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Meek Mill Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQyou know what happens Meek Mill and I'm,


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Meek Mill Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ

you know what happens Meek Mill and I'm,going undercover on the Internet,it's actually me seriously it's actually,me core how important is Instagram to,Meek Mill career I don't know how much I,was popping his flesh degree Twitter,that left no vet can someone explain to,me why and hi Robert Kraft and meek Mill,are friends,it's like be weird question but you know,we hustlers why is that surprising cuz,he white and wealthy and I'm black again,when I don't know why we friends at,picasso 7 180,how does it feel the head at album under,year chant i feel good to have people,supporting my album you know I put a lot,of time in the recording it I'm so,grateful I know what people like it it,got some princess underscore do you,think that possibly be a Meek Mill tour,with a few artists on your album I got a,tour coming up this February it starts,in February cars in one division,tourists edition y night tour so you,know we will add people to the tourists,times afford right at violence five one,seven,can we get us what would we do official,remix with Meek Mill please for my,sanity and then shout out to push it,take you know that's very possible hit,push your teeth each set you can make,that happen,at creature seven six seven how did you,feel when you got that whole verse what,was the first thing you did add to us,the first thing I did was send it to my,homies and let my homies here and it was,loving it I always got like my three,four people I always sent music so I've,been doing in my whole life so yeah love,my homies head posted YouTube is that,little snoop on his chain if you own the,low snoop Louis Newt lost his life to,gun violence it was the first artist,outside - dreamchaser records he was,like my little brother and he lost his,life probably about four years ago to,gun violence so you know I'm putting on,my chain of represent my interior is the,other person on my chain she lost her,life when I was a kid was this isn't it,pick up Willie is illegal - pink Oh,Willie that's what they say wait what I,don't know we're picking up Willie is I,don't know what they mean with it it's,not a crying Papa woody but I went to,prison for popping the world,a State Penitentiary time apart normally,sell the meat milk and tour because,these are prohibition how does he make,money I can't or I can go anywhere I,want in the world,you had the ask for permission on,probation ready crab helped him get out,of prison I would said he helped me he,spoke up for me and the time I need he,spoke up for me in front of the world,grab a crab meant to market Ruben and,we've been cool ever since really met on,the plane went to Miami choked out and,we've been cool ever since more Twitter,and BK skinMan and the rap career is,over or you feel like you are done what,do you see yourself doing what is your,legacy gonna be,I will continue to use this platform,that you had I don't know I'm just gonna,keep on doing the best I can and again,the best man I can use my platform to,bring awareness to and justice across,America at row safe at Meek Mill,what do you fear the most in life well,when I'm feeling once in life I would,say dying that's easy,Wikipedia he became acquainted with,another one of his father's brother who,went by the MC name Grandmaster Nell who,was a pioneer disc jockey in the late,nineteen eighties Philadelphia's hip hop,scene he has also influenced by the,independent hip hop artists like cheap,vodka whom he used to emulate watching,on their DVDs yeah that's true I used to,watch 12 on the streets a lot of Philly,rappers on them DVDs like my barber,himself Shawn brown rock monster cheap,raw real dollars really had a lot of,artists when full of Duffy who really,inspired me a lot to want to keep,pursuing rent more quo was meeting,imprisonment just no meat no,imprisonment wasn't just I don't think I,would be back on the street it was,Justin I had a bunch of people support,me it was this Meek Mill believe in God,yes I believe in a guy I don't know if,it's a person that I believe in but I,believe in some hard in the world posted,Instagram and Meek Mill Bay who was the,song about let there hurt though this,song is one of my favorites on,they're talking about the song almost,lip it's not about anybody specific,you're just talking about experience and,dealing with women and dancing we're not,really taking every woman I've dealt,with serious I was not specifically,about anybody what's the name of the,song that song don't have a name - yeah,one of the songs I recorded and then,make the album cut I probably recorded,200 songs and picked 19 so that one,didn't make the album cut I think is,saved in my computer as the motivation,or something like that next even more,Twitter at forego you know how does Meek,Mill had a vocal stamina - yeah about 85,of his lyrics,I'm healthy yesterday this is the way I,read I just read progressively I come,from a DMX tight busta rhymes era and,that's where I came out expressing,myself I would say elves on the school,how does meat milk

