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Marc Topkin on the Raysmark thompson does a wonderful job for,us long time no chat got a lot to do,h

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

Marc Topkin on the Rays

mark thompson does a wonderful job for,us long time no chat got a lot to do,here on his team and he joins us mark,welcome first off they have some,injuries they don't have a ton of depth,at all positions because of their,payroll they might lose two guys for an,extended period it's a big blow let's go,there first go ahead it is it is chris,and you know don't forget they're,already playing without wander franco,they're probably most dynamic offensive,player they're two top home run hitters,brandon low and mike zanino uh who mike,zeno might be out for a long period of,time they're trying to sort that out,right now they're missing two guys out,of the rotation coutinho and rasmussen,they're missing their two best uh,lightening relievers kitridge and fire,eyes and so,they have been beat up uh they've been,short-handed and this is obviously a big,blow many more go not just a really good,outfielder for the raise uh and a really,good hitter but also a very big leader,in that clubhouse especially among the,young spanish-speaking players so a very,big loss and you know for cash to say it,was going to be a significant amount of,time last night makes you wonder if it's,an acl if that's the initial thought,we've got to keep an eye on that and,they're also only 36 and 31 now they're,in fourth place the red sox have,overtaken them temporarily and they,haven't played well here for a period of,time they don't score a ton of runs as,you know even the orioles are beating,them this is not a good stretch for,tampa and they can forget about the,division,and they're in huge trouble here let me,get your thoughts on that go ahead yeah,yeah i mean look you mentioned the,orioles we looked this up they had lost,back-to-back serials to orioles they had,not lost back-to-back series to the,orioles since 2017 and that was last,year they beat them 18 out of 19 games,so you could use that as kind of a,marker but yeah it's been a tough year i,mean it nothing has come from easy the,injuries have obviously hurt death loss,of deaths that showed up a little bit,but maybe most mystifying chris i know,you watch a lot of games that they have,been poured defensively married 45,unearned runs and the yankees have only,given up eighth i mean my goodness 45,unearned runs mark that is hard to,believe fill me in on that stat yeah i,mean,most in the majors almost almost their,whole total alaska i think they were 58,for all of last year so,very i mean the word's been,uncharacteristic but honestly it's,becoming characteristic the way they've,played it's been all over the field i,mean i talked to kier meyer about it the,other day you know he's kind of their,minister of defense with three gold,gloves and he suggested maybe like a,focus thing and then kind of in that,pre-pitch mode where guys need to be,thinking what's going to happen,anticipate where the ball might go that,was just his thought cash is adamant,it's not a lack of work we see them out,there all the time they always take,early game early infield early ground,balls things like that not preparation,it shouldn't be talent they've got good,players but that has really hurt them,because this is a team built on pitching,a defense and to not have that safety,net uh and allow that many unearned runs,this obviously caused all kinds of,problem there's a trickle down too guys,are trying too hard to make up for that,trying to score runs you've seen a lot,of mistakes on the bases they've got the,most doubts on the bases and the most,guys caught stealing in the majors as,well,wow unbelievable and you know listen,they are a uh you know they take chances,and usually they're right you know they,traded snow nobody saw that coming,meadows nobody saw that coming you know,they're not winning the division right,now they're going to probably play for a,you know a best of three series,they're only five over,uh you know they sometimes you know they,hey the heck with it they go for the,next year scenario if they wanted to,what is going to be their philosophy in,the next month as far as adding or,subtracting for the last half of this,season i think that's a very interesting,question how do you answer that let me,hear it and i think it's changed over,the last 24 hours too i actually talked,to eric neander the president of,baseball operations about this at yankee,stadium the other day and he said at,that point you know that yes he,acknowledged that you know without,saying the quiet part out loud that the,yankees probably are going to run the,division and you know they're looking at,the playoff situation that the new,format this year as you alluded to the,top two teams get buys the other four,the three wild cards the lowest division,winner play best of three all at one,team site so there's a benefit to be,that top wild card a significant uh,advantage i think of playing all three,games at home so yeah they've got to,kind of assess where they are in that,and you're right they always kind of,split the difference they're always,look

