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TWITTER IS COLLAPSINGElon Musk buying Twitter is the greatest,thing to happen to the website I wake

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Updated on Jan 14,2023


Elon Musk buying Twitter is the greatest,thing to happen to the website I wake up,every morning excited to read the,shitstorm that happened the night before,and boy has there been a lot of ,over the past week we're gonna cover it,all and cover what Twitter's up to now,but first we have to be honest with each,other Twitter's always kind of sucked,for the average user they're kind of,shouting out to a void of maybe former,High School College classmates that,they're slowly growing more disconnected,with talking about things that people,don't really care about Tom Brady's the,goat well take your five likes and move,on with your day and for influencers,celebrities is it really better no look,at my Twitter for example it's all,Shameless plugs I tweeted frequently to,maximize the amount of likes I get to,make it seem like the things that I do,are more important and every day when I,tweet I'm panicking that the wording,isn't good enough to get the max amount,of likes it's not true honest discourse,it's not true discussion the only people,who have figured out how to successfully,use Twitter are teenage girls at least,the majority all right the the K-pop,fans of the world they've realized that,their Collective voice is way more,powerful and they can create cultural,Trends just by all being a fan of,something and lifting it up you see it,in the Minecraft Community as well,they're the people who drive the culture,all right it's not me shamelessly,plugging and it's not that dude tweeting,about Tom Brady or whatever the hell,that you're more and more weirded out by,based off his tweets so Twitter,generally sucks,so it's kind of fun to see the shitstorm,that's been happening and let me show,you just how bad it's been,by looking at three article titles all,right this is three article titles over,the past two weeks uh since Elon took,over here's the first one it's October,20th Elon Musk reportedly wants to lay,off 75 of Twitter staff,October 27th Elon Musk says he won't cut,75 of Twitter's Workforce,and then November 4th Elon Musk begins,Mass layoffs at Twitter Cuts 75 of,Twitter's staff now this happened,because he wanted to get those people,because Twitter has two major problems,one it costs too much to run and two,they don't make enough money and it's,kind of the same issue but they're all,working towards the same goal of being,profitable making their investors happy,and their investor is one guy and his,name's Elon Musk and he spent 44 billion,dollars for this and he wants to be,happy uh and it's and it's not really,working out it's not really working out,why do you lie about the Twitter layoffs,well it's because meta and Google were,poaching a lot of the good employees,that he wanted to keep not to say the,ones that he let go were bad but more so,the ones that he valued as good uh and,and so he had to lie say he wasn't,letting him go please stay please stay,and well he did he did let them all go,he let them all go a lot a lot of teams,let go human rights team gone,accessibility experience team no longer,the ethics and transparency transparency,and accountability team also a lot of,those people Twitter's curation team is,gone he let go people from a team on a,project he was tweeting about working on,stop oh my God an edited Mogul mail,that's right if you don't know I spent a,lot of money on paying back someone who,scammed a bunch of twitch streamers out,of a bunch of money AKA Slicker and,because of that I need to add a few ads,into some of these videos and this one I,think is actually really fun it's an ad,that I filmed for Marvel snap check it,out it's a fun sketch all right and,we'll be back right after with more,stuff,what are we doing here yeah I was,streaming to like a lot of viewers you,guys are my best friends so you should,know I've always wanted to become a,superhero,he's never once said his tummy is beyond,his entire life in a meeting think about,it for a moment there's a lot of money,to be made here book deals movies a,video game,we wouldn't want to bet against him,postpart time making money off of him,now that I think about it all right lud,what do you have in mind,a billionaire genius who built his own,a billionaire genius who built his own,power suit I am technology man this is,just stealing us we're gonna get sued,for this I'll get your your ass how do,you stop bad guys I can use like,technology to destroy people ah don't do,it technology man next okay are you a,doctor Dr weird here to save you why,does it need to be weird I wouldn't,trust you around anyone in my family,wait what what's in your pocket,some weird juice next a human tree that,can only say their first name I bet I,can guess what it is Steve,I guess wrong and your friends Steve,mom's name Steve okay Steve over and,over,hey this is a bad idea say Steve,that's what I thought that's what I,thought no no essential worker,who are the real heroes you just you're,Dr weird but without the beard let me be,the doctor oh God,this is not gonna work this

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Regarding the Twitter Post About Me.

