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Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov Twitter Attacks Must Stop | SiriusXM | Luke Thomasand I saw this

Luke Thomas

Updated on Jan 25,2023

Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov Twitter Attacks Must Stop | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

and I saw this on my Twitter feed and I,just couldn't believe it so let me set,the table if I can last night after the,show right yeah I was doing some work as,I always am laptop on the couch kind of,scenario and I see that Conor McGregor's,tweeting and a lot of it was sort of the,innocuous stuff you recall yesterday,Paulie Malignaggi and Artem lowball had,a dust-up at the B KFC media day we,spoke to David Feldman who runs B KFC we,had Artem on the show right afterwards,so you all know the story they are,basically after that Conor McGregor,takes to Twitter and on Twitter he,tweets one at a time,photos from his sparring match that he,had with Paulie Malignaggi prior to the,mayweather fight he's just one at a time,pumping him out and there's no words,with them it's just shots of Malignaggi,getting tuned up now again Malignaggi,maintains that yeah Conor got some licks,in early but over time he kind of faded,and you know I think you've responded,saying you know to Conor release the,whole thing if you don't it just shows,you know that you didn't do well you,guys have all heard that kind of stuff,before I'm not gonna rehash that so,that's where we are then he starts,tweeting about how people never go,Madoff and I want to pull my phone up,because that is where I have the stuff,saved here we go if I got my laptop I'll,miss all the crucial details so here is,what he said about Habib now some of,this he ended up deleting which I,suppose is a good thing but not all of,it he deleted so here is what he tweeted,in addition to all of the photos of,Pauley at a route 17 hours ago as of the,time of this show he tweeted a picture,two pictures one of Habib and his bride,well I guess both of them were him even,as bride but two different scenarios,with them and as you guys know Habib is,from Dagestan Russia he is a Muslim he,is a devout Muslim and his wife is fully,veiled not just with the hijab but you,can see nothing okay again and this is I,guess a wedding day because he has a,nice collared shirt on,well he shaved he appears to be a little,bit younger it's it's it's an older,picture I suppose and there's flowers,everywhere and he's wearing a blazer so,this appears to be some kind of occasion,perhaps his wedding day I do not know,what the proper customs are from that,part of the world for this kind of thing,suffice to say she is 100 percent,clothed you cannot make out anything,about her appearance she's not wearing,all black she's wearing all white so he,tweets two pictures of that and says,your wife is a towel mate which is a,pretty noxious thing to tweet to be,quite candid with you you know I have,been all over the Muslim world I've been,to Egypt I've been to Jordan I've been,to Palestine I've been to Israel,obviously Israel's accommodation of,Arabs and non-arabs but I've been to God,I've you know where else hadn't been the,Muslim world have I been to Syria a long,time ago really a long time ago you get,the idea Lebanon I was there over the,summer but into Turkey I'll be honest I,don't particularly care for women when,they're fully veiled it's just not a,thing I think is I don't like it but on,some level you have to recognize that,there are gonna be cultural differences,across the world people are gonna have a,difference of opinion this is a highly,contentious and also debatable issue but,what is the best way to treat women in,society and also what about their own,agency and what if they want this and it,becomes a very complicated debate so I'm,not one of these guys who thinks that's,a great thing for women to be doing but,I also recognized the limits of my own,opinion and I certainly wouldn't use it,as a way to insult a person's wife so he,does he does he goes out of there and he,tweets your wife is a towel because,she's wearing the all white right now he,later deleted that tweet but he also put,up a tweet of one of his teammates and,says I smacked your brother around and,took a in his hat that's all he has,mark on his cheek from the melee,following UFC 229 and then he tweeted,don't be scared of the rematch you,little scurrying rat you will do what,you are told like you always do,ok and then this morning he put up 1,this is only about 5 hours old a picture,of him Ruslan Magomedov and God who was,the other gentleman who fought Kevin Lee,mooster 5 I believe is his name he goes,Wow and it's a picture of those two and,then Habib all in a row and he writes,Wow another darkest time he caught,abusing steroids that's 2 out of the 3,in this picture busted for steroid abuse,with the most recent being busted 3,times in a row and now hit with a,lifetime ban excellent job at Jeff,Novitzky UFC the only advice that cannot,be forgiven is hypocrisy understand I,don't make much of what you saw to does,is you all well know but one of the most,tested athletes is to be even number,Chamitoff he has passed the 25 threshold,right so keep that in mind so you I was,thinking wow that's a real ugly way to,extend this rivalry and then Habib,ratchets it