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hey hey hey,come on,shut up,all right,here,rapper Meek Mill acknowledges that he,almost got into a fight at gervante,Davis's Pay-Per-View event on Saturday,night in the middle of the eighth round,the action was stopped due to a huge,disruption and disturbance in the crowd,this was Meek Mill and his,Dream Chasers crew against the Russell,Brothers who are boxing brothers and,here's what Meek Mill said he said,congratulations tank I almost fought a,boxer telling him this fight not going,12 rounds I missed the big bomb I would,never let no petty stuff escalate to let,somebody movie run I just walked away I,came to support tank and Boots good wins,I was nice to everybody at the fight if,you was there you saw the blogs gonna,put up the aggressive part after I,respond to something aggressive,everybody in that section seen my level,of respect towards others I just gotta,step my response game up I have no,business going back and forth that hard,with a random person and we just talking,about sports so my apologies for wasting,time for nothing I had a few shots I,know how to dodge those congrats tank,and Boots so Gary Antoine Russell is a,potential opponent for Javonte Tang,Davis Gary and while Russell is a,potential opponent for Geron boots Ennis,so the Russell Brothers are from DC,everybody knows so I'm checking out the,comments and people are cooking Meek,Mill because they have seen them box a,little bit before they seen them hitting,the bag and stuff and they say dude you,don't want to do that you did the right,thing by leaving exiting that Arena,before it get too bad for you obviously,it could have got worse and it goes,beyond boxing but it was just it wasn't,a good look you know for us to be,watching a Pay-Per-View fight I think,around 2 minutes 16 seconds or so 15,seconds two minutes 15 seconds,uh all of this went down and so tank,looked over,his shoulder and he was clearly,distracted and then Hector Garcia you,know some guys would have just ran in on,tank and started swinging but Hector,Garcia even paused up a little bit The,Ref hadn't really broke the action the,ref hadn't timed it out both the,fighters just stopped and was looking a,little bit then the ref finally timed,him out and then told him to go to the,uh their neutral corner so uh overall I,guess it was nothing just a little,argument there's a little bit of clip of,Meek Mill uh,you know not saying much but we don't,really see the whole thing so I'm not,blaming nobody or nothing like that but,apparently if you want to know what,happened Meek Mill and Gary Russell was,probably arguing over you know if tank,is struggling or not because I did see,Gary Antoine Russ uh Gary Russell I'm,sorry the older Gary Russell the oldest,Gary Russell saying man tank he,flat-footed he's slow and he was just,you know going in so let me know what,y'all think about Meek Mill getting into,it with the Russell Brothers at the,Javonte tank Davis fight make sure that,you hit the like button on this video,share this video subscribe to the,baddest brand in the land champside also,go to the you can,follow us on Instagram at champ,underscore side and Twitter and Facebook,at the champside,foreign

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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill drag each other on Twitter and embarrass themselves!

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill drag each other on Twitter and embarrass themselves!

