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Matt Maiocco: Brock Purdy making case to be 49ers' starting QB next season | NBC Sports Bay Areafore

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Matt Maiocco: Brock Purdy making case to be 49ers' starting QB next season | NBC Sports Bay Area

foreign,for the second time in the Shanahan era,of the San Francisco 49ers are the NFC,West Champs they beat 21-13 the Seattle,Seahawks with sturdy Purdy once again at,the held his first ever away win in the,NFL welcome to Florida's post game live,brought to you by Toyota Dante Whitner,Rod Brooks Carlos Ramirez hat size,uh seven and three quarters are you it's,medium,uh I'm a large so the 49ers have their,NFC West Champs hats and shirts what a,game uh defensively man this team is,absolutely lethal everything they do,flows through that defense and to see,those guys go to Seattle and and show,that's that's that City what a real,defense looks like nowadays Championship,quality and look at the NFC West,Standings that's a wrap that's a clinch,the 49ers undefeated in the division one,game away against Arizona that's going,to be the final game of the season to,lock it up and just make it 6-0 but for,whatever uh for that standing Dante,that's a clinch and now you focus on,catching the Vikings yeah that's the,absolute Focus right now you want to get,that number two seed so that you don't,have just one game at home playoff games,you have two playoff games at home so,shout out to the entire defense the,offense started slow today they couldn't,really get it going on the ground,through the air the defense held a,minute early and when the offense start,to put points on the board defense,closed it out in the second half let's,go out to Seattle aluminum field talk,with her 49ers Insider Matt mayoko Matt,you've covered this team a lot you've,seen a lot of games in Seattle this win,felt different for the 49ers,um what's your overall take on this game,it's not that the foreigners were so,clearly the better team and you know a,21-13 victory for them of course they're,going to take that but it could have,been a lot worse and it could have been,a lot worse if it got for a kind of,bogus roughing the passer call on Nick,Bosa that wiped out a pick six for,diamond or Lenore but the 49ers you know,didn't do enough to really uh,push that lead out and make it a,comfortable final few minutes they had,to run out the final 315 and they turned,to Jordan Mason you know this was the,Christian McCaffrey show for most of,this game they really relied on him but,when they needed those tough yards they,went to the young guy Jordan Mason so,the rookies really came through Mason,kind of helping the 49ers run it out he,probably should have gotten down in,Bounds at the end of the game but you,know I'm sure that's something that the,the coaching staff doesn't mind too much,at the end of that 55-yard run but I,just heard you call him Carlos sturdy,Purdy and that is a great description,because he just looks in control he had,one pass that he probably wanted back,that should have been an interception,but overall he just made all the plays,he had to make and the 49ers are rolling,into the playoffs with Brock Purdy,leading the way you talk about sturdy,Purdy 217 yards 17 for 26 two touchdowns,no interceptions I mean we talk on,pregame live he's going to go from folk,hero to superhero Matt as he officially,a 49er superhero,I mean think about the last four days,he's had he he goes out there and gets,the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolls up at 35,to nothing lead on Tom Brady and that,team and he wins that game becoming the,first rookie quarterback to ever win a,first start against Tom Brady and then,what does he do in his second NFL start,he brings home the division title and,right now I'm standing outside the 49ers,locker room and the 49ers are coming,back into the locker room from the field,there are a lot of 49er fans here you,know not like Sofi or not like Mexico,City but I can tell you one thing they,are being very loud as they are,congratulating their team for this,division clinching Victory here in,Seattle it doesn't come often these,winds in Seattle for the 49ers but when,they do,they matter in NFC West titles in 2019,and again here in 2022. all right Matt,tell me where you want to go with your,reaction we've got Brock Purdy's and you,could be one we've got this team doesn't,it Debo to go deep into the playoffs,we've got this is the best defense on,the planet where do you want to go with,the overreaction you take the lead,well yeah let's let's look ahead a,season I know the foreigners still have,a lot of football to play this year but,boy oh boy doesn't Brock Purdy look like,the starting NFL quarterback and doesn't,he look like a guy who fits so well in a,Kyle Shanahan system using his legs to,pick up that key first down late in the,game that double fake pass pump fake to,Ray Ray McLeod pump fake to Christian,McCaffrey hit George Kittle it just,looks like he is doing everything that,Kyle Shanahan wants him to do and at,this point you know if you'd asked me a,few days ago I would have said no way,but I really think right now based on,what we've seen through three games,basically of Brock Purdy he might be,turning into the front runner to be this,team's starti

