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The Worst Hacker Ever Stole My Twitterhey what's up guys it's Austin here or,Luna so today guys I'm


Updated on Jan 28,2023

The Worst Hacker Ever Stole My Twitter

hey what's up guys it's Austin here or,Luna so today guys I'm telling you a,story time it takes place about a year,ago when my twitter got hacked they're,probably wondering wait your Twitter got,hacked yeah it did,no one really knew besides mean a couple,friends because luckily the hacker,wasn't you know mean enough to go and,tweet horrible on my Twitter and,get me suspended or you know like you,know make it public that he hacked my,Twitter but I've encountered a lot of,stupid hackers but this this was,probably like one of the top three worst,hackers in the world and I'm not,to tell you why so it all started as a,normal day for me I woke up had,breakfast a shower brushed my teeth all,that stuff and then I got on my computer,and I played some csgo and then I went,on Twitter to check Twitter and just you,know read what you guys between at me,and I see that I'm logged out and I was,good okay that's kind of weird because I,usually always leave my Twitter logged,in which I guess isn't that good of a,habit because literally anyone in my,house could just go on my Twitter and,tweet like penis or something but anyway,I see that my Twitter was logged out and,I was like okay that's weird,so I go to sign back in I type my,username in I typed my password in and,it's saying that I typed the wrong,password in so I try again didn't work,try again didn't work and I click forgot,password and it was saying that they,didn't have my email on my account,anymore like there was a completely,different email on there now because,when I want to type in my email form I,forgot password thing it was like giving,me an error so I started freaking out I,didn't know how to get back to my,account I tried telling you my phone,number that wasn't working so pretty,much my account was hacked and it was,completely wiped of all the info I could,use to try and get it back so I'm,freaking out,I go on Instagram I checked through my,DMS to see if the hacker messaged me on,there I go on my cell phone to see if,they have my number then texted me,no one texted me so I'm just waiting at,this point so like two hours go by and,still no word of like what the hell's,going on from this hacker I can't find,out who did it,I don't have any messages from anyone,saying they did it and I'm just done,discord freaking out with my friend and,he's like bro calm down like you'll get,it back don't worry,and I tried submitting a support request,too but I wasn't hearing back quick,enough and then luckily what kind of,luckily I get a message on my Instagram,from this random account with like,literally zero followers and one,following and it's following me and it,says hey dude you want your Twitter back,and I replied I was like yeah I'd like,it back,and I knew that this was the guy that,did it because literally no one else,knew that was hacked except my friend on,discord and like one other person than I,texted and they were like in real life,friends so I know for a fact that like,this dude who like had a random,Instagram account if he was able to know,that was hacked he probably did it so I,told him I wanted it back and he goes,okay well I make it cheap send me 25,bucks to this paypal email and I'm just,thinking myself like what the ,really dude like 25 bucks he wants 25,bucks he could've been a good hacker and,been like hey man this is just a lesson,for you like to secure your stuff better,I'll give it back to you but like if,you're gonna play the role of being like,a scary bad evil hacker like to,own that dude don't ask for 25,bucks ask me for like a thousand,or something and then like I,don't know be scary and say like shout,out my Twitter or something like if,you're gonna do it to gain from me,actually try and gain from me me giving,you 25 bucks is gonna buy a other,than like a new nut sock and some, Burger King okay that was just a,wild guess of what he would use my money,for I really don't know what he wanted,25 bucks for he could have used it on,anything but knowing him and how he only,wanted 25 bucks he probably just wanted,to do nuts sock I don't know but,I replied to him when I was like you,really want 25 bucks dude he's like yeah,man send it to this PayPal so I did I,was like you know what whatever and I do,it because I'm thinking to myself what,the whatever it's 25 bucks,I want my Twitter back I'm gonna secure,all my stuff the minute I get it I'm,gonna like change my phone number,because I had a feeling you like sim,swap me or whatever if you know what,that is it's one like they get into your,phone and they can forward your text,messages to them and like that could,have been how he signed in while I had,to stop on I have no idea to this day I,didn't even ask him but I looked through,my messages and I didn't see a 2-step,text message so I'm guessing my dumb ass,forgot to turn it back on at this time,or something I must have turned it off,which is you know it's my fault,I was an idiot but anyway I sent him $25,and I wait and then like five,minutes later I get a DM s

