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Ric Flair Fires Mark Madden on Twitterthis is one of those great stories where,nobody comes out shin

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Ric Flair Fires Mark Madden on Twitter

this is one of those great stories where,nobody comes out shining at the end,everyone's a piece of i think right,now i'm leaning towards ric flair but,have you heard about ric flair firing,mark madden and mark madden freaking out,i heard about ric flair being pissed off,and that's the most that i've ever heard,about about any of this news at all i'm,very excited to hear one was he i,thought he handled it well if he was,pissed he said nothing but enjoy your,life,get better be happy like he was being so,patronizing,because you you know mark madden had to,hear other words in real life but then,once rick's on twitter he's not,repeating his dms to the world where he,says you're fired and i was never your,friend that mark madden said,rick blair told him personally through,texts the the night of all this drama we,were never friends because mark madden,kept tweeting it i've been his friend,since 87 and rick flair's like you're a,fat what are you talking about for,a friend you'd be at the gym with me so,from ric flair's point of view i get it,but from mark madden's i do too tyler,let's start at the beginning it started,with mark madden tweeting i am leaving,flair uncensored,podcast effective immediately this is,great it's not a good fit for me,i want to spoil it but all right,especially scheduling the prep and,taping during my jam-packed work week,thanks to ric flair and pot heat for the,opportunity and for understanding so,tyler how could this go wrongly how,could this go bad right now it started,off so good,yeah it seems like it's very,professional he's just taking leave and,that's what that's where we're at we're,not going to do anything else we're not,going to start firing shots at anyone,we're just going to be leaving this,podcast right well little did we know,this fat lying to us he's not,leaving,like imagine being rick flair you go on,twitter and you see all this and on,top of it mark madden was retweeting,people going unsubbing,fan of mark,so like if you were actually leaving,gracefully would you retweet that no so,ric flair has to see these retweets he,has to see this lie look what ric flair,did rick flair tweets out,love and appreciate you mark madden but,actually i relieved you of your duties,exclamation point and all every word is,of course capitalized because that that,must be his phone's fault i don't know,who that can't be how people wrote in,the old days love and appreciate you,mark madden but actually i relieved you,of your duties best of luck with your,work because mark madden bringing up his,work week like no you're not too busy,for ric flair like i get why rick flair,would be insulted by these lies we're,not trying to work people that's not,this ain't a wrestling,it's a podcast a wrestling podcast but,it's not a wrestling show you should,tell the truth on your podcast so ric,flair continues,i'll be back in better than ever next,monday,going home to my son-in-law,at hey hey it's conrad so that's the bad,news part of it tyler now i first took,the conrad news as good news thinking,okay this actually might be exciting and,then i tried to think of why it could be,good news like what could be good about,conrad absorbing another great wrestler,into the mangler you ever see that movie,tyler you were dead when it came out,there was this movie called the mangler,where this machine would just capture,people and mangle them it didn't have,legs i don't even think it had wheels,the seamstresses were getting sucked,into it twice a day that's the best,comparison i can get to conrad's ad free,shows machine it's a mangler i don't,know how he tricks and works,professional workers professional,carnies like kurt angle and is selling,mortgages for him i assume conrad takes,zero dollars and just puts ads,everywhere of him and his fat ,his fat henley he's trying to hide,something i'm not,get a title one for me tyler people,can't see they think i'm conrad conrad,fat hey do you want to save money,one of the things i like to do is help,people save money give me your social,every video starts with this ,salesman it's so frustrating and then on,top of it the podcast sucks so there's,no reason to even get through the ad and,now we're gonna take ric flair who was,actually making our headlines weekly,with the mark madden show the rick,flair would say he was too dumb to know,was offensive conrad will let him know,i'll cut that off for you that part's a,little offensive i'm trying to sell,mortgages to families i'm not trying to,do a good podcast here that's what he,does tyler he does his mortgage all, day he wakes up super early to,record a podcast he does it before work,and then he does one after this is,conrad's schedule we're the the side,projects and these wrestlers we want to,hear them shoot we don't want to hear,eric bischoff shoots on farm-raised,salmon that's not the clip i'm,looking for in fact farm-raised salmon,they have to feed him orange dye the, this guy puts up sucks tyler and,now ric flair is gonna suck,oh yeah ri

