presto rich,i would i would too i would too so,um i was just really uneducated and i, up,and i'm hoping you know you guys can,forgive me for it,so i had to get that off my chest,um you know i wanna i wanna continue to,mature,and you guys are gonna notice you know,that i make mistakes sometimes and it,happens in life and,i'm growing from it you know every every,mistake i make i promise i'm not gonna,keep repeatedly making the same mistake,that's that bro um i love you guys i,love everybody,no matter what sexuality you are or,religion,race doesn't matter i love you all we're,all brothers and sisters,all right and that's all i wanted to say,so with that being said can we can we, uh,can we uh can we talk how's everybody's,uh day going,how are we doing how are we doing today,i did a lot today i got a lot of stuff,done um i can't drink any of it,but i got a package from cacti if you,guys don't know that's cactus jack,travis scott's drink, awesome

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Meyers Leonard Talks Bond W/ Jewish Community, Death Threats & NBA Return | TMZ Sports

Meyers Leonard Talks Bond W/ Jewish Community, Death Threats & NBA Return | TMZ Sports

i've been working hard you know,recovering from a couple of surgeries,right staying in uh the best shape that,i can,and uh just trying to,you know mentally,uh,get ready to stay in check you know and,just you know keep my body in check,right you've been doing a lot of good,work over the summer i saw you team up,with the anti-hate organization in,august you did a webinar right i did i,did yeah with the adl so the adl is how,about that you know it was amazing it,was amazing they gave me an incredible,platform to be able to,share my story sharing my experiences,and quite frankly be able to,just,you know explain,how sorry i was and and again to,reiterate what i had been up to you know,i,it's,it's it's hard to explain the people who,have been the most loving,and the most compassionate showing the,most grace,have been so many people from the jewish,community of course there's going to be,people,my family my close friends that,you know believe in me know what's in my,heart know that i have no hate anywhere,in my body thank you uh and so,you know sitting down 48 hours after the,incident immediately with the rabbi and,developing a relationship that we still,have,whatever it is seven months later,other other rabbis that i'm very close,with doing basketball camps um with,miami beach jewish community center um,up north in boca raton this is when,we're in miami of course,um,you know visiting the holocaust memorial,i don't,it's i i can honestly sit here and talk,for an hour about this about all the,different experiences with,little kids in the jewish community to,teenagers again all the way up to rabbis,who,have just been so generous with their,time and so understanding i'll never,forget that morning that i walked in,and sat down and i was i was scared and,nervous,and,wondering what what this man was going,to think of me and of course he said,look mars you made a mistake right but i,knew five minutes right away because i,mean i'm i'm i'm sobbing and,you know what um,it's been a very very,long and hard process because of how,much,honestly pain in my heart that i endured,i don't you know i don't want and need,your very sympathy,but it was it was hard for a very you,were very affected by it uh yeah to say,the least you know when when the death,threats and you know,my you know my wife's being told don't,leave your house we're gonna rape you in,these things that's awful it was hard so,you know a lot of these things are,difficult to share but,um you know over time i've been able to,heal you know this this will be a,lifelong thing again i i already had,many many jewish friends,and now it's just,the it's it's amazing it puts a smile on,my face to know how,forgiving,a lot of these people have been and how,near and dear now this is to my heart,and my ability,and probably the most important thing,is to say look,i made a mistake and i am so so sorry um,you know,if i keep talking about it i'm gonna get,emotional but it's more that you now i,have to use my platform and say look,i've shown very clearly throughout my,entire life whether i was in portland,giving back or in miami giving back or,you know,showing that i made a mistake but this,is so important to me to use my platform,to speak against hate and all these,other things because that's always been,who i am i love all people uh you know i,i do what i can to take my shirt off my,back and just show people the love in my,heart now obviously you're in shape,you're a beast a lot of teams can use,you maybe even the clippers need a big,man here in l.a what team do you want to,land with you know i honestly haven't,even thought,that deep into it you know what i do,know is that i i have better experience,um i know how to play the game how many,more years um,i don't know it just it just depends i,play the game for the love of it for,the culture the connection the chemistry,in the locker room the ability to impact,young guys um and then on the court you,know when people say oh well he only,averages this many points and this many,rebounds guess what i don't care i've,always said that i take pride in the,little things that don't show up i take,pride in boxing out setting good screens,facing the floor even if i don't get the,ball and shoot it through hustle,everything that comes from the heart so,i feel good about what i bring to a team,i really do what i bring to the locker,room what i bring to the community and i,know the community in miami means a lot,to you are you sure it is did joining,the miami heat again um i would be,ecstatic if i could play for the miami,heat again i i fell in love with that,place i really did my wife and i love it,there um,you know,nikki harrison the harrison family is,incredible uh pat riley,andy ellisberg adam simon the rest of,the front office spo,and his entire staff there's there's,something about the culture there,that is just me you were correct i um,yeah it was hard,and you know what um again i can only be,hopeful that people will,allow me to bounce back,um,you

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it's finally happening we are going to,play a game of horse today's the day,people the people got it up yeah Myers,conveniently has done it or chosen to do,it a month and a half since I've last,shot,he shoots every day so what's your go-to,shot hon tried to spin off my finger or,long-range threes or walk the dog maybe,what's gonna be mine,the two-handed shot for sure which is,unfair Kamisha with two balls,do something fun fun yeah,simple shots of basketball,Wow nice enough thank you very much,minimum of three bounces off your head,off the backboard minute high that,second ball two,granny shot can't even do with my nails,oh all right I'll give you a break since,you have nails you're lucky no,there's your chance you'll make it

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