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INSANE SET GLITCH! DO THIS RIGHT NOW! | MADDEN 23 ULTIMATE TEAMneed some coins to that God Squad you


Updated on Jan 18,2023


need some coins to that God Squad you've,always wanted check out,where you guys can open up exciting,packs win tons of mud coins and withdraw,the coins to your account use code zerk,for 15 off,the whole thing,another day another EA mess up and yeah,there's another glitch currently going,on now I don't give a shout out to Blue,Devil for being a part of the noted gang,if you guys want the chance to shout out,the next video drop a like in the vid,make sure you guys our subs Channel,turnification blonde comment down below,not again now also guys don't miss out,on the Justin Herbert half a completion,exclusive special you guys have today,and tomorrow to sign up using Code,Zircon Underdog fantasy to get the,exclusive special and if you guys sign,up using Code circuit also a match your,first deposit up to 100 which we do have,NFL this weekend but tonight we have NBA,and my picks are over on Twitter right,now if you guys are gonna copy them do,the opposite whatever you guys want to,do so let's talk about this glitch,that's currently going on now a couple,things I want to say number one every,time that you know I talk about a glitch,whatever there's always the group of,people and usually I would just suspect,uh that it's the group people that are,busy right now that are at work or,school or just doing something right and,they get mad whenever I post these,videos because EA is going to patch this,they're already gonna patch this right,tons of people know about this uh By the,time this video goes live I have no clue,uh if this is still going to work or not,it may or may not still be glitched so,do this at your own caution but it is,this set right here you exchange 388 to,89s and you're supposed to only get a 90,to 91 overall League player however,that's not the case and I'm gonna,showcase this for you guys but I do just,want to mention one thing though about,this set and something else that it just,finds really really interesting is this,is not the first time this set has been,glitched in the last couple of days on,Thursday with canvas Heroes people are,opening up this set I just never made a,video on it because I was busy that day,and then by the time I was able to make,a video on it I believe it was already,patched but when you opened up this set,here on Thursday people were pulling,campus Heroes people are pulling the,LTDs people pulling uh the 93 overall,campus Heroes people are pulling the set,Champions as well so it was already,glitched one time this week and then I,believe they fixed it somehow someway,with Team of the week it got broke again,and as you guys can see yeah this is the,glitch that's currently going on so as I,said on Thursday with campus Heroes when,this uh set was glitched it was giving,canvas hero cards right 93 overall,campus Heroes the 96's the LTDs whatever,and as you guys can see it seems like,for some reason with new content drops,it seems to be glitching out this set,because team of the week cards are being,pulled and obviously 96 Justin Houston,LTD he's not a 90-91 and you can see,it's not just the limited but it also is,you know cards like Darrell Rivas I've,seen somebody tweet at me the Ty Hill,and LTE pretty much for some reason the,team of the week cards the like,Champions and stuff yeah they're being,pulled I will say if you guys want to go,ahead and try to do this set right now,prices are pretty high uh you can see,let me just add in these two right here,and we can go ahead and take a look at,the cheapest 8889 looking at this filter,they're going for about 28 29k they have,skyrocketed in price the last like,couple of minutes here if you try to buy,one of these I'm not gonna be able to,yeah they're going to be instantly,bought here so uh doing this set for 90k,to you know actually get a 90 to 91,would be costly so just a recommendation,here be very cautious if you're gonna,open up this pack here to try to get one,of these you know LTDs whatever I don't,know by the time I post this video if,the glitch is still going to be live I'm,posting this video as soon as I possibly,can here but that's why you need to,follow me over on Twitter so you get,updates like this very very quickly,because I tweeted out and said hey this,is glitch but you guys can see I do have,60s 90 to 91 overall player packs so,let's see let's see if I can get lucky,see if I can get glitchy here and,actually pull one of these cards as get,a 90 overall Vita Vega as of the time,they're recording this video I believe,that it is still glitched we get a,legend here so this is going to be a 90,91 99 overall way nichkey again keep in,mind these cards are now over like 28k,and you actually pull a 90 you're,literally making back your coins for one,of those 88 to 89 so the value is not,very good pack number three though we,get a harvest okay so again it's gonna,be a 1991 90 overall Levante David right,there pack number four all right again,not a team of the week we get 91 Nick,Bosa though okay number five no team of