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Rays reporter Marc Topkin wraps up Tampa Bay's 2020 season

Rays reporter Marc Topkin wraps up Tampa Bay's 2020 season

hey everybody rachel west here joined by,race date reporter mark topkin,mark i wish we were talking under a,little better circumstances here,and we were getting ready for a game,seven but,sadly that's not the case uh the rays,did lose last night,dodgers are world series champs and,obviously all the buzz has been about,kevin cash,and his somewhat questionable decision,maybe more than somewhat i kind of just,briefly maybe explained that for people,who,never heard haven't yet heard his,thought process there,and whether or not you think he made the,right move,sure rachel i mean the short version is,uh they were in the sixth inning blake,snell,the race starter was pitching really,really really really,really well i mean some some said maybe,one of the best games you've ever,pitched the blake said it kevin,kiermeier the center fielder said it but,with a one nothing lead and the tying,run now on base,kevin cash decided that was it and he,went to the bullpen he went for nick,anderson,cash after the game explained why he did,it he was very,honest for the most part and uh he said,he made the decision for the right,reasons and and,that was he felt nick anderson was a,better match-up,against blake's now i've been against uh,mookie betts at that moment rather than,blake snell and,i talked to him uh today and he,has had you know a tough night dealing,with it and everything but he said he,you know he does not consider it a,mistake he still feels like they were,making the move for the,right reasons it just didn't work out,properly,yeah it makes sense that he's kind of,standing by that and i'm sure it was a,tough night for him and i'm sure he'll,have plenty more of those ahead too,so how do you think that is going to,affect him moving forward and,maybe his decision-making process in,future seasons and in future situations,i don't think it's actually going to,affect kevin cash at all in that regard,i mean he makes,a lot of really bold decisions um he,makes a lot of decisions that are,somewhat unconventional we've seen him,do it time and time again most of them,work out they all don't work out,obviously sometimes he lucks into it,because it doesn't work out initially,and then it works out a different way,but,i don't think this is going to make him,timid or make him,go off script more or go or stay on,script,more or anything like that i think he's,going to manage the same but,i do think there's a stigma attached,because this happened on such you know,a big stage at the world series the,biggest stage in the game,and you know there's you know there's,lists of managerial mistakes and,managerial blunders and,you know i think that you know we're,going to be googling that you know,maybe already and certainly in the,future and kevin cash's name's going to,show up on there and that's probably,a tougher thing in that you know he,doesn't feel like this was a mistake but,because of how it worked out,it's viewed as a mistake yeah well,i don't think anyone wants the race to,win the world series next year more than,kevin cash at this point just to put,this all behind him,and even though his decision is getting,most of the focus,fact of the matter is there were other,elements that just,didn't come together for the raise other,reasons that they weren't able to piece,that one together,the offense being the other big one not,being able to add on throughout the game,and come through with runners and,scoring positions so is that maybe the,storyline that we should be looking into,a little bit more right now,well sure i mean the first couple,innings i mean they got the home run,from a ros arena but they had two guys,on in the first,didn't get them in they had two guys out,in the second didn't get them in and,you know knowing the dodgers were gonna,continue to be changing relievers and,essentially using the better ones the,later it got,the opportunity was there to score early,in the game i mean they had gonsling on,the ropes they had,the dodgers had a pitcher warming up,there and uh they couldn't get any more,runs in and that that was really,you could argue as big of a tipping,point of the game as anything else when,the raise did not convert,more than one run in the first inning so,you never know when you get the,opportunity sometimes you get them early,in the game and when you you miss them,you think oh you're going to get more,whereas you missed that same opportunity,in the seventh or eighth and we all,seized upon it as that was the key to,the game,for the raise you know it's been a,battle offensively they only scored 22,runs in the six world series games,uh and that's not really enough yeah,offensive struggles will definitely be,something i'm sure it will be focusing,on moving into next year,but now we can kind of reflect on this,past year,and nobody wants to lose obviously,like snell last night like losing sucks,i hope these guys are motivated to come,out,stronger next year but reflecting on it,now,just how big of a deal was it for this,organizat

