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Carlos Correa Won't Be a Met, Signs Six-Year Deal with the Twinswell after three weeks of story line

Locked On Mets

Updated on Jan 14,2023

Carlos Correa Won't Be a Met, Signs Six-Year Deal with the Twins

well after three weeks of story lines of,reporting of back and forth of this is,gonna get done Correa needs the match,the Mets need Correia it's all gonna,happen,the ending none of us expected Carlos,Correa yeah third team of one-off season,he's going back to the twins we're gonna,discuss that on today's uh surprising,edition of locked on mats you are locked,on Mets your daily New York Mets podcast,part of the locked on podcast Network,your team every day,hello to all you amazing Mets fans,you're watching locked on that's part of,the locked on podcast Network your team,every day I'm your host Ryan ficklestein,for finding my work follow me on Twitter,at ficklestein Ryan you can also find,some by writing at,where I work the managing editor now the,Minnesota Twins get their guy they first,watch him go to the Giants 13 years 350.,failed physical well whatever you want,to call it a difference of opinions on a,physical same thing happens with the,Mets a 315 million dollars gone,he ends up Landing with the twins six,years 200 million now based on average,annual value nice deal for Korea uptick,in aav you go from 26 and change I,believe with the Mets to over 33 million,getting close to Francisco Lindor,territory now according to Jeff passen,contract could max out a 270 million so,assuming the first six years are,guaranteed with the 200 million that's,the 33 a year and then maybe there's two,more 35 million dollar options on it is,my guess that might vest based on uh,games played potentially so then if it's,an eight year 270 million dollar,contract well even with that you're,looking at a deal that was 45 million,dollars Less in guaranteed value than,what the Mets were putting forth now we,don't know the details yet we don't know,how the negotiations broke down we don't,know what the Mets had a similar,contract on the table if they only,wanted to guarantee the first four like,we have no idea and I'm sure all of,those reports are going to unfold over,the next 24 hours hours and then we can,dissect them but this is just breaking,down gut reaction what just happened,which is after all the promise after,Steve Cohen said this is the the last,piece that takes us over the top after,all the the stories that continued to,say Correa is coming to the Mets after,he put his kid in an eye or a hot dog,pretzel New York shirt,you know I love New York taking uh,taking the kid to work,they're all of that drama and I'm sorry,if I'm amused that that's what you're,reading on my face but I I am I,legitimately love good stories in,baseball and even though the Mets in,some ways get the raw you know end of,the stick here,they also avoid the risk of what college,Correa brings and obviously I'd prefer,Korea to assign with the Mets and to,have that type of a team,but it's just insane I mean this is one,of the most incredible free agent,stories we've ever seen to see a guy,sign with three different teams and one,off-season,that doesn't happen,as a rarity and he can be fantastic over,the next six years and the twins might,have just got the piece that they can,build their franchise around they,already have the uncertain health of,Byron Buxton but if the two of those,guys can stay healthy on a given season,they can go and run and win a World,Series so it makes sense for them,for the Mets,I think you gotta trust this this,ownership in this front office,you gotta at this point because,what they've done other than this was,still enough moves I believe,to be right back in the position they,were in last year you could say Okay,that wasn't good enough they were 101,win team the Mets go out right now if I,could sign on a title line that says,they're going to win 101 wins again how,to win games again,everyone's gonna sign and said we want,that and you bring back the same lineup,from last year,without any other moves and they are,still probably not done they're now,going to have to Pivot here we'll,discuss that a little bit,but,I think the pitching staff is improved,the lineup is the same with the possible,escalators of a Brett Beatty of a mark,Vientos of Francisco Alvarez hell of,even Ronnie Mauricio these prospects,that could move the needle for the mess,next season,all that is still,in place where this team should be fine,without Carlos Correa,does not overshadow or diminish the fact,that this is still a very disappointing,day if you're a Mets fan,because we were for a minute,able to dream on an infield,that would have been defensively one of,the best we've ever seen with Korea and,Lindor on the same side of the infield,that would have been Sensational Jeff,McNeil on second base with Lou gehorme,coming off the bench,team was going to be very special and,offensively I'd be surprised if they got,another bat in here that is as,established and as good as Carlos Correa,because you know Brian Reynolds is on,the trade market they're asking for you,know a Chief's Ransom to get him are you,really gonna make that move and if not,that what else is

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Carlos Correa Signs with 3rd Team This Offseason...

