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Updated on Jan 16,2023

GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Man United 3-0 Charlton

walking for some action hello everybody,and welcome to the United stand I'm Mark,goldbridge and we are live live live,live for Manchester United against,Charlton in the carabower cup apparently,Kobe mainu is going to start for,Manchester United Leroy talks,footballers joined the members Club,you're very welcome thank you very much,for tuning in Leroy,um and look that's a very exciting start,to the stream isn't it just seeing my,face for some people know but a young,player starting in a game like this uh I,think it's it's massively exciting I'm,looking forward to it I hope everybody,else is as well and um yeah very very,good very very happy about it I'm not,happy about the position of my camera,oh ganacho Christ turn goes for goal,he's on fire ganacho is on fire here,he's absolutely on fire exciting stuff,sorry I'm just going to tweet it,what a player we have on our hands here,in ganacho he absolutely gets it doesn't,he now we are playing a team that's,mid-table in League one I don't know,whether I've heard on that but um yeah,he's doing a great job old ganacho and,uh,love it love to see it,Fred blocked,chance for Fred it was didn't go in,lovely little bit of play by Manchester,United,it was a good block but it's not a goal,it's not a goal,but it was a chance for Fred,not a great corner from malacia though,that's not it's not the first time,was a super chat from Asha uh what I,would say about that Asha is uh one note,to Manchester United a lot of people are,saying it I've not got it in my ear yet,but it's one nil to Manchester United,it's Anthony,Fred,Anthony,there it is Fred to Anthony and on that,left foot it's one nil two Manchester,United and it's Anthony with the goal,sorry we're a little bit behind we're,having to listen to it but Manchester,United are one nil up it's a nice ball,out to Fred he's on his left foot pure,naivety pure naivety from Charlton it's,like iron Robin do not let them on their,left foot and you know what you know,what I'm gonna find the tweet and I'm,going to retweet it because people were,giving me and uh,one nil,Anthony,check out my Twitter if you know you,know at Mark goldbridge but uh that's,what Anthony can do he's got a wonderful,effort and um yeah that's that is,basically a brilliant brilliant shot and,it's a brilliant brilliant goal by,Anthony if you haven't seen it,he picks it up on the left hand side on,the right hand side on his left foot and,bends it in uh League one Championship,whatever Call It Whatever level you like,but if you give Anthony he might not,have a right foot but if you give him a,shot on his left foot he's actually,quite easy what he's done it's a,brilliant delightful curl if you've ever,played FIFA it's basically the R1 Circle,um the Finesse finish but on the left,foot and uh that will give him some,confidence obviously scored recently as,well for Manchester United he scored,again one nil and uh you know we're in,cruise control already despite the fact,that we've got quite a lot of um,you know a lot of rotation,ganacho pulled it back to mctominy and,didn't quite get on the end of it,was good buildup played by man united,but mctominy you know they're saying on,the radio that ganacho should have,picked out mctominy I think that's just,I mean considering one of these,co-commentators is actually an ex-player,he can't pick out mctomney because he's,a Charlton player he plays it into the,pattern that Tommy to make the runner,but Tommy doesn't make the Run they're,actually blaming but Tommy on the radio,there blaming ganacho it's not it was a,very good ball,um,Barrel it should be fine now,right the low has gone down injured here,can we talk about how cute ganacho is,says Nana you can, the low's coming off,oh for sake,this is not good,oh but you know what I hate to say it,and I hate to say this it's going to,happen this is why,just getting bed course for three,million euros isn't good enough we are,going to have injuries,these the low played how many games,three games a week until the World Cup,and then went to the World Cup and got,injured and,I think you know it's a Relentless,season nice confidence boost for Anthony,and love the rotation again still trying,to work out while we have charlary,Fred hits the post free kick,I'm a little bit more worried about,um the low to be honest but he's not,being stretched off or anything like,that and he I think he's sort of,indicating to the bench that he's going,to go straight down the tunnel,rambisakaran for delowe,hopefully it's just a precaution says,Jake Marshall he looked okay and he just,seemed to spoke to town Hogg,hope so hope so,Fred Fred free kick was Becca mask by,the way think about David Beckham at Old,Trafford against Greece for England it,had that sort of uh movement on it and,it hits the post friends had a good game,I'd say the two standout players for me,at ganacho and Fred don't know what,anyone else thinks it's only Charlton at,least we're playing the way we should be,playing which is great our comment,

