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In The News! Malcolm Nance & Andrew Yang's Twitter Fightoh,malcolm let's talk about your twitter,fig

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

In The News! Malcolm Nance & Andrew Yang's Twitter Fight

oh,malcolm let's talk about your twitter,fight with andrew yang because yes this,is the this is exactly the time we need,a new party that is conveniently named,after your new book,you said oh andrew yang said why so,scornful malcolm the world isn't so,black and white and you said please,explain to andrew yang why i'm so,scornful i'm trying to save democracy,him not so much you said the american,experiment is under siege liberal,governments are falling globally to,fascism racism abounds the world is,literally burning what's your genius,idea start the forward party to peel,votes off from the only party trying to,save it all thank you thank you thank,you,i,yeah i don't get him this guy is his ego,is so off the charts,that he thinks that this is a genius,idea and then like i said that he he,knows now he is in his op-ed of you know,that he wrote on his own website right,why i'm leaving the democratic party to,open to start the forward party at this,time knowing that let's say he removes a,fraction of those people he gets the,jill stein voters we've seen elections,fall to that yes this man does not,fundamentally understand that american,democracy,decided the 2016 election in the three,swing states i mean it's as we said,kristen cinema is the tulsi gabbard of,jill steins of jill steins right,but andrew yang is now the,he's the susan serrano of independence,he's the susan sarandon of kirsten,cinemas,well all i can say is this,i have never seen a billionaire get,racist is he a billionaire or a,millionaire billionaire i think yeah,millionaire billionaire well you know if,i had a dollar for every every comment,that ratioed him i'd be a millionaire,too this guy has you know he comes out,and he says in response to me um i'm not,sure i'm i'm not sure but i think both,parties are doing this destruction of,democracy descendants of fascism and,racism and it's and somebody came up and,tweeted immediately this is why we hate,you,this this what about ism i'm not sure,get out of the political stage okay if i,had run for president i probably would,have gotten more than one delegate this,guy could barely get one mia to buy it,exactly pick a team play hard okay you,also finally can i say the final word on,afghanistan from,malcolm nance you said i know it hurts,but it ended when trump made that secret,deal and gave it back to the taliban no,amount of american firepower was going,to convince the tribes not to deal with,the taliban it was a cultural victory,not military it was always going to end,this way always thank you malcolm dance,and my my poor friend john phipps uh,former marine was feeling bad about his,time in afghanistan he said he'd done,almost three years and and that was in,response to that but you know,it's hard for the warriors who come home,and you know cannot see any advancement,on on what they've done,it's it's terrible the way it ended was,always going to end that way,um now it's time to see what we can do,from the outside whether we can support,ngos support women,uh support uh you know foreign,governments that can can help the,taliban recalibrate themselves but they,are in oligarchical practice no i'm,sorry not oligarchical they are a,patriarchal totalitarian islamic society,and no amount of shooting was going to,change that yeah ask alexander the great,he can do particularly well there thank,you thank you the man did i tell you the,man knows everything that's what i said,i said it i said what i said i love you,malcolm see you next week

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ukrainian Foreign Legion Member Malcolm Nance on War

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ukrainian Foreign Legion Member Malcolm Nance on War