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Matt Maiocco Interviews George Seifert After Dwight Clark Memorial

Matt Maiocco Interviews George Seifert After Dwight Clark Memorial

okay today at Grace Cathedral Memorial,Church was the celebration of life for,Dwight Clark and some former NFL head,coaches Steve Mariucci Mike Holmgren and,this man George Seaford among those in,attendance and George just what did you,feel about the ceremony today honoring,Dwight Clark well it was it was an,outstanding tribute to a great,competitor an outstanding football,player and somebody who meant so much to,the community to San Francisco on the,San Francisco 49er tradition and what's,taking place over what took place over,many years and I think that the ceremony,really kind of captured you know all,aspects of Dwight Clark you know his him,being humble his graciousness his sense,of humor his courageousness and you know,I know you had a chance to talk to,Dwight late in his life when he was,still in Capitola what kind of struck,you about how he was handling the,disease well you know Dwight was a great,competitor we all know that as a,football player but he was a great,competitor during these final years or,months or days of his life and so you,really didn't other than the physical,aspect you didn't notice an anything,different from the standpoint of way his,mind was working the way he would carry,on a conversation and the subjects that,he would talk about which were often,quite funny because he led kind of a,colorful life a lot of dignitaries here,about 60 former coaches former players,Roger Goodell was here a lot of Hall of,Famers Ronnie Lott Steve Young Joe,Montana spoke Terrell Owens was here,being a native of San Francisco just how,did you feel like I know you're on the,coaching staff in 1981 how that first,championship the catch how did that kind,of change the vibe here in the city yeah,that's that's fun to talk about from the,standpoint I in 1957 I was at Keys our,stadium as a high school student and,watched the 49ers have an opportunity to,go on in the playoffs and losing the,game after being ahead by believe 21,points and the the gray and in the,doldrums that everybody felt when we,left that stadium because Dwight had won,delight because Detroit had won that,game and then to be part of the game,where the catch Joe - Dwight took place,and to watch the way the fans were,reacting and then to drive to my,mother-in-law's house after the game as,my wife would do my wife and I would do,each ball in each home game and see all,the people in the streets and and we're,her home was near Geneva and mission,people climbing the the streetlights and,the top of mailboxes and carrying on and,just have one big party it was something,that was very special it was special my,mother-in-law - is I'll never forget,what she said to me she said I'm so,happy when that games mean you and Linda,will be able to get more money you know,so some things become very basic but it,was a it was a glorious time and,extremely emotional and I was coaching,the defensive backs at the time and I'm,glad that Eric Wright made the tackle on,Drew Pearson to make sure that we did,win the game and therefore I was still a,coach yeah a lot of a lot of great,memories shared here today Grace,Cathedral Memorial Church and you could,see just how much Dwight Clark meant to,so many different people and it was a,very bittersweet day as a lot of fond,memories and a call so of course a lot,of sadness

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Matt Maiocco discusses 49ers' QB situation after loss to Washington Football Team | NBC Sports BA

Matt Maiocco discusses 49ers' QB situation after loss to Washington Football Team | NBC Sports BA

