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Matt Stepp Interview presented by Country Meats: Howe Head Coach Lance Bryanmatt step dave campbell'

Dave Campbell's Texas Football

Updated on Jan 31,2023

Matt Stepp Interview presented by Country Meats: Howe Head Coach Lance Bryan

matt step dave campbell's texas football,back here at bulldog stadium and hal,with another coaches interview presented,by country meats here with the head,coach of the now three-in-one hal,bulldogs coach lance bryan after a 42-14,homecoming win over tioga first off,coach congrats thank you appreciate it,you know we we knew this was a big game,you know we were game of the week in the,local area and you know we knew texas,football was coming and so you know we,didn't shy away we we built it up to our,kids it was a big game for us and we,knew there'd be a lot of eyes on us and,we wanted to go out and perform,you guys came out right off the bat,scored a touchdown on the third play the,game hit a big play in the first play of,the game a couple plays later your score,touchdown i feel like that touchdown,really set the tone for you guys did you,want to come out get off to a fast start,and get this big crowd kind of riled up,you know we did we knew there were some,things they did on defense that we,thought that we could take advantage of,and and they ended up presenting,themselves early and so we hit those you,know that's credit to the kids executing,you know the game plan um but we knew,with a fast start we thought we could,get up and and kind of pile it on a,little early and and uh you know get,this thing you know you know on our side,quickly,i thought defensively yeah that's a good,offensive they do they do a lot of,things well they play hard um they're,well coached you know and i thought your,defense did a great job holding them to,14 points you got to be pleased with,that you obviously want to pitch a,shutout that's tough i mean texas high,school football it's that's a good team,over there so uh defensively what was,the game plan coming in and how pleased,are you to only allow 14 points you know,the big thing is we wanted to limit big,plays and that's pretty cliche everybody,wants to do that but you know they,ground and pound and you know a lot of,power counter they kind of run right at,you and so we preach physicality and,tackling a lot and you know limiting big,plays like i said you know make them go,three four yards at a time and not let,them break big runs and i thought for,the most part we did pretty good at that,you got to win against a team like that,you got to win first down right you,can't let them get into second and three,seconds because of the downs they like,if you can get them second and third and,long that's what that's kind of,advantage you guys right you know,definitely they're they're the kind of,team if they get into fourth and two or,three like they're gonna go for it and,you know chad rogers has done a great,job with every team he's ever coached,and he's doing the same thing there and,so we knew they were going to have a,good game plan and they knew their kids,were going to play and they did and you,know we were just glad that our kids,came to play too and that you know we,were able to get the edge uh let's talk,about a few of your players that stood,out to me i don't have a roster in front,of me but talk about your quarterback,number eight,let's hear his name and number one your,running back i thought both those guys,had great games tonight uh quarterback's,austin haley he's he's been a four-year,starter here he's the career touchdown,leader career passing our leaders just,about every record we've got at how he's,got it and uh you know he we knew he was,due for a big year and so we put a lot,on his shoulders he he was able to,operate the offense really well he's got,a lot of options to to work with and so,you know having a guy like him you know,really opens up what we can do and it,you know he didn't run it as much last,year you know and what big point of,emphasis for us is we got to get him,running too because he's a fast kid and,he can make some big plays he can run,yeah he had i think he had a 60 yard,touchdown run or something he had,another big long one that ended up,getting called back but you know he,proved he can do some damage with his,legs and his arms and you know antoine,rattler our running back you know he he,was here last year he got used kind of,sparingly and and obviously we're,featuring him a lot more and you know he,he really sets the tone for us breaks a,lot of big runs and really keeps his,feet moving he's kind of like like a,smaller guy kind of like a scat back but,he runs like a power back and he runs,hard he runs really hard and you know,he's one of those guys that he's going,to keep his feet turning he's gonna,fight for every yard and uh you know,he's a great player and then you know,cooper jones he's he's he's got a lot of,records too and he's gonna break some,more probably before it's all said and,done he's only a junior and um you know,he's a guy that we know like it when in,doubt if it's a 50 50 ball we're gonna,throw it up to him because we think that,it's not 50 50 with him in there and he,proved that he had a big contested catch,early for a big long gain and

