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I Opened Every Pack For...Michael Thomas?yeah,yeah we're gonna I'm sure I'm I'm sure,we're gonna go


Updated on Jan 16,2023

I Opened Every Pack For...Michael Thomas?

yeah,yeah we're gonna I'm sure I'm I'm sure,we're gonna go pull Michael Thomas's LTD,theme of the week okay,it's here,team of the week is here now,EA Sports it is a favor by combining,the Fantasy Pack which is shocking I,thought they were gonna give us two,different ones,uh which would have made sense they,would have made double the money,what I mean by like people would have,opened two of them,uh for sure so we're gonna,I'm sure he's in here right,like you know he's in this pack right,here,makers it's not Michael Thomas not,Michael Thomas,and Austin Eckler okay we'll we'll take,one of the running backs so you can also,get your what's the necklace today,yay yes good is it good I don't know if,it's a good thing,um but the Matthew Berry set is done uh,let's open this while we're here,because I'm sure he's in this pack,oh Ty Hilton a couple other cards look,like uh look like cards I might want to,pick up,that's a great car that is a great card,that is a great guy that's an amazing,card uh before we look at the Austin,Eckler set we are going to open our team,of the week packs,I I really don't like that they combine,the packs but whatever,whatever whatever whatever at least,there's not a training variety pack,or Michael I'm gonna pop at it for us so,if we if we happen to pull him today it,makes it just even crazier,even crazier but I don't think that's,gonna happen right,we got four cards in this pack,for 50 or 53 000 coins,as a 90.,it's a real card uh and jeric McKinnon,okay what would you need,oh this is such a bad value,such a bad value is what it is,uh Morgan Fox,and Old Marco Wilson okay hey dude weak,back you do not like these bags,at all they're gross,Hayden Ellis it's a saint,and,really really,gets a new team of the week guard can't,pull it his old team of the wick card in,every pack,EA Sports uh who who's in,there he is there he is,this a Marco it's it's this is,officially a Marco Wilson Channel now so,just get used to it because here he,comes again,uh that's old Ed Oliver okay,and this is new,like y'all believe that people actually,like would pay money for these packs or,these team of the week bundles that's,crazy to me right,that's crazy,I mean we're opening them we're just not,smart I'm just not smart oh okay okay,it's fine it's fine it's fine,who's this,old rashan Gary,old Kurt Warner,what are the odds on these packs zero,faces basically you should just say zero,terrible you won't get anything good out,of them in the week it's team of the,week packs,Rudy Ford that's an old card,and,and,that guy again,I have no idea who that guy is I don't,even think Chargers fans know who he is,we got a card okay,uh,Raiders quarterback of the future okay,all right,pre-season team of the week card and,Sean Nixon,what,what,you get,uh,that's like the most disgusting,that's just a just it's just disgusting,bundle don't do that don't do that if,you're looking to build the best team in,Madden or any other game make sure you,head over to MMO avoid the packs,save some racks pick up your mutt empty,and many other games use code CC five,percent off let's be great I don't even,know where this this Austin necklace set,is I don't know,do you see it do you see Matthew berries,Austin Eckler thing I I don't,so can you can we not get it today you,said we could get it today,whatever,you knew not everything could be right,you knew it you knew it you knew it,couldn't be right let's just let's let's,maybe if I go this way we can find,something in here by picking one of the,cards Marshawn Lattimore,uh add to set,Grievous no no no no no no no no no no,no no no this doesn't exist right now,another shocking tale by the EA Sports,Community what are we doing,what are we doing all right 96 overalls,let's take a look at the market here and,then we're gonna open some more packs,for them I guess,try to get some of these cards again,oh these are going down even more a,shame those cards are way better,uh Justin Houston that for 70. Sean,Alexander's at 5 40.,Michael Thomas is a 700 000 coins,yikes,yikes yikes yikes yikes good luck,pulling these cards today,how bad team the weak packs are is the,reason why team of the week cards they,stay so many coins I don't know if,you've ever noticed that but team of the,week cards are always so expensive,so expensive because they don't really,like give you any good way to get the,cards or do anything like that it's like,you have one shot and it's like I didn't,get to be like that's too bad so we'll,try some of these,um,I I'm gonna hold on to other team in the,week cards just in case I need to make,some other sets for them for whatever,possible reason,I don't know I don't know,um but without TVP there's no real good,way to chase these cards so if you see a,price you like on a card you should go,get it,like you should you should buy it okay,because they're not gonna be cheap,unless the TVP randomly comes back,tomorrow which I'd figure EA would have,said something,his cards will not be uh a super decent,pri

