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Big Cat Gives His Full Take on Marty Mush and Ria Dating #TeamHank | The Yak 05/09/22um classic d yo


Updated on Jan 26,2023

Big Cat Gives His Full Take on Marty Mush and Ria Dating #TeamHank | The Yak 05/09/22

um classic d you should well everyone,should watch the rundown if they want my,take it's not i mean i don't know why i,had some people being like dude how have,you not tweeted team hank i miss team,hank as they get,oh you tweeted out brothers welcome back,owens,oh dog it's so straightforward to me,like it's,it's very straightforward you don't,everyone has been around,oh i just went out as bit who's cutting,my mic you're good marty's back there,it it's just,like scumbag behavior and it is what it,is and i just don't with marty,anymore i made him move his desk,it felt good to not have him around me,and that's it you talked to him one on,one what did he say to you he was like,we told them which he did not he keeps,he kept saying we i was like you didn't,tell hank you didn't you didn't you were,man enough to tell hank i do think,they've been dating for longer than,they're letting on which is another part,that's just like marty and i spent a lot,of time together madison chicago philly,new orleans they were probably dating,that whole time i i can't personally be,offended because i'm not part of it and,hank has not asked me to do anything,literally has not asked me to do,anything i defend my guy hank because he,i've been with him forever and he is,like one of my closest,friends people in my life so,i'm gonna defend him out of my own,volition and it's so simple,if anyone wants to do stuff with marty,i'm not going to judge him i personally,do not with marty just as straight,as it could be well there's an ancillary,like uh effect of this though jerry has,moved into marty's desk i made him and,jerry's trying to kill the pile dude,what you said if you just created a rube,goldberg my friend yeah you're they're,up clutter frigger is going off,everywhere jerry says he gets anxiety,with clutter he's in the middle he was,like scrubbing down the desk while he,was over there he wants his desk,completely clean and he said that he's,gonna have to talk to you about about,the pile about this is a rube goldberg,so it's really rube goldberg,is goldberging out of what do you think,unchanged where's marty sitting now,someone's gonna end up in a body bag,sitting beside publicity,i always wanted to be so i got a,question yeah well i also want to go,around the room and everyone has to say,which side they're taking,i'm gonna go i'm just,yeah,that's my point is that everyone like,people are gonna still be friends with,marty and ria and that's i have no,problem with that because that's that'd,be up if i was like you can't be,friends with them you can't do anything,with them hank came to my wedding i mean,i simply do not with marty and,that's it's as cut and dry as that and,it's just we'll go on with our lives for,transparency should we go around and,say who we've in the office,sure,start with seth i beat off during,surviving barstool i don't think we only,have an hour's show i don't know has,enough time,yeah jesus christ,and you can't you can't say etc what was,your question,let's just move oh what was your,question well it was you don't want to,know if we were counting finger blasting,i think my i think my fingers are more,sensitive than my dick,oh no no no say it brandon because i,want to hear these hands could come,this dick would never ,you don't with marty that's fine,you got the hands,could you could it get out of this or,what with you and dave i'd say no,all right i'm just being honest that's,an honest question and i'm not again i i,texted marty yesterday i was like look,i'm not gonna make your life miserable,i'm not gonna do anything i'm not gonna,like,keep you out of things or like try to,bash you every day i i want you to move,your seat because that's like my area we,we bust balls we joke around we do a,bunch of i don't really want you,near me and that's it well it's just,it's as cut and dry for me personally as,it possibly could be could be hank has,not asked me to do anything i'm doing,this on my own because i just don't i,don't like the guy i don't think that i,think what he's doing is a scumbag thing,and you know i don't really have a,relationship with ria so like it would,be weird for me to be like oh rio like,but i mean both of them,there's um there's nine million people,in new york city,very easy there's one guy's girl or ex,that you're allowed to in this,office and stephen jay,imagine being the ghost imagine being,the guy though to ,step up to the plate after steve stevens,gets hit by a bus trying to fill those,roles and that's the unsung hero of,situations that would be tough because,you gotta be the guy who steps up and,feels the role of a go yeah,no you're the big guy,okay stephen your full-time content now,just i was just ripping you a little bit