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RIC FLAIR and MARK MADDEN Podcast Split Explodes on Twitter

RIC FLAIR and MARK MADDEN Podcast Split Explodes on Twitter

all right so we know what happened at,the oscars but there was another big,beef on sunday in the in in the world of,professional wrestling,mark madden and ric flair over the woo,nation uncensored podcast and this,really broke down on twitter so here we,go let's talk about it,mark madden i am leaving the flareon,sensor podcast effective immediately,it's not a good fit for me especially,scheduling the prep,and taping during my jam-packed work,week thanks to ric flair and podcast,pod heat for the opportunity and,understanding okay well that sounds,pretty normal,but uh it's gonna get dirty love and,appreciate your work mark madden but i,actually i relieved you of your duties,best of luck with your work i'll be back,better than ever on monday going home to,my son-in-law conrad thompson,even to a guy like me that's cold,back to mr madden okay that's true,and now soon i can tell the whole real,story like how we lost to deal with,podcast one love and appreciate you too,but hey as long as we're telling the,truth,truth is always good,watch this space,and by the way you didn't have the balls,to tell me you were firing me you said,the podcast was canceled period your,son-in-law had to tell me the truth,why couldn't you just let it go,why couldn't you just be a friend after,35 years ooh it's getting deep,madden continues rick one week i want,the podcast to be current next week,who's jay white never heard of him,i'll be honest i never heard of him,either until he got on aw that's,nothing unusual,maybe that makes us both out of touch,coordinated had not heard of him but,anyway here's here's rick,uh mark it's so sad you've been telling,everyone for 30 years that i'm the,greatest wrestler ever quit trying to,get the ro get the rub that made you who,you are look forward to hearing you on,the pat mcafee show oh wait he canceled,you too just be happy and enjoy life,oh there's the nature boy,back to madden have another drink,god gave you the gift of life a few,years back and you thank him by getting,who has faced every single night like,you are right now you're the greatest,wrestler ever what you become is sad,listen i'm sorry it came to this but i'm,not the reason it came to this i took,the high road and he just couldn't do,that he lied to me that embarrassed me f,that i don't give a f who he is,uh back to ric flair so sad i'm sorry,you feel that way and that's about all,he had to say,uh madden have another drink you'll feel,better geez,this is brutal he was never my friend he,actually said that tonight in a phone,message,wow,so what actually happened here i i,really don't know i keep checking,sources,on the internet,wrestling websites wrestling news,no one really seems to know other than,what erupted on twitter,whatever it is it's kind of a shame that,a 35 year old friendship if it really,was a friendship has come to an end,maybe we'll find out when ric flair and,conrad thompson get back together for,the woo nation podcast,take care everyone

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Pittsburgh Steelers TJ Watt out 4-6 weeks. Mark Madden ignorance on twitter reactions..... πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Pittsburgh Steelers TJ Watt out 4-6 weeks. Mark Madden ignorance on twitter reactions..... πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

