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Twitter DRAG Megan, Nate in TROUBLE with Stacia! Married At First Sight S15 E3what is going on ladie


Updated on Jan 31,2023

Twitter DRAG Megan, Nate in TROUBLE with Stacia! Married At First Sight S15 E3

what is going on ladies and gentlemen we,are back again with another married at,first sight video episode three of,season 15 has just been uploaded on,patreon yes my full reaction is on,patreon ladies and gentlemen if you want,to go check it out but,but,let's talk about,the most controversial scene that,everybody's talking about right now,involving megan,but before we get into it let's start,off by giving a big massive shout out to,every single person that is a member of,the channel every single person that is,a member of patreon again link is down,below for patreon if you want to get the,full reaction to the full episode with,the full footage as well and also let's,give a shout out every single person,that is a subscriber as we continue to,grow but with that being said though,this week,megan was introduced who is megan megan,is nate's friend,nate female friend in case you didn't,know that megan's a female name,and nate is married to stacia and she is,not happy right now so i'll tell you,what i'm gonna do ladies and gentlemen,we're gonna start off with the reactions,that i've come across on twitter from,people going absolutely berserk and then,i'm gonna share a little clip of megan's,uh demeanor attitude so you can pick up,the vibes that she was given off based,on exactly how people reacted,but with that being said let's head over,ladies and gentlemen as you can see this,is one of the very first tweets,that i've come across i'm 100 percent,with stasia on this one blondie's got a,back off of ink and forget about,sunsets with her man and trust me when i,tell you the sunset is going to make a,whole lot more clearer in a second when,i do show you a little bit of the clips,but also the same time someone came out,by saying sometimes something tells me,nate and his bff have crossed the line,before something is off he was looking,like shut up before you slip up and,trust me what i tell you ladies and,gentlemen it's a madness because at the,end of the day if you've seen the,episode but if you haven't patreon come,on now,you will know that,obviously nate is now married to stacia,and megan is nate's friend long no,female friend from one year they've been,friends for a year and also on top of,that they have experiences of going out,for hikes,sunsets and also playing games as well,just to give you a little bit of a,narrative of what people are referencing,too in the twitter reactions but as you,can see here ladies and gentlemen moved,on to the next one damn that girl was,basically saying nate needs to figure,out how stacia fits in the audacity and,trust when i tell you when um megan came,out and she was like,i'm sure you can come to our game nights,i'm sure we can fit things in some way,somehow oh,how do you tell my man's wife,that she can do this,when in reality it's a conversation that,she needs to be having with her man,about how they're going to construct,themselves when it comes to their lives,with friends and so on and of course,this whole topic right now is all about,boundaries and it seems as if nate may,have may have a little bit of a boundary,that may be a little bit of an issue and,trust me when i tell you the vibes that,blondie,aka megan was giving us was definitely a,madness but this person even said don't,even try and tell me blondie was not,jealous stacy was right on it exactly,moving on to listen this girl,this megan girl loves nate and wishes it,was her i'm sure nate had sex with her,but friend zoned her boundaries you know,what ladies and gentlemen i need to stop,wasting time and get into the little,clip clip so you can definitely give you,guys a whole nature of what is going,down but,trust me i tell you man so far three,episodes in and this episode has been,this season's going berserk already now,of course in this one it came up by,saying okay nate's friend is already a,problem she's clearly in love with him,to tell his wife that she should come to,their game nut i don't know about that,one exactly i think it's more of a case,of where nate is going to have,discussions about the game that he has,and also for him to say to his woman hey,i'm gonna have a game night with,so-and-so do you want to come along too,this one's coming in and trying to,dictate everything,a woman that's trying to dictate is to,raise a woman that's already falling for,that guy and definitely wants to see if,you can push the other one off the edge,if you know what i mean and also this is,the last tweet yourself in particular,here listen us women know,when another woman is feeding our man a,little too much and this magi and this,megan chick is definitely giving all,types of red flag,vibes the question that i have is though,is why would nate be that dumb to bring,a female to his wedding,that he knows,has,that may cause problems in a nutshell,but let's head over into this clippy,stuff in particular and check out what,was said you know what i mean break it,break it break it down,you are always welcome to reach out if,you need anything i