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Marty Mush Talks To Dave And Hank About Dating Hank's Ex-Girlfriend Ria

Marty Mush Talks To Dave And Hank About Dating Hank's Ex-Girlfriend Ria

crazy what 72 hours i would say,yeah i mean a lot has been said about i,saw somebody at dave portland show,tweeted out that clip of the um,you know first of all i'm so noodly it's,crazy but the um,the stuart a smith,stephen x smith no,i told you,of when he was threatening kyrie being,like oh you thought it was bad that i,didn't clip out i mean a lot of it's,been said already but yeah it's been a,nutty nutty obviously with marty mush,rhea news um pretty crazy pretty crazy,stuff,uh,i found out about it after ruff and,rowdy,i saw maybe a tweet about it but i,didn't really think much of it and then,after roughing rowdy a bunch of us went,out met at the bar we didn't go to rough,and rowdy canelo,canelo,i told you i'm a noodle so after,canelo um we met at a bar,total noodle i am a total total noodle i,have,some prescription adderall to try to,wake my head up a little uh coffee to,try to get going but i'm a total noodle,not much sleep and the time change,everything noodle,noodle noodle noodle so anyways we met,up at the bar and i think rhone said it,first he's like you hear the news like,what are you talking about and they told,it so that's when i found out about it,it went wildfire everyone pretty much,had the same reaction as marty like,that's,insane i said yesterday caleb,legitimately wanted marty to walk the,plank,i thought he was joking i'm like what do,you mean walk the plank he's like you,got to make him walk the plank tell him,there's a one percent chance this will,go away if he walks the plank and then,when he jumps be like nope so it it was,wild um,then i talked to big cat,like 20 minutes later he was,beside himself as mad as i've really,ever seen him and then everything kind,of went from there,that has been said online i saw what as,mario joined i saw what marty said,uh,on the marty terry,uh jerry,show,so and i've said what i've said which,you know i i kind of stand by i don't,think much is going to change in this,show i i think there is great,discrepancy,in the timeline like i think marty's,lying about the timeline i think ria is,lying about the timeline um,but to me the timeline's not overly,important it's still,hank dated ria for,close to four years if not four years it,was a super serious relationship,and to have to sit next to the guy that,now is dating your ex who basically,dumped you when it was very serious,sucks um,if it wasn't hank,and it was somebody i that i haven't,known for a long ass time,would i care or would i be,like oh my god i'm not gonna do content,no but it is so i and it's what i said,to me that decision which marty had to,know,that it was career suicide he had to,know that that's no different than if i,was dating sylvana for two years three,years and somebody here start dating her,pretty quickly after i'm not gonna like,you and i'm not gonna associate with you,and,that's a decision that was made like you,can't la and i heard marty say well we,didn't mean to we're in the same friend,group,you always have choice you always have a,choice like so choices were made and,you got to deal with the consequence,there's no other way to deal with it and,you know,i've seen kevin a little bit like,relationships and 30 and keegs and,that's fine yeah but this is a very,unique situation to this office it was a,very real relationship daniella who is,like my assistant right and does a lot,for me and dates jet ski,and they've dated for three years,and we were talking a little bit i'm,like daniella if,you were like in love with jet ski which,he is and want to get married and settle,down and jet ski dumped you,and then it turns out you find out like,six eight months later you're sitting,next to the guy who is now her, him and dating him how do you,feel she's like i'd be sick i can't come,to the office that's the situation we're,in so,i agree almost with everything that big,cat said and i know,marty's here i i even don't know what,he's gonna say i know he said like i,didn't have a relationship with hank,this that whatever fine i i don't really,care,it's like i have a relationship with,hank,it's not like we're the mob but you,don't,you don't go against the family and you,certainly don't go against a made man of,which hank is one,so i'm gonna have his back that,shouldn't be a surprise to anybody who,knows anything about me,i'm probably loyal to a fault i love,hank he's been with me forever he's a,milton guy,i think what rhea did,is,for sure a bigger scumbag move,than what marty did in the sense that,it's like well i didn't have a,relationship with thanks i still thought,they're friends but if you actually care,about somebody and i assume they did the,way they broke up and i like ria till,this point i was a big fan of hers,you can't let that happen either it's,like you just have no,respect for hank for putting him in that,situation it's disgusting so that's how,i feel about it and what i said also in,a tweet of like ria,and i i tweeted who knows what will,happen ria has chicks in the office,that's successf

