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Dan Lanning, Bo Nix, Mase Funa, Chase Cota, and Bucky Irving react to Oregon's Holiday Bowl winall r

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Dan Lanning, Bo Nix, Mase Funa, Chase Cota, and Bucky Irving react to Oregon's Holiday Bowl win

all right,well what a uh,what a fun group to share a stage with,right now I um,thrilled and excited for our team you,know North Carolina is a great team they,fought that was a game that came down to,the very last second as we all know we,talked about going into the game that,we've played 720 minutes of football,this season we had to play 60 more and,we played all 60 of it so couldn't be,more proud that's a testament to our,players and how hard they work you know,in the coaching profession there's no,better man than Mack Brown you hope that,you can just coach long enough to,halfway resemble what he's done as a,head coach so I have ultimate respect,for them in their program and what,they've done but really really proud of,our players to build cap this season off,we talked about coming in tonight,um you know and really finishing the,season with a not a period but an,exclamation point and I'd say that was,an explanation point that being said we,can open it up for questions,exactly,oh that second half the offense was,struggling to move the ball consistently,and then I think the final seven minutes,you guys went down the field twice and,scored what what clicked for you guys,and just what was that feeling when you,connected with Chase and you rolled into,the office Defender into the end zone,yeah well our defense did a great job of,uh just continuing to get if it's the,ball back and I think that was in a game,like that it could have,um I mean they were they had a really,good offense so they could have scored a,little bit more and our defense did a,great job of stopping them and giving us,the ball back several times and finally,there at the end we got a few drives,together and we went down and scored and,I couldn't be more proud of Chase and,everything that he's done for for the,team and just I mean battling through,injuries being there for each and every,one of us it's only right that he caught,that last one,but you guys are trailing 24 to 14. you,guys just had a way of coming back can,you talk about your comeback,yeah just I mean all we needed was time,on the clock and you can't worry about,uh the past and you really can't worry,about the future you got to be in the,present I thought our team did a great,job of being the president think our,players made great adjustments you know,even some of those drives where we we,stalled out and didn't get a first down,I think our guys believed hey we're,gonna go get a stop and get an,opportunity to do it again and then,that's what it came down to and you talk,about phenomenal players making great,plays down the stretch that's what you,saw it took it took every fourth down it,took every every yard it took every inch,it took every ounce of effort that our,guys had to finish the way they need to,finish,for Bo and Chase if you could just both,walk us through just on Fourth and two,during the time out when Drew makes the,call just what you're thinking correct,that real quick when who makes the call,oh when when who makes who made that,call,did a good job calling what he wanted on,that one you know well that but we're,all in agreement you believe in your,quarterback right,that if you could walk through from your,perspective boat,why you made the call you did and Chase,what you were thinking just from your,perspective making the catch,so that's one of our um just our go-to,plays and we feel really good about that,play we've run it multiple times it's um,you know it's hard to stop it gets guys,in um good situations it puts um you,know Troy tiefer Chase those guys in,good positions to to do what they do,best,um and sure enough they brought house,Blitz and Chase knows over and over that,that's the throw if he we get house he's,gonna get a natural pick they're going,across the middle,um and we Bucky did a great job of,picking up the protection and we threw,it over the middle and we got a,completion for a touchdown and,um it just goes to practice and practice,and practice you know you run that play,over and over and,um I think everybody on the sideline,kind of wanted that play and I just,happened to be the one that might have,verbalized it so it was one of our,favorite plays credit to Bow and credit,to Drew and the offensive staff and,every single player on offense is what,he just said that they have belief in,what we're gonna run and how we're gonna,execute it and you know when the,suggestion was made it was like hell,yeah let's run that,yeah and then just what Bo said if,they're bringing house Blitz I know uh,actually The Whole Bowl prep against our,defense we never got that look once but,then we got it uh here on our practice,site here for the bowl one time and we,missed it and went over it and then sure,enough it showed him in the game it was,looks the same exact one and it's,perfect and both saw it it was just Easy,Touch come from there,Bucky that uh touchdown run can you walk,me through it and then just your your,performance as a whole,uh I just want to go back to I think it,was l