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I challenged Twitter on Madden 23 for $1000

I challenged Twitter on Madden 23 for $1000

joe scheisty burrow barry bernie sanders,randy orton moss,i am ready i've been practicing i'm,trying tested and i'm sick you guys,making fun of me he sucks he's so bad,he's so bad why does he throw like an,alcacholic i could beat you with my arms,behind tide and eyes closed is that so,i'm tired of it i'm tired of the,scrutiny i'ma show these little timmies,who i am,i'm challenging you on madden 23,playstation 5.,if you can beat me and butt i'll give,you 1 000,to enter send a 15 second voice message,to troy dan gaming if i go up by 15 it's,a forfeit win that's right an open,challenge put your money where your,mouth is technically i'll put my money,where my mouth is and you'll put nothing,but it's still a challenge i'm sending,this out right now,and now we wait,and just before we start today's video,i'd like to give a quick shout out to,our sponsor draftkings guys it's finally,time for the nfl season to begin and for,tampa bay to get another ring and what a,better way to kick these off than with,an exciting deal from draftkings,sportsbook an official sports betting,partner of the nfl for new customers all,you have to do is bet five dollars on,any nfl wager and you'll instantly,receive 200,in free bets that's right draftkings is,giving all new customers 200 in free,bets when they place any 5 or more wager,on a football team of their choosing,plus with same game parlays you can,combine multiple bets on the same game,to give yourself a shot at even bigger,winnings for those in a state where,sport spending is not yet available,don't forget about draftkings daily,fantasy where they've been adding even,more ways to win some cash this football,season and of course draftkings has been,around for a while that way you know,your funds are safe and secure to,withdraw whenever you want so download,the draftking sportsbook app now new,customers use promo code troydan and,receive 200. in free bets instantly when,placing a 5 wager that's promo code,troydan only at draftkingsportsbook it,looks like the messages are just coming,through now some potential competition,out here is that authority i'm gonna,pick one at random uh this one this one,i'll give him a shot it's not,15 seconds not 12. all right let's pick,another one right uh here,this is from,is is it that hard to read guys is,reading not a thing anymore in america,can someone at least follow the,instructions just a thousand dollars you,can buy,something with that i'm liam,sorry man,play me and madden i love you good daddy,give me that kiss,i will force you,to pull a column alone with me,okay,he's my favorite nba player,he sent me a force of,twitter he was a bitch-ass ,what did this is a thousand dollars i'm,not playing you,scaredy pants,right now play me,i want this thousand if you win,or forfeit i will eat,my,dog if,yeah or,five jalapeno peppers,yeah,you need either eat a dog or have,jalapeno i'm gonna make this kid eat a,dog,why did he send a picture of a monkey,hello,you said you were going to eat your dog,yeah,why what is wrong with you yeah but i'm,not going to lose so i don't not going,to have to what's your dog's name,winston oh winston do you love wednesday,of course i love winston no you don't,you said you weren't gonna eat them,you're a liar,a poor dog who's that is it your dad,yeah yo can i talk to your dad,yeah,troy what's up man,is that your son,that's my son yeah he called me a racial,slur,what what kind of racism did he call you,he said he,the bad one,oh my god yeah really and he also said,he was going to eat his dog,yeah i heard dad my goodness gracious i,hope he beat you this poor dog i love,that dog yeah say goodbye to her because,that dog's gone peace going in the stew,all right i'm gonna beat your kid's ass,sorry about that,all right see you man all right i'm,gonna mute you now and i'll talk to you,at the end of the game okay,all right by the way you're going down,you have no chance in hell,i'm winning you're eating winston,and here we,are okay i don't know who eric allen is,i'm like that's a better corner than i,got no no worries no worries that i am,not worried do i look worried we always,safe and that's a dull let's go first,plane we're gonna run is a slang i hope,this kid doesn't watch my videos,hike hike okay we have options right,there wide open come on,guys i don't like this game is his dad,is dead better not be playing for him i,swear he's definitely not be playing,okay come on we're running joe we're,running,joe oh my gosh okay i'm punting i don't,like to punt i think punting's for,losers,but there's a thousand dollars on the,line i can't give up to a thousand,dollars this kate i want to eat his dog,defense,come on oh no wrong guy rugged,i knew i knew 24 first and ten i'm ready,joe joe here we go joe you already know,joe right there oh watch out watch out,okay little games little games okay uh,this is stupid whoops that was stupid,that was stupid i'm sorry i had to see,that 46-yard field goal i gotta kick it,i have to kick the field goal i u

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And Then EA Went and RUINED My Day...

