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China is FINALLY Leaving πŸ˜ƒ Twitter "Tipping" Bitcoin & Max Keiser Genius Video 😲 [Crypto News 2021]h

Aaron Bennett

Updated on Jan 21,2023

China is FINALLY Leaving πŸ˜ƒ Twitter "Tipping" Bitcoin & Max Keiser Genius Video 😲 [Crypto News 2021]

hey what's up guys welcome to the video,aaron bennett here i'm going to dive,into the latest crypto news what's going,on in the world of cryptocurrency and i,want to start out really by going over,what's going on with this whole china,fud and uh 19 separate occasions has,china basically banned crypto so i'm,going to be covering that,then taking a look at ftx and why,they're moving to another country having,to do with all of this crackdown in,china and how the u.s could actually be,doing the same thing that china's doing,basically pushing developers outside of,the country so next i want to talk about,this groundbreaking story you can send,bitcoin as tips inside of twitter,and going over jack muller's company,strike which allows this to be possible,then i'm going to play for you a clip,from a max keiser interview probably,eight years ago when the price of,bitcoin was 50 bucks basically saying,hey the price of bitcoin can go to 100,grand i think it's amazing that he said,that so long ago and then finishing off,from a tweet from willy woo,talking about what's going on with the,buyers of bitcoin as he calls the rick,astleys and then just summing up what's,going on chain with bitcoin so if you're,not already subscribed to my station i'm,putting out these videos all the time,giving you guys the latest news and,there will be timestamps below so if you,want to fast forward to a specific story,you can do so and also go ahead and,follow me on twitter as well link below,for that all right guys so diving to the,first story talking about this china,fudd which caused this latest dip in,bitcoin uh bitcoin rallied back up to,around 45 000 and then we saw this dip,down to like 41 in like a day,kind of crazy so just to summarize and,this is a good story if you want to read,about every single time china has,created some fud,about bitcoin it started 12 years ago,2009 they banned virtual currencies for,the first time in 2013 they prevented,chinese financial institutions from,handling bitcoin transactions,and called crypto a currency without,real meaning next take a look at 2014,in march there was a fake news story,also in 2014 they caused the price of,bitcoin to fall from 709 to 346. and in,2016 a chinese exchange hack briefly,tanked the price of bitcoin so this was,the exchange bitfinex out of hong kong,which is actually still around today,these attackers stole roughly 119 000,bitcoin worth more than 5 billion at the,time obviously now way more than five,billion dollars now heading into 2017 so,in september china's government,officially banned exchanges from,servicing users within the country then,later in 2017,they claimed bitcoin's body would float,down the river basically threatening,anybody who's involved with bitcoin in,2018 reports circulated that chinese,nationals may have caused a crash in,major cryptocurrency prices and then in,2019,they were considering banning mining in,the country again and 2020 the march,2020 coveted crash crypto bloodbath it,was believed that this was largely,caused by chinese miners liquidating,their holdings so now we are in 2021 we,saw what happened in may of this year,there was a crash because of china then,we saw the bank of china ordering mobile,payment service providers not to provide,banking and settlement services to,clients engaged in crypto then in june,officials issued a bonafide mining ban,we saw that mining hash power move out,of china and this brings us to a few,days ago once again declaring that all,crypto transactions in china are legal,so the number of times china fudd has,failed to kill crypto 19 times and it's,important to note that each time,that china comes out with one of these,stories the price of bitcoin actually,goes down less than it did before so the,market is less reactive or the market,just doesn't care as much about china,fud regarding bitcoin so all in all this,is good news if we can get china out of,bitcoin if that's the decision they want,to do if they want to have full control,over their people and have full,surveillance which is what they want to,do realizing that bitcoin is a threat,against full totalitarian control,uh you know if that's where they're,going then so be it but every time they,try to kill it basically the price of,bitcoin just does not care so the next,story really quick talking about ftx,moving operations to the bahamas as part,of a headquarter shift and they're doing,this because the chinese government,continues to crack down on crypto and,ftx could face regulatory uncertainty in,the future despite hong kong's,previously favorable environment the,bahamas on the other hand has a,framework for crypto firms already in,place so this is basically,what's going to happen if there are more,and more crackdowns,it doesn't kill bitcoin so basically the,story is a government cracking down on,bitcoin isn't gonna kill it people are,just gonna move their companies outside,of these jurisdictions so the next story,which is huge it's really amazing what,this is g

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Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert - The Future of Bitcoin - Voltage Twitter Space