hello everybody welcome to the,impressive Channel Nicki Minaj and meek,Mill got into a very heated exchange on,Twitter and there was a lot of tea that,was spilt it got really really messy but,before I get into that I do want to give,you all a backstory on how this whole,beef happened Nicki and meek Mill have,had a very up-and-down relationship ever,since they broke up they ended off on a,pretty bad note and there were some,instances where they were throwing shade,at each other however they did get to a,point where they set aside their,differences and meek Mill started to,reach out to Nicki while she was dating,nas not only that Nicki admitted in her,song Barbie dreams that meek was still,in her DMS so around that time it seemed,as if they were in some communication,with each other and Nicki did eventually,reconcile with meek,any room for you and me to ever get back,together oh just curious this is wrong,you're not sure maybe nice told me that,he thinks that Mika still in love with,me,while we were here um well I have so,many questions about this place,so did you would me ever did you tell me,that you were good at date models that,no just everything I have no words for,him I did not have no words for me it's,taken me a long time to even be at this,place you know any because he's you know,since he came home he's apologized to me,he's he's really trying to like be the,bigger person and to like you know he's,come out and said yo I know I didn't,really do right and I know like you know,you used to buy me and you were good to,me and you know so because of that I was,able to breathe and really try to,forgive and move on because I am you,know obviously I'm a forgiving person,as long as the person comes at me right,but if they can if they continue what,they both I'm not just going to shops,and like double back I'm not gonna do,that,mm-hmm but if you take that step with me,I'll meet you halfway,now Nicki and meek mill's relationship,did go downhill when he started linking,up with her adversaries like cardi B and,Drake and I do believe she blocked him,because of it but even after she blocked,him Meek Mill was still keeping tabs on,her and also Meek Mill has had this,strange habit of targeting men who've,been linked to Nicki Minaj in fact I,remember the time when he sent his,people to attack Nicki's ex-boyfriend,Safari not only that when Nicki was,dating the racecar driver Lewis Hamilton,meek threw shade and said she don't like,nice guys,also when Nicki got into a relationship,with her now husband Kenneth petty meek,was asked about it and he said I don't,feel nothing and I don't know that man,to judge him I went to check him out on,her page and found out I was blocked,even though meek tried to be mature,about Nicki's new relationship he just,couldn't help himself when he found out,that Nicki got engaged to Kenny he,dissed him in this unreleased track,listen to this,now I do believe that this song was the,root of Kenny and Meeks altercation if,you don't know,last month Nikki and her husband Kenny,had a heated argument with Meek Mill in,the store,Mika attempted to approach Nikki but her,husband wasn't having that and things,did get out of control ever since that,happened it caused even more attention,between Nikki and meek now fast-forward,to today there is an instance that,happened that sparked a messy Twitter,feud between Nikki and meek Mill the,shady room posted a screenshot of Meek,like in a shady post about Nikki's,husband so in this post Nikki's husband,was photoshopped as a mannequin in the,jimmy-jam store and meek mill bean petit,liked it Nikki decided to return that,petit energy and posted several pics on,her Instagram story clown and Meek Mill,and his clothes she also tweeted this,trigger fingers turned to Twitter,fingers bad built face obsessed with the,Queen this dude been tweeting about my,man for a year now talking about he went,to my page to see him but he was blocked,my dude move on I know you're,embarrassed crapped on yourself in that,store when you got pressed oh and she,put the clown emoji now things did take,a very messy turn when Nikki posted this,message on her Instagram story she said,you a clown you do it for,likes hashtag Twitter fingers beat women,scared of men okay,now when she said this I was like whoa,whoa wait a minute,she said that Meek Mill beats women,allegedly those are her words not mine,but I couldn't help but think back on,this clip from an unreleased documentary,that Nikki had where she admitted that,she was in an abusive relationship she,didn't name any names but some people,speculated that it may have been about,meek and I bowed like that's why I'm,like maybe some people will just want me,as abrasive or you know whatever because,I about from that age no man would ever,abuse me call me out my name treat me,like that and then all of a sudden that,was my life like I let one human being,make me so low that like I didn't even,remember why it was I was scared to get,in the studio like I

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Meek Mill Apologizes To Ghana's Presidential Palace Following Backlash, Kanye Spotted +More

Meek Mill Apologizes To Ghana's Presidential Palace Following Backlash, Kanye Spotted +More

