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LYSSA CHAPMAN (Dog the Bounty Hunters daughter) Twitter was HACKED!?if you're familiar with dog the

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

LYSSA CHAPMAN (Dog the Bounty Hunters daughter) Twitter was HACKED!?

if you're familiar with dog the bounty,hunter dwayne chapman you are familiar,with his daughter lisa chapman aka baby,lisa,now look we have done discuss this when,dog the bounty hunter,was involved with the brian laundry,search a lot of people were critical of,dog,and that kind of uh trickled along over,there at his daughter lisa because she,was posting updates and things like that,supporting her father and his search,efforts and y'all it was a lot she was,catching a lot of hate,she even blocked without a crystal ball,for talking mess about her daddy and her,yes child,but i mean hey,are we really surprised,now i do want to note and a few of you,might remember this,baby lisa,posted she tweeted out,this was just a few days ago she had,tweeted out that somebody,tried to hack her twitter account,yes she posted that now all of a sudden,her,twitter can't be reached,it's unavailable,this is all you see when you go over,there,now i found an article regarding this,so we're going to read that and then,we're going to talk about it,dog the bounty hunter's daughter lisa,chapman deletes her twitter account,after brian laundry search,dwayne chapman better known as dog the,bounty hunter has taken some critical,hits following his involvement,with the now concluded brian laundry,manhunt however,throughout his involvement prior to the,discovery of laundry's remains his,daughter lisa chapman remained,supportive of her father's endeavors,she expressed pride in chapman following,the manhunt's conclusion,she previously updated followers on the,bounty hunter's progress prior to ending,of the search,now authorities have officially,concluded the search and work to,identify brian laundry's cause of death,meanwhile,it appears the famous bounty hunter's,daughter has suddenly deleted her,twitter account,you can check out her page here however,a message stating the account doesn't,exist will pop up this means she's,deleted the account and any post recent,or otherwise will be undiscoverable,dog the bounty hunter surely received,some intense criticism through his,search many even suggested his own,investigations simply hindered that of,the fbi and northport florida law,enforcement perhaps that criticism,flooded over to his daughter lisa,considering her involvement with the,investigation,regardless,the sudden decision is interesting and,we promise to update as information,comes forth,well,child i got some tea to spelling we got,some info to uh discuss,considering she tweeted out,that she was being hacked or somebody,was trying to hack her twitter,days before,her twitter becomes,unavailable,i think maybe her twitter was hacked now,i reached out to her on facebook because,she is still active and posting on,facebook so if she responds then y'all,know y'all be the first to know and look,if she don't respond that's not gonna,surprise me because you know why,because my accounts have been hacked,like three times and i have a suspicion,that somebody is done hacked into all of,my social media email and phone,i mean you don't think it's funny that,everybody i reach out to via email or,social media,like regarding things like media outlets,uh instagram facebook,youtube,literal people like big corporations,companies businesses i reach out to,do not respond to me,anymore,so i find that kind of odd that this was,happening after i was hacked but anyway,i'm just saying i reached out to her on,this device,through my facebook,which i have a suspicion as hacked so if,she don't respond,hey,that don't surprise me,but look i don't think she deleted her,twitter,because she hasn't deleted her facebook,i don't think she deleted twitter,because she was getting heat from her,daddy or being you know people being,critical of her dad,because,if you didn't know her daddy and her,whole family has been in the spotlight,and they have been catching fugitives,and chasing fugitives for quite some,time now this ain't her first rodeo so i,mean she's used to the critics and the,people talking smack,now look she had just posted this on,halloween love this i love baby lisa,baby lisa has always held a place in my,heart,child i have loved baby lisa,since her and beth and dog and leland,and all them was out there chasing the,fugitives child that's just yes yes yes,yes so look her daddy been doing this,they've been used to being in the,spotlight and used to critics so i do,not believe she deleted,her twitter i absolutely believe her,twitter was hacked and whether you want,to believe it or not,it's a coincidence,that the people who have an issue with,one person,all end up having their accounts messed,with,somebody trying to hack them now who's,the common denominator here i'm not,pointing any fingers child but i'm,pointing my finger i'm pointing my,finger,loudly,can you point your finger loudly well i,sure am,y'all hear it,so what do y'all think,y'all gotta let me know what y'all think,in the comments and i'm gonna go ahead,and say it i've been saying it and i'm,gonna say it again i think

