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Black Stallion and MBG Game - This project is absolutely incredible!foreign,guys and today I'm back


Updated on Jan 26,2023

Black Stallion and MBG Game - This project is absolutely incredible!

foreign,guys and today I'm back again with,another video for you today we are,reviewing Black Stallion and meta versus,battle game guys really cool project,really unique one I will be getting into,all the details today into all the,products features and all of that so I,hope that you stay till the end so we,get the most out of the video obviously,and yes if you will enjoy them make sure,to subscribe hit the like and share your,opinions Down Below in the comment,section before we start with the video,guys as always you need to let you know,that I'm not a financial advisor you,should always do your own research and,you should always stay around the,diligence because I don't take any,responsibility for reductions and with,that being said without further Ado we,can jump right into it so black stallion,guys let's change the way the world sees,crypto alright so first of all,let's talk uh about you know about what,they have so they have multiple products,in the line and they have a unique,ecosystem which I'm really excited to to,share and talk about today uh so yeah,we'll get into that in a second first of,all guys I need to let you know uh that,this project I came across like two,three days ago okay did my own research,and I found it out uh to be super uh to,have super potential all right so let's,um let's talk about it finally so,basically Black Stallion is a,cryptocurrency built in polygon so yes,guys I have a Matic project for you,today uh you've been asking for this,kind of projects so yeah I've been,mainly showing you like BSC and stuff,and some of you wanted Matic you know,that I have some of you guys holding,like tons of massive tokens uh so yeah,this one is certainly built on matric on,polygon and I'm pretty hyped about it,honestly it aims to break down barriers,in the video game industry by developing,and designing its own metaverse nfts,play way to end games and much more and,it basically aims to become the real,black stallion of the crypto industry,that's why the name is here a completely,decentralized and managed by the,community,so it is launching its own ecosystem of,products and it will also have its own,separate MPG game which will also cover,in a second which is in my opinion the,most exciting part of the project okay,here it is but you have to be patient,okay you have to be patient so yeah,Black Stallion aims to accumulate,Financial Freedom for investors by,designing a level specific and,one-of-a-kind business model for them to,leverage them and the development of,wide Network that is apart from,individuals all over the world and that,will have a Target to become a Pioneer,in the blockchain gaming industry and,with a special team in all aspects of,gaming and it and Technology it's a,project that is basically focused on,technology development and also user,benefits promising sustainable growth of,the project by launching its own,blockchain in the future so pretty,exciting stuff if you ask me so right,and believe me guys when you check what,they have in store you will be amazed,the same as I did okay the same as I was,so yeah let's let's go for the website,first of all uh let's navigate through,it uh let's see what they have so they,have the products they have the mpg game,they have the MBG Marketplace as well,and they have nice little descriptions,of each of these and navigating through,the through the website is pretty easy,straightforward as you can see,immediately you are on the home page you,are able to check that you know logo and,the mighty Black Stallion so the white,paper is done it is also ready,and you can read it I have it pulled up,here,um so everyone who wants to dive into,all the details can do it obviously I,always recommend you to to do that and I,personally read it whole and can say,that one white paper that really got me,excited about the whole black stalling,ecosystem guys and well next to the,white paper there is also by the token,section right here as you can see and,this is the link which you will be able,to to do at the beginning of February so,stay tuned for that and as already said,BS is built on polygon Network guys okay,and yeah product wise they also have,staking quality we'll talk about each of,these in a second okay,so jumping into the projects as promised,uh coming to the unique products that,they are offering the first in line is,the metaverse battle game the mpg right,so we have it here again be patient guys,we'll get into this part uh let's talk,about it a little uh first of all,so we will leave this for the second,part of our review because believe me,there is a lot that you know that that I,can talk about so basically the first,product that we will cover is the BS,wallet so black stallion has developed,its own company wallet where users will,be able to store their BS tokens through,their BS wallet and at the same time at,the same moment they will be able to,also interact and transact in blockchain,um in black stallions,and at the same moment they will be able,t

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MBG Quay (Q&A)