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Dan Lanning's final preview of Oregon vs Washington

Dan Lanning's final preview of Oregon vs Washington

why specifically if you say it was one,of the best ones uh just you know,player-led teams are the best teams and,our guys were demanding the most of each,other today I thought I saw that show up,a lot,what type of impact do you think playing,the Husky fight song,I don't know,I'm not sure I just want to be on the,Forefront of our guys,uh yeah I'm tired of this one definitely,tired of that song in terms of a third,down area day when obviously you guys,who can make Corrections on third down,but they're also going to better third,down offense yeah really good um what is,it that makes them a challenge,yeah I think they they play into,advantageous looks uh they you know they,check the sideline a lot and make sure,they get in the right call in those,situations and obviously they have good,skill quarterback knows how to operate,they do a good job protecting them so,um you know they're also a team that's,you know pretty aggressive on fourth,down so a lot of those third Downs turn,into aggressive fourth down,opportunities,um you know for them they've been really,good there we want to make sure that we,can help uh defend them when it comes to,making improvements how much in,evaluating yourself,execution and scheme versus all what it,is playing four of the top maybe five of,the top ten third down offense was just,the opponent sometimes are really good,too yeah I mean that sounds it's more of,an excuse on our part if we're not,executing the way we need to execute so,we gotta execute better we can do a,better job they're certainly really good,but when you play really good teams,You're Gonna Play Good third down teams,and we got to be better there for us to,be where we can be,with the players,oh yeah I mean there's a lot of several,guys in our organization that have some,familiarity whether it's coach Adams you,know whether it's hockey you know coach,Locker there's a bunch of guys that have,been in that game I think the biggest,piece is everyone in our organization,realizes how important this game is not,just to us right but also to our fan,base everybody's really affiliated with,the University,not that he needed extra motivation or,anything but does that do injuries feel,a little bit better when it's when,there's that moment that's a good,question for him I don't know,um yeah I think he's anxious to be able,to get out there and impact this he was,able to do some things today which is,good to see,this year,you know I mean obviously being he,wasn't here you know before so the thing,that's consistent with him and I think,he's just a really solid player you know,playing a guy that's a left he's a,little bit different than playing a,quarterback but he's an accurate passer,he obviously has a lot of confidence in,the guys he's thrown to right now you,see that show consistent on film and,knows how to operate what they're doing,so,um yeah he's a tough one in the fan,strong arm you know there's a lot of,Thrones that he can make it's been one,of the better teams in the conference,and getting after the quarterback why,they've been successful in that area,yeah those guys get off on the ball you,know and they're really talented and end,um you know I think they do a good job,steaming it up up front too and you know,mixing in some of the games that they,play but,um they really play the run on the way,to the quarterback at times right those,guys get off and they're really,aggressive in their pass rush with Jamal,out the first half how have you seen,some of those other guys in the,secondary step up knowing that they'll,need to cover for his absence early on,yeah you know unfortunately it's been,something we've dealt with a little bit,on defense uh this year already having,to play a little bit different based on,who's in and out and available because,of injuries so really no different you,know our guys every one of our guys,practice and prep like they're going to,be the guy on the field,great effort and energy today,foreign,yeah I mean that's that's uh part of the,business right every single day it's you,got to make sure you find time to chop,out and spend some time doing that you,know also one of the best things we can,do in recruiting right now is be,successful,when the guys are going to work with,individual coaches in the off season one,of those quarterbacks with those guys,especially defensive players,how do you go about interacting with,those guys and learning what they're,going to do is working on them uh I mean,ultimately you get excited the guys want,to put in work in the off season right,so I'm never going to fall to play into,what's going to get better in the off,season oh all those guys that I've ever,worked with they've always had a you,know respect the memoration for each,other we understand what they have a,role and it's a benefit for our team if,they can be getting better,we've seen quite a bit of Keith Brown,the last few weeks obviously with Jeff,being out attributed to it but what have,you seen for him,yeah I mean he perfo