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Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 4 against the Dodgers

Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 4 against the Dodgers

what's up guys rachel west here along,with,ray's beat reporter mark topkin mark,game three last night another pretty,ugly one for tampa bay,did not go their way uh the off day,did not really seem to help them all too,much except for,maybe uh g-man choi and his flexibility,because,he was doing splits and leaps all over,the place,uh but besides that brandon lau another,over three night kind of back to,struggling at the plate,charlie morton obviously struggled on,the mound and,last night's loss kind of uh brings to,light,the need to shut the door and not give,the team that they're playing,any extra opportunities with the dodgers,doing most of their damage on two outs,and two strikes even,so when you're going up against a team,like that that can,hurt you in so many different ways as,we've seen,just how important is it to not give,them an inch,because if you do they're going to take,a mile and how small,is that margin of error yeah i think you,summed it up pretty well rachel i mean,the,the depth of the dodgers line up the,talent of the dodgers lineup you know,the rays knew that coming in,and sure you have the opportunity to put,those guys away five of the,uh five of those first before the first,five runs scored,with two outs on two strikes uh charlie,morton just not able to get the put away,pitch not able to end the innings,you know hit batter with two outs led to,some trouble,um you know just not being able to close,it out and that was,unlike what charlie morton typically,does especially in the postseason,and definitely against whatever kind of,game plan you'd have for the dodgers,which would be to not give them,any additional opportunity then they,weren't some really good at bats but,if you get the two strikes you got to,find a way to get those guys out or at,least have them be on the defensive not,being able to take aggressive hacks and,the race saw how much firepower they,have and i mean the final margin you,look at it you say six to two okay that,wasn't bad but that was one of those,games that felt like a lot more,larger margin than what the final score,was and obviously the raise added one of,those runs in the night so you know six,to one going into the ninth there and,it felt like a lot bigger loss than it,really was and,certainly puts emergency on tonight yeah,definitely true we'll see how they can,respond but now tonight they've got ryan,yarbrough,starting on the mound but they will,definitely be needing some help from,their bullpen later on in the game,and with charlie not really being able,to give them the length that they,expected out of him last night,and needing to bring in four different,relievers what kind of shape does that,put the bull pen in for tonight actually,i think they're in pretty good shape,because the relievers they used were,kind of from the b,side of the bullpen um you know the the,main guys that they've been using when,they've had leads obviously in,situations where it's high leverage,castillo fairbanks and nick anderson,none of those guys got used so they'll,all be available tonight,and and kevin cash kind of brushed this,question off when i asked him after the,game last night but,it's got to be in the ray's heads that,you know tonight is the must win game,because,clayton kershaw's pitching for the,dodgers tomorrow night,fight and kershaw pitch really really,well in game one if clayton kershaw,takes the mountain tomorrow night with,the dodgers up 3-1,just the the you know the emotion and,the energy from that dugout to get that,game and seal that off and win the,series tomorrow night with kershaw on,the mount is going to be,incredible so if you're the raise you,don't want to get to that situation you,need to win tonight's game,even this series up guarantee it's going,to go to a game six so that even if,kershaw is dealing again,you've still got a chance on tuesday,night so i think this is the,you know this is a must-win game for the,raids really no doubt about it,yeah they'll definitely need to play,with some sort of urgency but yet still,not be,too panicked about it and going off that,offensively just how important is it for,them to come out and respond,to last night's loss in the same way,that they did to the game,one loss kevin cash said last night that,the team plays better when they have,early leads which seems to make sense,so just how important is that going to,be for them yeah i mean,look that's a true thing for every team,but i do think that the way this,raised team plays because so many games,are closed they rarely separate the,games you do,see how much difference that makes i,mean think back to game seven of the,alcs or razzarena had the early homer,you know something where they get an,early lead it does seem to,give them not just you know they relax a,little bit also gives them the,confidence,because they know their goal friend's,gonna hold it once they get that lead,and they get to the sixth or seventh,inning or you know some cases the,fifteenth,or fourth fourth inning