And Then EA Went and RUINED My Day...

what are we doing why why why,today,kante comes back team of the week we had,two weeks of team of the week,some of these cards are good and some,are not good okay so let's just roll,into the low cards,Morgan Fox,Morgan Fox the most famous number 56,today,James illstra eight catches eight,touchdowns I think he had that game,Sean Nixon touchdown,jeric McKinnon former Georgia Southern,Eagle quarterback,it's a running back Greg Joseph uh for,kicking the game I think it was,the Christmas game I think,uh Marco Wilson who more importantly had,the the flip into the end zone against,saints earlier this year I'm pretty sure,Ritter it was a terrible Rooter card why,he first off,only quarterback,no interceptions it's amazing uh,I don't know who that is,Falcons Legend,Austin Eckler,would you be confused if I show you,another awesome necklace later maybe,uh Matthew Berry cam Acres,makes two running backs,Marshawn Lattimore,as your Berry card you're gonna need him,and then the Matthew Berry player of the,year is Austin Eckler,now I get it,did have a phenomenal fantasy season,but you gotta collect all those cards to,get Austin Eckler,no it's not a bad card this is not a bad,card okay like I mean it's not a bad,card,but,EA you got to do a little something more,for this set because you you've been,hyping up this set you've been asking a,lot from people,to get this card,I would like to see a change I'm,proposing it officially and you can do,it or not do it that is up to you,if you complete the set you get a BND,season of the week champion,of your choice of your choice that's,what that's what should happen,uh Kobe Durant,is a as a basketball like a basketball,name,okay uh Kyle Duggar this card actually,could be pretty good this card could be,pretty good uh Sean Alexander,check running back you know we needed,some more,uh,uh I've never really been excited for,Sean Alexander cards I don't know why,uh Terrell Suggs,he says I'll always get the solid card,his cards are always solid always plays,well actually,uh Tim Brown,not hey it's okay card it's an okay card,it's an okay card right,uh Darrell Rivas of course you know with,Reeve is getting an upgrade people are,gonna be upset and,upgrades happen man right,uh,but it's a solid card it's a solid card,Micah Hyde LTD,okay they give him 91 hit power I've,never seen a Michael hide card with 91,hit power ah,and then everything goes downhill,instantly,and thankfully this card doesn't have,good abilities,thankfully the TVP doesn't exist,because we probably won't pull them,that's a w that's a w within itself that,we won't have to pull this card,but you know we're going to,like you know we're going to right,yeah yeah we're going to,undoubtedly,uh Justin Houston LTD,not a great card really,and Ty Hilton it was probably the best,card of the day honestly I believe he,gets short out for zero uh he's super,fast,it's probably it's probably the best,card of the day so that is team of the,week I mean later today,huh,I give it like a seven out of ten it's,like a seven out of ten content drop if,you're looking to build the best team in,Madden or any other game make sure you,head over to MMO avoid the packs,save some racks pick up your mutt empty,and many other games use code CC five,percent off let's be great and now we,can talk about everything else so that's,later today,um people have been doing a lot of,Campus hero roles we're going to talk,about that briefly Here season three and,playoff content coming on Thursday uh I,am very carefully,not playing anything right now to avoid,my comp pass because I want my comp pass,XP,switch to season 3 XP,so we're just falling a little behind,it's okay right okay it's fine it's fine,all right it's fine because we're gonna,get XP with season three we're gonna get,XP with the playoff promo all that sort,of stuff coming so I've been avoiding,that,just a little bit right and if you need,to finish up your zero chill XB you have,till Thursday now is the training,variety pack coming back,a great question,um,I don't know,I don't know,I don't know you would have thought,it might be,but I don't know I don't know,should it maybe maybe should it should,come back soon maybe we'll see,uh,they might wait a week they might wait a,week honestly it really like it just,went away so they might wait another,week uh which is fair it gives you more,time to do stuff,so what people have been doing was the,same thing I was doing last week before,it got nerfed or buffed or whatever we,want to do if you guys remember I had a,video and I talked about like oh I was,going to show you guys what I was doing,with campus hero rules but then they got,changed,um it's the same thing I was doing then,but people are reporting having some,success I've had some success here as,well,uh of just like,buying a 96 overall quick selling it and,then just sort of like rolling through,and quick selling along the way,uh,I'll tell you this there there there's,word that this this is this just works,if my ga