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Twitter Is No Longer Fun | Luke Thomas

Twitter Is No Longer Fun | Luke Thomas

dan from Oregon wants to talk about,anything but Ronda Rousey in WWE I got a,I got a bone to pick with Dan from,Oregon dan are you there yes dan why are,you being such a on Twitter,tell me telling you give gives me,followers brother,I don't like it I don't like it Dan let,me tell you what happened today I like,Dan very much Dan is a loyal listener,and I'm really of this show but of this,channel and I like a guy who has,independent thinking we don't agree,necessarily on certain things but I can,trust Dan to just not toe the company,line or the government line whatever the,issue may be I do appreciate that from,him but this today I tweeted a,picture I get on the the 2:00 train,downtown to come from the Penn Station,to go to Vox media it is packed and,there is an old lady and a pregnant lady,standing and there's this girl and she's,about in her teens she gets on stretches,across four seats puts her head on her,purse and it covers her face with a,jacket I take a picture of this lout and,I tweet you should lose your right to,vote for this not because she's,someone's like Walker she's homeless,she's not homeless my god she's not,homeless you Twitter trolls she's,selfish and there's old ladies who have,nowhere to sit because of this goof and,Dan from Oregon it was like why you,making fun of the homeless broke Dan I,wanted to kill you today Luke I I know I,put you in a bad mood I can hear it and,the beats everywhere yesterday you,sought me out on the show I'm giving or,shout outs by tolling you than ever but,no I know you're Colby Covington in me,and it's working and it's driving me,crazy yo for real though like I don't,know what's up with you East Coast,people like why don't you tell her to,get her asked up for that old lady and,the pregnant lady like that's the,simplest solution to me but anyways we,can drop it well somebody somebody,eventually did as I was getting off,someone got on but the other part is,dude here's the other thing,you live in you live in what city in,Oregon Eugene holiday I mean y'all,do y'all have you have a bus system much,less a metro system or a subway system,bro you can do things like that on the,subway but every time you do you need to,be prepared for conflict you need to be,prepared for physical conflict because,that's with what direction it can easily,go to Marissa please back me up on that,am I not in my line about that that if,someone is stretching across the Metro,seats or the subway seats and you ask,them to move they might they might also,pull out a knife they might get in your,face I tell you go off I tell you,go then what are you gonna do,you're gonna physically manhandle them,you had to ask yourself how worth it is,it to you now this other dude came up,and just moved her out of the way which,was essentially kind of funny really,yeah he just took her legs into swept,him out of the way I think I think I,think he was homeless but but,Dan for again why is Luke making for the,homeless off of the back of you know he,wasn't the only one doing this there are,other jokers in the comments below might,we'd be like dude you don't know her,life oh I saw her get on the train,I know her life she's living the lazy,life kicking her feet up on the New York,City subway while you know a bolita over,there has to stand on the Express train,no megusta people and people just don't,they take everything so seriously,Twitter is the place where you go if you,had live a humorless life,seriously that's what Twitter is for as,if you're gonna like write up a petition,to revoke this person's voting rights,yeah I know right and I'm right I'm,really making fun of the poor is that,what I'm doing here is that I'm in a,public with a blue checkmark next to my,name I'm gonna go and Mock the people,who don't have money for not having,money of course yes anyway dad what else,you have to say they don't sleep on the,subway they sleep in a subway station,yeah exactly did I sleep Jesus or again,what would already know anyway,wait waiting nicer than you folks are,man oh I know,let's go what's up there Fisher call man,we we're getting way ahead of ourselves,with this USD 220 man we got Saint,Louis coming up that's a stadium,that could fit 22,000 people that we've,never been to how come people are,talking about rumors of Covington versus,Woodley right here would be was gonna,get a soldier surgery now he's not like,that fight free all Fox's what can,really launch the USD if you look at,their schedule coming up they're going,to college campuses and stuff now I,brought this but years ago like why,aren't we doing this when you get the,yellow diem and they're finally doing it,and I see some stuff is going on we see,a stack these carts but pay these both,get Woodleigh out there free on TV he,takes out the patrol company Covington,that's how you get a GFP fight you loot,alright alright damn quick pretty,controlling me at one I was so mad I was,so mad I was like do you really think,I'm mocking the poor do you think I'm,Scrooge McDuck

