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I Can't Wait For Elon To Fire These Spoiled Twitter Employeesso Elon Musk is scheduled to take the,r

Matt Walsh

Updated on Jan 12,2023

I Can't Wait For Elon To Fire These Spoiled Twitter Employees

so Elon Musk is scheduled to take the,reins over at Twitter I believe on,Friday uh that's when the deal is,supposed to be official and he'll,actually be in charge of Twitter,um the left obviously is panicking over,it and and they're panicking because we,know they rely so much on on,suppressing speech and and and,that is all in service to kind of this,pretending that there are that there is,a consensus on an issue when there,really isn't as some people have called,it on Twitter you know,manufacturing a consensus,um that's the Great Value that uh that,Twitter has for the left and that all,social media doesn't have big Tech has,for them,is by pretending you know by by putting,their own views out there and pretend,and creating an environment where it,seems like everyone agrees with their,position when really they don't,um it's a,and that can be a very convincing thing,to people when they when we spend so,much time on social media and there's,one point of view that you see,everywhere you turn,and another point of view which might be,your own which you don't see represented,at all trick you into believing that uh,well you must be very much in the,minority and if you're in the minority,you must be wrong,but they manufacture this by suppressing,all other opinions,now they're afraid that's going to go,out the window,um so Elon Musk showed up to Twitter,headquarters yesterday uh it he posted a,quick video showing him carrying a sink,into the building here's that video,so I get it because they let that sink,in is it is it the pun,I think it's I'm always a fan of I'm,always an apologist for all forms of uh,dad jokes now we previously talked about,musk's reported plan to fire a huge,portion of the staff which is a great,idea it's even a better idea than the,pun and the pun was a fantastic idea,um and it's an even better idea in light,of this here's a video that Libs of tick,tock found and posted this is another,one of those Tick Tock videos where,somebody goes through their daily,routine I have no idea why this is a,trend,why these videos are so popular but they,are so here is the daily routine,of a Twitter employee watch,welcome to a day in my life as a Twitter,employee so this past week went to SF,for the first time at a Twitter office,badged in honestly took a moment to just,soak everything in what a blessing also,started my morning off with an iced,matcha from the perch then I had a,meeting so it's quickly scheduled one of,these little pod rooms which were so,cool they're literally noise canceling,took my meeting got ready for a bunch,look how delicious this food looks oh my,goodness I was so overwhelmed then made,my way down to this Log Cabin area I,don't know what this is but it was,really cool I played some foosball with,my friends to kind of unwind a bit,um also found this really cool,meditation room that I thought was super,neat,um I didn't do any yoga but they have,this yoga room if you are a yogi so I,also thought that was really cool,um had a couple more meetings in the,afternoon had a ton of projects that we,needed to knock out say hi to my,teammates,um went to the went to the library to,kind of get some more work done,obviously had to have our afternoon,coffee so made some espresso and then,before leaving for the day I had some,red wine,um that's on tap went up to the rooftop,and just honestly enjoyed the beautiful,weather so awesome trip,that no work but it was done at all well,she had a meeting so we had a meeting,for 15 minutes,I think there's a lot of fat we can trim,here I really think that there is so he,wants to fire 75 employees I think he,probably fired 90 and we would be fine,uh I love how she says that she had to,unwind by playing some foosball with her,friends,unwind you just you just got you got to,work an hour ago,you spent most of the time drinking,coffee and hanging out and meditating,and you already have to unwind,if you have time for yoga and foosball,and meditation during the work day you,aren't needed okay good rule of thumb,there if I was an employer I I might put,all of that stuff in the office just so,that I can fire whoever uses it,it gives people an opportunity to sort,of tell on themselves I think it's,actually a brilliant idea the more that,I think about this,it's really not a bad idea have a have a,swimming pool have a hot tub have a,water park uh have lounge chairs and,reading material and,you know all that kind of stuff,have a room that says like the it's the,uh it's the the Netflix room you just,sit there and browse Netflix and watch,Netflix movies,and anyone caught using any of that is,fired automatically,I'm half joking well I'm not really,joking at all I would do that but the,point is that if you don't want to be,fired if you want to have job security,and this is not just a lesson for,Twitter employees it's for everybody you,have to make yourself Irreplaceable as,Irreplaceable as possible I mean the,reality is that nobody is totally,Irreplaceable but your value to your,emp