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need some coins to that God Squad you've,always wanted check out,where you guys can open up exciting,packs win tons of mud coins and withdraw,the coins to your account use code zerk,for 15 off,the whole thing,you have a huge content released today,with team of week 16 and 17 a lot of,cards and a lot of them are pretty good,I don't give a shout out to Alec Beckley,for being a part of the Nota gang if you,guys want the chance to shout out the,next video Drop it like in the vid make,sure you guys are Subs the channel to,notification down below not again also,guys it is coming down to your final,chance to get the Justin Herbert half a,completion exclusive special for this,weekend's Wild Card NFL games we have,until tomorrow at midnight to go ahead,and sign up using code zerk to get this,special and you guys will see it in the,app on the 12th also tonight we do have,NBA and I have a bunch of NBA picks live,over on Twitter right now for the 7 P.M,games I will have some for the 9 p.m and,then the late night game as well so as,you guys can see the team of the week,sets are now live there are a ton of,cards I'm gonna quickly run over all,these cards and of course go over the,LTDs whatever but I want to showcase for,you guys uh the abilities on them so,George Kittle here uh the number one,thing that he gets is zero AP short in,Elite that is amazing for George Kittle,but he has 94 speed 91 strength 95 catch,96 catching traffic 95 spec catch 93,show route running 95 medium round,running and 93 run block six foot four,92 truck 96 brake tackle it's the best,tight end in the game and as I said 0 AP,shortened Elite is incredible next up we,have Kobe Durant who does get pick,artists for zero he gets Short Round KL,for one AP acrobat for 2 AP uh buddies,510 95 speed 96 XL 96 man 92 Zone 96,press the height obviously is going to,be a little bit of an issue and then not,much when it comes to the Run game 54,block shed I feel like Rams theme teams,you guys will probably pick him up and,uh rock out with him then we have Sean,Alexander which is just another running,back we just have so many running backs,in the game uh but 95 speed 95 XL 225 92,change of Direction 96 truck 96 brake,tackle he also has 94 juke move only 65,short route running so like he's a,bigger running back right at 225 but,then his like weights compared to Keith,buyers you'd rather have buyers and then,as a receiving back buyers is also,better and then he also has higher,Trucking one less brake tackle better,change direction look at the catching 94,catching compared to 64. still buyers in,my opinion is the best running back in,the game but Sean Alexander for Curious,does also get tanked for one AP goal,line back for 1 AP and I believe running,back Apprentice for one AP and we have,Terrell Suggs who gets Edge thread for 1,AP Under Pressure double or nothing I,believe as well all for one AP and this,card looks incredible 92 speed 96 Excel,96 strength 96 block shed 96 Power 95,finesse move I want this card this card,looks really really good and then 98 hit,power I mean coming around the edge this,is one of the best pass rushers in the,entire game we have 93 overall cam Acres,foia say to luicon Greg Joseph Marco,Wilson then we get into the week 17,players where we have Daniel Jones,taking a look at his stats he has,generic 2 release which is a decent,release it's not crazy crazy good 93,speed 96 throw Power 93 short 95 medium,94 deep 95 300 pressure 95 throw on the,run if you guys used the uh Desmond,Ritter rookie premiered the beginning of,the year he has the same release okay so,that was a pretty solid release like I,said it wasn't like Slinger one but it,was actually pretty solid 94 juke move,89 change direction oh he does get a hot,rod Master for 3 AP Fearless for 2 AP,unslinger for 1 AP and last break for,zero I don't know where you know in the,buckets all of those are gonna be there,but in terms of like Izzy the best,quarterback in the game no is he even,top three quarterback in the game I,would say no as well because of release,and also abilities I believe he does get,set feet lead but I think it's going to,be 4 AP I want to say on him in one of,his buckets here so you could get like a,decent combination of abilities but not,the best and we get Kyle Duggar who gets,Crusher for one AP he also gets goal,line stuff for zero AP 95xl 95 speed 6-1,93 Zone 96 hit power does have 92 change,direction 93 jumping and then 86 block,shed I like that card then we have Tim,Brown against slottomatic for one AP,which is amazing I think he also gets,like short out Elite for one AP as well,and some other ones 95 speed 96 XL 92,spec catch 94 catch traffic 96 shorts 94,medium 90 deep rounding if you guys want,to know abilities check out,there's obviously a ton of cards today,but 94 change direction good after the,catch 94 Brave tackle another solid,receiver and then we finally have,Darrell Rivas who gets pick artists for,zero AP he also gets short out kale f