sure enough,I haven't done one of these in a while,that's I figured I'd look up Mark Madden,since TJ Watts injured They're saying,four to six weeks now we'll see I don't,know but I figured I'd look up Mark,Madden I figured he'd be tweeting some,stupid stuff about TJ watch sure enough,here you go if watt's out for year out,for the year the season is over,this is probably one of the ones that,gave Pittsburgh no chance in Cincinnati,I didn't hear what he said I know Pony,didn't but who knows what Madden said a,great defense becomes ordinary be lucky,to win five more games,he just said we'd be lucky to win five,more games we got New England coming up,which I think Pittsburgh should be,favored in we got Cleveland with Jacoby,Brissette I think we can get that win,and uh some easy games coming up down so,that's two games right there Cleveland,New England we win three games,Pittsburgh got obviously Cincinnati,again the Ravens or the Browns twice,Carolina who's not a good team,um Atlanta the Saints,Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Jets so they,got some easy games on the schedule,Pittsburgh is still going to stay,competitive even without TJ Watt and now,he's not out for the year,um so there's that but,even still that's an outrageous take I,mean and he's basically saying oh I told,you they should have franchised him,basically that's what he's saying that,was a good idea if they franchise tagged,him well that would have been last year,and if we would have franchise tagged,them guess what we would have paid him,this off season that's or we could a,franchise tag them again possibly but,we locked him up I said we should have,franchise tagged them again but either,way uh next season we would have,franchise tagged him or would have had,to pay him the big money at some point,you're going to have to pay TJ watt the,big money if you want to have a,productive linebacker and some people,are coming out saying TJ Watts injury,prone and they shouldn't paid him the,money I mean I was worried about giving,them the money but it too I'm not gonna,lie but at the end of the day at this,point to even say this it's just crazy,like you're just trying to just stroke,your own ego like you was right because,you said the day franchise they should,franchise tag them which I said too but,at the end of the day you're still going,to pay this dude we still would have had,to pay him it would still have been,drama in this all this off season too,that would have been the whole off,season TJ watt is he going to get paid,how much should he get paid uh how long,are they going to pay him how much,guarantee it would have been a whole,thing or they're gonna franchise tag him,again should they trade him it would,have been the whole thing so I mean they,did the right thing in TJ watt broke the,tied the sack record like last year and,and he was injured for like five three,or four games I mean some people were,saying he's injury prone I think they,were more or less just trying to protect,him,in that stretch because they thought,they had winnable games on the schedule,two,live without TJ watt now looking like,Pittsburgh's gonna have to live without,him four to six weeks I mean the season,isn't over and uh you know he's talking,all kinds of know what no chance,he's hashtagging it no wad no chance,she's not even really getting any clout,off it at all I mean this dude has a,hundred thousand followers on Twitter,and he only gets like 10 likes they,might beat New England though I don't,see much there quarterback might be hurt,well,I sure hope so call Miss Mark Madden the,Steelers defense is just ordinary,without TJ watt I mean you still got cam,Hayward you still got OJ no but you,still got Tyson alawalu so that run,defense is majorly improved this year,with Miles Jack Devin Bush playing,better and a revamped secondary that,played very very good against the lights,out passing offense that is the,Cincinnati Bengals that has a solid,solid Run game too and played very good,against Joe Nixon held him to under,three yards of clip so you know the,defense played Elite what made big plays,in that game uh game changing plays,without a doubt but uh there were other,people in that game that made big plays,Mika Fitzpatrick Bush was probably the,player of the game was the player of the,game let's be real had to pick six 14,tackles uh was all over the field all,game long Mika Fitzpatrick is a beast,everybody said we shouldn't have traded,for Minka Fitzpatrick so uh I think at,the very least the Pittsburgh Steelers,should try to make a trade trade get,somebody I don't know who Mason Rudolph,Benny Snell and some draft picks and go,out there and get some quality depth at,outside linebacker and then The Season's,definitely not over and then when TJ,comes back you have a very you got some,Quality quality depth at outside,linebacker and uh that's what the,sellers need to do in my opinion,how was I wrong I said the Steelers,would cover could win oh so you,basically you basically are playing both,s

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Is the Sky Falling on the Pittsburgh Steelers? - Mark Madden: Unfiltered podcast