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Matt Stepp's unorthodox journey to becoming THE TXHSFB Insider | #ConchoSportsShow Ep. 4 HIGHLIGHTS

Matt Stepp's unorthodox journey to becoming THE TXHSFB Insider | #ConchoSportsShow Ep. 4 HIGHLIGHTS

I was wondering Matt you mentioned how,you actually do have a day job so to,speak a lot of people probably think,that this is all you do this is you're,just a full-time high school football,expert and writer but so I'm kind of,curious how how did you win and how did,you kind of get started doing this what,was the road that you took to get to,where you are now,working with Dave Campbell's Texas,football definitely not the traditional,journalist path I can definitely say,that so my my degree is in kinesiology,with a double minor in history in,English so basically what that means is,I wanted to be a coach going to school,and doing my student teaching I realized,that I really didn't want to be in the,classroom and just wasn't present for me,and you know kind of some of my mentors,tell me if you don't really love being,in the classroom you probably need to,find something else to do because you're,not gonna be rich being an educator by,any means so I got out of it and got,into you know private private industry,and I find the finance industry I work,for a big major bank in the United,States and I've been been there for 16,years now so right when my career as a,bank got started really when I started,getting into high school football as far,as a journalist and how I got into it,was you know we're talking in 2003 2004,basically so Twitter wasn't around,Facebook wasn't around I don't even,think my spaces around I mean it was,pretty much message for its message for,talk your eyes school football message,boards all over the place and I started,posting on message boards and writing I,almost like game previews and just,talking about what I thought was gonna,happen that week in certain games and,gentleman who ran a website called Texas,provector which was part of,which era knows what is,recruiting Network saw what I was doing,and basically offered me an internship,working for Texas protector because he,felt like I knew what I was talking,about and I guess some of my predictions,seemed to come true and so is this an,internship for two years and then I,started getting like you know a couple,hundred bucks a month,you know for doing this just kind of,part-time and in and just through the,years it just kind of slowly grew and I,started to I think really when I started,covering seven-on-seven heavily and,started to really meet coaches as,coaches or coaches are weird I mean,their high school football coaches are,different different guys they they don't,trust very easily and and they're not,real hit to just a voice on the phone or,an email they like to meet you face to,face and they can meet face to face I,guess size you up so to speak,they can kind of know if they'll trust,you or not and as I started to meet more,and more coaches out at 7:00 on 7s,because I got more bang for my buck at,seven on seven because there would be,sixteen teams there at one place I can,really get a lot done at those things,just started to get the trust of coaches,more and more and I started to kind of,get these sources built up over time and,you know just like any business it's a,relationship business and I've I've been,lucky enough to cultivate and develop a,lot of relationships in my time covering,high school football and regardless of,what site that I've worked for I worked,for multiple different sites you know on, scout comm that kind of thing,I was still able to kind of keep my own,personal brand and build that up and,then Twitter definitely helped that as,well looks like I got on Twitter in 2012,and kind of built it from there you know,I think Twitter's helped me a little bit,as well but you know working for Dave,Campbell's is kind of the pinnacle for,me because it's always been so respected,and I've always read the magazine you,know since I was a little kid so when I,got the offer to work for Dave,Campbell's it was just a no-brainer and,it's an honor and a privilege to work,and really make sure that I'm part of,that legacy of that mr. Campbell started,back in 1960 our kitchen table and Wako,putting out a great product that mr.,Campbell was proud