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert - The Future of Bitcoin - Voltage Twitter Space

and hey stacy good afternoon to you as,well,hi there um i have two phones with me,and i realized i might have,logged on with the phone that maybe is,not as good a reception but let me know,if you can hear me okay,yeah yeah you're coming through great,okay,well sweet guys y'all uh y'all in,america right now or in el salvador at,the moment el salvador baby,ooh,the weather lovely the beach is treating,y'all good today,well you know max and i are working hard,so we are not down at the beach we are,in fact up in san salvador which to be,honest was quite cold yesterday you know,just because it says tropical uh on the,you know on the wikipedia when you head,towards el salvador uh don't be,necessarily deceived by that because um,you know it was like 65 degrees last,night so it was uh i didn't have,anything,like a jacket to wear,yeah that's,it's raining there's a big storm,and it's been raining,and uh we've been getting a lot of rain,it's the rainy season,a lot of fresh fruit down the line it,sounds like well sweet well glad y'all,can be here um i'm excited to chat uh,you know talk a little bit about bitcoin,everything you guys are seeing go on i,know y'all started uh easycap if i,remember the name but,i'm really looking forward to hearing uh,what you guys are seeing going on on the,the floor,with lightning in el salvador and um,just here's some updates but if you,could maybe give us a quick update of,just the last,you know 30 days i'd love to hear kind,of what's new going on on the local,level with some of the lightning uh just,venture stuff and like where y'all,seeing like value being made out there,um,well at the moment we've been working on,a big uh bitcoin mining deal,and,the,catastrophe over in the defy space that,started with a lunate ust thing,um,that has ended up,being very good for us because we are,just like literally putting in our order,tomorrow for some,more bitcoin miners and we're getting,quite a significant discount to what we,had planned on just uh like three weeks,ago four weeks ago when we were first um,you know putting in the orders for these,uh for the equipment so,uh that's good for us,uh,in terms of,the the d5 crash as well by the way it,also has made our job easier here in,terms of,you know uh,separating out all their all the,coiners and defy and all those projects,showing up in a country like this hoping,to overwhelm the,various you know investors and,politicians and regulators and stuff,with their coinary but now they're,all gone and the use case of just like,bitcoin only is clearer than ever though,of course the president is is a bitcoin,maximalist regardless and one other,thing is that um,we've been working with jimmy song,because you know max and i have been,here for,over six months now in el salvador,scouting everything doing the due,diligence researching meeting people,and,one of the things we realize that we're,going to need to build companies here,is that we will be needing um,engineers people who could actually,program bitcoin and build on bitcoin and,lightning so,we are running a course with programming,bitcoin with jimmy song in just a few,weeks so july 18 and 19 and as some of,you might know it's like really really,really really difficult to get into the,course so,you know,once we train these people in this,two-day intense course uh we're gonna,have,a foundation of really great bitcoin uh,programming talent here,nice we did a little sponsorship of the,me premiere of bitcoin some of the,education and stuff going down there,locally that's really exciting to see,and be a part of and supporting like are,you guys familiar with what those guys,are doing down there,yeah yeah no so it's a small country you,know everybody knows everybody so,we're definitely working with all the,other bitcoin educators here so making,sure that none of us are overlapping and,you know,doing stuff needlessly so the the,jimmy's song course is the super super,super top elite in terms of like your,programming talent to even get into that,is you're already like top tier uh coder,um you might not know how to program,bitcoin but after that you will after,the course you will meet premiere yeah,we know all the guys involved with that,and we've been helping them out and um,we'll be attending you know we're,helping them out so they're like very,basic they're in the high schools around,the country a few high schools in the,country so i guess working with the,education department and that's kind of,really basic like what is they start out,with what is money,and then explain what bitcoin is and why,bitcoin and then there's another group,called torgo's dev which is based off of,chain code labs so that's like a middle,of the ground between me premiere and,the jimmy song course so,as long as you have a little bit of,programming talent you can take that and,it's a boot camp style thing where it's,pretty you know it's over several it's,many many weeks six weeks and then,there's another intense course part at,the end but the j

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Celsius SLAMS BlockFi on Twitter, Max Keiser Says Supply Crisis COMING, UBS Bank on Bitcoin

Celsius SLAMS BlockFi on Twitter, Max Keiser Says Supply Crisis COMING, UBS Bank on Bitcoin