foreign,Malcolm good to see you thank you for,doing an interview at the Key of post,um and uh you know thank you for coming,and for those who don't know you already,could you say a few words about your own,background how you got into this and who,you are well uh I'm Malcolm Nance and uh,I've until just recently been a member,of the international Legion for the,territorial defense of Ukraine from the,very first days of the war in fact I,have been in Ukraine for the last 10,months I arrived a month before the war,where I was doing a study of the Russian,order of battle and the lines of uh of,the invasion,um if you don't know I'm a member I or I,refers that I'm uh I was with MSNBC and,NBC News in the United States as the,National Security counterterrorism and,intelligence analyst on national news in,the United States for almost seven years,and uh I've got into uh where we are,today by leaving that job and joining,the international Legion in order to,help save Ukraine from the Russian,invasion I have almost 40 years in U.S,intelligence in the U.S uh Naval,intelligence 20 years in U.S naval,intelligence and uh almost 17 years in,U.S national security and intelligence,I've worked all around the world uh I'm,a member of the international aboard of,the International Spy Museum in the,United States where I'm actually an,exhibit and I have a very deep,background in National Security uh and,warfare with that that's why I came to,Ukraine and volunteered my my time my my,treasure in my life if need be to help,with Ukraine so I've been in the legion,since the beginning and actually all,three branches of the Legion that's,working with uh the defense intelligence,the first Battalion and Third Battalion,International Legion what inspires you,why did you decide to quit everything in,the United States you're a celebrity,there you're successful you're making,lots of money why would you quit all,that to go to Ukraine what was the point,of that yeah in fact the joke is better,I'm paying Ukraine 10 you know five five,digits salary per month to be in the,legion and in fact I you know I love the,organization but I I joined because in,the pre-war I met many people in Ukraine,and saw and was reporting on the news,that the entire perspective of the,global media was wrong about how they,were perceiving the Russian invasion uh,what they thought of the the chances of,Ukraine and I was in fact one of the,lone persons in media saying that one,the Russian invasion will fail two they,will never take the city of of Kiev I,haven't said that very clearly I have,driven almost every Road in Ukraine,prior to that along the lines of where,the Russians would have to go to invade,it was pretty clear,that most news media did not understand,there was a Ukrainian Army and I had,friends in the Ukrainian Army I made,other friends in the Ukrainian Army,there were people that I had met who had,uh were compatriots before the war and,so,when The Invasion started I was,receiving calls from a couple of them we,were saying we're going to die in the,next 24 hours uh you know if there's,anything you guys can do to help help us,because this invasion is an onslaught,and uh well president zielinski,announced that he was creating the,international Legion I went right to,Washington uh got my interview at the um,Embassy the Ukrainian Embassy in,Washington and was directed to report to,uh to Kiev uh where it was pretty clear,that I was a very level personage and,they weren't going to just throw me in,the Infantry so uh I went there and I,started working with the ministry of,defense and defense intelligence so,you're really positive about the Foreign,Legion you have a lot of good things to,say but not everybody has an opinion you,know there's been a lot of allegations,recently that there's been uh Francis,weapons that have gone missing,especially weapons from NATO uh that's a,very heavy allegation I mean what have,you seen though well you know I know the,origins of all these stories I know the,Kev independent did two stories and,they're really hit pieces they are,really poorly sourced they think they,have sources but I know the sources are,and those sources have an agenda and so,I'm going to give a little balance to,that story uh to both stories uh many of,the factors that they have in there are,true and there's a big difference,between having facts that line up and,give you a story and the truth and then,this is where journalists fall into this,trap and trust me I know that I deal,strictly in what we call Ground truth,the intelligence facts as they appear uh,and as they can be Quantified so look,the international Legion was is not an,experiment I was there from the ground,uh when it when it first broke I was,there in the background as it was,developing uh and I know all the players,who are involved there I know Colonel uh,the the first Commander or first,Battalion and this is a matter you know,he's great character he's quite a,character and in fact there's a video,clip w

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Malcolm Nance & Richard Grenell Have an Epic Twitter Exchange

