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They never learn... (Marzgurl, twitter suspension)hello and welcome back to come geek sim,if you are

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

They never learn... (Marzgurl, twitter suspension)

hello and welcome back to come geek sim,if you are new to the channel please,like and subscribe for all future,content,a few days ago we did a video regarding,Mars girl and that her account was,suspended on Twitter she was on a 7-day,suspension which all of a sudden after,three days she had it back but then,again she decided to go on and say some,more stupid things which got her account,suspended again which I actually find,really really funny now because this is,the person who has gone on,she has harassed she has done targeted,harassment towards people she's even,thought you asked people to false flag,report and other Twitter accounts which,go against what she thinks or what she,is trying to say well the funny thing is,so let's go from Cheshire black mask,girl playing their victim as always and,this is what she's had to say this is,actually on her ultimate account you,folks prevented any moving on you came,at me incessantly day after day spread,my personal information everywhere,hacked private account etc if you,haven't lived walking around in my shoes,for the last 11 months you don't know,that there was no moving on and with,that there I actually could find out a,little bit funny because the thing she,has said in that tweet so first of all,we're going to look at spreading,personal information anywhere this is a,person who was openly done it as well,herself I don't condone daxing from,either side but when you have someone,like her now saying off you've done this,to me you've done that to me she's done,exactly the same and she's done it on a,far grander scale then you have this one,here hacked private accounts exactly the,same as what kV of death who know little,friends have done all of this they've,been on as a forums Facebook you name it,they were on been on these channels and,these web sites and they have literally,posted other people's private,information and she says if you haven't,lived walking around in my shoes for the,last 11 months you don't know,there is no moving on well without their,we've actually seen max for a while she,didn't really get involved and it's like,I was saying before it's almost like,Cavey they have like a tag-team system,that is in actual land play at the,moment you had mass appeal at the very,beginning then it kind of went to,Dominique Skye then it went so you,toured Aldie Montello then obviously it,went to Neal ended up beating a few,other people and now it's kinda come,back around and when you see that,obviously now Dominic stole her Twitter,account has been gone and now this is,the second suspension for mass kill in a,week is you know is she gonna go to,Twitter HQ now and be like please can I,have it back sir please because well,they're gonna look at it and think this,is the second time in one week we,allowed you to have your account back,because it was wrong done but now you've,been suspended again this is when,Twitter they actually have people who,look into these sort of things because,to be honest with you if an account gets,banned twice in one week,there's something fishy going on with,that account but they don't want to say,what it is because obviously we have all,seen what Marvel says and we've all seen,what other people have said with all of,this and even with her alternate account,which she said she made a few year or I,made this before the ban the account was,made in December this this year so this,month and we're only on December 7th,right now so how can you go out and say,oh I made this before the suspension,she's got suspended like a third of,December or the fourth of December so,she knew something's gonna happen that's,why she did it but seeing that she has,been suspended again it's just crazy,because it's almost like now these,people do not learn from their mistakes,it's almost like well if so-and-so has,said this and I said that and that's why,my account was suspended I'm gonna leave,that alone but no they continually do it,they continually hound other people,until they do get suspended and the,justice,story is don't be a if you are new,to the channel please like and subscribe,hit that notification by the future,updates and I'll see you all you,wonderful people soo

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MARZGURL REKT! Cancel Culture Puritan COMPLAINS ABOUT BEING CANCELED while skirting Twitter rules

MARZGURL REKT! Cancel Culture Puritan COMPLAINS ABOUT BEING CANCELED while skirting Twitter rules