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Un-renewed - My Journey to Become More Likable

Un-renewed - My Journey to Become More Likable

i'm not gonna like you and i'm not gonna,associate with you i love you but you're,a idiot and i stand by that it,it's just,like scumbag behavior caleb legitimately,wanted marty to walk the plank would i,really lose sleep over you getting not,getting renewed no i would never lose,sleep over that i am here today,to talk to all of the most liked people,of barstool i'm going to see if i can,shadow them at work and see if i can,pick up any tactics they do,what will make me more liked by the,viewer let's see how i do,it's kmc radio and the basement boys,real fast real fast i'm doing this new,show i'm shadowing the most liked people,at barstool so i can become them so do,you mind if i,jump in real fast yeah of course i got,uh a couple tips for you like i do uh,one minute man every day you pick a,topic and you might it was just them too,do you mind if i i don't think i could,use right you mind if i just use them,yeah all right thanks thanks pal,people love me right they do love they,really do,it's a few few secrets all right i'm,willing to share please,always wear a hat never take it off oh,grow a beard,um,this is our first time doing content,together right yeah,don't do content with marty mush that's,a big thing,that's,some people will say gotta take a step,back i think i just have to take a step,back,what's up,what are you doing,oh it's these are my daily affirmations,i come up here for an hour every day and,just you know hype myself up a little,bit i want to be like you and see how it,goes so,explain your process to me well,your love has to come from within,brother so the number one thing i do,every day is a little self-loving and i,don't mean jacking off i do that,sometimes this is what i do first thing,every day i walk in,you look handsome today,you look sexy today,your eyes don't get nearly enough credit,for their beautiful green color,daily affirmations god loves tommy his,parents love tommy dave loves tommy and,then sometimes i'll write that again,dave,dave definitely loves tommy right like,that he definitely loves tommy that's,the most important one and he i might,maybe yeah maybe that one you want to,leave out i'll leave that one off i did,text marty saying you're dead to me are,you having some problems at work being,like i think some neither work the,audience you know i feel like people i,feel like people come around on me here,you know we are friends i hear you i,think you can i think you do a good job,you need a little fine-tuning i can show,you some of my tricks of the trade that,i do every day to kind of help i would,love to come in here with me this is,where i like to go all right are you,sure i can oh it's fine just get in here,girl all right yeah,people love frank that's what i is i,want to see what i can do,to shadow you so ready what is your best,what's the best thing i can do get mad,about teams oh yeah we were talking,about brooklyn that's off the ,court we never talked about the behind,the court views that's all drama,10 years later i mean what the all,right so what can i say something about,star wars,trilogy as well han solo chewbacca luke,skywalker,give it a try,you are hot,you have nose hairs coming out of your,nose oh that's a negative all right i,gotta get through that your hair is,i can't lie so bad my long hair is so,darth maul died and they did you see,they brought them back in the cartoons,yeah they cut them in half in the real,movie that's right,i know that's what you're there for this,is my star wars guy,i can be the star what else do you got,your veneers,are nice they don't stain,that was good good feel do you feel,really good do you feel i i feel good,not to lie to myself anyone who loves,you right now jesus christ,he saw that,jesus saw that,now marty i just come in here and get,hustled up a little bit so a little,spray goes a long way get yourself,presentable a little higher in volume,gets the boy's attention okay let me see,here it's a little little thin up there,well you know what i'm just a thing you,got something for me just a little help,from,my friend here all right this should do,it i could use this switching up because,a lot of people call you bald on the,internet yeah that's what they do not,now pull that down on your head i like,this can i steal the tommy chat,um well it would be marty for you yeah,yeah i think i think hearing people,chant your name or seeing people type it,out it's uh it's a great feeling it's,satisfying it it fills that hole in your,heart,it's the cadence,more,oh because tommy chance,what are you talking about we'll do a,morning chance,how'd that feel pretty good one we got,one morty mario's left all right what's,like,you got the look i got the hair what's,the main reason like what makes people,love you trying to be honest with you,marty yeah it's cuz i do this let me,show you,it's showing me all right,oh yeah,wow,that's that'll work should i have songs,for things,yes what's like what's one of the best,songs you'd think,spider-tack,spider attack gary