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Deep Tweets by Matt Walsh - Season 1

Deep Tweets by Matt Walsh - Season 1

and now deep tweets,by Matt Walsh,earlier I tweeted that emojis are for,children and women and that grown adult,men shouldn't use them I'm trending on,Twitter now because many people are,rightly angry about it I apologize,I should have mentioned that emojis are,also for illiterates forgive my,oversight,my seven-year-old pangender child,Sundance just came right up to me and,asked Matt what happens if there's,another January 6th can our democracy,survive,I looked them right in the eyes and said,my child it's already dead,we just held each other and sobbed,my pronouns are me and myself when you,refer to me you must say me which means,you'll be talking about yourself because,I identify as you and also me I identify,as everyone your identity has been,collapsed into mine you must respect,this or else you are transphobic,foreign,Drew in red marker all over his face,then got scared that we'd be mad so we,tried to hide it by wrapping toilet,paper around his head like a mummy then,he promptly ran into a wall and nearly,knocked himself unconscious,update I'm told that his sister came up,with a toilet paper solution now it's,all starting to make sense,update I dropped a very clever you must,be red in the face about this joke but,no one left,foreign,I would like to sincerely apologize for,the Reckless comments that got me,suspended I now realize that biology,doesn't exist science is a myth men are,women women are men penises are vaginas,and vaginas are penises it all makes,sense to me now I regret the error,parenting young children is just,shouting where are your shoes over and,over again into a void until the words,seem to lose all meaning,foreign,the government literally admitted that,we're being invaded by space aliens,today and you people don't even care,well they may not have admitted it,exactly but I choose to interpret the,events in this way and live my truth,announcement I Didn't Do It for the,accolades but if anyone does want to,nominate me for a Nobel Peace Prize in,recognition of my philanthropic,Endeavors I will not turn down the award,foreign,look sometimes kids grab steak knives,and stab other kids in the driveway,we've all been there just innocent kid,stuff can't believe the cops had to get,involved at all let kids be kids,my son told me that a kid was teasing,him by rhyming his name in insulting,ways I asked him the other kid's name,and gave him some ideas for Rhymes he,can use against him my wife does not,agree with my parenting strategy but I,feel that name rhyming and self-defense,is ethical,foreign

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Matt Walsh Reacts To His Received Death Threats