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Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 6 against the Dodgers

Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 6 against the Dodgers

how's it going everyone rachel west here,joined by ray's beat reporter mark,topkin,well we've got game six tonight mark,racetrail at 3-2,they're in a must-win situation it's,gonna be the biggest game of most of,these guys lives,but they have faced elimination before,in this postseason it won't be the first,time for that went to a game five,against new york game seven against,houston,so do you think that recent experience,is going to be helpful in any way,maybe alleviate some of the pressure,because you know it's like we've been,here done that,i think it definitely will rachel and i,think that's probably part of the,part of the reason why the the reys who,did interviews yesterday on the off day,seemed pretty calm about this pretty,matter of fact,austin meadows in fact just basically,saying you just got to treat it like a,regular day i mean look we all know it,isn't we all know that's really not,how it's going to be but but yes they,have gone through this just in the last,couple weeks they were,you know they lost game four against the,yankees they put themselves in the,situation of a game five,they won it dramatically they had the,three nothing lead against the astros,they lost,one two three consecutive games in a row,they were really on the brink there,they came back in one game seven so i do,think it's helped them,that they've gone through the experience,which they also did last year against,the astros where they lost,and then obviously this year to have,gone through the experience and won,to where they have a little bit of sense,of calm and probably a little bit of,sense of confidence as well,yeah and with their season on the line,tonight they've got blake snell,starting for them no pressure there,right,but uh as you mentioned you did a great,job with your story yesterday,talking about him getting the start his,dad was talking about how prepared he is,for this moment,and even though he's never pitched in,the game with this high of stakes before,and there have been some inconsistencies,throughout the season,pitching coach kyle snyder is still,fully convinced he's going to be able to,get them to a game seven,saying game two this series when he,pitched was the best he's seen him throw,all year,so even though he has had some,inconsistencies,do you think maybe he's just peaking at,the perfect time for the raise right now,and that's certainly what they're hoping,and you know the fact that he did pitch,so well,in game two of the world series and he,pitched really well in game six of the,alcs,it didn't work out if you remember cash,took him out he was very unhappy about,it he said a bad word when he was,walking off the mound we all saw,uh and then diego castillo came out of,the bullpen and blew it i mean that had,been the first you know game the real,the rays really lost because of their,bullpen so,if you look at it that way and say blade,snail pitch really really well in game,six with alcs which was a huge game,he picked really really well in game two,of the world series after they lost the,opener which was what kyle schneider was,referencing,and now you know they do feel like he is,you know,look charlie morton's the guy we're all,we're all going to talk about if the,rays do win tonight that he's the right,guy for game seven but,i think there's just as much of a,narrative that blake snell is the right,guy for game six,and you know he signed this contract to,stay here he signed an extension he,loves being here i know he said some,silly things and you know maybe some,stupid things along the way,uh about you know his thoughts about,coronavirus and not wanting to play you,know if he didn't get his full money but,i think,all that is a side right now blake snell,is a very competitive person i think the,opportunity to get out there,and pitch the raise into what he hopes,is a game seven,is a pretty strong driving force for him,yeah no doubt they'll be hoping,for more of the same from game two out,of him tonight and now going to the,managerial side of things,kevin cash has come out and said he's,going to be very aggressive with the,bullpen he's talking about maybe making,some lineup changes,and because tonight it's there's no,tomorrow maybe you got to manage it,differently obviously,so with that mentality it doesn't make,things any easier,probably but how do you think his,mindset changes going into tonight,knowing we'll worry about tomorrow,tomorrow just gotta get through today,yeah it's it's an interesting there's a,whole bunch of cliches in there and,you know there is no tomorrow but if,they lose but there is a tomorrow if,they win,so he has to manage like there's no,tomorrow but also keep in mind that,there is a tomorrow so,is all kinds of things it's a it's a,very tough game to manage,because you you can't not use any weapon,that you think is going to help you win,the game tonight and if that means that,at the end of the night,on the bus ride back to the hotel you,got to figure out oh we don't have,anyone to pitch tom