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Luke Thomas is Pissed: Twitter is horrible, aggressive Star Wars critics, and more

Luke Thomas is Pissed: Twitter is horrible, aggressive Star Wars critics, and more

thank you for these you know in the,Christmas season I like to think of,myself as a less charming reverse DJ,college for example you're a dumbass you,snitch a lot your dandruff is noticeable,bah humbug,let's begin here's a question are you,smarter than a 5th grader no don't worry,I mean sure you've read through your,mouth but there's good news,Star Wars is out relax I'm just teasing,I love Star Wars too I'm just having a,go of it what I'm also able to admit,it's not very good cinema,I'm just attached to childhood nostalgia,and it's okay if you don't like Star,Wars but I can't stand people who are,like militantly anti Star Wars people,who are aggressive and how much they,don't like Star Wars are like vegans,they can't wait to tell you about it oMG,I have such better taste than people who,like Star Wars movies Wow,face you're a regular Roger Ebert are,you you think not liking Star Wars is a,proxy for you having good taste in,movies,up next the NFL yes the ratings continue,to be high and business is good but have,the games not sucked ass this year,it's been unbelievable the AFC South is,terrible oh my god the NFC North a bunch,of losers the NFL's got to understand,the consumers have options why would I,go to Arizona and watch the Cardinals,play in Phoenix what I can get on my,phone and watch Phoenix Marie look Odell,Beckham jr. can make a miraculous catch,I admit but I've seen Phoenix Marie,being on the receiving end of four,flying balls at the same time and she,didn't even use her hands boy that,concern over the malfeasance of daily,fantasy sure was long lasting wasn't it,oh wait no it's not that's vanished from,the headlines that was the quickest,trend I've ever seen in terms of,scandals it's like the Von Dutch hat of,sports controversies did you all hear,about Chipotle they're having a systemic,norovirus outbreak everyone's getting,sick to which I say good,Chipotle is nothing but Taco Bell for,yuppies I mean take a look at this enjoy,some of those Ebola carnitas you know I,love Chipotle's pricing,guacamole $1 extra swine flu that's free,did y'all hear about that Rex facts,Twitter account does apparently run by a,bunch of fans except it's not it's,actually probably run by the team and of,course hilariously they got found out,this past week you know what I've got a,in fact for you you even suck at the,fraud I like how this organization,thinks if you put fact after week and it,somehow validates it which is why I love,this new site Hongki facts written by,fans of Native Americans did you know,the word honky is derived from the latin,term honky Titus which means lover of,mayonnaise I didn't know it either but I,read it on honky fax calm you know it's,easy to bash this organization but if,we're being honest what they allegedly,did with the these facts Twitter account,is actually one of the more clever and,frankly appropriate uses of Twitter,because here is the truth as I see it I,freaking hate Twitter there's no such,thing as a robust and productive debate,at 140 characters it doesn't exist,sure you can grandstand but a productive,conversation please the cherished,pastime of Twitter is ridiculing,everyone else's autocorrect mistakes,oh and everyone's an expert everyone's,magically Omni competent despite what,you know about real life that basically,people know jack about anything,all of a sudden everyone on Twitter is a,participant in Aristotle salon it's,catfishing at an industrial scale look I,didn't understand esoteric telecom,policy until at raging boners 69,explained it to me with admittedly harsh,and rather personal insults thanks a,trajan boner 69 twitter turns every,conversation into arguments arguments,into fights fights into the norm,Twitter's logo shouldn't be a sweet,little songbird it should be a bird of,prey now look I'll admit during sports,games Twitter is good for an instant,replay or breaking news or generally,just as a news aggregation service but I,don't strike up conversations with,random fans at the sports games I go to,why the would I do that anywhere else,look there are obviously some cool,people on Twitter,reach out to many people I've reached,out to I've heard some interesting,stories and met some interesting folks,but let's be honest this is not the norm,besides empowering the dregs of society,Twitter's major functional error is that,it tries to turn every single moment,into a conversation ladies and gentlemen,I am here to tell you life does not work,that way I've tweeted over 70,000 times,I'm the biggest loser and idiot clown,you know I admit it but that's precisely,the problem I don't want to do that but,if every moment is a chance to share if,every moment is a chance to converse and,they can suck you in that's exactly what,Twitter wants to do in the course of,your day you think about all kinds of,stuff no one needs to know about Fig,Newton bars another man's ass how you,hate that commercial with that guy that,does that thing folks you can keep those,thoughts we don't need to hear them