Matt Walsh Reacts To His Received Death Threats

a new film what is a woman is now the,most successful piece of content that,daily wire has ever produced record,numbers of people have watched it the,film has been trending online for days,it's easily one of the most talked about,and debated films of the year uh it's,been an enormous smash success and,already made i think an immediate and,seismic impact on the culture none of,this would have been possible without,you guys in the audience supporting the,film and supporting our mission more,broadly by subscribing to the daily wire,you know we're trying to build something,so that we can continue making films,like what is a woman and other sorts of,films and pieces of content that will,impact the culture in different but,still important ways so if you haven't,subscribed yet i'd ask you to consider,going to what is a and getting,signed up we may not have the whole you,know extensive content library of like,netflix not yet anyway but we're on a,mission and we're making art that,matters we're kind of the um the way i,look at it is kind of the scrappy,underdogs the unwelcome,intruders in the subscription streaming,world right now but there's a lot of fun,to be had,in that role that's the good news and it,enables us to make things that literally,nobody else anywhere else could or would,ever make,like what is a woman,now one of the reasons why,nobody would make what is a woman is,because the subject matter is of course,radioactive i mean gender ideology is,the ultimate,third rail it's supercharged considered,untouchable by most people,there are increasing numbers of people i,think who will kind of dance around the,edges of the issue talk about sports,teams and bathrooms and that sort of,thing but very few people will go after,the heart of this thing,it's one thing to suggest that males,don't belong in women's bathrooms,it's another thing to call into question,the actual underlying premise of gender,ideology and transgenderism,the thing is as it turns out even if,you're trying to stay around the edges,it doesn't really work because,you can't make an argument against males,and women's bathrooms without,questioning the underlying premise,if you're trying to keep the underlying,premise intact and say nothing about,that,then you've already surrendered the,entire issue,so that's what we try to do in this film,is go after the underlying premise,premise and because we succeeded so,dramatically in exposing the hollowness,at the core of this ideology,and because we knew we had succeeded we,also knew that,there would be,blowback you know to releasing this,though of course there was never any,thought given to not releasing it this,is a bomb you know in effect,metaphorically and it's a bomb that we,knew we had to detonate come what may,and as for what is coming my way now,there are um the expected things that,we've talked about you know coordinated,campaigns to de-platform me lies and,smears and defamation being spread about,me even to the point of leftists,photoshopping tweets to try to embarrass,and libel me every day i see a new tweet,that i that i never tweeted that's,making the rounds online,um,this was the extent of the backlash,until the last day or two,when the death threats started rolling,in uh we have our security team tracking,those and the police have been notified,might have a little bit more specific,on those uh threats,soon but for now i'll just leave it at,that,um also i should note that i'm an avid,fan of the second amendment and more,than willing to make full use of my,constitutional rights should any of,these keyboard warriors decide to try to,you know try their luck in the real,world,but the death threats are,sometimes not as revealing as the death,wishes and there are,a great many of those on twitter right,now directed at me,most people are most people anyway are,hesitant to make explicit physical,threats,and um the people who have not been,hesitant to make those physical threats,are going to learn why they ought to,have been,but a lot of people are are you know,much more confident and feel a lot,better about especially trans activists,who are some of the most vicious and,cowardly people on the planet,they're not as shy about telling you,what they hope happens to you because i,feel like that gives them a little bit,of cover,so just a few examples i mentioned the,death threats that we've been getting,uh on twitter yesterday i mentioned it,and um and here's how leftists and trans,activists responded i'm gonna read a few,here just a few examples,one says seeing fascist bigots scared,for their life is so satisfying another,hopefully the cops are as effective at,protecting you and your family as they,were at protecting the children and,teachers in uvalde another says you,deserve all of it another says you,deserve worse another says ha ha good i,look forward to hearing how the cops,stood around and watched another says,hopefully some of those threats have,some weight behind them another says uh,rotten he

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LOL: Matt Walsh and Brett Cooper REACT to "What is a Woman?" Hate Tweets