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well as we know Elon Musk yesterday,bought Twitter for a cool 44 billion,dollars but why has binance invested and,is this going to be something us early,investors into both cryptocurrency and,binance need to be aware of we'll be,talking about it in this video equally,I'm going to give you an update on where,I think the binance burns are going to,be remember last week we were only 80,million out we're trying to get there a,bit nearer so if that's something like,and you appreciate the content be sure,to subscribe to the channel for all your,daily cryptocurrency needs also be sure,to hit the like button it does support,the channel and it supports the video,and getting the information out so I,really appreciate it might have been,said let's dive into it so we are going,to come back and talk about the biggest,news in social media right now binance,and Elon Musk buying Twitter but first,let's get into Terra Luna classic so the,point of recording this video 2443,having a nice run but as we can see our,volume is starting to increase which is,supportive of burns now I did a video,yesterday talking about our on chain,burn through Terrace station with a 28 X,in volume as our new community,validators come on board but this is a,significantly bullish sign for me as we,see both on-chain volume increase and,equally volume through the other,exchanges I do think it's important so,like we said the balance to implement,the Terra classic burn obviously this is,the page where we get to see what it is,batch five runs from the 23rd up until,the 29th and it's going to get announced,on the 31st remember I'll bring you that,as soon as it comes but again we're in,batch five it doesn't feel like five,minutes ago we were talking about it but,over,3.4 million usdt equivalent think of,that let that settle in a little bit,again when all these people talk about,total and classic being done binance has,spent,3.4 million dollars burning Terror lunar,classic it's an absolutely insane number,and again I talked about this a many,many months ago when terrorland classic,first collapsed and everyone was kind of,in a bit of chaos and I said CZ binance,has something else to do with this there,is more to the fact that CZ is you know,holding this bag and again when you,think about it when people say well,we've got to burn 99.9 of the supply and,again I've been one of those people,ultimately we know that over half of,that CZ binance owns who's to say that,he isn't just going to hold that you,know do we honestly think balance is,going to dump it I don't know time will,tell but for me 3.4 million and it,continues that's a thing batch five and,if anything hopefully the volume starts,to increase and we see some bigger Burns,so take a look at currently where we sit,obviously we have today excuse me,tomorrow to go through,today to go through,um,so look at this we have today to go,through as of yet but we currently sit,about 306 million dollars in terms of,volume that's 1.3 total what we think,through uh the total thing through,balance 206 million which would give us,about 1.2 billion with the volume of,today well let's say we finished the,today about the same number as yesterday,we currently give us 1.5 billion lunar,classic now we know the price is,slightly up on last week so we will see,slightly less burnt albeit slightly,higher value so look it's going to be,interesting to see I'll bring you all of,this through the weekend so we can keep,up to date so you can make a good,decision I do think this week is going,to be particularly interesting that,Sunday night trade into Monday morning,because there could be some big moves,now binance wired 500 million to back,musk's Twitter takeover so CZ binance,has wired 500 million dollars to take a,share of equity as Elon musk's Twitter,takeover is finally sealed now there's,been lots of tweets flying around,yesterday and today about Dodge Coin and,a few other things it's really,interesting that the biggest exchange on,the globe right now has an equity share,in Twitter I'm not going to go through,this full article I will link this down,in the description so you come and check,it out but,the point here is that there is and,there will be cryptocurrency coming to,Twitter you can see it the writings on,the wall we have Elon Musk who we know,is a big supporter of cryptocurrency we,have the biggest Exchange in the globe,right now also being an equity share in,Twitter it is a two and two and I'm,pretty sure we are gonna get four again,it goes through exactly what happened,but it's a binance have indicated that,it would co-invest in Twitter in May,2022 alongside 18 other investors the,likes of cryptocurrency firms secure the,capital fund Fidelity management and,research companies so a lot of,cryptocurrency based projects coming in,to support Twitter but ultimately,binance being the exchange so this is,going to be pretty interesting are we,going to see Dodge Coin now for anyone,watching this video don't hit me in the,comments pu