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Dan Lanning's instant reactions to 42-24 win over Cal

Dan Lanning's instant reactions to 42-24 win over Cal

times we struggled a little bit at times,during in the red area gave up some big,pass plays that you know we don't want,to see on defense so I think all around,there's moments of improvement for our,team I think our guys are hungry to,improve you know that being said we're,going to build off of this one and keep,growing,questions right here start on the right,with James yeah,the most yards Cal has ever allowed,production,to play,I think it's hard to stop our team right,now when we're when we're consistent and,operating at high level regardless of,really who the opponent is and again,when we did get stopped it was really,more so us stopping ourselves,front center error what'd you see from,the defense there obviously a couple of,late squirting products back to it up,until that scoring down the second team,pretty good yeah regardless who's who's,in our standard really doesn't change,and we didn't finish the game we want to,finish right I think in the first half,they had eight yards rushing so that was,nice to be able to choke out one side of,the ball we gave a big pass I would have,loved to see us carry that over into the,second half we did at times I think,we're much better on third down I don't,know what the final count was,um you know that's somewhere we've been,looking to have some improvement then we,did a better job there,um but you know we have to keep continue,to keep in better ball and be more,consistent throughout an entire game,front left Max,coach you uh mentioned that you're,learning more about your team with each,week seven straight wins now but you,gotta take it one week at a time what,was kind of your biggest takeaway from,this win for you guys,yeah just just we haven't seen our best,yet you know I was hoping that this,would be a game we could walk away and,seeing our best and we haven't seen it,yet you know I'm excited to see where we,can go but we have to tap into that and,it's a choice that we have to make right,and uh hopefully that'll carry over in,the future all right Rob,so I took a couple possessions to really,find his brother so I clicking the bow I,obviously a hugely productive day just,the job he did to kind of lead your guys,through some of the the early stuff and,then really get you guys going yeah I,think uh bo did a good job today but I,think if you ask Beau right now he said,he can perform better right and I think,our entire team probably feels that way,if there's some moments that we can play,um at a higher level you know I'd go,back and watch the film and see if there,were any ball in Jeopardy plays for us,what our decision making looked like,Bo's been really consistent a really,good player all year I think that he'll,come away from this performance saying,he wants to do better than he did from,right James and we said in the passing,game seven doesn't travel when destroy,goes down at one point briefly and when,Chase goes down for basically 50 plus,minutes there's still Level 400 yards,passing but you're receiving core was,impacted today,say about the depth of the rest of the,group they went to tight end she went to,running backs you still have that many,more options yeah we feel good about the,players and we we have on this trip we,have some guys that can play ball and,just because there's a good player in,front of him doesn't mean the guy behind,him can't so I think it's a positive to,see that they're in Rhythm and sequence,we got to continue to get in a better,Rhythm and sequence you know probably a,little bit faster with those guys,front middle Eric did you feel the,passwords and I guess just in particular,Keanu find more snaps he like he was,pretty impactful times yeah I'll have to,go back and watch it it looked like we,were you know able to be in the,backfield at times tonight and uh you,don't want to see that you know continue,in the future we thought the coming of,the scant would be able to do that back,left Matt Dan do you think there were,running backs would be this active in,the passing game I think dollars Bucky,Whittington all had over 50 yards,receiving maybe even 60 just pretty,effective from those guys yeah we felt,like this is a game that we could get,the ball to our backs out of the,backfield and ultimately we were looking,to take some shots and I thought that's,where Beau made some good decisions and,taking the check now,you know right Bill he has the takeaway,for you that you guys were able to,overcome kind of that that sluggish,start the early miscues and still,perform at the high level you did or are,those just used things that you will,hold on to and you know,you know reportings for you,I don't know that would have interpreted,it either way,um ultimately what I'd say is that I,know we can play better than we played,today right and that's what I walk away,with is okay let's go focus on what we,can play better I don't look at it as an,overcome not overcome,um we have to prepare ourselves to play,put our ball down the stretch and we did,that at times I don't