LOL: Matt Walsh and Brett Cooper REACT to "What is a Woman?" Hate Tweets

welcome back to the comments section i'm,brett cooper guys we're doing a little,bit of a different show today i actually,have a guest with me,i have the one and only matt walsh he is,a best-selling lgbtq children's author a,biologist and now a documentarian,as an award-winning documentarian there,we go i'm sorry you're award-winning,i've decided yeah let's identify myself,matt walsh last night released his new,documentary what is a woman it premiered,on daily wire it is an incredible piece,of content could you walk people through,like a one minute pitch of the,documentary what you learned um how long,it took to film,yeah this was a year-long process it was,a you know an idea that i had almost,exactly a year ago which was to take,this question what is a woman um that,after it occurred to me years before,that that uh this is a question that,basically brings down the entire gender,ideology house of cards and i i did,spend you know in fairness to me i spent,a couple of years trying to get the left,to respond to it,on twitter or just like talk about in,speeches and on the show and everything,and they ignored it and so then i said,well now we gotta go out and like,present the question to them actively,um and uh that took us all across all,across the world but this is what i keep,telling the left is like this is your,fault,you could have just answered my tweet,and you none of this had to happen one,of my very favorite things when i was,watching it is that you approached every,interview with the same attitude,regardless of what side you were talking,about and i think that that is you know,positioning you as basically a better,journalist than anybody that we are,seeing,in mainstream media right now because,you actually,pushed for the truth on both sides of,the trans issue yeah people have been,after watching this have been accusing,me of being objective and fair which,actually i'm not at all but in this film,we decided i mean i would have loved to,and there are many times when we're,making the film but i wanted to just,start like yelling at people,because i obviously have a perspective,and an opinion on this subject very much,so but um we realize that that's not,first of all that's what everyone,expects me to do it's what everyone,expects all of us to do especially,conservative media making something like,this you're expected to be just kind of,like going around saying your opinion um,we didn't think that'd be as powerful,and also,we we want to give gender ideology,basically a chance to sort of hang,itself by its own,by its own answers to the or really,non-answers to these questions so the,idea was let's just go let's have some,really basic,very fair questions and we're just going,to go and ask them and see what kind of,responses,we get and clearly it was effective,because last night during the premiere,we had a ddos attack on the daily wire,server and ddas is a denial of service,attack where basically they use a bunch,of bots and they flood a website so that,people couldn't actually watch the film,so obviously they're angry they hate it,so i thought we would read some of the,tweets um about how terrible of a person,you are like this man right here he says,it's funny how it's mostly men trying to,hem women into a corner and mostly men,who are not exactly the most manly men,at that a real man allows women to,define themselves,you're not manly i mean i'm wearing i,wear the flannel for like the entire,film so i don't know what else can i do,uh you know that that,that's obviously absurd what we're what,we're trying to do first of all,how can you have any i mean he's i guess,he's pretending that he's uh defending,women or whatever but if you don't even,know what a woman is then you can't do,anything with respect to women so the,idea here first of all is to like,affirm the fact that women and this is,good news for you,women exist so you exist,and uh and you have like a unique,uh identity that is not something that,can just be appropriated and and worn,like a halloween costume so have you,ever been called a toilet brush before i,have not but this is a lot of fun you,have been now the fact that on the,second day of pride month and actually,was the first day she got that wrong uh,conservative toilet brush matt walsh,releases an a piece of the most,flagrantly and unapologetically,transphobic pieces of modern media it,should tell you exactly how unsafe the,trans and lgbtq communities at large are,in modern america see you you are not,unsafe i'm not doing anything to you,physically um however maybe your,your world view that you've constructed,for yourself might be a little bit,unsafe it is now in jeopardy because of,it has come up against some basic,skepticism so i could see that i suppose,because you're a violent hateful toilet,brush that too as well yes exactly now,one thing i've been seeing going around,a lot is that you went to africa and you,uh spent time in kenya you were talking,to a tribe there people are saying that,yo

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Matt Walsh Reacts To Media Matters' Hit Piece On Him

Matt Walsh Reacts To Media Matters' Hit Piece On Him

so now it's my turn and I expected that,something like this might happen it had,to had to happen I've been successful in,fighting against the left's agenda,especially the trans agenda and,especially recently those who support,the sexual mutilation of children know,full well that I am a threat to them,because we're winning and they're losing,and they know that too and they can't,engage with our with our arguments they,can't uh oppose us on the battlefield of,ideas so instead they look for another,way and now they're convinced they found,their kill shot against Me by using the,same method they always use which is,digging up ancient history doing the,internet equivalent of rummaging through,garbage cans to find things that were,done and said years ago which can be,used to defame and they hope silence me,today so yes my my PR team over at Media,Matters apparently wasn't satisfied to,promote just my current show and all the,work they do there so they decided to go,back 15 years to my time as a rock radio,host on an obscure station in uh,Delaware which is also an obscure State,and they spent it would seem many,tedious hours listening to segments and,bits from my time as a shock jock in my,early 20s it could not have been easy to,sit through I I commend their,persistence at least,and now they've compiled their findings,into an expose that promises to reveal,my quote sordid pest,honestly I I never thought of myself as,having assorted past I figured my life,was far too boring and sort of uh banal,and normal for that,but it turns out that I'm a more,interesting person than I had previously,thought,so as for the vultures and Media Matters,and the leftists who've picked up this,hit piece and run with it they are not,very interesting they are doing what,they always do they're as pathetic and,desperate as I've always known them to,be,the left they're not interested in,investigating children's hospitals that,literally castrate and butcher children,in fact such investigations I've been,told are an act of terrorism,but they will take the time to scour the,internet for evidence that I made,offensive remarks when I was 23 years,old,that in their minds is far more relevant,to the public it's a matter of uh of,Greater National urgency they think,so with that in mind,let's talk now if this is what they want,to talk about for a few moments about,the deep dark secrets of my past these,skeletons that have been hiding in my,closet waiting to be discovered by,Intrepid reporters and Media Matters I,will tell you the whole ghastly story,even the parts that Media Matters didn't,include,I'll tell you the whole story,so when I was 20 years old I moved into,a one-bedroom apartment in a small town,in Delaware and started working at a,rock station with a staggering audience,that easily reached into the,hundreds I think,those are my humble beginnings or or,maybe the dark and Sinister origins of,the world's most notorious terrorists,depending on who you listen to,so I worked at the station until I was,25 for a couple of years during that,period I hosted a Morning Show,where we often did flout the rules of,political correctness as was the custom,on morning radio at the time in their,headpiece Media Matters presents,evidence,that I used racially insensitive humor,that I told inappropriate jokes,that I engaged in lots of offensive,activities,all of that,of course is true they also accuse me of,physically abusing our radio interns,by tasing one of them as a joke,that's also true and I submit still,funny,In fairness I got tased too in fact I,invented a game back in those days,called taser trivia where as the name,suggests you are asked trivia questions,and if you get it wrong you get taste,Media Matters didn't post that video but,but they should have because it's quite,shocking literally and figuratively so,I'll post it for you now here it is,category will be science and nature okay,any question,what astrological chart takes its name,from a Greek word meaning circle of,little animals oh no no hold on all,right,astrological chart that takes its name,from what,Circle,this again,this sucks guys getting the taser out,circle of little animals circles little,animals,um,um uh it uh,just answer it uh the answer is uh uh,uh the uh the chart of um,of uh,the chart of magnesia,oh God,now if I should be canceled for anything,uh it for it should be for for being,such a such a pansy in that video like,that was embarrassing actually,get it together I mean it does hurt to,get to get tased and for some reason we,decided to add the blindfolds into it as,well to just make it more because you,never know when the tase is coming,our biggest mistake was that we used,Trivial Pursuit questions we use like,old school Trivial Pursuit as the,questions should taste of trivia I don't,think anyone got the answer right so we,just got taste 50 times,anyway that's the sort of content that,you missed out on if you didn't live in,Southern Delaware in the early 2000s but,there's more M