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need some coins to that God Squad you've,always wanted check out,where you guys can open up exciting,packs win tons of mud coins and withdraw,the coins to your account use code zerk,for 15 off,the whole thing,another day another EA mess up and yeah,there's another glitch currently going,on now I don't give a shout out to Blue,Devil for being a part of the noted gang,if you guys want the chance to shout out,the next video drop a like in the vid,make sure you guys our subs Channel,turnification blonde comment down below,not again now also guys don't miss out,on the Justin Herbert half a completion,exclusive special you guys have today,and tomorrow to sign up using Code,Zircon Underdog fantasy to get the,exclusive special and if you guys sign,up using Code circuit also a match your,first deposit up to 100 which we do have,NFL this weekend but tonight we have NBA,and my picks are over on Twitter right,now if you guys are gonna copy them do,the opposite whatever you guys want to,do so let's talk about this glitch,that's currently going on now a couple,things I want to say number one every,time that you know I talk about a glitch,whatever there's always the group of,people and usually I would just suspect,uh that it's the group people that are,busy right now that are at work or,school or just doing something right and,they get mad whenever I post these,videos because EA is going to patch this,they're already gonna patch this right,tons of people know about this uh By the,time this video goes live I have no clue,uh if this is still going to work or not,it may or may not still be glitched so,do this at your own caution but it is,this set right here you exchange 388 to,89s and you're supposed to only get a 90,to 91 overall League player however,that's not the case and I'm gonna,showcase this for you guys but I do just,want to mention one thing though about,this set and something else that it just,finds really really interesting is this,is not the first time this set has been,glitched in the last couple of days on,Thursday with canvas Heroes people are,opening up this set I just never made a,video on it because I was busy that day,and then by the time I was able to make,a video on it I believe it was already,patched but when you opened up this set,here on Thursday people were pulling,campus Heroes people are pulling the,LTDs people pulling uh the 93 overall,campus Heroes people are pulling the set,Champions as well so it was already,glitched one time this week and then I,believe they fixed it somehow someway,with Team of the week it got broke again,and as you guys can see yeah this is the,glitch that's currently going on so as I,said on Thursday with campus Heroes when,this uh set was glitched it was giving,canvas hero cards right 93 overall,campus Heroes the 96's the LTDs whatever,and as you guys can see it seems like,for some reason with new content drops,it seems to be glitching out this set,because team of the week cards are being,pulled and obviously 96 Justin Houston,LTD he's not a 90-91 and you can see,it's not just the limited but it also is,you know cards like Darrell Rivas I've,seen somebody tweet at me the Ty Hill,and LTE pretty much for some reason the,team of the week cards the like,Champions and stuff yeah they're being,pulled I will say if you guys want to go,ahead and try to do this set right now,prices are pretty high uh you can see,let me just add in these two right here,and we can go ahead and take a look at,the cheapest 8889 looking at this filter,they're going for about 28 29k they have,skyrocketed in price the last like,couple of minutes here if you try to buy,one of these I'm not gonna be able to,yeah they're going to be instantly,bought here so uh doing this set for 90k,to you know actually get a 90 to 91,would be costly so just a recommendation,here be very cautious if you're gonna,open up this pack here to try to get one,of these you know LTDs whatever I don't,know by the time I post this video if,the glitch is still going to be live I'm,posting this video as soon as I possibly,can here but that's why you need to,follow me over on Twitter so you get,updates like this very very quickly,because I tweeted out and said hey this,is glitch but you guys can see I do have,60s 90 to 91 overall player packs so,let's see let's see if I can get lucky,see if I can get glitchy here and,actually pull one of these cards as get,a 90 overall Vita Vega as of the time,they're recording this video I believe,that it is still glitched we get a,legend here so this is going to be a 90,91 99 overall way nichkey again keep in,mind these cards are now over like 28k,and you actually pull a 90 you're,literally making back your coins for one,of those 88 to 89 so the value is not,very good pack number three though we,get a harvest okay so again it's gonna,be a 1991 90 overall Levante David right,there pack number four all right again,not a team of the week we get 91 Nick,Bosa though okay number five no team of