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Twitter Hall Of Fame Returns! | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

Twitter Hall Of Fame Returns! | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

so we're gonna hit you guys hard and,fast today uh because we're drunk and we,want to have a laugh and we're gonna go,straight into twitter hall of fame,twitter hall of fame,right,as we've been talking about kanye for,like the past two months first one,connie is a better man than me,i would have been asking ariana grande,what you're doing at 3am,that wyd yeah literally right wyd,quotations,at 3 a.m,100 that would have been me 100 percent,bro fam hundreds of me i feel like i've,thought about that already that's so,weird that you said that because i,genuinely feel like i've had that,thought oh that like if i was kanye i,would literally be in like ariana,grande's dm's bro i have to because you,have to clap back yeah,you can't have my sending your pictures,like i'm in bed with your wife,i just your wife how do you feel,your kids are in the two room two rooms,down,no how do you feel,no mom yeah i have to smash all of your,exes,all of them,father,may no woman find my husband attractive,in jesus name because i i don't have the,strength i came to enjoy myself,fam we've spoken about this one before,this is a woman by the way,moaning during 69 to avoid doing my part,yes i don't want to miss it yeah someone, made it,yes bro yes they all do it they all do,it um,as far as my universe is concerned as,soon as my character development is,concerned they all do it,character,development that's hilarious all right,next one my homie told this girl about,that he travels for work bro works at,domino's,man travels around the,around the postcode,my boss asked me where i see myself in,five years and i told him not here,and now i'm in and now i'm in a meeting,with hr,i knew we're going up when he,unfollowed me on spotify,i don't even have a response for that do,the next one i don't have a response for,that one do the next one,right now there's a poor guy working so,so so hard to gather money and go and,spoil his cheating girlfriend i wish you,luck though,i am um,i worry for people who think of tweets,like that,i mean,i worry for people who have an outlook,on life,to to tweet that,he's because he's been through yeah,oh he's tweeting that,from experience i wish you luck though,yeah,what's wrong,tell me what's up yeah yeah sit down,what's wrong because the marital home is,it yeah who has you it's rocky right who,hurt you i finally enough,that who hurt you lying is i find it so,relevant,and because um the other day,i was cooking up um,my beef did you see on my story,from your favorite,yeah a short rib it took me four hours i,worked my ass off on it,with the red wine reduction,i went my ass off i put it on my story,yeah yeah yeah my dm like man i say,puree it's mashed potato,you're right no i'm be serious yeah yeah,because i'm trying to live my life,that's just beefy potato yeah,who had you,because you're upset yeah by my dinner,yeah,my dinner has riled you up so what's,wrong talk to you this is in fact this,is a no judgement zone yes what the ,is wrong,because this is not this is not normal,behavior,the amount of dms i got,slated my my dinner,my dinner that i slaved over for me,people hate it was it banging,oh was it banging,yes it was bro,it was unbelievable i love you i love,bishop rip i saw i was like well played,because i know i know my way around a,short rib oh i bet you i know my way,around the strawberries i was like i,like that i bet,sailors all right,um,done that one okay it's crazy as it's,crazy how as a kid you could have had,the most traumatic night of your life,and still had to go to school the next,day,one million percent bro having a bad,night's sleep is not an option when,you're a kid it's not it's not an option,i remember when we were kids someone's,like fire alarm was broken okay i was up,till like four o'clock in the morning,and i had to be up at seven,that's it,unlucky you have to go you're going,school you can't,you're going school you've got no choice,as an adult you have every choice in the,world yeah you've got no choice as a use,it's so peak,this one sweetened me,social media be having me thinking if,she doesn't respond in five minutes,she's getting raw dogged by my arch,nemesis,fam,yes,yes i don't really have those thoughts,but sometimes when you know when you're,in the back of the yeah yeah yeah and,then you see the thing's red and you,just don't hear from them again you're,like,oh i swear wrong,i assume the worst yeah of course,everyone does everyone seems to it's,natural,my archenemicism,of all people,that's funny,can't trust a who sleeps,with their door open,facts i don't think i've ever slept with,my door open i see my door open do you,that's scary to me brother i'm not,that's basically open yeah like a,criminal could slide in like that,my door's always closed,even if i'm in yard alone always close,really always closed that's funny i,don't know i don't really think about it,you know why i think it is,random it's because i dry my towels on,my door okay so when i come out and,shower the door yeah yeah so you