Is the Sky Falling on the Pittsburgh Steelers? - Mark Madden: Unfiltered podcast

this is the Mark Madden unfiltered,podcast from the BET Rivers network,in the universe this week,is that NASA has figured out a way to,fly an object into an asteroid that's,right NASA actually flew something the,size of a vending machine into an,asteroid,somewhat of a test to see if if need be,if NASA could successfully blow up or at,least redirect an asteroid from hitting,the Earth essentially they're recreating,the movie Armageddon without Bruce,Willis without Liv Tyler or bastardized,music by Aerosmith in other words NASA,has literally figured out a way to,prevent the sky from falling,that's great,now get NASA to address the Pittsburgh,Steelers because the sky is definitely,falling on all of us here in Pittsburgh,and head coach Mike Tomlin all he's,doing is saying don't look up,I'm Tim Benson for Mark Madden on Madden,unfiltered on the bit Rivers network,with shirtless Tom Tom Offerman and,here's a quote from Mike Tomlin Tuesday,about the state of the Steelers offense,the best way to sum up my evaluation,whether it's the collective unit or,components of the unit,we're getting better with every outing,it's reasonable to expect those,improvements to continue,we haven't done enough to win the past,two games so there's reason for alarm as,it pertains to that but largely I've,seen improvements in all areas now that,might have been true if the Steelers and,Browns ended at halftime but it didn't,the Steelers offense was one of nine on,third Downs the Steelers offense only,put up 17 points in a team the Jets,dissected in the second half the week,before the Steelers offense had three,straight three and outs in the second,half against the Browns and the Steelers,our last in time of possession in the,NFL and 31st in total yards if that's,improving I can't imagine what Tomlin,was thinking after the Patriots game or,after the Bengals game,of Mitch trubisky Tomlin said that he's,seen Improvement in all areas be it,decision making where he's going with,the ball the time in which he's making,decisions as he says The Prudent use of,Mobility whether by schematics or by,ad-lib frankly I'm not seeing trubisky,run nearly enough for my taste and if,trubisky is going to the right places,enough,then those aren't the right places that,he's looking often enough and Ladies and,Gentlemen let's cue I don't want to miss,a thing because this is the asteroid,field that the Steelers are trying to,navigate when you look at their schedule,coming up and they're trying to do it,with offense that isn't NFL ready,now I'm sure just about every one of you,heard those quotes from Tomlin and,immediately viscerally disagreed because,if that's what constitutes improved,offense the Steelers are going to be two,and six after eight games and that's,only if they beat the Jets on Sunday,that might be true if they start playing,well on offense given the schedule that,they're about to face and by the way I'm,not guaranteeing that they beat the Jets,on Sunday,now a couple other things that Tomlin,said during his press conference on,Tuesday he talked about,he was questioned about making changes,with trubisky with,Matt Canada the play caller the,offensive coordinator he was questioned,as to why he was being so decisive after,the Browns game definitive to use his,words in avoiding making those changes,and he used words like resolve they,didn't want to blow in the wind he went,to his don't blink he didn't say cut off,the eyelids this time but he went to his,don't blink card he says we want to,believe in what we do smile in the face,of adversity so here's what I thought,about what Tomlin was saying I thought,initially he was just being stubborn but,I bet he thinks he's being stable and,steady I bet he thinks that scrapping,plans to go with a free agent signing,quarterback after just three games would,look wishy-washy and spineless and like,he's caving to fans in media on Twitter,I bet after three games he thinks,scrapping the offensive coordinator,would come off as panic in creating,chaos after all who are you gonna get is,is Bruce aryan's coming back is Todd,Haley coming back,see I think Tom was trying to do frankly,what a lot of people who backed the,Mitch trubisky signing in the first,place,should be doing and that's still,standing by the signing but Kenny,Pickett is the wild card here,you know Tomlin,so far has yet to snap or really,challenge back at the media or bite back,when he's being questioned,I think he might be on the brink but he,really shouldn't because he and Omar,Khan and Kevin Colbert even art Woody II,if you want to throw him in they created,this dynamic they knew what they were,doing they along with Colbert's extended,Mason Rudolph's contract through 2022,before 2021 even began they signed,trubisky in free agency a month before a,draft featuring numerous college,quarterbacks that they had been scouting,why because they obviously weren't,comfortable going into 2022 with Rudolph,as the most likely starter if one of,those quarterbacks didn't bec

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NFL Injury Protocol & An Unprecedented Situation - Mark Madden Unfiltered podcast

NFL Injury Protocol & An Unprecedented Situation - Mark Madden Unfiltered podcast