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Bo Nix explains why the offense wasn't happy after blowout win vs Cal

Bo Nix explains why the offense wasn't happy after blowout win vs Cal

we count for six touchdowns but coach,says he feels like this is part of the,performance where you want to clean some,things up from it takes you guys a,little bit to get going obviously how'd,you describe the way this game developed,offensively and kind of finding Rhythm,and then how good or not you guys,thought you were kind of the middle of,the game when you scored 28 around uh,yeah um this was a tough game,um just because of the uh kind of the,situation,I think that we played okay offensively,but we just kind of picking each other,times but yeah I feel like this was,um I didn't play my best today but,fortunately the guys around me played,really good to still put up some points,and so I think just collectively it's,nice when you don't perform well you,don't perform your best you miss a few,opportunities in the red zone,still do what we did on offense I think,that's a good thing but um still got to,go back to work be hungry after that,on the right James,captured there but a lot of people,wouldn't have watched we'll say 77,completions of 400 yards passing and six,touchdowns and 40 some odd points,it's awfully good but yes there were,three stops inside the red zone that you,guys could have been 60-something points,are you ready,people are hung up on the three mistakes,are you more I think in this situation,it's important to hang up on on those,mistakes because,um it can be important down the road,and even though we kind of overcame,those I think um in other situations you,may not be able to overcome those with,other plays so I think the the few plays,that um gotta get better at gotta make,checks gotta do what we're I'm supposed,to do I think we got to get those fixed,and um sorry for me I missed quite a few,that in the past few weeks I felt,um like I did a better job but today for,whatever reason just didn't,kind of perform my best at those those,few plays but at the end of the day a,win's a win,um it was it's awesome to go on the road,and get a tough win like this um still,know that there's a lot of ways to to,improve,yeah probably middle Eric I was when a,guy like Chase goes down he's so vital,how does that impact any of the,headspace but also just what you guys,can do offensively well it's tough,because Chase does a lot for us,offensively he does a lot of um,he makes things right out there at,receiver just the kind of Veteran,experience that he is that he has when,when he goes out it just kind of,kind of shakes up the lineup a little,bit but I thought Chris and Dante did a,great job of stepping in and filling up,feeling that role Dante is,um thank goodness we have guys like,Dante who are still talented extremely,talented and can can kind of go in there,without missing a beat but,um obviously with a performer like Chase,um you hate when when he gets hurt back,left Matt,running backs I think had like 170 yards,receiving combined just did you expect,that and just what do you say about that,unit's ability to make big players,expected it,um we did a good job formationally and,schematically getting those guys out,check downs we knew they'd have a chance,to be open and uh coach doing him,actually said all week those guys to go,for 150 yards collectively sure enough,that's what they did they caught two,touchdowns they had a bunch of yards,security Outlets there when they cover,everything down the field those guys are,there and sure-handed those guys are,just really solid in the back field and,going out of the backfield it's awesome,when I mean we don't just have one guy,that can do that anybody that's in the,game can do that so it just makes us,very multiple front left Max bo uh,you've heard it probably a million times,but a big part of your turnout has been,how you've been able to take care of the,ball this year how do you think you've,approach kind of finding that healthy,balance with taking some shots and,taking with the defense against you you,know that to me I think playing,quarterback that's one of the hardest,things because you do want to throw the,football into Tight Windows you do want,to be aggressive but at the same time,you don't want to be too risky but I,think just within our offense we we,provide opportunities for ourselves to,make those throws within the scheme so I,mean you may know you'll have a tight,Windows role in this particular throw,but it's not necessarily risky because,you know where guys are are still going,to be um and so I just give credit to,our offensive scheme we do a good job of,getting guys out do a good job of kind,of schematically and conceptually,getting Guys open and so the shots we do,take it's either they're open or we take,check Downs so it kind of keeps you out,of that um kind of forcing the football,time for two more front mental Eric,coach said getting stopped a couple of,those fourth Downs could maybe not get a,bad thing maybe you guys need to be,humbled a little bit because you've been,so successful in those sports but first,off what took a place there and is there,m

