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Shannon Sharpe CONFRONTS Skip Bayless Live On Undisputed Over Damar Hamlin Tweet | This Looks BADSha

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Shannon Sharpe CONFRONTS Skip Bayless Live On Undisputed Over Damar Hamlin Tweet | This Looks BAD

Shannon Sharpe was noticeably absent,during Undisputed yesterday after the,Skip Bayless controversy blew up after,Bill's safety Demar Hamlin suffered that,freak frightening injury after making a,routine attack we'll take a helmet to,the chest then standing up he,immediately fell down his heart stopped,on the field they were doing CPR they,were shocking him they were giving him,option all in front of all of his,teammates one of the most horrific,experiences that anybody can remember in,recent memory from the NFL and in the,aftermath after skip had said I'm,worried about Demar Hamlin this is so,scary for tomorrow Hammond I'm praying,for Demar Hamlin he's done in a tweet,asking about what's the NFL going to do,how do they make the decision to play,this game to remake this game when,everybody is truly only worried about,Demar Hamlin and rightfully so that,didn't get taken the right way I think,it was poorly worded but I don't think,it was intended as bad as a lot of,people are putting it off to be and Skip,Bayless has been getting hammered since,then well Shannon Sharpe did make his,return to Undisputed today a and it,started off in fireworks Shannon sharp,confronts skip over Hamlin tweet in,return to Undisputed at the very start,of the program they decided to give,Shannon sharp some moments to speak and,Skip Bayless actually interrupts him for,something and this is not going over,well online well I wasn't on air,yesterday and I won't get into,speculation no conjecture innuendo but I,will say this in watching that game on,Monday night uh what happened to Demar,Hamlin struck me a little different at,the Brotherhood in the NFL when injuries,happened when we know injuries are part,of the game I've seen guys suffer ACLS,and achilles Terror but I've never seen,anybody have to be revived and fight for,their life on the field so they struck,me a little differently because I,remember seeing my brother paralyzed on,the field temporarily and he was able to,regain Focus,um skip tweeted something and although I,disagree with the Tweet uh and and,hopefully uh skip would take it down but,I didn't want to come out come out I'm,not going to take it down because I,stand by what I tweeted skill let me,call you all right okay go ahead no you,go,good let's go Jane okay I mean I cannot,even get through a monologue without you,interrupting me you could have came back,I thought skipped just left no I was,just going to say skip I didn't want to,yesterday to get into a situation where,Demar Hamlin was the issue we should,have been talking about him and not,getting to not get into your uh your,Tweet that's what I was gonna do but you,can't even let me finish my opening,monologue without you interrupting okay,I was under the impression you weren't,going to bring this up because nobody,here had a problem with that tweet no,clearly the bosses wanted you to offer,explanations so clearly so no they did,not have nobody let's go,foreign,thoughts and prayers were made with,Demar Hamlin that's where the focus,could have been and not on the football,game so that's that's what you saw in,the first one minute 30 seconds or so of,Undisputed,um listen I understand that a lot of,people are differently affected by this,I get it I I was shaken by this entire,thing it was a scary thing to watch,especially if you're a former or current,NFL player that sees those type of,tackles every single day a hundred times,a game you know what I mean and I'm sure,that you know a lot of people are going,to tune in but I think it's a big,mistake for them to do this on the air,uh for them not to actually handle this,stuff off or handle this stuff off,screen and then maybe come in and be,ready to discuss it I saw Gary Sheffield,Jr tweeted out something very similar uh,Shannon sharp and Skip Bayless should,have handled this off air and had the,same conversation on air with the,situation resolve clearing the air on,national TV was a mistake just might,cost them the chemistry to go with the,show and so it didn't look like skip,thought that Shannon was going to bring,it up at least in this way talking about,his tweets and saying I wish we would,taking it down all this stuff and when,you do look at what Skip Bayless said I,see people saying you were only thinking,about the game first when you look I,don't like Skip Bayless I think he's a, idiot I've criticized him a,million times on this show but when you,look at his reaction here is after what,happened to Mara Hamlin not exactly sure,what happened players on both teams are,shaking ambulance on the field CPR,administer can't remember play being,stopped just said a prayer for him and,his family I've seen so many horrific,injuries on football fields that I've,never seen a reaction like this in every,other situation I witnessed or covered,the game has always been on fairly,quickly the attitude was hey that's,football for these players this is,different and then he says this no doubt,the NFL is considering postponing the,rest of t