Regarding the Twitter Post About Me.

today my dark past got revealed,on twitter and before you guys watch,and hear about what happened i want to,apologize i hope this doesn't change,your view of me,and i hope you guys are still able to,enjoy the content,but,batman101 posted this gotta be the worst,batman take i've heard,and absolutely demolished me with 26 000,likes almost a million views let's take,a little watch together,the batman movie was fine dude,it was fine,i just i thought it'd be more fun,i don't know,it was like a marvel movie with none of,the,like,comedy like i don't think i laughed i,don't think there's a single joke in the,movie,don't sing don't sing along old man take,maybe maybe i'm just an old man,bobby and thinking about it,but even if it's not even if it's,supposed to be like a brooding drama,like a detective story i think they also,did a bad job at that you know what i,mean,in my mind if you have like what is,supposed to be a great vigilante,detective batman,and then like a guy whose name is the,riddler you should probably have what is,a fun you know not like fun in like a,sherlock holmes or what's that one of,daniel craig,where he solves a mystery,i thought it'd be like that,knives out i thought it'd be like knives,out maybe,you know,like sherlock the bbc series you know a,little fun,now here's what actually happened,this clip got posted and people did this,the batman movie was fine dude,it was fine,i just i thought it'd be more fun then,they stopped watching immediately and,then they got upset,and it keeps going after this he went,out to say robert pattinson was,emotionless by the way which which you,know what and now let me say my ,alright,can i can i youtube nation speak my ,the batman movie was mid,all superhero movies are mid,they already solved batman over a decade,ago the dark knight's a goated movie,but because it sells tickets if they,have the man who's afraid of bats under,the suit,they just keep remaking them,that's all it is,i god damn,i feel like people think we have solved,all cinema we have solved characters as,a humanity we're done we've peaked,batman is the greatest or maybe it's,superman or or whoever,but i feel like that that was,written 80 years ago we should probably,move on and come up with some new ,but they just keep milking them they,keep milking them because they sell,big ass little tickets and they they,give people enough identity to call,themselves the batman on twitter with,the batman profile picture and the,batman cover photo,now look okay,the movie was fine like it was it was,well done it's a it's probably you know,a top,five batman movie which it's crazy that,there are that many but it's it's fine,it was just not amazing,i don't think we've had a superhero,movie be groundbreaking i mean it was,basically just the movie seven with brad,pitt,with a worse mystery and a worse payoff,it was just setting up what is probably,gonna be another goddamn trilogy of,batman movies,but i've i've learned i've learned,that fanboys of of of marvel or dc in,this case,they're right up there with k-pop fans,they're they're brutal savages everybody,who's donking me in the replies uh just,absolutely melting me,uh,said it once i'll say it again the mcu,really dumbed down the general audience,man not everything needs to be connected,not because this scene was funny,it was kind of funny but the whole time,i was watching i was like god it looks,like a gopro is strapped to his head,this is so stupid,that's all i was thinking i was thinking,like why are they giving me the what she,sees angle,always hated this okay you prezzo,obviously he's a very casual viewer but,i low-key get what he means on the,detective aspect,yeah,the the the mystery blue the detective,was the most i didn't i look there's no,spoilers in this video but the mystery,blue,i'm not gonna spoil what it was you guys,can watch it for yourself maybe you,already have oh my god this is the most,mid-ass mystery of all time the dark,knight had more mystery and they have a,character called the riddler,his riddle sucked,i i don't know the whole entire time i,was watching i was just like,the only redeeming quality the movie had,was zoe kravitz being absolutely godlike,uh and and,and i and i did say,that robert pattinson,was wasted i think he's a good actor,he's a great actor he was just wasted,because most of the scenes he was in it,was as batman,which which this is i mean this is the,depth,and then he'd pop out as bruce wayne and,he'd do this,and people were like oh you're supposed,to see the emotion in his eyes when he's,doing it he has such emotion i'm like, no way no he's just looking he's,just look,anyway,absolutely got diced up,he saw that reeves made the streamer the,villain and took it personally,what you gotta do as streamers and,youtubers like that,uh mcu fans when there's no quippy,one-liner dan that i also look that's,that sucks because my argument was,basically whittled down to i wish it was,more like mc1 liner jokey jokey which is,not what i wanted,i