throw my hand sit through my Rumor Has,It call out a name or you gossiping or,you chatting but this is the rumor,report I mean I guess we on The,Breakfast Club this is where the tea,spills right right on The Breakfast Club,why are we still calling this the rumor,report there's never no damn rumors it's,just a bunch of BS well we gotta uh need,a little time to do cut some new promos,and you said Kanye West I ain't heard,that name in a while well that's the,thing Kanye West has been missing for,the last couple of weeks it's uh,ex-business manager has been trying to,find him said he owes them a couple of,hundred thousand dollars he's been off,the grid but he popped up uh Sunday uh,where he went to church and then he's,been driving around Beverly Hills with a,new woman by his side they don't know,who this woman is as of yet they've been,holding hands he's been driving around,in his Maybach and it seems like he's,been staying at the Waldorf Astoria so,he seems like he is okay and everything,is good money he's just been off the,grid for a little bit maybe that's a,good thing what church was he at did,they say no they didn't say what church,all right now congratulations,and offset now cardi B and offset uh,have been seen shooting a Super Bowl ad,together for McDonald's so it seems like,they have a McDonald's ad that's going,to be popping up at Super Bowl Sunday,and that's a good thing because we all,know cardi B loves McDonald's yeah cardi,B definitely loves McDonald's I remember,one time I don't remember which time but,this was years ago when cardi B was on,The Breakfast Club and after the,interview was over that's what she was,saying I'm going to get me a McGriddle,yeah and yeah she wanted french fries I,saw Khaled uh doing something for,McDonald's the other day too I guess his,Chef was off and he was on Instagram,eating McDonald's I'm sure that was a,paid post he just did Weight Watchers,listen that is one thing that we don't,talk about enough what it insults me boy,Catlett had a weight watching deal okay,Kyle is the reason I don't believe in,Weight Watchers anymore okay Cali hadn't,performed before pictures,any after pictures when Callan had that,Weight Watchers deal all right it just,it was but it was Weight Watchers and,Khalid Weight Watchers that was a while,ago though when he had the Weight,Watchers do but boy he didn't take that,deal seriously did he no not at all no,no no DJ Khaled,Sally,bringing the love,ly,yes okay gotta get into it now we gotta,congratulate you more uh he's revealing,that he's expecting a baby girl so,congratulations to Shamar Moore okay I,get mistake of him sometimes but I look,nothing like him now Fred obang he's,revealing stop what that's never,happened you've never been mistaken for,Shamar Moore you must have taken for,Carlos Boozled no yes Carlos was yes and,a lot of the barges you ain't never been,mistaken for no damn um uh not a frame,the body frame the muscles all right now,next surgery,Fredo bang you gotta congratulate him,he's uh he just revealed he uh is a,daddy he has a newborn that just I guess,he was just born the other day so,congratulations to Fredo bang okay Santa,Fredo bang congrats and lastly is,Brandon around with Brandon can somebody,call Brandon in here Brandon now uh Meek,Mill is apologizing for filming a music,video at Ghana's presidential Palace the,Jubilee house that's right now the,backlash this weekend I was there last,week,he posted a video that was filmed at the,Jubilee House Government building which,serves as the Ghana's official residence,and Office of the President now people,are very upset about him shooting this,video now Brandon who works up here it's,a beautiful building by the way uh yeah,that's right Brandis,what did you say I can't pronounce that,now why are people so upset that Meek,Mill shot this video at the uh guidance,president for a whole country right yeah,I'm a little nervous I gotta speak for a,whole country but um yeah I feel like he,didn't really approach on any respect,level,um it's pretty much like our version of,The White House and he came in a white,tee and shorts basketball shorts yeah,and when his whole Squad came like that,and um,and then if you hear the song He's like,kind of talking crazy of the song,talking about smash a girl on the first,link up and he'll kill people if you,don't give his money so we just feel,like he wouldn't do that you know in,America at the American White House at,the queen's palace or anything like that,but he sees us and he feel like he could,just,um you know I mean this is like a,certain lack of respect like would you,do that at any other high-ranking,political I guess yeah you never think,about it they would never do that at the,White House,at the queen's palace I feel like you,know I think you have to learn the laws,of the land you're in I think one of uh,one thing all of us should learn,especially in light of recent events,like uh Brittany grind is just how to,learn how to move in other countries

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Meek Mill Exposes Drake. Says He Doesn't Write His Own Raps and Uses Reference Tracks!

Meek Mill Exposes Drake. Says He Doesn't Write His Own Raps and Uses Reference Tracks!