MBG Quay (Q&A)

what's up y'all boy,your boy quitting this you know,oh it's your boy,I know y'all going to see me in a minute,man but you know I've just been in you,know,been on my own little thing lately just,been cooling recently,it's been living life letting this ,go by,you know so you know today as y'all can,see by the title it's q a,oh you know got a couple questions some,of y'all asked me some people say they,didn't want to be um,let's just shout it out so and I'm just,going to ask them so,how y'all boy doing,you know how y'all waiting on today you,know y'all boy feeling great I feel,looking nice bro I'm feeling nice,yeah yeah just stay tuned let me drop,more videos soon be getting y'all more,Vlogs and ,um,first question,from a dog cat my dog Cactus my dog,capped this he said,what what got you in the music,honestly what really got me into music,bro,I would just saying like,I would just say just me being in the,music early like I just always had like,listening to music always like you know,otherwise I like you know being able to,hear news about the music industry and, like that,and I'll just like you know just,intriguing me to get into just intrigue,me to start making songs and,me and my homies always been freestyling,this man by Falling just you know,started a ,put that on I said put that if they,don't wax you feel me start going to the,studio shout out to my dog blessed too,all right get you right now cab,all right,next question is from,FS underscore J 24.,when you dropping a new tape,see look it's a I got a few questions,few people ask the same question brother,but he was the first to ask he was the,first to ask,all right,see me man I've been working on new,music oh though like,damn ,damn baby let me let me at least get,something yeah it a lot of people,ask me this way a lot of people ask me,the same question man,see I I have been working on the rotate,but like you know look man,I dropped a new tape soon,I've been thinking about,you know I've been thinking about,Christmas and New Year's,that's all I'm gonna say,next question,next question uh what's your biggest,fear,um,to be honest man,she already he's already got a fear of,spiders man I already got fear of,spiders like, if you got spiders you ,spiders bro,you real bro cause I'm just crazy,fsj had another question he said uh,would you want to collab soon,I've been seeing I've seen some of your, on Instagram and say I'll be seeing,um,you know,obviously obviously you post this ,but I mean yeah we care for sugar a,lot we collapsed on but you know I just,like you know I charge for features and, now though,foreign,you know you're going y'all we're gonna,see some y'all we're gonna say,something in the next few weeks,all right next question,um my dog lane,shout out my boy Lane bro I'm my dog I'm,gonna you know I'm gonna take it I'm,gonna take a favorite for you bro,okay I'm done my darling asked me he,said what's your favorite Thanksgiving,food,all right,I gotta I said look my favorite she went,down looking for it on looking forward,to on Thanksgiving,is the macaroni like I ain't gonna cap,like macaroni like if your,macaroni bust like you won you,want Thanksgiving and you're my mama,that's it everything oh everything else,is just like you know on top like the,turkey and like I know everybody,like turkey but like,that macaroni though,that macaroni though,no but yeah,my favorite Thanksgiving food had to be,that macaroni bro okay if you know how,to make macaroni some good macaroni but,hit me I'm gonna taste it might might do,a video on it you know I never know hey,it's me quick,um you know uh you can subscribe right,all right next question from my dog Noah,man shout out my dog you know it bruh if,y'all need a video if y'all needs a,video done ahead of my boy no he's gonna,get you right I don't care tell everyone,man oh he said what's your favorite,video we found,down,see because we fellas we got some ,too that we ain't put out we got some, that we ain't put out yet though,like that we ain't get finished and ,but so I would say like like my favorite,video like all together like the whole,day like you know I would say ,I would say the archives video,because that she was like that was,that was fun I ain't gonna,lie cause like that whole day was,overall the whole day was a Vibe,bro,all right I ain't gonna lie I said,I'll catch a video on my favorite video,we found together bro we about to throw,some more some some more movies soon I,would stay tuned,all right next question,top five rappers,damn all right all right look,okay okay okay see this is gonna be this,is gonna be based off of like personal,reasons and off of,music and you know you know so like,and this is not in order this is not an,order at all I'm just going in top five,like,so like I'm obviously RPX you might be,one of my favorite artists like you know,you're forever gonna be one of my,favorite artists,for everyone my favorite artists,juice world too a lot of juice wrld he,one of my favorite artists like,third,young b