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all right guys quickly if you need some,ad 23 coins head on over to easy, they got the cheapest coins on,the net as always if you use code Burger,you're gonna get a discount so click,that first link in the description,Rebecca mad for three new batch a team,of weeks week 16 and 17. I'm about to,packs I wish I could show you guys who,are the guys to get but the abilities,and stuff aren't out on all the cards,all right quickly LTD Swiss promo man we,got a Justin Houston and we got a mega,hide this stats on game breaker I don't,know what the abilities are I can't tell,right now for whatever reason but yeah,they're the LTDs and then to Mike Thomas,with like 95 speed when did Mike Thomas,get 95 speed I don't know but I like it,I like it I think he might have solid,abilities too but again I don't know,because it's just not showing up on the,cards right now so yeah those are the,LTD now I've said before this isn't a,promo this isn't a time to pull packs,there's no value in packs right now you,should be sniping things to flip later,on when tdps come back,there's the Keyshawn Nixon so you're,guarantee oh untrained that's a yo I,sent the full effect so we can glitching,out the gate oh 95,I used to love this guy shout out to,Andre Jackson when he was with the,tattoos he was Timothy that's the W pack,now you're guaranteed the 87 in the pack,so that's my guaranteeing 87 right there,then we got Andre that was a good,pack all right EA you're not gonna give,me again you're not gonna give me again,I know these packs are ass here we go,pack two you're not gonna make me look,crazy for telling them not to pull patch,here we go Marco Wilson,Marco Wilson Plaxico Burris,that blacks that plaque zero chill man I,still low-key might get up on my team I,haven't opened my freeze your chill pack,cause I don't know who I want you I,still don't know who I want but yeah oh,this is bad this is all bad,Jonathan Bernard I thought that might,have been my guarantee,again we're guaranteed at 87 plus any,seven plus coming up right now give me a,banger that's been Ritter week 17.,I should probably see what some of this,stuff is going for I don't know if I'm,making coins losing coins trading coins,I don't know,I gotta see if this stuff is going for,Jalen Watson,Christian why it's a hell of a season,and Shane zylstra all right let me just,see what he's going for bro,these 87s is going for okay 7K damn,video checking out Daniel Jones wrecking,93 96 throw power 95 throwing a run and,95 throwing the pressure abilities but,hot rod master I don't use that ability,yo that's one AP protected instability,absolutely sucks it does nothing man,terrible ability so yeah man ability,wise I'm not gonna lie this this thing,might get a beat maybe even a B minus,being stat wise into a plus the stats,are crazy Big Time speed all the,throwing stats they check out abilities,though very man be abilities man let's,uh let's see what he can do though man,Daniel Jones,he got virus Jones Karma though all,right he's got Jason wreck Carmichael,crimarty she's got the red with the uh,the flat round KO oh that's interesting,this is,right his DB best DB running collabro KO,probably means he's gonna run a ton and,I mean a ton a ton of cover too so pay,attention pay attention when we get on,home all right man on offense with,Daniel Jones,oh my gosh oh,what is he running man what is he,running,what is she running so like I see a,safety over at times it's like cover,three,looks like cover three right which might,be covered three Randy Moss should be,open for a free week oh that works too,Watson yo Christy Watson might be my,favorite card in the game right now man,I'm not gonna lie to you I'm not gonna,lie he's a budget Beast he's a he's,stamp budget Beast if you want a budget,Squad,any of that you need them on your team,daddy Dobbs are you serious oh me,big bomb to the end zone Keith Byers,good catch,into a crazy rebound when the new season,drops I'm ,played itself I barely got enough coins,to crank out a gameplay here and there,oh yeah you don't want that you don't,want that Big Ten let's go baby,if I'll show y'all this first drive but,I gotta pick running zone so let's stop,in that zone man let's hop in that zone,I gotta sell some players I got a bow I,need a sailboat low-key Bo had a good,run go was a good guy but he's got to go,now,he's got to go now,instead of Bo I think you think I have,Peppers here bro Peppers should be crazy,maybe six eight users just ain't Fair,it's just not fair,hell no hell no,oh that's tough Carmichael has the,ability to break those deep balls up too,let's go D oh oh oh damn,I saw it coming I just couldn't get that,faster why is he going bro I get so,offended when you guys go for it like,why are you going for it brother you,barely scored brother you barely scored,appreciate the two points man,you had no business to go for it I'm mad,I got that pick too bro again I'm,wasting I'm wasting my own field pass,stuff because like I think one of the,field pa

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*PACK GLITCH* 4 LTDS IN PACKS TOTW 16 & 17! - Madden 23 Ultimate Team

*PACK GLITCH* 4 LTDS IN PACKS TOTW 16 & 17! - Madden 23 Ultimate Team