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ROAD to SUPER BOWL in Madden 22! (Wildcard Weekend) K-CITY GAMING

ROAD to SUPER BOWL in Madden 22! (Wildcard Weekend) K-CITY GAMING

today on city we are back in madden and,this is the road to super bowl 56. is it,56 i'm not that good with roman numerals,l,this 50,we are going to take the playoff,brackets every week make predictions and,play one game from that bracket and the,results of our game is going to be our,prediction for that match to kick it off,we are going to kick it to boogie beck,and he is going to make his predictions,for wild card weekend,hello we're gonna start off with the two,and seven seed games steelers,how did they make it what,in kansas city that's a no-brainer it's,a literal no-brainer we're going with,the chiefs unless like he patrick,mahomes breaks his foot or something,then they're done oh patriots bills this,is hard actually pats got beat by the,sixties in 2019 now they are the succeed,hmm,go with the pats ooh the raiders you got,a tough division it came up in clutch,versus lac you're not going to come up,and clutch versus the bengals now we're,going to do the nfc we're going to start,at the bottom this time with the four,and five seed division rivalry cardinals,and rams i'm going with the cardinals,because you know matthew stafford he's,done he's thrown like 17 picks this,season and they're going against one of,the best secondaries in the whole nfl so,now it's the cowboys it's hard not to be,biased 49ers pulled off that clutch to,get the cowboys to this spot and cowboys,make it so this means that if the bucks,beat the eagles cowboys will go against,the bucks cardinals will go against,green bay those are my predictions for,wild card weekend we'll make more next,week this week's simulation game is the,bucks versus the eagles and beck made a,good point we're trying to kick the,bucks out of the race so we're gonna try,to beat them with the eagles so that the,cowboys have a clear path to super bowl,56. switch you're gonna be quarterback,what are you talking about dad you would,be quarterback okay i have no,idea of all the personnel of the eagles,so you're gonna have to help me out on,this okay,what are you doing i like this one,better you're good at receiver who am i,i don't know how to play this that's,what i usually start off barbie rv,and orbeez first pass i think we should,switch,yes okay,god it hurts,i'm picking up that first down,tight in right,take a quick lift,go dirt,what,okay quickly quickly,there you go,ran over him like a truck,okay time to start my little what are,you doing,you're taking notes while you take notes,why don't you get off the running back,so i can just run the play you take,notes i want to be involved okay,then get off get off your notes,we need,first down baby all right play action,crossover you see that,yeah pick your receiver,i'm gonna go to him,okay run your route,oh run your route,why not a jet sweep because we need to,get sanders involved whoever that is,follow your blockers,uh what was that are we sure that was a,touchdown,watch what the closer to the goal line,is he broke the plane that gets him home,broke the plane he appears very nice,stroll is gonna stroll into the ball,boom,what did you say control is gonna stroll,into the ball,okay can i just show you something this,is how you spin see he spun on a ghost,what happened,what guy there he is all right here we,go,i nearly got to him who are you,now he's a linebacker you said you're,going to play cornerback,he just glitched off of me i almost had,the attack from where the ninjas,we stopped,worn out just like a computer exactly,what you want though score on your first,drive here we go here we go,are we predicting that the eagles will,beat tampa bay basically,the result of this game will be the,prediction by the way leave a kind,comment below because kind comments get,read at the end of this video but you,gotta be subscribed to get your comment,read we can tell if you're subscribing,oh sun's going down,starting to be evening time eagles up,7-0,did you stop running,squirrel,it was a good throw you just were,looking at the cheerleaders on the,sideline okay see that sanders roll to,the left okay,where are you going,to the left,oh you you were supposed to go to the,left,it was very clearly written on your,screen it was a simple pass,me not even throwing them off throwing,them off now is this one sent away,got it go go go,try to stop it at the moment,push look see he he like attacked me,taking all his knees oh we didn't even,get him no,we just mildly bumped him,oh,brady was driving on us and our defense,shut him down that was beautiful it was,see this play action white corner,let's try this one,it looks really good let's do it man,big long play here,that's it what are you doing uh do you,want to kick the world's longest field,goal,no,oh no,and this one is no good he missed it,then this score stinky,it was the the guy that was holding the,ball it's his fault that's your fault he,didn't spin it right look at the,beautiful what something james stadium,raymond james stadium brady he's griping,at his people,i want you all to be quiet while i

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Make Me Laugh and I'll Buy You Madden 22...