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Twitter Suspended Me for Pointing Out Basic Facts

Twitter Suspended Me for Pointing Out Basic Facts

so tragedy struck my family on friday,when i got the news which came,completely out of nowhere hitting like a,bolt of lightning from the clear blue,sky,that i had been suspended from twitter,these are truly the times that try men's,souls i was informed of the suspension,mere moments after posting a video of me,defeating my wife,in a plastic sled race in our front yard,now at first i thought that i was being,suspended because of that video perhaps,on a bullying charge or something either,way you know that's the kind of,indispensable content that the internet,was deprived of in my absence then i,received the email from our twitter,overlords they informed me that the,suspension was for two offensive posts,that i had recently authored,one said this,trigger warning get ready for this this,is what it says,the greatest female jeopardy champion of,all time is a man the top female college,swimmer is a man the first female,four-star admiral in the public health,service is a man men have dominated,female high school track and the female,mma circuit the patriarchy wins in the,end,the other was a tweet from a few months,ago i think was a few months ago and i,was responding i believe to the news,that demi lovato had come out as a they,them she had come out as multiple people,where i said in my trademark diplomatic,and gentle style,i am not referring to an individual,person as if she is two people everyone,else can run around sounding like,maniacs if they want to but i will not,be participating no thank you,well i did say no thank you so i think i,was pretty polite about it,what rules did these two posts violate,well the company said that i had run,afoul of their policy prohibiting,hateful conduct,what is hateful conduct,that's this is the only explanation they,offer for that they say,you may not promote violence against,threaten or harass other people on the,basis of race ethnicity national origin,sexual orientation gender gender,identity religious affiliation age,disability or serious disease,now it should be noted that you can,still promote violence against them if,you just disagree with their opinions,because people do that to me every,single day i mean every day someone is,telling me they're gonna kill me or,wishing death on my entire family but,that's okay because they just hate me,for everything i stand for and believe,that's totally fine,hate somebody for their race or gender,on the other hand well that is,unacceptable,but did i promote violence i mean did i,make any threats against anybody,i said the patriarchy wins but that was,simply an observation not a threat,i didn't say the patriarchy will win you,fools you're all gonna pay,that's the kind of thing i might say,but that's not what i mean that's what i,hope it will happen but that's that's,not what i actually said,so where was the threat or was i guilty,of harassment,was i harassing the trans jeopardy,contestant by simply observing in a,tweet where he was not tagged or even,mentioned by name that he's a biological,male,now if i had to guess and all i can do,is guess because social media companies,never deign to explain themselves to,plebes like us but if i had to guess,that's what i would think they probably,determined that i was harassing trans,people by making objectively correct,statements,and not even again making those,statements to them but just in general,in much the same way that i guess that,my math teachers in elementary school,harassed me by telling me that i was,doing long division wrong,you know the truth is harassment if you,don't want to hear it,that seems to be the standard though,rather unevenly applied of course,now fortunately i was let out of uh of,time out the next day and i was,permitted to continue posting,um,you know whatever i want i mean posting,videos of my sled races if i wanted to,but whether i can continue to post,scientifically correct information about,sex and gender is another matter,i will continue to do it we'll just see,how much more they tolerate before,before they ban me,now although my twitter suspension was,obviously a great hardship for me and,i'm still struggling with ptsd from the,experience i'm aware that it's not,exactly earth-shattering news for,everybody else,especially because this kind of thing,happens all the time,the point that has greater implications,for society is not that this or that,individual person gets suspended or,banned,it's that the most powerful social media,platforms on the planet,have forbidden us from stating basic,objective truths,now although we have perhaps grown,accustomed to it by now,it is nonetheless mind-numbingly,deranged that multi-billion dollar,companies have decided that you cannot,say,biological males are men,many of the dystopian novelists of the,20th century were able to correctly,predict various aspects of our society,today but none of them predicted this,none of them prophesied a future a near,future where it's considered harassment,to observe that an individual with a,penis