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MBG- This Time (vertical video)

MBG- This Time (vertical video)

oh,i've become obsessed with the notion,of manifestation,and i'm not in the right head space,but i still write your name up a jillion,times,like affirmations,hoping everything falls,i should forgive myself for fear,a little too much,i blame it on the lack of lexapro,i'm such a mess as i move right,is,is,don't is,you

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PXP EP.122 | PlayStation Studios Leaks | Death Stranding PC Game Pass | Gamescom Predictions

PXP EP.122 | PlayStation Studios Leaks | Death Stranding PC Game Pass | Gamescom Predictions

so,so,all right guys welcome to press x,podcast,or pxp for short this is episode,122.,thank you guys for waiting patiently as,always,as the,intro credits roll,um,youtube was,being kind of weird,i don't know why,uh it was actually i think one of the,strangest things i've ever seen,on youtube,um,another new camera angle i adjusted it,maybe a little bit i think this is,a little bit better it's a little bit,lower you're saying more floor reveal,yeah,more floor reveal that's what it's all,about nice bed thank you,thank you yeah,i uh,try to make it every day you know it's,important to make your bed every day,i do believe that,but uh yeah i had one of the weirdest,things happen let me move this back a,little bit,i had one of the weirdest things happen,with youtube,i had everything set up,completely,correct,there was uh there was nothing wrong,with the way my stream was set up,and i went live and it even told me on,mind it's like you're live now,the podcast is live the stream is live,and i'm everything's green everything's,good and then,i was like noticing it just,you know wasn't showing up for some,reason it wasn't appearing on the,channel and you guys in the chat were,like,you know,stream isn't live and i'm like,this is uh,this is really bizarre you know like,i've just there was nothing wrong,with my stream or anything it was just,something on youtube's end,and it just seemed like it was really,delayed like it took a good minute and a,half i was getting ready to actually,restart the stream and i'm really glad i,didn't have to but i guess the switch,flipped and it realized oh wait,it's live now so,here we are,so thank you guys for being patient uh,with some of those technical,difficulties,um,william you're saying i like the new,chat icons for being supporters well,glad matt i'm glad man i'm i'm glad you,appreciate that,i see some people asking how i'm doing,i'm doing well appreciate you asking i'm,doing good um i'm trying to,continue to exercise,uh on an almost daily basis keeping a,good healthy routine i'm trying to eat a,little bit healthier but,i struggle with my diet try not to be,too hard on myself i'm trying,and uh obviously trying to game as much,as i can without it becoming,uh too much,see somebody asking house hassan i i,have no idea man,i have no idea it's been a long time,since we've heard from hassan maybe,that's for the best though maybe that's,for the best,but um,yeah as i said this is episode 122 of,pxp,and,i feel like it wasn't the the busiest,week,it wasn't like the,the craziest week by any means but,certainly some very interesting things,happened,and i do think that we have some pretty,solid topics to,dive into and discuss,you're saying you want an,mbg sony for life shirt,i don't know i don't know that would be,a good shirt for me to uh to sell sony,for life,but yeah let me um,do you have playstation sheets,no i promise i don't,it's just it's just a blue comforter i,swear,my wife picked it out,i i promise you there's not secretly a,massive playstation logo on the other,side of that comforter,laughing laughs nervously oh no they,they figured it out,that'd be um i do have a lot of,playstation shirts though i have a lot,of playstation stuff but shirts in,particular i have quite a few of,and hats i have a lot of playstation,hats too,but uh,i digress let me um,let me dive into a couple of things here,so we can kind of,get into the topics first of all i have,a super chat here,a generous 20 donation from new soul 9,so i really appreciate that buddy this,is a great way for me to,let you guys know,if you want to support what i do here if,you want to support the channel,and you really appreciate and enjoy the,content that i produce here,a great way for you to support it,directly is by donating a super chat i,tell you guys every week i rely on you,you are the backbone of the channel,those of you who do donate super chats,as well as those of you who choose to,become channel members,for those who are unaware i have updated,my perks list so there is a,uh,discord,for my members to kind of congregate in,and you know have another way to chat,with each other and i try to,uh be in there when i can um i will,admit i'm i'm not using,discord that much so i will let you know,right off the bat like if you expect me,to be there all the time or every day,i'm not going to be but i have a good,reason for that,like something on my tongue there hair,for some reason,that's where there's always something,going on around me to distract me but,the reason why i'm not spending too much,time on discord is because frankly i'm,trying to severely limit the amount of,time that i'm spending,on social media in general,so i just want to give you that warning,i do pop in there and i do try to talk,to people and engage in some,conversation but i really want the,discord to be a place where,those of you who support me those of you,who kind of you know,bond with each other or have found a,friendship here through my channel,can kind of hang out