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Rays beat reporter Marc Topkin talks ALCS Game 4

Rays beat reporter Marc Topkin talks ALCS Game 4

what's up everyone i'm rachel west new,sports multimedia producer with the,times and i'm here along with the one,and only,mark topkin raise beat reporter,mark how are things going out there in,san diego oh it's been interesting it's,been a lot of fun,um it's started out such a weird thing a,neutral sight the raves and yankees,from tampa bay and new york playing in,san diego california but,look we know why they did it when oi mlb,wanted to do the neutral sights from,what the players have said the bubble,hotel thing has been a great uh,situation for them it's a resort where,they get to actually,go out of their rooms as opposed to how,it was during the regular season and,obviously they've been playing really,well they've kind of made themselves at,home at petco park,beating the yankees three games to two,now three games to none lead over the,astros and,you know the game times are weird,because they're playing you know on east,coast time but yet,on west coast time obviously as well so,you know games started five here when,they're eight there,uh middle of the afternoon here when,it's a late afternoon game back home but,i think they've really adapted to it,well they've gotten comfortable um,i think they're familiar with the,surroundings now and obviously like i,said they've played really well,yeah and like you said 3-0 lead against,houston right now just one win away from,the world series,and really a big part of that success,has been their defense just,it seems one spectacular defensive play,after the next,just how good has it been yeah it's,interesting because you know we see it a,lot during the season rachel and,you know the rays don't get a ton of,attention nationally so,uh it's been kind of funny after the,games to come back and flip on,espn and they're making a huge deal,about some of these defensive plays and,they've been really really good no doubt,about it but it's almost like it's a new,thing,america should discover the razor good,defensive team now they are a really,good defensive team they've been a,really good defensive team,you know pitching a defense has been,kind of their dna for a long time but,the last couple years just the players,they have,you know kevin cash is you know heaps,praise on the manager he,you know makes it very clear that,defense is going to win games he,challenges those guys to to make those,plays he wants them to do it,and they've been spectacular the infield,defense is why they won game two,we saw play after play uh by joey,wendell williams g-man choi brandon lau,with the huge double play,and then in game three last night the,outfield defense was incredible right,from the start keir meyer with the,leaping catch at the wall,kiramar with another diving catch hunter,renfro with two plays and i,was amiss to not mention manny margo's,play in game two even though we credited,the infielders with him going over that,outfield wall,crazy moment so they have just been,flashing leather everywhere yeah we call,it a glove story but,they've just been great and that's a,huge part of where they look they don't,score a ton of runs they play a ton of,close games,pitching's been really good but you,needed something else there and for the,raise it's been defense,yeah and do you think that's kind of,starting to get into the heads of the,houston lineup a little you,saw last night a couple of them hanging,their heads after the,second diving catch of the inning how do,you think that's affecting,their mentality now that's a great point,that you made kevin cash said something,similar,last night after the game he was asked,what would it be like to play against,your team and he thought about it for a,minute it was a really good question and,and it's he said it we think it would be,relentless between the pitching that we,bring picture after picture after,pitcher who's good,and the defense and he said what you,said that you know it gets to a team it,gets frustrating,where you start thinking man we can't,find a spot to hit the ball,and you know the rays do a lot of work,in their positioning a lot of shifting,you know we see them all the time moving,sometimes two or three different times,per at bad it's all,you know planned out it's not,necessarily scripted but it's all,planned out in this situation do this,this situation do this and,you know the pitcher ultimately can can,have a little say in that but they,pretty much,have been in the right spot for so many,times this post season and that's a,credit to all the work that their front,office guys do,uh as well as the coaches and then,obviously and most importantly the,players for buying in and for executing,yeah for sure and now on the flip side,of things their offense,this this the depth of their lineup has,really um,been like everyone's been able to see,that the depth one through nine,they've all contributed it seems like a,different night you had rosarina,a couple nights ago then zanino and mark,go with a home run two days ago,and then last night wendell and

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Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 2 against the Dodgers

Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 2 against the Dodgers

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Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 3 against the Dodgers

Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 3 against the Dodgers

how's it going everyone rachel west here,and i'm joined once again by reyes beat,reporter mark topkin,mark we were wondering if the rays are,going to be able to bounce back in game,two the other night,they certainly did that mainly thanks to,brandon lau,finally breaking out of his slump i'm,going to give you some props here,because the other day when we talked,you said lao could make up for all the,bad,very quickly if he got hot and if the,rays were going to win the series it was,going to be because of brandon lau,well that's pretty much the reason why,they won game two,so in your mind is brandon lau,officially back,i mean really realistically rachel we,probably have to wait and see how he,does tonight,in game three here in arlington you know,he he's had kind of this,pattern i mean he's had these really,weird long cold spells with the rays and,he makes up for him with these,incredible hot streaks and i think back,to august of this year,he had kind of a cool stretch and then,he went just incredibly crazy,homer's in four straight games he won,american league player of the week he,hit almost 500 for the week so,i know kevin cash referenced that the,other day he said he'll get on these,runs where he gets hot for 10 games we,don't need 10 games right now we'll take,five and i think they'll take a couple,but,to to truly answer the question is,brandon loud back i think we'll have to,see how he does tonight i mean tough,matchup with walker bueller a real high,velocity pitcher,but brandon lau you know fastballs are,what he hits i mean he's learned and,done a good job of hitting the,off speed pitches too and that's been,part of the struggle is you know trying,to time it up to be ready for both but,i think brandon lau can certainly handle,walker buehler's fastball and if bran,allow even if he has you know he doesn't,have to hit two home runs tonight for us,to say he's back but just good at fast,body bass hit the ball hard,that's his you know his mantra you're,asking me what are you trying to do when,you hit the ball,he's i'm just trying to hit it through,the wall not over the wall he's trying,to hit through the wall he just wants to,hit the ball really hard figuring good,things happen when you do which is,typically the case,yeah certainly be interesting to see how,he comes back after that,great performance in game two but the,rest of the rays,have to be feeling good about their,chances tonight giving morton the ball,uh morton's had so much postseason,success,but the guy taking them out on the other,side like you mentioned walker bueller,has also had his own share of postseason,success,so what's going to be the key for,charlie tonight to make sure that he's,the one who comes out on top in this,matchup,well i mean probably a typical charlie,morton game which is he's just,he's really strong from the beginning,you know have the high velocity going,not really kind of work into it like he,did during the regular season,uh you know the break on the curve ball,it's a typical charlie morton game i,mean when you boil it down to,he does a lot of things well but the,fastball curveball combination is what,gets most of these hitters off balance,you see them set them up it's very,methodical,it's a very veteran approach and there's,also a settling effect and a lot of the,rays talk about it kevin cash mentioned,the players talk about,they have this sense of calm and this,sense of confidence when charlie,morton's on the mound so,kind of the flip side to your question,would be he needs to have a good first,couple innings so that they have that,feeling they have that confidence if,charlie morton were to get,knocked her out a little bit in the,first inning give up two three four runs,something like that,that might rattle the raise a little bit,because they kind of see him as a,security blanket so,i think a good start from charlie first,couple innings as the ray's offense,tries to find its footing,against walker bueller is probably the,key to success tonight,yeah and this is going to be the first,game uh,after an off day in the middle of the,series for either of these teams,kevin cash has talked about how he feels,more comfortable managing when the,when off days are mixed in and that it's,really a benefit for,everyone but which of these two teams do,you think that off day,is going to benefit more well it,certainly helps the raise,in the sense that you know we know that,kevin cash likes to be a little bit,creative,to put it politely and how he uses his,bullpen and that's really where the,benefit is i mean the hitters,you know brandon lau probably would have,rather played yesterday to be honest,with you he probably would have played,rather played a doubleheader on,wednesday night i mean he was hot keep,going keep going let's stay at the plate,here but,it's the bullpen guys that benefit from,the rest it's the,bullpen plan for the raise that benefits,from the rest because,they kind of view it as those guys all,had yesterday off so they're all,a

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Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 5 against the Dodgers