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Connie leaves Jonethen 'speechless' with her shock decision | MAFS 2020

Connie leaves Jonethen 'speechless' with her shock decision | MAFS 2020

let's get our final couple up on the,couch,Cornie and jonathan tonight's decision,is the hardest decision I've had to make,I just feel so over overwhelmed with,anxiety and emotion hello you two,hello oh hey oh so that was a big week,how was the homestay your Thursday,Oh Yelp oh um so home say when like I,think everyone's hopes I had ups and,downs we had the grilling session yeah,which was with the friends which is you,know always fun how'd it go from my,point of view not very good I felt like,they had preconceived assumptions about,me which was disheartening because I,felt like Connie got so much out of,meeting my friends and I just didn't get,the same opportunity our last night at,the dinner party it was pretty,confronting wasn't it getting some of,that feedback one of the things that we,heard was you guys you know struggle at,times with communication well I know I,first of all I've tried become more,sensitive to what I say that was the,biggest thing for me it was,understanding that just because it,doesn't hurt me can hurt someone else,mmm that that's helped our relationship,Connie how you doing,and Connie in what ways have you changed,throughout this experiment you think,just individually she's always putting,her hand up for activities like I feel,like certain things at the start you,wouldn't have you probably wouldn't have,done I wouldn't have said and I feel,like she's just,yes stepped up more and you know in most,areas in her life maybe she doesn't,notice it but I've noticed a change,enough and Connie has has Jonny,contributed to the building of your,self-esteem in any way mmm yeah he has,um he has,sorry um yeah no no um it's okay I mean,when you came into this experiment how,much did you want to find love so badly,so much what does that mean so much to,you yes but the endemic we all we all,just want to be loved like you know it's,um it's nice feeling being in love yeah,you've done remarkably well what we'll,do now though is go to the decision,let's go with you first Johnny man this,is not gonna be easy but,the homestay I really wanted something,like some something massive to really,shift the way I feel about Connie I was,I just I don't even know what to say,it's just so hard for me at the moment I,feel like I've really made an effort to,give her more affection and try for this,relationship and I still don't feel that,thing inside me that thinks we could be,more outside of the experiment and,because of that reason I am i relieved,Connie you're right,it's okay,tissues John you've got some tissues,there go there,sure don't go with her,breathe that's all they breathe,check out with your breath you're on,come on we can do this you can do this,Connie,alright well let's find out from you now,Connie he stay or leave so after the,last commitment ceremony I I definitely,did kind of feel like at one point baby,like my rose-colored glasses for Johnny,came off a bit and I did feel like at,one point that I was up I guess I said,it a hundred times just looking at it,Hoss,and I had my started packing my bags,this morning I did hit a point where it,felt like you know III have developed,feelings for Johnny but it kind of got,to a point where it was a bit like well,I just I deserve to be with someone who,wants me just as much as I want them so,I made my mind up to go it's something,did change and III really thought about,it and we are at the very end and,it's just one more stretch to go and,you don't go through what we've been,through,and it just feels like something I have,to do so I did right stay ah that was a,very very last-minute decision to do,that and I do stand by it,yeah Johnny what are your thoughts on,all this I don't I'm actually speechless,to be honest I don't know I five that,haven't been communicating properly I,don't know if I don't even know what to,say like I really don't know I don't,like I yeah literally speechless five,I'm just trying to think if I haven't,communicated properly or if I've done,something wrong that could led to this,decision it's just,Connie can I just jump in and share,something here that that may help one of,the things we've observed about you is,that you're one of the most genuine and,real and heartfelt people we've met in,this experiment and and we love that,about you,and just for us having the opportunity,to see you start to flourish within this,really tough environment has been a real,privilege for us and we really love,watching you go through this and you,know Johnny you're you'll be part of,that and I guess I just wanted to,reassure you that yes this experiment is,about finding love but there's also,another very important stream that runs,through this experiment it is about,personal development it is about finding,your worth it is about learning to find,your voice and to start really believing,that you deserve love,it's whether or not that's with the,person sitting next to you you know it's,certainly not what we set out to achieve,but it's one of the byproducts and you,know w