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have a quick look here it is,um there we go so this I mean this is,disgusting but it but it's there man,united have been restricted in terms of,targets due to the club Only wanting to,make a short-term signing until the end,of the season in order to free up,resources and Squad space for the,signing of a long-term solution in the,summer,that's genuinely Bang,what the who are these tracks in,charge of this football club that's,regurgitation of last season people this,this cannot last any longer it's,bloody ridiculous and look what is that,that is just a big fresh turd and it,stinks this is that this is the same,words with something changed slightly,this is where we were last year we don't,want to spend anything because we've got,a new manager coming in in the summer,and that's the plan,a year later we don't want to buy,anybody because we want to get a new,striker in the summer are you ,idiots I mean are you that thick that,you think we're gonna follow swallow,this it's it's it's ridiculous,we're bloody in every tournament we're,in the top four some people think we're,in a bloody title race and these,absolute buffoons for the second year in,a row are effectively saying we're,writing the season off we're going to,write the season off in January we don't,want to be competitive now we want to,put a plaster on it and wait until the,summer well I mean it it it just,completely contradicts itself because a,year ago you said we're not buying,anybody because we're waiting till the,summer for the new manager so you wait,till the summer for the new manager you,buy players and then that new manager,needs another player in January and you,go we're not buying anybody because,we're waiting till the the summer you,said it a year ago we were waiting for,this manager you've got this manager now,why are you not get back in him in,January what stupid Theory have you got,about the January transfer window now oh,do you know what I'd love to be in the,board meeting I bloody love it,We're not gonna buy anybody until the,summer because we want to get a,long-term option Let's get someone short,now has anyone got to bring I've been,there has anyone got a brain in here,hello hello McFly hello has anybody got,a brain we're a third in the ,League we're in the Europa League we're,in the FA Cup we're in the carabao cup,we're doing really well what are you,waiting for the summer for do you have,to be wearing shorts to do a transfer,deal your bloody prats put your scarf on,it's the same bloody Market,idiots idiots we could achieve something,this year and you're bringing in a,bloody vague host or a Memphis when you,could be bringing in a gap power of,Felix are you Pratt tell the bloody,truth don't try and spin it that it's a,that it's a good idea to wait till the,summer tell the bloody truth you've got,no money because you messed it up last,summer you went and spent 85 million,pounds on Anthony when you should have,spent 50 that 35 million we'd have Cody,Gap po now tell the bloody truth instead,of sitting there trying to spin it going,we don't want to buy anyone in January,because it's better to buy in the summer,it's like buying it it's like having a,drink halfway through a marathon at the,end,your first the R3 through the ratio,prats that drink could help you finish,the race oh don't worry I'll have a,drink at the end when I it I mean,I just it,gets some bloody new owners into this,football club and clear out because,people will say,well it's the Glazer's fault get rid of,the glazes and everything's all right,it's not just the glazes wake up they're,being advised by Richard Arnold and John,murter and everybody else they all need,to go they're bloody useless silence,ignorance is not an excuse it was not an,excuse in the world wars it's not an,excuse in the business room it's not,they are the CEO they are the director,of football you cannot come out when the,glazes have gone and keep your job,because the glazers told me to do it oh,the glazers told me to do it resign then,if you don't agree with what the glazes,are doing resign and then you might get,your job back under a new owner but you,don't resign because you're too busy,cashing your checks licking their ass,that's what's happening here they all,need to go everybody above from 10 Hogs,should just go I also know that this,Manchester United season for the first,time in a long time is very optimistic,and realistic that we can win a trophy,I also know that every rival we have,whether it's Barcelona in the Europa,League or whether it's Man City Chelsea,Arsenal Liverpool Newcastle Spurs,anybody else are aggressively trying to,improve their team,in this January transfer window,and Eric tenhag wanted Cody gapo he went,to Liverpool Eric tenhaag wanted,um wants Xiao Felix and might not get,him because Manchester United don't have,the money,um this is why I'm against the veg horse,deal because there's no doubt that that,you know what let's do an analogy right,I don't know whether any of you old,enoug