Carlos Correa Signs with 3rd Team This Offseason...

oh,no no no no no no no no no no no no no,no no no no,this sucks this really really stinks ah,so close Carlos Correa is so close man,this is uh this stinks this is a very,very uh disappointing day to say the,least but for a bunch of different,reasons uh I really wanted Carlos Correa,on the Mets I did I can't believe I'm,recording a third video on this guy for,those of you who don't know I mean you,see the title of the video Carlos Correa,has signed back with the Minnesota Twins,on a six-year 200 million dollar deal no,opt-outs no opt-outs that is the most,surprising thing honestly about this,entire deal is that there's no opt-outs,for Carlos gray he is at least gonna be,a Minnesota twin for the next six,seasons unless they trade him which I,don't even know if there's trade clauses,I saw the original tweet I've seen some,of the stuff Bob nightingale's been,tweeting out but insert the Pepe meme of,him is sucking in the copium I'm sucking,in all the copy them right now because,oh my God I mean it had to be the Mets,it had to be the Mets why couldn't it be,any why couldn't it be another Giants oh,I'm gonna be meme so hard there's an,entire video of me celebrating thinking,that we signed Carlos Correa now of,course the entire story with this Carlos,Correa thing has been the pending,physicals what's going on with his,physicals is he healthy is he not,healthy I honestly am of the mindset,that he must not be as healthy as we,think if you now have two teams that,we're gonna spend 300 plus million,dollars on them that backed out but even,then that copium to me still doesn't,even feel good because I'd be lying if I,said I didn't want Carlos Correa on this,team I'd be lying if I said I'm happy,that I think the Mets dodged the bull,that would that would be an absolute lie,coming out of my mouth because I really,wanted Carlos Correa like you saw in my,video that excitement that enjoyment was,legitimate not only just because I'm a,Mets fan and this would have been a huge,move for them but also because I think,Carlos Correa is a really really good,player and I'm willing to take that risk,if there are injuries but the Mets are,definitely smarter than me their front,office and everybody definitely knows,what they're doing more than than I,would and that's why they get paid the,big bucks and that's why I'm a YouTuber,and podcaster I think a lot of the time,with my heart I think a lot of the time,with my Mets fan brain and I don't,necessarily think about what could be,the smartest or right or rational,decision when it comes to baseball I'm,not going to talk too much about the,Mets here because again I I want to give,some love to the Minnesota Twins you,guys want to see my reaction though,obviously because of being a Mets fan,being excited about starting Carlos,Correa and then waiting about three or,four weeks and finding out that we,didn't end up signing him I mean it,sucks I'm disappointed I'm not mad at,the Mets by any means I think I,understand why they did what they did,Bob Nightingale said they offered an,eight-year deal with a possibility to go,up to 12 to basically keep the same,money but stuff wasn't guaranteed there,was a lot of insurance stuff involved I,saw they offered then six for 157 if my,boy Mike Mourinho is right who he's,always right if you're not following,Mike give him a follow this dude,literally does not miss I'm telling you,right now he doesn't miss I uh I'm just,I'm disappointed I'm sad as a Mets fan,because I really really like Carlos,Correa and him on this Mets team is a,Difference Maker I still think they're,one of the better teams in baseball but,they clearly are not as is good without,Carlos Correa then they are with him I,mean that's that's a no-brainer so from,that aspect I'm a little sad and it's,just it's something that I've I've been,like I said I've been inhaling the,copium for a bit now and I'm trying to,make myself feel better than I do but it,stinks it sucks it's frustrating it's,disappointing it's all the words that,you can imagine I'm not mad I'm just,disappointed like your parents would,tell you back in the day I think the,more frustrating thing honestly is that,lull meth is gonna exist and like I said,I'm gonna be memed for the next I don't,know forever I mean I'm memed already,because I picked the Mets to win the,World Series every year but now there's,a legitimate video on my channel talking,for what eight to ten minutes about,Carlos Correa siding with the Mets I was,popping off it's good you know what me,Mets fans is in the hole we need a,little we need a little reality check we,need something to put us back in line,we're getting a little bit too high for,our horses here we're starting to think,that you know our stuff doesn't stink we,needed it it's a reality check we come,back down to earth now we can now look,at what the team has on paper right now,and start to figure out what's going on,copium copium I I don't even want to,think about this team without Carlos,Correa oh I really w