Malcolm Nance & Richard Grenell Have an Epic Twitter Exchange

good morning you look unscarred from,your twitter fight with richard grinnell,wait what what happened,um let me i don't even know how this,started but one of them he said,he tweeted you say trump supporters want,to kill americans where's your proof you,said okay america trump's former,accurately titled acting dni asked,where's the proof trump supporters want,to kill americans let's recalibrate him,since he's clearly been in a coma,between subverting democracy and,betraying the constitution i'll start,and then,chris you were saying this that you just,went down and listed yeah na you know it,was all substance that's right for,malcolm what i mean story after story,like what do you,this one man asked charlie kirk when he,can start killing people who don't think,trump won you said this happened so,recently i don't even have it in my book,but then you went to list all the other,uh people,arrested and or convicted of wanting to,kill americans right,let me tell you where this started,because it didn't start with that tweet,it started with a tweet,from,stephen,miller,yeah rudy giuliani's nosferatu mini-me,uh,that came out and actually attacked me,and i refrained,and what i said the only thing i said to,him was,uh that there would be an epic,recalibration,but before i could do a thing,um richard grinnell richard grinnell if,you don't know who he is he was a big,big trump fundraiser uh part of trump's,lgbtq for trump campaign was made u.s,ambassador to germany yes uh got,literally as an ambassador you're only,allowed to transmit messages you're not,allowed to get involved in local,politics he was meeting with angela,merkel's political opponents to,overthrow their government in elections,wow and the germans wanted him kicked,out,so they brought him back to the united,states and what was his job,they replaced a wonderful career,intelligence officer named sue gordon,who was acting as director of national,intelligence uh really a true,professional a loyal patriot,and they put this guy in as,acting director of national intelligence,and apparently his job was to feed,information to the trump campaign to use,against the intelligence community and,to fight and all of this was done in the,run-up to january 6th yeah so i wasn't,taking any lecturing from someone who by,the way to be director of national,intelligence by statute by law,you must have line one,experience in us intelligence yeah yeah,when i was a little baby spy coming out,of defense language institute speaking,fundamentally fundamental arabic i had,more intelligence experience than he had,in his entire life yeah i qualified for,director of national intelligence well,he so this guy yeah this was my favorite,tweet he said paramilitary insurgency,you clearly will say anything to sell a,book your radicalism should be widely,dismissed and you said oh look it's a,disgraced stooge commentary day on my,timeline dear dick i look forward to,your truthful testimony before the,january 6 committee on your role of,acting dni and the attempted overthrow,of the government in betrayal of your,oath of the constitution um and also,just good for you you will said i'll i,i'll answer that because like you i had,a decades long distinguished get the,question oh okay first go ahead sorry,yeah he said how why does msnbc have you,on,you said i'll answer that because unlike,you i had a decade's long distinguished,and honorable career in the us,intelligence community protecting and,defending the constitution from foreign,enemies with my life my calling out,domestic terrorists seems a problem for,you why is that thank you i mean you,know we just had ayman muhaddin on his,you know fantastic new podcast,american radical i mean,how are they different from islamic,radicals or terrorists they aren't right,i mean it's just this is oh right in the,intelligence community we just we don't,go by i mean we try to identify your,ideology but sometimes we have to,identify you by your nationalism and we,have american terrorists okay there have,been american terrorists what's,happening now is that they have co-opted,patriotism they like to think that no,matter what they do they can break laws,they can commit crimes,they can threaten people they can,intimidate people we've had how many,mass murders have been committed since,donald trump's election in 2016 in his,name or in the name of the ideologies he,was espousing 26 people mass murdered in,a walmart in el paso by a young kid who,had listened to donald trump's call and,and believed what tucker crosston is now,espousing is the replacement theory,of whites with hispanic immigrants he,takes an ak-47 goes to a walmart and he,shoots virtually all of them are,americans and you you've been talking,forever about killing americans yeah,you've been talking forever about them,fomenting civil war donald trump's,latest rally him saying if you're white,you don't get,when you go to the back of the line i,mean how much more,incendiary does it get blacks are,getting your stuff

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The Ukrainians Are Going To Win, I'll See You On Victory Over Russia Day Says Malcom Nance

The Ukrainians Are Going To Win, I'll See You On Victory Over Russia Day Says Malcom Nance