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アトラクトライト / *Luna(Covered by セラフ・ダズルガーデン)

アトラクトライト / *Luna(Covered by セラフ・ダズルガーデン)


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SPOTLIGHT Episode 1 | Twitter Highlights by the Terra Luna Community w/ @josephliow

SPOTLIGHT Episode 1 | Twitter Highlights by the Terra Luna Community w/ @josephliow

hi and welcome everybody my name is,danko r,and today i'm introducing to you but not,alone with somebody else a new series to,this channel,which is called spotlight i'm very happy,that this is episode number one,and i said we before and you see him,here himself,joseph liu you probably just know his a,little bit fat penguin picture from,twitter maybe you can tell us more,joseph,what this is all about but i'm so happy,to have you here hey joseph how are you,yeah hey how's it going my name is,joseph and many of you guys might know,me as the penguin on twitter,but today i'm glad to be on this show uh,spotlight with donku r,and we're just gonna be talking about um,quality threads on,uh just on twitter and we just wanted to,highlight a few of,these really insightful um threads by,community members yeah that's super cool,and,a lot of community members it seems,we're really looking forward because we,kind of had a little bit hush-hush right,i posted on it on friday,is it a fight or is a collab between us,too and,i think it was just amazing to see all,the replies i'm just putting up here,some of them,like play celebrity deathmatch theme or,do we get a boxing match and if we don't,box it's kind of a disappointing so,maybe it is a little bit disappointing,there will be a fighting party a part in,there at the end but as you said it,joseph it's about highlighting content,of different people because i think,twitter is one of the most powerful,tools we have in crypto in general,and a lot of people even in the lunar,community are usually putting up,great threats where we get a lot of,information out and you yourself right,that's how i,got to know you usually or are very well,known,for putting up this threats how how did,you get started with this topic,yeah so um when i got started it was a,few months ago,i think it was around april may i just,started tweeting about,tara and luna because it's something i,was passionate about it's something i,loved,and to my surprise i got like great,reception right i think i had uh,i think it was midas uh nicholas fleming,those big luna girls,they started retweeting me yeah and then,that's how i got my start so i think,i want to use spotlight as a way to kind,of give that back to the community,because there's,obviously a lot of people out there,doing the same thing as me right now and,then in the position that i was a few,months ago,so i think in order for the terra,community to grow i think we need more,of these people,just um covering the whole terror,ecosystem right we're growing at such a,rapid pace so many development and,projects going on and,there just one person cannot keep up,with everything right so we need a lot,of people keeping up and just,providing quality information to the,community i agree with you and i think,that's a perfect segue,to have a look at how we would like to,do it so what you guys will see,uh is basically we are picking just from,the last week or maybe it will be by,monthly we don't know yet based on all,your feedback out there if you like this,series,uh we will just put down uh the handles,of the people that were kind of tweeting,interesting stuff,we just picked them and then you will,show or see here on the right side,the twitter thread i will explain it or,joseph a little bit,and then we go into details what we,think about it what we understood,and so forth right and this is kind of,how we're trying to make it happen,it doesn't say that those are the three,best one of the last week it's just the,ones that catch our eyes we want to,highlight them,and discuss it here and we're looking,forward if you like this format,to give us feedback anything to add from,your site joseph,yeah so it's important to know like dr,said like,the way the process we're picking these,tweets up it's just,uh me and don george is literally,putting a few uh tweets we that,we see that catch our eye from the past,week but in the future we definitely,want to decentralize this process and,open it up to the community,so um we this we're,uh we're still in the middle of,discussing how we're trying to figure,this out but it'll most likely be um,just uh like a poll with a few of these,threads and then we let the community,decide what we should be talking about,in that week exactly and really looking,forward to,get in touch with all of you guys and uh,because we were happy that also a lot of,people ask how can we,get you some tweets out there or how can,we get your content too,no worries we'll pick it up from you or,in the future hopefully you can pick it,for yourself so i'll say let's get,started if okay for you,and the first tweet uh we picked up here,is from,bitcoin sage and he himself said that uh,he is already since 2013 it seems in the,game,and he is also part of the delphi,digital lab so,somebody of the important and i'll,quickly just touch upon it and then i'm,interested to hear,your feedback so uh he said that he,noticed that many lunatics entered,crypto through terror before even,touchin