you know what's absolutely gratifying to,behold watching the Puritan purveyors of,canceled culture try to deal with,something being canceled that's what,you're looking at in front of you you,see Mars girl one of those people that,set out to cancel a certain voice actor,trying to come to grips with losing her,social media account it's insane to see,considering this person has gone out,tried to flag down youtube's,has gone out helped flag down other,accounts has taught people how to do,this but yet in all of that there of,course the victim so hey there so today,I want to return to that wonderful world,of social media to follow up on,something that I talked about the other,day,now when I'm talking about this - I'm,not endorsing to plan for me I think,that free speech is needed it's just,very interesting to me where the lines,in that come from when people are going,out daxing one another when they're,harassing one another,when they decide to take things to that,in degree it's amazing to me I'm not,talking about trading insults or barbs,either I'm talking about doing some of,the most inane insane things I've ever,seen and yeah people do that all the,time,I've experienced that myself and I've,also seen the person in front of you do,some crazy stuff which I'll include at,the end of this so now this person is,sitting on another account they're,sitting on an alt and if you look at,this alt well it's nowhere near the,other one that was out there you know,you have 290 followers versus quite a,few that it built up over the years and,yeah if you're asking why this person,got suspended here's what we got with it,now we've heard that this person was,mass reported in fact somebody was,talking about that and they were,suspended for hateful conduct they kept,having a post after post reported there,and again I'm not saying that I endorse,mass flagging I've had to happen to me,before,fun time but it's interesting to see,again people that would cancel never,blink an eye in fact people that,celebrated the fact people like myself,got flagged having to deal with that,themselves now you know how they deal,with that too they deal with it by,saying things like well you know you see,somebody talking here I mean talking,about Mara's girl she's a sociopath no,normal person would dwell in Twitter to,start a mob or outrage to whoever she,wants that's weird,and many people latch on to it she's,knows what she's doing and people saw,right through it if she just moved on,focused on her career improved life but,nope you folks prevent any moving on you,came at me incessantly day after day,spreading my personal information,everywhere hacking private accounts etc,if you haven't lived walking around in,my shoes for the last 11 months you,don't know that there was no moving on,really it's very interesting that spin,to it I mean considering now this is the,reality that I've seen over the last few,months you see in January this person,start up a hashtag and this hashtag is,meant to absolutely demolish someone you,see their work place tagged in here you,see hundreds of people getting together,there wanting to destroy somebody and,it's made clear in this I think it may,be time to reconsider hiring vic,Mignogna as so you know you see that job,tagged in they're trying to go in and,get form two things now they deny it for,the longest time - but you see this is a,month later they're actually taking,credit for that not gonna lie I did,start the hashtag now I wasn't trying to,bury anyone I just showed you that nope,they weren't doing that but again you,see how often they were using this,hashtag what they were tagging in there,how many articles and whatnot because it,really worked out for cloud that's the,kind of thing that a lot of people,search for as well,you get clout by going out and,decimating another person we're not,talking about reporting on another,person here we're not talking about it's,talking about a situation no we're,talking about,throwing somebody and there's plenty of,screenshots for this I picked up quite a,few before everything you know checked,out now I hadn't looked at anything,recently because I stopped caring about,looking at these folks but this gives,you an idea I mean this stuff it just,keeps going I'm gonna stop here but it,gives you an idea again now when we go,through this stuff as well you see,someone targeting vic Mignogna 'he's mom,not just him but everyone around him,targeting fans targeting conventions,targeting the man's mother I mean that,is absolutely insane there I mean you,see this brought up actually months ago,she even mentions that - weren't you,around months ago when I brought him mom,and yeah that's true January and brings,Mac up again April I mean you see this,and it gives you a time frame here,saying I'm not moving on which again was,the whole idea to this post I couldn't,move on because people were messing with,me really because the reality to these,screenshots they don't appear to be,saying that you also see th

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Marzgurl’s Unfortunate Timeline(Part 1)

Marzgurl’s Unfortunate Timeline(Part 1)