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Barstool Podcaster Refuses To Face The Consequences Of His Actions

Barstool Podcaster Refuses To Face The Consequences Of His Actions

we have to talk about the text messages,that the reporter gather with those X,the players yes,that guy oh my the what a loser that guy,is he basically was like texting former,players and they're like is it would,have had us running if we made those,comments it's like oh she worked so you,played for a dictator Izzo being like Oh,if he said Michigan state was he said,Michigan was a safety School we'd be uh,we'd be running stairs and running our,all nights like so he literally you,literally have Hitler as your coach,after this comment on barstool's round,ball podcast I called is Tom Izzo Hitler,oh shame on you I mean I think,the internet is very soft these days,this was the clarification video I know,I don't think that I don't think that,Tom Izzo hates Jewish people I think,that he just controls his place that is,the misconception you dummies I think,what happened Marty that everyone just,wants to look over because they hate you,they hate Hunter they now they hate me,for us always being on like the knees,like I said that Thomas was a dictator,which I still think Tom Izzo is a,dictator I'll triple down I'll double,down he won't shut me up but when you,think of dictators,Hitler is a dictator like and then they,double down what does a fascist mean,um it means you are,a far right authorization on you on,alternate Ultra Alternatives oh my God,this is the Aiden Ross School of thought,just Mindless drunken stupidity,Michigan's Hunter Dickinson a co-host on,the show also took heat for it and tried,getting out in front of the comments we,talked about it and we came together and,said that's something we can't say we,fully understand that I don't associate,myself with that comment Dickinson is a,regular on there but said he couldn't,recall if he was on it when the comment,was made a lot of the episodes kind of,come together for me so I can't remember,explicitly if I was on there but if I,was I don't condone it there won't be,any more big H comments going forward,especially about Tom Izzo Dickinson said,especially with recent events with,popular figures that's not who I am,Dickinson was likely referring to Kanye,and Brooklyn netstar Kyrie Irving both,of whom have made headlines for,anti-semitic comments by the way the,reason for the Big H comparison by,Dickinson's hype crew was because a,former player for Coach Izzo believed,the Hall of Famer would have made his,guys run to punish them for saying,something as disrespectful as Hunter,Dickinson's December 18th comments wrote,SB Nation in the early days of the,internet Godwin's law was born in short,it posits if you mention Big H or the,Nazis within a discussion threat you've,automatically ended whatever discussion,you were taking part in roundwall pod,would go on to delete their clip and,wipe it from their YouTube which is,saying something lots of comments many,thoughts let's talk about it first,you're comparing a basketball coach to,the Big H,if you do that you're already losing,because you know what comes with,mentioning the Big H,just that second you're calling folks,soft for calling you out but yet when,Tom is a style of coaching appears to,come off as difficult you compare them,to a dictatorship that's weird third,your clarification video needs work,you doubled and then you tripled down on,it it was poorly done fourth some May,Cry cancel culture which is not a good,excuse at all this is simply as a member,of the media being held accountable for,what you say there are consequences to,this game none of us are immune from,criticism and these comments definitely,deserve it it falls within that realm,fifth if you compare Tom Izzo to any,dictator not just the Big H it would be,foul and I'll show you like so you,literally you literally have Mussolini,so you literally you literally have mine,was a dong my point being just apologize,and move on man I'm sure you have a long,career in media apologize move on,everyone will get over it these were,terrible comments own them learn from,them move on that's it