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The Tinder Swindler Reaction | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

The Tinder Swindler Reaction | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

the talk of the town of the minute is,homeboy tinder swindler,have you watched the team yeah i watched,it i watched it the movie last week also,yeah what's your last week i haven't,actually watched that i've heard i've,had all the cliff notes oh okay i,haven't actually watched this it's like,two hours long i'm glad you've watched,it it's um it's a good show it's,actually it's actually a good watch to,be fair,um but yeah what'd you just say yeah,what did you want to see so um anyone,who whoever doesn't know,tinder swindler you can fit in the bits,that i i i get wrong yeah tinder,swindler so is a brother from israel no,yes originally yes yeah who would,basically jump on tinder and pretend to,be the son of a diamond dealer or,whatever,like a billionaire yeah samuel aviv yeah,yeah and what he would do is,pretend that he would use the real story,of the diamond dealer situation to,basically say that his assets are,frozen or whatever but he's still got,like these private jets and he's still,got all these things so basically he's,creating a vision that he's actually,rich as ,and then he'll make an excuse,for his frozen assets for these yachts,to send him money,and then he would spend that money on,another ticket to convince her to send,him money yeah,mad,mad mad,but one thing and obviously everyone's,kicking up a fuss about it and he got,caught slipping because,one of the chicks heard about him,and then took his gums to sell in it,yeah yeah because he needed some quick,cash so she said she was a she was a,buyer or a seller or something sorry,like that i can't remember yeah and she,started and she just kept the p mm-hmm,then she was supposed to grants and,grants to make up the money that she,already sent him yeah gang gang for her,um thing is though this is my this is,the way i think about it,i don't know why everyone's vex,explain he's just any city boy,nice,he's any c boy he's any is any summer,boy yeah and like,he's just the male version of what a lot,of people do anyway that don't happen to,be male mm-hmm do you know what i mean,let's just let's cut through the cheddar,sprig a little sugar yeah yeah like he's,not,mass he's clearly far more elaborate,yeah of course but the in terms of what,he's actually doing,like,he's just finding reasons to have,yeah send him money,he lives an elaborate lifestyle mum um,it's it's also a brave very obviously,very very very very brave thing to do i,just don't understand how,he can do it,let's say he swindled one yet for like,10 bags or whatever i needed my enemies,are after me give me ten bags my enemies,bro,first of all he loves that lie there's,no human being that can message me,saying i need x amount of money because,my enemies are after me,if you don't think i'm asking you the, are your enemies fam you need to,you need to either tell me who your,enemies are,or this conversation is ending because i,don't understand how you think i could,just,enemy thank you who uses that,terminology no one asked him questions,they just he just kept saying enemies,enemies enemies what does that mean to,me,are they my enemies too,do you know if i run either are they our,enemies our enemies,are these enemies,but no one questioned it they just sent,him the p,man said to one chick no take out a loan,take take out a loan sell your car try,and sell your house babe please hurry up,fast my enemies are after me,i couldn't understand brother,but he does it so well because,he does it so well because he doesn't,tell them anything of that until a month,in he sucks you in yeah he takes you to,breakfast in brussels he will ,take you for lunch in luxembourg or,whatever same day,also he'll be roping let's go here let's,go oh okay for a month or whatever okay,so for that first month he sucks you in,his assets aren't frozen he's asking,he's doing what he wants i don't know i,don't know how he's patting that p but,he's probably gotten p that's because,yeah because that's what he's doing he's,using the p from the last from the last,this new thing exactly it doesn't seem,lucrative though because where's what's,the turnover it's it's not lucrative,what's the roi,i mean because how much of this ten bags,from chick one are we spending on chick,two bro loads low but i think within,this within the same breath he's got,like a couple other things,for that month as well yeah so he's got,like the main source source a,and he's got like b c and d to pattern,this new thing that this new girlfriend,is trying to splurge all summer of so,there was a you say you've not seen it,but there was a time where he's already,patented two things and he's already,scammed them yeah kind of clocked,already yeah they're trying to get their,p back yeah man's gone on holiday with a,next russian ting,the whole summer,bags upon bags upon bags upon bags and,while he's doing that he's messaging,these other yo these other hoes babes i,need 10k cash my enemies are after me,please while is in no boo fam doing up,you see him and his bouncer just like,this