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Help Matt Stepp & Family

Help Matt Stepp & Family

all right malpowe we will get to,headlines across the state um but before,we get there there's there's a thing,that we've known for a couple weeks um,it's it's kind of been kept under the,wraps um but matt stepp announced it,today on twitter and so he's he's ready,to go public with this um and so we just,wanted to we know some of you don't have,twitter so you don't get to see this,stuff and everyone has a kind giving,heart that watches this show so we want,to give you the opportunity to do,something for our guy step so i'm going,to go ahead and read the thread that he,put out on twitter today and this is,just so i get all the information,correct and and y'all can hear it,straight from him and then we'll show,you how you can help this is what step,put on twitter earlier this morning,i wanted to give everyone an update on,my health and the lack of texas high,school football updates of late i've,been hospitalized since december 31st,with a staph infection in my bloodstream,that spread to my heart although it is a,serious illness i'm confident i will,pull through i want to first thank my,wife who insisted that i go to the,hospital against my wishes she saved my,life and there's a good chance this,infection left unchecked for another 12,to 24 hours would have done it,irreparable damage,i'd like to thank the wonderful doctors,nurses and staff at cambridge memorial,hospital their true heroes and did an,amazing treatment on me to save my life,never once did i they care about me not,being insured in ontario all they cared,about was me getting well what's next,well i'm still very sick how this,happened i'm not sure i'll ever know i,woke up monday december 27th and thought,i slept wrong with some neck stiffness,by friday december 31st i lost my,appetite had slept very little in five,days and had 102.8 fever i was,hallucinating i had red inflamed rash,across my chest that was hot to the,touch and i was in indescribable pain,i'm going to require another six full,weeks of treatment it may be done here,in canada but i may have to fly back to,texas to go straight into the hospital,upon landing to get evaluated we don't,know just yet just depends on insurance,and political red tape,because this happened overseas and me,not being a canadian citizen my family,is going to face some large medical,bills from being hospitalized for well,over a week any prayers and good,thoughts you may have are appreciated,we're also doing a gofundme to help,offset some of the overseas medical,expenses we had incurred,so if any of you are so inclined to help,us out we'd be very grateful here's the,link you can see the link on the screen,below me if you need to take out your,phone take a picture of that share it as,anything that you can and there's the,link on the screen right there and then,finally step rounded it out with,in the meantime i'm hoping to be out of,the hospital soon getting the final,treatments that i need knocked out in,getting back on the texas high school,football grind i will do my best to keep,you guys updated regarding my help on,here love y'all,so,i don't have to be the one to tell you,all this,if you have ever had the opportunity to,interact with matt step you know that he,is a guy that will drop anything and,everything to help any possible person,he can i mean,from the my time starting here i didn't,know what i was doing i didn't know,anything about texas high school,football and he never told me it was a,dumb question he never laughed at me he,just helped and helped and so he's doing,well he's getting better but it's been a,big scare for all of us he's he's our,guy and so um,i've heard,i've heard a lot of people say,to step you know we can never thank you,enough for what you've done for texas,high school football well here's your,opportunity to help him and to help his,family he means so much to us here and,so,like i said we've put the uh i didn't,expect to get that emotional so sorry,love you stuff um we've put the gofundme,for matt step down there um there is the,link please if you if you don't want to,type that in now take a picture of it um,and if you can't donate that's perfectly,fine prayers if you're not the praying,type then just hold the thought for him,you know we want to make sure that he,gets the help he needs and we want to,make sure that he gets better because we,need him back here for texas high school,football,so um we love you step we're we're ready,for you to get better he's he's doing,he's doing well we were so grateful for,all the doctors and everything up there,in canada and uh yeah if you fell if you,felt led gofundme format step right down,there on uh on the screen we'll leave it,up for for just a little while longer um,but yeah everyone uh everyone say some,prayers and if you fell lead please,please donate to help out step because,we want to get our guy better yeah i,remember the the first time that i had,met him this was,oh gosh probably,when i was an intern like a year and a,half ago i mean he jus

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MATT STEPP INTERVIEW: North Shore head coach Jon Kay