this is the Mark Madden unfiltered,podcast from the BET Rivers network,podcast,here with you Mark is out this week he,was in Fenway Park for the Winter,Classic yesterday we're going to talk,about that he's heading out to Vegas to,see the Penguins play we're going to,talk about that too in just a little bit,but of course we start with football,and the biggest National story of the,day Tom Offerman with me for the next 20,to 30 minutes and we're going to try to,do,what the internet and what Twitter is,making nearly impossible to do and,that's to talk about Demar Hamlin's,Health that's to talk about Demar,Hamlin's status that's to talk about the,residual effects for the NFL and how,they're going to handle it and how they,have handled it so far it's all anyone,in sports wants to talk about and should,be talking about it yet we're being made,to feel guilty if we are doing so it's,quite the interesting Dynamic isn't it,yeah I mean it's almost always going to,be insensitive just based on the timing,of it but all of the topics that you,just you know laid out are correct and,need to be addressed I mean the league,has a problem on their hands here for,sure they need to figure out what they,do with this game they need to do figure,out what they do with scheduling if,they're going to add a week 19 like in,covid to try to you know mitigate the,fact that they lost that game last night,that that stuff that has to be done in a,timely fashion so of course it's always,going to come off a little like dirty,when you're thinking about that stuff,but you kind of got to get dirty in this,circumstance just because you can't wait,around for a while unless you just want,to postpone the season for a couple,weeks I guess you can do that they,didn't do it for 9 11. they're going to,do it for as coarse as it sounds they,didn't do it for 9 11. are they going to,do it for one person I'm not so sure,that the league really wanted to cancel,that game last night either I'm not,either,but I also don't know that the league,understood at the time the severity of,what was going on in the moment yes and,I think as Stephen A Smith said and this,is how Wild and far-flung the commentary,has gotten on this whole situation is,that I'm one that agrees with Stephen A,Smith about once every four or five,years and this is the four or five year,well because I was agreeing with him 100,with what he said about the miles,Garrett Mason Rudolph situation so I,guess this is it again,um scary that's almost four years,exactly what he said was you know we,have become hardened to seeing,situations like this,in that Stadium,yes with a team that plays here in this,city with one of the most liked players,on that team and Ryan Shazier,go into a ambulance continue to play the,game and him eventually be able to walk,again,so because of that I think there was a,process by which the on-field officials,were doing what they knew what to do,they really don't have a protocol for,something like this it's never happened,before and let's keep saying that a,thousand times over well in 1971 it did,but you know in in the network,television age unprecedented this is for,us to all see this is something that we,have never seen before so it's like an,Evil Knievel stunt gone wrong and in the,Twitter age in the Twitter age if you do,anything that is deemed to be a misstep,and you're in charge it's more important,to yell at you than really care about,the guy who's injured and that's what,pisses me off I'm exactly right there,with you the need for everybody to try,to assign blame somewhere is really,nauseating to me to be honest with you,do I think the NFL mishandled this yes I,do,I do think they were going to try to,restart that game in five minutes like,why did Burrows start warming up who,told buck and Aikman that there was a,five minute pause to try to you know get,things ramped back up and then they were,going to restart the game like that's,not a producer on ESPN just being like,you know what I bet they start this game,in five minutes no they were told by,somebody I'm sure that it was probably,that I can't remember what her name is I,didn't write it the woman that had the,cell phone that was going back back and,forth with the uh 100 sure it was her or,someone on her staff that told buck and,Aikman this is what we're going to do,but I bet you it didn't get all the way,to the top first but that's where the,NFL there's ways the NFL could have,mishandled this maybe the top didn't say,we're gonna restart in five minutes but,there was a communication breakdown like,you're trying to lay out where she,relayed a message that wasn't concrete,yet maybe it was just something they,were floating around or hey in the past,we've done this is this applicable here,I could also see it as Sean Smith and,his crew saying we haven't gotten to,definitive word yet the ambulance is off,the field we've got to do something,right now if you go through the pecking,order of who's making decisions,unfortunately those

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Mark Madden on: AEW not having any draws