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Final Update on the Logan Paul Drama

Final Update on the Logan Paul Drama

I got some good news and I got some bad,news the good news this is the final,video I'm going to make about Logan Paul,borrowing something crazy the bad news,this video is about Logan Paul and about,the end of the crypto Zoo Scandal that,has ruined his reputation over the past,month ever since coffeezilla released,that three-part docu-series show in,crypto Zoo Logan Paul's cryptocurrency,that he founded to be an alleged scam,because they took millions and millions,of dollars and delivered nothing our,last video we talked about Logan's,response which kind of went like this no,coffee zilla's a liar plus I'm still,gonna make the crypto game plus I'm,gonna sue him and no nobody liked that,and what happened since that video well,somebody somebody made cryptozoo,somebody literally made it in a few,hours the game that Logan Paul said,would take him until maybe the end of,2023 or perhaps 2024 uh yeah they made,it without millions of dollars now it's,not web three-backed to be fair but it,but it works you know you get a couple,animals I get an orca I get a lion you,take the Orca you breed it you find,yourself maybe a lion you breed it and,then you go to the top you combine them,together and what do you end up with,elorca cool and it has a main very nice,and I spent 320 on this game which is,why I'm in it so that's cool I'm now in,crypto Zoo feels good uh and and what,else happened well it seems like Logan,got a lot more backlash than he was,expecting even on a video totally,unrelated to the Scandal that he,uploaded about Prime energy he had to,turn off the comments and the like to,dislike ratio not so hot if you don't,have dislikes get the the extension it's,called bring back dislikes on Chrome or,like Opera GX or whatever get go get,that what else did he do,he deleted the video,the whole reply that we talked about is,gone you can see right here it doesn't,exist if you go to socialblade minus 1,million I think we can tell where that,came from just totally outright deleted,it and then I think the final straw that,broke uh Logan Paul's back was,coffeezilla said he was going to make a,response video and I don't think Logan,liked that because within an hour or two,of tweeting as I think within the same,day at least uh coffee tweeted out Logan,called me he said he's deleting the two,responses and is dropping the lawsuit,threats I believe he's making a third,response which I'll be delaying my video,to include hopefully this time he takes,accountability and refunds the victims,of crypto Zoo that's what matters and,here's Logan's statement in the Discord,uh the crypto Discord he says hey y'all,just wanted to update you I deleted my,initial response to Coffee Zilla series,it was rash misaligned with the truth in,the issue at hands uh so I called him,and apologized the war is not with copy,in fact I'm grateful he brought this to,light which is a totally different tune,than he had before I'll be taking,accountability apologizing and coming,forward to the plan in the near future,thanks Thanks for believing in the,project sticking with it uh yada yada uh,and he hasn't really dropped a response,since then I mean it's been like five,days like almost a week he did release,the impulsive podcast but it's just like,a regular podcast with comedian Andrew,Santino no talk about crypto zoo in here,and people so far are still dislike,bombing him they are deleting comments,on mass because a lot of people are,talking about crypto zoo and and they,don't want that so that's where we're,kind of at,almost,because he got into some more,controversy now of course the cryptozoo,thing isn't over just apologizing is not,enough there are people who literally,spent 2.5 million dollars on eggs which,is embarrassing they did that but also,they should get eggs that work that they,can burn and trade and do whatever the,hell they need to do right there are,people who bought coins and they should,be able to have real value with those,coins not that they ever will but Logan,should still try to make the game all,right he's supposed to do that he's,supposed to like maybe pay off everybody,who bought it I don't know he has to,make right to the people who got scammed,and even though they got scammed by a,cryptocurrency they thought would,explode because Logan Paul's name was,attached to it and that's a little bit,dumb they still deserve to get what they,thought they were getting right I think,everyone can agree on that uh so so,we'll see if he makes good on that I,think with all the public pressure he,certainly will uh but but yeah like I,was alluding to earlier that's not the,end of the drama for Logan because,yesterday uh he got under a a huge,shitstorm on Twitter,um because of a pig specifically Logan's,Pig which was allegedly found abandoned,in a field next to another dead pig and,rescued by a company known as The Gentle,Barn which does animal rescue and and,gives him like a home looks like a,sanctuary uh for those struggling,animals uh and here is Logan tweeti

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So I found my boyfriend's old tweets...