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This Is What Happened to Lyssa Chapman From Dog the Bounty Hunter

This Is What Happened to Lyssa Chapman From Dog the Bounty Hunter

lisa chapman the daughter of famed,bounty hunter,dwayne dog chapman starred alongside her,father in the reality show,dog the bounty hunter between 2004 and,2012.,but now she has been in the news for all,the wrong reasons,from her personal life woes to getting,arrested multiple times,it seems the former reality star can't,seem to keep away from troubles,the former bail bonds woman launched her,online clothing line in november 2019,and now it seems she wants to further,expand her business enterprise,as she has joined only fans the,adult-oriented subscription-only social,media platform,which allows celebrities and adult,entertainers to share content that is,censored on social media platforms,the most alluring thing a woman can wear,is confidence,reads her bio on the controversial site,the mother of two has also joined hands,with fellow reality star,rainey robinson and both have started a,mission to find children and sex,trafficking victims,the idea was born out of their mutual,desire to utilize the skills,and everything else they've acquired,over the years to best use along with,realizing the dire need to help missing,people's cases,last november the pair lost the website,lost,to facilitate family members and loved,ones of missing people,to reach out to them and request for,help in an interview with the sun,lissa said that they were receiving tons,of emails immediately after the,website's launch,the plan is to reunite families to give,answers,whether it's good answers or bad answers,she stated,this is the beginning of my journey my,calling,finally i can find redemption in this,world doing good that no one can deny me,back in january last year lissa was,arrested in honolulu following an,alleged fight with her longtime,girlfriend lyanna evanson,soon afterward she was officially hit,with two counts of harassment,one against her girlfriend and one,against a man,she has also been ordered to pay 535,dollars in fines,but good news came in lisa's life when,it was recently revealed,that she won't be serving jail time for,allegedly harassing her girlfriend last,year,as per the court documents obtained by,tmz lissa plead no contest to two counts,of harassment she was facing,in exchange the judge granted her a,deferment which means she will have to,stay out of trouble for the next,six months under the conditions of her,deferment she is prohibited from leaving,the hawaiian island of oahu,where she is currently residing without,permission must regularly report to her,probation officer,and not commit any federal or state,crimes,the former bounty hunter has had tough,luck when it comes to love as well,she had her first daughter abby may when,she was just 15,from a guy who was nine years older than,her in 2009,she found love again with brahman,bogalanti but their romance was,short-lived and the pair split after two,years of marriage,they share a daughter named madeleine,grace five years later,the bisexual star got into a,relationship with lyanna,whom she is engaged to be married last,year she confessed she was looking,forward to co-parenting with bogolante,who was released from prison after,serving four years for crashing a stolen,car,into a police vehicle in an interview,with the sun,lissa openly admitted to knowingly,making bad choices when it comes to,dating men,i've always had a thing for bad boys and,good things the boys i pick are naughty,boys,and the girls i pick are these pristine,women,she also offered a peek into her unique,parenting situation,i'm thrilled to have another parent back,in maddie's life she said,she already has two moms and now she has,an extra dad,lyssa has also been a good support,system for her father,following the death of step mother beth,chapman as well as after his remarriage,to francie frane,she has a strong presence on social,media and regularly shares photos,with her 272k followers about fitness,and her family,we commend her for turning her life,around and using her platform and fame,for such a good cause,thank you for watching our video don't,forget to like share and comment,subscribe to our channel for more great,content

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Lyssa Chapman: Wiki, Bio, Net Worth! What Happened with Ex-Husband?