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yeah i don't think that there's enough,room in i think it's too small to bother,yeah here,jake's gonna do it for oh there we go,there we go,bro sweet,a paparazzi,person sniped a picture of two barstool,employees uh out in public together and,it kind of confirmed that,uh marty is seeing ria and obviously,that is a,issue because rhea used to,date hank so,that these live together used to live,together came to a head last night,hank has not asked me to defend him at,all in his defense like i he has i feel,like hank wants no point no no he,doesn't want him he wants this to,disappear like,i ride and die with hank,i'm just i'm happy for hank,i think that that's exactly what hank,needed right there like i would honestly,i would take a bullet for hank,i would i would get shot for him i would,get not like a deadly shot but i would,take a bullet like in my arm or my leg,maybe like my stomach if it missed all,my vital organs in my liver,but i would get shot for hank and so i,was i was glad to see that his like his,number one,after you know the debacle of the,retirement and,him not thanking hank personally i think,this probably makes up for it,so hank is,hank is what's the opposite of being,down bad oh good,good he's up good hank is up good right,now i was actually like,sitting there like smiling i was stunned,i was just like damn i'm really happy,for him this is awesome like he really,needed that like he's had a rough few,days and then,it was just like,i couldn't imagine i put myself in his,shoes like imagine if jeter did that to,me and be like oh my god and that's what,the equivalent was is he like yeah if,jeter said yeah team jake jeter publicly,like supported me one time i needed it,and for hank to have that i was like wow,that's really cool,however much better could it get for him,that's gotta be it right,like maybe maybe if uh like trump's,first tweet when he gets back on twitter,if you missed it,edelman and tom brady both tweeted in,support of hank which was we didn't,really talk about it on the show,obviously there's a lot of drama going,on with my ex-girlfriend dating someone,else in the office you know it's not i,i've known about it for a while like i'm,not as upset about it as a lot of people,on the internet uh were,and where it was like trending there was,everyone tweeting about it talking about,it all day yesterday you guys had my,back which i appreciate a lot of people,uh reached out to show their support,which i appreciate,but not in a way that's like i need you,know i need the support like i'm down,bad i was fine but it's cool to see how,loved you are it is it is like that's,where it's like you know i don't i'm,happy it happened kind of because it's,like yeah you get you know the people,that you care about showing their,support for you and then on top of it if,it was like a trade machine where it's,like you know on one side,you have to deal with your ex-girlfriend,for four years dating marty mush but on,the flip side,you get julian edelman and your hero,showing you unconditional support uh and,love like i'm clicking trade every time,so it was it was like there was a lot of,people talking about it it was like team,hank was the thing that was on twitter,uh julian edelman tweeted team hank and,then like five minutes later,tom brady,tweeted co-sign hashtag defend the wall,which was a reference to getting,arrested for him and yeah i was like i,couldn't i was truly like floating like,i,my heart was beating like out of my,chest i didn't i didn't even look i,didn't i didn't watch a second of the,celtics first half like i was just like,on a different planet just you know the,emotions took over me it was it was,somehow in a situation that wasn't ideal,that i didn't really want to happen like,it ended up being one of the greatest,nights of my life yo okay i'll let you,know what's up billy,wild bill can you hear us what's up guys,i don't think i don't think while bill,came out last night,no i i i so well behaved you you tweeted,so well behaved in vegas i deserve a,medal did you get any text messages from,famous people from any celebrities that,wanted to congratulate you,um,it was like a very normal he was like oh,i was texting all night oh what,celebrities did you hear from,no no don't make him say putin,you know what billy's probably partying,on that russian black card that the,hockey players get yeah yeah that's why,i literally told you if you can just,hang out with dimitri bibble for as long,as you can and as long as you can write,a blog,you're excused,like you know i still zoom in to all,your other things but you,if you can do a good story,i need to get home i have my dog at home,i'm trying to get home and i can't get,home look at this,look,like i'm literally serious this isn't a,st patrick's day oh wow that actually is,a sandstorm,i literally decided to just be well,behaved,i don't think that there's enough room,in i think it's too small to buy it,yeah we met what's going on what's up,buddy,nice to meet you so