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need some coins to that God Squad you've,always wanted check out,where you guys can open up exciting,packs win tons of mud coins and withdraw,the coins to your account use code zerk,for 15 off,the whole thing,good morning Madden is finally back so,hopefully we have some updates about the,stuff this morning but we have team of,the week 16 and 17 coming out later,today I don't give a shout out to basic,bot for being a part of the Nota gang if,you guys want a chance to share the next,video Drop it like in the vid makes you,guys our sub to the channel to,notification comment down below know it,again also guys you only have for the,rest of today and tomorrow to get this,Justin Herbert exclusive special if you,guys sign up by using Code zerk which,also will match first deposit up to 100,on Underdog fantasy you will see this,special in your app on the 12th so again,you have today you have tomorrow to sign,up make sure you guys get in and sign up,so you will have this half a completion,free line special my NBA picks for today,will be up later this afternoon so,follow me over on Twitter for those,alright so we've got a whole lot to talk,about we have team of the week 16 and 17,to get into all the players everything,there but I do want to go over this real,quick number one good morning Madden is,only going to be on Tuesdays and,Wednesdays now going I guess throughout,the rest of the year now uh we are no,longer going to be getting Thursday good,morning Madden streams which is kind of,upsetting because maybe that means less,content that we would expect maybe not,for January I think we're still gonna,get allowed in January but maybe in like,March April we'll start to see kind of a,slow down there maybe sooner than last,year but team of the week 16 and 17,that's coming out later today I don't,know what time it could be two it could,be 2 30 it could be four I'm not sure,they didn't say on the stream what I do,know is that usually teammate came out,at four but the last couple of weeks we,actually got team the week it dropped at,two so I don't know and then we have,season three guys which they will be,doing the reveals for season three,tomorrow morning at 10 30 a.m and then,we have the playoff promo which they,will be doing the reveals for that,tomorrow on the MCS stream at 6 30. so I,do believe that season three and,playoffs are both going to be dropping,on Thursday that's W there and then,Legends on Saturday let's get into the,team of the week we have a lot of cards,to go over and again these cards are,coming out later today I don't know what,time Shane zylstra 86 speed 90 catching,traffic uh we have Morgan Fox 83 speed,86 XL 87 power move on him we have jarek,McKinnon 89 speed 90 Excel 87 change,direction 86 brake tackle uh Keyshawn,Nixon with 90 speed 90 XL 88 man no Zone,and 85 press we have Greg Joseph 91 kick,power 84 kick accuracy uh we have 90,overall Marco Wilson 92 speed 91xl 88,man 93 Zone we have Desmond Ritter 87,speed 88 throw power 89 short 88 medium,and 90 deep accuracy 87 overall Kaden,Elise uh with a 90 speed 86 XL 84,finesse move voice on it's funny because,I actually just made a video going over,the top 10 players that need to get,upgrades and a couple of them are in,this video for you to say to luicon 92,speed 92xl 92 hit power we also have,Austin Eckler another player who I said,needs an upgrade uh just hold on a,second though Chargers fans with this,Austin Eckler but he has 93 speed 92xl,91 agility 90 change of Direction and 94,brake tackle now as you guys know we,have all been collecting these Matthew,berries or maybe you have been,collecting these Matthew Berry cards to,add into a set I believe the set is,actually coming out today we know the,player is now but all of these cards,you've been collecting,it's not worth it and I'll tell you why,but cam makers 93 speed 96 XL 89 change,of Direction 89 truck 86 brake tackle,and then the other Matthew Berry card is,Latimore 93 speed 90 Ford Excel he also,has 92 agility 93 man coverage 91 Zone,and 91 press here's the thing though you,know how I just showed you guys Austin,Eckler well the Matthew Berry player of,the year is Austin Eckler so he gets two,cards today so for those guys have been,holding on to all of those Matthew Berry,cards to add into a set to get a player,yeah that player you're getting is,Eckler who is 95 speed 95xl 93 agility,94 change direction 85 truck 96 brake,tackle now if you're curious about the,ability to see it's evasive for one AP,which is good he gets grab and go for,zero AP that's also good slotomatic for,two I mean you're not put him in the,slot backfield Master for one that's,good and then route tech for two as well,I honestly don't think EA did this card,any favors with numb number one the,stats on him it's a good card right the,stats look pretty good the abilities are,not that crazy and there are just so,many running backs in the game I mean I,say this like every week right I say,it's literally every week uh it'