So I found my boyfriend's old tweets...

i love you so much i just can't let you,be,all right everybody hello welcome to the,stream we are gonna get into some drama,i had my lovely assistant christine find,some of my friends deepest darkest,secrets on the internet and um we are,going to dig them up yeah yeah guys it,is drama digging time if there's,anything i'm good at it is making fun of,my friends,especially my boyfriend whom i love so,much so we're gonna start with him we're,gonna look at some of uh ludwig's,embarrassing tweets he doesn't know i'm,doing this so we'll see if he finds out,ludwig's very very very very first tweet,ever,was he may have killed mufasa but i just,killed bobby scar do you guys like his,first tweet i'm trying to see the joke,joke is unclear who's bobby scar he's a,melee player that ludwig used to look up,to and scar killed mufasa yeah if you,would have just put slash j at the end,i'm sure we've gotten there next we have,this one that's called fister and he,says,roses are red you just missed her take,the chance find her and sister,wow that is a runner up for a retweet i,will say i this might get us a retweet,i'm gonna quote retweet it and say when,your boyfriend is a romantic heart eyes,wow early on early on we've already had,a retweet oh boy did he do something,mean no we're just embarrassing my,friends on the internet what else is new,oh my god bringing back capris one work,outfit at a time what is happening nick,said okay mr peter pan's understudy head,ass,he looks cute except for these are not,capris he just pulled off khakis,lud loves chipotle,okay my credit card information was,stolen because i went to chipotle but i,still go every day because that queso,but what does it mean you know,grapefruits are black because they have,fruit in the name it's like bro we get,it you're a fruit stop trying so hard to,fit,hello hello what are you doing i'm,trying to record a mobile mail well i,was just on stream i was calling to,harass you,how about what oh we're just going,through old tweets i'm doing it's called,uh digging,drama time,you have some very funny ones so i was,calling to make fun of you,don't say that don't be sad like that,it's okay you can make fun of me if you,want no i feel bad,we have to cancel the segment slime,links something though here's what,happened yesterday they announced the,iphone 8 and then five minutes later,they announced the new iphone 10.,so the iphone 8 is already out,they went from eight to ten,and i bet you're wondering what happened,to iphone nine,i think it's clear seven eight nine,oh good one,get it i'm not going to talk about this,we tweeted this exact joke,cause who cares so then yingling replies,or slime or nick at slime and said did,let's seriously rip this bit from ellen,and then yelling said la mao and then,slime said ludwig we should talk about,this and then ludwig said this came out,two hours ago she ripped a bit from me,how you guys gonna say i ripped a bit,when i posted with an hour of the,release and she did it the next day,slime said either a you've ripped the,bit from ellen or b you and ellen have,the same comedic trajectory this is a,graveyard of else five years later makes,you think why is iphone 6 afraid of,iphone 7 cause 789 and then nick replied,and said cause 789 episode 10 featuring,face and then slime said you pinned it,and then slime went to block him,and then ludwig said wow i thought that,was super funny because they skipped the,iphone 9 and iphone 8 is released i'm,going to take a lot of excite on this i,think he came up with this on his own,and he is just as funny as ellen okay,i like all of nick's snarky replies to,all of ludwig's tweets thank you for,following lettering awgram comedy if you,like zingers like this and please like,comment and subscribe i feel this girl,guilt from reading these back yeah,you're a bully oh slime's calling me,okay i just want to contextualize,because i feel like ludwig history is,something i'm i i could have a phd in,this was a common occurrence ludwig was,the unfunny one out of all of us oh this,is such a sad segment now this was,supposed to be embarrassing there's a,redemption arc because nick was like,wait why did someone uh why did cutie,just like this tweet and he sent me the,one of them making fun of his outfit and,i was like oh she's probably streaming,we checked it out and now listen ludwig,was the unfunny one,and,nick and i would like dog like hawks,like falcons surrounding a rat just like,bro,and it was really funny because he tried,really hard to be funny but he just like,often couldn't get there but we still,loved him but let me tell you you know,how i always say when he started,streaming full time he got way funnier,that is what i'm talking about the way,he is now,this is what we used to deal with okay,and that's why i think it's so sick that,when he started full time he just got,funnier by default and i was like i i,didn't think he had it in him and he did,and uh my god and that's why that's why,every day every time he mak

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So I answered EVERY Twitter question...