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Shocking Office Relationship Rocks Barstool To Its Core | Stool Scenes 357

Shocking Office Relationship Rocks Barstool To Its Core | Stool Scenes 357

check check check one two one two come,on,and the vultures descendants here they,come,so I heard uh some barcel Radio Action,may be occurring I had to do it for the,people you know for the people,uh yeah we're doing a little a little,last second barcel radio,I got a song Choice by Frankie barelli I,wish he was here to be on the ones and,twos ah but we'll open up with that and,we'll talk a little burner list and take,some calls,see what the people had to say,it's Mr Steal Your Girl,it's Mr Steal Your Girl,bottoms up bottoms up,foreign,like right here yeah all right for those,that don't know it's been a crazy week,it bars to a lot of drama we have three,main characters here there's Hank Ria,and Marty mush Hank who started out as a,producer you know media guy all the way,back to Milton days uh was dating Ria,who does tricks in the office and a lot,of other stuff they were dating they've,been dating for I think four years or so,they broke it off about a year ago,recently within the past couple of days,or about a week now it came out that,Marty and Rio have been together for who,knows how long possibly a month possibly,a few months,possibly further and it's just been a,little bit of drama in the office,where do I get from there so this all,came to light for Dave and Dan over the,weekend when they saw the picture on,Reddit and popped off also on social,media Ria told Hank and asked him not to,talk about it Hank of course didn't want,to talk about it so he didn't but Dave,and Dan found out in a few short words,big cat pretty much said he is no longer, with Marty mush,uh the mother daughter,I haven't finished I had to go do a,podcast with Robbie a big AD should I,keep watching how was it,what podcast is great I haven't finished,is there we go is there a time stamp,where you actually stand up for Hank,Ria called Hank,and talked and told him like Hey like me,and Mario are seeing each other like we,would all respectfully to tell you,Hank said I have no problem with Marty I,have no problem with him at all I have a,problem with you,I really really like her and the thing,happened and then we're like okay now,this is a thing we need to tell Hank the,thing I could have done better the,mistake I made I should have reached out,more to him than just taking it as he's,okay with me because I knew he was mad,at Maria and,you know what I don't I told you it,makes me happy,um I am dumb and I I could have talked,to him more,or something oh I catch up,Mount right or more,we ride for one man this guy we have to,skip what's up colony,Jerry newest member of the Power Alley,you took him from me yep I took Jerry,but he's uh not gonna be sitting here I,don't know if all the stuff has been,moved but I,I told I told the previous person who's,sitting here that they're gonna sit,somewhere else going forward and uh I'm,happy Jerry's here,look at him,all right let me finish this like we,talked like you should probably call,because I like respectfully you guys,have the history and stuff like that,okay and if I called like I I don't,think I should call right away,um they talked he said that he had no,problem with me he had a problem with,her he felt disrespected he can feel,however he wants to feel I don't know,what happened in the relationship I'm,just,um so once I heard that,I made the mistake of not reaching out,right away I kind of took it as he,doesn't want to talk to the person,dating his ex-girlfriend you know what I,mean where it's still wrong with me I,should have I still should have reached,out I've reached out yesterday which is,way too late but once I heard he had no,problem with me I was like,you didn't think it was necessary I I,just didn't think like he wanted to why,do you want to have to talk to someone,like you don't like he's not that mad at,me,but I still think I should have that's,where I went wrong once what the heart,wants is what I guess what we're going,with here we live in New York City well,how many how many how many people live,in New York City 9 million,I guess you can only you know,push in this pond,uh it's a it's an all-time bar stool day,right now it's a big one a lot of a lot,of a lot of people in the office yeah,how funny is that in your days Nate,you're a Tuesday Thursday guy Monday oh,Wednesday oh okay oh okay you know,there's although a lot of people are,ducking too yeah people were like I'm,not trying to catch a trap you know that,you know it's a a spicy day when when,the dog is just buzzing around like,chatting in us just like a little beach,floating around,so Tommy I said tell me you want to be,the third chair and even he was like,it's too rich for my blood I missed our,gossip I like the drama but you know I,like blocks,all your opinions on it yeah who's right,who's wrong what team are you on I've,always just been team Tyler teams good,that was a good answer actually all,right I don't have a take honestly,um SAS wanted to say something about the,Marty Ria stuff though oh yeah I was,waiting I was waiting on