MATT STEPP INTERVIEW: North Shore head coach Jon Kay

matt step dave campbell's texas football,here at galena park isd stadium here,with the head coach of the tudo north,shore mustangs coach john k,after a hard-fought 30-23 win over klein,collins,first coach congratulations on the win i,appreciate it all right coach uh you,know obviously uh it's,week two you guys you know there's,there's some sloppiness on both sides,you know you guys had a,truncated off season all that stuff uh,but to come out of here with a win,against a really good team that i think,is a little bit underrated in houston uh,in the end you gotta be happy with the,results you guys got it got out of here,with the win against a really good team,yeah without question i think they got,an outstanding program we saw that last,night in the under levels everything's a,one score game,you know they've got a great scheme and,they you know they run it to perfection,and so,you know all the credit goes to those,guys they're going to win a lot of,football games but,you know there's still a huge gap in in,our potential in our production,and uh you know it's it's our job to get,it fixed and so in non-district it's,more about making sure you're,you're starting to run on all cylinders,instead of getting a win the wind's nice,especially against a program like that,but we obviously got a ton of work to do,how key is it when you're obviously this,year with the pandemic and the way,scheduling kind of got,thrown into a loop but when you're,trying to schedule games obviously with,the success you had,folks aren't lining up to play you but,how important is it for you and your,program,to play these kind of teams like klein,collins and non-district because,i would assume as a coach you want to,get exposed a little bit in non-district,because you want to see where your,awards are,so you have time to fix them before,those district ball games that count,towards playoffs,when you're making your schedule how,important is that for you guys to play,that quality competition,uh it's the most critical thing that we,look at you know we're not trying to get,a little exposed we're trying to get,fully exposed and,you know i think that's the key to any,football team is to find out where the,holes in the boats are before you go to,sea and,and you know especially when you're,playing in a district as tough as ours,you know you better have some teams that,expose,what your weaknesses are and uh you know,for better or for worse we've got that,the last two weeks with shadow creek and,klein collins so,i don't think there's any question as to,what we need to work on now it's about,having the courage to get it done,all right defensively i thought you know,obviously they were able to move the,ball and run the ball on you pretty,effectively,through the first half um second half i,thought you guys were a little bit,better uh you know,kind of keep containing some of the big,plays in the running game um was,was there any adjustments you made,defensively from a skiing perspective,was about your kids,uh executing a little bit better on the,defensive side of the ball i mean i,think there were some schemes,adjustments i don't think there were any,changes but there's some minor changes,when you're changing just even one,technique so,um you know i'll give those guys credit,they lost a quarterback he's a,phenomenal player their kids came out,and battled and,and and never laid down and and so i,think they got a lot to build on we do,um you know we still got a long way to,go defensively i'm not sure that we,found our identity,and you know but that's why you play,games like this that's why you play,teams like this is to,find out exactly what it is that you,need to do from this point forward,offensively obviously uh demetrius you,know getting,had an excellent day he's able to make,make plays of his feet in his arm,you know i thought tonight he with his,feet he was really really excellent,obviously he is a great runner,um you've had him for such a long time,now it seems like he's been here for,four years you know he's a four-year,starter for you guys um this year,as a senior he's taking on a little bit,more of the running load this year,with you guys having some more,experience inexperienced running backs,um how did you feel like you performed,tonight and going forward,you think he's still going to be a big,part of your offense with running the,football yeah i think without question,he's going to be a huge part you know i,think he'd be the first one to tell you,that there's a lot of plays left on the,field tonight and,whether it's decision making or counting,the box or understanding where the ball,needs to go,that's a kid whose expectations are,extremely high and as high as we have in,form he's got higher expectations for,himself so,i think he'd be the first to tell you,that there's a ton to work on and uh you,know regardless of your accolades in the,years past it's going to be about what,you're doing right now,that's the beauty and the curse of 6a,football is yo

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Cabin Fever Episode 21: Matt Stepp from Texas Football Talks Football