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I Didn’t Know MMA Commentators Could Be This Based

I Didn’t Know MMA Commentators Could Be This Based

don't know if you've seen this but an,extremely popular figure in the MMA,Community just strongly came out on,Twitter against misogyny reached out to,young men oh well that's nice,powerful stuff from Luke Thomas,is this Luke Thomas I don't think people,can be popular in the MMA while looking,like this guy wouldn't his glasses get,punched off let's find out who watched,this show but I'm not talking to them,right now talking to other men,particularly young men you have to,understand something and it might take,you a while like it took me to figure,this out I don't think I've got it all,figured out but I'm I'm telling you this,is someone not on their moral high horse,I'm telling you this is someone who has,made every one of the mistakes I'm about,to identify okay listen to me young men,of the world yeah,hating women,is,bull I have problems with this no I,don't let's go right and I don't mean, like I'm so mad at you I mean, like it's a lie,it's not real,right all of these I I do think it's,actually really important to sell people,on the idea that like,trying to take Tate's advice,will make you a miserable virgin holy sh,nobody gets laid off of any of this like,MRA pickup artist stuff it literally it,literally does not work the reason you,don't hear about pickup artists anymore,is because it's basically been accepted,that that entire Community exists to,fleece money off of like anxious 13 year,old boys if you've ever seen videos of,pickup artists operating in public it is,astonishing Channel 5 video on it it's,just like oh you know because it's,they're they're like thinking in their,head like tactics tactics like dude just,talk to people literally like it's the,end cells will be like oh just talk to,people just yeah just talk to people,literally like you can get specific with,the advice but it's going to be,iterations of just talk to people yeah,that that is in fact how it works you,know you're not gonna get in there by,hating women it makes it really tough,idea is that you have about claiming,women subjugating them thinking that,they are inferior to you they should be,a thing to be control hitting the like,button to help you get laid yes hitting,the like button on all of my streams and,videos is guaranteed to get you ,within uh two to five business days,rolled or in some other way these are,all lies they're not true things the,reality is something happened to you,along the way in you ever think of,debating fresh I would love to go on,fresher fits you say debunk their ideas,but like I don't know what ideas I could,really debunk with fresh and Fit I feel,like I just have to go in there and riff,with them we're not exactly talking,about um,academically cited Theses coming out of,these you know more like academically,blighted feces,woke up real early in the morning for,that one that one was so good artemy did,a little spin over there yeah,interacting with women or some message,you received and it has warped your,perspective about it which you now think,is normal or that the women are the ones,who need to change it is the exact,opposite and I say this to you as,someone whose mom beat me in a way that,was probably illegal right she probably,beat me so bad that she probably should,have been prosecuted by the law ,up as a kid uh she took her own life,I've had epic I mean Chernobyl level,romantic failures like you don't think,I've had bad ideas about women in my,life I've had super up ideas,about women in my life now I never hit,one but nevertheless the ideas that can,germinate and lead to something like,that I had all of them and what you,begin to realize is when you unpack all,of the pieces of your life that led to,this worldview you you believed lies you,believed lies that they weren't your,equal you believed lies that they had,done something special to you and that,they are a special class of people who,are uh in need of control who are in,need of corralling who are in need of,subjugation who are in need of some,method of oversight that only you are,properly able to give and it has to be,firm and heavy-handed it's young men of,the world it's all a lie there's nothing,to it it's not true at all,and and if you don't the interesting,thing about people about guys who think,that women are inferior and need to be,controlled is that they tend not to,derive any pleasure from the act of,controlling I'm not talking about like,Kink stuff or whatever that's all fine,if you're being consensual blah blah I,mean like the idea of of like I need to,guide This Woman's life usually the guy,does this with a kind of begrudging like,antagonistic,um like like wow look at you you're,you're stupid I need to pick up after,your messes like I'm the one in charge,I'm just like leading around like they,they despite this being the ideology,they're putting forward and they're,insisting on it doesn't seem to make,them very happy which is really weird,it's like they are it's it reminds me,it's like the Master Slave um Dynamic a,little bit in the sen