which would eject numbers and check it,out because the jig is up Meek Mill,comes out and proclaims that Drake is,nothing but a light-skinned,ventriloquist a non talented piece of, who basically should not should,should not be compared to a real street, like himself because unlike drink,Meek Mill actually writes his own raps,now the goddamn blasphemy the,unmitigated gall goddamnit what are you,talking about meek now before I get into,this right let's figure out where this,is coming from now it could be coming,from obviously we know these rappers,nowadays they're basically social-media,fiends read tweets kind of get them,hyped up to say all types of okay,it could be coming from a place of,moisture yes it could be moisture but,let's not act like meek is not the same,individual who basically called out and,beefed with his own label mate wale over,a tweet he claimed while a was a , who was hating on him for not,tweeting out about his album now this,time around he actually mentions that,Drake didn't tweet his album as well now,if it's not that because let's look a,little bit deeper because some sources,from within his camp said listen this,might be stemming from Drake who was,invited to meet knows homecoming concert,in Philly,he either declined or didn't respond,Meek Mill took that as a sign of,disrespect and then went to the place,where all rappers solved their beef,social media now let me tell you this,because I'm definitely caught up in the,inception I feel like I've been fooled,bamboozled hoodwinked now think about,this okay Drake who's been pegged as one,of the best riders in hip-hop,I mean he's won tons of awards BMI,awards for song writer of the year okay,turns out he got a ghostwriter himself,Shrek it's kind of like finding out that,Aquaman can't float it's kinda like fine,now spider-man's afraid of heights,that Bill Cosby actually wrote,the verse or Rick Ross on you Oh Eno now,just let cooler heads prevail because,this is obviously right the result of,pillow talking right let's not pretend,for a second that Nicki Minaj probably,isn't behind this right she's with me,bill right let's not pretend that she's,probably not exposing all these ,who probably sent over her,while she's getting bused down by Meek,Mill that's how he's getting information,but let's just get to the tweet said,really get to what Meek Mill is saying,and really what's really bothering him,now this is what he hopped on Twitter he,just came out look he said this ,so fake you can blow they cover in two,days okay he said stop comparing Drake,to me he don't write his own raps that's,why he ain't tweet my album because we,found out then he says the whole game no,for real they scared to tell the truth I,can't wait to something his type in his,atrocious okay I can't wait to bla bla,these guys and sit back and act like,they don't know okay then he says don't,compare me to none of the cats that,don't write their own raps either lol,okay he then says Kendrick and J Cole,really not a rap even though they in,different lanes do this all the way out,of it now he's talking about is actually,drink he's all the way out of it okay,then he says this he ain't even write,that verse on my album and if I woulda,knew I would have took it off my album I,don't trick fans I only know how to tell,the truth if hope gave me a verse that,someone else wrote I would do the same,thing no shade to hope and I gotta like,really edit a little bit because his,typing if I really verbatim it's,atrocious okay now he says I know a lot,of y'all gonna be sick but there's,nothing they could do then he says when,I get mad I started saying what's,bothering me I cannot tell or I cannot,not tell the truth okay double negative,was fine then he says yeah like fake,with it I've been tweeting about it for,weeks now but today I want to show,somebody how much I don't care so he's,talking about he's trying to prove to,somebody that he really doesn't give a, that he's really a Philly ,okay,now he then tweets out and this is a big,tweet he says when he said the dream,girl on Rico I thought he was,coming at me lol then young bull played,me the verse in his voice before my,album came out I was mad as now let,me just say this okay let's stop right,there just break it down what he's,talking about is a line on the song Rico,where a drink says the girlier dreams,is probably not a challenge if you guys,no Meek Mill his whole Allah motto is,like Dreamchasers so the dreams thing,kind of correlate and if you don't know,he says Nicki Minaj was the girl of his,dreams he wanted her since like oh five,ok whatever the case is right so,basically at first Meek Mill was like is,this thing is trying to sneak this me on,my own song what's going on but then he,said and this is important he says then,young bull played me the verse in his,voice before my album came up it looks,like he's making or he's alluding to,hearing a reference track of drinks,verse which means someone else rap,Drake's verse and if you guys don't k

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Meek Mill is NOT a real person

Meek Mill is NOT a real person

bruh i be trying to tell we live,in a video game world bro half of these, ain't even real people bro watch,this,you're a grown damn man,from,that can't be a real that is,clearly a grand theft auto created,character,he like looked like he would get hit by,a car and get back up and continue to,walk,here just go,no real person is taking a picture like,this bro,or just sitting at the pool with their,legs like this,with fries in their lap bro,no real person is doing that,you know what the is your ,bitcoin plunging by almost 30 to 31,thousand dollars earlier today

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Meek Mill - Shine [Official Music Video]

Meek Mill - Shine [Official Music Video]


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DJ Akademiks Reacts to Meek Mill's Tweets On His Record Label Finessing Him Over The Years