Cabin Fever Episode 21: Matt Stepp from Texas Football Talks Football

hey welcome to cabin fever of Jake,barrier today I've got the Texas guru,the guru of high school football in the,state of Texas and that's Matt step from,Texas football Matt thanks for joining,us today so Jake anytime gonna do,anything with the realvalue football,fans it's always a pleasure I love,visiting the valley to cover games it's,one of my favorite parts in the state so,it's an absolute pleasure you know it's,it's been an interesting offseason for,for the entire state what's it been like,for you so so far it's been about the,same up to this point now the rest the,offseason is gonna change quite a bit,with seven-on-seven being cancelled,earlier this week they don't ask me came,down but at this point it's been pretty,much the normal thing so basically my,offseason goes you know I'm taking,couple weeks off back to the state,championships and then in January the,coaching clinic season starts where I,make my way around coaches clinics we do,interviews at various clinics and meet,up with the coaches and do that kind of,thing and probably through that and then,I actually went on vacation with my,family and when I want to came back,right - first of March that's when the,whole coronavirus thing kind of blew up,into place so during this time of,quarantine and staying at home and being,safe and you know doing what we're,supposed to be doing you know was,listening to the our elected officials,talk about what we need to do I mean,we've been listening listening closely,and been at home a lot but the good,thing is that we've seen this is kind of,the seeds know that we really do the,bulk of the work for the summer edition,of David Campbell's Texas football,that's progressing greatly we're we're,on schedule for a long time release for,that,so it's been a lot of magazine press so,normally I would have been home a lot,anyway working and doing all the high,school captions that I work on so up to,that point it hasn't been too different,but I think in the next couple of months,I'm gonna go a little stir-crazy without,getting to come out watch seven all,seven games you know you talked about,the magazine you guys are are almost,done with the magazine how come,is that because you guys are both,college in high school you know your,forte is is the high school rate but,happy there's a ton of high school how,do you guys cover all that so our,managing editor Greg temper does a great,job he said he's a really organized dude,he he loves spreadsheets let me tell you,he's an Excel guy he loves spreadsheets,and he does a good job of really taking,everything that's in the magazine breaky,and down into smaller pieces and then,assigning out those projects and having,having due dates and working on that so,so from that perspective it's it's it's,a lot but it's really well organized in,a word we've been doing it long enough,now or it's kind of a well-oiled machine,we send out a questionnaire so the,coaches you know it really late February,as usual we get and I'm at we try to get,a good batch in before spring break and,then we kind of just constantly update,each other hey which ones are we missing,which coaches do we need to reach out to,and get those questionnaires and so for,your coach you haven't turned your,questionnaire and you need to get it in,quickly because we're getting good close,to the deadline but our our coaches in,the nine five six have really done a,good job of getting their questionnaires,and we've got think we've gotten almost,a hundred percent of the Rio Grande,Valley schools in so you know the,college side it's kind of the same thing,to some a little different level,you know we have to reach out the SIDS,and do those kind of things for the,college information but you know we've,got a group of our staff which is you,know myself Greg pepper actually,ticklish Malik Johnson is shaitaan jaya,raja all kind of taking our part we also,have some contractors you know we,contract out things to writers that have,worked with us in the past so it's a,it's a large group boat boat and there's,a labor of love and we look forward to,putting the magazine out every year and,putting something out that mr. Campbell,who is still with us at 93 years old a,Waco would be proud of you know you,talked about all the work that you put,into it which one do you prefer - you,prefer doing the high school or college,I don't really deal with the colleges,very much maybe just editing you know,hey take a look at this see if I missed,anything that kind of thing there is a,little,sober with some of the recruiting stuff,and that kind of thing but we've got a,great recruiting Rider and Greg powers,of next level athlete who we contract,and he knows a lot of the recruiting,stuff most of my the bulk of my work I'd,say 98% or so is high school for me I'm,a high school football guy even on,Saturdays you know I'm I'm in high,school football game on Saturday I don't,enjoy college football don't get me,wrong but if I got I think I'm going to,be at a high school game and

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Matt Stepp Interview presented by Country Meats: Comanche Indians HC Jake Escobar