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stop it whoever does this stuff stop it,you need to stop doing this,stop talking to me when i've got my,headphones in hey come out,huh,hey yo i'm talking to you man i'm,talking to you,what,hey yo do you remember what he said the,other day oh my baby,shut up,stop walking in the middle of the,pavement you why should i have,to sidestep for you,just walk on the side ignorant bastards,why would you walk right in the middle,of this right in the middle of the,pavement,you're not the only one on the street,move,all right all right what's up,shut up why do people feel it necessary,to talk so loud on the phone like,everybody wants to hear your business,nobody cares,like,inside voice,inside voice,keep it low nobody cares about your,conversation nobody,nobody wants to know what you're saying,so irritating especially when i'm,listening to music on the bus and you,can hear that person right next to you,just loud very very loud this is why why,just shut up,everybody's come across these type of,people you know the ones that they're,trying to tell you a story and they take,about five to ten minutes to get to the,point,and then when you get to the point you,wish you never heard the story you take,so long beating around the bush telling,me this and that and different details,and then when you get down to it it's,just like,okay,all right,i like this chain,move your leg out of my way see,when you get on the bus yeah unless you,drive then you don't you need to worry,about this,you know when you get on the bus and,then there's that one it could,be anyone i've come across like,60 year olds doing it down to like 13,year old the kids doing it they're,sitting up on the like you know when,this is the few stairs go up and at the,back of the bus they're just sitting out,there like this like with their with,their leg out it's like i'm not gonna,say please you when i'm walking just get,out the way i will brush past your leg,or through it,any way necessary i like to sit at the,back of the bus,i won't say excuse me this is you should,have common courtesy to have to not have,your leg out where people are walking so,if i push past your leg that's your,fault it's your problem i don't care,stop it,you inconsiderate how can you,how can you how can you cough or sneeze,and not put your hand over your mouth,i don't want to be sick with you you'd,be sick by yourself somewhere,no offense would you mean no offense,you saying offense is basically implying,that you're trying to offend me if,you're going to say something then just,don't be a i'll just say it out,just say it straight to my face oh no,offense if anything saying no offense is,worse than the actual offense,because you're trying to,play it back trying to lay it back as if,you're not trying to insult me,if you want to insult me just go ahead,i'll insult you back no offense man no,offense,shut up just say it just say what you,mean,nobody's got time for fake people just,say what you mean yeah so that's it,what was that,yeah that's it that's just a few things,that i want people to stop please stop,it's annoying nobody likes it,and i don't like you if you do it so,yeah i hope you liked the video please,subscribe like and share if you want to,and yeah catch you later

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SWAGG Just Leaked This Live... 😵 ( Nadia Got MAD )

SWAGG Just Leaked This Live... 😵 ( Nadia Got MAD )