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aujourd'hui je te parlerai de FTX qui,pourrait lancer son stable dans un futur,pas si longtemps je te parlerai de,Donald Trump enfin qui revient sur,Twitter nous parlerons des baleines de,ce compte qui est en prévision du retour,de Donald Trump de la possession,l'acquisition de Twitter remplissent,leur sac de Dodge pas loin de la,régulation européenne qui se pendent sur,les nf6 après le BTC et puis nous,verrons encore des signes,d'hyperadoption des signes de,préparation de l'adoption de la,technologie blockchain par la population,mondiale à travers la révolut nous,parlerons de Axel art roi de,l'interopérabilité qui s'associe avec,Matic polygone pour fournir une,communication inter chaîne au SuperNet,polygone les amis polygone est un actif,important polygone mérite notre,attention et puis bien évidemment,nous ferons un petit point sur laisse,l'art numérique et nous parlerons,aujourd'hui de Mafa GAF et puis à la,toute fin nous parlerons nos terralona,classique qui devient l'actif le plus,recherché dans 14 États aux États-Unis,pourquoi et comment et puis nous ferons,le point et nous verrons ce qu'il est ce,qu'il en est de l'actif mais avant de,parler du DOT de Wallet des baleines du,doute avant de parler de Donald Trump,qui me semble qu'il est important mais,abonne-toi à la chaîne active les,notifications et ainsi toi aussi tu,seras informé toi aussi tu seras formé,fort de ces informations tu pourras agir,avec plus de sagesse,avec plus d'intelligence et qui sait au,prochain Bowl run d'élevé à l'état de,baleine les amis bienvenue dans bien,évidemment cela est surprise parce que,c'est pas un live comme à la norme c'est,pour présenter les informations et j'ai,choisi de les présenter sous forme de,live ce matin parce qu'il me semble que,les live ou quelque chose de plus de,plus,d'authentique de plus direct et là,peut-être que la formation peut-être pas,nécessaire mais il me semble qu'il y a,quelque chose qu'on peut passer à,travers les lives qu'on ne peut pas,passer dans les vidéos classiques donc,aujourd'hui nous allons parler de FTX,qui pourrait lancer cet album pourquoi,FTX voudrait lancer un stabbalcoing en,effet,permet d'héberger de la valeur un,symbole permet de faire des choses assez,intéressantes surtout quand nous avons,une blockchain mais même si ils n'ont,pas de blockchain encore et je pense que,ça arrivera FTX est l'un des centralisée,la plus gros au monde bien évidemment,avec un stable ils pourront mettre en,place des poules de liquidité il pourra,mettre en place du farming et du,stacking de manière bien plus fiable et,bien plus fiable par exemple moi je,déteste des poules de liquidité à deux,actifs c'est à dire vous devenez sur une,poule sur une piscine vous déposez de,l'argent deux actifs qui sont volatils,ou bien un actif volatile un qui est non,volatile et vous risquez quelque chose,qu'on appelle les permanente lost bon,aujourd'hui nous sommes bien market on,en parle pas beaucoup mais croyez moi le,marché oh arrive à rêver vous serez très,content de connaître ce qu'est une poule,de liquidité donc un symbole compte est,crucial instable compte est fondamental,pour le développement d'un écosystème,donc c'était tout à fait naturel et,prévisible que FTX souhaite lancer son,propre pas question à se poser si ça,peut être,sera-t-elle algory sera-t-il,algorithmique ou pas je ne pense pas,qu'il soit algorithmique les amis je,vous salue ceux qui sont présents sur le,live je m'attendais pas à ce qu'il y ait,du monde mais je suis très heureux que,vous soyez là j'espère vous accompagner,au travail le matin j'espère vous,accompagner à votre levée matinale parce,qu'il est relativement tôt il est 7h,donc j'espère que ces informations,pourront vous servir ok les amis comment,sont dans le cadre d'une récente,interview Batman free le PDG de FTX a,déclaré que la plateforme détient de,crypto monnaie pourrait émettre son,propre stable dans un futur proche le,milliardaire le milliardaire a toutefois,à préciser que cela se ferait dans le,cadre n'appartenariat sans enlever,davantage à ce sujet,dans une récente interview à la news à,la newsletter the bigwell le PDG de FX a,confirmé que la plateforme d'échange,travaillait sur une sur instable la,sable compte un terme à traduire par,monastère sont des crypto monnaie adouci,au cours d'un autre actif comme celui du,dollar par exemple ainsi,par nature plus imperméable à la,volatilité du marché qu'une crypto,monnaie classique ça donnait le,véritable échelle de temps le,milliardaire a toutefois déclaré que le,stade est Conde pourrait voir le jour,dans un futur proche je pense,qu'aujourd'hui quelque chose de nous à,ce sujet dans un avenir pas trop,lointain là-bas,le coin FTX poursuit ses investissements,lorsque lui demande si FTX est toujours,en train de lever des fonds,que cela est effectivement le cas c'est,alors que la plateforme dispose déjà de,plusieurs milliards de dollars pour,effectuer les acquisitions plus,précisément selon lui FTX est en,position de force pour faire le pe