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bonjour à tous et bienvenue sur cette,vidéo tutoriel à propos de twitter,cette vidéo est faite pour tous ceux qui,sont nouveaux sur twitter ou qui ont,peut-être déjà un compte mais qui ont,besoin d'en savoir plus sur les,fonctionnalités de base de twitter,q,pour faire ce tutoriel j'ai choisi la,version de l'application twitter tout,simplement parce qu'il ya beaucoup plus,de gens qui l'utilisent sur le téléphone,que réellement sur leur ordinateur,si cependant vous comptez vous servir de,twitter sur votre ordinateur,ce tutoriel va vous servir simplement,l'ergonomie sera légèrement différente,mais vous arriverez très bien à vous y,retrouver,donc allez on commence c'est parti je,vais sur commencé là je rentre les,informations qui me correspondent,hop mon numéro de téléphone je vais,recevoir un numéro de vérification sur,mon téléphone directement,oui j'accepte j'ai reçu le numéro de,vérification que je rentre je clique sur,suivant,il nous faut un mot de passe,alors là twitter vous propose 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et

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It Just Got WORSE For Disney | After Losing BILLIONS, They Just Gave BAD NEWS To Their Employees

It Just Got WORSE For Disney | After Losing BILLIONS, They Just Gave BAD NEWS To Their Employees

foreign,22 was a financial disaster for Disney,the worst year they'd had in nearly half,a century as their shares dropped nearly,50 percent and of course everywhere you,looked they were losing the theme parks,were losing ground to Universal at the,box office box office disappointments,and box office flops all around and of,course on streaming despite adding,millions of new subscribers they lost,1.5 billion dollars just in the last,quarter all in all it was terrible for,Disney but what everybody was saying was,you know what Bob iger's back they got,rid of mean bad Bob chapek the employees,said they didn't like Bob chapic because,he didn't treat them the right way so,now Bob Iger is going to come and save,everything well it looks like the,employees at Disney are still not happy,with the new leadership because let's,just face it it's not any different than,it was before Disney World employees set,to reject one dollar per hour pay raise,cast members is quote facing extremely,fine extreme financial difficulties,including inflation yeah you know if you,do look at our money and now this is,through no fault of Disney necessarily,but if you just look at what's going on,in the economy certainly your dollar is,not worth nearly as much this year as it,was a year or two ago there's no doubt,about that and what did Bob Iger do the,guy who's supposed to come back in and,be a man of the people he's gonna you,know maybe call the employees happy,again he says you know what for you,minimum wage workers,will give you another dollar how does,that sound Disney employees are not,happy wage workers at Disney World in,Orlando are set to reject the company's,offer of a dollar per hour pay raise,with the unions representing them,arguing that Disney's offer is woefully,inadequate at the time of soaring,inflation the service trades Council,Union which represents the six unions,cover the overwhelming majority of Walt,Disney World's cast members I didn't,even know they were unionized to be,honest but it makes a lot of sense is,recommended members vote no on the offer,Disney workers are facing extreme,financial difficulties including,inflation which has caused the price of,food and rent to Skyrocket sixteen,dollars per hour in 2023 does not keep,up with the rising cost of living every,worker needs an initial raise larger,than a dollar to address these concerns,now I've always been of the mind that if,if you really think that you're worth,more money then you can go out and go,find more money somewhere else and if,you are worth that someone will likely,give it to you but when it comes to all,these workers here they certainly think,they deserve more than a one dollar,raise concern considering everything,that's going on and on the flip side,what is Disney doing in the theme parks,as they're continuing to lose market,share to Universal for the first time in,history we saw the two Universal Parks,far outpace nearly every single Disney,park with the exception of Magic Kingdom,something like that has never happened,and Disney has to be panicking as a,result they are hiking their prices,massively at the theme parks normal,people can't even afford to go there,anymore quite frankly yet at the same,time they'd turn around and basically,offering nothing to their employees and,this is all from Bob Iger the guy who,was supposed to change things for Disney,the employees were supposed to Love Bob,Iger and of course what's he also now,doing he's ending remote work now what,did people say about Elon Musk when he,said we're ending remote work oh that's,just the worst thing ever well now Bob,iger's doing the same thing in a,desperate attempt to get more value out,of what's happening at Disney because,right now it cannot be understated what,hard financial times Disney's undergoing,right now after having to close a lot of,stuff down during the pandemic that of,course no fault of their own necessarily,one of the reasons Bob either likely,stepped down and then decided to come,back now they still have some debt from,that fox purchase that they made a few,years ago and now with all the bad news,they got in 2022 they're having to,tighten the belt way up financially,Disney is in trouble Bob Iger orders,Disney at home employees to work in the,office four days a week I don't think,there's anything wrong with that I think,that a lot of people should be working,in an office I don't think everyone's,suited for remote work I know that some,people are going to do really well,remote work-wise like for real a lot of,people will perform even better at,working remotely they'll be more,efficient they'll get stuff done quicker,but for a lot of other people that's,simply not the case people are not the,same you can't manage people exactly the,same but it looks like Bob Iger is,making them come back into work for the,sake of creativity and because they need,to get more work out of them all of this,is just so funny need to see because Bob,Iger was deemed this hero and especially,by