enter μž‘μ€ western 덴 #2 also interested a,νˆ¬μž…ν•œ kml we λ²…μŠ€ μ’‹μ•„μš” nds nam son dae ro 튜브,λ²…μŠ€μ™€ μ—†μœΌ who μ–˜λ„€λ“€ νŠΈμœ„ν„° ν™ˆνŽ˜μ΄μ§€ 브라 덜 자율 κ±° 마슀 teh,νŽ€λ“œλ§€λ‹ˆμ € μ§„μ§œ 술 μ‚΄ 아이폰 타킹 q 9개 거의 poster on μ™œ,일을 이듀은 마우슀 캐μ₯¬μ–Ό λΉ„λ₯Ό λ°” μ—†λŒ€μš”,μ•„ 뭐 일어났닀 λΉ„μΆ”μ–΄ p2 μ™”μ–΄μš” μ˜¨μ—μ–΄ ν•œμͺ½ 원 ν•˜λ£¨ μŠ€μž‘ μ‚¬μŠ€ 튜브,ν•  텐데 μ–΄ 번 μ“°κΈ°μ—” λ„˜ μ‹Έ 였브 크라이 λ”± λ“€λ“œ 얼꡴에 κ°€λ³Ό omx,카이 속엔 자우 집에 very 릴 λ•Œ live no μ•Œμ•„λ΄λ„ λΉ„λΆ€ be,to text as μš΄μ’‹κ²Œ 튜브 μš”μΈλ“€μ΄ μ–΄ μžˆλŠ” ν”„λ ˆμ‰¬ λ„ˆ λŠ₯λ ₯이,νŠΈμœ„ν‹° storm μΊ…μŠ€ sound 파브 μ—¬λŸ¬ 타기 바보 μ•… λΉ¨ bold,νŠΈμœ„μΉ˜ 의 ν•© μ‚¬μš°μŠ€ s2 μ‚¬μš°μŠ€ 파슀 v 2μ›” μ–΄λ–€ 페이슀λ₯Ό 4 인간둠,μ‚¬μš°μŠ€ use a note to a 54 m μœ„μ›μœΌλ‘œ 인정할 수 μ—†μ–΄,μžˆμ—ˆλ‹€λŠ” 뭐 ofc 카에닀 갈 λ•Œ ν‚€ μ•„μ΄ν…œ λ‹€μš°μ§• 씁 cr-v 자뢁,2쀄 λ•Œμ—” λ‚˜λŠ” μ‹«λ‹€ μ§€νœ˜κ°€ μ•Œμ¨ νŽœλ”” μ„œλ¨Έ μŠ€μΉ΄μ΄ν”„ ν–‰μœ„ weapons,of war,νˆ¬ν‘œμ’€ μŠ€μ•Œ 번 μŠ€ν”„ μ•ŒλͺΈμ΄ 끄고 νŒŒμ•…ν•΄μ•Ό μ„Ό μ–΄μŠ€ κ°€ 은 아버 port,reporter μŠ€μΉ΄μ›ƒ μŠ€νƒ€ν‚Ή sex νŒŒμ•…ν•΄ μ•„μŠ€ν„° by v ν”Όμ˜€λ‚˜,oid μ”μ“Έν•œ 라이딩 가을 눈썹 μ˜€μ•… 2큰술 μΆœμ‹œ dianne 그것은,체디 μŠ€μ••μ£Όμ˜ 이보라 by oh please try to 닦인닀 빚게,슀페인 ν‚ΉμŠ€ ꡬ청은 bsci seo tool 비보 μ›”μš”μΌ 날에 12,λ°”μΈλ“œ μ½”μ—” μ„œλΉ„μŠ€ μ•Œμ§œλ‘œ kies μ™€μš° every μŠ€ν‚Ή 크리슀 μ˜¬μŠ€νƒ€,λͺ¨μŠ€ν¬λ°” ν”Όκ³  lento μœ μŠ€μΌ€μ΄μŠ€ μšΈνŒ€ xl s m l xl io 백호,nn 받을 κΈ‰κ²©ν•œ 6t epu νžˆμ–΄ μžˆλŠ” c 맡이 λ°›κ³  맀 μ•Šμ„ λ‚˜ λ”μš±,이뻐 μ‹Άμ–΄ μ•ŒμŠ€ν†° on a μΊ  쌈 μ“° 5원 λ°”μ…‹ tool ν…ŒμŠ€ λ‚˜μΈ ,μ• λ“œμ›¨μ–΄ on νƒ€μž„ yein axe in ν•΄ μΆ”ν•œ 맨즈 μ–΄λΉ„μŠ€ 맨 이승기,뽑 카메라 mort 색 및 μ΄μ›ƒμ˜ 3κΈ‰ μ•žμ— 거인 s μ”¨μ•—μ˜ 튜브,rosy wipo,λ…ΈμŠ€νŽ˜μ΄μŠ€μ˜ ym porn sex,맀콀 화살은 own are not were to lower as of,rotor type is to man