Make Me Laugh and I'll Buy You Madden 22...

hey what's good boys welcome back to,another banger i don't even remember,when we started this series was a mad 19,or madden 20 either way an absolute,staple of this channel when madden comes,out if you can make me laugh i will buy,you the newest match so this season is,madden 22 whether you're on next gen or,old janet it doesn't matter if i laugh,i'll be in your twitter dms i'll say,what's up and uh i'll make sure i get,you guys men i won't waste any more of,your time i hope you boys have cooked,some good stuff up if you didn't win,last year maybe you can win this year,let's find out baby let's go,and if none of these are funny nobody's,getting mad there's no pity gifts i need,to out loud laugh,a smile does not count misogynistic,jokes go a long way,i keep getting in trouble when i make,those jokes all right first one i feel,like a lot of these are gonna be tick,tocks but hey tick tocks can actually be,really funny did you get many spankings,as a kid uh as a kid no,i'm not wait wait a minute wait a minute,wait a minute,that's not what i meant i'm not counting,that as a laugh but i will say dude i,think it's so funny when old people slip,up and do that stuff because back in,their day it was not funny to make jokes,like this or like sus jokes oh my gosh,try telling a sush joke tell that to,your grandpa hey yo what the he,will not get it you can't be like yo,grandpa let me suck your toes well i'm,out man,he's gonna be like son i'm getting out,the shotgun no but actually though when,we're grandpa's we're gonna be like,talking to like our grandkids like,yo sonny come up here and get a whiff of,these toes baby oh bro your grandma used,to suck the hell out of these things i'm,doing it i'm doing no more going,i'm sorry jim all season pretty good but,i'm not gonna take it look what justin,jefferson said about the vikings before,he got drafted,okay,okay you know what jayden well done,buddy all right dude you got me damn,we're like 30 seconds in and jayden,already got me that's pretty good bro,i'm impressed uh oh this one's got 473,likes it's got to be a good one,i can't laugh at that bro,look at this buzz kill do you realize,that dwarfism is a growing problem,around the world dude i don't think they,are,oh my god,oh oh oh,oh he's not being a buzzkill he knew,okay i was about to say it just got real,bad in here actually though i recently,met a uh a small person that's what she,told me i have to call her as a small,person apparently is like really,offensive in the small person's world,not kidding right now,it's hard to say that without laughing,but i'm not kidding and she said that if,she had a child that technically the,child wouldn't necessarily be a a,small person do you know what i'm saying,two small people midgets could,technically have a full-grown human i,don't know how that works don't ask me,but apparently it's possible,mmg tried not to make a women's rights,joke challenge,bro it's actually so true though like,ever since i got told by that company,like hey dude you need to chill out i'm,exactly like this to be honest listen,i'm not that funny lmao but i'd,appreciate madden so i can stream and,upload this year i'm on a grind damn,good thing it's only a 60 game lmao he,said make me laugh don't make a wish,bro,yo this dude doesn't even follow me bro,you're getting a copy i don't even know,if this dude plays madden sixers for a,guy you're a hundred percent getting it,bro i like loki feel bad but that's just,hilarious the bengals passing on sewell,and taking jamar chase,yo,guys you have to chill out,you guys absolutely have to chill out,and i can't laugh at that remember when,we were kids and we would still put a no,bro that's the no bro that's the wheat,no i do not recall that time period stop,the cap how do you know what this is,about this one literally made me laugh,last time is about to get me again bro,only the freshest old spooky,one i'll put 30 for you my this,will you up good,whoever does spongebob's voicing this is,so good it gets me every time bro i'm,not counting it because i literally,laughed at this one last time i'm pretty,sure you just screen recorded what,someone said last time but it's still so,funny bro mmg's burner i know this is,gonna be a good one desean watson,whenever he sees a masseuse oh no give,me your milkers,oh my god dude if i'm getting taken down,for a video it's this one right here,mmg's burner you definitely get one too,my guy bro this is so high effort this,is a high effort meme you could have,filled all of it you forgot one,i remember this bro you must send this,to the x's group chat if you lose your,final game oh yikes,why do you have that hat did you buy the,hat for this tick tock whoever made this,is this just lying around your house,where do you get that from bro send me,the link the link hot where did you how,did you where'd you get it that sent me,the link this shut up i gotta do,somebody lock this dude up bro,bro,you need to go to prison someone send a,police officer to thi

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Using Steelers Rookie QB Kenny Pickett In Madden!