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Colby Covington Explains Why He Tweets Movie Spoilers | Luke Thomas

Colby Covington Explains Why He Tweets Movie Spoilers | Luke Thomas

joining us now the hot line is the,gentleman that will be in the co-main,event of UFC 225 next week in Chicago,when he faces HOF il dos Anjos for the,interim welterweight championship of the,world,Kaos is here ladies and gentlemen Colby,Covington Colby how are you sir doing,great man with a fine style floor today,with a couple of my honey can't wait to,get my welterweight title next weekend,hey man what kind of reception are you,expecting in Chicago I'm expecting you,know a little bit of both probably mixed,reactions you know but that's more than,most the division can say they're not,getting the type of emotions that I'm,drawing right now so expect some booths,and some crowd cheers so either way it,doesn't matter to me I just love the,hostile environment,are you expecting people to get chippy,with you during fight week like in the,hotel or at media day or something yeah,I'm expecting it you know I know I'm,underneath a lot of these fighters skins,you know they got feelings I don't have,feelings their emotions so that's the,difference between me and them but you,know I'm expecting that but I planned,accordingly I have my security guards,with me so there's not going to be no,problems before Friday is uh you know in,all seriousness is Jorge gonna be with,you Jorge Masvidal of course man he's,gonna be in my corner so I'm excited,Jorge don't mess around man you come,touch on me man he swings on sight man I,do the straight Street gangster from,Miami so you mess with that dude I do is,gonna be swinging on sight he certainly,is and by the way who is the rest of,your cornering team if I may ask,I'll have Mike Brown Mike Thomas Brown,greatest American coach in the game,former world champion Paulino Hernandez,my striking coach my father Brad,Covington and Jorge game Brad not at all,wow your dad's gonna be in your corner,what is how did that turn out or how did,that come about and what I mean you must,like it what's the benefit of it yeah a,couple of fathers days ago like I fought,in Canada and it was the first time I,can't want to put you in my corner for,Father's Day so I put him in the corner,and you know I had a great fight I had a,nice finish a spinning back kick back,fist knock down to a submission finish,so you know I just enjoyed his energy in,there there's something like seeing my,dad before I go into the Octagon that,just gives me a little bit extra oomph,going into there so,you know I've kept him in there every,fight since he's been in there in the,Maya fight that does I'm Kim fight and,Asia and you know he's been the rest of,the history now we're going to get a,wool pile together,does he wrestle or does he have an,athletic background yeah he was a couple,of times state champion in Alaska you,know very good college wrestler in the,organ and you know he's just average man,used to kick my butt in high school and,he's you know he's the reason I'm as,good as I am though amazing I had no,idea,very very cool colby covington joins us,here on the luke thomas show all right,Colby your division has been quite busy,now this is something of the crowning,jewel of the month but let's backtrack a,little bit if we can let's start with,the kymaro Oman fight against Demi and,Maya what did you make of it oh you know,it was a boring fight you know no one,wants to see that you know it wasn't,entertaining and and that's why I'm here,to make this division great again you,know he's an excuse maker he wants to,make excuses for his boring fight but,there's no there's a reason no one wants,to watch him fight and do you believe,your performance was I guess I guess it,was more dominant than kymaro's Mons,right you guessed it was Luke come on,man you do not did you go to math class,I'm drinking my third coffee of the day,I'm a little tired you have to forgive,me,okay I'll forgive you but let's do the,numbers man he he landed like 45 or 50,significant strikes in a five-round,fight I landed a hundred and ten in,three rounds so I left Demian Maia in a,poor blood three rounds if you combine,significant strikes from camera movement,and pyro Woodley's ten rounds of main,event fights versus my three rounds I,still landed more shots than both,combined why do you think that is like,and also your fight was only three,rounds I know you're gonna say well it's,because you believe you're better but,I'm wondering is there something about,your performance that people aren't,appreciating yeah I mean if I honestly,if I saved a drowning kid in a pool you,know people are gonna appreciate it it's,just anything that has to do with me,people want to down grant all the media,wants to discredit but you know yeah,there is something I do I come to fight,I go forward I want to put entertaining,entertaining action-packed fights all,for the fans so you know I went forward,and I put him in an exciting fight and,David might has never been an excited,fight before he fought me,and that then takes us to over the,weekend dare until facing off against,Wonder Boy Thompson I'