I exposed the toxic female gamer,ex-marie angel I caught her setting up a,macro on her Mouse which is completely,against the war zone enforcement policy,oh snap,did you wake up because we got a brand,new movie from call of Shame and he did,promote God he did promote rage Shadow,Legend drop a thumbs up get your foot,pedals we're gonna get into it these,little IQ streamers we're getting,absolutely destroyed by our active,serving military this entire event those,of you that do not know apparently there,was a streamer that was working for Air,Force dead ass he quit from that and he,started cheating in Call of Duty see,more about these streamers than the,military I think swag finished second,bottom While others were slipping and,falling to their death when the,streamers needed to step up they,couldn't some of our streamers have to,step up there was a lot of pressure on,Australian shoulders hey you know what,does pressure do to some of our,streamers do you think the way they,recommended them as my God they're not,climbing Mount Everest so you sometimes,gotta stop the cat stop the cat bro it,was absolutely ridiculous this coward,spots a Claymore on the roof didn't,bother to tell his teammate and just,allowed him to die what happened to,Communications shameful,swag will now speak on behalf of the war,zone rodents who all got exposed,actually I guess you could say I got,exposed or something like that because I,only had like I dropped like three kills,one Gamers,wrong because you're a man I mean,technically he's a man so bro,I mean three kills bro weren't you all,about like getting 50 kills goddamn,peeking of rounds the bunker rats have,been exchanging gifts for Christmas,let's see what they've been up to,Brothers is busy setting up Notorious,war zone cheater Diaz biffle's new,equipment 98 he has now upgraded to,three monitors,he has two monitors his third monitor,which is the new OLED monitors coming in,which he's gonna replace for that one,move that one to the side but uh yeah,that he's gonna have three monitors set,up just like mine but for some reason he,still refuses to use a webcam when,streaming warzone,instead of spending,I think that's off with pedal Christmas,money on a wedding I did he bought,another rap pedal instead,three oh my God bruh even Nadia like,even Nadia don't have three foot pedals,last time I will link you with that,video she ended up revealing her fifteen,thousand dollars strong independent,gaming cheating setup I'm gonna link,through that video even she didn't had,three foot pedals this is insane man,signs of the end times boys,we find out about this,but we already know this guy loves the,free Cloud Mr Call of Duty head it's,called Shame you're not going to Scuttle,your way out of this one,listen that one's for the game for the,game seriously,a rat Pet Stop the cat Call of Duty is,mind-boggling to me,that's mu that's nonsense I will show,you exactly really bro lazy you,gotta like Palm the bricks son like and,and a chief stop lying stop capturing,what they are used for every time the,foot pedal is pressed you will hear this,sound,the cheater in this club is,demonstrating using an Aimbot with,Advanced movement,how many times have you seen a war zone,streamer such as Diaz Biffle play,exactly the same way and drop High kill,games,these are definitely signs of the end,times homeboy got a kid,man got a camera on his foot bro bruh I,just cannot even compute,if I was not showing you the foot cam,you would never know this guy was using,a foot pedal for cheating with an Aimbot,this type of gameplay is identical to,the streamers that feature on Call of,Shame,beware any Warzone streamer that uses or,tries to justify a foot pedal,this is why I call these rat pedals,teacher teacher you're wrong,I put paddle,station because some of you more have,been saying that I use it to just talk,in the game and I kind of believe you,but it's like I don't know man I don't,know what y'all be doing but I do,believe that the stud muffins that I,have around here they are pure they do,not cheat uh and they definitely,speaking the facts when they say if they,use the foot pedal they just toggle to,talk voice chat in the game but listen,man what if you use it,two of you don't use it be honest man I,want to know how many of you are using,it okay,a lot of people confuse Aimbot with rage,hacking,no Aimbot can be set up to be very,discreet a lot of the time it is very,difficult to spot,oh damn,permanently Ben,hypothetic individuals you see on screen,now are just some of the rats that have,been 100 permanently banned that we know,of,there are so many other streamers that,have also been banned but are spoofing,and using new accounts with copied stats,the cheater in this video he plays,identical to the streamers slide,canceling his way around the map while,trying to fool everyone it is some type,of advanced movement so you're telling,me that this really happened on a live,stream this really happened on a live,stream where he was just

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Xbox Roasts SALTY Playstation Fanboys On Twitter

