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Mangadex Database Error (Feb 2021) Know The Updates! A Must Watch! Scam Adviser Reportshi everyone,

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Mangadex Database Error (Feb 2021) Know The Updates! A Must Watch! Scam Adviser Reports

hi everyone,welcome to the new video on this channel,in today's video,i'm going to talk about mangadex,database,error so if you have questions like,what is mangadex database error what,is the reason for it then this video,is for you mangadex,database error may occur for the server,is,overloaded down or because of a network,problem,network outage or maybe the website,maintenance is in progress,many players in countries like the,philippines,canada the united states and indonesia,have come across the mangadex database,error the official twitter account of,mangadex says that they are aware of the,issues,and they are attempting to revive a,database at the moment,another update from the mangadex read,unfortunately as of now we have no clear,eta,on when things will be back to 100,percent,a fix will be implemented so please keep,faith,and additional status updates for,it may be found in the announcement,section of their discord,at the web address https,discord dot gt 8 a,hmver and guys before talking about it,further,i would like to request you to like and,share this video,do subscribe to our channel for your,support matters,and motivates us now let us talk about,it further,so guys if the site mangadex is up,and you are still not able to assess the,page then it may be,a browser related problem for which,you can make a full refresh for the site,you are using by pressing control plus,f5 keys,at the same time on your running browser,or you can clear the temporary cache and,cookies on your browser,to make sure that you have the most,recent version,of the web page so that's all for,today's video,guys we always welcome and value your,opinions,queries or suggestions so feel free to,share your thoughts,about the mangadex database error in the,comment box given below,share this video with your friends and,family,please give a big fat thumbs up to the,video,and click on the subscribe button to get,more,informative videos in the future thank,you,for giving your valuable time and have a,beautiful day,you

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Mangadex Drama Is Getting SERIOUS

Mangadex Drama Is Getting SERIOUS

and then bring us into your topic sir Oh,what do you want me to talk about,anything whatever is the most,interesting okay a lot of one topic,let's go,okay George do you read manga on manga,text actually did you read the I,recommended yeah not yet dude you know,what I did I went to my local manga,store and I bought more books I put a,book next to like my table so when I,wake up my doesn't want to get out of it,I just reach for that instead of my,phone and let's have a knocking out some,mangas nope that's awesome,okay so my ex people who aren't homies,like Jorge manga like me,we typically read them on like the,colored manga aggregators like kiss,manga or like sites that compile just a,bunch of different long gone and they're,like competing against each other tight,and one of the big ones right now is,called a manga decks and reading for,like translations right because know,like views mmm yeah for like Siberia for,traffic traffic traffic it's all the,Yanks are fighting yeah manga is one of,the higher quality manga aggregators,because they don't run ads on their site,they survive purely off donations and,like selling merchandise Oh,which is cool and they're like their,whole thing is that they're uh they're,scan later frenzy it's like the whole,issue with these manga aggregators or,that they just take the scan leaders,like their their manga the things that,they upload and they just upload it to,their own website somebody like divert,traffic away from the people who are,actually translating and scanning these,manga so that doesn't make them happy,right and,manga decks the whole shtick is that,they're working the scan leaders they're,like you guys have the majority of the,control over how your things get,uploaded to our site and if you don't,want it upload it to our site will,delete it will get rid of it for you you,know although control is in your hands,you guys have absolute power over your,content your quote unquote your content,so that's the whole thing and right now,there have they have this like drama,which one like five or seven big stem,translation groups where they're being,whiny little and like it's some,really silly show,information how are you getting the info,like from their Twitter yeah you one of,the scan like third party second there's,Marga Dex the website and moderators,behind the website itself there's a,bunch of different parties I'm reading,mainly from this third party guy who,compiled all this information in between,the discourse and everything repos Peter,I also read the first hand that,happened so why are people pills what's,wrong oh the translation group one of,the translation groups they had this,weird drama with manga decks with Naga,educator site or whatever because they,they put like delays on their releases,which is a bit odd on this on this site,it's like the moment they finish,translating a chapter,they put a delay up like two weeks on it,on this site so you can't read it until,two weeks later why so that won't they,claim that they were just testing like,how willing manga Dex is willing to work,with them but some people think it's,like read like when they put a delay on,it no force the user is to go,their website to read it and so then,they get the traffic and add revenue or,people clicking onto their website and,so when they put that delay the this is,a really light quick rundown of the,situation but when they put that delay,the users on the manga aggregator site,market X they got really pissed and they,were like commenting you know they were,being like the internet that was ,talking them they were trash-talking,them all that all that jazz right and,then the moderator is on manga decks,Scott kind of fed up with it and they,have like some kind of issue they had,issues with the translation groups and,the translation group decides to just,completely break it off that way we're,done delete all of our from your,site and manga decks did because that's,their thing they're like okay since you,don't want your stuff here we'll delete,all of it they got rid of all their,chapters and manga series on their site,when they did that all the users got,like through a riot,they're like what the where all my,chapters go they got really mad so they,complained among addicts and then the,moderator is on that a site they were,like yo it's not our fault we can't do,anything about it,these guys don't want to be on our site,anymore so you take the complaint up,with them and they did the commenters,then the users got really pissed so they,went to their site and then they started,saying them like hate hate messages we,know that damn and so like the,whole drama right now is that a the,people in that translation group they're,like they're seeing it the at least the,argument I saw is that they're seen as,like a position of power a power,differential kind of thing there's like,a lot more users going to manga decks,then trying to translate a site and so,they're complaining that when manga,decks did that when they p