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When Biracial Idolization Goes Wrong - Harry & Meghan Documentary Twitter & TikTok Reactions

When Biracial Idolization Goes Wrong - Harry & Meghan Documentary Twitter & TikTok Reactions

if you like our videos be sure to join,this Channel or my patreon to get access,to exclusive content hear realistic,level up advice from me and other women,with real world experience the links to,join are in the description box please,like share and subscribe and enjoy the,video,hello hello,hi everybody good evening and thank you,for joining me,oh sorry about that I forgot to mute,myself,um so I told y'all on the last live,stream,that I want all the New Year smoke okay,and I'm pretty sure this video will piss,a lot of people off,I already see a lot of empathy for Megan,in the chat room and I have empathy for,her too,um but y'all know that anytime I do a,video,being even slightly critical of,light-skinned biracial women light skin,or biracial women,um literally all hell breaks loose,black people lose their minds black,women especially lose their minds,um and I've done several videos on my,channel,warning black women of over identifying,with Meghan Markle,in particular calling her you know a,black princess and all that stuff I got,a lot of heat for it,um but I I warned you guys and I tried,to prepare you for what I've been seeing,you complain about in regards to Meghan,Markle in this documentary and you know,I had to come and rub it in your face,because with the way y'all drag me baby,oh y'all gonna get the smoke,y'all gonna get the smoke,y'all gonna get this work,and we're gonna break all of it down in,this video,but you know I was dragged I was called,bitter I was called jealous I was called,insecure so I am prepared for this time,to be no different but I don't care,because you know it needs to be said I,thought the documentary was pretty good,um I I wanted to keep watching,um and you know I think Megan is very,likable I think her and Harry,have a cute little family and you know,I'm just glad they got a chance to,really go into detail,about their experience with the royal,family because it was messed up what,what happened to them,right and so you know we can all,acknowledge that we can all feel empathy,for Megan and all that stuff,you know what I'm saying,um,so you know again this is not going to,be a full review of the documentary so,if you're looking for that this won't be,the video for you I'm more interested in,discussing the reactions to the,documentary,particularly the reactions from black,people and black women on Twitter and,Tick Tock so let's Jump Right In and,look at these,these um,comments so this one says I finally,watched that Harry and Megan Doc and,baby we gotta get our girl some black,girlfriends and this is a guy I think,he's a gay male if I'm not mistaken,um and he says and her celebrity friends,don't count she needs some girls that,are going to keep it real have her back,keep her hip and share the T on all the,cute black hair products but then I,don't know if she wants any to be honest,so here are some responses this woman,says she ain't what none it seems and,you know this um response says her,entire life and career she has created a,specific Circle for herself excluding,black women out of that because until,this moment she never even saw herself,as that so no,and then another response says it seemed,pretty clear to me from her choice of,sorority friends Etc that she wasn't,really connected that experience,and therefore that sister friend group,we latched on to her as a symbol not the,other way around,that bishop and choir at the wedding,were nice but you know and I thought,that was nice too because I saw that,little part in the documentary and this,response says exactly she didn't,consider herself black until she was,part of the royal family and got treated,like the Negro she is now she wants to,use Blackness as a shield she was,complicit with white privilege until it,excluded her,uh here's another response she's a white,passing biracial woman it is entirely,possible that she does not culturally,relate to being black and that is okay,what she has not been as anti-black,unlike other fully black celebrities,like Kanye leave her alone,and so you know they go on to argue I'm,not going to read all of this stuff you,can you know read it on your own you can,pause it,um,but,it seems that the the main takeaway,based on what I'm reading,from black women is that Meghan Markle,doesn't and never really saw herself as,a black woman she doesn't identify as a,black woman which we already knew I,already told y'all that we already knew,you know because she always referred to,herself as being biracial or a woman of,color you know she's always written on,her her experience with that right,um so you know that was the issue that,some black women had some black women,also had an issue,um,with her intentionally trying to pass as,other by keeping her hair straightened I,saw that come up a lot you know in the,responses,um a lot of y'all had an issue with her,not having a lot of black friends you,know before becoming famous and making,black friends or like Serena Williams,and Oprah and all that,um because all of