Matt Stepp Interview presented by Country Meats: Comanche Indians HC Jake Escobar

matt step dave campbell's texas football,here on a friday night in comanche texas,here with the head coach of the 1-0,comanche indians coach joaquin escobar,after a,dominant 49-7 win over the brady,bulldogs coach first off congratulations,thank you sir uh you know i feel those,kids deserve it they've worked really,hard all summer and all spring so you,know that's why i told the kids a kid,came up to me congratulated me and i,said man it's not me it's you you're the,ones that put in the work so i,appreciate it thank you,you know,before the game we we talked in you know,i think you guys felt pretty good he had,a had a shot to win this game but i mean,could you in your wildest dreams imagine,a six that's a good ball that's a eight,and four ball club that wins the second,round of the playoffs that you beat by,six touchdowns i mean in your wildest,dreams could you have imagined you i,mean you'd have been happy with a one,point win wouldn't you i thought it was,gonna be a fist fight i really did i,mean they do a great job over there,those guys do a great job with their,kids last year they dominated us and i,think that's kind of stuck with our kids,and you know we talked about it all week,and we talked about how you know we,can't we we don't forget that and i felt,pretty confident just because our kids,are so focused man i mean you talk about,a second year it's a big difference you,know and they were focused,i i thought just from my vantage point,the press box now you got to break down,the film and you got to see i thought,the difference tonight especially early,in the game was your front seven really,set the tone,i think that big hit on the quarterback,that set up martinez's first,interception i think just swung momentum,in your favor right there i thought your,front seven was outstanding what was the,game plan coming in was was it was it,just your base defense they just got,after it or did you guys do anything,special to kind of give them a lot of,trouble you know we stayed in our base,but we also brought some we twisted a,little bit on the front line we felt,like we had to because they had a couple,offensive linemen that were good,but we talked about it before you know,it's going to come down to the front,line that's that's how you're going to,win ball games if those guys can control,the game you're going to win and and you,know our coaches did a great job,preparing our kids there's no doubt,about it our defense was flying around,offensively i think i mean it's on the,same token your offensive line i thought,did a heck of a job here your,quarterback was able to run the ball and,i know in scrimmages you don't want to,unleash that a little bit you want to,keep that kind of under wraps i thought,your quarterback ran with the purpose i,thought he spread the ball around to a,lot of players i know you guys want to,be physical and run the ball but i,thought when you guys did throw the ball,you were very efficient in the passing,game and that's a lot of that had to do,with your offensive line given giving,your signal caller time to throw and,then opening up those running lanes,there's no doubt you know and we talked,about that i think right now in,preseason we got to throw the ball just,to see if our kids can make those plays,if we can make those throws um because,it's going to come down to where,somebody's going to be bigger than you,up front and they're going to do a great,job up front you got to be able to throw,the ball and win with those kids because,i feel like we got pretty good athletes,out there and so we got to we got to see,if they can make plays so we're going to,spread it around a little bit and and,that's what i sat down today and i and i,put down the plays of each player and,how i was going to get them the ball and,you know that's what we focused on and,that's what we did all three of the guys,that we talked about scored touchdowns i,mean i don't know i know you don't want,to be in third and long but that's going,to happen in the course of the season,and i thought when you guys did have you,had a couple of third and fourth and,long situations here and i thought you,did you did a great job and then finally,your kicking game was strong you had a,couple of field goals you kicked the,40-yard field goal that's pretty rare at,the 3-8 division two level i mean uh,special teams i thought were solid as,well i mean typically week one,that could get real sloppy i mean you,got to be pretty happy with your special,teams as well yes sir i'm happy for that,young man he last year we lost to easton,21-20 and he missed an extra point,so he worked hard all summer he went to,a camp and tried to get better and every,every day i would come during the summer,in the evening he'd be out here kicking,every day so that was a great surprise,and i'm glad for him because he deserves,it he's worked really hard and and,that's what we talked about when we got,down here you know they looked at me i,said let's kick it we might as well giv

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Battle of the Arroyo Reaction with Matt Stepp and Ishmael Johnson