state farm stadium the 49ers new home,has not been kind,they win i mean they fall rather to the,washington football team,today and they fall to the buffalo bills,in week 13.,they now move to the road to face the,cowboys but we welcome you into the nbc,sports bay area studios we got,our former former 49ers with us here ian,williams dante whitner jeff garcia and,laura britt and over the next hour we're,going to be breaking down everything,that you saw today,at state farm stadium from glendale,arizona for the niners it really,jeff was in summary a game of missed,opportunities for san francisco,too many missed opportunities too many,opportunities given to the other team,when you look at what washington did,scoring 14 points,from a defensive standpoint not being,able to muster up a touchdown,themselves but offensively for the 49ers,just not good,got away from their game plan of running,the football especially running the,football to the left side,of the defense or the offensive line at,chase young,instead of away from chase young they're,much more successful going to the left,and then passing the football mullins,very sporadic,late on throws inconsistent not very,accurate,just too many letdowns throughout the,game and,cost them chance to win a football game,absolutely and a wasted opportunity to,finish this football game the way that,they should,the defense played outstanding offense,just too many,mistakes high throws drop passes,turnovers being careless with the,football you cannot win football games,in the national football league,when you lose the turnover differential,and that's why they lost the way that,they did today they turned the ball over,too many times,the offense actually gave up more points,than the defense today and that should,they should be,tremendously tremendously disappointed,in their efforts,and i thought the washington football,team whenever they needed four yards,they got it on first down whenever they,needed five yards they got it on the,ground,so i've taken upon the defensive line,where they needed to play better i,know javon kenlaw a couple guys had a,couple plays here and there but,for the most part i need to see more,from the defense especially from that,front seven you've got to be able to,stop guys from running the football so,easily,all right right now we're gonna get you,out to levi's stadium as we welcome in,our 49ers insider matt miyoko,mayoko something also from this game,where injuries we saw fred warner go out,we saw debo samuel go out,that is more pile up of injuries for the,49ers and that's certainly not something,they need,right now in the season,no and that's i mean we've talked about,this that with the injuries it's very,difficult to gain any kind of,consistency we saw it right from the,beginning i mean the 49ers have been,you know looking forward to having debo,samuel and brandon nyuk,and raheem mostert and many of their,offensive weapons out there of course,they still don't have,george kittle but then samuel goes out,of the game 49ers just going to get,anything going,and you know what it really says to me,is,where's the 49ers quarterback situation,because,as struggled you know as much as nick,mullen struggled in this game,and the entire world was calling for cj,beathard to go in,in place of nick mullins kyle shanahan,felt like his hands were tied and he,just stayed with nick mullins and now,they did get a touchdown drive out of,that shortly after that pick six it,really blew the game open,but i mean what does it say about cj,beathard that,nick mullins can play as poorly as he,did and yet nick mullen stayed on the,field,that's a great question and i'm going to,bring that back in studio here mayoko,great insight as always we appreciate,it and asked jeff garcia that exact,question people were calling,jeff for nick mullins nick mullins does,not,for cj beathard rather hello i need some,coffee,we've been here all day people were,calling for,for cj beathard but kyle shanahan sticks,with nick mullins was that the right,decision jeff,well he's the head coach so he's gonna,make whatever decision he feels is best,for the team but we as,fans and as former players all thought,at half time,there should be a change at the,quarterback position because of the fact,that they needed a,jump a jump start they needed a boost,from that position,to be able to make better decisions more,accurate throws,to eliminate costly turnovers and what,happened,in the first half with the big fumble,right before halftime,that led to six points for the,washington team and then in the second,half third quarter,a poor decision on an interception that,goes the other way cost your team 14,points,on a day where your defense played well,enough,played good enough football to win the,football game your offense,gave away too many disappointing plays,and it starts with the quarterback,position,and when you were watching nick mullins,today what frustrated you the most about,his game,just that he was just staring at hi

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49ers Shane Wallen Copes After Camp Fire (Part 1 of 2)

49ers Shane Wallen Copes After Camp Fire (Part 1 of 2)