the work of the january 6th committee is,essential not just to hold the people,accountable who planned an all-out,assault on our democracy but to ensure,that it never happens again in his new,book they want to kill americans malcolm,nance details the threat america faces,from the far right quote over time as,they continue to reject the 2020,election they will merge into an active,american insurgency the armed,contingents could well join into an,alliance of physical resistance forces,to threaten and agitate for the largest,armed rebellion since the civil war,then they will attempt to return to,power,the urge to return to a place of,normalcy to forget about trump and his,followers,though emotionally understandable,is the worst possible response that we,can have to potential future dangers and,joining me now is malcolm nance author,of they want to kill americans the,militias terrorists and deranged,ideology of the trump insurgency malcolm,my friend welcome back to the united,states i'm going to get to that in a,minute i feel like i'm burying the,league because i know you just came back,from ukraine but i want to get to this,book first because as usual you are you,know you are a little nostradamus here,with the things that you write,because one of the things that we've,seen in these hearings is that groups,like the proud boys the three percenters,and the oath keepers kelly meigs of the,oath keepers actually sent out like an,email or a facebook post saying hey,we're coming together that's what you're,predicting in your book talk a little,bit about that,well it's not so much a prediction,anymore i mean,as you recall on november 6 2020 i was,on real time with bill maher,and when everyone was on the show,preaching kumbaya let's uh get together,and try to understand the trump voters i,said i have some bad news for you they,are going into insurgents,an insurgency is not an insurrection an,insurrection is just one act,action that takes place during that,insurgency and insurgency is a broad,campaign,which may involve political actions and,resistance in the halls of power,moving the debate from the halls of,power to the streets political violence,terrorism and destabilization that's,what an insurgency is and i label that,insurgency what i can clearly call it,now which is i,t i t u s which stands for the trump,insurgency in the united states it's,well underway,and one of those statements that you had,read a little earlier the one about,normalcy that was actually written,before before january 6,as part of the uh you know as part of,the uh documentation that we had in the,book but there was this urge to return,to normalcy after the november 2020,election and we saw where that got 62,days after i made that prediction of,bill maher the united states government,had an attempt to overthrow it but all,of those players were talking to each,other we're communicating publicly in,these forums and i had what january 6th,committee has just recently released i,had written in this book a year ago but,this insurgency has very long leg we,have only seen the start of it,and you know what's interesting is,you've seen the far right,pivot from mainly,anti-black uh sentiment and nazi-ish,sentiment and the kind of things we saw,in charlottesville to a real fixation on,trans people in particular but lgbtq,people in particular,and so you know i i've started stopped,calling it like conservative or far,right even it's sort of anti-modernist,extremism it's everything about the,modern world that they hate whether it's,you know,racial progress or progress for,you know queer folks how does all of,this fit together in one ideological,movement what is it that they ultimately,want the country to look like other than,a you know white state or whatever it is,they want,well the the hallmark of the titus of,the trump insurgency of the united,states is to return america to an,alternate variant of what they think,america is and i'm paraphrasing thomas,ricks who said that there's an entire,class of elder you know older,middle-class white people like him who,would rather see america destroyed,than to have it redefined through,equality or diversity for sharing,which is absolutely ludicrous we can,talk about you talk to you about this,all day but i do have to ask you about,your experience in ukraine,you went there to support the fighting,forces um in the most direct way my,friend what did you learn about the,capabilities of the ukrainians and the,possibility that they can ultimately,defeat uh putin's illegal war and,occupation,well interestingly enough i will be,going back in about 10 days you know to,fill my fill my duty working uh,as part of the legion battalion um but,what i learned on the ground is exactly,what i predicted on air on this very,channel that uh that,i know it does what we call z plus three,that's 72 hours after the beginning of,the invasion i was on with chris jansing,and i s and she said well what do you,think is going to happen to the city of,k

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'I’m Done Talking': Malcolm Nance On Fighting In Ukraine