of it and enter as,other were in the spot opera i leave it,to be interested in iowa erode is,concern xe it expo rape of a 16 or,overture import of power tube μ•…μˆ˜ for,seon,μ•„ top ext operate out over my employees,do very very μ—˜ν¬ banana ooo λ‹€ μ›” e μ•„μˆ˜μŠ€ lee,the very 이벀트 won't waste in a wood wood,moon lover soul eater to fix of,different web μ›μ—κ²Œ λͺ© ꡐ회 버퍼링 orders were,백호 enter our 타인 eos 5d 거인이 κ΄΄λž„ user to μ›”,xrt operator serious eider,파 var sli 색도 μ•…νŒŒμ˜ 5 b1 머슴 폴카 μš°μ„  5 ꡬ루 μœ„νŠΈ 1,λΉ„μšΈ κ΅μ—μ„œ λΉ λΉ λΉ  ever μžˆλ„€μš”,saera esters snoop 였빠 λ•Œμ™€ 릭맨 μ΄λŒ€νŒ” μ†ŒμŠ€ 뭐 ν•˜λ‹ˆ,μŠ€μœ—ν•œ 집행할 수 μ΄λ•Œ μΉΈ νŽΈμž… m 이 ν”Όν•  수 있고 ot der,sote μ•„λ§ˆμΈ  sex 호갱 μž‰ν¬ 업적인 150 악도 였옷,였히렀 레였 to cart or two 악사 λ””μ•„ 2 λ•Œ osd eo,poder xq state is νŽ˜μ΄μ§€ more ram 베이슀볼 파크,los dos kr # 4μ›” κ·Έ νŒμ—… μ˜μ› μ•„μ‹Έ μ–΅ μ—” λ‚˜κ³  μ‘°λ ₯을 개미,μ΄λ ‡κ²Œ μΌμœΌν‚¨ ν•œν†¨ 에피폰 μ‚¬μš°μŠ€ μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€ κ·ΈλΆ„ μ–΄λŠ 쓰지 μ•ŠλŠ”λ° νŽ€μΉ˜λ³Ό,derma 가사 뱅크 love i peter op.25 λ•Œ 코인,wapop 이 seoul to impose μ•„μ΄ν…œμ˜ 점 그리고 이 μ œν”„,μ•ˆμ— 이것은 2.22 set operator μ™œ exr 파 μ›Œ 또 μ•„λΉ ,μ΄λ„ˆλΉ„ ketone 5의 4 슡 5 4ν™” & 듀이 μ–΄ν•­ 갈 μ΄λ ‡κ²Œλ‚˜ a,발이 μž…λ§Œ λΆ€λŸ½ μ‚¬μš°μŠ€ μžˆμœΌλ‚˜ 먹이 κ΅Ώλ‰΄μŠ€ 마이카 우리 뽑아 5,μ—¬κΈ°λŠ” 게 ν† λ‹ˆ λ‚˜μ˜¬ λ•Œμ—λŠ” λ•Œ 코이노 λ‹ˆμΌˆμ˜ 솔 튜브 μ•ˆμ— 넣어쀄 뭐,on fine on clay pot λ˜λŠ” 게 뭐 μŠ€μœ„μŠ€ λ‹₯슀 λ³΄λ‹ˆ,μ΄ŒμŠ€λŸ¬μ›Œ ν•˜λ£¨ 더 o1 λͺ¨μ•˜,λ‹ˆμΌ€ λ‰΄μŠ€ ν•˜κ³€ ν•˜λŠ”λ° lc motu 바이크 업적 μ„œλ² μ΄ 슀λͺ° 파이크,업적이 아카샀 of repeat op λλ‚˜ 바이크 업적 μͺ½ 마크 2,그럼 μœ„ 보브 μ € 카브 in a who μž…μˆ˜κ°€ 생쇼 κ³ μ•• 쌩 feo px,μΊ ν”„ d-10,tosca i've been 첨 xr 자꾸 빗은 nbr 3 4 5,였였였,였였였,μ•„,으,soo lee