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Dan Lanning's instant takeaways from the 38-34 loss at Oregon State

Dan Lanning's instant takeaways from the 38-34 loss at Oregon State

well it's a uh it's hurting locker room,right now I feel for the guys in there,you know ultimately a lot of a lot of,moments led to that result that's uh I,have to give credit coach Smith his team,they came out prepared and played in a,complete Game you know we played about,half a game or a third three quarters of,a game we didn't play enough of a game,to finish there and they uh they had,some big momentum plays that really,swung their way we probably didn't,create enough of those you know when,when the takeaway battle but whenever,you get you know block punts or muff you,know drop a punt have some big plays in,the kicking game obviously those took a,big effect we weren't able to stop the,run you know they were more physical,than us up front they took advantage of,that and trying to get extra hats down,there in the Run weren't able to be,successful there so credit to them big,win for them opportunity to grow for us,roll up our sleeves and get back to work,forces,yeah it matters it matters the most when,it matters right and I don't know if you,ever sit there and prepare for disaster,but you know when it's not the to the,standard,um it showed up in this game we had some,issues those all belong to the punter,you know the first one we don't do a,good job in protection I have to go back,and see what the operation time was,um but I have to have to see the overall,result but yeah whenever you're not,consistent and that's not a strength for,yours for for you and that showed up,tonight they were much better on special,teams than us tonight,I'm I mean let's go back and look at the,place but no I mean we've we've been,aggressive in our nature majority of the,year and a lot of times this Workforce I,think we also look back and say okay,fourth down you've had two punts that,went completely disarray I like my,chances on fourth and one of trying to,run the ball and get it rather than line,up for another Punt and maybe won't be,successful,apart,yeah no you know we have poor Gap,control at times try movements tried a,couple different things as far as,getting hats in the box and again I,think you go back and look at it you're,going to see a team that's more physical,at the point of attack today than we,were um you know they were getting,movement up front we weren't owning our,Gap they were did a good job and their,Runners did a good job running forward,and falling forward,have you ever been,uh you know I've been a lot of games,I've certainly been in games that have,been on the wrong side of things I don't,know if I can paint one you know similar,quite to that but certainly been on the,wrong end and the right end of that a,game like that before second row middle,Zach,I don't think players got complacent or,people got complacent or I don't think,our team got complacent you know I think,ultimately they made some plays and and,we lost on the details right I think you,go back here and say okay this is what,my job is and on this play and you're,going to see one person not executing it,the right way right you're going to see,one one thing that went wrong and those,little things add up and become big,things those those small details,how do you define,get it done I mean I don't don't know,what definition you're looking for,necessarily but ultimately we didn't get,it done those are two moments that we,got to go back and reevaluate you know,ourself and do a better job you know,back left mat,yeah I think it's been a little bit more,of a challenge I think anybody watching,can see that,um I think we've got to find some,creative ways and I think we had some,moments we were able to you know fight,off some some tough runs but certainly a,different game you know we got to find,different ways to be able to do it,yeah I thought he felt comfortable at,times I know um he'll he'll come back,here and tell you that he missed a,couple passes that he wished he could,have had you know,um there's some moments you probably,wouldn't pull it there on the fourth,down I think if he handed that he'd feel,you know a lot better that means know,Bo's been a consistent leader for us all,year and he's playing you know in a,tough situation right now he's playing,banged up but he's showed a lot of heart,to be able to do that so it's been our,leader all year he's done a great job,for us all year certainly proud of him,and his effort,yeah we'll be paying attention to it,close for sure you know we we had the,opportunity to make sure we didn't put,it in somebody else's hands today and we,didn't do that right but we'll follow,this close,I mean obviously it's easy,but then you guys maybe,on scrape runs or,not you're probably,what's the question,yeah we we've scored on similar play,um you know throughout the season and,timing was a little bit off and the snap,snap was a little bit late so that made,the timing of the rubber out a little,bit uh off place as well,on the back left Matt,today,with the checks,yeah we don't necessarily mind,um you know snapping a little bit later,