Xbox Roasts SALTY Playstation Fanboys On Twitter

Xbox made a Halloween tweet,um,I don't know how to start this video,they made they made a Halloween tweet,and it reads as follows please check,your candy this year we found some troll,posts in arms and they won't stop,repeating the same thing over and over,and those looks like some really salty,ass candy bars dude like I like,salted chocolate but me I feel like,if you take one bite out of this candy,bar you die if sodium poisoning like,immediately obviously some very very,very predictable effects were caused by,this tweet mainly that all the people,who usually spend PlayStation better in,Xbox common sections who were being made,fun of by Xbox now had to go in the,reply or comment section of this tweet,to talk about how PlayStation is,actually better and stop making fun of,me and you know it is quite funny so,like you know I thought I'd make a,shorter video today where I just go over,some of this salty these people,reply to this tweet so yeah let's get,into it because Sony earned their Market,position through Decades of actual,effort and now the direct competition,go to accomplish anything in 20 years is,making the argument that they should be,on top because their parent company has,money it's a bad per accident for any,industry Xbox has not accomplished,anything in 20 years guys at all you,know Game Pass definitely was not,revolutionary you know the HALO Series,was definitely not revolutionary it did,not change basically the entire,philosophy of making first-person,shooter games for consoles that,definitely did not happen for the past,20 years Xbox has done absolutely,nothing at all and that's why nobody,ever bought their console and the,company was shut down PlayStation is,better though damn nice argument man you,sure showed them you are so smart,honestly the fact that 240 people like,this tweet is pathetic,PlayStation has better quality games,what did you release in the last few,years Halo infinite yeah hate to break,it to you but that game wasn't joke milk,now we have God of War Ragnarok on the,way and you won't be able to compete I,like how PlayStation Fanboys will just,ignore all the Xbox games that,come out and pretend they don't exist,you know hello infinite yeah that came,out before it's all right that doesn't,exist Forza Horizon doesn't exist uh,grounded doesn't exist I'm sure that,when scorn comes out exclusively for,Xbox later this month they'll also,pretend like it doesn't exist,and yes Halo infinite's multiplayer is,uh pretty bad really bad but let's be,honest the campaign is still pretty good,so that's still half the game I'd say,that is quite good,and honestly I think it's kind of weird,how PlayStation Fanboys are so,incredibly hyped over God of War because,I really don't think that game is,anything special I'm not saying it's bad,like compared to the older God of War,games,it's not it's nowhere near as good and,personally if I had to play a hacking,hack and slash where I'm gonna play a,hack and slash I'd rather play like,Bayonetta or Devil May Cry than the new,God of War my candy keeps saying Xbox,has no games,without it very very creative comeback,that is definitely still relevant and,definitely still works now that Xbox has,more Studios and more games in,development than Sony but whatever oh,dang I just cracked open releases that,says Game Pass isn't sustainable it's,kind of funny how like Microsoft,recently literally showed how they make,a pretty big profit from Game Pass and,Playstation Fanboys are just in denial,pretending like it didn't happen the,same way they pretend like Xbox still,doesn't have any games yo this Taffy is,a wild joke on it what's green black and,doesn't have God of War Ragnarok Xbox I,mean I get being excited for God of War,Ragnarok like I understand being excited,for a game but like why do you think,that other people care this much that,they don't get to play God of War,Ragnarok like unlike when uh Bethesda,was bought out by Microsoft and all the,PlayStation Fanboys were crying that,they didn't get to play Starfield I've,actually seen nobody complain that they,don't get to play God of War Ragnarok,people on PC obviously aren't,complaining because we're gonna get it,within like a year,but I even haven't seen any Xbox crying,about it what's funny about this post,though is Microsoft is literally saying,this to Regulators oh look it's MBG also,a quick clarification I am not obsessed,with MBG I recently saw a comment on my,channel saying like hey man I like your,videos but why are you so obsessed with,MBG you make so many videos about it I,made,two videos about me right now three well,I mean the the last one was like half,about him so I made like three videos,but I'm a Gina row and that was only,because there was literally nobody else,making PlayStation Fanboy content at the,time okay I am I don't even really like,to talk about MG is kind of boring let's,be honest,but anyway let's address what he said,here uh which is kind of dumb,Place uh Xbox is not just telling,Regula