Using Steelers Rookie QB Kenny Pickett In Madden!

all right guys so today we have this,brand new nfl draft kenny pickett,drafted 20th by the pittsburgh steelers,out of pit 86 speed 95 throw power he,has the generic one release which i,think is the release johnny unitas has i,think jim kelly as well i'm gonna be,honest i don't think i can pass any,youtuber propaganda onto you guys today,this is not the best quarterback in mutt,i'm sorry i said it okay not the best,card but he's usable okay we're gonna,have some fun we're gonna have some fun,with them we're gonna have some fun with,them today okay i love using the brand,new rookies the nfl draft cards are,always some of my favorite cars in the,game we're gonna throw gunslinger and,hot rod master on him for a total of,seven ap this card would have been a lot,better if they just gave him generic,three and made him 98 overall like if he,was 98 overall you'd be able to get,fearless and then generic three is one,of the best releases in the game also,very common but i decided to put gift,draft on him instead with the first slot,2 ap people have been very high on gift,wrapped lately they say it's you know,helps you be able to rack balls into,coverage and you can dive catch the ball,better with your running back and,tighten i don't know people are really,high on gift wrapped i'm going to try it,out today of course we have the ha as,our x factor and if you guys haven't,been following the second channel i have,a packers theme team now so charles,woodson wide receiver with a slottmatic,on him we have alan lazard with uh red,zone threat and deep out elite calvin,johnson's our third wide receiver with,short in we have route tech on vernon,davis barry sanders with tank a couple,post ups and i feel like the defense the,exact same as just out of ted hendricks,now and jimmy graham and they're both,like very fast and very tall that was,the reason i switched the packers theme,team was to get those tall guys and of,course raiders offense multiple defense,defensive playbooks guys ebooks on hot,route tips without further ado kenny,picket gameplay let's get into it,accurate kick i'm,back dude i am back oh you want to bring,it out you're going to get decapitated,put his head in a guillotine give me a,frock my rock i just smashed my hand,under my desk i actually i really heard,him really hurt my hand,god okay tripp said i said oh this is,gonna be miserable please don't run the,ball i see micah parsons please don't,run it i lost oh,tackles okay we're good oh i hope he,doesn't go to that buck sweep that buck,sweep is really annoying to play against,actually you know what i'm spreading my,d-line if you want to freaking run the,ball go for it dude take the angle route,we're good baggy baggy god we came to,play some d we're playing that good dick,right now what do you mean by that,please don't throw up the scene please,do not throw up the scene please don't,throw up the scene please don't,up in here don't upload a video to,youtube for a month and drop my first,pick back that's great by the way i've,been uploading to my second channel it's,not like i've just been know completely,fallen off the face of the earth i have,been uploading to my second channel,there's a bunch of you guys don't watch,my videos over there so you've just been,missing out verticals bag box nope it's,a touchdown and it's a touchdown you got,time no trying to tackle oh god he,rolled out oh he got time damn it i set,five it was a well-earned first down,after i dropped that pick on third down,well earned,good shit's my opponent that's a dot,actually okay well i just lost the damn,game and now a word from our sponsor now,guys i want to give a huge shout out to,the sponsor of this video see geek live,events are finally back and that means,you can get 20 off at sea geek when you,use code thrown at checkout now if you,somehow don't know what seat geek is,they're a ticketing app and they make,buying tickets super simple i have the,app on my phone right here and it is,just by far the easiest way to buy,tickets and see geek has tickets to,everything whether that's all sorts of,sports you have concerts broadway shows,comedy shows music festivals see geek,really does have it all they put tickets,from all over the internet into one,place to make buying as simple as,possible now as a bunch of you guys know,i'm a die-hard minnesota sports fan and,the timberwolves have a huge game coming,up against the grizzlies here game six,in the playoffs elimination game if i,wanted to go to this game i can click,and see all of the tickets that sea geek,has to offer for just this game alone,and you see the green yellow red dots,they want to make sure you're getting a,good deal so look for the green dots,green means good and red means bad and i,want to make sure you guys get an even,better deal so when you head over to the,seatgeek app today and use code thrown,at checkout you're going to get 20 off,your first purchase again that's code,thrown for 20 off your first purchase,download the seek gap