the biggest team of the week of all time,is officially out so I'm gonna open up,some packs with money and I'm gonna open,some packs with coins and we're gonna,see which one gets the better pull let's,start with the money packs with this 13,times team of the week bundle we have,four limited doubting packs there's so,much to pull so let's start with this 93,plus week 16 plus 17 team of the week,Fantasy Pack we get 293 pluses in here,like I said there's four limiteds out,there's like what eight 96 overalls out,in packs as well there's a ridiculous,amount of cards we get 96 Kobe to rent,in the first pack boys oh my goodness,it's gonna be very hard for the coin,bags to top that whatsoever that is,ridiculous and boys if we get a thousand,likes in this video I'll give away this,96 overall so hit the like button,comment down below please subscribed,notifications on if you enjoy the videos,I would greatly appreciate it I'm,dropping a banger tomorrow if and if I,fail all the challenges in it I'm giving,away a Jersey to one of you guys so be,on the lookout for it one yard equals,one upgrade to my Madden Ultimate Team,it's a banger be first to that video I'm,gonna have a prize for someone who is on,that video within the first 10 minutes,of it being up have notifications on,I'll drop it at six eastern time also,guys there's an insane glitch happening,right now where people are pulling the,96 overalls out of the 90 to 91 overall,Elite player packs so maybe try opening,a couple and see if you get that glitch,to happen for you I would do it quick,though because it's gonna get patched,quick week 16 plus 17 team of the week,packs now remember we're gonna see which,one of these has the better pulls,whichever one loses I have to give away,the best pull to one of you guys down,below in the comment section so we'll,see what we can do just comment down,below to be entered so far the money,packs are obviously winning with that 96,overall poll it's gonna be very hard for,the free pack to even come close to that,it's gonna be extremely hard,Shane zylstra right there cam Dantzler,from week five you would expect in these,packs there would be cards from 16 and,17 in here but it's just one or the,other for some reason Avante Maddox,Tyler Al jair who had a great season,probably like one of the most quiet,thousand yard seasons from a rookie I,have ever seen nobody talked about it,obviously some people know about it but,no one's talking about it at all,probably because he's on the terrible,Falcons but it's still crazy to think,someone got a thousand rushing yards in,one season and nobody cares as a rookie,it's crazy to me David on Yamada right,there come on let's get unlimited let's,get a nice limited Greg Joseph from week,16 Justin Reed from the preseason a lot,of random team of the week cards for,sure but what we truly need what we,truly need is a limited poll Justin,Simmons who's that Oh I thought that was,about to be unlimited dude I thought,that was about to be a limited I've,pulled so many limiteds over the course,of the past few weeks that I'm just so,used to it at this point it's crazy bro,no one should get used to pulling,limiteds but with all the pack luck,we've had on the channel recently I just,have let's get a 95 or John Randall,power up that's totally fine too that is,a new card so I'm not gonna be too upset,about that OJ Howard that 96 overall is,going to be the best poll from this,video unless we get a limited throughout,the course of this vid we'll we'll see,boys we will see Morgan Fox right there,no disrespect but I literally don't know,who that guy is also I'm sad to report,that we did not get a Zach Wilson in,this promo he probably had a Hall of,Fame career with all the balls he was,slinging around now granted that was off,the field but come on yeah give him a,Hall of Fame card already Sam Williams I,don't know who that boy is Aaron Jones,obviously know who you are Jane zylstra,barely know who that buddy is Blake,Lynch come on Marco Wilson Jack Jones,and her other card Andre Cisco most,feared Jaguar what even congrats to the,Jags for making it to the playoffs,though W bro Immaculate W by the Jegs,Derek watt rip to JJ Watts career bro,it's it's sad to see him go but man,first Bella Hall of Famer and Simon,close now we get a 90 plus overall team,of the week and then we get two of the,93 plus fantasy packs so we'll see if we,can get anything good Marco Wilson,that's kind of what I figured was going,to happen because uh these packs are,absolutely rude ruthless and evil in,every way shape and form 93 plus right,here 93 cam makers okay I forgot that,card existed can we get a limited Austin,Eckler,all right fine okay we do need that cam,makers though because it makes it so I,can make the team of the week Matthew,Berry Master for season two let's pull,limited baby game makers again and,Austin Eckler again dude these packs,have to be glitched there's no way EA,hates me this much right now that's,crazy and then we have a medium p

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This Pack PROFITED 568,880 Training! | Have YOU Opened It?