before we kick off this video I would,like to thank everybody for checking out,the video this video is the first,installment of the series of unfortunate,timelines each video of this new series,will be focused on a timeline of a,prominent figure in we boards the,timelines we'll be focusing primarily on,the lies hypocritical moments,disingenuous actions and all things,unfortunate for the specified we boys,figure I will be linking all sources in,the description these videos take a long,time to make so if you could please like,comment subscribe and share the video,that would be super helpful now that,we've got that out of the way let's,introduce our first figure we will be,talking about Mars girl they say the,only thing longer than her arms was this,intro for those of you that don't know,we boys primarily consists of two groups,that are in direct opposition to each,other on one side you have kick Vic a,community that mostly lives on Twitter,where they spend most of their time,virtual signaling or finding new ways to, on voice actor vic Mignogna their,opposition is an e movement that calls,themselves I stand with Vic the I stand,with Vic community can be heavily,autistic at times don't quote me on that,nobody wanted these two communities to,exist but they do and it's all thanks to,this tweet as well as a follow-up tweet,from Mars girl made on January 17 2019,the first tweet reads quote hard to say,this especially on a night that a DBZ,film dropped and knowing that I have,friends / acquaintances at funny but at,Funimation I think it may be time to,reconsider hiring vic Mignogna as a,voice actor in the future due to years,and great volumes of sexual misconduct,and quote forty-five minutes later she,responds to her own tweet quote does,this need like a hashtag or something,something like I don't know,hashtag kick Vic or does that evoke too,much of an image of physically kickin,him rather than giving him the boot I,don't know WTF I'm doing I don't create,hashtags unfortunately for everyone,these tweets are,the start of the Darktown line that we,live in a person who admittedly doesn't,know WTF they're doing starts a hashtag,movement kick Vic which would mostly,find themselves shouting with each other,slash out each other anime man,Vicky lasagna bad the next day January,18 2019 Mars girl posts on garbage,website pretty ugly little liars or pool,for sure for those of you that don't,know pool is a website kind of like Kiwi,farms if Kiwi farms was ran and operated,by Geoffrey Star for those of you that,don't know the website Kiwi farms,there's a link in the description check,it out as you can see on the screen her,post on pool says that she's seen Vic do,things with her own eyes if she's saying,that she's seen Vic to criminal things,in regards to the accusations that have,been thrown at Vic and she hadn't talked,to law enforcement it's kind of,disgusting otherwise if she had never,seen him do anything criminal I don't,see what the significance of this post,is other than to make him look bad but,that's just my take on it,four days later January 22nd 2019 Mars,girl has another post on pool first I,was curious as to why she would be,posting on pool but I guess when you're,trash it's only fitting that you find,yourselves in a garbage dump,such as pool however this post is the,infamous elevator story I've personally,been two feet away from a drunk Vic who,came up into our elevator from the hotel,bar with his arms over a girl's shoulder,all big grins and drinking in his,celebrity shoving his lips into the,girl's ear and neck with the girl having,the most uncomfortable face I've ever,seen only to watch them exit the,elevator and go off alone into a hotel,room you'd better believe i 100% believe,the majority of stories that have come,up about vic because i caught a glimpse,of the behavior with my own eyes every,one of my fringe industry friends has,for years had their own vic stories that,was the running joke for years everyone,has a vic story it's time to stop making,that a joke and treat it seriously okay,now here's my problem with this story if,it's true it's totally possible that the,girl was out,shellie really into vicked and she,looked uncomfortable because she doesn't,like PDA or maybe she doesn't like being,kissed on the ears,she could have needed to for all I,know it's not clear there is a million,reasons why someone can look,uncomfortable,not all of them are sinister the next,problem with this story for me is there,is no mention of if the girl was drunk,so I have to go off the assumption that,she's not Mars girl did say Vick was,drunk so Vic may have been ardh by this,girl who took advantage of him while he,was drunk he may be a survivor but how,should I know how should anyone know all,we have is a story told online about a,guy drunk in an elevator moving forward,the date is now February 7th 2019 Mars,girl asked people to report popular anti,SJW youtuber yellow flash first let's,watch a clip from yellow flashes video,

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MarzGurl Says... WHAT?!

MarzGurl Says... WHAT?!