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Luke Thomas on MMA's Santa Clause | Wednesday | 01/04/2023 | The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz

Luke Thomas on MMA's Santa Clause | Wednesday | 01/04/2023 | The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz

all right uh Dan stugots and uh the bald,head of Greg Cody are uh in the window,where oh,okay okay,it's a very spicy introduction we,thought that was a little harsh the bald,spot excuse me and we've already begun,and that is Luke Thomas he's joining us,he's the combat sports analyst for CBS,Sports Whittingham has been telling all,our guests today that's how he's been,introducing them hey this is stugots and,Dan and the bald head of Greg Cody what,an honor for me and look let me say you,do not have a hair out of place my,friend I mean you look fantastic and a,great beard yes,you're lucky you caught me on a day I,showered I mean that's really a big well,you look clean you look like you are,resplendent with good hygiene your,glasses are exceptional but we're having,you on because I believe you to be a uh,hugely credible MMA journalist and,somebody who can navigate uh the,journalism elements of MMA in the way,that it's covered that can be credible,because I believe Dana White gets a lot,he gets away with a lot Luke in his,power over that Sport and his not caring,about the journalists who cover that,sport or journalism in general and now,he finds himself in a position where he,got physical with his wife his wife they,were drinking they were in San Lucas and,uh she slapped him in the nightclub and,then he hit her twice he apologized he,said it was booze and no excuse though,because his quotes from the past are,there is this is a quote the thing that,you never bounce back from,is putting your hands on a woman that,was her Dana White's words what are,going to be the ramifications to Dana,White for the video of this being out,there he's not going to get away with,this with just an apology is he,um hard to say but if I had to guess,yeah I think he probably does,um not to say that's a good thing in,fact it's pretty far from a good thing,but I'm going to bet that,um he probably will have to do this what,he's already done maybe some kind of,small absence and then that's really not,a whole lot more to it I mean I just,don't,there's a lot of factors at play here,and it's hard to get to all of them but,I think in general one there's not a lot,of appetite within the MMA industry to,heavily penalize Dana he is a powerful,figure he is a polarizing figure even,inside MMA but he has I mean what are,the fans called Dana right they call him,Uncle Dana he has this quite literally a,funkular title that they ascribe to him,as sort of like you know the the Santa,Claus who just shows up and and is,giving with all his time and his,resources and everything else and and,they like he also is a true fight fan,and I think the other fight fans kind of,identify that in him so there's that,portion the other portion is like this,is a weird thing too right we all,thought or at least we had some some,belief that when MMA entered the,mainstream and it was on Fox Sports,obviously before getting into ESPN but,certainly by the ESPN days that this,would be something of a civilizing force,on top right that this would be like,obviously ESPN is owned by Disney and,Disney's going to have its brand,associated with UFC this would have some,kind of top-down pressure to eliminate,some of the more bad conduct or,influences therein and in fact it's done,exactly the opposite it's almost as if,ESPN and the other folks involved in MMA,it's the sponsors not just the networks,are happy to take you know the good,parts of MMA and then or the traffic if,they're a website or whatever and then,when it comes to actually policing it in,a responsible way to just be very hands,off about it and act like nobody really,cares and there's just not this there,just does not seem to be a general,movement and there never really has been,in all my time covering the sport to,really find a way to get Bad actors to,do better to have some kind of force to,compel them to act in some kind of,manner that we would recognize as,reasonable there it doesn't there's no,civilizing top-down force and so as a,consequence people just mostly in,general in general you can get away with,whatever the public will let you get,away with and given what the public is,saying here I suspect he survived this,yeah well this is why I want to ask you,follow-up questions and I want to get,into all of the layers of this one at a,time because you say there are many what,does him being Santa Claus have to do,with video of a very powerful Santa,Claus slapping his wife that's not uh,that is not something that people in his,position anywhere in sports can get away,with with just an apology,right but here's the thing it's like,what does it have to do with it in the,moral and ethical sense of it uh nothing,I mean it's an important thing we all,saw in the brass tax world of what are,actually the levers that can be pulled,to create change to force some kind of,punishment or whatever the view is of,what should happen here what are the,actual levers you can pull,getting the fans like for example I live,in Washington DC right it