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WTF Mangadex part 1

WTF Mangadex part 1

let's go ladies and germs me again,talked in a while and then I look at it,I see my apologies,excuse me so um I guess some funny ,to show you so well I was just browsing,the internet you know after I took a nap,excuse me I looked into what was going,on the interwebs and I looked into this,link posted by a lot of scantily sure,dis courts or scant scan to later dis,courts I'm called sayonara manga Dex,it began in Meraki scads of I recall,that they had drama prior and a lot of,their series like a lot of solo leveling,before jhemini's box took over still,catching up to that like a lot of series,up to well jhemini's box is translations,we're like yeah we're dipping we're done,here or we're no longer supporting manga,Dex now I'm gonna read this thread from,there sup from manga Dex just um I'm,reading off of it full credit to the,anonymous author here we would keep,anonymous for the time being because,this is some interesting I was,looking into dear manga Dex readers and,all interested parties when it was,announced that that but battuto which,was the previous site basically Bato was,he go to site for a lot of series that,were you see you see if he did one day,of kiss mangas this was a good,site to swap into again this was like if,you didn't want to deal with her ,this was a better site to go for or it,was a better set go for supposedly its,back,apparently I think after bought oh shut,down they just everyone just went to,manga Dex,I don't know among Bato is still around,after they shut down but apparently,that's that's what happened,Bato shut down after after a while,anyway the scandal Asian world went into,frenzy looking for a new place to called,scandal Asian hub from a thin the put,this panic manga Dex was an,giving hope to all teams that were,relied on bought a tow for their leases,now that's a that's actually sheeting,like this was a new website that came up,now I don't think magnetic has been new,for some time but I recall it being,around for a while um they were not very,well great when it came to series that,they should be translating under um I,had to look for the I had to go to,Monica a lot to read the goblets later,chapters I'm kind of got a deal with,labor so I just I just don't care for,anymore,I wasn't really in the mood because it,was on a website I don't usually use I,just don't use Monica lot as much as I,should but let's you don't care I've,been looking at but but anyway we all,assumed that MD worked but be the next,bought a tow as platform that we owe had,come to love respect and cherish um yeah,basically um originally it was gonna be,the kiss manga replacement because kiss,manga actual the kiss sites are infamous,for malware viruses but it's kind of,understandable at the time because this,was like a new site no one knew what it,was gonna be like we all assumed that,would be the next bunch of mice platform,that we deliver however this assumption,was nothing short of a blunder on our,part as a lot of teams collectively,stated start experiencing what we called,targeted hate for members of the indie,community big hikes the source of this a,it was quite apparent as NP had become a,breeding ground for the for this hate,against cannulation team that failed to,follow the walls of the MT admin such,mods and Ally members roof the policies,and methods empty employee to bolster,their library of content created their,this rush for people to first upload,content for special roles this was done,assuming all active teams lead would,agree to this which was obviously not,the case do you decide to leave or,support or not support MD members of the,community call it a vocal minority or,not what he that team would headhunt,team leads,yeah the owner JB JB was like the first,one to deal with this this is uh or,about back to me apparently the rest got,what I thought it was mer Merrick mierqi,scans me rocky scans and then it's what,to jhemini's box which has collaborative,Jim with mer Merrick II scans to do some,collaborative work can you excuse me for,a moment,I'm fixing I'm sorry that was not what,you think it is just had to do something,however may interpret it this to MD,these are discord screenshots I'm not,gonna read these but the admin was very,respectful he could delete this thread,but he decided not to I think it's a,dude um pardon me I gotta go do some,fixing again,barmy America scans again a lot of the,series a lot of websites here that,needed manga Dexter help just can't they,can't literally go to them anymore they,just got a deal they get your bet now,the admin here said the following I'm,just gonna read those off of here I will,link all of this down the description,down below cuz this is a developing,story administrator I'm just gonna keep,that dude anonymous - I could delete the,stripe I won't as I have nothing to hide,my views haven't changed since day one,after all now this is where I kind of,get where he comes from here like they,wanted to make longer Dex have money,they needed resources - have a pictur