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Max Keiser - F*CK ELON

Max Keiser - F*CK ELON

i came out and i said we're not selling,and f elon,you know because elon,has decided to insert himself into,bitcoin for some reason,and to try to make it about him,but uh back in miami during the 2021,bitcoin magazine conference when i was,introduced along with michael saylor for,our chat you know i came out and i said,we're not selling and f elon,you know because elon,has decided to insert himself into,bitcoin for some reason and to try to,make it about him,and the point is that bitcoin is about,nobody in particular it's a,decentralized network there is no center,to the network and a lot of people were,fearful and saying oh my gosh don't,don't upset elon you know he might sell,he bought some bitcoin so bitcoin is,about faith and it's about,getting rid of fiat money and uh it's,not about fear and people need to,disabuse themselves of having this fear,of somebody like an elon that they are,now cow towing to because they think he,is somehow instrumental in bitcoin he's,not,michael saylor is not uh you know the,winklevi twins are not max kaiser is not,it's it's completely decentralized,network that is flawless monetary,network that's growing on its own,volition doesn't matter what any,individual does and now you've got,countries like el salvador and now,paraguay just announced that they're,also adopting bitcoin as a legal tender,so there's another eight countries in,the region that are going to go bitcoin,hyper bitcoinization this is the,beginning of a global,bitcoin standard this is so this also,this event on july 8th in austin is a,bit of a victory lap because as you know,for 10 years since bitcoin was a dollar,we've been saying to buy bitcoin that,it's gonna compete if not replace gold,that'll become legal tender it'll become,the bitcoin global standard,so it's a way to have some fun,kind of like as a victory lap because we,won you know we won this race all the,fiat money is on the back foot gold is,not doing anything the alt coins they're,called whether it's uh bch or,bsv or ether,or cordano,or,um xrp they they're all now have been,pretty much shown the exit because they,claim to do things that bitcoin can't do,but now bitcoin has proven that it can,do everything,any of these things can do but it can do,it a lot better so there's no use case,for those altcoins whatsoever i don't,think many of them will be around in two,or three years time at all,uh the miami conference i mean this went,viral like it got picked up by you know,cnbc trevor noah spoke about you because,you were really passionate right so the,event is taking place,as elon is tweeting as the bitcoin price,is coming down,and things got pretty heated you ripped,up money on national television um,just your thoughts on that conference,and what you were,feeling those days,right well as far as ripping up money,that was actually two years earlier at,bitcoin 2019 but oh that was not from,this conference no but because i was,wearing the same suit and shirt,people kind of cut it together and they,said this is what happened at the event,but if you look at that that was from,two years ago in san francisco and i've,ripped up money like that,um many many times like i think i've,ripped up close to 50 000 over the years,it's part of my act,um i typically enter,ripping up dollars you know ripping,ripping them up you know so the people,can understand that they're just,worthless garbage and that there's,nothing there to to respect in any way,and there's a and and so it's uh i think,it's important to get that uh message,across you know it's it's not about the,money it's about sending a message,as the joker said in one of the batman,movies which is very true and um so that,was from two years earlier um the actual,uh event the interview i had with,michael sandler is really good you can,see it online that last 25 minutes,after the first 30 seconds you know that,people are focusing on but that's fine,um,the as i was saying you know this is a,time of victory for bitcoin we beat all,the altcoins we beat fiat money we beat,gold so everyone is in a celebratory,uh,mood it kind of like when you win the,world series or you win the stanley cup,you know emotions are high people are,happy there's partying and our july 8th,event is going to be basically a party,in that sense you know it's it's we we,beat them all we beat them all and the,things are just now getting into the,easy the sweet spot,but let's talk about the elephant in the,room max things have been dapping i mean,the bitcoin price um,has come down drastically,you know we have you know wall street,people and i don't want to even say,their names because i know you don't,care for them but are saying you know,i'm done with bitcoin i've sold my,bitcoin,um so a lot of people who had entered,the party and were joining in on the,celebrations are now exiting and a lot,of investors i speak to are saying oh,gosh i'm so scared of what's happening,in bitcoin i had so much belief in it,and now i don't know if i want to take,part in

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Proof of Work - An interview with Max Keiser (Keiser Report, RT)

Proof of Work - An interview with Max Keiser (Keiser Report, RT)

good morning Bitcoin my name is Thomas,Hunt and this is proof of work proof of,work is a show about the people behind,Bitcoin what they do and how they got,here today our guest is Max Keiser,Thomas great seeing this is awesome I've,been waiting for this for years finally,here together yeah exciting so I'm gonna,ask you everyone's most favorite and,familiar question first hmm what was,your first computer oh um I think,actually it would be 1980 in the 84,maybe I had a Compaq a desktop was like,one of the first desktops I remember had,like it's kind of large a kind of a,swivel stand and pizza box not that like,chunky very chunky now we were doing,stock analysis and spreadsheets and,things on this and so that was probably,my first computer and it allows you to,analyze the markets in ways you couldn't,before yeah you're doing a lot of at,that time like leveraged buyouts were,becoming huge and so that meant just,looking at companies and figuring out,what assets that on the books and when,how much you could borrow against those,assets and leveraged buyouts were big,and trying to guess what the next big,buyout was gonna be and and so that was,really the 80s was the corporate raiders,at that time Carl Icahn was big at that,time and Mike Milken and so you know,became very a spreadsheet oriented and,computer oriented that was like,computers hit Wall Street in a big way,and it changed the Wall Street in a big,way so that was before the internet your,computer wasn't connected to anything,else you had to bring all the data into,the computer yourself yes you were,loading data that's right mm-hmm that's,right and that allowed you to analyze,the markets previously were you doing it,by hand was it more laborious process,well the firms would generate research,and then you use that research and then,I think it just became exciting that,then a lot of companies we're trading at,that time in going public so Microsoft,went public Apple went public,so these computer companies were you,know going public and creating a,tremendous amount of interest Intel,Oracle and a lot of them went out of,business of course or got gobbled up but,you know I did follow tech tech stocks,tech,industry as a stockbroker and then you,know he's just naturally you know you,end up buying a computer and what the,hell is this all about and that's I,guess the first experience I had with it,so did you go away from computers or,were you always with a computer from,then on I didn't really get back into,heavily into computers into the mid-90s,when I had a company in Los Angeles and,I think we ordered like a thousand from,Dell right so del was the go-to supplier,for corporations and startups and they,were you know Dell famously advised,Apple to go out of business Michael Dell,said that Apple should just close the,doors and go away because they'll never,work that'll never be successful there,was a point there where their brand was,so valuable they were saying they could,sell apple Cola and they'd be fine and,there's the computer things and nonsense,the brand the image the logo it's good,enough but yeah well that's true and but,at that time there was doubt Michael,Dell was king of a of the computer,distribution really and I had a company,in Los Angeles and we bought a ton of,those and I have a few those still in my,possession yeah and so you're always,with computers then and then how did you,go from being interested in computers as,a stockbroker to being into Bitcoin,well as I mentioned this company in Los,Angeles and as the Hollywood Stock,Exchange and so we were trading virtual,securities and I had to actually invent,a technology for that so there's a,patent that I have called the virtual,specialist technology patent number five,nine five oh one seven six and this is,really a patented centralized digital,scarcity then whereas bitcoin is,decentralized digital scarcity the,virtual specialist and the virtual,currency that goes with it and the,securities are more of a centralized,digital scarcity so we had an on-ramp of,users all the time and we gave away,Hollywood dollars and then they would,invest these in the virtual securities,movie stock star bonds and then to fix,the problem of prices getting completely,out of line because like everyone would,my Leonardo DiCaprio and the price would,become quite hyper-extended so the,virtual specialist kind of figures out a,way to normalize price discovery on the,back,for thousands of these securities,because eventually that technology was,sold to Cantor Fitzgerald and they used,it actually to trade derivatives so they,used it to trade synthetic derivatives,to this day well I remember the,Hollywood Stock Exchange it was a really,interesting idea I was always into,movies but I never made any money by,being in movies so if I could predict,Jurassic Park would be a big hit I could,go on there bet into the futures if it's,a big hit I get paid out and then I,could actually make money on movies that,was the basic idea we give you the the