Battle of the Arroyo Reaction with Matt Stepp and Ishmael Johnson

Matt staff and Ishmael Johnson here at,bogus stadium in Harlingen with the week,9 instant reaction video we're gonna mix,it up a little bit and do a little,different uh this one uh we're going to,talk about the Battle of the royal only,the Battle of Royale because we both,feel like that game deserves,um its own little platform tonight and,uh with Harlingen winning 37-21 congrats,to the Cardinals beating the unbeaten,San Benito team two great teams great,ball game great atmosphere I'm going to,ask ish uh this your first battle of,Arroyo overall uh overall Impressions,and thoughts on on first the atmosphere,itself and what you witnessed tonight,often in this job you know whether it's,at state or you go to a big game you you,get that feeling like this is why I do,this right being here seeing the,pre-game we got here really early right,and so we saw like the crowd kind of,file in we saw the atmosphere we saw the,the pregame tailgate everywhere we saw,the cars honking,it really was one of those moments like,this is why I do this right to be here,to like witness this and man it was it,was it was it was college-like right I,put that on Twitter it was very College,like you had a big game atmosphere in a,big game feel and whether or not this,was there were 0-7 7-0 whatever like you,you felt like it might not have been 10,000 sell out like it was but it would,have been the passion would have always,been there the the fans were going at it,right it was all in good sportsmanship,but it was just I don't know like one of,the best atmospheres things I've ever,seen like in any sporting event ever,yeah look I'll Echo that I felt you know,it's a commute this is a true Community,game you know two communities coming,together and it was competitive it,wasn't a ton of I think after the game,they're probably gonna eat dinner,together and hang out and Shake Hands it,was it was a fun atmosphere and for,these two teams such high quality teams,be playing on this stage I I felt like,was the epitome of Texas High School,Football if you're a high school,football fan uh and love the game you,know try to make it down here if you can,one year to to Harlingen or San Benito,and check out the Natalie Royal now,let's talk about the game itselfish uh,Harlingen jumps wins 37-21 this was,really uh kind of a roller coaster back,and forth game first half Harlingen,comes out hits a couple of big plays,they're they're 17 nothing at the half,going in to the locker room up with that,lady did you feel like Harlingen was was,comfortable or do you feel like San,Benito had a run in them I honestly I,was a little surprised uh I didn't think,San Benito had a run in him because uh I,said before the game because San,Benito's defense I don't think have been,tested right that Harley that Harlingen,went over Weslaco was really telling to,me that was the best game they played,the best team they played all year and,so I thought that was what gave him the,edge San Benito hadn't been punched in,the mouth really and so I said those,first drives from Harlingen are going to,be really decisive we know San Benito's,defense is excellent and what happened,it wasn't a long sustaining drives it,was two breaking plays by Isaiah Bell,and Ronnie Morales the quarterback that,broke the game open early 14-0 then all,of a sudden San Benito gave up two three,touchdowns all here they're down two,touchdowns so I didn't think you know,they're down what was it 17 nothing yeah,17 nothing at the half and I was,wondering okay what does San Benito have,and what happens instantly they go down,take the lead what was it three straight,on it three touchdowns three touchdowns,in less than six minutes yeah and,momentum swung back and all of a sudden,it was like oh okay then Harlan just,started making penalties Harlingen,started getting kind of in their own,head and it's pendulum eventually swung,back the other way right Harlingen,composed themselves got back into it,Isaiah Bell put the put the finishing,touches on it and we I mean it was,Haymakers right it was nothing but,Haymakers and it was it was a,heavyweight fight really it really felt,like that kind of fight yeah I mentioned,it to coach Gomez in our post game,interview you know Harlingen got off the,mat because it was like a boxing match,for San Benito that they threw that,Haymaker and knocked Harlingen down and,gave him kind of that standing gate,count and they were down 21-17 I thought,that drive right after they they got,down 21-17 with bell scored the,touchdown to put him in the lead was,just huge for momentum and I think did,you feel like once Harlan just took that,lead to kind of the the win got sucked,out of San Benito a little bit and they,kind of used up what energy they had,left I think so I I'm wondering if the,coaching staff for San Benito said look,if we come out and hit them right,because they probably expect it,Harlingen you know um don't take,anything from the coaching staff but I,bet they Wonder like oh if we go up,they're p

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Best NoSleep Stories of Feb. 2022 (Massive Compilation) | Mr. Davis