This Pack PROFITED 568,880 Training! | Have YOU Opened It?

this product I'm going to be showcasing,in today's video has been making the,entire Community consistent coins,including making someone one million 15,120 coins so salsa as a family and,welcome back to another Madden 23 video,on the channel in today's video we're,gonna be coming over a reroll pack in,the store that's been glitchy now I'll,be testing out the pack personally live,in the video talking about whether or,not I think it's worth it as well as,going over our boy Grands numbers who's,always really awesome at tracking these,types of things in the store okay now,the pack that I'm referring to in the,title of the video is the 84 plus campus,Heroes dose player I don't know why I,said those it's campus Heroes too and,the method is really simple now to start,with all you do is scoop up some,training I would say the best way to do,so is getting 93 overall players or 96s,at their cheapest price in fact you,probably just want to buy campus hero,96s or campus Euro 93s and then once you,have your training the goal of the,method is simple you basically just,re-roll and quick sell everything you,get except for 96 overall players if you,pull a 96 that's going to be considered,a profit card and You're Gonna Save that,player otherwise your goal is to kind of,just make a little bit of training on a,per reroll basis or worst case scenario,just hover around Break Even let's say,for example you hover around break even,and open this pack up a hundred times,well that's a hundred chances to pull a,96 and you might be thinking Swift,that's a little bit outlandish that,feels a little bit too good to be true,well let me show you guys some data that,kind of supports the fact that this pack,is pretty profitable want to open up,packs with better odds than EA Sports,gives you well check out to,open up hacks win coins and withdraw,them directly to your account and of,course use code Swift as you're checking,out the site for 15 off now on the,screen right here are the numbers from,our boy Grant as you guys can see he's,opened the pack up,1264 times I would say that is certainly,enough polls to get a pretty solid,sample size and as you guys can see the,pull rates are going to be shown right,here 65 percent of the time you get an,84 27 is an 89 7 basically is a 93 3 and,then point three two percent of the time,is giving me a 96. so 96 is they're,pretty rare but followers as you guys,can see in the bottom right corner I'm,gonna move this image up a little bit,and you can see the net per roll as well,as the total profit slash loss now,fellas this column is the coin so he's,making about 803 coins per reroll which,totals out to 1 million 15,120 coins and simply on a trading basis,which is assuming that you literally,just quick sell every single thing,Apollo he's made over 568k training,which equals out to about 450 training,per reroll so by looking at these,numbers I think we can confidently say,that the data supports this pack but,there is one important factor that I,need to mention and that's EA Sports,switching up the odds of this pack now,it feels like over the past I would say,four days EA Sports has constantly been,changing the odds on this reroll if you,guys remember right when this pack came,in the store it was really really,effective then they nerfed it and made,it really really bad and recently I feel,like over the last 24 hours they've,definitely made it better now I won't,lie I have heard some stuff this morning,that said that this pack might have,gotten a little bit worse so you can try,this kinda at your own risk now I'm not,going to be guaranteeing that it's,profiting because again we don't really,know what the odds are maybe he got a,little bit Lucky in some of those,re-rolls or maybe he even got a little,bit unlucky and some of the packs are,going to be better for you but overall,the consensus that I've heard on Twitter,the consensus that I've heard from you,guys is that this pack was definitely,printing coins yesterday now is it still,pretty coins today is it still printing,training today well we're trying to find,out live in the video uh we're gonna try,and give you an answer to that at the,end right Sierra as so far we haven't,done that amazing but there we go uh we,pull a 93 fire move and remember we,started this at about like 70 000,training so we're basically at what we,started and we just had a bunch of,chances to pull a 96 now of course we,didn't get one and it is fairly rare to,get one but eventually if you keep on,rolling you will pull 96s and again kind,of the hope with this method is just,keep on being around break even maybe be,a little bit above Break Even but those,96s are how you make a profit because,yeah even looking at this data right,here as you guys can see the amount of,training that the 96s are worth is 440k,training for all four of the pools,combined and if we take a look at his,total profit his total profit is only a,little bit more than that the total,profit is 568k training so basi