all right so,apparently my girls have,to just,respond to,the,conquer harassment against,monica's parkhouse,even though it was january february,it's now march and she just now,responded to this which is very weird,all right i want to show you the,clip at um,minutes and,it's a minute and 27 seconds long,so,without further ado,i'll give you my thoughts,after the clip,so here we go so a bunch of people on,the internet who think that they know,better than an assault victim how they,should be reacting to their assault seem,to be under the impression that they get,to tell victims how they get to respond,to their own harassment the idea of,capitalizing on clicks comes up which,should immediately be corrected because,the podcast isn't generating any revenue,real states that perhaps in the future,there would be a patreon to cover the,cost of production and to fundraise for,rain the rape abuse and incest national,network so to say that their personally,capitalizing or earning any profits off,of this thing is just an outright lie,sentiments like this one come up a lot,saying the podcast is a laugh fest like,friends we're talking about their,favorite hobby enjoying their time,together comes across like a massive,joke when they're supposed to be talking,about an extremely serious situation so,again this comes with the assumption,that the podcast is talking about their,results which it really is not they're,laughing about how since coming forward,their harassers can't spell correctly,how they accuse them of being literal,lizard people about being accused of,being paid off by george soros which is,a wildly alt-right anti-semitic,conspiracy theory carried over from,bizarre right-wing q and on ,it's all absolute nonsense and it,deserves to be laughed at and even if it,was directly about the assault that they,suffered at the hands of their,colleagues they have a right to react to,it however they damn well please you in,no way get to police how a victim,chooses to move forward with their lives,even other victims of abuse have used,their own experiences to dictate how,someone else handles their abuse,newsflash different people with,different life experiences and different,personalities might handle things in a,way that is different from you there is,no one-size-fits-all way to react to a,horrible set of situations okay first of,all terrible choice of background music,because that just,seemed like a,like a ,rose wouldn't it's really not bigger,let's be honest you can't gross for ,and two,you say that they aren't making money,yet here,monica's tweet literally states that,one click equals one light i mean one,quick equals money,which means they are making money off of,the podcast,because,and let me break the full floor for you,moz girl in case you don't know this,here is a screenshot sayer making money,from a wordpress site it's completely,possible it usually takes,people a little bit of time and effort,to get the hang of it but there is,also no better feeling than making that,first bit of money from a website that,you own,also views equal money,also,here's another screenshot that i don't,know if they make it and works,but on wix you can,easily set up a subscription plan that,allows you to monetize your blog,when you post,when posts get added to the subscription,plan they get embarked as exclusive,content for paying readers,it can probably,not be like that but i don't know,anything about webs i've got i don't,have one myself,i tried to make one but,yeah,and here's a clip of me,depending on your other stuff,well most of your other stuff more girls,over here saying like um but oh you,generally find it oh good thing they,wouldn't have like,stated oh we're not going to give out,new information or new anything to just,prove that vic is actually guilty,no we're just going to make a podcast,called and touch which,means,that they are,making people to be in touch with the,truth and that even says it over here,truth and consequences and again we'll,set on the record straight,listen to all avengers,talking probably about being harassed,you know,being sexually iraq getting harassed,online for talking publicly about being,sexually harassed and getting through,for talking probably about being secured,having,that case against uh get pulled out,because we're allowed to talk perfectly,about being sexually harassed,and the further harassment we receive,for having a case against,us for defamation because we talked,about,probably about being sexually harassed,get phoned out because we're allowed to,um,i'm sorry this just sounds salty,they literally say the same thing twice,one maybe,they already mentioned,being,sexually harassed more than once more,than twice actually like,one,one,two,three,four,five,six,and we won they lost they can't get over,it now it's our turn to tell all aside,to tell all the side of the story,what side if they're not going to give,out new information,that's the,stupidest part because i even thought we,don't even know who beyon

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#IStandWithVic Monica and Marzgurl gone from Twitter?

#IStandWithVic Monica and Marzgurl gone from Twitter?