by shane i see the the butte strong,sweatshirt explain your connection to,Dubuque County I mean I was born and,raised there lived there for 20 years,and until I left for for Oregon State so,I have a lot of ties that's my home at,all forever be my home paradise and,Chico or both you know places I'll call,home forever with my dad living in,Paradise for 20 years my mom living in,Chico so I kind of split time between,the two made a lot of friends growing up,and like I said have a lot of ties to,the community and I that I know a ton of,people there too it's a small little,town you know three hours north of the,bay area so it's kind of a everybody,knows everybody kind of deal so you,lived half the time and paradise where,did you live and what happened to your,house during the fire yeah so I lived,with my dad and my mom who were,separated my dad lived on Fairview Drive,which is about 50 yards from Paradise,High School and unfortunately just about,every house and that neighborhood burned,down including mine my dick you know my,childhood home and my dad's home,until the fire there was one house in,our neighborhood they made it and that,was about it,and then in Chico we lived in a small,town like a little farming town right,outside of Chico called Nord Nord,California,you know it's really close to Hamilton,city closer to Hamilton City than was,Chico but it's a great place to grow up,both those places you've been up there,several times what have you seen what,you've gone back in relation to the fire,and the destruction yeah I mean like,he's like complete destruction and the,only thing I can really compare it to is,like it looks like a bomb went off you,know cars burnt inside and out stuck on,the side of the street,stuck in part in driveways in people's,homes you know including my dad's truck,was burned inside and out you know,little things from our house that made,it you know like you know a couple mugs,like my dad had a couple metal boxes,that you know were burnt but you know,made it so it's pretty sentimental stuff,you know and then the downtown area was,severely affected you know there's a,couple buildings that made it but most,of them were completely burned to the,ground and basically all that was left,as a framework if it was brick so it was,a it was devastating you know the the,two or three times I had been up there,you know I I kind of went all over the,place and it kind of looks the same,everywhere I just complete destruction,which is is tough to see in a place that,you grew up what would you want people,who haven't seen it who haven't,necessarily been affected by it by,someone they know or relative what would,you want those people to know about the,situation up there I would just want,them to know that like this is probably,a lot more serious than most people,realize I think that the FEMA director,said this is the worst national trend,like you know disaster they've that he's,ever seen and he he was in the middle of,Hurricane Katrina so for him to say that,you know kind of really puts it into,perspective how bad this was I'm gonna,destroy the entire community so you know,like 15,000 homes you know thousands of,other structures and businesses so,there's really nothing left up there and,I know a lot of people want you know to,rebuild and kind of go back up there but,it's gonna be a long time so I think the,message would be you know if you can,help than you should because these,people are going to need help for a long,time

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49ers Insider Matt Maiocco says Richie James 'proved himself' vs. Packers | NBC Sports Bay Area

49ers Insider Matt Maiocco says Richie James 'proved himself' vs. Packers | NBC Sports Bay Area

welcome into 49ers post game live,brought to you by,toyota the niners with a tough one at,levi's stadium tonight,their thursday night football success,ends this evening with a big loss,to the green bay packers 34-17 the final,from santa clara we welcome you into the,nbc sports studios laura britt alongside,dante whitner jeff garcia and tequila,spikes joining us here to break down,all the action that we saw on the field,and guys when you think about this,season and how it's gone it's been,everything's just been about injuries,2020 has been a season of injuries for,the 49ers and then this week you pile on,the positive covid tests,it's hard to imagine a worse scenario,for the 49ers,they do have to move on throughout the,rest of this season,luckily they have next week but then,they have the buy jeff,games are difficult enough when you're,fully healthy it's a competitive league,there's a lot of balance throughout the,national football league now you're down,five starters you're down to your fourth,fifth,six running backs six receivers guys,that haven't even,sniffed the field all season long and,we're talking midway through the season,when teams are really starting to hit,their stride,we knew it would be an uphill battle,today especially on the offensive side,and uh and they proved us right it just,was too much,too many inconsistencies too many,challenges to overcome,not having the playmakers on the field,i'm a stand-up guy,and i have to admit that before the game,i said that they had opportunity to make,the playoffs and beat,a couple teams that they had on the,schedule i take that back,from seeing the game today i don't know,what they're going to do moving forward,this look like a totally different,football team from what we are,accustomed to seeing,and they have to figure something out,yes they'll get trent williams back yes,they'll get a couple guys back like,kendrick bourne but,i don't really see them as being,different makers they're really in,trouble right now,and also dante you know you said he,looked like a total it's a totally,different football team,technically it is and you have to wonder,what's the mentee the mental psyche of,this football team,going through so many transitions going,through so many phases,the covet tests guys being hurt then,guys being placed on covent reserve,just because of contact tracing and,now they go out and put up a performance,like this,it makes it that much worse and now,going forward,i really wonder hey we were we were,talking about early in the show,do they have the ability to fight for a,wild card spot,that's not going to happen if anything,the development of certain guys,who are now getting the opportunity to,play i think that's going to,be the biggest piece especially knowing,jimmy g won't be,back for several weeks now yeah and,potentially the rest of the season we'll,have to wait and see on that,there's plenty to break down from this,game and we're going to get to all of,that but right now we want to get you,out to levi's stadium as we welcome in,our 49ers insider matt miyoko and matt i,know you've been listening in,there are plenty of negatives there's a,lot to take away from this game and with,all the injuries in the covid that we've,been talking about,you're a glass half-full kind of guy can,you give us something positive to take,away from tonight,i can laura well probably only one thing,couple guys on defense fred warner flies,around,what a great player he is but the one,thing that kind of,stood out to me was that we've been,talking about this for a couple years,the 49ers offense,needs another wide receiver last year it,was,debo samuel and emmanuel sanders and,those guys had to play a lot,this year when everybody's healthy it's,devo samuels,samuel and brandon iuk and then kendrick,warren kind of mixes in there but you,can't just get by with three wide,receivers you need more than that,and i think richie james proved that he,can be,a really good fourth receiver this is a,guy that had six catches for 165 yards,all of last season tonight when he was,featured when he got his hands on the,ball when the quarterback was throwing,his way,he came up with nine catches 184 yards,and one touchdown so this is something,that they can build on,to make those guys in front of him,better because they don't have to play,all those snaps so,you're looking for a silver lining it's,not much but that's what i have for you,i knew i could count on you mayoko i can,always count on you for that,back to the negative things though,because that's where i'm going to go,jakoski tart we saw him exit the game,and was not able to return k juan,williams,also suffering an injury in this game,when you,think the injuries can't keep coming,they seem to keep coming for the defense,how do you move forward,when you're already so limited,yeah i mean yeah you're talking about,two guys in the defensive backfield,both have missed time already this year,so the 49ers no strangers to trying to,find fill-ins for th