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need some coins to that God Squad you've,always wanted check out,where you guys can open up exciting,packs win tons of mud coins and withdraw,the coins to your account use code zerk,for 15 off,the whole thing,you have a huge content released today,with team of week 16 and 17 a lot of,cards and a lot of them are pretty good,I don't give a shout out to Alec Beckley,for being a part of the Nota gang if you,guys want the chance to shout out the,next video Drop it like in the vid make,sure you guys are Subs the channel to,notification down below not again also,guys it is coming down to your final,chance to get the Justin Herbert half a,completion exclusive special for this,weekend's Wild Card NFL games we have,until tomorrow at midnight to go ahead,and sign up using code zerk to get this,special and you guys will see it in the,app on the 12th also tonight we do have,NBA and I have a bunch of NBA picks live,over on Twitter right now for the 7 P.M,games I will have some for the 9 p.m and,then the late night game as well so as,you guys can see the team of the week,sets are now live there are a ton of,cards I'm gonna quickly run over all,these cards and of course go over the,LTDs whatever but I want to showcase for,you guys uh the abilities on them so,George Kittle here uh the number one,thing that he gets is zero AP short in,Elite that is amazing for George Kittle,but he has 94 speed 91 strength 95 catch,96 catching traffic 95 spec catch 93,show route running 95 medium round,running and 93 run block six foot four,92 truck 96 brake tackle it's the best,tight end in the game and as I said 0 AP,shortened Elite is incredible next up we,have Kobe Durant who does get pick,artists for zero he gets Short Round KL,for one AP acrobat for 2 AP uh buddies,510 95 speed 96 XL 96 man 92 Zone 96,press the height obviously is going to,be a little bit of an issue and then not,much when it comes to the Run game 54,block shed I feel like Rams theme teams,you guys will probably pick him up and,uh rock out with him then we have Sean,Alexander which is just another running,back we just have so many running backs,in the game uh but 95 speed 95 XL 225 92,change of Direction 96 truck 96 brake,tackle he also has 94 juke move only 65,short route running so like he's a,bigger running back right at 225 but,then his like weights compared to Keith,buyers you'd rather have buyers and then,as a receiving back buyers is also,better and then he also has higher,Trucking one less brake tackle better,change direction look at the catching 94,catching compared to 64. still buyers in,my opinion is the best running back in,the game but Sean Alexander for Curious,does also get tanked for one AP goal,line back for 1 AP and I believe running,back Apprentice for one AP and we have,Terrell Suggs who gets Edge thread for 1,AP Under Pressure double or nothing I,believe as well all for one AP and this,card looks incredible 92 speed 96 Excel,96 strength 96 block shed 96 Power 95,finesse move I want this card this card,looks really really good and then 98 hit,power I mean coming around the edge this,is one of the best pass rushers in the,entire game we have 93 overall cam Acres,foia say to luicon Greg Joseph Marco,Wilson then we get into the week 17,players where we have Daniel Jones,taking a look at his stats he has,generic 2 release which is a decent,release it's not crazy crazy good 93,speed 96 throw Power 93 short 95 medium,94 deep 95 300 pressure 95 throw on the,run if you guys used the uh Desmond,Ritter rookie premiered the beginning of,the year he has the same release okay so,that was a pretty solid release like I,said it wasn't like Slinger one but it,was actually pretty solid 94 juke move,89 change direction oh he does get a hot,rod Master for 3 AP Fearless for 2 AP,unslinger for 1 AP and last break for,zero I don't know where you know in the,buckets all of those are gonna be there,but in terms of like Izzy the best,quarterback in the game no is he even,top three quarterback in the game I,would say no as well because of release,and also abilities I believe he does get,set feet lead but I think it's going to,be 4 AP I want to say on him in one of,his buckets here so you could get like a,decent combination of abilities but not,the best and we get Kyle Duggar who gets,Crusher for one AP he also gets goal,line stuff for zero AP 95xl 95 speed 6-1,93 Zone 96 hit power does have 92 change,direction 93 jumping and then 86 block,shed I like that card then we have Tim,Brown against slottomatic for one AP,which is amazing I think he also gets,like short out Elite for one AP as well,and some other ones 95 speed 96 XL 92,spec catch 94 catch traffic 96 shorts 94,medium 90 deep rounding if you guys want,to know abilities check out,there's obviously a ton of cards today,but 94 change direction good after the,catch 94 Brave tackle another solid,receiver and then we finally have,Darrell Rivas who gets pick artists for,zero AP he also gets short out kale f

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This Pack PROFITED 568,880 Training! | Have YOU Opened It?