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【 モンスターハンター:ワールド 】ゼロから始まるモンハン生活なのら!Monster Hunter:World【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】

【 モンスターハンター:ワールド 】ゼロから始まるモンハン生活なのら!Monster Hunter:World【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】


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bienvenidos a otro episodio de cripto,mercados y pymes hoy día 17 de abril de,2022,episodio en el que vamos a hablar del,ecosistema tierra luna vamos a hablar de,twitter vamos a hablar de rusia y,bitcoin también hablaremos de salidas de,bitcoin de oferta y líquida,o de su oferta inmovilizado de bitcoin y,también veremos entradas y salidas de,vis coincidió en los echen y también de,tetera bueno pues así que vamos a,empezar,bienvenidos voy a ver si el sonido,funciona carlos muy buenas noches qué,tal todo espero que haya ido bien esa,semana santa ya la estamos terminando,los que hemos cambiado en algo las,rutinas pues mañana vuelven,normalidad,leonard bienvenido,luego lugar bienvenido también buenos,ahora vamos a hablar de tierra luna de,hecho yo he hablado bastante en los,últimos meses porque la decisión de,garantizarla este volcó en west y con,esa compra de 10 mil millones de dólares,en bitcoin era algo que lo cambiara todo,pero ahora y de nuevo una noticia muy,importante para el ecosistema,ibis bienvenida a edwin alonso,canarismos norberto cristian,que me es 17 bienvenidos a todos y vamos,a empezar bueno lo primero de todos,sabéis que teníamos en marcha un sorteo,de cuatro premios de 50 tokens bond me,faltaba el quinto token por decir y ese,quinto token es precisamente luna el,quinto token para que podáis participar,en el sorteo es luna mañana en principio,mañana si no el martes pondré a vuestra,disposición un formulario para los que,seguís habitualmente el canal,indicase los 5 tokens que he ido,diciendo la idea mía es realizar el,sorteo el sábado por la mañana y si,puedo a lo largo del fin de semana,puedes realizar el traspaso a los cuatro,agraciados con esos 50 tokens böhm para,participar muy sencillo si seis nuevos,pueden ser suscriptor del canal en,youtube seguir la cuenta de twitter,cripto,crist o bien bajo mercados y retuitear,este tweet que me habéis hecho ya 214 de,vosotros bueno william ovalles,bienvenido julius bienvenido aquí que,ozzy osbourne ojos y un placer conocerte,hombre silvia pedro flores,bueno pues bienvenidos todos espero que,como he dicho al principio que hayáis,tenido una muy buena semana santa lo,bueno pues acaba pronto si habéis tenido,vacaciones al menos en estos últimos,días habéis tenido un fin de semana,largo pues ya se ha acabado mañana,volvemos a las rutinas,y que