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MEAN TWEETS! Goldbridge Live and Uncut

MEAN TWEETS! Goldbridge Live and Uncut

Margeaux bridge live and uncut back,where it all started if anyone can,remember the united stand when it all,started,this was the backdrop with the old,trafford pictures and we're here to read,some mean tweets which i think it's,gonna be quite interesting isn't it,always interested to have a look at,what's on social media supposed to don't,normally have a look at it but for the,purpose of this show I thought I would,have a little look so let's start off,with something a little bit tame this is,from Harry get out of the bushes in that,primary school mark or I will call the,police I think this is going with the,whole nonce theme which i think is,basically born on football twitter who,probably fit that profile to be fair but,in all fairness to Harry I'm gonna say,I'm gonna give him a thumbs up on this,one because the normal person who calls,me a nonce if you look at their profile,they tend to be around their mid 40s and,they're snug in their own dog so Harry,isn't doing that but he's got this very,very wrong because the reality is Harry,it's the middle of August at the moment,I have three kids two of which go to,primary school so if I was in the bushes,at a primary school now and have to be a,very thick nonce because they're not at,school but there you go if that's what,if that's where you go that's up to you,isn't it better let's move on let's move,on okay this is Sir this is more this is,more this is more your normal stuff,via Sky Sports News this is from Liam if,you ever have Marc garbage on your show,again I'll he convinced every single,United fan to you up,he's a he doesn't represent United,fans and he'd get chinned if he was ever,seen anywhere near Old Trafford which is,highly likely this is your normal sort,of stuff I put Liam in this sort of,categories you know when sometimes you,get an actor on from the soaps and they,say you know I don't know you know,you've kid you're an actor on EastEnders,and you've killed cotton and people in,the public think it's real and they,start coming up to that actor in the,street and you know booing them and,stuff like that I put Liam into that,category I think he doesn't actually,realise what I am maybe he does and he,certainly didn't realise what the United,stand is I actually love these sort of,comments where apparently someone's,gonna chin me they dislike me that much,they're gonna chain me I don't represent,Manchester United I'm not a United fan,and all that jazz it's just hilarious,it's hilarious how much it absolutely,bothers them that as another purposely,picked this background because the,United stands started off with print out,pictures of the United State,and no point if I ever said I represent,my Shania fans at no point have I ever,made any phone calls to Sky Sports Talk,sport begging them to get me on this is,totally grown organically and if people,watch it they watch it if they don't,they don't it's not some sinister little,thing Liam but if you want to get out,there on on Sunday down to Brighton and,then the following Monday at Old,Trafford and systematically tell every,Manchester United van not to not to,watch the show then you crack on with it,mate you crack on with it that's down to,you this is a cracker would genuinely,love to shoot more garbage in the face,with a shotgun that's from Fred isn't,Twitter a lovely place,absolutely fantastic that tweet and but,this is this one from Lauren really did,catch my attention he's not even called,Marc gold bridge he's name is Brent any,supports porous so she's gone for the,double whammy there she's gone for the,real name and I'm a forest fan but,Lauren's really getting it wrong because,if you actually look at a lot of female,football people on Twitter they put a,nice picture of themselves and they'll,normally have a ratio of about say,10,000 followers and a thousand,following because they're a girl on,Twitter and loads of blokes will just,followed them for the profile picture,unfortunately for Lauren it's not quite,working out she's following more than,she's got followers and she's going for,the double whammy on me which normally,does get retweets that to be fair that,normally will get your popularity going,but Lauren something's going really,really wrong I don't know I don't know I,don't know what's going wrong but it's,not going quite right um name is Brent,and he supports for it I've gotta be,honest I do like the name is Brent one,every now and again you get somebody who,thinks they were the Columbo of Twitter,they really think they were unveiled,something he's named not really Marc,whose name is out really Marc get on,Twitter it's not Marc everybody we've,we've outed him we've outed him the,whole some of you may not know my name's,not Marc actually you know what its,winding go but don't get too excited see,I've just caught himself go Bridge it's,not gold bridge right okay my name is,not Marko bridge and a lot of people,will know this about me because when I,started the United stand I was in a job,where I was no