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Carlos Correa Talks Have to Reach a Breaking Point Soon

Carlos Correa Talks Have to Reach a Breaking Point Soon

is Carlos Correa ever gonna officially,sign with the Mets we have gotten two,weeks into this process and I'm at the,point where I don't even care what,happens just give me a result on the,show today we are going to hopefully,give our final update of the Korea Saga,before resolution also the Mets man of,minor league signing that is very,interesting to discuss maybe a,replacement for Terence Gore we're going,to get to that on today's edition of,locked on mats,you are locked on Mets your daily New,York Mets podcast part of the locked on,podcast Network your team every day,hello to all you amazing Mets fans,you're watching locked on that's part of,the locked on podcast Network your team,every day I'm Rose Ryan Finkelstein if,you want to find any of my work follow,me on Twitter at Finkelstein Ryan you,can also find somebody writing at just, where I work as the,managing editor,when is this gonna end,I have gotten to the point of,frustration and I didn't think I'd get,here I was going to be patient I was,going to be calm I was trying to preach,patience and,I just am at this point where we just,want to know right we just want to know,is Carlos Craig I've been wearing a,match uniform or not and everything,would indicate that he's going to,you know everything would tell us,that,there will be some resolution Jim Bowden,goes on a show for the athletic I,believe I know he writes for athletic I,believe the podcast also for the,athletic where it basically says he has,a source that's close to Korea that says,he will be signed with the mess they're,just ironing out the details that,happened yesterday,thought we'd see some resolution no,today he reports again discussions are,ongoing but but no resolution,we've heard that there's other teams,involved but you just had kind of both,sides try to gain leverage over the,weekend where John Heyman Scott boris's,mouthpiece says that Carlos Correa has,gotten offers there's other teams,interested,the Mets come back with we're extremely,frustrated with the process through,their own little mouthpiece and Andy,Martino we're really frustrated we might,walk away from the table then silence,with all of what we've had presented to,us with the realities of both side,situations the Mets they don't want to,go into next season without Carlos,Correa after selling all those tickets,hyping up the signing and everything,that came with it and wanting to be that,clear-cut favorite to win the World,Series they want Carlos Correa,particularly Steve Cohen once Carlos,Correa,Carlos Correa side as we said since the,beginning good luck getting a 300,million dollar contract from any other,team but the Mets at this point,but how can you finally dot all the eyes,and cross the t's and make it happen how,much does the MLB have to approve this,contract the MLB PA,and what's happening as a byproduct is,all of us are just sitting here on pins,and needles trying to figure it out I,mean I didn't know what to discuss today,do I do a podcast about the Korean news,just for the creators to break as I'm,recording it I've had that fear for two,weeks now every time I hit recording a,podcast between every segment I check on,Twitter and make sure something didn't,happen,I know I mean first world problems on my,end about what I talk about in this this,show that I love to do so much of course,it's not a major deal but I also would,like to get into discussing the upcoming,season and previewing things more but,it's hard to preview things when one of,the best players on the team potentially,is in limbo,I want to do a show predicting the,hardware the Mets are going to take in,this year go through the roster who can,win gold gloves who can win silver,Sluggers who's got the best chance to,win an MVP at Cy Young all that good,stuff problem is,you look at the Mets position players,Carlos Correa,what would you stack the odds on him,winning MVP over the other guys on the,roster,it'd be perea Lindor Alonso really as,the guys that could conceivably win that,award in particular,discussing gold gloves who has the best,chance outside of Francisco Lindor to,win a gold glove next year,I mean Nolan Arenado you know basically,has that trophy locked up every single,season but you never know,silver Sluggers same boat so you know I,couldn't do that show today,we want to look at at the Mets infield,and stack it up to the other infield as,a baseball can't quite do that yet until,you have a clear understanding of what,happens with Korea here,so we're all just waiting,I still think that fans should be,excited about Carlos Correa but I also,think that the longer that fans have to,wait for this one the less excited,they're gonna be and that's just a,byproduct now I do think that once you,finally get the signing done maybe an,uptick in the excitement happens but the,Mets have just put themselves in a weird,spot and they're obviously doing their,due diligence here so I'm not knocking,them it's just a really weird place to,be I want to explore it