This Pack PROFITED 568,880 Training! | Have YOU Opened It?

this product I'm going to be showcasing,in today's video has been making the,entire Community consistent coins,including making someone one million 15,120 coins so salsa as a family and,welcome back to another Madden 23 video,on the channel in today's video we're,gonna be coming over a reroll pack in,the store that's been glitchy now I'll,be testing out the pack personally live,in the video talking about whether or,not I think it's worth it as well as,going over our boy Grands numbers who's,always really awesome at tracking these,types of things in the store okay now,the pack that I'm referring to in the,title of the video is the 84 plus campus,Heroes dose player I don't know why I,said those it's campus Heroes too and,the method is really simple now to start,with all you do is scoop up some,training I would say the best way to do,so is getting 93 overall players or 96s,at their cheapest price in fact you,probably just want to buy campus hero,96s or campus Euro 93s and then once you,have your training the goal of the,method is simple you basically just,re-roll and quick sell everything you,get except for 96 overall players if you,pull a 96 that's going to be considered,a profit card and You're Gonna Save that,player otherwise your goal is to kind of,just make a little bit of training on a,per reroll basis or worst case scenario,just hover around Break Even let's say,for example you hover around break even,and open this pack up a hundred times,well that's a hundred chances to pull a,96 and you might be thinking Swift,that's a little bit outlandish that,feels a little bit too good to be true,well let me show you guys some data that,kind of supports the fact that this pack,is pretty profitable want to open up,packs with better odds than EA Sports,gives you well check out to,open up hacks win coins and withdraw,them directly to your account and of,course use code Swift as you're checking,out the site for 15 off now on the,screen right here are the numbers from,our boy Grant as you guys can see he's,opened the pack up,1264 times I would say that is certainly,enough polls to get a pretty solid,sample size and as you guys can see the,pull rates are going to be shown right,here 65 percent of the time you get an,84 27 is an 89 7 basically is a 93 3 and,then point three two percent of the time,is giving me a 96. so 96 is they're,pretty rare but followers as you guys,can see in the bottom right corner I'm,gonna move this image up a little bit,and you can see the net per roll as well,as the total profit slash loss now,fellas this column is the coin so he's,making about 803 coins per reroll which,totals out to 1 million 15,120 coins and simply on a trading basis,which is assuming that you literally,just quick sell every single thing,Apollo he's made over 568k training,which equals out to about 450 training,per reroll so by looking at these,numbers I think we can confidently say,that the data supports this pack but,there is one important factor that I,need to mention and that's EA Sports,switching up the odds of this pack now,it feels like over the past I would say,four days EA Sports has constantly been,changing the odds on this reroll if you,guys remember right when this pack came,in the store it was really really,effective then they nerfed it and made,it really really bad and recently I feel,like over the last 24 hours they've,definitely made it better now I won't,lie I have heard some stuff this morning,that said that this pack might have,gotten a little bit worse so you can try,this kinda at your own risk now I'm not,going to be guaranteeing that it's,profiting because again we don't really,know what the odds are maybe he got a,little bit Lucky in some of those,re-rolls or maybe he even got a little,bit unlucky and some of the packs are,going to be better for you but overall,the consensus that I've heard on Twitter,the consensus that I've heard from you,guys is that this pack was definitely,printing coins yesterday now is it still,pretty coins today is it still printing,training today well we're trying to find,out live in the video uh we're gonna try,and give you an answer to that at the,end right Sierra as so far we haven't,done that amazing but there we go uh we,pull a 93 fire move and remember we,started this at about like 70 000,training so we're basically at what we,started and we just had a bunch of,chances to pull a 96 now of course we,didn't get one and it is fairly rare to,get one but eventually if you keep on,rolling you will pull 96s and again kind,of the hope with this method is just,keep on being around break even maybe be,a little bit above Break Even but those,96s are how you make a profit because,yeah even looking at this data right,here as you guys can see the amount of,training that the 96s are worth is 440k,training for all four of the pools,combined and if we take a look at his,total profit his total profit is only a,little bit more than that the total,profit is 568k training so basi

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2023 NFL Playoffs, but its decided by Madden