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so I think I think I think you've got to,wake up and smell the coffee as well,um as much as I would like Manchester,United to get Xiao Felix and their,course I think we all know that we are,getting veg horse for one reason in fact,Rennie mullenstein um the former man,united assistant coach was talking about,this and he said ten hog knows what he's,doing going for their course he's going,for what he can get it's a stop Gap,clearly the money isn't there in the,January transfer window so he's had to,get creative and he's gone for something,that he knows that's different and cheap,and there is no doubt that big horse is,a stop Gap he is a lone deal Manchester,United I don't want to sign him there,and there's some interesting things,about that course that how much we could,sign him for he's a cheap loan deal he,is the best stop Gap that tenhog thinks,he can get,um he cannot get gakpo because we didn't,have any money he cannot get gel feel,it's because they won't release the,money he's got to go for the best he can,get and I believe that ready mullenstein,is correct ten Hogg knows what he's,doing here he's going for the best he,can get at with what he's got if I took,you into the pub this afternoon and I,said pick whatever you like whatever you,like even if it's not alcoholic get,yourself a pint of slur you know that's,that fizzy fruity drink very expensive,or if you fancy an alcoholic drink you,might go for a triple rum and coke or,something like that you're not gonna say,don't worry about it I'll just have a,glass of tap water like you're not 10,Hogs not gonna do that he's not gonna go,they haven't said get what you like in,the January transfer window Eric and,he's gone get me root veg host get me,boot veg horse from bezix what you don't,want jail Felix or gatpo no get me boot,bag he's getting what he can get that's,what he's getting and,um I think everybody realizes I can't,see a scenario where we're gonna get two,loans but let me give you the latest on,um the the bad course story because it,is a bit all over the place to be honest,with you there is a there is some,contrasting stories and where where I,want to talk about this is that,obviously we've had the update this in,the last half an hour so so from,Manchester Evening News that Dutch,sources are confident that their cost,will come to Manchester United he's,desperate to come to Manchester United,of course he bloody is and you know we,can be arrogant about that we can be,realistic about that he's playing in the,Turkish League and Manchester United,want to sign you with a Dutch coach like,Eric tan Hawke of course you're gonna,you're gonna you're gonna run Skip and,jump and swim to Manchester in that,scenario so of course he wants to come,to Manchester United it was the same,with the garlo wasn't it everybody wants,him you know not everybody but most,players would love to come to Manchester,United in January especially when the,team is playing like it is so that's no,surprise the interesting backstory to,this is,and I do think it's something we need to,keep an eye on Harry welcome to the,members Club one thing we do need to,keep an eye on here is that there is an,element of,you know this is not the clean cheap,deal people think it is and what I mean,here is I'm just gonna just paint a,picture you know let's say United don't,want to spend 10 million pounds on Joe,Felix because they've only got five,that doesn't mean they're not going to,overpay for their cost and what I mean,by that is we might not have enough,money to get Felix at 10 but 5 million,for root Bay course for a five month,loan is too much,so you know don't fall into the Trap,that oh United are doing a clever deal,we could be overpaying to get back horse,but it's within the parameters of what,we want to spend which is typically what,we do if we've got 200 million quid we,spend it we don't try and negotiate good,deals we'll just spend the 200 million,quid and if we've got 5 million quid,we'll spend the 5 million quid doesn't,matter whether we overpay for somebody,we'll spend the 5 million quid and I,think this is what's happening here,because when you read between the lines,baziktas I think it was their sporting,director said over the weekend you can't,just go and if it does go we need to get,compensation so basically the scenario,is that vootbeck horse signed a year ago,but to for Burnley for 13 million quid,they got relegated he went on loan to,baziktas and baziktas as part of that,loan had an option to buy this summer,for 8.6 million basic tests are not and,quite rightly have got no rights or or,or or or or desire to say yeah you can,just go and play for Manchester United,he offers something different welcome to,Manchester United says Charlie thanks,for that Charlie we're actually in the,middle of talking about something else,at the moment,um so basically,if I'm bersect us and I know I'm gonna,get vote back horse for 8.6 million in,the summer,I'm not just gonna say in January to,Manchester United