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Elon Musk's Genius Plan To Fire Most Of Twitter

Elon Musk's Genius Plan To Fire Most Of Twitter

all right this is from the daily wire,says billionaire Elon Musk will,reportedly gut Twitter with massive cuts,when he takes over getting rid of the,overwhelming majority of the company The,Washington Post reported that musk told,prospective investors that he plans to,get rid of nearly 75 percent of,Twitter's 7 500 workers whittling the,company down to a skeleton staff of just,over 2 000. the report said that even if,the musks even if musk's acquisition of,Twitter somehow does not go through,large cuts are still expected as the,current people running the company plan,to get rid of roughly 25 percent of the,company's staff so they were already,planning on making big cuts of 25,percent,Elon Musk is saying let's triple that,and get rid of 75 the report said that,the plan cuts by Twitter's Executives,helped to explain why the company wanted,to sell to musk once he made the offer,the social media platform had been,fighting musk and Court over his attempt,to cancel the previous buy so we know,about all that so 75 is what their what,their uh what Elon Musk supposedly,is planning to cut I think this is great,news,I don't generally make a habit of,celebrating job loss,um unless it's at Twitter,or if it's at like Planned Parenthood,or if it's anywhere else in big Tech,or if it's in the federal government,so maybe I do make a habit of,celebrating job loss but anyway this is,great news because because,primarily because absolutely gutting the,staff,is the only real way to make the woke,censorship and all of that go away,and this is one of the reasons why the,media when they're reporting on this,they're they're panicking over it,because the weather is not going to be,enough there's going to be misin for,quote unquote misinformation and hate,speech all over Twitter there's not,gonna be enough people there to put out,all these fires,that's exactly the point,you know I've already declared my,intention which I'm which I still intend,on this my intention to go on a,misgendering,spree it's going to be a misgendering,massacre once Elon Musk takes over I'll,just be I'll just be misgendering,everyone,all the time and it'll be great but that,also assumes that the old regime is,actually cleared out,um because if it's not if Elon Musk,takes over and but then almost everyone,else stays in place beneath him then,there's no actual reason to think that,anything changes,and one thing that we know is that it's,very hard,to,change a fundamentally left-wing,institution even from the top,Donald Trump discovered that,and the fundamentally a left-wing,institution in his case was the Federal,Government,but it's very hard to do and the more,people that there are the the bigger the,bureaucracy uh the more difficult it is,so the only way is to go in there and,just clean clean the place out,which fortunately looks like that's what,he is uh,planning to do and that'll do it for,this portion of the show as we move over,to the members block,um hope to see you there if not hope to,at least see you out at the rally today,and if not then then on Monday Godspeed

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Why Is Twitter Still Censoring Conservatives?