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Colby Covington Tweets Star Wars Spoilers | Luke Thomas

Colby Covington Tweets Star Wars Spoilers | Luke Thomas

we haven't done this segment in a while,in fact I think there's only the second,time we've done this but it's one of my,favorite segments because I have,lamented Twitter on the show you know,I'm on it like an addict and a loser and,a hypocrite but it's still I'm,discovering that I don't like Twitter,very much it has certain level,functionality both for awareness-raising,or distribution of content but it is a,place where people become utterly,humorless it is a place where people,become rude and terrible it is a place,that for a variety of different reasons,doesn't foster commonly very productive,conversations there are exceptions to,that but I think that's a very fair,statement about the way in which it is,at least trending however I should say,this sometimes people can do things on,there that enrage other people whether,intentionally or not and what happens in,the end is lots of people get mad on,Twitter so today we resurrect the,segment what is mm a twitter mad at,today it's 2017 thanks to social media,people are now,it's now time for Luke Thomas to take a,break from reporting actual relevant,news it's doing idiot things because,they're idiots Spencer the eternal,question what is mm a Twitter Matt app,today,very good welcome to what is mm a,Twitter mad at today now this is a very,special edition of this program you can,turn the music down very slowly okay so,yesterday on Twitter king of banter how,happy was I about this news then I'm,sorry not on Twitter but in our private,chats I should say it's very rare that,Luke isn't like an lol guy or anything,like that at all,all he says is what Kobe Covington is,doing right now has me crying which we,get very rare to ever hear from Luke,okay so I'm sitting on Twitter yesterday,I get back from New York City I've been,on the train for four hours I get home,it's like 11 o'clock at night and yeah,exactly,oh my god right when I'm sitting on the,couch and I'm thumbing through Twitter,because I made an addict and I all I do,was work with my stupid life and I'm,looking and Kolby Covington who we were,talking about his squeeze was Kenny,Florian on the show yesterday tweets,Star Wars spoilers intentionally,understand he tweets Star Wars spoilers,intentionally on opening day while,opening night anyway of the brand-new,the last Jedi,you know how much I love Star Wars we,had an All Star Wars addition to the,show yesterday we played all the music,we had an Hornaday from the Washington,Post and my first reaction and I am not,exaggerating even a little bit I thought,I had to put down my phone laughing,because I was crying and I had to wipe,away the tears of joy and seeing this,now understand tweeting Star Wars,spoilers on opening night of the,brand-new movie is an unbelievable dick,move,it's the Dickus of all dick moves this,is like going to a Donald Trump campaign,rally and taking a knee during the,national anthem you're just asking for,trouble it is a total move let's,be clear about it but that is,fundamentally fundamentally why Colby,Covington did it and why I could not,stop laughing I'm not gonna read you the,whole tweet because hello that tweet,contains some spoilers here's what I am,gonna read to you he writes the the very,first few words of the tweet is the,spoiler once that is over he writes,saved you nerds 2 hours and 33 minutes,of your virgin lives you're welcome try,something new it's ladies night go get,laid hashtag Star Wars hashtag last Jedi,hashtag my haters are all virgins so,great about this no warning first,sentence out of the tweet it's just this,spoiler move right then king of banter,here is the secret sauce to the whole,thing which is not getting nearly enough,credit he uses the hashtag for Star Wars,that then pulls up the bb-8 like emoji,or icon and then though he don't know he,uses both he uses the star wars 1,in the last Jedi one so even if you,don't follow him and you're just on,Twitter using the hashtag or looking at,the hashtag see people were saying he,can ruin your day too,he is a Bond villain who bites Mme like,he's just amazing what you told me what,was exactly I said man some men just,want to watch the world burn they just,want to watch the world burn he is Nero,watching Rome burn while playing the,fiddle is incredible if you look at the,responses to that tweet it is pardon my,language you Colby covington Colby,I used to like you man but you you you,went too far this time man you,Colby or Colby what a dick move I hope,you get viciously I hope you get,viciously Kayode there was literally one,tweet and all it said is thanks Colby I,hope you get brain damage right I mean,absolutely people were horrified Sam,Alvey even got pissed off what'd he say,he said dude forget the title shot,you'll never get for trying to spoil,Star Wars I'm gonna drop to 170 to beat,your boring ass you know you're an, if you can piss off smile and,Sam,get them bro so there's a lot of,fighters getting pissed off this much,heat when you use the six letter F word,it's like well gay