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so this is an official statement,from uh fabrizio romano 12 football,clubs today jointly announced an,agreement competition the super league,ac milan,arsenal atletico chelsea barcelona inter,juventus man city manchester united,real madrid and tottenham three more,clubs are expected to join as founding,clubs before the inaugural season which,is,expected to start as soon as possible in,the future the founding clubs look,forward to consulting with uefa and fifa,in order to work together, you you manchester united you,parasites who own our football,club i'm sorry to swear but that's a, disgrace it's a disgrace an,absolute disgrace,of the highest order,and ac milan and arsenal and atletico,and chelsea what the are you doing,you greedy bastards what are you,doing scum absolute scum,greedy the lot of you i i don't even,know the owners of some of these clubs i,mean some of them are money men we know,but i don't know what the owners of,inter and and um and uh,athletico are like i don't i honestly,don't know what the background of those,clubs are,but this is just elitism this is elitism,we,we we've been trying to get rid of this,from the world from the world for,decades,elitism pull up it's rich people,it's pull the ladder up jack and sod the,rest it's disgusting,i will have no part in this it's,disgusting i'm disgusted by manchester,united football club for being a part of,this,and you know what maybe we're part of it,because other clubs are doing it and,we're scared not to be part of it but,you know what,you're still part of the problem you,cannot be,you know you cannot when you've created,the war you cannot be well we didn't,really want to do it but everyone else,was doing it so we thought we had to do,it ,you know,bad prospers why good people stand back,and do nothing,i'm disgusted i'm absolutely disgusted,by it,absolutely disgusted by it football,in the mud stone florentino president,real madrid and the first chairman of,super league said we will help football,at every level and take it to its,rightful place in the world,uh 12 of europe's league leading,football clubs of today come together to,announce they've agreed,to establish a new midweek competition,the super league governed by,its founding clubs um just,i want to throw up i want to throw up i,really do um,i i just don't i don't know what to say,people i really don't know what to say,i'm absolutely gutted,um,ah just just unbelievable,it's over i mean it's it's generally,over every i mean look what what my,future is involved in,in football fan content i don't know but,it's over,it is over um i'll stand by what i said,it's over um where i am now,i've got no interest i i can't,follow this football club if it's going,to do what it's going to do because it's,going to destroy football,what they're basically saying is we're,going to work we're going to have a,european super league,and will work alongside the premier,league and,and uefa you're not it's the beginning,of the end you're not pulling the wool,over my eyes,this is the beginning of the end you've,basically destroyed football,to to line your own pockets to take,control,as a little as a consortium of the,biggest clubs in the world,you're basically going to destroy,football and the only reason you're,doing it,is to hoover up every pound you can get,from every sponsor,from every tv company and take it,everywhere around the world and hoover,everything you can china australia india,mexico everywhere you want the whole lot,and you want it all to you,and it's not about manchester united,getting rich and it's not about real,madrid getting rich,it's about their owners getting rich we,are going to hoover it up,we're going to take every good leicester,player we're going to take every good,leon player we're going to take,every good sampdoria player every good,sevilla player we're gonna have super,squads,big franchises and we are gonna own it,all we're gonna own it all and we're,gonna be super super rich,and the rest of football is gonna,crumble around us but we don't care,because we will be the biggest we're,going to be the american football,of the world series it's the european,super league which is the world,series absolutely, i'm disgusted absolutely,disgusted,and i tell you what i apologize as a,manchester united fan i apologize i'm,embarrassed,by what this football club has done,because the glazers own our football,club,and they are high-fiving and they are,happy but as a manchester united fan,who absolutely understands what this,football club is all about and,understands why i love this football,club i apologize i apologize to every,club who's going to get, over aston villa west ham united,southampton you are you are,finished do not think you're going to,prosper,at all because what will happen is you,think your premier league's going to,carry on without man united in it,it won't it might a little bit but it,won't you won't get them,they won't get the big money this will,start off as a midweek super,league hypot