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Madden 23 Ultimate Wild Card - Day 1 | REWARDS ON! | Madden Championship Series

Madden 23 Ultimate Wild Card - Day 1 | REWARDS ON! | Madden Championship Series

foreign,foreign,foreign,you gotta always be ready when it's time,to strike so tell me who's willing to,take the ultimate risk three straight,belts,who's willing to rise to the occasion,who's willing to seize the moment kid is,so fired up to be here what's on the,line coveted ultimate Wild Card belt,a prize pool of 260,000 dollars,let's go and a place in Madden blower,so Buck it up because tonight we are in,for a while ride put your head in this,game,the ultimate wild card is next,foreign,belt on the line there's a whole lot of,money on the line there's those all,important Madden bull points yes the NFL,is working their way towards the,playoffs and working our way towards our,own playoffs it's the second annual,ultimate wild card here in Madden 23 so,happy to have you guys along with us for,yet another edition of the ultimate Wild,Card Nick mazzesco alongside Tyler Davis,one great user and bugs a special shout,out to Prime Time for the intro the new,head coach over at Colorado University,ladies and gentlemen we've got a full,broadcast tonight so many great games,let's tell you what's coming up in our,first match we have uh the youngest,Champion MCS history the defending,Champion Dez he's got himself a tall,task as he's got to live up to some,pressure and looking to go back to back,he's got to take on a new face to the,competitive scene in kcp we know what,new faces can do we've seen them have,some success here this year in the MCA,yes that in our second game Mr Football,will take on another competitor making,his first live event but somebody who,many people have some high expectations,for it's Kobo following that the number,three ranked player in the world cleft,the God he returns for his 11th major,appearance he's gonna take on the oldest,competitor in the field of a coal and in,our final match a rematch from last,year's Madden Bulls semi-final as the,number one seed King Henry takes on,Astro what a day of action they're all,going to be competing for a share of the,260 thousand dollar prize pool and this,piece of Hardware the ultimate Wild Card,belt,six people out here looking for their,first belt ever couple looking for some,multiple time belts and Henry's got,about a thousand at this point we'll,find out by uh next week who's taking,home the final belt before the ultimate,Madame ball bring in the gentleman uh,guys a full day of action we have so,many great uh games so many story lines,money MCS points TD let's start with you,what are you looking forward to today,yeah I'm super excited like what an,interesting field of eight we have here,we have some guys that have been to the,Mountaintop dad is trying to go back to,back we got some guys in the first ever,event and and user books one of them was,a PC Gamer just a few years ago that,means he played Madden on the computer,somehow made his way over to the to,making it on Xbox and Playstation he's,made it on the console and now I'm,talking about coal boats he has a tough,task against clef but I want to see what,he brings to the table because I do,think he has a unique style of play,these are uh there's a lot there's new,players in here we've got some old faces,we've got somebody's got a little bit of,I think animosity towards the Madden,game after missing his first uh MCS,major last time what are you looking,forward to today I mean yes King Henry,is back but what what I've started to,notice Nick it's a changing of the goal,we're starting to see a lot of new faces,and you see Dez he made his way back,it's good to see these young guys going,back to defend that title but you see,King Henry he missed one a lot one live,event in his whole career which is,exceptional people may have already,thought he'd fallen off but now he's,back you got cleft to God still,searching for that first belt let's be,honest cleft the God is really the only,guy in here left from the old guard to,skimbo's the dubbies all those guys we,haven't seen them now you're starting to,see these new young faces and they are,dominating the game,both could we see some surprises,possibly some upsets in tonight's,broadcast,I mean most definitely uh Nick I think,most definitely you can see some,surprises tonight because of the fact,that I mean the field is wide open all,these guys are great man players I've,had an opportunity to see all of them,play I mean they're all great they all,can play at high levels they all bring,something different to the table and if,they bring their a game any one of these,guys can win,I'm gonna let it go that you forgot my,name for a second it's cool we've only,worked out yeah my bad whatever, I'm Greg don't forget my name uh,but more than anything listen we've got,a lot of money on the line we've got a,belt on the line but we've got MCS,points on the line and this is the last,major before the Madden bull user bugs,break it down for the people at home we,need to figure out what is on the line,tonight in terms of Madden bull,qualification,Madden bold you already know we're,sta

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Throwing a Touchdown with EVERY Quarterback in Madden 23!