Mark Madden on: AEW not having any draws

to segue into wrestling and it's a Glee,that from the point where you were just,talking about the segue into,professional wrestling does aw have a,Joe Namath that they can that they can,as they're like making their would like,their the new kid on the block I like,the AFL was do you see any are there any,comparisons that can be made between the,AFL like you know becoming impactful to,aw now like let's start it on TV don't,forget though when the AFL started out,they didn't have a Joan Namath either,right so if you're asked we do we have a,big star right now to put them over the,top so Jericho is kind of that guy right,now maybe Kenny Omega is maybe isn't I,think to assume he's going to be a big,star in America just because he was a,big star in Japan it's pretty much up a,leap of faith although certainly he's,got the quality to do it you just never,know how American wrestling fans respond,then again they already have the,Internet cult following suspended,assembled rather so you know that that's,one point in their favor and his favor,but in terms of young guys I don't know,I mean to that level I don't know I mean,to be perfectly honest and I'm rooting,for a ewf but boy it's gonna be tough,isn't it I mean let me ask you guys do,you think in five years atw will still,be the product on national American,cable TV with the weekly show and would,still have the buzz that does right now,before it's barely started I mean that,isn't it I'm gonna give you an analogy,that I came up with last night that I,was thinking I wanna see what you guys,think of this okay is that the the,relationship between the eight between,the WWE and their fan base okay has has,drastically deteriorated the fans are,blaming the booking of the show on the,reason that they're not do not provide,them good content and the company is,kind of like in a way kind of like,blaming the fans for the way we were the,way they react to the product and what I,see right now is a broken relationship,between the WWE news fans that is this,basically ending in divorce and what I,see these fans now it's a divorced wife,of the WWE the relation is broken down,there's this new hot looking guy on the,block all of a sudden the people are,talking about you don't let that boy,and I'm just wondering if the fans of,wrestling today are ready to basically,just dump the WWE because it's been so,bad for this whole new for this new,product well I think you've over,complicated things drastically but,that's to be forgiven because you're not,really that bright mark let me just so,you know here's another thing this guy,puts the veracity of your IQ on the line,every single week he says that you claim,to have like a 160 whatever it is and he,thinks it's in the low 90s 18 loads of,o1g 116 I think you know that's just not,true my IQ that but it is that that's,him on his face that looks like an,Eiffel Tower that he calls a nose,so go ahead I'm coming to get back to my,original point there are a lot more,people who used to watch wrestling than,watch wrestling right now,you know discos talking about the,wrestling fans lapsing they've already,elapsed I mean on Monday night there,used to be eight or nine thousand people,that watched wrestling now there's what,two or three tops so I think the,scenario you've described has already,played out and I don't know how WB gets,those fans back I'm going to Shaw a TW,gets them I'm not sure that they know a,TW exists it's it is I kind of laugh,when you know a lot of the dirty guys,like Dave Meltzer talked about this,being a golden era in wrestling now if,you want to do four star five star all,that jerk-off stuff maybe maybe it is,that but but fewer people watch,wrestling now than ever before so how,could it be a golden age it's weird how,and beyond laughable that the Internet,and in in the echo chamber has made this,about who can have the best match in the,ring as opposed to who can draw the most,money the only scoreboard that matters,is drawing money now W he's done,admirably in getting the most money,possible out of the few fans that are,left but that doesn't change the fact,that there are a few fans left and it,doesn't change the fact that that's a,pretty ominous situation to look at in,the long run so here's the way I look at,it I think you know the fans are correct,and now the backlash they've given WWE,kids never respect,than they've given whatever they wanted,irregardless of what the fans wanted and,now that they're trying to give it to,them it may be too late,the thing with AAW is they've got this,great which we had a great platform,which is Turner and Adams seen too many,rock groups or wrestling groups or any,acts out there selling out in 15 minutes,or 10 minutes like they are so they,obviously have a very dedicated fan base,now they did lose a lot of fans 20 years,ago that's 20 years ago they may be,starting to bring new fans that weren't,you know new fans to the fold so we're,just gonna have to see how that unfolds,oh no question and I'm working

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Disco Inferno on: getting buried by Mark Madden