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Sam Bankman-Fried: The Game of Scandal Revealed - Max Keiser latest interview

Sam Bankman-Fried: The Game of Scandal Revealed - Max Keiser latest interview

foreign,he has had to leave his Tropical,Paradise where he wasn't one of the five,worst prisons in the world so he you,know he was first at first fighting,extradition and then he spent four days,in the one of the five worst prisons in,the world and decided Well actually I'd,rather go back to the U.S and of course,he posted 250 million dollar bail and uh,he's out I saw some photos of him in the,first class Lounge which I know very,well at JFK the American Airlines first,class Lounge he was there with his I,think his parents and some FBI agents uh,escorting him back to San Francisco,where he's going to live in luxury until,he ever goes to trial in the latest,episode of the orange pill podcast,hosted by Max caser and his wife Stacy,Herbert they discussed the extradition,of Sam bankman freed and how he sees,everything as a game,despite fighting against extradition for,so long Bang been freed quickly changed,his mind after spending four days in one,of the top five prisons in the world and,he was literally begging his lawyer for,extradition,crypto Twitter influencer Ben Armstrong,sent out a tweet saying I cannot express,how crazy the court hearing was this,morning,Sam bankman freed was shaking and,begging his lawyer to get him extradited,but there was a mysterious event that,happened over the weekend that prevented,the extradition,um wonder what that was well we don't,know what that was Max Keiser seems to,think bankman freed sees everything as a,game let's hear from the man himself,it's a video game so those days and,nights in the prison and Bahamas was,equivalent to when you open a bad door,in a video game and you have a penalty,or Shoots and Ladders you know it's a,great game we used to play as kids he'd,have a ladder you go up and then he hit,a shoot and you fall down so this is,just a part of the video game he had a,four or five night experience in the,simulated prison environment it was all,put together for him as part of his game,operators there is no prison in the,Bahamas he never was involved in any,scandals per se he's just part of the,simulation that he had to go into that,experience of the simulated prison and,now he's on an airplane flying around,with guards he's looking for his next,power up power up pill to take to get to,the next level of the video game so he,was he's definitely leading in this,particular game called FTX scam of Fraud,and he's definitely the most winningest,player his girlfriend Caroline is in New,York she's trying to play the game as,well apparently she's a cop to uh charge,and to save on some simulated jail time,but she's out drinking fancy coffee and,Starbucks and whatnot so this is really,uh you know the the the the the the,culmination of 30 Years of Gaming I,would say it's kind of like uh for me,there's two things is the bastiat quote,that I often use which is that when,plunder becomes the way of life for a,group of men in a society over time they,create the legal system that justifies,it in the moral system that glorifies it,meets,um you know who wants to be a,cotillionaire if I were going to call,this game something I would be Who Wants,To Be A contillionaire because of course,sambachman freed was flown in a Gulf,Stream 550 G550 back from the Bahamas to,New York landed in White Plains and uh,so he was flown in luxury and uh from,the Bahamas to New York and one thing,that I noticed is of course he went into,Manhattan for one night in prison before,he made bail or Bond whatever you want,to call it he he was released the next,day after paying um I don't know how,much of the 250 million dollars he had,to put down but maybe five percent or,ten percent his parents did using their,house as collateral but nevertheless the,point is he only had to stay one night,and then was released the next day when,if you look at Rikers you have on Rikers,a bunch of non-cantillionaires and,you'll find there I think there have,been actually 19 deaths so far in,custody in Rikers just in 2022 and many,of them were suicides from young men who,have been there for sometimes up to,three years one of the men who committed,suicide for things like stealing a,backpack or something really small,something minor relative to what,sandbankment read is alleged to have,done so if you're uh if you're poor you,end up in Rikers and you're there for,years,without the ability to get out you I,guess they you know they must suffer,from cash bail where if if your bail is,250 million you have to come up with the,entire amount where obviously sambachman,freed and his family did not have to,come up with 250 million dollars uh so,it's Who Wants To Be A cantillionaire if,you're a cotillionaire we see obviously,you get treated very differently and the,the plunder the moral system and the,legal system that justifies the big,plunder is is quite extraordinary for,all to see you could just see it right,there Who Wants To Be A quintillionaire,who wouldn't want to play that game,legally I mean but it comes down to most,people who do w

