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LSU Baseball Season Previewasking about what our plans are for the,LSU baseball season a lot of eyeb

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

LSU Baseball Season Preview

asking about what our plans are for the,LSU baseball season a lot of eyeballs,that's all I'm sending we got a lot of,good things happening,um for the baseball season I'm glad,that'll give us a little talk it could,be some moving parts,we have,fortunate enough me and Jared have been,able to build some relationships,throughout the course of the SEC right,we know coaches at different schools you,know players that played at different,schools that are playing at a high level,in Major League Baseball we have friends,that are coaching at other schools so we,are going to have some access in the,around SEC baseball that a lot of people,don't really have right and we're going,to take our the way we look at baseball,and the way we talk about baseball and,we're going to take that version and,talk about everything now obviously 90,of that is going to be LSU baseball LSU,baseball has an extremely talented team,we just talked to you told you they're,ranked number one in perfect games,Perfect Games poll that came out today,right they've been ranked one two or,three within all the polls that have,come out so they are they've been number,one and every poll that's come out every,poll we need only two of the big four I,saw one Ole Miss that oh one that had,Ole Miss at number one uh I don't think,that was one like I don't know I don't,know what but they've been ranked number,one on all the major polls they have a,lot of hype to it I told you you know,preseason polls don't really mean,anything you have to go third one but if,you enjoyed our baseball coverage last,year which Hey listen,our show we're coming up on our one year,anniversary of our show we almost made,it for one year January 17th was our,first show last year right we jumped,right into the deep end and we jumped,right into baseball season new coach a,lot of new players on the team how are,we going to get this going what are we,going to start doing and we just said,you know what we're just gonna wing it,you know we're just gonna put ourselves,out there and figure it out and I feel,like we did a pretty good job we weren't,ready for some of the big stuff that we,did but we did it and we got through it,and we gave you a good product and part,of that was,Jay Johnson being so generous with his,time and being on our show every Monday,for about two and a half months uh,during the baseball season that is going,to continue obviously it's not,um it may not be on Mondays we are still,ironing out some of the details but Jay,loves to come on the show he loves to,talk baseball and we are in,conversations right now about how to,make this work and how to give you more,baseball content throughout the course,of the year so keep your eyes open it's,happening it's coming really soon it's,January 4th the boys start I think real,team practices starts in the 17th or,something around those lines in a couple,weeks which is the 17th so our one year,anniversary baseball starts back up you,know that's weird how that all works out, me,um so they start then their first I,think uh first game is February usually,the middle of February 44 days yeah,whatever that is,um but we will have a ton of baseball,coverage for you we will be maybe going,to some road games maybe some yeah we're,gonna have some really cool stuff,open to suggestions if you haven't yeah,we need to have all the boys might make,their way around the SEC we're gonna try,it's possible we need to have Coach back,on soon,oh yeah I mean look it's after the,holidays we we know we're good he had,some confidence I'd like to see Ed you,know all right we'll make it work we'll,make it work,um,But to answer,the chat's question yes baseball is,going to be a lot of fun and I don't,hold on a bike though I'm not yeah I'm,not about I'm not trying to brag you,know but I'll brag a little bit on us,because we've just we've I think we've,earned it and we,we there's nobody else around us this,area you got two all-americans that's,going to talk how about me how about man,let's go and talk baseball like we're,gonna talk baseball you're not going to,get you're gonna everybody can go and,look at the stats and everybody can go,and talk to the interview the players,and talk about and ask the questions,that everybody wants to hear but you're,not going to get the uh the baseball the,real baseball questions and the nuances,that we are going to ask and bring so if,you're into that kind of made pulmonary,cry,part of the last team that won the whole,damn thing here so yeah it's been too,long with that,100 I'm I'm not I think that's the,common uh that's the common mindset of,everybody from our stocks I think people,kind of think it's,it's kind of been long enough we're not,in the camp of saying oh no we don't we,want to be no you don't want to be the,last one I don't care about it no y'all,go ahead listen we've had our time in,the sun it's been a long time they,deserve another one and they should win,one this year I believe how much,pressure has he put on I mean he I mea

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LSU Baseball | KONNOR GRIFFIN The Future LSU Baseball STAR