Lyssa Chapman: Wiki, Bio, Net Worth! What Happened with Ex-Husband?

the popular face of the american media,liza chapman,is a popular bounty hunter and a former,bail bondsman,she gained fame after her notable role,in dog the bounty hunter,which airs on a tv in this video we,cover about 33 years old liza chapman,but before we start please subscribe to,our channel and make sure you ring the,bell,who is liza chapman bio liza chapman was,born on the 10th of june 1987,in denver colorado the united states of,america,her birth name is liza ray chapman she,is also popular by the name baby liza,liza is on the list of one of the,youngest bonds people in hawaii,she's a licensed bounty hunter in the,state of colorado,family life parents siblings and early,life,when it comes to the family life of liza,chapman she belongs to a good family,being raised in the bounty hunters,family she came to the bounty hunting,world at a very young age,the name of her father is dawn dog,chapman and the name of her mother,is eliza ray britton lizaree is popular,by the name big,liza making liza chapman popular by the,name babylizer,talking about the siblings of liza she,has eight other siblings and is the,ninth child of dawn,during her early days liza stayed with,her father,however after she turned 10 years old,she went to anderson a small town in,alaska,and started to live with her mother for,a few years,liza lost her contacts with her father,after six years,she started to work with her father for,their family company,named kenny bail bonds this united the,father and daughter,and increased their love for each other,liza chapman,network liza has a net worth of around,500,000 as per the data given by the,celebrity network,it seems like most of her network came,from her profession as a bounty hunter,also she has earned a pleasant sum of,money as a bail bonds woman in kenya,bail bonds,which is her father's company moreover,alassa also came up with an,autobiography book named,walking on eggshells discovering,strength and courage amidst chaos,in 2013. the book was able to sell a lot,of copies,and she was able to collect a large,amount from her book as well,also she's the owner of the popular,online store named,baby by liza chapman which she founded,on the 19th of november,2019 relationship love,and married life as a bisexual it might,be shocking news to the fans of liza,chapman to know,that their favorite star of dog the,bounty hunter is bisexual,the more shock came when the fans knew,the news was confirmed,and she's living a perfect life with her,girlfriend now,liza was married to a man once however,in the present context she's dating a,lady,often she posts a lot about her,girlfriend on her social media platform,like,instagram and twitter the name of her,present girlfriend is lena,the first photo that they posted,together was in valentine's week of may,2017,their picture consisted of a cheesy,caption which amazed all the people,after that they have been celebrating,valentine's every year,and blessing social media with their,pictures as of now,it's already a long time that they're,dating once lanza revealed that she and,laina kept the relationship private,for around six years they got engaged in,the year 2018,however they have not revealed their,engagement openly to social media,although they have no plans of getting,married any soon,they are living happy life together,relationship of liza chapman with,brandman galanti,before lysa got engaged with her,girlfriend helena she was married to a,man named brahman galanti,the marriage ceremony took place while,liza was only 22 years old,this couple got married on the 20th of,february 2009,they had a happy married life and have,two children named abby mae,chapman and madeleine grace galanti in,the present context,liza has been posting a lot with her,daughter maddie,although they had a good relationship,for some time,liza and brandman's relationship could,not sustain long as brandman allegedly,assaulted liza,this incident forced her to run to her,parents home even if lazar put no charge,on her ex-husband,she filed the divorce case and they got,divorced in 2011,social media reach liza chapman is quite,a popular face on social,media with more than 267 000 followers,on instagram alone when it comes to her,twitter profile,liza has more than 305 thousand,followers she describes herself,as a business owner author mother,daughter,mentor and animal lover on her social,media bios,rumors and controversies when it comes,to rumors and controversies,liza was a great force of rumors she has,been charged with two harassments in,honolulu hawaii,according to fox news she was in charge,of harassing two people,a man and a woman the woman she harassed,was supposed to be her girlfriend,however the man that she harassed has no,relationship with her,after the charges followed they got,arrested and got released on the 30th,of january 2020. also she had to pay the,bill amount of 600,to the court after the charges ended on,her,she posted a picture on social media,with a message keeping it classy,

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Dog the Bounty Hunter Cast/ Children in 2021: What Are They Doing?