So I answered EVERY Twitter question...

boys what is up welcome,back to the youtube today,the plan is simple i,asked no i called,on twitter upon all of my followers,a simple request ask a question and i,will answer,on and so here i am,here to answer your questions by the way,if you're here watching this video,ready to listen to answers that i have,for you,make sure you've hit the subscribe,button if you like the content boys,like 30 40 of people watch my videos,aren't even subbed and some people who,think they're subbed actually get,unsubscribed i'm not,kidding check real quick and hit the,subscribe button it'd mean the world to,me,i appreciate it let's get into the,questions all right now look i i tweeted,this out like,two days ago now one day ago literally,yesterday,and 5 000 people replied so i have a lot,of questions,that were asked i'm not gonna get to,them all but hopefully i get to,questions that,have a lot of people who want to know,the answer to them or,maybe just give more insight on me as a,creator in person,cool let's get into it first one is from,jay schlatt and it says do you ever feel,like,cutie cinderella only likes you for your,money,and he follows up with a statement,because i,do wow jay schlatt thank you so much for,your question i appreciate it a man,who's used to,answering questions from the weekly slap,how's a 21 year old dude who can barely,drink,but does own a gun admittedly have all,the advice in the world i don't even,know what the i'm doing how's this,anyway look i don't think people,actually,think this but i do think it's kind of a,funny question,however people might think to themselves,like i don't know cutie,cloud chasing whatever if that thought,ever crosses your mind,just know that when i first met cutie i,had about,200 viewers this is right around when i,was playing pogo stuck for the first,time,you probably weren't there at this point,cutie was already on the uh,the austin show had like six seven,eight up to even a thousand viewers,sometimes she was a much bigger streamer,than i was,in fact i think i kind of wrote off her,coattails,for a while i think it bumped my,viewership up so she's probably the last,person that,uh that i ever met who knew me before i,had,any sort of following not that i'm like,famous george clooney head ass,now but,still i mean anytime i meet someone now,if they know who i am it'll be,completely different as opposed to being,just like a regular dude not that i'm,not a regular dude but next question,favorite amazon stream item this is a,really good question i actually had to,look back,in the annals of history to find out,what i even bought because i've,i've purchased so much ,however i think i have a pretty clear,answer and it might be kind of a cop-out,but it's,it's probably the car's bed it's,actually the only item that like,i got i think the most value out of like,i did the sleeping stream and i made,like three thousand dollars so it gave,me the best return,and it also spawned a lot of memes and,now i bought a five thousand dollar cars,bed because of it,even though i threw it out rest in,heaven oh you beautiful bed,it still was a pretty cool saga in the,streaming youtube thing,cosmic d12 asked hey how has,increasing viewership or income affected,your psych,your mental which is a fair question i,think things have changed a lot over the,past year i've,probably grown in subscribers by like,10x and i make a lot more money and,stuff is different i don't know,how much it's changed i would say,what it does is it kind of makes me min,max my life,in the sense that when i stream i feel,productive and i'm also like,the most successful like i'm making,money and i'm growing and i'm doing,things that make me happy,and so it kind of makes my life revolve,around getting as much time to stream or,making the streams as good as possible,but because i'm putting all this energy,into that some other things fall through,like i've become a lot worse at,responding to people because i get a lot,of dms from people,uh whether it's friends families or fans,or whoever and i get stressed out,because there's so many people,and so i want to not stress about that,so i can focus on streaming,so little things like that have slowly,become imbalanced over time because i've,i've just not wanted to sacrifice,streaming or youtube at all,and so you have to sacrifice something,else having said that i think i'm,still not too far off from where i was a,year or two years ago maybe i'm out of,my mind but,i think the people around me have been,the same since i had 12 viewers so,that helps a lot van r crosby says how,do you deal with burnout and keep coming,up with,new stream ideas i don't,why come up with new ideas i mean the,reality of it is that i create a new,video every single day i upload a new,video,and i've done that for almost a year the,exact day will be october 5th,in fact it might be the day this video,is uploaded which would be kind of cool,subscribe for my one year anniversary,please hopefully yeah,anyway i thin