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The BEST iOS Manga Reader !?!!? 2?

The BEST iOS Manga Reader !?!!? 2?

how's it going my friends today's video,is going to be about another app to read,manga on,ios please do stay to the end of this,video so you know how to download it you,get all the information since i am not,sure if this is going to be available,when i do post this but you will be able,to get into the discord server where you,will be able to,just know when it will come out and then,just be on it since,me myself this was the first one i found,out about but when i didn't find out,about it it was literally just like oh,yeah,you can't get in so you have to wait,all you need for this,will be test flight so just download,test flight,all you're going gonna need in my juice,so going back to paperback,you have multiple different sources,but here's the thing a lot of these,sources are various us since if we do go,to the history just go to a random,source that i just was reading or,attempting to read as you can see,yeah uh,the,the chapter not loading like,um,yeah man like some of these sources be,sus i don't know if it's just me i don't,know if it's just something i gotta,clear up with the discord not sure,however,the mongodex i do know does work oh okay,there's one out of two i i shouldn't,have done that okay so it's one out of,two so let's see,this is the experiment,for me as well since i don't know if,this is gonna work so,yeah it's just loading,perpetually,um,it's not even that my internet's bad yo,um,it just uh,it's just not loading dude um,so yeah this might be another sus one,but as you can see like literally some,of them just doesn't show oh oh oh oh oh,look look all right all right all right,so,this source might work maybe it's just a,little bit slow yep okay yeah that is,the omniscient reader i'll just add that,right there i don't know why it says,completed but it's not completed so,flame scans all right mangadex that's,what i was using before i know this one,works,so just going for solo leveling,obviously pretty easy let me just get to,chapter one look how look how fast it,was okay this is not in english this is,not in english yo this is not an english,show um,so okay here,no,it's still not in english,so as you can see right,as you really can see sadly enough,yeah you you can read manga and like you,can do stuff with it but um,yeah,yeah,so,content settings let's have that mug on,english let's make sure we only get,english so let's see if that fix is so,leveling it did not it did not so,apparently,this,just uk symbol right here,doesn't matter,we've been bamboozled,buddies we've been bamboozled oh what,dungeon oh,perfect,heck yeah,so easy peasy lemon squeezy we fixed,this by going to the content settings,and choosing english pretty easy,learning as we do go along i'm i'm doing,this in one take i just want y'all to,get this information,um,yeah you can change the thumbnail sizes,to small medium like as you can see a,small thumbnail side let's make them,large this time,and then we'll just go back to medium,gotta keep it under solved so let's just,get some sources,no i'm not trying to back up sources as,you can see these are a few of the,sources i have so these are the hentai,sources you can literally just installed,it pretty easily right there,you can install these other sources,right here,some of them are sus as you did see,earlier on in this video so just find,whichever ones work for you go with it,yeah pretty easy pretty easy my g so you,know i'm just going to,show off the favorites tab you just hit,it favorite right there you can merge,things so i presume this is just for,different versions of the same app,so,pretty easy you know,but with that being said,uh it's pretty similar to the vid what i,made a video on earlier,which is,manga soup,our boys we got the files the library,the history the downloads etc you can,just go to that video for that but yeah,it's very similar,literally just have different things you,can default and like change your default,that is something that you can do so let,me just show that real quick,no not what i wanted to do not what i,wanted to do either jesus christ,but as i try to remember how to do this,oh yeah i'll probably edit this part out,since this is just me being down,horrendous,actually nah,yeah don't don't even remember how to do,it so i'm just going to pretend like i,didn't do that,like just edit this out but,you must be wondering how you actually,get to this,app,so obviously,there is a discord,discord discord discord discord,right here,where you can get,the releases pretty easy right here,what i did to get it was um,this to the bots and there is a,paperback bot right here so just go to,the server i'll have a link to it right,here you'll be able to get to it pretty,easy,move external things right here i'll,just like get into this there's,literally something for questions right,here for support,yeah,pretty easy this is an alternative i,would say that manga soup is better but,this is probably just as good if you,learn how to use it yeah hope this works,for some of y'all,if it