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into um in paper in case uh people just,wanted to ask um,about this uh so so look i i sort of i,sort of i mean,where do we start i mean the courtois,that i can't pronounce i can never,pronounce his name i mean if he wants to,get pissed off with me for that he's,more than welcome because i can never,pronounce his name but um effectively,luis enrique over the weekend came out,with these comments about david de gea,and saying that effectively he's not a,modern goalkeeper and he wants a modern,goalkeeper which is his right and i,basically tweeted something along the,lines of but courtois is not quick off,his line and he's not good at,distribution,but basically he's just won a champions,league um and my point being that i,think every being quick off their line,and good with their feet but,i just watched real madrid thankfully,real madrid beat liverpool because of a,world-class shot stopper and arguably,the best goalkeeper in the world so that,was my point i was trying what i was,saying is that david de gea is a,world-class shot stopper we've seen it,this season he's just been voted players,player of the year he would have been my,player of the year,and courtois has just won a a champions,league he didn't win the champions,league because of his ability to run off,his line and be a sweeper keeper or his,distribution they won the champions,league because he's a shot stopper and,that's what david de gea does and that's,my point and basically courtois came in,and started putting up pictures of,himself catching the ball and i was like,i didn't really understand it and then i,then i realized oh right okay so he,basically thinks i'm criticizing him,even though i was actually using him as,an example to defend de gea and,look and real madrid fans are going to,jump in apparently i got burnt i,couldn't give a toss i really don't care,anybody who's been watching the united,stand for seven years will know i don't,care i i really don't care what people,think about my opinion one of the,fundamentals of this show is that you do,disagree with me that's the whole point,i'm not one of these people we've got a,few in our united states in our united,community who go live and basically,want you dictate to you that they're,right i don't care if i don't care if,you think i'm right or not i think i'm,right and that's my opinion and you,should think you're right there's a,dictatorship now i see it on tick tock i,see it on social media as well they load,these clips up about tactics like they,know best i'm sorry if i think my,opinion is different to yours it's,different,welcome to the world my opinion's,different if you think that,you've got to be a modern goalkeeper to,be a good goalkeeper well done buy a,t-shirt i don't think you do i think,that a goalkeeper first and foremost,should should be a shot stopper and,that's what de gea is that's what,courtois is and i'm sorry i'm sorry,again if it offends who who is arguably,the best goalkeeper in the world if it,offends him i'm sorry but this is my,opinion you are not a modern goalkeeper,mate you are not edison you are not,allison you're not the lad from ac milan,you're not manuel neuer you might be,able to do it but you're not that you're,not a sweeper keeper that's you are not,that and that was my point you are,arguably the best goalkeeper in the,world and you are not one of these,obsessive modern goalkeepers about,playing like your bloody van dyke as,well,as a defender and that's that's my point,and i stand by it and it's my opinion i,don't know why he jumped in on it a,little bit it was a little bit like this,you know everyone's obsessed with like,obi-wan and star wars and avatar and all,the modern cgi it's like it's like me,saying well,you know,i think goodfellas is good,goodfellas is good and that's that's,from years ago you know something that's,good is good and look at titanic that,was from years ago and it won loads of,things and it's like james cameron,getting involved replying to me and,going yeah but i use the green screen,yeah but you're not a modern,filmmaker are you actually he makes,avatar so i've made a bad point but what,i mean is,like,i'm basically saying that,that old style goalkeeper i suppose,isn't necessarily redundant and people,think it is um,but ultimately it's about opinion isn't,it it's about opinion and i will never,ever give a what people think about,my opinion because it's mine and i would,implore people not to either and i would,also implore people in the modern day to,be very careful about these modern,social media people who basically just,want to dictate to you,it's it's almost so it's almost a form,of bullying like if you like de gea the,abuse you get is disgusting absolutely,disgusting and,i don't care if eric ten hogg drops,david de gea on the first game of the,season i'm not going to have a big,meltdown like people think because i'm,back in the manager i want what's best,for manchester united and i want ten hog,to do well i'm just telling you and,sorry i