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I found the funniest worst Twitter thread

I found the funniest worst Twitter thread

okay i want to show you guys a tick tock,but i want to give you guys the context,for the tick tock before i show you the,tick tock does that make sense i don't,know how many this is it's a little bit,of old news but i don't know how many,you guys actually saw it because it,wasn't that big of a thread but there's,this guy on twitter who please do not,attack all right off rip because he's,already been attacked by every single,group in the world and look we don't,care hey we're just a bunch of people,that like to have lull w's and joke,around but this guy conrad golden made a,thread,that i liked so i could save all right,primarily and you know but also you know,making really good points out here that,said i was thinking about why so many,radical left participate in quote,unquote speed running the reason is the,left's lack of worth that work ethic go,fast rather than do it right and in a,petersonian sense to elevate alternative,sexual archetypes in the marketplace,fastest mario one of 14. and the thing,is the thing is this is a really,funny tweet if there's no other,follow-up and you just kind of send the,tweet and you do one of 14 and then,nothing you know what i mean but but the,thing is conrad did go on con conrad,went on and 14 didn't cut it by the way,we actually we bumped that up to 15 got,a little bit lengthier than the original,draft which is crazy i haven't read,through it all because i keep getting,bored halfway through because i don't,really follow what they're trying to say,i am i'm pretty sure it's not bait as,well i mean it could be bait protecting,what is mine phd student in philosophy,and history true classical liberal,center-left pro-beauty pro-freedom,anti-bullying anti-feminism sjw,this look i don't know i'm gonna go on a,limb and just say it's just a philosophy,student those who can't do those who,can't get a philosophy degree and then,tweet okay it falls up obviously there,are exceptions to this consider how woke,gdq has been almost since the very,beginning your eyes will start to open,all right the thing is i feel like if,it's bait these are points that people,have made people are upset at gdq,wokeness that's been a topic before it,goes on though returning to the topic of,work ethic a speedrunner may well spend,hours a day at their craft but this is,ultimately a meaningless exercise since,they will ultimately accomplish exactly,what is which is done in less collective,time by a casual player,which i do think is a funny argument if,the goal is to beat the game in as short,of a time as possible casual gamers,spend less time playing mario than,simply does simply will spend more time,playing mario at the end basically,implying that the goal is to have played,the game as low as possible not beat the,game as quickly as possible technically,we are all faster speedrunners than,simply because we have played the game,less than him,this is thus a waste of,first of all so annoying this is thus,i'm an english major and i'm lost in a,sentence this is thus a waste of effort,on behalf of the speedrunner put more,simply love that guy they are spending,their work effort on something that,someone else has already done and done,in a way deemed correct by the creator,of the artwork why do they do this okay,that's that's the classic you are,breaking the game you're cheating the,answer is quite obvious you think about,it the goal is the illusion of speed and,the desire subconscious to promote,radical leftist borderline communist,ideals of how easy work is everyone,always says that speedruns look easy,that is part of the aesthetic,i don't think that's something everyone,always says,no one looks at this and thinks,themselves easy,i mean,nobody looking at this thinking easy,yeah i could probably do that one though,yeah that is kind of the atrioc they do,say,and then this is the the kicker think,about the phrase fully automated luxury,communism in the context of speedrunning,i strongly suspect that things will,start to click in your mind,i'm lost at fully automated luxury,communism and then throwing speed,running into that sounds like we're,playing mad libs this is not immediately,clicking for me what happens to the,individual in this individual,accomplishment in speedrunning is simply,waiting for another person to steal your,techniques in order to defeat you where,is something like intellectual property,or patent in this necessarily,communitarian process,what,can we start having patents on speedrun,techs i'm kind of with this guy,everybody's biting clint's womps and i'm,sick of it you want to get blj'd up the,stairs figured out your own way to do it,liberals i'm sorry you can lift yourself,up by your bootstraps rather than my,eight clicks and i do like how,right now for sure no companies steal,from other companies it's just not a,thing they do,oh whoops my bad they don't do that,okay everybody does their own thing they,stay in their own warehouse there's no,thievery no larceny now as to the sexual,archetype model i