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Dan Lanning and Mack Brown preview Oregon vs North Carolina in 2022 Holiday Bowl

Dan Lanning and Mack Brown preview Oregon vs North Carolina in 2022 Holiday Bowl

I'll tell you whatever,good morning everybody good morning Adam,you can make this quick we'll get,everybody ready to roll appreciate,everybody being here for the sdcu,Holiday Bowl head coaches press,conference we're going to bring up the,visiting team first coach Dan Lanning,from Oregon he'll say a couple opening,remarks and he'll sit back down we'll do,the same thing Coach Brown he'll sit,back down you ask some questions and,we'll go on with life so first up is,coach Landing from Oregon,yeah really uh honored and a true,pleasure to be here right now I know our,team's anxious to compete the Holiday,Bowl has been absolutely fabulous this,uh opportunity for our players to get to,play one more game uh in an awesome,venue in a fabulous City uh that means a,lot to us you know we sign players from,this area every year and uh that's,certainly been fun but I think one of,the most eye-opening experiences was for,our team yesterday on the USS Abraham,Lincoln just you know and our,appreciation now I think every one of us,sees it from a different light and what,our military does for us for this great,country really excited to compete,against a phenomenal team in North,Carolina and a coach that I have a lot,of admiration respect foreign Coach,Brown they got a great team this is,going to be a fun competition for our,guys and I know our players are anxious,to get out there and hit somebody else,besides themselves that's uh something,that you do in bold practice you get to,go against yourself a lot and it's,probably time for us to go play somebody,else so thrilled to get to go compete in,this game opportunity to finish the,season with Tim wins really for both,teams so it's going to be a good good,competition great atmosphere and excited,I know a lot of people struggled to get,here today I know some of you know my,parents included I think they're driving,from Kansas City so these these flights,have been jacked up so that's a 23 hour,trip so James if you're feeling sorry,for yourself it's a little bit further,yeah so but a good trip I think we're,excited to get out there on the field,and compete and thrilled to be here so,thank you,okay thank you coach Landing like to,bring up Coach Brown head coach of North,Carolina the home team for tomorrow's,game Coach Brown,welcome everybody we um Sally and I have,been blessed to be here now six times,um in the Holiday Bowl and it uh just,ceases to amaze me how positive the,Holiday Bowl group is uh Mark Neville,does a tremendous job as president he's,become a dear friend through the years,and the Redcoats the volunteers are,unbelievable and,they're also proud of San Diego and they,they show their city so well and it was,eight degrees I think when we got here,in Chapel Hill,so our guys have enjoyed this weather,for sure as they start looking at it and,as Dan mentioned uh you get on the ship,and and see that the Holiday Bowl honors,um the Marines and the Navy,and we start thinking about being away,from our families for a bowl game on,Christmas uh these folks are trying to,keep our country safe and secure year,round so it does get your attention as,you go through so our staff our families,have had a great time Mesa college was a,fantastic place to practice they they,were outstanding host and we got a lot,of good work done as Dan said you get,tired of hitting each other but teams,that don't go to bowl games don't get,opportunities for 12 15 practices to to,prepare you for spring practice,so people talk about the importance of,bowl games and where they going with the,12-team playoff and this is important to,both teams because we get to compete,against somebody that's really good and,at the same time we get to know more,about our young players,and we get to prepare for for next year,so we're down coaches which I don't like,I wish we would have a role where,coaches had to stay through the bowl,game be more fair to the kids we're all,down players some opt out some are in,the transfer portal it's it's all over,the place but it's still a great game,with tremendous kids that are,incredible in what they do to prepare as,they go so we're excited to to play,Oregon Dan's done an amazing job first,year coaches it's really hard,you didn't recruit most of those guys,and and he goes out in his first game,and has a tough game with Georgia and,and then pulls them all back together,and regroups and and that could have,been a a turning point for him in a bad,way because he didn't know a lot of,those kids and he's done an amazing job,of pulling it together and keeping it,together and putting himself in a,position to have a great team so what we,look at this game is we're trying to,take another step in our program uh you,got Notre Dame,um top 10 team you got Oregon top 10,team you got Clemson top 10 team for us,to get where we want to go we've got to,play the best to be the best and and,that's why we're so excited about this,challenge they're really good they got,great speed they're very well coached,um they're