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SNY's Gary Apple visits the weird world of New York Mets Twitter

SNY's Gary Apple visits the weird world of New York Mets Twitter

oh hello there and welcome to another,edition of irrational tweet theater well,it's been a trying week or so and I've,seen that many of you Met fans have been,busy on the Twitter sharing your hot,takes and so it's time for us to shine,the spotlight on some of meth Twitter's,most colorful commentary let's begin,with Rob who says every met lineup that,Ted Curtis Granderson in it has taken,ten days off my life well Rob we wish,you nothing but wonderful days at a good,long life ahead but when it comes to,Curtis Granderson he's a professional he,36 years old we know in the past the,numbers say he's a slow starter now that,the weather is beginning to warm up I,think Curtis is going to do so as well,the baseball card would indicate that's,the case and yesterday was a pretty good,start in that direction Young woke neck,says the Mets literally ruined my day,and they didn't even play it mmm that's,awfully smooth I know how I like to,bookend my day and it certainly does,begin with reading about the Mets in the,morning and then finishing with a Mets,game at night there are plenty of,wonderful days ahead the spring is here,the flowers are blooming and I believe,the Mets are going to start to win,they've been to the postseason two,consecutive years I wouldn't give up,hope here I think it's going to be,number three this year it's a long,season our next week comes from Julie,who says semi-related notes I'm not here,for and won't tolerate any Steve Gelb's,Heat he's a lovable and knowledgeable,reporter who I will fight for well Julie,Steve Gelb's is a guy who's out there,busting it every single night through,the course of a broadcast we feel the,same way about Steve he's a member of,our squad and he likes coming into your,home's each and every day at night we're,going to cut Steve a break Steve Gelb's,you're all right with us,our next week comes from tez who says @g,Apple is actually a professional,television presenter joke's on us I know,this says I enjoy bringing the Mets to,you on it nightly at a daily basis I,went to Syracuse they teach broadcasters,how to broadcast there and then I,followed my broadcasting dream to many,cities across America and ended back up,here in my hometown of New York City I,hope you can appreciate the hard work I,put in and the way I try to help you and,educate you on the Mets on a nightly,basis,next it's Jonathan who says how the heck,is Reyes in the lineup over conforto,I want a five page essay double-spaced,12 inch pot in Times New Roman,explaining this hmm well from one,scholar to another I think putting the,report together in that fashion is not a,bad idea,a New Roman is a good way to go when it,comes to Michael conforto he's in the,lineup once again tonight and you know,what I don't think that's a bad idea as,for mr. Reyes he seems to have turn,things around Terry Collins has got the,right idea here he likes to stay with,his veterans while also giving tinfoil a,chance to prove his wares our final,tweet comes from Jordan who says that,2017 Mets are eventually going to just,the Jay Bruce standing alone at right,field wondering where all his friends,went what children there have been,plenty of injuries for this team so far,Lucas cute is still out no question they,miss you when it sets but it's but all,things considered they are still very,much in the hunt in the National League,East and they will be for days to come,and here's my final thought who needs,friends when you have a good drink Three,Olives at a terrific book we want to,thank you for joining us here on the,rational free theater we'll be here all,season long to keep you entertained and,abreast of,things that you're saying and things,that we can react to