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49ers QB Situation Is Not So Clear Cut - Matt Maiocco

49ers QB Situation Is Not So Clear Cut - Matt Maiocco

what about our guy matt mayoko john this,is what he said on knbr on monday first,takeaway is the 49ers quarterback room,is better yeah there's no question about,it like yes trey lance did not have a,safety net with with nate sutfeld or,with brock purdy,now not only does he have a safety net,if,trey lance loses,if the 49ers lose let's put this way the,49ers lose september 11th at chicago and,trey lance doesn't play well,that safety net,might just become a trampoline that,bounces over,trey lance and,could be the starter the next week,that's what i mean there's,i've i've long believed the 49ers were,the most interesting team in football,heading into this season now there's no,question because,if trey lance experiences the ups and,downs like we all know that he will,but his downs,contribute to a loss or two,it's,it this puts everybody in a,difficult position because i think we,could probably all agree last year that,the best guy,the best quarterback to lead the 49ers,last year,was jimmy garoppolo,now,they you know they made the no questions,asked trey lance he's the starter we're,moving on,but,it's now it's not so clear cut that,that the number one quarterback is the,number one quarterback and,the onus is certainly on trey lance to,prove it every week,how could you argue with that last,year's starting quarterback is on the,team,right,i i just think that matt is,like peter king a big jay's jay i mean,this guy is not,and even matt i would say is a little,like peter does sometimes have to talk,on nbc and say some things,matt,does a show every week with kyle,shanahan like matt mayoko i mean is,probably the longest tenured,uh one of them probably in the nfl,wouldn't you say i'm just like a beat,writer i mean i think he's i think he's,probably one of them,uh i don't know if maybe influential,would be the word influential i mean he,he does influence the sport right he is,he is a big part of who gets into the,hall of fame he is part of that process,so yeah i would say he is one of the,stalwarts one of the tentpoles whatever,you want to call it of nfl coverage yeah,i think he when he pushes back i'm like,you know this is hyperbole he's done,that you and i have talked to him for,years used to have him on the radio show,like he'll pump the brakes on stuff so,him saying that,i think it's a twofold i think it gets,back to what silver saying these guys,talk to the coaches,the coaching staff,not not like kind of people around the,peripheral of the team periphery of the,team the staff,they know what the thought process is,and then you've just been around the,league long enough just do the,math wait this guy was the starter last,year he's a eight nine year vet,he's just proven and it's not one of,those well he's only been a starting,quarterback on the shitty teams like,jared goff let's say he starts three,years on the lions if the most he ever,wins is five or six wins he has no,equity like let's face it jimmy has some,equity in the building with with his,teammates with his coaching staff hell,with the fans like jimmy has equity and,trey's equity is just out of draft,capital it's not out of that proving,anything and hope right in hopes,one of the most powerful things in the,world right for any human,you know if you have a little hope i,mean it's it's it's powerful whether,it's in sports or whether it's in life,or no matter what you're doing,but he does not represent anything,tangible like jimmy does and so if you,just,if you just take the emotion out of it,and even if you don't know the dynamics,and you just presented this to a sports,fan they'd be like ah this is kind of a,weird situation,right and then let alone once you know,all the dynamics and you factor in what,matt would know,i don't think he's just saying this,stuff i know you don't either but i,think a lot of people listening and the,internet loves pushing back on this ,it's just not made up now it's just not,like we know it's,it is what it is you know i think that's,just buckle up,you know buckle up because i i am,prepared for anything i'm not saying,like he's getting benched in a half but,it's all on the table and that guy,we'll look around the league all season,long there won't one thing matt is right,about there is not another dynamic with,a guy with a hat and a clipboard,standing there like this one not even,close,not even close,because remember,i think when carson wentz got benched,for jalen hurts a couple years ago i,think immediately then sudfield got,bumped up and wentz kind of got like,it's just kind of over for the year like,we're gonna put you on ice like,obviously there were different personal,dynamics there but this is,part of it like you just couldn't have,you know,you're always just one play away or one,bad series away and that's not how it's,supposed to be but that's what it's kind,of going to feel like i'm i'm excited,did this make something we talk about,much more interesting more people,watching like matt said,i'm a little biased like him it easily i