Why Is Twitter Still Censoring Conservatives?

some journalists on on Twitter are,complaining you know because Elon Musk,taking over Twitter and uh and he's,already fired a bunch of people and,they're complaining about that well,here's the latest from a New York Times,article and a guy named Bill gruskin,tweets this he says Mr Mr musk plans to,begin making employees pay for lunch,which had been free at the company,cafeteria and a guy named Andrew Wartman,responds to that he said he fired,three-fourths of the employees now he's,planning to starve the rest of them,he's failure incarnate,yes now the Twitter employees are and,musk actually responded to this and said,that look most the employees don't even,come to the office so I don't think I'm,going to starve them to begin with but,also,you know they're working at at,Twitter it's uh so they they have jobs,they probably should be able to pay for,their own lunches,now it's nice to get a free lunch every,day don't get me wrong we actually we,get that here at the daily wire they,provide us catered lunch every day it's,what's it's it's fantastic if you can,get it,but if they were to take that perk away,from us I don't think I would just sit,here and starve I would probably just,you know you could pack a lunch or go go,buy lunch somewhere,so these are these really Petty,complaints that we're still hearing,about,the Elon Musk takeover of a Twitter but,there are complaints that you could make,that are not as Petty,so for example over the weekend,um our great reporter Christina buttons,here at the daily wire she tweeted out a,link to a report that she just did for,the daily wire,and the headline of the report is new,data emerges of 1100 plus adolescent,gender affirming mastectomies,and as she tweets it with this caption,she says new data a study of Nationwide,Hospital databases found that at least 1,130 adolescents between 2016 and 2019,received gender affirming chest,surgeries gender affirming in quotes,chest surgeries in the U.S an,overwhelming majority,114 of The Adolescents were female,um and so that's it that's the report,now,this isn't even an editorial this is,just Christina buttons,uh,presenting the information the data,which says that over this span you know,well over a thousand minor girls had,their their breasts amputated,in in pursuit of this uh of this aim of,becoming a boy which of course they can,never become,well if you tried to click on that link,on Twitter over the weekend this is what,would have happened this is what,happened to me when I tried it myself,a warning page comes up and it says,warning this link may be unsafe,it says the link you're trying to access,has been identified by Twitter or our,partners as being potentially spammy or,unsafe in accordance with Twitter's URL,pause this link could fall into any of,the below categories,and then it says it could be a Spam it,could be a malicious link that's,stealing information or of course it's,none of those things or it could be,violent or misleading content that could,lead to real world harm,so if the content is violent or,misleading then this warning page comes,up now it does give you an option,there's a there's a you know a button,there at the top that says you can click,and go back to the previous page get,away from the unsafe content or in,smaller letters below that it says,ignore this warning and continue and,then you can get to the article,so factual information,about the mutilation that's being,inflect inflicted on children in this,country,by these so-called gender affirming,doctors that factual information is,flagged on Twitter,as unsafe and it could lead to harm,somehow,this is actually worse than it was,before Elon Musk took over,you know I don't remember ever seeing a,warning page like that pop up for an,article like this before,so it's not just that um,you know we still have the same wokeness,now that Elon Musk it's actually it's,actually worse in this way,and that's uh extremely concerning now,you know I've tweeted this out over the,weekend uh there there were people,pointing out saying that hey we need to,be a little bit more patient and a,little more generous with Elon Musk here,and he did he just took over the company,can't fix everything right away and I,and I understand that,you know Rome wasn't built in a day and,all that,and you certainly can't fix it in a day,but all the same I mean as as I said,last week you know he a musk had did,right away Institute some major changes,the changes that he made with the,verification process and then they ended,up abandoning that after like two days,because it was a total disaster but they,did Implement major structural changes,right away,so it seems as though they could have,cleaned a lot of this up right away and,they haven't yet,that doesn't mean they won't in the,future,but it does mean that the the woke,Brigade is still there at Twitter and,they're still running things to a large,extent,and if you really want to change that I,mean Elon Musk has already have fired,like whatever it is ha

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