Throwing a Touchdown with EVERY Quarterback in Madden 23!

today i'm going to throw for a touchdown,with every starting quarterback in the,nfl okay justin fields let's not be the,first one to fail the challenge that's a,great start the problem for every,quarterback that i don't complete a,touchdown pass with on our first drive i,have to chug an entire protein shake bro,these things are nasty they've been,sitting in my fridge for like four,months bro i might become a bodybuilder,again justin it's 5am it's too early to,be chugging protein shakes,i really thought that was about to be,number one doesn't matter how we get,down there all that matters is we,actually throw a touchdown pass we could,throw for one yard the entire drive for,like here you know what we'll take the,mickey mouse yards,okay i think we'll say that's a big play,right there we're this close like we,can't make a mistake we just can't do it,we just can't do it i think i did i,didn't do it byron pringle get into the,end zone did he score he scored byron,pringle my favorite snack get the freak,out of here well joseph we only have to,go 95 yards so could we like just get,out of our enzo really quick like that's,kind of stressing me out like i'll take,nine yards but joseph told me he wanted,to spice things up a bit for the rest of,the quarterbacks i get to spend this,wheel and if i complete whatever,challenge it lands on i get to steal,whatever player that i want to from my,opponent's offense and bring that player,with me to the next team that i use,ideally to make it easier oh no our,first wheel spin and it's important to,know i don't have to complete the,challenge i can't if i want to if i want,to risk it and oh no i have to complete,this touchdown to a guy without a face i,mean the question is do i risk it i mean,it looks like joe mix is about to take,it to the house here okay crossers,please save me bro you know what we'll,go with the drag hey hurst this time,break a tackle oh my god it's fourth,down oh my god i'm actually going pa,crossers again i'm actually going pa,crossers please catch this tomorrow,chase,this was a horrible idea jump jump jump,jump jump jump jump jump be happy i,guess this is going to be the proof joe,oh josh allen what do we have to do bro,come on just give me the one freebie oh,no not doing it josh i'm not i don't,care please,oh my god davidson crowder you're my,savior we'll dump off you know what i'll,take it this is our target our full,back's in here bro please if you're ever,gonna get open he's not even running,around bro you're supposed to be running,around you weirdo like if we don't,complete it here,like i might as well i can't i'm just,gonna throw the ball i don't care we,didn't complete the extra challenge i,don't have to chuck a protein shake and,that's all that freaking matters no way,russell wilson lets me down what are the,odds just get us some yards here melvin,i mean if you can go ahead and take this,down to the one i'll take it honestly if,it ain't broke don't fix it who even is,this nothing stupid here nothing stupid,here at all we'll take that like the,things that could steal so many chiefs,off that offense first and foremost,let's just make sure we like keep this,drive going oh no it's gonna be a fourth,down it's gonna run the ball i'm gonna,trust the run and thank god i trusted,the run i'm blocking everybody for you,bro you're so open you're so open boom,that is huge the first time today we get,to steal a player and we did steal,travis kelsey for the browns and we're,putting our faith into jacoby percept,because this is just an awkward,situation for me like i don't know what,to do so we're just gonna like ignore,the elephant in the room and run the,ball with nicholas chubb at least that,takes the stress off my back like let's,just be safe and get this ball as close,to the goal line as possible with in two,but bro we have nick chubb at the helm,he's easily gonna pick this up and much,more i really did play that cool because,i uh kind of was nervous same play twice,in a row because this is mad oh my god,he's open he's over david and joku with,the touchdown travis kelsey who you,better not do me dirty thomas can i just,get the freebie for what oh my god did i,actually call it i actually called it,i'm a wizard just make sure we get this,first down get a new set of chains thank,you giovanni part of me just wants to do,this to the wide open russell gage oh my,god i want to steal another player so,bad i'll rudolph oh it's a pig oh i get,so scared bro i forgot what it looks,like for someone to be wide open throw,the ball away tom oh it's an intentional,grounding call seriously not like this,bro not like this mike evans please that,went right through your hands guys i,think we need absolute miracles here,kyle rudolph please bro kyle rudolph on,the fourth and goal it's clutch i had,not today tyler you little devil we did,steal alvin kamara from the saints so,that we can do this now it's gonna give,me the hardest one,every time i throw the ball i feel like,it's gonna be

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Throne's most unlucky game of Madden 22...