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SNY dives back into unhappy New York Mets Twitter

SNY dives back into unhappy New York Mets Twitter

oh hello there and welcome to yet,another edition of a rational tweet,theater I've seen that you met fans out,there have been very busy on the Twitter,sharing your hot takes so it's time for,us to shine the spotlight on some of,Mets Twitter's most colorful commentary,let's begin today with Ben who says I'm,at the point where I think Abed rosario,is just a figment of Met fans,imagination and doesn't actually exist,well then I can understand your dilemma,I often experience figments of my own,imagination after having one too many of,these puppies right here however Ben I'm,here to help guide you through your,confusion so this is a mid Rosario he is,indeed a real person he does exist this,right here this is Bigfoot he does not,exist and he is not real so Rosario real,Bigfoot not real and then this guy real,and really handsome,our next week comes from big baller Sal,who says I want everybody on the Mets,fired immediately well big baller Sal or,should I say mr. baller I understand,your frustration the Mets find,themselves did a pretty big hole at the,moment but the good news is here there,are still 97 games to go in the season,and that is plenty of time to make up,ground,remember mr. baller the injury bug has,hampered the Mets plans and these are,human beings that you're asking to be,fired I am for you to show some,compassion except of course if you're my,former personal trainer I figure this,natural maybe is employment,pretty much expendable,next from in Metz we trust' tweeting out,there for the injuries Mets are almost,at a point where bringing Eric Campbell,back from Japan doesn't seem like the,worst idea mmm well I'll tell you what,one of these in the morning they really,do get you going and that's We Trust I'm,not sure if you're aware but I am a,scholar with many leather-bound books,and a thirst for knowledge who's been,known from time to time to dabble in the,world of economics for example did you,know that Japan was the United States,fourth largest supplier of goods imports,in 2016 in fact us goods imports from,Japan total one hundred and thirty two,point two billion dollars in 2016 the,top import categories in 2016,vehicles machinery electrical machinery,optical and medical instruments aircraft,and not I repeat not Eric Campbell so,I'd have to politely disagree with your,suggestion our next tweet comes from,Chris who says if I'm Rafael Montero and,I'm deciding what tattoo I want to get,after the game I'd choose something,other than on the 40-man roster well,Chris in life sometimes you've got to,admit defeat and on this one I am indeed,waving the white flag because quite,frankly that's a good one,next it's LC who says hey Mets I'm going,to the game on Sunday with my dad and I,really want bucket hats can you switch,your giveaway well that is a very noble,request young man but Mets bucket hat,day is tomorrow and unfortunately,despite all the power that I have that,decision is final,you see LC there was a time not that,long ago that I too was in the very same,predicament that you are I had in my,possession a golden ticket to attend the,Mets game along with my grandpa Joe out,of pre shirt Friday however on the,following day the Mets were giving away,batting practice helmets oh boy did I,want that Mets batting practice helmet,but alas my ticket was not for that game,I left that game quite frankly,brokenhearted and dreaming of what could,have been but I learned a very valuable,lesson just because you wear makeup and,you're on television it doesn't give you,any special privileges in life I am a,man of the people,just like you as I to put my pants on,one leg at a time and we finish with,this one right here it comes from star,blazer who launched this thing or out,there,I really hate Gary Apple can we ship him,back to channel two and do three minutes,of sports at 11:28 oh yes but two things,I love the most my fans and of course,the no trade clause in my contract well,star blazer it looks like I'm not going,to be needing this right here it's too,bad because we could have played,cornhole listen to Nickelback and crush,some hard lemonade but since I'm a nice,guy not is all lost here my Twitter,troll friend since I have another idea,but I think you might like this one,right here an invitation to my block,party happening later this summer the,guest list it is already filling up so,be sure to bring your sunscreen and,don't forget you don't want to get,burned by all the hot takes so that's,going to conclude another rousing,edition of irrational tweet theater we,thank you as always for watching,and for writing in keep those hot cakes,coming until next time,you

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123 | Carlos Correa is NOT a New York Met