Disco Inferno on: getting buried by Mark Madden

you know since we mentioned doc we,mentioned mark Madden briefly didn't,either you guys hear mark bad no not,killing the town what'd he say well he,had a listener sent me a clip here okay,now III the one thing that disappoints,me but this whole conversation is I feel,like we haven't buried disco inferno,enough Oh what that's a that's an easy,thing to do we bury him a lot tell me,who the biggest piece of ,talent and WCW what was and then why it,is it wise at the disco inferno first,off you use the top of talent,oh yes that's your right do you guys do,I tell you what you would have a line,around the block if you just did a show,where everybody called up and rip disco,here's my contention and I mean you know,I I met Glenn I think I know he says we,met in TNA I don't remember meeting him,but he's a terrible liar and,name-dropper I was taught not to,interact with the guys that are lower on,the card so I just never talked to disco,but he says we've met I'm sure he's a,nice guy Chris likes him you listen,I mean hey how bad could he be but I,like them he stir he strikes me I just,remember watching him when he first,debuted and thinking what a brilliant,gimmick this was like an updated honky,talk man and you know a good body you,know no banana nose but that worked out,well and I was like this guy this is,great you know but he's one of those,guys and I think this is the true test,of if you're totally a cup and wrestling,is the more TV time he got the less,o-over he got not a joke,we can wrap it up with this because this,is a story that truly reflects on disco,inferno and I got this secondhand but,I'm sure it's true a bunch of guys and,nobody still be happy I'm on the same,plane going somewhere right and disco is,sitting next to some like you know 50 60,year old bent and withered Crone who,looked terrible and was impaired,noticeably right one point she summoned,the stewardess and accused disco of,feeling her up,okay so then so if she's dreaming and,then the plane lands in ever he goes the,baggage carousel and the old lady's,there to get her bag right and Perry,it's cheesy hello,and Perry Saturn who always had a flair,for you know pouring salt in the wound,correct oh yes glue Joe is up to the old,lady and he goes ma'am,I'd like to apologize for anything rude,or untoward my friend might have done,and the lady screams in a Bell clear,voice you could hear miles away,he's a horse's ass I think that thumbs,up disco what do you guys oh those guys,tried to bury me as comical you know,sirens I mean he's he's jealous he's,this plane he's the him and Lance are,jealous that our show is still the,flagship show of the Jericho Network so,they're gonna try and you know because,they're cool with Conan they're going to,uh they're gonna try to bury me and try,to discredit my campaign but that but,the numbers speak for themselves

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Kenny Pickett Fan Fight Yinzer Call - Mark Madden

Kenny Pickett Fan Fight Yinzer Call - Mark Madden

foreign,you're up next here on 105.9 The X,yeah I don't know if you understand this,but Danny Pickett has something in him,he Wills the team to win at the end of,the game it's like uh United had and,Montana and I wrote the Starbucks it's,just they well you're already comparing,him to Roger stauba John Unitas and Joe,Montana because he managed to mentally,mentally and the toughness that he had,because he's only started a handful of,games and those guys are three of the,best ever,I'm talking about now this game this one,game to be Cleveland oh okay all right,so well just to be clear they they,probably should be able to beat,Cleveland if they had duck at,quarterback all right Cleveland stinks,don't try to set a high bar by comparing,him to Roger Staubach and Joe Montana,and Johnny Unitas and then try to couch,it by saying oh no if he beats Cleveland,Look if he's got so much he will if he's,got so much will to will the team to,Victory can he will the team to a first,half touchdown would that be okay,ask him to answer this question do you,want Mason Rudolph in there,no I prefer Kenny Pickett,okay,right why because I think he's better I,think that he's a first round draft,choice for a reason,I think that he's got some potential and,some upside,what pick are you trying uh what what,fight are you trying to pick here sir,I'm a little confused like you came in,you're all fired up,you try to talk career we're talking,it's running games,sure the words Kenny and Pickett never,came out of my mouth until you called,championship game and we're down six,points against Buffalo in the fourth,quarter ticket will the game either the,ball into the end zone oh he will he,will let me ask you this when they were,playing in Buffalo earlier this year how,come he didn't will them to being within,like 21 points,oh that's a different kind of a game,yeah his first start of his career like,you know he didn't that didn't take,anything serious like the Ashley,championship game he'd take serious but,that game he blew that off that was just,practice right,I'm talking about now with the,experience he's had this year yes he's,got so much experience in Moxie that,he's going to be able to go up to,Buffalo and win now let me ask you this,uh was was Ben Roethlisberger a good,quarterback,yes I you know yeah,I'll save you from any further,embarrassment yes he was a good,quarterback you don't have to couch that,so how did Ben Roethlisberger do his,rookie year,I'm not so goodbye that's so good he won,like 14 games in a row what are you,talking about not so good he got him to,the AFC Championship but he lost,everybody's individual stats his,individual stats were fine they just,didn't have to throw all that much they,turned the offense over to Bettis and,Deuce and Willie Parker well yes,so I'm you're trying to draw like this,Kenny Pickett analogy to every,quarterback who's 90 years old or,slightly younger but you don't want to,go down the bend path because you know,how that ended in the playoffs you just,want parallels,who was talking about anything else like,you called up all fired up and mad and,screaming at me about Kenny Pickett I,haven't said anything about to rock,anything derogatory about can he pick it,all day what are you talking about,well I was listening I had some other,things to do

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