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Mark Goldbridge Mean Tweets | The Sportsman | Manchester United

Mark Goldbridge Mean Tweets | The Sportsman | Manchester United

the rumors of what goes on behind that,hat some say there's a knob there some,say there's a big forehead I just think,it I dare you go mate,hello I'm on gold bridge with the,sportsman and this is my mean tweets,tweets that I'm going to read out that,I've never seen before and give a bit of,a reaction to so first one we've got,from that's Jacob Carmichael who's,straightaway I must just say looks like,he stood in a picture very very relaxed,and pointing it's God knows what but,he's calling me and he says someone,needs to check mark gold bridges hard,drive 35 knots and what I would say to,that is as a man who is touching 40,years of age with three kids certainly,not a nonce but I suppose it takes one,to know one and that would be mr. Jacob,Carmichael the next one we've got is,astronomy actually two weeks ago Arsenal,beat Spurs and celebrated like they were,back today they're 5 points behind Spurs,Bradley Powell says shut up shut up,you're Bergeon his profile pic it's here,is basically snogging a dog so we'll,move on from that one at dibble 6 8 9 9,0 8 an absolute knob jockey thinks he's,in the Nome King prick and yes he's got,pictures of kids as he's profile picture,at 82 Liam C says dear Sky Sport news if,you ever have mark baggage on your show,again I'll totally convinced every,single United fans of you are he doesn't,represent United fans and he'd get,ginned if he was ever seen anywhere near,Old Trafford which is highly unlikely,this is from August 2018 so I presume,liam is still doing his worldwide saw,trying to get every single you know I,had fun not to watch so I sports but,interestingly since then I have been to,all traffic twice with a big placard,saying hello at 82 Liam see and he has,not been seen so sit down with that one,mister 82 see notorious b.i.g,at Tony dot dig I've just seen the,results of the thickest in the world,World Championship - 2018 liar you run,it and he's got first mark or breach,second Sandra Marsh 3rd Daffy Duck,one that title no less than nine times,between them beginning to think they're,the same person me I don't know how many,characters or words he's used there but,it's too many it's one of the shittest,tweets I've ever seen,I'm appalled that the sportsmen have,even got me to reply to this tweet,it's crap I've seen the results of the,thicket in the world he's put me in,first place he's then set up one at nine,times it's just a tweet altogether,pretty next one ATS the he's,got a blue tick,he's must be relevant he says Flair fair,play to out mark goal bridge he's,managed to exploit the fact he's an,absolute one ball and turn it into,a way to earn decent money bitter,bastard then the I mean what who,is steeped yeah red men TV says it,all says it all,unlucky Steve I'm coming for you the man,you're not in the battery Neos gone your,ships about to sink and uh they've saved,the life of what a surprise mr. DT makes,an appearance at mr. DT AFC so at Mark,gold breach has the nerve to tweet me,abuse when this is how he celebrates a,goal format just you know and what a,drip so this is from 2017 this was my,reaction to Wayne Rooney's breaking the,record against snow keepers a,last-minute equaliser now I didn't react,much because I put Manchester United,ahead of Records and I felt we should,have won that game so I wasn't very,happy but in honesty mr. v1,mr. dt1 you're really not in a position,you know that's from 2017 you're about,to get home 18 months by the United,stand so sit down you won't be having,prophesies anymore you're about as empty,as a garbage bin in a Weight Watchers,convention there's nothing there and the,rumors of what goes on behind that hat,some say there's a knob there some say,there's a big forehead I just think it,hide your ego mate and you know what,stay away from hurricanes because one,day it's gonna get blown off thanks,Sarah of watching I'm on gold bridge on,the sportsman

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Manchester United 3-0 Charlton | GOLDBRIDGE Match Reaction