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The Nazi Tattoo Controversy in MMA | Luke Thomas

The Nazi Tattoo Controversy in MMA | Luke Thomas

let me get to this issue that happened,over the weekend,I think it's blew up on Friday Andrea,KGB Lea she's a very good fighter I,think she had her UFC debut not too long,ago I camera which card it was on,because they're all kind of bleed,together at this point but nevertheless,she has a husband and they had some,pictures of them at the lake they seemed,like this situation that was standing if,a normal American couple and then you,notice on his arms he has a Nazi,swastika tattooed on it and then either,on a separate arm or at least around the,side of the other one,he has an SS tattoo the two SS bolts so,he has to explicitly not see tattoos on,his forearm and you know it's amazing we,had this conversation on the show last,week where I was talking about how you,know we have fighters we just liberally,use slurs and you know connections to,murderous dictators and every other kind,of like bizarre and unfathomable not,that every death at every instance of,this of what are these various,infractions is the end of the world but,that you know over time this kind of,stuff happens to a regularity and degree,in MMA where you just begin to lose,perspective on reality like what is okay,what is not okay,what is rational what is not rational,what is acceptable what is not,acceptable and I don't mean acceptable,in the sense of looking around and,taking my cues from everybody else but,sort of thinking about what is ethical,and what kind of behavior should people,or athletes or whoever else exhibit and,you just you begin to go crazy because,it doesn't match any part of the rest of,the real world it seems so divorced and,so unusual that we have these norms,right and and then on Friday like the,day after we had that conversation this,thing pops up and you know just kind of,occurs to me the only point I want to,make about this is like it's so in,defense,and they tried to defend it you guys can,look up the scenario and and the guy got,these tattoos in prison although there,are stories now about when he got them,into what extent like that matches the,timeline of his description and you can,look at all that for yourself of course,the reasons why he went to prison and,look if somebody got this in prison I,would have no issue with it like you got,to do what you have to do to make it,through those kinds of scenarios so tat,him up you know it's it's it's it's,understandable but his arguments,afterwards were that you know would be,he had his reasons and that part of it,would would be make him look trashy or,it was somehow impractical all of which,makes no sense at all,unless you plan on going back in which I,can't imagine that he does but neither,here nor there you couldn't evaluate the,excuses for themselves the only thing,that really occurred to me about this,entire scenario which was just so,bizarre,was that MMA media gets criticized a lot,for focusing on these issues about which,fighter said this anti-gay slur or you,know why do we really care about these,Nazi tattoos maybe they're not a big,deal but whatever people live their own,lives just move on and I have to say,it's just it's the funniest art,criticism really because it's like why,do you think we're not talking about,this with the Capitals and Golden,Knights or LeBron and the Warriors like,why do you think these conversations,about anti-gay slurs or connections to,Ramazan could be wrong or Nazi tattoos,why is it that the basketball media,doesn't talk about those things Ray's a,very basic fundamental question do you,think that they don't want to talk about,them or that they wouldn't if they saw,them of course they would they look for,cliques like any other kind of media,would and yeah I'm sure to some extent,some of the focus on these kinds of,illicit or controversial behaviors is a,function of clickbait or you know or at,least trying to talk about something,salacious for attention not so much,misleading necessarily,but focusing on things that are other,the most important stories in the world,but you know cuz for example like high,noon the new show with bomani Jones and,Pablo Torre they were talking about it,and I saw it on various other ESPN shows,as well I think even get up talked about,it but but here's the point,why don't you see basketball reporters,talking about these things with their,athletes,why don't you see hockey reporters and,journalists and media talking about,these things,with their athletes it's a really basic,question right because you're accusing,us of talking about it in a way where I,just in it's interfering with the rest,of the coverage which I'm almost,sympathetic to I'm almost sympathetic to,that argument but why would that be true,if it is true it's because you don't see,that behavior exhibited by professional,basketball players at least not nearly,to the same extent you don't see hockey,players exhibiting this kind of behavior,at least not nearly to the same kind of,extent Ovechkin does have ties to Putin,but some of those have been covered in,what more

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