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Twitch Streamers Getting HACKED Compilation 2

Twitch Streamers Getting HACKED Compilation 2

what,what what the ,well man my face is going crazy,cyanide,holy right oh, what is this actually oh,wait holy ,thank you,what the what the what the did,you hear that wait did you all see this,no there's a ghost in here,oh my god what the ,what is happening i'm,hello i can't see,is that my phone,well what,oh my god my steam's getting hacked,my steam's getting hacked,how do they get my steam,password,all right well,i gotta sort everything out boys,um my steam is ,and i need to change so many passwords,and i need to make sure my pc is not,ratted because i don't have because my,my everything's getting hacked,why is it all happening at once,i just got something called your account,credentials have expired please re-enter,your password to continue steam refresh,login is that something new,oh is that what happened to you no i,just got straight up logged out,your account credentials have expired,please re-enter your password to,continue huh,ah he's got a donation it says it's a,prank boys at summit summit come on man,stop throwing me log into steam failed,oh,really yeah my my password's not working,dude what the is going on can we,get some meatloaf all right i'm scared,oh god everybody run my profile is going,on private,right about now yeah i can't i can't get,back into my uh,i can't go back in like my count got,past my my password got changed,video,what,no what the are you guys in game,still,oh yes yep yeah sniped him the specific,game the snipe game,yeah random kick like yesterday was,happening before,milan you're in the game yes,yeah you got a deafen oh okay,thank you whoever else is in the match,as well stefan,that's fun i'm bad,what happened to you you just got killed,by the server uh yeah they just kicked,me out,now i'm trying to log back in but the,login button doesn't work,it was randomly banning people like,before the issue started like because,they went,made the service down like eliminated by,epic games,batman i try to relaunch,i actually think i'm getting act right,now,i dead ass think my account just gotta,act,i'm not even playing what the ,dude what do you mean,what,what do you mean i successfully changed,my password homie,i've just always brought the sgs and,it's done pretty well up until today,dude what the ,all right,i'll see you guys when i uh,see you guys when i get back,i have to stop the stream for a minute,guys i'll probably be live in a little,bit,but we're getting uh hacked,right now so,hello,okay let me just make hello,where the my flip knife what the,hell is my flip knife fade dude,okay it's gone where do i go to trade,history,maybe i already traded to this guy i,don't know you trade history here we go,okay here's this you traded hi,i'm bob and op asimov,who the is this,who the is bob,who the bob,they took expensive items but like i,have a dragon lore,it was bob i know you traded with hi,i'm bob one two three,who are you,what is this,this user has also played as when will,it end i like penis,bob the dick cruncher hi i'm bob123 hi,i'm bob bob bobby i'm bob and i like,penis bobby do you like penis,so this is who hacked my account my pc,okay it's a rat they grab some files,from steam that includes your password,and when you,and when you log in it says your ip,okay let me check my email,you're you're oh my god,your steam account access from a new,device,oh and it gave me an ip,hello you bob,you