'I’m Done Talking': Malcolm Nance On Fighting In Ukraine

good evening everyone we begin the,readout tonight with yet another,escalation of Putin's war in Ukraine,late today president zielinski said that,Russia has begun an all-out offensive in,the east in his latest video the,Ukrainian leader said that the Russian,military has begun the battle for,donbass it's something Ukraine has been,preparing for a new phase of the war,that could see up to three times as many,Russian troops in the donbass region,that region includes the city of,Marriott Pole where Russia which Russia,needs in order to forge a land Corridor,to Crimea The City Is besieged At least,100 000 people remain without access to,food and water but Ukrainian soldiers,are still holding on as Russian forces,swarm the city the ukrainians rejected,Russia's proposal to spare their lives,if they would stop fighting meanwhile,Russia is not in full control of the,city yet we are learning more about the,treatment of ukrainians in places Russia,has occupied Pi however like an European,where new drone video shows dozens of,graves police say that investigators,have examined 269 dead bodies in the,city meanwhile Vladimir Putin is,rewarding his soldiers accused of war,prime war crimes in Buca giving them an,honorary title and praising their,special merits Mass heroism and courage,and the City of kharkiv is still under,attack with at least two civilians,killed in shelling today residents there,are evacuating but one woman told,Reuters that it's futile if all of,Ukraine is under attack anyway,everyone,is,she is referring to missiles that struck,the Western city of leviv a Haven for,displaced ukrainians and refugees on,their way out of the country leviv is,also a supplies and Logistics Hub where,the cities with the city suffering its,first fatalities since the beginning of,the war that attack in lavid hit close,to home today with my colleague the,great aliruzzi and friend of the Show,Malcolm Nance seeing the missiles rushed,by as they conducted an interview,Ukraine's unique territory,it's not going down no,but I've never seen a fast mover I'm,wondering whether that was a cruise,missile did you see the aircraft,are we in an air raid,yeah we are we had that race there's,another country wait there will be three,standby striking to the West that's two,well there's at least one more that,wasn't a plane it was a cruise missile,that was a cruise missile yeah wait for,one more they're fired in 30 seconds,they fire them in 30 second intervals,smoke standby,three cruise missile caliber look,standby,five six eight nine ten eleven yeah,that's three so three cruise missiles,yeah,joining me now from Aviv is NBC News,correspondent Alia Russian Ali that is,harrowing footage um you know we had,come to to think of leviv as the safer,place at least a safer Place uh because,it is so far to the West,um what does it mean that Russia would,strike there I mean literally in the,middle of your interview there are those,cruise missiles flying overhead,a high joy that that's right I mean look,I mean you could hear an interview the,one that we actually saw the second one,I it was so big I thought it was an,airplane so that's the last thing we,were expecting there and then you saw,that thump and of course throughout the,beginning of this conflict the outskirts,of Lev have been hit they've hit fuel,Depots and airplane,factories but never the center of the,city this was a very built up area full,of Apartments houses uh it was done at 8,30 in the morning when people are going,about their daily routine now the,Russians said in a statement that they,hit a warehouse where ammunition from,the West was coming in from but uh they,didn't say that they hit an auto repair,shop and this is the first time that,they've killed people here in Levin,seven people were killed in that strike,amongst the injured was a three-year-old,child that had escaped from Hurricane,only to be injured by a Russian missile,here in what was supposed to be a safe,Zone and we've seen waves and waves of,displaced people coming here looking for,San country looking for refuge in Lev,but they're no longer finding that here,you speak to ukrainians all through the,day today and they don't say will will,Lev be hit again they ask when will be,hit again so that there Putin has really,broadened his canvas of attacks and he's,made it very clear that there is no more,sanctuary in this country so people are,very on edge here they were shaken up,before this happened when the outskirts,of the city was was hit now they are,really frightened that they could be a,Target in this war here in levit and you,know it is pretty remarkable I mean the,the is the idea and is what you're,hearing on the ground that Russia is,expanding because they don't seem to,have the capability to be blunt to wage,war throughout this massive country they,seem to have been at least up until the,last couple of weeks focusing on the,east on trying to sort of create this,land bridge,um to Crimea does it feel at least as,you're there in

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Twitter Needs to Lay Off Malcolm Nance

Twitter Needs to Lay Off Malcolm Nance

yes you heard right malcolm nance will,be here live from ukraine,he's tanned his own balls with his own,badassery,no extra equipment required,thank you for all the pictures of,malcolm hero,tucker carlson zero okay he was never,low t no no he's never been low weirdly,malcolm's never been low t tucker,okay,by the way you'll have to get your balls,back from putin before you can tan them,so,tucker,all right so uh yes and all the uh steph,head love and light going out hopefully,we'll,don't mean to make it about me chris but,i can't i know you can't help it i can't,suffer any more losses we are very uh,proud of malcolm and also uh,terrified,i'm terrified that he is if you haven't,heard uh join the um,is it called the legion the foreign,legion which is uh ukrainian they are,essentially part of the ukrainian forces,right to defend uh ukraine there are,people from outside ukraine helping to,fight inside ukraine yeah yeah are you,not struck by the,i don't know the,you know white seas uh right-wing men on,fox and elsewhere whining about their,low tee and having to wear a mask on a,plane,and malcolm nance,snowflakes,picked up a rifle and is uh actually,physically defending uh ukraine from,this genocide i'm just,okay,that's it we've had enough,okay um so we will oh and by the way all,of our sexy liberals are do-gooding in,various parts of the world dr redlener,is uh in poland visiting refugee camps,but he just texted us he will join us,tomorrow malcolm nance is literally,physically defending freedom and,democracy in ukraine and will join us,today,that's a sexy liberal i guess whining,about a little piece of cloth on your,face to protect other people i,can't,oh didn't someone on twitter tried to,say that malcolm was once a trump,supporter,yes malcolm similarly,disposed of them like have you,seen him on tv at all read any of his,books oh right they said he tried to get,a a,trump administration and that's why he,turned anti-trump he's like really,you're writing a book you've read,anything about the run-up to 2016 and,okay yeah that's history go ahead and,talk your right,he's walking to walk yeah say what you,will if you want to come after malcolm,nance but man you know shut them yeah up,until you pick up a rifle and go over to,ukraine,of all the people to come after,right malcolm dance is not one of them,right no don't do it how you come from,malcolm don't

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Malcolm Nance & Stephanie Miller: Trump Turned His Back on the US. Bold Predictions for 2023...