Rays reporter Marc Topkin talks World Series Game 5 against the Dodgers

what's up guys rachel west here joined,once again by,ray's beat reporter mark topkin mark i,don't know about you but,i'm not sure i've fully recovered from,that one last night yet,yeah it was a crazy game a long night,rachel i think i was up until about uh,five uh here local time in texas putting,the last story up on and,the hotel uh here only serves coffee and,breakfast until 10 so i set the alarm,for about 9,52 to race down to the lobby so uh short,night after a long night but,obviously a incredible game one of the,most memorable and meaningful games in,ray's history and uh,i think pretty well documented by john,romano dirk shad and i on tampa,yeah for sure it was an emotional roller,coaster to say the least brett phillips,hometown kid coming through in the,clutch story couldn't,have written itself any better honestly,you were there in the stadium last night,take us through that moment yeah there,are so many elements to that to the,ending of that game and,and even you know before that it was a,it was a really good game,before the ninth inning i mean there,were runs scored in eight consecutive,half innings that's never happened,before in a world series game,there were so many big moments i mean,just think of the emotions of brandon,lau between the three-run homer and then,the ball ticking off his glove that,looks like it was gonna cost him so that,that alone was a great story but,what an ending and you know you gotta go,back i think to kevin keermeyer's,uh broken bad hit was obviously a huge,part of that randy or rosarian and what,did a patient at bat work in that walk,and some of the pitches he took to not,you know not get aggressive and try to,be the hero there,and here comes brett phillips you talk,about unlikely heroes a guy,local guys you say hardly played much of,a role with the raise in this postseason,really even since coming over and trade,in august and,just gets up there gets behind in the,count puts the ball in play,it's down it's a hit so kirmar is,probably going to score chris taylor,the dodgers center fielder boots the,ball roddy linearis the race third base,coach gets aggressive sends,a rosarina you think okay let's say,they're gonna win it no maybe he's gonna,get thrown out of the plate then he,falls down now you think oh he's not,gonna have any chance,then the dodgers make another mistake,their catcher will smith has a swipe tag,misses the ball,their pitcher kelly jensen doesn't back,up the play rosarina kind of half crawls,half runs half slides which is three,halves but whatever,gets to the plate he's pounding on the,plate brett phillips with the,air airplane run out to the outfit looks,like you after doing a good video just,celebrating like crazy,and then just pandemonium breaks loose,and i thought some of the reactions,afterward were great uh brandon lau said,he thought it took 10 years off his life,kevin cash they didn't know what to do,he just started hugging people,uh you know keir myers said he was still,out of breath 40 minutes later brett,phillips almost passed out in the,celebration out on the field so,there was all kinds of stuff going on,and what a moment in,rey's history and we've got a world,series that's 2-2,yeah brett phillips says airplane run,definitely a move of legends,might have to steal it at the repertoire,but the raids are obviously,on an emotional high right now feeling,really good after last night,but the fact of the matter is there are,still at least two more games that need,to be played in this series,and sometimes after such an emotional,win like that,teams maybe tend to come out a little,flat the next day,so what do the rays need to do in order,to prevent that from happening to them,well i think there are some teams that,would come out flat because of something,like this i don't think the rays are,that kind of team i mean they play,a lot of emotion they play a lot of,energy they play with a sense of team,camaraderie a great culture they're all,happy for each other so,i think this is going to carry them i,think this is going to fuel them i think,this gives them,probably a psychological edge coming,into game five tonight i mean,if you're the think about it from the,other side you're the dodger you're a,team that hasn't won a world series,since 1988 you're a team that's had,opportunities before,and something some somehow something,goes wrong and,last night was that something i mean you,watched a reaction the clip of,dave roberts their manager kind of just,throwing his stuff in disgust in the,dugout and,you're hearing some of their interviews,i mean they're the team i think that,comes in today for game five where,they're looking at it like,boy what else could go wrong and how did,we let this game get away we should be,playing to clinch it tonight with,clayton kershaw on the mound,and something happened so i think it has,more of a mental effect,negatively on the dodgers than any,chance for the rays of being you know,kind of an emotional hangover o

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