2023 NFL Playoffs, but its decided by Madden

the NFL playoff bracket is officially,set and today we let Madden 23 predict,the whole thing will Tom Brady do the,improbable and lead the first sub 500,team to a Super Bowl or will it be an,obvious Champion like Mahomes and the,Chiefs starting things off with the Jags,hosting the five seed Chargers let's see,who gets off to a fast start a pretty,boring first quarter but the Chargers,Take the Lead going into the second and,as we go along the bracket I'm going to,give in track my predictions for each,game through to the Super Bowl and if I,don't finish with at least 50 correct,picks I had to give away a jersey of the,Super Bowl MVP to a random subscriber in,the comments I don't want to just burn,my money man for no reason YouTube,doesn't pay us that much in January and,for this matchup I think the Jags will,come back and get the upset and no I'm,not making my predictions based on real,life just who I think is going to win in,Madden because my real playoff,predictions might just be coming,tomorrow the Jags are at the five zone,They tie things up come on hold them,before half time they don't things,happen so fast but they do tie the game,before half they get the ball to start,the second half the Chargers somehow,scored what is going on so many,touchdown are happening the Jags are not,out just yet they're not out yet they,tie things up they get the ball back,we're in the OT and game number one,looks like the Chargers take a field,goal what just happened the Chargers get,the win no I was so close to accurately,predicting the comeback how did Trevor,Lawrence lose this game I'm on Pace to,lose money the Chargers are the ones,advancing into the divisional round next,up the bill is hosting the lowest AFC,seed I'm 100 going bills I have a,feeling the bills are gonna dominate,this one from start to finish although,the Dolphins do take a lead the Bills,take that lead right back though it's,10-3 Bills going in the halftime to get,another three points they get another,seven points it's 20-3 Dolphins answer,this might be the most high in the score,like playoff game of all time oh my God,the Dolphins are hanging in there it's,2013 going in the fourth quarter where'd,all the points go bills though they take,control they get the W although it was a,little bit closer than what I thought I,have to say the Dolphins put up a nice,fight though at least I gotta pick,correct wow the bills box Tyree kill not,a surprise at the bills Advance next up,we get the Bengals Ravens rivalry in the,wildcard round I think I'm actually,gonna shake things up here and go with,Lamar and the Ravens bro both teams,might not even be able to see this game,Lamar's return from injury I think he's,just gonna get it done here he does so,well in Madden they take our early,three-nothing lead they get the ball,back at so much lower score than what I,anticipated the Ravens do take a 10-0,lead they're going into halftime what's,happened to the Bengals offense they,legit finally scored a touchdown right,before the fourth quarter and the Ravens,go on top 10-7 what is going on the,Bengals trying to like come back but no,I actually get an upset pick correct,Lamar takes down Joey B Jamar Chase and,the Bengals that's okay Joe just blame,the weather first game Lamar comes back,and gets 100 yards on the ground the,Ravens do advance but they might just,have a super tough matchup in the,divisional round but for now the nfc's,next stop with the fighting Geno Smith,traveling to take on Mr Irrelevant I,think I'm actually gonna go Seahawks,with this one because Purdy's overall is,so low in Madden come on do you know,Smith don't let me down on the 49ers,score 4 Drive number one they get the,ball back oh this is not good at all,Seahawks please they only get a field,goal we need another touchdown for,halftime they go down by two touchdowns,and they got more we're gonna need a,huge comeback here in the second half,and it looks like the Niners are pulling,away this is absolutely terrible dude,Brock Purdy Mr Irrelevant really might,lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl what,happened Pete that's a dominant,performance Mr Irrelevant with four,touchdowns and no interceptions in a,playoff game okay George I'm back down,to 50 correct I've gotta be spot on with,my next few predictions Niners advancing,without a sweat next up the Minnesota,Vikings hosting the surprise Giants I,think I'm gonna be safe here and pick,the Vikings I just really don't think,Danny dimes is gonna be enough to win a,playoff game the Vikings go out to an,early lead into the second quarter they,keep on fighting though the Giants tied,things up and before half the Vikings,regained the lead Giants do get a field,goal before halftime so much just,happened I think they scored another,touchdown before half and going into the,fourth quarter it's a 24-13 game it,looks like the Vikings are gonna hang on,and it looks like it ends up being a,massive blowout Ryan is not a happy boy,that game was actually a lot closer than,what the s

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