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need some coins to that God Squad you've,always wanted check out,where you guys can open up exciting,packs win tons of mud coins and withdraw,the coins to your account use code zerk,for 15 off,the whole thing,when I come around,so we've got some team of the week,reveals to get into and we have them,make rights to talk about I don't give a,shout out to Gage Grove for being a part,of the Nota gang if you guys want a,chance to check out the next video drop,a like in the bed make sure you guys our,subs the channel to notification Bell on,and comment down below not again also,guys don't forget you only have until,January 11th to sign up on Underdog,fantasy using code zerk to get this,exclusive special of Justin Herbert half,a completion and on January 12th it will,pop up in the app for you guys make sure,to check it out use code zerks you get,special and it'll match first deposit up,to 100 which by the way my NBA picks for,they are up right now and also we have,college football tonight which I believe,that probably already started the time,this video does go live but I have more,NBA so let's talk about the make rights,that are being rolled out right now you,guys now I know okay I'm gonna have a,couple of questions number one uh what,do I do if I don't have the make rights,I'll let you guys know I don't have make,rights right now either right but it,does appear as though they are rolling,out a lot of people have tweeting me,with either getting uh their Harold,Carmichaels their Tom Brady's or the XL,present it seems like those are the ones,that have rolled out right now uh there,is another part and I'll showcase for,you guys once again EA's tweet so you,know exactly what make rights you should,uh be receiving but as of right now it,looks like if you maybe didn't get your,Herald Carmichael or your Tom Brady,whichever way that happened you know you,open up packs the wrong time whatever,and the Viridian Carmichael were in,there you should have those also people,are getting that ice breaking extra,large which is a 92 plus overall player,and if you guys if you did get this pack,the reason why you got this pack is,because you opened up your presents but,you didn't open them up between six to,eight I believe the time frame was on,Christmas day oh here are the full,details on the main crate for those of,guys that are still going to comment,down below and say I don't have them yet,here's what you should be looking,forward to so if you opened up presents,and received less value than what was,intended between the 620 and 8 10 pm,time frame those are the packs that to,my knowledge I haven't seen anybody yet,yet which are the packs that I'm pretty,much looking for uh because I'm someone,that opened up my packs between 6 to 8,10 p.m now we have the second issue,which is for users who open friends,between 7am through 6 20 and did not,open either a blitz teams week or,Legends present during the 6 20 p.m,these packs were granting items of,significantly higher value because this,players affected uh we'll receive one XL,presence so it seems like if you didn't,open up your presence right from 620 to,8 10 most people should have their 1xl,by now and then as I said the Tom Brady,and the Harold Carmichael looks like,those have gone out it seems like this,is the one that hasn't came out just yet,so for those guys that did open up packs,between 620 to 8 10 and got some under,valued presence I haven't seen those go,out just yet which obviously the Brady,and the Carmichael were kind of a part,of that because a lot of people did open,up their gifts like the unfinished,business I wasn't you know correct to,think of their Brady whatever if you're,gonna say well how do I know exactly,what presents I should be receiving into,no thundervalued I'll be honest I got no,clue I I have no answer for you guys on,that so let's go ahead guys and take a,look at the team of the week cards,coming out tomorrow now they did reveal,two of the cards again remember we have,team of the week week 16 and week 17,tomorrow they're gonna be revealing,everything else in the morning though,but we do have two cards to go over as,you guys can see right here for week 16,I believe this one is we have George,Kittle 94 speed 91 strength 96 catching,traffic 95 catch 95 spec catch 93 show,Robert and 95 medium round running and,93 run block this card looks incredible,number one George Kittle cards for me me,personally always play super super good,he breaks a lot of tackles uh he's an,amazing run blocker great speed and the,six foot four now we are going to see,what abilities he does get because,obviously abilities kind of Run the game,but George Kittle man this card looks,good now let's compare him to taysom,Hill who a lot of people would say is,the best tight end in the game right now,now taysom 6-2 obviously Kittle has some,height on him at 6-4 94 speed taysom,Hill 93 speed take a look at the catch,in traffic 96 taysom Hill 93 catching,traffic Route running of 95 a