123 | Carlos Correa is NOT a New York Met

hello everyone and welcome back to,another episode of Shea station the,Carlos Correa Saga is officially over it,was a Trilogy not one that I'm in huge,favor of because in the end Carlos,Correa signs with the Minnesota Twins on,a 60 or 200 million dollar deal I am,still trying to wrap my head around this,as we go for the instant raw reaction,with my co-host Jerry Blevins Jerry what,is on your mind right now,uh a few things number one is a is,Disappointment because I know,how good of a ball player Carlos Correa,is,um so I know he's going to help the team,especially this year,uh he could have been a a really really,strong addition to a Mets lineup that,needed pop,and he was going to provide that,um but the,a kind of a sense of relief uh for a few,reasons number one being obviously,there's something going on the Giants,organization,threw up some red flags that they didn't,like and I respect everything that I've,seen and been a part of with that,organization from the jump,and then for the same red flags to pop,up in the Mets physical on their own and,they didn't just throw money at it they,were willing to set a limit they decided,that it didn't fit and Carlos Correa had,a better Suitor a better offer and felt,more comfortable going elsewhere so as,much as it pains me that Carlos Correa,going into age 28 season signs for six,years,is going to be 33 at the end of this,this uh six-year run feels like that,could have been a very good fit,um,and safe it feels safe it feels like a,steal but again there's something going,on there that that they didn't feel,comfortable with and I appreciate it I,appreciate the fact that I have,every turn and the Stevie Cohen era has,led in a positive direction and he's got,my trust man uh,trust in Stevie Cohen so whatever the,case may be the people in line that are,making these decisions with Billy eppler,it didn't work out it didn't fit in,their plans,um,I'm on board you know I feel like the,the people that are smart and in good,position didn't like it and so now I I,can in retrospect give me six years,worth of of uh you know retrospect and I,might change my tune but I trust in,Stevie Cohen yeah I mean that's kind of,the the main thing I was saying to a,couple people outside before we started,recording I mean the front office has,gained my trust because of a lot of the,great moves that they've made and I'll,forever be curious what the physical,entailed about Carlos correa's right leg,but we'd be lying if we said that we,weren't sad that Korea is not going to,be in Med you know regardless of the,exterior circumstances revolving around,this whole dance of three weeks the,thought of Carlos Correa in a Mets,uniform was extremely exciting playing,alongside Francisco Lindor like they did,for team Puerto Rico in the 2017 WBC but,at the same time you know now you're,entering another year where the Mets,kind of have the same lingering problem,with their lineup it was the first thing,I said on Twitter after this happened,you're going another year where you,don't really know who the bat that's,going to protect Pete Alonso is and,that's been a problem since petalonzo's,been here in 2019 and I think that he's,improved as a hitter discipline wise to,work around pitchers pitching around him,but I have to say same time in a perfect,world Carlos Correa behind petalonzo bat,and fifth would have been so so ideal,and now the Mets have to Pivot because,the free agent class is thin Carlos,Correa was a big fish that came off the,board three weeks ago resurfaced and,then immediately went off the board,today there's no one really behind him,that really fills that void so do the,Mets pivot to a trade Now is it going to,be full trust in the youngsters like,Alvarez at the righty TH or Brett Beatty,at third base he might get serious run,there now without Carlos Correa what,does it mean for Eduardo Escobar who is,linked to some trade rumors and is now,going to be looked at as probably a big,piece of this 2023 team a lineup in that,team that's going to look very very,similar to the one that we saw last year,I think that the X factors for the team,are going to be guys having to step up,and those guys that performed last year,sustaining that same performance but at,the end of the day the thought of Carlos,Correa as a met was one that I grew very,attached to over the past 20 days and,the fact that it's not happening is,incredibly jarring I'm sure they had,good reason but now I'm left asking as I,often am when the Mets make moves what's,next,yeah,um,I thought it was in an at is was an,inevitability that he was going to suit,up for the Mets I really thought it was,like all right they're just ironing out,details that this they both sides want,this to happen but,I I at some point somebody's gonna write,a book and probably you know uh we'll,get a we'll get a behind the scenes look,his Medicals are his medical is that,that old,press conference whatever the case may,be it's going to be an interesting press,conference I'll tel

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