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KC and Drew have taken their intimacy to the next level | MAFS 2020

KC and Drew have taken their intimacy to the next level | MAFS 2020

okay okay drink,okay question drew would you move to,Sydney for Casey,I didn't think that I would move to,Sydney and then I went to Cronulla and,canola is very different to Sydney and I,really really liked it I could,definitely see myself living in canola,not cv canola I know that the same thing,I've been told that Piniella is Sydney,but it felt very very differently to me,would you move to cans for drew we could,have a place there but moving,permanently no I actually love the,country as well you know the country,where I'm from is way way smaller and,wave different like me,Cannes is a city I love going home to,visit but it's not wearing one of those,it's like six hours from the beach and,there's black no shops you're really,selling up yeah,next one okay sorry drew in case you,have you guys slept together straight to,the point,yes we have finally it was a recent,achievement race a recent progress in,our relationship yeah and I think that's,why we're good cuz we're happy no we,were good and then that happened,and it was it was lovely this must be,really hard for Connie listening to Drew,and Kacie happy stories putting their,relationship together and figuring it,out yeah I think getting intimate with,Drew changed something for me we all,want to be like desired and wanted and,like when Drew was saying you're not my,type I was so like upset and getting on,the defense and then when finally you,know we got intimate I felt like oh like,he likes me like it's like a good,feeling you know he's into me like every,girl wants that feeling,you

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So many red flags, yikes! | Married At First Sight Season 16 Ep 1| Review/Recap

So many red flags, yikes! | Married At First Sight Season 16 Ep 1| Review/Recap

hey everybody what's up y'all welcome,back to my channel Tammy talks here,y'all know what time it is we are back,for Married at First Sight all right so,this is Married at First Sight season,16. we're in Nashville season,um season 16 episode one marry me in,Tennessee we ain't getting no Weddings,But marry me in Tennessee all right so,for those of you that are brand new to,my channel I do breakdowns on various TV,shows both scripted and reality,interjecting my own thoughts and,opinions and theories into each and,every recap so if you enjoyed that type,of content please consider hitting that,subscribe button we are on the road to,10K,10K during this season of Married at,First Sight all right so we we're gonna,get there together me and you all right,so typically I do,um separate videos for every couple,throughout the season because it's,easier to kind of break down these,couples and break down the episodes,tonight's gonna be one episode because,we didn't get any weddings we didn't get,any weddings we thought we were gonna,get a wedding it's called marry me in,Tennessee but we didn't get one wedding,but that's okay we are still going to,have some fun so some housekeeping rules,my comment section we are very very,active over here during Married at First,Sight now I know y'all like to tussle in,the comments we not contessing this,season We're not gonna test so y'all we,are going to be respectful to one,another we we're going to be respectful,to one another this season all right so,hop in the comment section so we can,talk about everything that went on in,this,episode now y'all know I don't do the,matchmaking specials and all that type,of stuff not gonna do it I'm not gonna,do it so let's Jump Right In and meet,the couples so first up we have Kirsten,and Shaquille,so Kirsten is 32 years old and she her,tagline is Miss Great Expectations,Kirsten is going to be a problem can,tell you that now cursing is going to be,a problem,y'all thought stasha was bad Kirsten is,going to be a problem so she said,sometimes it bothers her if things don't,go her way I said oh just sometimes huh,okay because I feel like all the time,but hey I don't know you so she said,that she's picky so why are you on this,show sis why are you on the show this is,one thing this is a theme with that I,have seen with all these couples that,are on here they have every single,person they have all said something that,makes you wonder why are you on the show,she says she's picky she has a very high,standard for men nothing wrong with that,she said she has a Masters in Business,education,um I forgot what her minor I'm sorry I,forgot what her bachelor's was in but,she works as a real estate agent so she,wants somebody that is going to have the,same drive and work ethic that she that,she does again nothing wrong with that,at all either so she tells her mom and,some um some cousins and friends that,she is getting married in two weeks her,her crew but they were ecstatic for her,they were happy it made me think that,she had already told her people that she,was signing up for this show that she,was going through the process so it,wasn't like a tada I'm getting married,type situation they knew what to expect,because they gave their the reaction,they gave and said okay we know what,this is about so she said that it's been,heard for her to see friends and family,members and colleagues that are getting,married and that are in marriages and,have families because she wants that for,herself so,okay Kirsten,a couple red flags couple red flags but,we gonna we're gonna keep a kid with you,because we it's the first episode We're,not gonna give too much so she is going,to be married to Shaquille,Shaquille is 31 years old he is The,Devout workaholic so he's meeting up,with a group of friends and that's who,he's going to tell that he's getting,married so he said at the age of seven,he was in a really um bad car accident,with his mom and his siblings and I,thought he was going to say that his,family died and I was gonna say Lord,have mercy but they were ejected from,the curb he said he when he came to he,was like wrapped around the pole or,something so I'm assuming that's where,the the veiny scar comes from on his,head,um he works at Tennessee State,University y'all know my brother,went to Tennessee State University,lives in Nashville let me find out that,my brother knows some of these people,let me find out so he said that he has,prayed for this and his friend was me,you prayed to marry a stranger and he,was like no but he has prayed to find,somebody,um that he could share his life with he,wants to be married get that familial,unit going that's what he wants do I,have high hopes for Kirsten and,Shaquille absolutely not absolutely not,but that is Kirsten and Shaquille so we,have Dominique and McKinley so Dominique,is 25 years old and she's calling,herself the old so girl,I'm sorry but there needs to be some,type of age limit requirement something,why are you 25 years old and o