Dog the Bounty Hunter Cast/ Children in 2021: What Are They Doing?

dwayne dog chapman went through the,emotional ringer in 2019,from personal health problems to the,publicized hospitalization,and passing of his wife beth eleven,months on from the devastating death the,reality tv star proposed to his,girlfriend francie frayne,who had also recently lost her husband,when they first connected,neither dog nor frain were seeking out,love but they bonded over their shared,grief,of losing a spouse to cancer in fact,just months after his wife passed away,dog told people that he would not marry,again,but now he's walking down the aisle for,the sixth time,and rather than keeping things rather,small scale and subdued,dog is already planning on throwing the,biggest wedding there's ever been which,is right on brand for him,as for those who feel he has moved on,too fast from beth the bounty hunter,says he was dying of a broken heart,following his wife's death and needed to,find a way forward,obviously with a situation like this,there are bound to be plenty of,naysayers,especially since this engagement came,just a few months after,dog's uncomfortable on-air proposal to,long-time family friend,moon angel which went down on an episode,of doctor us,moon angel will you marry me lately,dog has been a busy man and fans will,have the opportunity to follow his,adventures,as a bounty hunter in a whole new way,his latest unscripted series,dog unleashed will exclusively stream on,a new interactive streaming platform,unleashed after facing production,setbacks due to the ongoing coronavirus,pandemic the web series is finally,making its way to the small screen,which will find dog and his bounty,hunting family back in action on april,1st,dog seen all the tricks,since leaving his family reality program,leland operates his own bail bond,company kama aina bail bonds on the big,island of hawaii,and runs his father's business in oahu,as fans recall,leland was previously married to maui,the two welcomed sons kobe,and dakota before filing for divorce in,2005.,he then dated lynette yi with whom he,shares daughter leia,leland married his current wife jamie p,in 2016.,in early 2019 the reality tv star was,hospitalized after tearing a ligament,while chasing a suspect,the dad of three was hunting fugitive,edward morales in colorado when a scrap,broke out,the injury occurred while leland was,still in the process of recovering from,previous surgery to his left knee,dog the bounty hunter's daughter baby,lissa and her fiance,lyanna evanson have been together for,some time now and the two of them have,shared a number of cute instagram,moments,as the owner of a gym wear business,lissa has been known to share health,tips frequently via her social media,accounts,the former bail bonds woman was,previously married to brahman bo galanti,whom she wed in 2009. she filed for,divorce in february of 2011 and a month,later was arrested for criminal property,damage and assaulting a police officer,in addition to her daughter madeleine,grace with ex-husband beau,lysa also has an older daughter abby her,first child was born the day after her,15th birthday,it was revealed in an interview during,her second pregnancy that abby's father,was 24 years old at the time of,conception,he was then arrested for statutory rape,the mom of two ran into legal trouble,again in 2020 when she was arrested in,hawaii for alleged harassment and,resisting arrest,the legal documents obtained by the sun,notes lissa was booked on january 30th,after she allegedly began swearing,banging on residence doors and fighting,with her current fiance while,intoxicated,when police officers arrived on the,scene lissa claimed the situation was,definitely escalated accusing law,enforcement of being very rough with her,however the legal filing alleges the 33,year old did strike,shove kick or otherwise touch the,officers in an offensive manner and or,subject them to offensive physical,contact thereby committing the offense,of harassment,the hawaii resident's feelings toward,her future stepmom,are much nicer than those she had toward,moon angel who was beth's assistant for,20 years before sparking romance rumors,with dog,back in january last year lissa referred,to angel as a disgusting woman as she,went on to rant about what a horrible,person she is,any person who moves in on a man weeks,after losing his wife,who you were supposed to be a friend to,is the lowest scum on the planet which,for you,wasn't that far of a step down from,where you were before,god will get you mary lissa tweeted she,then went on to bombard her co-worker,and accused her of being insensitive,viewers may remember justin biehag as,doug and beth's nephew,though he isn't technically related to,either despite his relationship to the,chapman family things have not always,been smooth sailing,back in 2014 the hog sued dog and the a,e network in a case that cited unpaid,appearances,the father of three claimed he was paid,only 28 000,despite being promised a more lucrative,contract for his involvement on the show,in