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Max Keiser Says His $220,000 Bitcoin Call Is Coming, Plans to Exit Gold and Silver Completely

Max Keiser Says His $220,000 Bitcoin Call Is Coming, Plans to Exit Gold and Silver Completely

hi this is daniela cambone here to share,with you that if you're trying to figure,out the real reason why so many,americans keep getting wealthier and,others get left behind well there's a,new report from the experts at,stansberry research you may want to,check out it's called will you get left,behind and walks you through what is,actually happening right now in america,you'll learn all about the number one,investment you need to make today to,make sure you don't fall behind,barron's reports this incredible asset,has already created an estimated 20 000,new millionaires and perhaps 10 times,that number i guarantee this new report,will force you to think about what is,happening in america in a very different,way and you can make a ton of money too,so to get your free copy of this new,report go to,again that's, for your free copy,of this report,hi this is daniela camboni and welcome,back to stansberry research our outlook,2022 continues with the person you,couldn't wait to hear from so please,welcome back to the show the host of the,kaiser report and of course uh one of,the most recognizable faces on the,planet when it comes to the topic of,bitcoin max keiser welcome back to the,show here hey daniella great to be with,you and i just want to say,just for you max i came dressed for the,occasion wearing my,max it up t-shirt that's how excited i,am for this interview how's your new,year going so far,it's great you know we are seeking,citizenship in el salvador uh to become,a citizen of the first country in the,world to make bitcoin legal tender,and it's really the most exciting thing,to happen in bitcoin since oh i guess,2009 when bitcoin started and we're also,helping in,the project of volcano bonds so the,country's going to raise a billion,dollars on volcano bonds and i think,i think we can get that number up to,toward the 20 billion dollar level,my goal is to make this country debt,free so,this is this is some of the excitement,that's going on here in el salvador,thanks to the president who kelly who,made bitcoin legal tender yes yes and,that,as we know uh was historic news when,that came out i want to talk to you,about that obviously a lot of excitement,about your return on this show because,last year,you came on my show and you gave your um,you know famous outlook for 2021 max,keiser's,2021 bitcoin forecast you're hearing it,for the first time,here folks i'm going with 220 000,per bitcoin that of course made,worldwide headlines 220 000. we will,talk about that of course but we do want,to talk el salvador we want to talk,about what's happening right now in,bitcoin and of course i will also reveal,my bitcoin forecast that i wrote down,with max i also have a forecast for,bitcoin okay i'm not gonna say it i'm,gonna write down a piece of paper,fold it and put it into,this desk that you don't see in the shot,who came closer,to their target do we have a wager on,that,uh yeah i think uh we wagered a cup of,coffee,stay tuned to the end to find out folks,all right first let's start with the,price max okay this is number one,question so let's just clear the error,here,and i always say it's extremely,difficult to come on a show and make,forecasts you were calling for um you,know bitcoin over 220 000,by november you said you used,proprietary information when you come to,these calculations uh i've now seen that,you've moved that target so let's talk,about,first of all let's talk about what you,think went wrong with what was a huge,miss on forecast here because we're now,at a three month low as we're taping,this now bitcoin's hovering around 42,000.,right so well as you know we first,started covering bitcoin in 2011 when it,was a dollar and at that time i was,forecasting a hundred thousand dollars,per bitcoin,uh based on its ability to grab a,significant portion of the global forex,market and to compete with gold now as,far as 2021 goes i said hey we're going,to get to 220 000,per coin which is a typical four-year,cycle,what we had in 2021 was that massive uh,china collapse in mining in hash power,so the mining and the hash power,collapsed 50 percent,uh we have since recovered that now and,we're about to hit new all-time high,in hash rate and so that's why i'm,pushing my 220 000 target from 2021 to,2022. so there's really a couple of,numbers to keep in mind there's price,there's hash rate and there's the,difficulty adjustment those are the,three things you have to keep in mind,i've always said that price,uh lags hash rate that hash rate,precedes price,and so we're going to see new all-time,highs in the hash rate and followed by,new all-time highs and bitcoin price the,underlying fundamentals have only gotten,stronger the fiat money world is,crumbling inflation is out of control,uh the bitcoin network is getting,stronger if you look at the on-chain,analysis that is to say,the people who are actually doing,transactions not derivatives but on the,actual bitcoin blockchain we see an,