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49ers Shane Wallen Copes After Camp Fire (Part 2 of 2)

49ers Shane Wallen Copes After Camp Fire (Part 2 of 2)

can you tell the story about when you,went up in there couple days after and,went back in and got somebody's car yeah,so I was in the Walmart parking lot,handing out clothes and blankets and,there's this family that was in a tent,and out crawled you know the mom and her,four kids and I was devastated like I,was shocked that all five of them were,sleeping in this small tent that was,really made for two people and so I'm,Hannah and her kids shoes clothes,blankets whatever they need whatever I,can give them and trying to get to know,this woman and you know hear her story,and she just I just said do you need,anything else and you know knowing that,her needs are endless at this point but,whatever I could do I was willing to and,she said you know yeah I need my car and,I go well where is it then she goes why,ditch it in a parking lot of a school,off pence Road and I have picture,evidence that it made it because it was,in a parking lot and so she she ran out,of gas and she ran for her life for four,miles until someone picked her up and,threw her in the back of her truck and,took her down to Chico - so she could be,reunited with her kids so I looked at my,buddy and I go we got to get this woman,her car and so the next morning I went,back grabbed her keys from her and found,my way up there and went to get the,exact location where she told me her car,was and sure enough it was right there,and we we had taken a five gallon tank,of gas with us filled it up with five,gallons and I made it back down to Chico,and then filled her tank up for and,dropped her car off for so that she,would have somewhere to go with her kids,so,it's pretty pretty special feeling and,how you stayed in contact with her since,then I gave her my phone number we,connected on Facebook and we've been in,contact a lot through the last couple,weeks so much so that when community,relations told me that they were kind of,doing something special for some of the,victims for Christmas I told them I have,the perfect candidate for that and that,was Samantha and her four kids and the,community relations people here the,49ers made it happen and brought him,down here to have a Christmas with the,tight ends and Jimmy Garoppolo and so a,couple days ago I was a Saturday before,the Chicago game we I got to see them,again meet her twin boys and and the,younger son and faith the two-year-old,daughter and so the tight ends and Jimmy,and coach Embry went out and spent some,money on the kids for Christmas and got,him a bunch of cool stuff so from what,they told me it was the best Christmas,they ever had so that was real special,so the you have connections to both you,have connections to Pleasant Valley,where there's going to be a gathering,Sunday morning Sunday before the game,Sunday after the game of course you have,connections to Paradise so how special,is it to kind of see the merging of both,of your past come together it's it's,real cool because you know in high,school when I was playing like Paradise,and Peavy you know we're real close and,in distance so it was kind of a rivalry,and we always hated play in Paradise,because they're a tough wing-t team and,it's it's tough to play against them and,you know so but I was always you know,between the two I went to Peavy you know,all my friends are from Peavy I didn't,know some people in Paradise and like I,said I have roots and ties to Paradise,so but to see just like the community,coming,and see the schools come together and,seeing you know schools across the,county do everything that they can for,Paradise it's special and it warms my,heart you know because like at this,point it's not about you know rivalries,or anything like that it's it's about,loving each other and helping each other,out and doing whatever you can whenever,you can so I'm really proud of Peavy how,they've stepped up and I'm extremely,proud of Butte County and how everyone's,helped the small town of paradise