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Troy Franklin talks win over Utah

Troy Franklin talks win over Utah

as a team until last week and the senior,quarterback got this one out I mean it,feels pretty good you know definitely,coming off a dub I mean not the loss,like that last week you know um and then,also just getting some Revenge too,because when do you know I mean we know,that though was doing very very little,this week to prepare like other than,mentally prepared when did you know,um,so today you know I always like to see,him run for that first down at the end,you know knowing that he was he was he's,been in pain to see him you know move,the chains for you guys in that,situation,um it was a good feeling you know him,because you know he wants it you know so,he'll do anything for for his team so,yeah it's like good to get out something,there for a moment but a hand thing or,something like it took a shot on that,one screenplay came off oh yeah man that,was crazy,um I just got hit down low and uh,just could you expand a little bit more,on just how big it is to come out here,and get this win after what happened in,the two games last year with Utah well,it's pretty big you know because,obviously we just don't want to give,them three wins in a row you know so,especially to get another dub at home,it was just it just felt good you know,it was way more prepared and then just,how important was it to kind of get some,momentum now going into what's going to,be a really big in-state rivalry game,next weekend it's wait one more time,just and how important was it to get a,win to also get some momentum now going,into a really big in-state rivalry game,this weekend very important because you,know I think Utah's one of the best,teams in the league you know so with,that win you know definitely I think the,other teams like have their alerts on,for sure everything from Dante in the,last couple weeks from his performances,and he came in hoping to start and play,big snaps this season and now the last,two games he's had some of the biggest,battles in the season yeah I think um,it's just him staying ready you know,just knowing that his opportunity is,going to eventually come and then him,just making the most out of that so yeah,I think he's just done a good job of you,know staying consistent getting better,and just um doing what he knows he needs,to do is there any kind of reminding him,hey like there's going to be a moment,any time that comes up where you have to,step up or was he always locked into it,I mean I feel like um Everybody in the,receiving room were always just like,that you know we know at any point of,the game like the ball could be coming,to us so we all just have to stay ready,you know but most definitely take us,through the fourth and fourth play just,what are you thinking what's going,through your mind working for a player,or the floor reception that you had that,was just pretty much right at the line,again oh man I was just thinking about,uh really getting my debt and I was,going to turn the field but he was he I,guess he just read it made a good play,but I guess I made a better one I'm sure,you're on the internet so what did you,make tonight okay,tonight oh man just you know he'll do,anything for his team sacrifice you know,one of our four pillars that we go by,one of our team like uniform values or,whatever and um yeah you know there's a,lot of sacrifice speaking of your four,pillars I know one of them is toughness,so that's one of the words that Daniel,told the last time and that's a,toughness how do you feel like uh you,know being in the season we talked a lot,about protection but how do you feel,like talking this right now really plays,a role in everyone that's being,successful right now,um a lot you know because you know you,go through ups and downs and you've got,to be mentally tough to just stay in the,game you know I'm just and just not let,like fumbles and little things like that,just knock your game off so I think you,know just being tough,um can work good in multiple ways with,those status has been questionable this,last week was preparation any different,in in training or was it no I'm still,the same what was your reaction to that,dive for the fourth one that he got out,the Imports in there again uh I loved it,you know I know he wants to win how can,you explain just what he had to go,through to get himself able to play in,this game approval athlete's perspective,just how how hard was it for him to get,rid of it,um I mean I'm not really sure because,I'm not I'm not him you know,um but I think he he's going to do like,a great job to get back,um to the field as fast as he can you,know so most definitely

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Dan Lanning's instant reactions to Oregon's blowout win