tenemos por aquí pues tenemos a,bitcoin voy a darle a actualizar por si,hemos tenido algún movimiento de última,hora mientras que yo preparaba el,episodio tenemos a bitcoin en 40.200,11 tenemos a decir yum en,3.040,subiendo un 0 23 bnb en 413 como decía,el otro día pues estamos viviendo unos,días de muy baja volatilidad los precios,se están moviendo en un rango en un,rango muy estrecho hay muy poca,volatilidad muy poco movimiento en,cuanto a los precios tanto de visco en,como de la mayoría de las criptas vemos,como solana es la casi la única junto a,decir yo que está subiendo algún 0 79,hasta 102 cargas nos sigue por aquí por,debajo del dólar 0 94,acerca de 10 18,luego de la luna está en 80 con 47 ahora,vamos a hablar de ella 029 a balance cae,un 0 36 hasta 30 hasta 77 39 si va y no,está subiendo un 0 61 hasta 25 74 es,importante no perder ese soporte de los,25 y polka dot cae un 118 hasta,1826 y vamos a entrar en materia bueno,sabéis que,lo he comentado,tenía invertido luna a final de año,print recuerdo no sé si recuerdo si era,los últimos días de diciembre los,primeros de enero pues al final deshice,en la posición no me convencía,como estaba creciendo en la,capitalización de la 'estable' coin como,estaba configurado todo que a diferencia,de lo que ocurre con tester y ahora pues,le voy a quitar aquí vamos,al listado no el que el de cristo,mercado y pymes sino todo lo que tiene,aquí con market cap a diferencia de éter,que está respaldado en principio por,dólares vamos a ponerlo en reserva por,dólares toda esta capitalización y,también por deuda de empresa por papel,comercial en el caso de tierra luna la,'estable' coin está que aparece en el,puesto número 13 usp pues está,respaldada en teoría por luna y luna,porque está respaldada pues en teoría,por la confianza del mercado al final,otras 'estable' contenían el respaldo de,dólares por cada dólar que había aquí en,teoría hay un dólar y en el caso de yo,sting no estaba respaldado vamos a decir,vamos a decir que por nada había muchos,artículos que hablan de eso yo al final,decidí pues salirme de luna desde,entonces algo ha cambiado y que ha,cambiado pues algo muy importante es que,el fundador del proyecto decide,respaldar u st,comprando el equivalente a 10 mil,millones de dólares en bitcoin eso en,principio cambia muchas cosas pero qué,ha pasado en estos últimos días bueno,ahora hablaremos de twitter pues fijaos,lo que ha pasado y hay varios artículos,por aquí es que también,vamos a explicar algo más lo he,explicado ya en varias ocasiones ahora,mismo y oeste y luna están configurados,de tal manera que si queremos tener más,monedas estables tenemos que quemar el,token lun