Manchester United 3-0 Charlton | GOLDBRIDGE Match Reaction

hello V welcome to the United stand,Manchester United have beaten Charlton,athletic three nil and we progress,through to the I nearly said the,Champions League semi-final that would,be great wouldn't it if you win the,carabao cup quarterfinal you're into the,Champions League semi-final no we're,into the carabao cup semi-final which,will be very interesting two legs don't,know why we're having to do that in a,World Cup season but two legs could be,Newcastle could be Man City hopefully we,get the winners of wolves or Forest,we'll find that out tomorrow night but I,just want to say there's a few things I,want to say at the start do the player,ratings Link in the video description,Mark everyone out of ten six being the,average staff the amount of the match,there's been some good performances,tonight I think there's been some people,who really should I think do better,against League two mid-table opposition,I think certain players tonight ganacho,Fred casimiro rashford,they played against mid-table League one,opposition like you would expect they,devoured them they dominated them,rashford's two finishers brilliant and,he's doing that at the highest level but,you'd expect a player like rashford to,find it easy against Charlton athletic,and casimiro as well easy and and they,showed that they are right in the groove,at the moment but I think there's a,couple of United players who've shown,that they are a long way off the groove,and really need to step it up and have,we found have we finally found I just,want to say before I say this I think,Eric ten Hogg is a tactical genius at,the moment and I cannot wait for that,Manchester Derby on Saturday so we can,see what the genuine progress is we went,to the Etihad back in the Autumn we were,ill prepared and we got annihilated,um since then the progression the,rotation,um has been marvelous and since,Christmas it's been superb I think it's,so important on Saturday that we get a,result and we show progression because I,think if Man City beaters like they have,done in the last few games that will,burst the bubble of optimism and,progress that I think ten hog has worked,so well to get and tonight was a prime,example of that again the team he picked,surprised me he still picked Martinez de,la I think he wanted some matte,sharpness there and the front three to,me looked a bit weak Anthony alanga down,the middle uh ganacho you know you've,got mainu making a debut Fred Tommy you,think well we're going to struggle to,score him I thought I thought we I,thought you know there were weak areas,but there were some really good,performances I thought mainu for a debut,at 17 did absolutely fine ganacho was,fantastic Anthony scored a goal Fred was,brilliant so if I was the Charlton team,I would have seen that team from United,I would have gone I fancy a chance I,fancy a chance I really do and you know,it never really gave them a chance so,and and and the big positive is there's,some people saying it was a boring game,tonight we weren't that good but,we've won three nil Charlton never,really looked like scoring and we've,rested you know Luke Shaw and Varan,haven't kicked a ball that's a week off,um Bruno was suspended anyway but that,could have weakened us,um you know martial's not kicked a ball,that's four really important players,about a week off in a very hectic season,so I think the rotation from ten hog and,the way he's planned these last few,weeks it's not easy to do it and he's,won every single game it's been,fantastic,um but I think we might have to find a,weakness Jonathan welcome to members,Club also Jason as well Maguire's form,is still inconsistent says Grant uh also,based purely off that 10 minutes I can't,understand why polestry isn't getting,minutes ahead of the languages mcalvis,um I'm sorry but my timely with all his,first team experience should have,dominated the Midfield but he hid like,usual so Stephen palestry showed more,quality in 10 minutes than alango has,the season nothing against the kid but,he should go on loans his dejan and,another clean sheet for the fridge get,ready for the Instagram story I believe,in man united again ten hog is sourcing,hope the winner Cup this season says,little mate the positivity momentum and,excitement is so great to see and I feel,it I really really do despite the,frustrations of the transfer window,we've had that with these owners for,years so that's nothing new focusing on,you know I think for so long,the transfer window was more interesting,than the actual football,the football's way more interesting than,the transfer window and that's you know,that's refreshing to see and it's,enjoyable and some of the football's,really good and some of the goals we're,scoring are really good I thought the,second goal casimiro's passed to,pellestri was delightful palestries,Pastor rashford was superb and the,Finish By rashford wasn't wasn't was,Immaculate as well,um Jason's talking about plus three well,look you know what there is always,Improvemen

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