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december 10th rough and rowdy we have,jersey jerry and jeff nadew so i came to,jerry with an idea i found this guy on,tick-tock who pranks tick-tockers and,famous people to thinking they're doing,auditions mr nadoo here he's gonna think,he's going on some little audition to be,on a tv show in the history channel for,his little bubblegum mafia podcast it,ain't happening it's about business it's,about respect and he's gonna have to,show a lot of respect today my name is,mark i'm one of the interns here at the,next level productions,um what we do is we do the first thing,we need to do um we just do need to do,some profile shots i feel like this is a,mug shot,and,yep then other can we do one more other,side and make sure it's super parallel,and straight,one of my passions has always been,awesome let's go over this godfather,script yes so i'm bonocera,yep america has made my fortune i raised,my daughter in the american fashion i,gave her freedom sarah we know each,other for the years this is the first,time you come to me for help i don't,remember the last time you invited me to,your house for coffee even though my,minds are friends can you do a pretty,big italian accent,so,america has made them my forge oh my,gosh like that or like,like a new york sitting down is kind of,a little weird um and you can't really,in that reenact everything as much you,may just stand up i'm gonna start that,more sad in a way and then i'm gonna,kind of get into my pissed off,okay and we're gonna go all the way,stupid,perfect i'm sure you know the lion say,hello to my little friends right,say hello tonight yeah sure say hello to,my little friend one more time a little,bit more say hello to my little friend,say hello to my little friend,hey carl do you guys have anything else,you'd like to ask jeff anything like,that,surprise ,you ain't in no audition you stupid ,nobody wants your podcast this is good,i'm sick audition pal you ,killed it i thought i did well you,crushed it yeah you did the same guy,calling me jack don't talk about my wife,oh yeah i didn't know if i smacked the, out of you did i really share that,with you yeah wait till i pop that lap,band out your stomach and the staples,are gonna be on the ring sorry i don't,have a laugh,them say hello to my little friend huh,hey jeff say hello to my little friend,hey jeff mark,i'll see you in the funny papers pal,i've seen the funny papers you dumb dude,i found a blank,clown

After seeing the sixth section, I believe you have a general understanding of marty mush twitter