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The Story of a Terrifying Hitman and a Little Girl Chapter 2 /3 [Manga Dub]

The Story of a Terrifying Hitman and a Little Girl Chapter 2 /3 [Manga Dub]

this bed is so fluffy,it's been so long since i slept on,something comfortable,is this really okay,now mr killer has nowhere to sleep,the chair is good enough,oh,are you perhaps,going to kill me,while i'm fast asleep,you're pretty good at guessing you,better enjoy the last time you'll ever,sleep yeah yay,a chair or bed makes no difference to me,anyways,finally it's quiet,i can never sleep due to the nightmares,after all,you too huh,wait,oh ,the hell am i doing,so this is the girl mr killer picked up,huh,when i heard you picked up a woman i,didn't think it'd be a twerp like this,picked up you don't need to know,i don't have a hobby like that,although it's true that there might be,more to this girl,i'll do some digging on my hand,i'll leave it to you,oh yeah,i'm this guy's employer,in other words his boss,i'm also the owner of this bar,the boss is your father don't go telling,your weird stuff,in any case my job ends here,you can take care of this kid at your,place,well then it's decided it'll be your,newest job,you're going to live together with this,kid for a while,what,i refuse why do i have to be the,babysitter,because it's safer that way,there's no hitman in this that he would,want to attack you after all,it looks like the girl is warming up to,you too,that's,hey you say something to her too,you don't want to live with a killer,right,i can't stay with mr killer,i guess you can,this way it'll be more convenient to,kill you whenever i want,what's with that character,just,ignore it,you

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ONI GF "The Story So Far!!!" (PCManiac Comic Dub)

ONI GF "The Story So Far!!!" (PCManiac Comic Dub)

hey billy,will you always protect me,even when we get older,of course,leave it to me,yay,she's so cute,huh,10 years later,what are you looking at,hey billy tell me what type of girl you,like,huh,why do i have to tell you,come on tell me,uh,i guess,someone pretty and girly,like,a princess,then,huh,when i grow up i'll be just as pretty as,a princess,then we'll get married,my name is billy,and i'm a normal high school human,and this oney on my left is my childhood,friend and fiance,kirika,you see both of our parents were really,close,died,die,so they made an agreement for the both,of us to get married,once we've reached adulthood,kirika has changed a lot since then,and now that we've entered high school,she's gotten a lot bigger,yeah,much,bigger,oh,you've been staring for a while now is,there something on my face,sorry,it's nothing,there really hasn't been any progress in,our relationship,even after being engaged for,10 years,hey,kirika,i was just wondering uh,it's still a ways off the school so do,you want to try holding hands,huh,no way,why should we do something so,embarrassing,it,wasn't just her appearance,kirika's personality also took a,huge change,i'm going on ahead,yeah,okay,holding hands,it's way too embarrassing,i want to,but,what if i hurt him,billy's just a normal human no i i can't,i guess she hates me after all,kirk has gone a lot taller and bigger,after all those years,but one of the things i noticed the most,was probably,those,her horns,i mean,they were pretty small back then,come think of it,i remember there was something she said,hey kirika those horns,they look really cool,yeah really,can i touch them,huh,right now,um,not now,i'll let you touch them,or we get older okay,uh,sure okay,oh no,is what she said,but,we're older now,i should be able to just,ask her about it,hey kirika i was wondering,those horns of yours,is it all right if i,touch them a little,billy,billy,you,disgusting pervert,get on your knees,fine,i've got something to do,so i'm moving ahead,no more sexual harassment from you,got it,yes yeah,i,guess she just,really doesn't like when people touch,him,meow,my horns,i don't mind,but,it's too early,at least until marriage,note,female oni's horns can only be touched,by their lovers,my,you

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ESPERS AND KNIGHTS!!! | One Punch Man Manga Chapter 117 [159] Live Reaction | ワンパンマン