Malcolm Nance & Stephanie Miller: Trump Turned His Back on the US. Bold Predictions for 2023...

Russia's achieved all their objection,objectives in Ukraine do you have any,thoughts on that,you know,how do these people all end up literally,doing kooky talk yeah I mean this is,crazy with a capital K I mean this guy,ran the defense intelligence uh agency,and what I want to know is was any of,this stuff ever seen in his psych workup,because this is really nuts this means,he believes in Russian originated,conspiracy oh I forgot he sat at the,right-hand improved and took 45 000,bucks from him of course he would say,something crazy like that is just a you,know a treasonous,Malcolm a lot of people have asked why,he hasn't been called back up in court,martial can you speak to that,well because he really hasn't been,convicted of anything he's still in his,Free Speech you know uh you know first,amendment Zone but if he were to get,convicted of something then they would,easily have uh the grounds to pull his,uh pension yeah things like that and,they often you know they often sometimes,cut deals where they'll leave the,pension will go to the wife and uh you,know and commissary Privileges and he,will lose his uh his benefits yeah yeah,um here he is uh continuing with his,Russian talking points Mike General,Flynn I mean one of the things that we,have got to come to grips with is that,this situation in Ukraine is not going,to end well it is not in our favor right,now and the other thing is I know a lot,of guys and I've told them to get the,hell out of who are acting as,mercenaries because they make a lot of,money of this 110 billion dollars to my,estimate that we've already spent in,Ukraine I mean this is a complete waste,of our time of our money and we should,get out of there and there's an easy way,to to get to peace quickly and uh and,frankly you know if anybody thinks that,Russia's on the ropes in this case that,they're sadly mistaken,okay,um you just tweeted Russia is going to,lose these people are indef people I,can't say I can't pronounce the word,they're not going to give up right,anyway but I mean as you keep saying in,other people someone had the balls to,tweet to you you can find out exactly,what the truth is if you have the balls,to go get on the battlefield and you,said you surely aren't talking to me are,you Ukraine is winning and it ain't even,close uh you know of what you speak,because you were just there helping,only only nine months in the Ukrainian,Army uh what war are they talking about,are they talking about the war that,they're fighting in Walmart I mean not,only is the man lives in an alternate,reality okay I'm going to use a,professional term of art intelligence,Community he's not he's crazy all right,he's stuck in something so he's what,does he think he is he has he he has,access to people who are in that world,he refuses to believe it Russia is close,to breaking and I'm I'm writing up a new,article for my 2023 sub stack about my,predictions for this year I'm gonna pull,the full Nostradamus on what's going to,go on anymore and and uh over in Ukraine,but I'm telling you okay when I left six,weeks ago seven weeks ago,they were 106,000 dead Russians and do you know how we,know that they leave the bodies on the,battlefield they never evacuate them the,ukrainians have most of the bodies we,can see that you know they're they're,dead so much playing Shilling for,Vladimir Putin I mean I don't know maybe,maybe he's been promised to date with,Edward Snowden next time he goes to,Moscow yeah I don't know I mean the,headlines the headline this morning,Malcolm from NBC is Russia says,significant number of soldiers killed in,attack dozens of Russian troops were,killed in the Ukrainian strike that use,U.S supplied artillery to hit a base in,an occupied part of the country on New,Year's Eve the rare admission of the,setback reflected the severity of the,incident and of the domestic reaction to,it uh with influential pro-military,figures voicing criticism of the Kremlin,and suggesting the death toll may have,been much higher uh Kiev also appears to,suggest the number of soldiers killed,was higher than moscow's official,numbers so yeah yeah Russia is saying,that they've lost 62 soldiers in this,attack on a resort building right,surrounded by Fuel trucks and ammunition,uh this giant building in marifka uh and,they're saying 62. well when Russia does,that multiply it by 10. the ukrainians,are saying 400 and they know they had,persistent drones in that area they,watched the trucks of the mobilized come,in and form standout in formations and,counted them and they were all living in,this building and you know we are just,awesome our weapon systems especially,the himars uh multiple rocket launch,system it can knock down specific,pillars to make the whole building,collapse on you it's that good Russia,has been having incidents like this we,killed 250 PMC Wagner mercenaries don't,believe the ukrainians believe the,videotape from the inside of those,buildings right where there were no,survivors yeah uh so uh you know bu