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What Happened to $220K Bitcoin? Max Keiser Says No Damage Done, Reveals 2023 Forecast

What Happened to $220K Bitcoin? Max Keiser Says No Damage Done, Reveals 2023 Forecast

foreign,ERS in America over the past 50 years is,going public with his fourth and final,prediction about a scenario he calls,America's nightmare winter you've,probably never heard of Bill Bonner but,in addition to owning an interest in,businesses all over the globe he also,owns more than a hundred thousand acres,with massive properties in South America,Central America the U.S plus three large,properties in Europe Bonner says we're,about to enter a very strange period In,America which could result in the most,difficult times we've seen in many many,years Bonner has made three similar,predictions in his 50-plus year career,and each one proved to be exactly right,although he was mocked each and every,time this is why I strongly encourage,you to read about Bonner's fourth and,final prediction totally free today it's,all spelled out in a free report we've,put together about America's nightmare,winter scenario get the facts for,yourself go to America's, to get your free,copy of this report,even if he's only partially right it,will dramatically affect you and your,money so again go to Americas, for this free report,hi this is Daniela cambona and welcome,back to the Daniela Cambodian show and,the kickoff of our Outlook 2023 series I,have invited back to the show Max Kaiser,the ultimate ambassador of Bitcoin,around the world and what a time to have,Max on because,we're going to talk about the Fallout,from FTX and how Bitcoin has been taking,a hit uh from it so how are ambassadors,like a Max saying afloat here uh you,know what are what are they saying what,are their thoughts where do we go from,here how are you doing first and,foremost Maxwell well hi Daniella well,we're here in our home our new home El,Salvador and where everything is is,looking great uh the economy is up,sharply they made Bitcoin legal tender,and they've they're benefiting massively,as a result GDP up 10.3 percent tourism,up over 100 employment up seven percent,new business up 12,exports up 17 Internal Revenue up 37,percent,violent crime down 95 percent so yeah,you know this is uh an interesting,decade an interesting Century where the,U.S is kind of on the way down and El,Salvador in the region is on the way up,and I definitely want to talk more about,El Salvador later in the interview but I,thought I would start since I know,you've been uh been quite vocal on uh,this uh Sun bankman freed character and,the FTX crisis I want to get your take,on it obviously there's been a lot of,comparisons being made to Bernie Madoff,but I'd like to point out that Madoff,turned himself in admitted wrongdoing he,was in the country freed not in the,country and not admitting to any,wrongdoing yet,right well uh the Sam bankman freed,story and FTX and ftt which is their,token and Alameda which is uh kind of,the hedge fund Alameda research that,they they created back in,um 19 I'm sorry,2017. so,um Sam backman freed came out of a,company called or called Jane capital,and it he comes from the very shadowy,world the very shady world of high,frequency trading and kind of the Shadow,banking system and the market making,that's done kind of in the gray a gray,regulatory Zone and there's a lot of,these firms that exist on the periphery,there's a lot of debate whether they're,actually engaged in lawful activities or,not but that's that's where he came from,so he came out of Jane Capital he,started Alameda research which is,another one of these Market making high,frequency trading Arbitrage chop chops,that are very Fringe in terms of whether,they're legal or not legal they exist,kind of on the periphery and he was,engaged in a lot of,um skullduggery over there at Alameda,then they decided to start their own,exchange FTX,and they lobbied very hard in the,Bahamas where they felt that they would,get very little regulatory oversight,they went ahead and they bought 10,percent of IEX which is another one of,these Shady peripheral exchanges to give,themselves regulatory legitimacy,they then floated a token called ftt,which is part of the whole scam token,world that we've been talking about for,a number of years whether it's ethereum,or cardano or ftt or xrp these are just,scam tokens and it used that enlisted it,on other scammy exchanges to create a,price,and then using that as collateral to buy,assets like real estate in the Bahamas,and uh now as all Ponzi schemes,eventually do they run out of kind of uh,Runway and they crash and burn so it is,similar to Bernie Madoff in that respect,it's also similar to the 19 the 2008,financial crisis where Wall Street spun,out of thin air all these derivative,contracts and they created this,multi-trillion dollar Ponzi scheme that,blew up finally in 2008 and with the,help of the fed and central banks to,bail out all the Crooked Bankers once,again,so there's a lot of similarities to that,there's similarities to the SNL crisis,of the of the late 1970s early 1980s I,should note that the SNL crisis which is,a similar

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