okay,in the wake of Elon Musk finally,purchasing Twitter last month,we are seeing a lot of leftists leave,the platform,among them are people like Mars girl,Emma Montreal and Jamie Markey,why leave the platform,to the best of my knowledge here's how I,can interpret it,when Jack douchebag and many of the,other woke Twitter players were running,the board and sent and letting them run,amok freely to push their,leftist agenda and slandering of Vic,Manana and other,they were content,they could get away with it with the,only negligible punishment is many of,those I mean I stand with Vic Facebook,group,capture photo capturing and hosting,their tweets on Facebook make,for attention many of which showed how,much of a bunch of shit-faced Karen's,and Kenny's those on kikvik are,but now that most of the woke Twitter,executive boards and sensor boards are,for the more or less have more or less,been fed their pink slips that,means now the level the playing field so,to speak on Twitter is even,there will be no censoring for the most,part,aren't unless needed and by less unless,needed unless you are basically making,threats to another individ death threats,to another person your account is not,really going to get censored all that,much,if at all,if you make a dummy account you're gone,your main account is gone if you make,if you try to parody somebody you're,gone,and of course the aforementioned death,threats,you make them you're gone,or even implicate you want to kill,somebody or even imply you want to kill,somebody looking at you Jamie,you're gone,and Mars girl throwing the heavily added,photos you doctored and butchered photos,you did to start this,I think Elon has been following some of,it enough and I mean I've tried to get,him up to speed about what's happened,and what you and the rest of the cabal a,Crunchyroll have done,basically ruined Vic's career and social,life,most of which have failed most of which,in your case have failed,soon he's gonna dig through everything,and when he finds what he needs,your ass is gone so that's why you left,early because now,Tick-Tock is probably your only Safe,Haven,and your only safe space,where monikas would be Instagram and,Jamie's would probably be Instagram,since it's lynched to Facebook,I use Facebook a lot but I never but I,sell them if ever use my Instagram,account,because I don't like using it,and you'll never see me put up a tick,tock account,you can find me on Twitter truthsocial,Facebook here on YouTube on Rumble,twitch even though I don't post a lot of,twitch I'm more of a watcher and a,commenter there,and believe me Mars girl I know you're,never gonna try to hunt me down on Truth,social,because it's in your mind,run bites,and this is Mars Girls quote and this is,from Mars girl's mouth not mine,bitter angry orange man AKA president,Trump,who runs that platform,but you know what Monica you know what,Kalyn,I'll say before I'll say I've said,before I'll say it again what's the key,difference between you and I I'm a,warrior you're a character on,narcissistic parent,bring archetype bully,that's all you are nothing but a bully,you're the homelander to my Omni man,if we met up,hypothetically and if those were the,scenarios I would tear into your chest,pull out your heart and make you swallow,it,our death battle omnimant versus,homelander,straight hypotheticals of course,not a death threat,but that's what I would do if I had Army,man's ability,if I've been born at least a,demi-biltramite,but alas I don't,and I am not,hell I'm not even a lie to me so I can't,really not even a Brit so you can't,really call me the real world Billy,butcher,and for those wondering how do I view,myself in terms of alignment in this,whole kick versus staying with Vic,Fiasco,I think I lean more along the lines of,chaotic I stand with Vic or chaotic,neutral,why do I say that,in terms of being chaotic I stand with,big I've openly come on here and said I,stand with big now then forever,wanting to fight for the greater good,for the common good of the people the,thing is I am willing to go outside the,law to get to that end,but I'm still down to some sort of,ethical code,and I've been down this road wrote it,being basically blackballed from cons in,the past,and I want to ensure that what happened,to me doesn't happen to someone else and,what happened to someone else doesn't,happen under bogus circumstances,I know I'm being a dead horse but the,point still applies,chaotic neutral on the other hand is,refer to the fact that wow,one would be my methods like my motives,as kind of selfish,there's a link my heart is at least in,the right place so to speak,and I have my own and my morals are what,bind me to choosing a plate,sear my heart on a right course,Kalyn Monica and Jamie on the other hand,all fit the world of neutral kick neck,which would be in this case neutral evil,why because they did what they did to,serve their own selfish desires,but then again that's where the,political leftist like these three hags,do

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The Ballad Of Marzgurl- Professional Victim & eBegger