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The group slams Aleks and Ivan's decision to leave before the Commitment Ceremony | MAFS 2020

The group slams Aleks and Ivan's decision to leave before the Commitment Ceremony | MAFS 2020

do you think they're gonna come tonight,why wouldn't they come tonight they,won't be able to sort of escape or evade,the truth and I think it's unraveling,now I think it's I think it's a real,possibility that even Alex won't show I,reckon I will you think they don't want,to but there will be yeah dono I think,it would be a disservice to the group be,a disservice to the experiment,it would be rude given the fact we all,rock up every week you know whether we,want or not we share everything with,everyone and mm give us closure on those,thank you they owe it to the group what,the truth actually is you know I feeling,a little bit betrayed by some of the,other couples in this experiment I,thought they were my friends but nobody,really had my back so at this point I,need to leave kami for an experience an,experiment I got that it's time for me,to check out I need to look after myself,and Alex and I'm gonna say I'm getting,out of here,I know my work,I Know Who I am and I know that I don't,have to justify myself to anyone this,experiment I didn't come in here for,friends I came in here to find love and,to find a soulmate,here we go,LaVon and Alex are gonna be on the couch,big questions about to get asked I think,we're gonna expect fireworks tonight,come on in and grab a seat well welcome,everybody to the second last commitment,ceremony of this experiment but before,we go any further we had a remarkable,dinner party and we've just been,informed that Yvonne and Alex will not,be attending tonight,they think they're better than us or,something I don't know,cowards it's just gutless absolutely,godless they're not showing up tonight,just proves our point doesn't they have,decided to leave the experiment free,convenient,that's just cowardly that's cowardly I,think she wanted to avoid confrontation,from the group or avoid the truth maybe,yeah absolutely it's not fair it's not,fair not fair I just think that they,they're not privileged you're we're all,here to open up our wounds you know it,takes a lot to get up there and be,honest and and put it on the table we,all do it they both just don't want to,have to face the music bait basically,I think it was really unfair how Michael,and yourself got used it's not I thought,that was absolutely disgusting he wanted,to be the knight in shining armor I mean,while throwing you under the bus making,you look like their lives the reality is,for people not to turn up because they,got called out it's just not right to,youuuuuu and us a new guys fact we have,all been in tough positions during this,experience do you know how many times I,wanted to walk out of a commitment,ceremony guess what I didn't do it I,didn't run away and the fact that you,think you can just not show up

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