Best NoSleep Stories of Feb. 2022 (Massive Compilation) | Mr. Davis

are you okay,rachel yelled out as she ran toward me,through the storm,trying not to laugh,it figures that moving day would find,lightning thunder and rain attacking us,from above but,it had been completely clear when we,headed this way with a truckload of all,of our worldly possessions,i'm good i called out chuckling to,myself as i lay on the ground with thick,raindrops splashing me in the face,honestly i had no idea how i ended up,there flat on my back,i volunteered to brave the storm to get,to the door of our new home unlocked,i plan to get the lights turned on too,as the sky had grown quite dark when the,bottom fell out only minutes before we,arrived,rachel was,five months pregnant and i was hoping to,make things as convenient as possible,her back has been throbbing pretty bad,lately and this move was already taking,its toll on her,the new house was,massive,my wife and i decided it was time for us,to move out of our apartment in the city,and upgrade to a house in a more,peaceful environment as soon as we found,out we were expecting,we'd only been married a year and it was,a surprise to both of us when she tested,positive but we'd been talking a lot,about trying to conceive in the near,future,sure we'd hoped to be a little more,financially stable by the time we,brought a new member into our little,family but i can't say we weren't,excited about it,after looking at a handful of houses,over the course of a few months we,instantly fell in love with this one,we had no doubt that there would be an,ice cube's chance in the depths of,satan's that we can afford it,but,we asked for more details regardless,the price we paid was,a little higher than our budget but it,was a remarkable deal for the size of,this place,rachel and i made decent money between,the two of us but,we couldn't have dreamt owning a house,like this even with our combined income,now i've watched a considerable amount,of mystery and horror movies in my life,so i made sure to do the research before,we signed off on it,i'm sure we're all familiar with the,surprisingly priced houses that just,happened to have been the location of,brutal and bloody massacre,as it turned out our house had only been,built a few months ago,and we would be its first donors,no history no tragedies no skeletons in,the closet i even looked up the land it,was built on nothing much to see there,either,given the storm raging outside we,decided to hold off unloading anything,until the weather cleared up,i'd called in a few favors to help us,with the move but they'd headed out to,grab some food before meeting us here,by the time our friends arrived things,had simmered down substantially outside,so we began the tedious and,back breaking process of unloading the,truck,it took some time but,we had everything inside by 10.,we were all pretty beat up at the time,the whole ordeal was done with so we,decided to just crash for the night and,worry about setting everything up the,following day,we bet our friends get nice with a,healthy amount of gratitude and we,turned in for the night,it was probably,around three in the morning when the,knocking woke me up,it almost sounded like someone was,jerking on the door handle trying to get,in,do you hear that,i asked rachel before turning to see,that she was stoned a deep sleep,i gently slid out of bed and tried to,make my way through the new unfamiliar,house in the dark,it took some groping around the walls to,make my way downstairs and i almost,busted my ass a few times over a few,shoddily stacked boxes but,i finally arrived at the foot of the,stairs,our new home stand alone on about 10,acres,there wasn't much life around in the,absence of any manner of streetlights,found the vast living room hidden behind,the shadows of the night,i stood on the ground floor landing and,just listened for a few moments,only silence,i'm hearing ,i whispered to myself as i made my way,back up to the bedroom,the next day was taken up mostly by,arranging our furniture and pushing,aside the boxes we would be storing,between the loft and the basement,that would be a task for another days,our priorities were in getting the house,feeling like a home,after another few days we were feeling,pretty cozy and it was time for the,grueling process of packing away the,non-essentials,as i was awkwardly carrying boxes up the,ladder to store them in the attic i,found myself,impressed by the size of the room,it appeared twice or even three times,the size of the storage area in my,parents house,having moved from an apartment we didn't,have much experience with rooms such as,these,i couldn't speak to whether this was an,unusual size for loft but i was not,surprised given the size of the house,itself,god damn it i yelled out after tripping,over an uneven floorboard with both arms,gripped around the base of the boxes,you okay babe,rachel called down from the opening,behind me,yeah,nothing hurt but my dignity i laughed,while rolling to the side gathering at,the boxes and now lace blade up

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