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Matt Maiocco says 49ers Deebo Samuel isn’t going anywhere

Matt Maiocco says 49ers Deebo Samuel isn’t going anywhere

hey everyone i'm sly here with flo and,let's check out what matt mayoko said,about debo samuel so in terms of debo,were,what's the is there a date that we,should be looking at uh,a camp a,middle of camp i mean,where do you think this will get a,little more clarity,from where we're at with him we just had,john lynch on and it sounded very much,like he,you know just getting the tone of his,voice i asked him,the chances of him signing debo yes,questionable probable doubtful,he said yes in his turn in his mind so,obviously he wants to get this done he,he really likes the way debo plays he,knows what he means as a team,uh i guess the hope for 49er fans and,49ers is devo feels the same way because,then if two people want to get something,done you'll figure out a way to get it,done but,when when when do you think we'll get,any more clarity is it hey they didn't,trade him during the draft he's here,he's gonna have to make it work and he's,gonna have to figure out whether he,wants to lose money lose a year of,service time all that stuff,where are we with this,yeah well i think the first,deadline if you will or the first,date where,we got some clarity was thursday when,thursday came and went and they didn't,trade him,that told you right there that he's not,going anywhere,and he doesn't have the leverage because,and he's scheduled to make four million,dollars this season 49ers don't want him,to play for four million dollars clearly,he doesn't want to play for four million,dollars nobody wants,the next date would be the mandatory,mini camp all these offseason workouts,are voluntary,when,the mandatory mini camp rolls around in,the middle of june,now if he doesn't show up that costs him,money fine money money that he has to,take out of his pocket and give to the,49ers or is deducted later on whatever,the case may be and so that would run,him about ninety thousand dollars a,little bit more than ninety thousand,dollars if he fails to show up for that,and then after that if he still doesn't,show up for that,then it's training cam and that's when,he gets really expensive with the new,cba,uh he would lose 40 000 a day i believe,the number is if he doesn't show up,and so what that's why you've seen,in recent years uh since the new cba,went in a couple years ago,the holdout is basically no longer a,thing now it's the hold in so guys show,up,so they don't get fined and then they,say,oh i have this hang nail that back,horrible oh my gosh so what i just,signed a new contract hey the back is,feeling i love that,so much,yeah and so that would be,what i think but i think the goal for,the 49ers is is to get him under,contract before training camp starts and,it won't be much,longer or much more before,um you know it won't be a it's not,happening today or tomorrow i don't,think so,but it's going to be something that's,going to take a little bit of time,but the question is though you know how,much is is devo samuel kind of,going to dig in and i just don't see,the logic in him digging in,because he's a professional football,player professional football players,they want to get paid for their services,and if he's not with the 49ers if he,doesn't show up he's not getting paid,and in fact it's monies coming out of,his pocket so,i think,i'd be surprised if they don't make this,work a and we've talked about this,before kyle shanahan has a very good,relationship with devos daniels never,had,any issues with him whatsoever in fact,it's it's been the other way i mean it's,been a really good rapport i think kyle,probably figures,that bebo samuel is probably the the,player,that he's had the the tightest,relationship with of of any player he's,ever coached,but even even those two have gone silent,here for the last couple of weeks,but i would suspect at some point,once debo realizes for sure that he's,he's not going anywhere that,uh the trade offers the 49ers got for,him on thursday really or even the days,leading up to that weren't really,anything that they'd even seriously,consider,once there's no other recourse,for both sides then they'll get together,and work that thing out,all right flo after hearing that what do,you think about the whole situation man,yeah man freaking i felt a lot better,now we're freaking kind of sweating for,the last few months,about not trading debo and we got what,we wish for but i think for the most,part deep was coming around to it man i,know he liked one of the fans saying,that people samuel's not going anywhere,and then devo liked that comment himself,yeah,also john lynch has said that he doesn't,see dibo samuel leaving anywhere so all,the signs,as of recent show that deep was gonna be,with us for a while so i'm really stoked,but what do you think man,honestly i think when brighton was on,the wall when we didn't trade debo,samuel i pretty much knew he wasn't,going anywhere you know like you heard,some comments i think from 49er web zone,saying devo still wanted to be traded,but that turned out to be completely,and hones

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