ESPERS AND KNIGHTS!!! | One Punch Man Manga Chapter 117 [159] Live Reaction | ワンパンマン

lazy to my boys girls dreams of all ages,was poppin and made it establishment,town Z bringing y'all another live,reaction doo-wop and last chapter en,went to crazy en went too hard man,swerved a 50 caliber bullet off his nail,you watch man Blanc a knife to stop,ain't playin this man Blanc a night just,how make that make sense,it don't man's I'll hear while it going,crazy game is crazy,that's my dog well young can I see you I,see you big Gator in his mud cadre,whatever I'm ready I don't even hope for,we going to what fight are we going to, we get a different monster every,time when we stand up with these ABS and,see ease up on top or we going back to,the SS back at the bottom notch and I,needs it man look look imma need to see,this you know I'm impatient trying to,get up into this chapter real quick as,time let's go ahead and get it covered,paired either got this female that I,don't remember or don't know hey my bad,I'd be like that sometimes an unknown,flower of darkness a diminutive figure,brandishing great just 117 corner rack,whose corners ah we got me Sookie,already in this mushy one in their hands,though dude she got in yeah I'm gonna,tell you she got the man by the touch,what happened they be running their fate,say even though compared to dark shine,senpai nothing I still got to give it my,all,and carry this baton that child Emperor,gave me all the way back to the finish,line okay the baton gotta be you be I'm,saying I get what she talking about the,analogy why gotta McCool ugly ass dude,they said for the team he says so,annoying swiped that I went to an errand,he fast as hell he swiped I see as a,blur and then BOOM,he broke the sound barrier with that,mother goddamn she gets in flying flying,and then before she hit the ground,somebody hit the psychokinesis whatever,the hell and put her down look like a,espera some like that no it's,somebody else this man has a lightning,what happened what happy he helping a,puff who are again murder and his one,panel shots clean with it ain't really,no emotion with it but you could see the,emotion in this man you can see that I,can't tell if he's being shocked as well,but are there any huffing and puffing he,bleeding is she you know I'm saying he's,obviously helping fight me and - what is,he shocking himself - along with the,bangs is going on and he's like what,happened they said an expert yeah that's,forgive spits Empire hair up and get,away from me he raises her hands up,after witnessing boss lady tossing,monkeys power up clothes imaginations,beyond my limits started pouring in my,brain but I got no control over okay so,here expert and I asked her but he saw,tatsu monkey go crazy and he like hey,hold on you got me up if you,think I'm just gonna nut if you think,I'm just gonna not know and we got,translators know there's not a proper,translation for the word he used for,boss lady basically just a friend at,Pathan Tamaki is the top Esper he knows,okay okay so she's just the best expert,still wondering you know I'm saying when,she ripped girl gear out who she was,she's supposed to be for Bhutanese,friends so it's like this is another,expert and this white girl girl has her,desperate power is this or whatever it,looks like you do his day it's after,powers but giver says but still I have,the unleashing even if it means,sacrificing more light you gotta relax,your deep oh hey your whole line yo ho,line he destroyed all the cities around,them you you might have you know I mean,you would think you'd wanna hit again,with one of those you know I'm saying,the N is nimble he's a cat,I'm saying and did damn a yo hole up,he turned him into spike hey yo ,did should go - it wouldn't look too,crazy he's turned of justice by he ha he,said I go ahead and swing him out on one,time,looking like cats off courage and then,yeah it's like a big eyes explosion when,he put them all together you see the,dust flying everywhere,mizuki fly back she like hidden the car,but not she flying flying explosion has,some strength behind it even for buki,looking at my sister na na at Euston my,cousin,yeah it's just a pile of building Xing,did he unspoken or the huh or did he get,like the rent he got not only the spikes,but the rest of the crumbles of the,building on his ass too got down he,still guys for air,Mizuki down there and like that he,bleedin like a I returned,the favor I own even though it was very,dangerous,oh man thing on his head bro hopefully,we ain't dead hope homey ain't dead,that's crazy,he fell he said he did it he's like I'm,safe we won and it got flattened serve,you right you monster this is what,happens to those who oppose our,association you know your boy thinnest,paper,not just now I thought he was gonna hop,on out of it I mean marry he does gonna,I wonder if anyone even landed on him he,said he couldn't stand his own Esper,powers and self-destructive pathetic and,that didn't even scratch him go,ahead and give him we got him on the,slicer sly someone's cheap just like yo,you only got

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