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Brahman Galanti | Lyssa Chapman's Husband | Early Life, Education, Wife, Career & Net worth

Brahman Galanti | Lyssa Chapman's Husband | Early Life, Education, Wife, Career & Net worth

brahman galanti,former tv personality husband lisa,chapman,was born in hawaii the united states of,america,as we all know the country is known for,its warm climate,and is one of the world's best holiday,destinations,born in the beautiful and sunny city of,america hawaii,brahman galanti is the well-known,ex-husband of lyss,chapman although they divorced right,after the marriage,the brief relationship certainly helped,him stay in the spotlight,lissa is an american tv personality and,a businesswoman,because his former wife overshadows,galanti not many of them,are aware of his personal life today,we are going to shed light on this issue,as we talk more about his life,brahman galanti early life and education,the land he was born on july 24 1973,to american parents in hawaii usa,we all know this place is mostly known,for its warm climate,and is one of the greatest beautiful,holiday destinations in the world,brahman is a citizen of the united,states and belongs to mixed,brahman galanti relationship as,mentioned above,brahman galanti was married to the,famous tv personality,lissa chapman it was the whole reason he,first became popular in the limelight,to discuss their relationship in more,detail the two tied the knot in a lavish,ceremony in oahu,hawaii on february 20 2009,there's no information about when and,how they met,and the dating life initially the love,birds enjoyed several years of quality,time,the pair have adopted madeleine gray,scalanti a baby girl,unfortunately the couple started having,several problems,and troubles in their married life after,less than two years of their marriage,in february 2011 lissa finally filed for,divorce,as for the sources lisa's ex-husband was,abusive to her on several occasions,he became more violent in 2010 and lisa,fled in midnight to her father,and beth's home after that chapman's,father warned him against any abuse,and even lissa threw him out of the,house,chapman saw its best to live separately,rather than going to the police and,reporting the matter,lissa had no remedy other than to,divorce him,lissa has lived a quiet life away from,violence since the divorce,lissa is now dating leanna evanson a,fitness trainer,in 2017 chapman revealed the news on,instagram,that lissa and leiana are engaged,brahma galanti ex-wife lisa chapman,his ex-wife liza chapman born june 10,1987,is an american businesswoman she's also,a former bail bond woman,she is well known for her unforgettable,role with her father,dwayne dog chapman on and etv's dog the,bounty hunter,lisa chapman violence teenage,his ex-wife lissa is dwayne chapman's,ninth child,but hasn't endured a traditional,childhood,she grew up having a traumatic childhood,that can best be described as harrowing,her crack addicted father and an,alcoholic mother refused to take good,care of her,when she was just 14 she was pregnant,with her first,child she gave birth to her daughter,abby mae chapman a day after she turned,15th birthday,she disclosed in an interview that,abby's father was a 24 year old,man who was subsequently arrested during,her second pregnancy,under statutory rape charges she was,alone,after her mother lisa ray britton moved,with her husband after the birth of abby,chapman,she couldn't afford her residence's 500,monthly deposit,either she had said in an interview with,fox news,i was too young for homeless shelter or,welfare,she also added i wasn't able to go to my,father because i wasn't in good terms,with my father after i wrongly accused,him of raping me when i was 11.,she finally moved back in with her,father in the year 2004 after her father,watched the show,she then gradually started to change her,financial condition,now 32 the reality tv personality was,charged the other week for assault in,honolulu,hawaii as reported by fox news lissa has,allegedly threatened two men,a man and a woman according to the,reports,moreover it was reported the woman was a,girlfriend of lissa,similarly following her detention on,january 30th,chapman was released on six hundred,dollar bail money,but will have to appear in court on,february 27th,brahman galanti net worth brahman's net,worth,is hard to predict however his ex-wife,lisa chapman has an estimated net worth,of about 500,000 which she received through her work,she is best known for her performance on,and etv's dog the bounty hunter,she must have received an excellent,salary in the series for her work,moreover after she released a book,entitled walking on eggshells,discovering strength and courage amid,chaos her net worth increased,rumors and bickering in his personal,and professional life brahman was not,interested in any gossip,and was never involved in any,controversies,brahman galanti social media,brahman galanti has a twitter account,and a facebook account,but he doesn't seem to be active on,either one,for more update visit