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what's going on youtube we're back to, simple back on marty mush's vlog,i got like three tech guys lined up to,get into the studio but i'm doing this,intro and these open the,door less of that less of that less than,that but anyway today what we're going,to be doing is we're going to times,square with these things you do,this i give you cash it's as simple as,that while marty gives you cash but,that's what's broke this youtube channel,make me go broke i'm giving people money,i don't i don't have it,but you got to feed me a peanut butter,and jelly sandwich and pour water on,your head you get 100 and that means i,also just want more clout so you gotta,get a stranger to go follow us on,instagram,the paper's also bigger than that i feel,like i'm gonna have to tape it i'm gonna,have to tape it to like like my one of,my dreadlocks i'm gonna tape it to my,dreadlock there if i put the tape to my,dreadlock boom it's good to go but uh do,you think they do it you think they uh,anyone does this,i am i am i'm gonna predict,over if we're lucky one person will do,it but i'm ready to rock ready to roll,journey with us to times square,if you just left the camera on za all,the time you just keep talking you,cannot stop talking let me tell you if,we don't get,someone i feel like no one's gonna do it,and we're just gonna just sit in there,like an idiot you know it's gonna be a,tough sell for people people,you tell me random random dude that's,sweating that's sweating his ass off,tries to tell you to do,something are you going to do that i,mean it's a tough sound,do you know what this button means,what,the biggest button,you've never seen,oh that's pretty sick hey it's gotta,it's got to throw a button up there,yeah that's pretty sick,i feel like i'm bringing someone to like,times square for the first time,times square is the worst place on earth,it really is,i don't know why anyone comes here but,hey we have tall buildings it's good,like lights around,you know what humans are,so,we just simpsons,human humans insects same brain,turn on a light we just walked to work,the closer we get to this i don't want,to do this,there's a ferris wheel,this guy makes so much money,we have to do it we're already here,what you know what we don't have to do,it what i don't we don't have to do,we're scared aren't you i think no one's,getting it,i think all of us are here,we'll just do it let's just do it,you go out first i'll follow you,you see that's where the problem is,that's that's what that's where the,even the following i don't know if i can,even follow you,i mean we could just stand right there,i'm not fat i'm not let's just do it i'm,trying to get it come on let's go oh my,god this is embarrassing this is okay,it's not like we're doing anything bad,that is true,there it is,all right so where am i where am i,i know i know i know that's why and the,thing is i've already whipped it out and,they started reading too so now i look,like please everyone this is gonna make,the vlog i feel like a loser,we're doing this for you,give the people some some laughs some,content and come on let's go look it up,ah like right here right here with,didn't account for wind but the thing is,the wind is the wind,it's not green,it's not great,let's go stairs like pretty chicks,there's,there's not there's a bunch of people,like kind of looking,and then there's just no one wants to do,it,yeah don't know what's on the bus,hundred dollars is a lot of money though,i would do for a hundred dollars,what else you doing you wouldn't do it,our own camera guy no one wouldn't even,do what we're doing,don't you feel good now we're not bad no,one cares about us hey,i might just give someone a hundred,dollars to reese,congratulations,congrats congratulations she did not,want me,just looked at me like i was ,crazy what was that about it's like i,mean i'm wishing you congratulations,i said congratulations she looked like i,was a friend,it looks great,the skateboarders are getting more,traction,i mean are you surprised,no it's really i'm actually,having a fun time to be honest you know,what it's it's it's broke out,i've already gotten past the,embarrassment phase where it's like,we're more normal than the rest of the,people,now and now i'm just i'm i'm completely,open we're staying here until someone,someone comes up to us huh if you get a,stranger to follow us on instagram you,get 20 bucks,i don't want your buddy again,i'm trying to give it away,also i realize,if the first words shouldn't have been,feed us because they probably think,we're homeless,oh my god we're so dumb,you realize,and they're probably like i need a,hundred dollars probably that's why no,one's coming up to us,jesus sir,no you first of all noah wrote this no,it was no no,no it says feed us at a hundred dollars,it probably means that we need a hundred,dollars, morons we were,god damn it,this is the most sad experience i've,ever had,we can't even give people a hundred,dollars,you can't,i want no excuses that people

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