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He Rejects Everyone Who Doesn't Like Marvel

He Rejects Everyone Who Doesn't Like Marvel

chat it's time you see around these,parts in between all the drama we like,to consume we also like to give back and,what way to kick off the new year then,with the new button video now I have,actually leveled up over the past month,people don't know this but because of,the button I got into reality TV I,started watching Love Island UK which I,kind of like more than the button but,only because they have funny accents and,they go I'm absolutely buzzing my page,has me just buzzing tonight and so I,think that's funny but the button the,button uh is is unfortunately Americans,but we will still uh uh watch and enjoy,it welcome to the button a speed dating,show when the button lights up red,either player may press it and swap out,their date for a new person get out of,here if two people can last on a date,for 10 minutes they win an all expenses,paid second date this is the button,I'm Maria Donnie nice to meet you fun,fact about Donnie he's a Marvel nerd are,you into Marvel I've watched so much of,this show that I now know these people,because they're repeat guests which is,kind of curious I wonder if they just do,a big filming day and that's why I'm,seeing so many repeats but I remember,her specifically and I'm telling you,right now there's a zero percent,chance that she says yes to this guy,it's gonna be an auto Buzz also are you,into Marvel has to be the worst intro to,a human,you know what no like my brother watches,them but I just can't get into anime,like,man he's holding it together because I,think he's fuming deep down he seems he,he's all right let's see how he handles,this okay,like you can't not like Marvel it's,amazing okay that was great there's so,many things to say in that spot that she, up in her response but that was,the one thing you could have said that,was cringe you can't not like Marvel,it's amazing really,all right next time hit the button then,do one of these and go,that takes care of that,in my right Hulk there's so many,different things and it's not anime it's,just like a bunch of superheroes who try,to save everybody,yeah I'll give it a chance okay,nice to meet you your person has to like,Marvel films right uh the comics the,movies it's just I might I have a dog,named Marvel so it's kind of a big deal,to me,you're not in the right spot she,actually handled that like a pro she was,very sweet she was like yeah maybe I'll,watch it but he's too in a Marvel I've,never seen a human this into Marvel ever,purple,okay the only person in this room no,offense who is not allowed to laugh is,the person who is dressed up as tanjiro,from demon Slayers it's the only person,who's not allowed to laugh here because,I can imagine a conversation that she,would have with a guy that's like you,don't like anime,that's not tanjiro congrats you've outed,yourselves so tell me about you what do,you do I grew up in California moved,here six years ago I have a fun fact,about Mia oh God okay okay did anyone,else notice that I'm gonna do a little,I'm gonna do a little rewind for you all,do you see that she lurched for the,button so this is an instant rejection,coming money is a big marble nerd,favorite Marvel movie character anything,like that Spider-Man,you're absolutely lovely,damn,was it Spiderman I just didn't get the,initial spark that was really it that's,fair such a pleasure to meet you nice to,meet you too,that's a lie the reason she rejected him,is because she he rejected the previous,girl because she didn't like Marvel and,then this girl isn't like Marvel,who's pre-jacking the reject button this,is a lie,what what,oh the men are very excited that I,rejected him apparently,I'm Don I'm Mia nice to meet you yeah,nice to meet you so what do you like to,do for fun I love going out and like,exploring trying to find out new places,and things like that but like 90 of the,time I'm at home knitting with my dog I,love dogs I have a dog myself oh what,type of dog do you have uh he's like a,mini golden doodle so he's like yeah,very fluffy like looks exactly like a,teddy bear Doodles are so cute I love,doodles,foreign,I mean this might just be a simple case,of there's no connection like physically,in terms of like attractiveness between,between the two that's it's possible it,just hurts because the conversation,seems to be flowing ah I'm sorry it's,all right you're just not my type like I,think you're you're beautiful but what's,your type uh probably like Asian girls,yeah oh why do you have a racial,preference cause white I,think there's just like is that the,cultural disconnect that's kind of hard,to get over totally valid lovely to meet,you no you're great Sam Sam it is fair,to say it would not have worked the,other way around to use that argument I,do think there is a cultural,connectivity especially to like first or,second generation,um children from like um like immigrants,anyway I think you guys are all pointing,out the funny thing here which is this,dude said I prefer Asian girls and then,the producers bring out her