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Know all about Dog the Bounty Hunter

Know all about Dog the Bounty Hunter

Over the years, varieties of reality shows have come and gone but, Dog the Bounty Hunter,is the best of its kind.,The show starred the infamous bounty hunter, Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman and his family,,who track down criminals in Hawaii.,Since it premiered in August 2004 on A&E TV, it took the television world by storm, until,it ended in 2012.,Apart from busting convicts and collecting bounty money, there are so many secrets the,Chapman family hold.,Today, we are here with the little-known details of Dog the Bounty Hunter.,But, before we get in, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and,hit that bell icon to be a part of our notification squad.,#5. Death threats,Being a bounty hunter, it's likely that Dog,receives threats from criminals.,In an interview on TODAY in 2012, Chapman and his wife opened about a series of death,threats they had received through emails and phone calls.,According to Beth Chapman, the FBI had closely looked into the matter and called them “viable,threats”.,Starting April 30, he received a series of e-mails over four days that detailed menacing,messages directed towards his wife and daughters like rape, kidnapping, murder and other horrific,acts.,One of the messages read, “I’m going to murder you.,I’m going to come to Hawaii and murder you and your family in cold blood.,You are next on my list and are the bane of society.,I will deliver you to God.”,The investigation is still on the progress but the FBI has not released any name of suspects,or arrested anyone.,#4. Lawsuit Over the Payment Issues,In September 2011, the bail bondsman Bobby,Brown, sued the show presenter A&E Television Networks, Hybrid Films, and D&D Television,Productions in federal court of Colorado for not getting paid as other cast members of,the show.,Over the period of eight seasons, Bobby had appeared in 30 episodes and he was even promised,to be promoted to a regular cast member.,However, Bobby claimed that he was paid only $6,000 for all his part and contribution to,the show.,He filed the lawsuit for the misappropriation of his publicity rights as well as claims,of breach of contract and promises.,After the lawsuit was passed on, there is no news on how the lawsuit turned out.,#3. Biggest catch,Many people might think that the show is fake,and all the hunting they do is scripted.,But it turns out that all the thing that goes in front of the camera is real.,Over the years, Dog has captured many real criminals who were hiding from the law for,a long time.,One of his biggest and most famous catch was of Andrew Luster, who was sentenced to 124,years in prison.,For this case, Dog and his crew went down to Mexico and captured him.,After a long search and few charges, Andrew was captured and sentenced to life in prison.,This was probably the biggest bounties Dog and his crew have taken in the whole show.,#2. El Chapo Offer,Witnessing the crew’s tracking abilities,,U.S. authorities had requested Chapman to help them track down notorious drug lord,,El Chapo of the Mexican cartel.,The US offered 5 million USD for anyone helping to capture him.,But Chapman firmly denied the offer because of a bad experience she had had in Mexico,and he didn’t want any more death threats upon his family.,#1. The Show was Canceled After 8 Seasons,Many people might have thought that the show,was canceled because Duane wanted to take a break from all the spotlight but that is,not correct.,A&E had canceled Dog the Bounty Hunter after a negotiation broke down.,There have been no clear details about this.,Do you know more secrets about Dog the Bounty Hunter?,Please let us know by commenting below.,Leave a like if you enjoyed our video and subscribe to our channel.