The Ballad Of Marzgurl- Professional Victim & eBegger

this is Mars girl she is a open harasser,of a fellow youtuber youtuber by the,name of yellow flash publicly requesting,the docs of yellow flash now I wanted to,cover this and signal boost the story so,if you're able to please share this,video it would help if you drop a like,or leave a comment it get interaction up,I don't know if notifications are gonna,work about on this one because I just,released a different video but I think,it's important to get out there so,please consider sharing I also want to,thank the work of mammalogy and,Winninger gamer net for compiling a lot,of this as well as the old flash himself,for sending me screenshots to help raise,awareness now daxing is the practice of,you know taking somebody's anonymity,away it is a practice that is done by a,holes on the internet and if somebody,doesn't want to be known then it is,their right to be anonymous,at least I believe Mars girl has been a,proponent of the kik Vick movement the,wrongful persecution of Vick voice actor,vic Mignogna,from many dragonball and ruby art are WR,why or i don't know how we pronounce it,roosterteeth show having been terminated,and unperson,over spurious thin accusations I thought,it would take a minute since Mars girl,is so very interested in everybody,else's personal details I would like to,share a little information about Mars,girl with you information that is,already publicly available on the,Internet a longtime channel awesome,participant and I'm gonna share some,evidence with you,where Mars girl is publicly asking for,personal information of youtubers so she,can continue to harass them I'm going to,show you proof of,organizing false flagging of youtuber,channels and videos who are critical of,Mars girls behavior but first I think we,need to know we get to we need to get to,know Mars girl and I will let all of you,know that I will give the public very,public disclaimer that do not interact,with this person if you are interacting,with this person you are not doing it on,my behalf this person wants attention,much like the blue haired land whale who,shall not be named because that is,exactly what the land whale wants these,people want attention so then they can,pretend to be a victim and then turn,that into money all right so what we're,gonna do here is rally around yellow,flash man that does excellent YouTube,work mammalogy who also does great jobs,a great job exposing things what anger,gamer who often has excellent articles,cataloging these things and supporting,vic Mignogna there is much to know about,Mars girl but if we go back her name is,Kailyn Dixon everyone no one everywhere,online as Mars girl given a name given,to herself in forums and chat rooms,she spent brief time with that guy with,the glasses a fan of video games and,animation Mars girl became a,self-proclaimed anime fan in 2004 and,began attending anime conventions in the,state of Texas with the help of Shawn,Shiva in the mid 2004 the first Mars,girl Productions video from Akon in,Texas Texas was shot and produced it was,the dream of Shia and Mars gold is,called chia-pet,and Mars girl to make a documentary,style convention videos Mars girl as,part of Mars girl Productions has,attended more than 20 anime conventions,that's not even that impressive,she went on to star in as the nostalgia,chick using the 1982 animated movie The,Last Unicorn as her source material in,mid 2008 Mars girl was chosen as one of,top,five nostalgia chick choices I'm sorry,she submitted an entry into that guy,with the glasses to become the nostalgia,chick Mars girl has chosen to make her,videos mostly skit based with other,review critic style videos on the side,now this is a content creator we're,talking about alright she's appeared in,a video tribute to suede and had a cameo,on atop the fourth wall all these,irrelevant productions anyway she,started up a live broadcast World of,Warcraft on livestream calm originally,starting with a small group of on the,Pern old server consisting of herself,her roommate Andrew and a fan of sheep,with blogs so we know a little bit about,Mars girls starting off with channel,awesome hasn't really done anything of,relevance of note until recently but,definitely takes a lot of time to pat,herself on the back she even has her own,Wikipedia page for I don't know what,reason but she has an official website a,patreon interesting it you have a,patreon Mars girl that's uh here's an,interesting thing let me tell you,something do you know why I was banned,from patreon daxing I was banned from,patreon for daxing what was what was,Mars girl doing on the interwebs just,the other day well let's take a look at,a Facebook post that she put out,publicly just the other day you tell me,if you think this was Daxing I wonder,what patreon would think now I would,disavow I don't think I was I believe I,was wrongfully terminated from patreon,and I would not support her being banned,from patreon but people like her exist,untouched by the same system that many,of us other

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Marzgurl’s Unfortunate Timeline(Part 2)

Marzgurl’s Unfortunate Timeline(Part 2)

welcome back to a series of unfortunate,timelines this is part 2 of the Mars,girl timeline if you haven't seen part,one yet go ahead and check it out,there's a link in the description and if,you have already seen part one then go,ahead like comment make sure you're,subscribed and enjoy the video okay now,it's time for the real professional,investigative reporting that everyone,came here for on February 21st,Ashly Rochelle created a GoFundMe on,Mars girl's behalf for Mars girls cat,siren according to the GoFundMe they,weren't quite sure what was wrong with,siren but it was having balance issues,the money raised would be used to run,tests to help diagnose siren all right,now I hate to go backwards but if you,all remember on February 11th 2019 Mars,girl had the threat about Vik performing,the tamaki line with the fan well just,over two weeks later on the 26th of,February that girl that Mars girl talked,about the one that asked Vik to perform,the line confronts Mars girl and tells,her not to use her video to attack,victim oh this is awesome on March 18th,the GoFundMe for his siren the cat,posted an update the update says thank,you so much to everyone who donated,thanks to all of the donations so far,siren was able to get her blood work,done the doctors don't think that she,has cancer and that it might be a really,severe infection she's been having,trouble eating but is in better spirits,she's on meds so hopefully those start,her on the road to recovery I've got a,good feeling about this just two days,later on March 20th 2019 Mars girls cat,siren passed away but I have a feeling,we'll be seeing them again,moving on to March 21st 2019 as shown,on-screen beard Harris Bullock and,Hughes writes up a don't delete anything,letter for Mars girl so now we fast,forward almost a whole month to April 19,2019 on this day Mars girl responds to,people on a forum website for once I,actually find what she has to say,interesting,the response from Mars girl says quote,there were two totally separate,investigations one in 2017 and the one,in 2019 you heard a singular story from,2017 that was absolutely not the sole,reason why Funimation separated from,Vick you have not heard the other,stories from the rest of both,investigations because you are only,hearing what tiny little itty bitty bit,was leaked through a YouTube channel,rather than through official means that,information is not owed to you and the,public is not at all in the slightest,owed the information to allow them to,ascertain that is completely up to the,court if and when it gets that far and,if Funimation allows for that,information to become public then the,public will be able to scrutinize all,they want end quote,but how would Mars girl know this unless,she was told information about a private,investigation on someone who she helped,get fired as well as banned from cons,worldwide either she's lying or this is,a major HR violation on April 22nd Mars,girl made a post on a website talking,about vic Mignogna and says she doesn't,know if he's hurt for money anytime,recently the post brings up Vic's mom,and her financial standing it also,contains a link to her live journals,this post then became the focus of many,videos on YouTube for content creators,that covered the ice dam with Vic Vic,drama most of these videos claimed that,Mars girl attacked Vic's mom however,that's not true,shout out to deep humor for being the,only youtuber that I know of that,covered this and said the truth that it,wasn't an attack link in the description,to his video if I had to say something,about what Mars girl said in this post,it would be that she should be way more,focused on her own money she needed a,GoFundMe to retain a lawyer spoiler,sorry,she needed a GoFundMe for her cat she,crowdfunded for her wedding and,is a tweet where she tried to sell,yugioh cards to pay her bills focus on,what you have and what you need other,than what other people have or don't,have now we get into the very next day,April 23rd 2019 and would you look at,that it's Mars girls dead cat I knew,we'd be seeing siren again this Twitter,account is a parody of Mars girls dead,cat I don't have anything to say about,it other than it caused a lot of ass mad,whether you think this account is okay,or immoral it's not really my place to,judge and I think it's an event worth,noting these next events take place,between April 27th through the 29th of,2019 please bear with me because this,group of events are very intertwined but,a little hard to follow,I'll try explaining it as best as,possible on the 27th of April this,Facebook post from Mars girls private,Facebook was leaked in the post as you,can see Mars goal is very clear that she,is hoping people can help her find,yellow flashes identity because she's,hoping to get a lawyer involved to stop,him from defaming her whether or not,that's why she wanted his identity isn't,really the point make note to laugh at,the part in the posed way she talks,about getting Congress involved an