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need some coins to that God Squad you've,always wanted check out,where you guys can open up exciting,packs win tons of mud coins and withdraw,the coins to your account use code zerk,for 15 off,the whole thing,good morning Madden is finally back so,hopefully we have some updates about the,stuff this morning but we have team of,the week 16 and 17 coming out later,today I don't give a shout out to basic,bot for being a part of the Nota gang if,you guys want a chance to share the next,video Drop it like in the vid makes you,guys our sub to the channel to,notification comment down below know it,again also guys you only have for the,rest of today and tomorrow to get this,Justin Herbert exclusive special if you,guys sign up by using Code zerk which,also will match first deposit up to 100,on Underdog fantasy you will see this,special in your app on the 12th so again,you have today you have tomorrow to sign,up make sure you guys get in and sign up,so you will have this half a completion,free line special my NBA picks for today,will be up later this afternoon so,follow me over on Twitter for those,alright so we've got a whole lot to talk,about we have team of the week 16 and 17,to get into all the players everything,there but I do want to go over this real,quick number one good morning Madden is,only going to be on Tuesdays and,Wednesdays now going I guess throughout,the rest of the year now uh we are no,longer going to be getting Thursday good,morning Madden streams which is kind of,upsetting because maybe that means less,content that we would expect maybe not,for January I think we're still gonna,get allowed in January but maybe in like,March April we'll start to see kind of a,slow down there maybe sooner than last,year but team of the week 16 and 17,that's coming out later today I don't,know what time it could be two it could,be 2 30 it could be four I'm not sure,they didn't say on the stream what I do,know is that usually teammate came out,at four but the last couple of weeks we,actually got team the week it dropped at,two so I don't know and then we have,season three guys which they will be,doing the reveals for season three,tomorrow morning at 10 30 a.m and then,we have the playoff promo which they,will be doing the reveals for that,tomorrow on the MCS stream at 6 30. so I,do believe that season three and,playoffs are both going to be dropping,on Thursday that's W there and then,Legends on Saturday let's get into the,team of the week we have a lot of cards,to go over and again these cards are,coming out later today I don't know what,time Shane zylstra 86 speed 90 catching,traffic uh we have Morgan Fox 83 speed,86 XL 87 power move on him we have jarek,McKinnon 89 speed 90 Excel 87 change,direction 86 brake tackle uh Keyshawn,Nixon with 90 speed 90 XL 88 man no Zone,and 85 press we have Greg Joseph 91 kick,power 84 kick accuracy uh we have 90,overall Marco Wilson 92 speed 91xl 88,man 93 Zone we have Desmond Ritter 87,speed 88 throw power 89 short 88 medium,and 90 deep accuracy 87 overall Kaden,Elise uh with a 90 speed 86 XL 84,finesse move voice on it's funny because,I actually just made a video going over,the top 10 players that need to get,upgrades and a couple of them are in,this video for you to say to luicon 92,speed 92xl 92 hit power we also have,Austin Eckler another player who I said,needs an upgrade uh just hold on a,second though Chargers fans with this,Austin Eckler but he has 93 speed 92xl,91 agility 90 change of Direction and 94,brake tackle now as you guys know we,have all been collecting these Matthew,berries or maybe you have been,collecting these Matthew Berry cards to,add into a set I believe the set is,actually coming out today we know the,player is now but all of these cards,you've been collecting,it's not worth it and I'll tell you why,but cam makers 93 speed 96 XL 89 change,of Direction 89 truck 86 brake tackle,and then the other Matthew Berry card is,Latimore 93 speed 90 Ford Excel he also,has 92 agility 93 man coverage 91 Zone,and 91 press here's the thing though you,know how I just showed you guys Austin,Eckler well the Matthew Berry player of,the year is Austin Eckler so he gets two,cards today so for those guys have been,holding on to all of those Matthew Berry,cards to add into a set to get a player,yeah that player you're getting is,Eckler who is 95 speed 95xl 93 agility,94 change direction 85 truck 96 brake,tackle now if you're curious about the,ability to see it's evasive for one AP,which is good he gets grab and go for,zero AP that's also good slotomatic for,two I mean you're not put him in the,slot backfield Master for one that's,good and then route tech for two as well,I honestly don't think EA did this card,any favors with numb number one the,stats on him it's a good card right the,stats look pretty good the abilities are,not that crazy and there are just so,many running backs in the game I mean I,say this like every week right I say,it's literally every week uh it'