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Dog 🐕 the bounty hunter's daughter deletes her whole Twitter account

Dog 🐕 the bounty hunter's daughter deletes her whole Twitter account

hello everybody it's keishaku here,welcome to my channel if you're new here,and you like this kind of content please,hit that subscribe button and or the,like or share thank you so much my,babies uh we got a good report this,morning i've been waiting for some new,news to come out it's just been the same,old stuff,um dog the bounty hunter's daughter,lisa chapman deletes her twitter account,after brian lodge research y'all um,i wonder what's up with that anyways,let's just get keep recording uh duhon,chapman better known as dog the bounty,hunter has taken some critical hits,following the involvement of the now,concluded brine laundry manhunt however,throughout the involvement prior to the,discovery of laundry's remains his,daughter lisa chapman remained,supportive of her father's endeavors,she expressed pride in chapman following,the manhunt's conclusion,she previously,updated followers on the bounty hunters,progress prior to his ending they,searched now authorities have officially,concluded the search and work to,identify brian laundry's cause of death,meanwhile it appears the famous bounty,hunter's daughter has,suddenly,deleted her twitter account,you can check out the page here however,y'all don't have the page but you know,go to twitter and look her up if you,want to check it out i i haven't looked,her up but uh,i i don't see it on there,however a message stating this count,doesn't exist will pop up this means she,delete this account and any posters,recent or otherwise will be,undiscoverable,down donald honey hunter surely received,some intense criticism throughout his,search many even suggested his own,investigation simply hindered that of,the fbi and north point florida law,enforcement perhaps the criticism,flooded over his daughter lisa,considering her own involvement with the,investigation regardless,the sudden decision is interesting and,we,promise to update as information comes,forth so we know you will son,look the sun we know you'll be updating,y'all what do y'all think about that hmm,i love dogs though i love thousand,pounds,well now hey i'm not picking i do loves,dog but y'all that is kind of odd isn't,it his daughter went in there and,deleted the whole twitter account i,thought he was hard on the trail,that's what he,i thought i thought he was hard on that,trail that trailer brian launcher you,know regardless of of who who uh doll,catches or don't catch i just love them,they say that's just me though i know,that they probably did you know hinder,but what investigation what was i doing,that's what i want to know what was i,doing for so long i mean my god y'all uh,the parents are the ones that went out,there and discovered the backpack and,everything like that,those people had been out there you know,the uh i like to call them the crooked,the crooked the crooked cops or whatever,you call them out there for uh for how,long for at least you know five to six,weeks i think about five weeks and they,they couldn't find it they that you know,they didn't do anything and then brian,laundry's mom and dad goes out there you,know elderly people it finds more,evidence that that everybody else has,been looking for in almost uh,in about a five week span and that was,out there with dogs and uh land rovers,and uh you know airplanes and drones and,all this other stuff and then you got mr,mr saunders that could walk out there,find everything about and about you know,that the first 30 minutes they're there,but uh anyways you know the whole thing,just that whole other that's a whole,nother situation right there but my god,i don't think he handled it that's my,own my own personal opinion i think that,any help that they could get would uh,was greatly appreciated he put eyes on,the case and had everybody you know,looking uh looking he was he was just,trying to you know do his work that he,was doing but,but on the other hand you know i it puts,more,suspicion,on the family with the daughter deleting,her whole twitter maybe that's some what,she was advised to do maybe she couldn't,mentally you know take the uh,the harassment you know how some people,are that comes up there and they have,uh nothing but you know negative things,to say so i don't think that had nothing,to do with the,the uh her father or anything like that,well it did because you know,i'm talking about in general you know,his reputation but i think this case was,so big,that,you know that everyone that was going up,there and commenting and everything like,that maybe she mentally couldn't handle,it i know i couldn't you know if i i was,uh having to do something that big and,had the uh,the backlash from it i would just have,to say baby i'm out of here for a little,bit delete my camp for a little bit too,but anyways y'all put in y'all's,opinions i love y'all so much please,like and subscribe if you like this kind,of content,and share this if you if you want to,uh thank you so much god bless y'all,much love love from kishiku i love y'all,and uh kishiku signing out

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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Slams His New Girlfriend

Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Slams His New Girlfriend

Dog's Most Wanted star and Dog the Bounty Hunter alum Duane "Dog" Chapman faced an unthinkable,tragedy in June 2019, when his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, died of cancer.,Although Beth had been ill for years, her death was still unexpected for Duane, who,admitted he contemplated taking his own life in the wake of her passing.,His devastation reached a turning point when he was admitted to the hospital in September,2019 for breathing issues, a scare he attributed to a gut-wrenching reason.,He told Fox Denver:,"I think, basically, I had a broken heart.,And of course, it's going to heal.",Duane has reportedly found comfort with a 50-something woman named Moon Angell, whom,he's supposedly dating as of January 2020.,This doesn't sit well with one of the reality star's daughters, Lyssa Chapman, who blasted,Angell on social media for daring to court her dad.,But is Lyssa justified in her anger?,And is Dog really howling at the Moon?,"Oh, I get it.,I see what you did there.","Yup.","Should've seen that coming.",Phew, there's a lot to dissect concerning Lyssa Chapman's online takedown of her father's,supposed girlfriend, Moon Angell.,In a nutshell: In December 2019, Lyssa accused former Dog the Bounty Hunter co-star Justin,Bihag of attempting to steal Beth Chapman's ashes to supposedly sell on eBay.,Somehow, her rage got redirected toward Angell in the process, slamming her on Twitter as,a, quote, "disgusting" person.,She tweeted:,"Any person who moves in on a man weeks after losing his wife, who you were supposed to,be a 'friend' to, Is the lowest scum on the planet.",And in another tweet, she added:,"Let's not forget how you came to know my family because you were with my BROTHER.,NOW TRYING TO WITH MY DAD.,BARFFFFFFF.",Lyssa told fans she has since blocked her nemesis, and it looks like Angell has deleted,her replies to Duane Chapman's daughter, but one exchange does shed some light on Angell's,feelings about the situation.,Angell called Lyssa, quote, "thirsty for attention" and accused her of "ruining" Duane's life,thanks to her, quote, "drunk a**.","Why can't we all just… get along?",Unfortunately, it looks like there won't be a fresh start between these two in 2020 because,Lyssa slammed Angell again on Jan. 6 when she ominously tweeted:,"My arsenal is stacked with info, ex's, restraining orders, trust funds thefts, 5 men in 3 years,... I got the proof.,I got the big guns.,Make me use em'.",This mess appears to be a classic case of he said, she said because Duane Chapman denies,that he's romantically involved with Moon Angell.,Chapman told Radar Online:,"She has just been so good to me.,I'll get really emotional and find myself getting into a dark hole and she will tell,me to suck it up.,So it's been good having her by my side.",Duane's account seems to back up Angell's side of the story.,She was reportedly an administrative assistant to Beth Chapman for more than 20 years, and,has throwback photos of the two all over her Instagram account.,Perhaps Lyssa Chapman is misreading her dad's involvement with Angell, or maybe this longtime,friendship is headed for romance.,Either way, it's clear that Dog is ready to move forward.,He told Radar Online:,"I'm the kind of guy that has to have a woman around me.,There will never be another Mrs. Dog.,But I have to find a way to move on.,I'm so lonely right now.,I'm just really lonely.",Toward the end of Beth Chapman's life, she and Lyssa Chapman enjoyed a close bond, but,their relationship wasn't always smooth sailing.,Those tensions were apparent in a 2017 special for A&E, Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives.,The conflict reportedly centered around Beth asking Lyssa to spend time with her in Los,Angeles while she recovered from surgery to remove a tumor from her throat.,Lyssa didn't visit, prompting Beth to confide in her eldest daughter, Cecily.,Beth supposedly said, quote, "A family member was in need and some true colors came through.",Lyssa defended herself, claiming she had too many personal responsibilities to worry about,at the time.,She also took some shots at other family members while she was at it.,She wrote in an Instagram comment:,"...I stand by my decision to stay with my family.,And not let the cancer eat away at my home as well.",We don't have a dog in this fight, but the back-and-forth does prove that Duane Chapman's,daughter has a history of feuding with the women in his life.,Here's hoping everyone can honor Beth Chapman's legacy in a positive way in the future.,Check out one of our newest videos right here!,Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your favorite reality TV stars are coming soon.,Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell so you don't miss a single one.

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