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This Tweet Cost $10 Million Dollars

This Tweet Cost $10 Million Dollars

how's it going boys welcome back to,mogulmail today we have one that's,slightly outdated but the drama from,twitch took over for the past week so,I'm catching up all right takes me a,little bit to catch up today we're,talking about the only place that you,can lose all your money not twitching,their pay cuts it's Esports specifically,we're talking about G2 Esports one of,the top 10 Esports companies in the,world number six valued at 340 million,quick aside all these numbers are so,insanely inflated in but but,that is what they are valued at and that,is how much venture capitalist groups in,in in in series A B C uh fundraising,groups are willing to give these people,they've grown 94 one of the fastest,growing Esports teams what happened with,the g2 well they won a lot they won yay,G2 won a lot of Esports games very,exciting World they won a World,Championship very cool very pogberry,champ and they celebrated their win you,know as you do,um,by going out for drinks,with Andrew Tate and his brother,and who leaked all right who leaked that,g2's CEO and founder Carlos was partying,with Andrew Tate,well it was Carlos he tweeted out,himself he uh,he tweeted out himself that he was,hanging out with Andrew Tate I don't,know why he thought that would be a good,idea maybe a little bit of a flex there,uh and immediately received a ton of, you know that's a lot of quote,retweets you always hate to see more,quote retweets than retweets uh and and,got a lot of pushbacks in the comments,you're kidding me you're better than,this you're siding with a whim a woman,abuser uh and and and you know what,credit to where credit's due Carlos,doubles down,nobody will be able to police my,friendships I draw my line here I party,with whoever the I want,to which Aiden replied imagine picking,this hill to die on when all it takes to,keep good PR for your business is to,just rip lines with someone not accused,of sex trafficking,he's right just rip lines in the,bathroom with Bill Nye the Science Guy,nobody bats an eye all right there's,like there's like one dude that you,can't party with right now and it's,Andrew Tate that's about it it's a small,list it's a small,all right you can be out there with an,elk boys go nuts,all right,pop champagne with Aidan Ross Nobody,Cares Andrew Tay we've gone a little bit,far,now even though Carlos Double Down CEO,and he he's the big shot,the organization itself,was not feeling the same high G2 Army,last night we failed you the actions of,our CEO spoke a language and stark,contrast with the values in the culture,G2 lives and strives by and we apologize,for that since our creation we've worked,hard to build safe and inclusive,environment yada yada yada bit of a PR,statement after an internal discussion,Carlos in our supervisory board have,mutually agreed that we will take eight,weeks of leave as CEO and suspend his,earnings during that time thanks to the,G2 Army in the Esports community,so the double down real quick got got,snubbed by his own organization,and then he walked it back many G2 fans,were let down this weekend which created,confusion about what I stand for it has,always been my consistent Target to,stand for absolute equality of,opportunity regardless of you who you,are where you come from uh which is what,game is all about make no mistake my,life was full of learnings and I had my,fair share of situations I got to in the,past I failed to read the room felt,terrible about discussions this is,hilarious by the way because all his,tweets are still up which which by the,way I I give slight credit for all right,for a person who won't delete their,tweets but it is funny you can literally,scroll through and see the span of two,days this man going from I draw my line,here to very quickly erasing the line,that he drew and being like no it's,actually over here now just it's a,slight move it's just a baby move you,failed to read the room situation now,normally this is not a news story we,don't need to address this we don't need,to talk about who's partying with Andrew,Tate every single week doesn't really,matter what he's up to in Croatia,don't ask how I know that he's still on,my Tick Tock for you page but,it became especially spicy because a,riot announced their partnered VCT teams,now a little bit of context here uh Riot,owns a bunch of major Esports uh in a,bunch of major video games like League,of Legends and valorant and the key one,we're talking about right now is,valorant now valorant recently was,decided uh to begin franchising the idea,that they have a set amount of teams,that will compete every single year and,they'll increase that amount over the,next six years but there's only so many,teams a finite amount who can compete,think of like major league baseball,franchise there's only 30 teams and,those are the only people can win you,can't with your buddies even if you're,amazing at baseball challenge the Los,Angeles Dodgers or the Lost uh Anaheim,Angels to a game you can't do that even,if you're rea

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