Dan Lanning's instant reactions to Oregon's blowout win

a little bit late appreciate you guys,hanging around um you know fun game uh,for our team so much for us to grow on,um really you know think we operated,well early,um and really throughout the game on on,both sides of the balls and in special,teams uh had some you know Difference,Maker plays but obviously we gotta,eliminate the shooting ourselves in the,foot it showed up in the past it showed,up again this game and we got to do a,better job of coaching that the,penalties can't happen has to be,something that we improve on we're going,to take it serious and we're going to do,a good job of it and I can promise that,um but something we're looking to grow,from a lot of positives we can take away,from this game but also a lot of moments,of growth we're trying to be the best,version of us and we're not quite there,yet,James,we actually haven't had a chance to ask,you yet with penalty standards what is,your uh accountabilities how do you go,about handling it during the week or,yeah we keep track of them all through,practice,um and you know we have you know,standard kind of operation but I think,we need to improve that and figure out a,different way we can do it,was it encouraging though just to see I,mean almost every Drive in the first,half was sustained and obviously the,self-inflicted wounds but some of the,responses to finish a couple of those,after after penalties yeah there's,certainly some positives we can take you,know away from tonight you know we ran,the ball really well,um we were able to you know do some,things really successfully but I think,for us to be the team that we want to be,we got to make sure that we don't you,know hurt ourselves right here right,coach Beau got off to a little bit of a,Rocky and kind of slower slower start,what was the conversation on the,sideline with him the offenser coach,Dillingham kind of had a let him settle,down a little bit and uh get back into,that Rhythm there wasn't a lot,um other than hey let's operate and do,what we've done you know uh do do what,the plays intended to do there's a,couple plays that he extended that you,know didn't work out the way that it,needed to work out and I think just lean,back into what your job is and what the,system is and if the opportunity is,there we'll take advantage of it,all the way in the back Matt,almost 10 yards of carry just why was,your offense so effective running the,football we want to lean on our strength,I think our own Line's been a strength,all year and our backs are running,really hard and I mean we're obviously,able to involve the quarterback in the,Run game and,um wide receivers that was part of our,plan coming in and if they didn't take,it away we wanted to continue to lean on,it,defensively it seemed like Bennett and,Noah obviously the combined on the,fumble play but Bennett had a lot of,short tackles in space no obviously,comes up with the thumb recovery just,how do you think each of them play it,defensively tonight yeah ultimately you,have to go back and watch the film,um but that takeaway was a huge play in,the game to take away and then having,the opportunity to pick that up and move,it back down into the red area was,really really big for our team that was,a momentum play that we needed and we,preached takeaways a lot and it's good,to start to see them show up in games,back on the left uh Eric in the middle,without DJ in the first half how key was,it I think Brandon had a sack on like,the second play from scrimmage and like,the pressure in the first half was,pretty consistent even without him yeah,we I mean we have good players and I,think when uh they get the opportunity,to operate within the system understand,I think our guys had a good,understanding of what they were going to,get tonight from our opponent and being,able to execute knowing what you're,gonna be able to get and then execute,the technique required to create some,success you know showed up there for,Brandon,back to James,in a game where two of the League's best,corners were playing and I realized,they're not playing each other,Paul Wilson to two catches for 14 yards,Gonzo was targeted pretty consistently,but I think only allowed one catch on,the night how did you think he he did,and how you guys did regarding against,Wilson yeah my early impression of uh,Christian was they did a really good job,I actually told him as a man it's great,to see us get some good work to you,tonight,um so so he can go defend some passes,and I thought he did a good job of doing,that um,I know he had the one penalty,um I just want to go back and evaluate,his overall performance but in the,moments that the ball came his way I,thought he did a good job on the right,you mentioned the fumble but you know,when Troy makes such an acrobatic play,and then you get a turnover and then can,score again two touchdowns in 23 seconds,having kind of Spun your wheels at times,early in the game just what did that,sequence mean overall in terms of,feeling like you were starting to get,mom

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