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Sony Fanboys Damage Control Over COD Being Owned By Xbox

Sony Fanboys Damage Control Over COD Being Owned By Xbox

funny sony says that last time i checked,god of war was on both consoles until,sony completely took over,think face emoji this isn't 2010,when call of duty could sell consoles,sony can create their own first person,shooter series they have killzone and,maybe resistance don't forget they now,have bungie under their wings,what's up guys funniest man alive here,back with another cringy ass video on,the dark web and today i got another,shipment of sony pony salt for you guys,and oh boy is it a good one today yes,there is no originality on this channel, deal with it but what are we,talking about today well today we're,talking about sony fanboys coping in,place of sony after it came out that,sony themselves have admit,that they're kind of worried,that microsoft are gonna own call of,duty and that it'll sway people into,buying an xbox over a playstation,because of how big of a franchise call,of duty is and all the benefits that,sony reaped from having exclusive call,of duty content on their platform so you,can imagine sony ponies being the,corporate neat writers that they are,would be pretty devastated by this and,devastated they were because they're,trying to cope in place of sony like,sony never said anything and,everything's fine,they've went full damage control and,it's honestly pretty funny like,these are trying to do the,job that sony's marketing team is,supposed to do and the funniest part is,they ain't even getting paid someone,even wrote basically an entire ,novel about it which oh god just,look at this,like sony fanboys are in full-on damage,control mode so without further ado,we're just going to start this video,starting with this video from my,favorite sony fanboy channel,mybodygamers,or mbg as all the kids call in now the,video is basically just 15 minutes of,him reading the article saying dumb ,and coping which obviously because it's,15 minutes and you know i don't want to,dedicate this entire video here to this,one video we're only gonna watch the,best bits so let's begin as you can see,here the title of this article is pretty,loaded it says sony sounds shook by,xbox's activision buyout says call of,duty has no rival this is very,interesting i've seen multiple articles,making rounds talking about this but,this one in particular seems to really,kind of paint it in a very negative,light bro man's triggered over the title,of the article i mean how are you really,not supposed to paint this story in a,negative light when sony is literally,saying that yeah we're kind of worried,that microsoft is going to own call of,duty like what do you think they're,going to title the article sony is very,happy that microsoft owns call of duty,like no,really making it sound like sony is just,kind of huddled up in the corner shaking,you know jim ryan's over there having a,meltdown because he doesn't know what,he's gonna do am i the only one who,would find that hilarious if it was true,it's articles in a way kind of feeding,into that notion that you know sony,shook they don't know what to do they,know how to respond i mean of course,what we're reading is from sony i mean,in all honesty how are they supposed to,respond to this because there's not,really a lot they can do in this regard,if people are swayed into buying an xbox,because of exclusive xbox content on,call of duty like i heavily doubt,they'll be able to make their own,competitor franchise and they're not,going to be able to negotiate exclusive,content deals with microsoft like in all,honesty there isn't really a lot they,can do about it if you look at when the,writer of this article says sonya is,laying it on thick yes they are laying,on thick and they're going to continue,to play on much thicker than maybe they,should man my buddy gamers over here,really got no chill because that's,currently their job this is what,somebody's lawyers are meant to do right,now to make it seem like it is the worst,thing in the world to get the attention,of regulators and people who are going,to be reviewing this to kind of you know,get them to think that way where is it,should we allow this to go through so,throughout this video you're trying to,say that sony isn't that worried but,you're also saying here that their,lawyers are crying wolf to try and get,the attention of the ftc so that the ftc,can block this transaction i feel like,that only validates the idea,that sony and jim ryan are all curled up,in a ball and crying and shaking because,if they really weren't that worried,about this why would they need their,lawyers to go and cry wolf,i think something else,they leave this happening,that's very fascinating i actually like,one here because you know,yeah no they're worried about their,console's image and their brand's image,being associated with call of duty,because if they lose that image they,lose money like they're not worried,about it because they love their fan,base so much they're worried about it,because it literally affects how much,money they make you know less console

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