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need some coins to that God Squad you've,always wanted check out,where you guys can open up exciting,packs win tons of mud coins and withdraw,the coins to your account use code zerk,for 15 off,the whole thing,but if you had a lot in store this week,guys should have the playoff promo we,have the new competitive pass which I'm,about to go over here and we have season,three can be a fun week I don't give a,shout out to Little Piggy for being a,part of the Nota gang if you guys want a,chance to shout out in the next video,Drop it like in the vid make sure you,guys are sub to the channel turn up,Keystone comment down below know the,game also guys you only have today and,tomorrow to sign up to get this Justin,Herbert half a completion special for,the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs,and if you guys want to you can use code,zerk which will allow you to actually,get the special if you do use code zerk,and it'll also match first deposit up to,100 on Underdog fantasy we don't have,any NFL today my NBA picks will be out,later this afternoon last night another,decent day 210 in W's for myself 210,dollars in W as well for my dad as long,as you didn't have my big ones you,probably profit alright guys so I just,gotta say it is 11 33 and the,competitive pass just now came into the,game usually the competitive pass is,live at 10 A.M not even 10 30. 10 30 is,all content right but the new,competitive passes have always been out,at 10. at like 10 45 EA tweeted out and,said they were working to get it up I'm,very concerned with that because we have,a lot of content coming this week I'm,sure I'm gonna make a video later this,afternoon going over the content,schedule when EA tweets that out later,but uh we have number one the,competitive pass today we have season,three which is coming out on Thursday we,have multiple weeks of team of the week,we're supposed to get tomorrow I believe,we're supposed to get I think two weeks,a team of the week tomorrow and then,we'll get like the final week 18 team of,the week next week I believe that's how,they're gonna be doing it on top of all,that we're probably gonna have the,playoff promo so am I worried that EA,had issues getting the competitive pass,up yes I am definitely worried also I do,want to say this I know people are going,to ask me about the make rights with the,presents whatever I have still not been,tweeting a single person getting their,make rights yet for the present packs,maybe it'll be today maybe it'll still,be a couple more days but they did tweet,out and say that they are working to,push those out and they have started the,rollout whatever but that was a couple,days ago I still haven't seen a single,person get them we'll see if we get them,today but let's take a look at the,competitive pass now I will say this,okay just a personal recommendation do,not touch this at all and I mean,literally at all guys okay I would not,go through and and do like anything that,gives you a good amount of stuff like,these sets here because here's the issue,sometimes and it's extremely rare that,it happens but it's going to happen to,some of you guys watch this video right,now it has not happened to me but I've,been tweeting it you know non-stop you,and tweeted me this sometimes they go,through and it seems to be specifically,with the set ones and they do these sets,you just get like 10 or 20 of the zp and,it just glitches and they get everything,okay now you don't want to do that right,now and the reason why you don't want to,do that is because right here at level,five you get chill XP because obviously,we still have the zero chill season,going on right now well if you just wait,until Thursday when season three drops,it's gonna become normal XP so don't,touch this like honestly at all if you,want to grind for Eden whatever just,please wait until Thursday I know you're,gonna have to wait you know three days,to do so but you're gonna miss out on a,ton of XP that you're gonna want to use,on the fuel pass season three feel fast,get us some good stuff but getting into,the rest of this stuff right here you,guys can see we do actually have,something that I think is better than,what they previously had at level 11.,now if you guys saw the last couple of,uh things that we've gotten with the,competitive pass I think we had Joe,Thomas and then we had a 93 Kurt Warner,I all of us pretty much have been,between EA I tweeted it EA I tweeted at,Madden NFL direct last time and I said,why do you guys just refuse to give us a,93 overall BND Fantasy Pack instead of,making us get one of these cards we,don't want right at least if they gave,us a Fantasy Pack we can choose a legend,that we would actually want to use well,they did that so at level 11 you guys,have this 93 overall BND Legend season,Fantasy Pack where you're gonna be able,to choose someone like 93 Bruce Smith or,93 Randall Cunningham or 93 Nick Mangold,you're gonna be able to pick one of them,out of this pack can you use it in sets,I don'

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