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hey guys welcome back to living with,lucy livestream hope you guys are all,doing well welcome me here thank you for,being first one,right here um all of you guys in the,stream right now as usual please kindly,subscribe to this channel ring that,notification bell so you know whenever,my live streams begin and always always,smash that like button for the youtube,algorithm and for it i will thank you,with this cute little sticker okay,so i forgot to show you this meme,earlier when i was talking about esg and,elon musk and the fact that well i guess,now he's gonna be voting for the,republican party uh he says despite,tesla doing more for the environment,than any company ever eight hours ago,this isn't one of those a famous rock,the rock memes,i actually never watched this movie so,one day maybe i should uh he says what,is an esg score unless girls like it,determines how compliant your business,is with the leftist agenda,yeah they're gonna they're for sure,gonna come after him uh um,at least he knows like i feel like elon,musk has really let it go like 2022 it's,like the chosen year for him to just say,whatever he wants do whatever he wants,i think he's already been,he's already been kind of slightly,threatened um,with the whole russia,um accusing him of sending a starlink,over to ukraine because the pentagon,told him to do it or whatever,i i don't know if if russia looked at,his most recent tweets,i think they would second guess,whoever was thinking that elon musk is,doing things because the government's,telling him to um i think maybe they,want to they want to recheck some of his,recent tweets um anyways so,he's ready for and as he responded to,the,og founder one of the og founders billy,marcus of dogecoin he said pretty much,the dirty tricks will be next level uh,in reference to what he thinks the left,will be attacking him with some dirty,dirty tricks and he also posted exxon is,the raid is rated top 10 best in the,world for environment social and,governance esg by s p at 500 while tesla,didn't make the list esg is a scam it,has been weaponized by phony social,justice warriors,okay,um,down here we have this picture of trump,and elon musk posted by cnbc saying elon,musk says he'll vote republican,ambassadors democrats again i don't know,if just because he says he's voting,republican that for sure he's going to,vote trump because he didn't say,you know make america great again 2024.,he just said that he's gonna go for the,republican party but who knows maybe,somebody else will be running in 2024 i,don't know i'm not really keeping up,with all that peter schiff says i must,admit that i'm surprised that bitcoin,has held up this well by the way this,guy does not like bitcoin okay just a,little context and he says but don't get,cocky,hodlers the market never gives investors,this much time to buy the bottom,it's more likely this is a bull trap to,lure in as many more buyers as possible,before the next major leg down and to be,honest this kind of scares me because it,is true,i don't think that the market is so kind,and is at the bottom for so long for all,of us loser investors to just go ahead,and buy the dip at the lowest chances,are whoever,is trying to buy the dip right now you,probably aren't gonna be lucky enough to,buy it at the literal bottom like if,apple cuts more and ends up being a,hundred bucks per share,most of us probably won't be able to,catch that falling knife but anyways,keep in mind never financial advice on,my channel entertainment purposes only,always do your own dd and i hope you,guys aren't going nuts right now whether,you think this is the bottom and just,buying up every single dip um,or doing something absolutely insane,like,a lot of margin and uh buying up a lot,of mean coins or maybe more luna because,luna today i'm gonna refresh this page,because it's hard to believe,it is at 0.000152,and i know you may say,that doesn't look like it changed much,it's had four zeros ahead of it for a,while now,um,no it just it just continues to plummet,downwards,the last i looked at it i've been doing,live streams and just kind of pulling up,the prices of luna for my last couple,live streams and we've been stuck at,0.00029 for a while there um so whoever,bought it at what they thought was the,bottom at,0.00029,it just got sliced and diced in half,again,um nearly so,and,do your own thing i mean i wish you guys,luck for those of you guys that are,diamond handing your luna positions,you're waiting for the moon i still hope,and pray for you that you will become a,multi-millionaire i am not,getting into it um i am way too chicken,for that but maybe there is hope maybe,there is good news for you guys after,all,because dokwan 13 hours ago said tara,governance proposition number one six,two three or proposal one six two three,to rename the existing network,keep in mind the existing,failed terra luna,network um,network tara classic luna classic,l-u-n-c,so,a little background again do your own dd,and check what he m

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