DJ Akademiks Reacts to Meek Mill's Tweets On His Record Label Finessing Him Over The Years

anyway let me let me address this thing,real quick I was a little bit shocked,that he actually admitted this was my,man Meek Mill,Meek Mill today I believe he dropped,flamers five and he did a ask Meek Mill,today,and it was actually shocking in some of,the stuff that he said,I couldn't believe it,um,let me see,now you know I'm the pocket Watcher,extraordinaire,let me see,trying to find it I don't think he,deleted it okay,so anyway,um,so someone said to Meek,yo when are you dropping expensive pain,the deluxe by the way that's his last,album on Atlantic he said yo I let those,albums go once I seen I was getting 13,cents to every dollar,once I've really figured out that I,ain't promoting No Label I don't,eat off my money really comes from my,name and my brand this is very alarming,and by the way I'm not here to on,Meek and I'm not here to try to belittle,him and I'm not here to make him look,stupid at all I know Mika definitely has,attorneys I also know Meek probably has,been in some deals that's Antiquated I,do want to let y'all know what industry,standard is and I want to explain to,y'all and this is what I keep saying the,game when you see when I say that Dusty,and broke like in terms of the it's,well it was one oh head I was talking,about when I say that people are not,passing the game on,it was shocking for me to see Meek Mill,tweet this,when Meek said he was getting 30 or 13,cents to every dollar,that deal that Meek was in,got to be one of the worst deals in,music,I want to give y'all very realistic and,this is what I'm saying why don't the,other artists in the game actually share,this knowledge if you're a new artist,right now even without a bus and you're,about to sign to a label right they're,going to own your masses at 7 30 they're,going to give you some nice Advance,whatever whatever,what usually is going to be the deal,is that you're gonna get about 14 to 15,points,now what I usually call points in the,music industry is percent which means,per every dollar after Recruitment and,after a bunch of stuff you'll get,in terms of royalties on the records,you'll get,usually 14 to 15 percent actually most,artists now is usually 15 percent,be very honest with y'all,to hear Meek Mill say,who's a 10-year veteran in the game,that he's only getting 13 cents,let me give you the the lifespan if if,you're a new artist you get 14 to 15,cents,right maybe they do it 12 cents I don't,know but but must really think,they put you on if they give you that or,your lawyer must just not know the,industry because I know who don't,really got much going on they're getting,14 15 cents right now you might be like,14 cents 13 cents who cares it does,matter I'm gonna tell you why,because throughout the lifespan of you,as a as an artist after your first,project if it does good you're dropping,singles they're doing good you get to,renegotiate you don't wait till the end,of your contract usually every artist,signs for Five albums remember I told,you that young boys signed for Five,albums,what usually happens is that artists say,well I just outperform my contract but,album went double Platinum I'm doing,great I want to renegotiate,any record label who's getting by the,way they're getting 20 times the amount,of money you could possibly think off,your record,they don't want you to stop making music,you know what they got to say oh we can,renegotiate okay we were giving you 15,cents we'll give you 16. or we're giving,you 14. we'll give you 16. okay we'll,also give you a bigger advance,what does that mean a bigger loan,but it makes the artist feel good in in,their soul oh my God I was supposed to,get a 200 000 Advance now they say gonna,give me 800 000. now I could really,ice out the homies I could cop the new,crab I could do this and my shows is,busting perfect,now a lot of artists and I always tell,y'all this whenever y'all hear me talk,about rappers and money and you'll be,like oh actually just hating no I'm not,when I'm talking about rappers and money,is because I know,90 let me not say 90. 80 percent of,rappers do not make money,from their records they're perpetually,in a perpetually in debt,after that advanced check they get the,800 000 right and the expensive album,budget they're booked you know I mean,some of these guys oh we're booked out,in Quad studio for three months Perfect,You're gonna be in debt for your whole,music career okay because you know,obviously the way they the way they put,fees and all that into your,contracts,that that money that you you are,basically loaned is gonna come back with,interest,and essentially by the time that you,think that you'd be they're playing the,long game of years you're trying to,recoup in a year or two before your next,album,you won't so you're gonna go to your,next album in debt right,but it's all part of the game,so what essentially happens the artist,is bragging about his new watches new,this his new car everything is great,right he's also let's just say I just,got 800k or maybe got a mil

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