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Be GONE! Marzbar has gone. Twitter account has been suspended!

Be GONE! Marzbar has gone. Twitter account has been suspended!

hello and welcome back to come geek sim,if you are new to the channel please,like and subscribe for all future,content so this is just going to be a,quick little video today because I want,to let people know that again I think a,lot of you already know this now though,but the beauty is Mars girl has been,suspended on Twitter this is great news,mostly because this is the person that,started the whole movement well they're,doing I'm gonna read that and brother,guys of Doug's tweet about it because I,saw this an hour ago and I just think,it's brilliant now Samar's Gil the,person has started at hashtag kick V and,rallied against him and tried taken down,yellow flash guy has been suspended from,Twitter after all the attacks are moist,amber V the false flagging and more I,wonder considering her friend if it all,last and what we're on about there is,mostly because she's fragile,Dominique Skye LG Montel all these,people who somehow sing when their,accounts have been suspended they,magically reappear now we don't know if,this is for good and we don't know if,she probably well she probably does have,alternate accounts because we've seen,her we have seen numerous other people,on accounts which when their main,account has been suspended or deleted or,whatever they magically appear again you,know and it's really funny because,you've got all these people now they're,talking saying we never done that we,never did this no one said anything we,never harassed anyone we don't Doc's we,don't do this but and the dog bt were,suspended dominic sky were suspended,maas girl is now suspended there's a,pattern it all these people the ones who,have been vocal more than anyone on kik,v they just had their account suspended,and when you look at it when you really,look into it as well that all these,people the things they have said to,people the things that may have done,they're these the ones who made of the,core initial group,of hounds basically like a wolf pack you,know they're the ones who put all this,trial by media stuff out they're not you,know trial by the court or anything else,trial by media which is what they all,want it because they knew if they,decided to actually take V to court not,sue am Lucky's do it to them but,actually press charges and Neil get sent,away in all this it wouldn't work,because they know they have no evidence,this is why it happens but I am just so,happy to see at this moment I am now she,has been suspended but then again no,she's bound to have an alternate account,they all do we all know exactly what,they do because under not bt is managed,to rear his ugly head again and for,someone who was harassing everyone and,he got suspended but then he got people,defending him saying oh he never done,this you're all false flagging people,need to remember these accounts get,locked into if this thing's on this,showing that they are harassing people,twitter will stop them that's what these,people don't seem to understand it's,like they read the tos is and go home,with that does not apply to us but it in,us if you are new to the channel please,like and subscribe hit that on vacation,bell for future updates and i'll see you,all you wonderful people soon

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