Throne's most unlucky game of Madden 22...

if you're looking to buy madden 22 coins,head over to for the fastest,cheapest and safest coins on the market,click the link down in the description,and be sure to use code thrown for five,percent off and upgrade your team today,give me an easy guy dude give me an easy,guy please,oh give me my ball merrig,uh wax them thanks for wax me thanks for,the two months,wax me jeez i love it,all right single back wing slot right, got me with the play action dude,oh no decapitate him it's,nice,that was that was nice,his uh his jimmy graham was really tired,and i had shaun t and he was spinning so,he was unbalanced,he double spun so i tried to hit him,i wanted to make him fumble i was like,that would be a great start to the game,yeah here we are down seven,to a barber this guy is he's a barber,he's a janitor he's a bus driver he,he's a mechanic,nothing wrong with any of those things,but this guy don't play madden very much,that's all i gotta say,time for a sweat drive one place 75 yard,beater,yeah we'll see,jeez it didn't really let me put darren,waller in the deli fed snap it,oh this could be good,he just had his flats on 55 dil dilla p,you were right you're right one place 75,yard touchdown he had his flats on,that had to be on 55 yards like they're,on 55.,that's the deepest flat i've ever seen i,was like there's no way that's cover,four the second i saw it just bite for,it for just uh just hesitate just a,little bit if you want to buy coins that,getting banned the best way is to have a,second account and buy coins on that,account and then buy players and trade,them to your main account,so then if an account gets banned it'll,be the alt,don't transfer the coins transfer,players,like the trade block they're not gonna,hit you over the head with at least,they'd never have in the past,so i would do,it that way you could even trade like,legends and build legend sets if you,really wanted to get the coins and,runs the ball here i'm screwed what the, is this ,okay,i mean he's lucky a route bounced to the,sideline to be honest that thing was,already route bouncing by the time he,threw it,this is risky,i got a slow rush,and time it well,he's just going to pass out of this,every play yeah he's passing basically,every play,let's go,i mean can i just get lucky man can i,please get lucky when they throw the,pick can i get the pick,instead he gets an inaccurate,throw your throw your curl throw your,curl through your curl that was late,this crosses open,he threw it to the wrong one and he,caught it anyway,nice dude this is,this is testing my patience single back,so hell it's just the best,okay thankfully i can shoot his his dive,dude oh my gosh,oh i should have just lurked it i'm,stupid for not,oh i wanted to get kicked out of reggie,it's fine cause i'm gonna score,instantly or sorry i should score,instantly firing me doing something,really stupid,but,it's really rough to give up 14 points,the first two drives and then the clock,isn't in my favor either because i'm,he has time to score no matter what i'm,not going to try to milk him it's not,worth it,i feel like i can get a stop,yeah that was righteous,i think he's in chief's book maybe,i'm in raiders personally,it's the same coverage,oh it's not ooh,that got baby,that got baby,i thought it was a cloud for the longest,no i'm not watching sunday night,football,i'm not,oh shoot i need to get rid of that yeah,that that fundraiser is done,i click i closed it,i really got screamed out here,that's really bad for me oh it's second,now it's fine but,good jaster he just caught it in front,of a 30 flat i just got lucky,does everything spell it right,um,yes yes,turn up the lights in here baby,reggie,dude this dude warren sapp just came,from behind and,he stuck it in him would you ever run,saints playbook probably not,i think i'm retired from saints maybe,one day again but,i don't know if i like this call but i,feel like i have to,we've got to take this thing to the two,oh it's fine perfect,i think i got it,i'm rocking a 50 50 raiders theme team,i'll try my best to show it after this,game,or to remember to show it,understand but,he also just shot that,this is a huge play here,this is a huge play,i don't really have a play to be honest,i wish i could say i did,i'd like to go to mesh spot but i feel,like that's a bad decision,no hold on,in call timeouts which is beautiful,fight reggie,all right we gotta get seven here really,badly,i mean i like the look,i like the look,waller,this is bad,part of me says,don't go for it,i dropped it no no no,oh my god,geez,oh damn bro,can you not con secure catch that,yeah why caught that i think i'll get,the same animation but i'm not sure,oh my gosh,that that makes this game really hard to,win now really hard,damn dude,go get a fast seven,try to get as many possessions for the,sky as possible,all right change to cover four probably,cover two,hours,what's cover four,you change to cover four out of cover,two interest or sorry cover two out of,cover four

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Ranking All 32 Theme Teams in Madden 22...