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Malcolm Nance Details Experience in Ukraine And Global Extremism

Malcolm Nance Details Experience in Ukraine And Global Extremism

you know it is a war and we do have,several hundred americans who are part,of the international legion for the,territorial defense of ukraine the unit,that i'm,part of that combat unit which we do,have a front line of everyone we're,facing is russian uh we do get routinely,bombarded we routinely fight and um but,we have to hold that line because what's,behind us is what's most important,that's the innocent men women and,children of ukraine and we're there with,almost 900 000 other people holding,three thousand uh there's about two,thousand five hundred kilometers of,warfront against russia,so did you actually,engage in combat physical combat over,there well i'm i'm part of the,intelligence apparatus i run battalions,intelligence apparatus i haven't,actually fired my firearm out of russian,but uh i carry a firearm every day uh we,do get bombarded we do actually send uh,you know artillery back,uh it's a it's a stalemate sort of war,uh when the war goes more kinetic of,course be because i'm part of the,command team uh we have to be prepared,to fight so we're constantly at range,we're constantly doing it and very few,of the actual ukrainian army are engaged,in face-to-face warfare outside of the,trenches and those few you know maybe,ten thousand or more uh who might be in,that act of fight are in these strategic,pockets like the severaness pocket that,we just had the battle for illicit,chance and we had legion members,fighting down there uh but for the most,part the line is being held in order to,wear the russians down to attrit the,russians and then we suppose that there,will be probably a major offensive and,at that point will be a foot mobile or,vehicle mobile infantry combat force,that all sounds very uh frightening um,the war happening in ukraine i wonder um,what a war here in this country might,look like uh and that's what your book,is essentially about because you just,faced off with people who were trying to,kill americans you are coming home to,people who you say are also trying to,kill americans tell me who you're,talking about,you know i juxtapose my time in ukraine,as the as that being the eastern theater,in the defense of global democracy and,every once in a while i hear what's,going on back in the states i take a,look at my twitter feed i look over my,shoulder at the western wall in the,defense of democracy here in the united,states and it's collapsing yeah it,appears to be collapsing we have uh you,know when i predicted this on november 6,2020 when i was on real time with bill,maher and everybody was saying kumbaya,time to shake hands time to understand,what they really want and i said,i'm seeing something completely,different i am seeing an insurgency form,yeah and that is a campaign to,destabilize the sitting government and,62 days later the first strike of that,insurgency would happen which was the,insurrection here at the capitol an,insurgency is a long-term campaign it's,not a one-day thing and you've seen,since that time they have been pushing,their campaign both politically and,threats of paramilitary and personal,action you know it's really frustrating,when people uh we were talking a,commercial break about people saying,you're saying we're trying to kill,people and we're not um you know i think,it's important to show people no,actually you are uh one of the,during one of the hearings of january 6,we heard from two black women patriots,doing their job trying to help people,register to vote make sure the process,goes smoothly their lives have been,upended by people attacking them uh in,georgia i want you to take a listen to,their testimony and then we'll talk,about it,a lot of threats,wishing death upon me,telling me that you know i'll be in jail,with my mother and,saying things like,be glad it's 2020 and not 1920. i get,nervous when i have to give my name for,food orders,i'm always concerned of who's around me,i've lost my name,and i've lost my reputation,i've lost my sense of security,i mean that's the face of what's on the,other side of people making these kind,of threats so when people say,you're saying these things that is what,it looks like you know what's absolutely,fascinating to me is that you you know,as i listen to the communications the,chat rooms internally of the trump,supporters and now what i see in my,twitter timeline of them saying how dare,you say all trump supporters are like,this well that building right over there,was besieged by forty thousand people,who were at that rally ten thousand,engaged towards the police you know as,many as ten thousand they believe,actually compressed up there and as many,as two thousand entered the building you,could see there were thousands of people,engaged in combat,but they believed that nothing they did,was violent,nothing they did had posed any threat to,anyone the firearms that they were,secreting or were planning to bring over,as part of their quick reaction forces,are not the threat,but,to them their firearms are benign,and us dema

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