Ranking All 32 Theme Teams in Madden 22...

if you're looking to buy madden 22 coins,head over to for the fastest,cheapest and safest coins on the market,click the link down in the description,and be sure to use code thrown for five,percent off and upgrade your team today,all right guys so today we're talking,about theme teams at least my opinion of,what i think the best theme teams in,madden 22 are uh we're gonna rank all 32,nfl teams right here based on how they,are as a 50 of 50 theme team not as a,pure theme team okay so for instance if,i was to look at the jags i'm not,talking about the jags theme team in,terms of having trevor lawrence at,quarterback and dj shark at wide,receiver no i'm talking about them well,they actually have so few so few really,good players i'm talking about them with,jalen ramsey at corner and on the other,side at the other corner is dion sanders,you know what i mean like it's not just,jaguars it's the top jaguars with 13 non,jags because you have 13 non spots uh on,a 50 50 theme team so it's not,just a pure theme team you get what i'm,saying does that make sense i hope i,didn't lose anybody it's probably not,the world's greatest way to explain it,the reason why we do this because the,best teams right now in mutt,are 50 of 50 theme teams like in my,opinion it's not even close uh the,reason why you get a plus two speed,boost to those theme team players and if,you take a team like for instance the,panthers you're gonna get a plus two,speed boost to,players like,robbie anderson gets them up to 99 speed,when it's all said and done keyshawn,johnson would be 98 speed those two wide,receivers on just the panthers,not a single wide receiver in the game,can touch how good they are if they're,not on a 50 or 50 themed team not even,close actually,the 50 50 theme teams make your,secondary and your wide receivers so,much better and then you're tight end,your your running back but also,if you have a good o-line and d-line and,quarterback that's going to give you,extra depth the more players that you're,going to utilize from that theme team,the more non-theme team spots that are,going to open,if you make a 50-50 theme team you have,13 let's say we're gonna make a 50-50,titans themed team here,you have 13,spots for non-titans so derek henry is,an awesome halfback of course i'm going,to use derek henry on a titan steam team,but at quarterback,they don't have any good options so i'm,gonna use like josh allen or matthew,stafford um maybe i could use dan marino,by the way who actually does get the,team comes but um this is all things,considered in terms of just building the,best possible mutt team with 50 of that,team,in the lineup okay i hope that makes,sense i hope i didn't lose anybody,that's what we're talking about so,please don't complain this team has the,highest overall overall does not matter,okay if i see the word overall,we're gonna cyberbully you i can't lie,we're gonna freaking do it okay,overall doesn't matter all right,without,further ado let's get into it all right,let's do it,it's gonna be a lot of controversy i,feel like it's a lot of people that are,running their favorite or the running,theme teams are running their favorite,team,meanwhile my favorite team is a is a bad,themed team so i can't be biased they're,going to be in like fdr basically the,bears,just borderline dnf there's not much,good to say about this team if cordell,patterson,jimmy graham uh,brandon marshall and khalil mack i do,have notes by the way right here if i'm,looking down i'm looking at notes that,is it they have nobody else it's a,terrible theme team it's actually i'm,gonna move it to f they're horrible next,up we have the buccaneers perfect,example of a deep theme team i was,talking about you know like,very good o-line very good d-line like,just good front seven in general um,that's gonna open up a lot of spots for,a backup halfback if you want to have a,receiving back and a and a goal line,back and maybe you want a second tight,end or whatever the bucks have a lot,they're going to be just the highest end,of a tier okay um some of the the,notable players keyshawn johnson's at 98,speed a b is at 97. those are both route,running archetypes really high speed,also on the bucks you're gonna have,gronk you're gonna have like garrett,blunt um again really good o-line really,good d-line and then um,the the biggest issue with this team is,their only db is rondae barbers at 97,speed the rest are pretty trash they're,actually really bad um but,you can you know they're so deep you can,fill in with with actual just non-theme,teamers of those spots you can get the,dion sanders and jeremy chin and jc horn,and those guys,uh the buck's definitely top a,falcons falcons falcons falcons,classic vic type theme team where we're,gonna put these dudes falcons are a,perfect example of a sea theme team so,the falcons we're gonna have vic we're,gonna have core darrell patterson um,wide receiver wise we're just gonna have,roddy white uh that's it kyle pitts,becomes a

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