LSU Baseball | KONNOR GRIFFIN The Future LSU Baseball STAR

welcome back to miked up we're brought,to you by Sterling Automotive uh we've,been talking about it we've been,introducing it,our next guest is the number two overall,player in the class of 2024 he was the,class of 2025 but he's so good that he,said I'm gonna skip it here I'm just,going to get to school early uh Connor,Griffin,from Jackson prep and Mississippi Connor,thanks for coming on the show man yeah I,appreciate you all guys having me on no,problem bro um all right let's let's,jump right into it man you you were a,2025,Prospect recruit number one number one,recruit in that class you reclassified,to the 2024 class one I wasn't good,enough when I was coming to high school,to ever think about doing that so how,does that work and two what was part of,the reasoning on why you did that,yeah so I had to take some more classes,this summer to get ahead and that opened,up some spots for me to take 11th grade,classes as well and so I'm this year in,school I'm combining with like 11th and,10th grade classes so school work has,been been kind of tough this year but,it's what I want to do and it's uh it's,just helping me get me to where I want,to be one day and that's an MLB so,that's just one more step to to take,that uh risk of going towards that goal,and the reason I did it was it helps me,become a junior which allows me to go on,my college visits and so I was able to,take my five visits and get that,decision out of the way where I wanted,to go to college and came down to LSU,and I'm really pumped to to be committed,to LSU and I'm ready to be ready to get,in Baton Rouge and do some big things,let's let's get to the let's get to the,college decision obviously you know,being as highly tired as you are you,know you just said you wanted all five,of your visits LSU ended up winning your,commitment this is where you want to be,what went into that decision why LSU I,know you're from Mississippi so you're,not far from Baton Rouge,um but why why did you decide to come,here and you know what kind of major,decision what kind of made your mind up,so when Jay Johnson got to LSU he he,instantly started recruiting me and we,just had a really good relationship over,about a year or so and so when I had the,chance to take my five visits I took,mine to LSU and had a had an awesome,weekend got to see the Alabama LSU,football game,you got to see a crazy atmosphere,um the fans they're all they're all for,it uh football baseball basketball I can,I can already tell like I've got that,feeling that the fans are for the sports,there and I just I kind of felt at home,um I know Jay Johnson has a great track,record of getting uh baseball players to,the MLB and that's my goal one day and I,feel like if I come to LSU that's where,that's where I will be developed into,the player that I want to be so that,kind of made the decision pretty easy,being from Mississippi and being so,close to Louisiana was LSU always,somewhere where you wanted to go did you,grew up an LSU fan or it just kind of,happened as you know over the course of,you know your development as a baseball,player,yeah so it kind of It kind of developed,over like the recruiting process you,know it's only about two hours and 15,minutes from where I live so it's not it,it's always been one of the top three,schools that I've been looking at and,just making this decision I decided to,go away from uh Ole Miss Mississippi,State which I'm right in the middle of,those two schools so that was that that,could have been a hard decision but I'm,ready uh ready to come to Louisiana were,those the biggest Challengers to LSU,were those other was those the other,ones on like the other top ones on the,list Mississippi State don't miss,yeah those are the those are the top,three OSU Ole Miss state so I'm glad you,brought it up then wait I don't know how,much did you catch so far for for,making that decision about coming to LSU,not not much they're everybody's been,supportive I I got great people around,me so everybody's loved um my commitment,and they're gonna support me wherever I,go well I'm glad you brought it up so as,the summer goes on and you watch Ole,Miss winning daddy how much did that,maybe sway you did that maybe rethink of,which you were able to kind of put in a,bottle here as you you visited here in,November uh or before you visit in here,in November how much did that you know,watching that and where that program is,kind of go into what may have been a,change which obviously wasn't a change,but into your decision,yeah so I mean they're a great program,obviously they they won an national,championship and they have the players,there and the coaches that can develop,players as well and that that kind of,made it hard because,um LSU that you got a great program over,here and then you got a great program,here in Mississippi so that kind of made,it tough,um I was I was Ole Miss I've grown up an,Ole Miss fan so in my heart I was an Ole,Miss fan but I knew that LSU was the,place for me like when I took

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Inside the LSU TIGERS’ Iconic BASEBALL Facility | Royal Key

Inside the LSU TIGERS’ Iconic BASEBALL Facility | Royal Key

did you know that when you sweat the,primary electrolyte lost is sodium and,athletes can lose up to seven grams per,day,when sodium is not replaced it's common,to experience muscle cramps headaches,and fatigue as a result of that,deficiency,with none of the junk no sugar no,coloring no artificial ingredients no,gluten no fillers and no bs element is,formulated to help anyone with their,electrolyte needs and is perfectly,suited to folks following a keto low,carb or paleo diet,when i'm on the go with multiple film,sessions i often forget to hydrate,myself and it has led to headaches light,cramps and an overall lack of energy,element has been very effective,especially in this texas heat,it works quickly to restore electrolyte,balance and prevents cramping,these days i hydrate more and by the way,i love the taste more than any other,electrolyte drink on the market,right now element is offering our,viewers a free sample pack with any,purchase that's eight single serving,packets free with any element order this,is a great way to try all eight flavors,or share element with salty friend,get yours at,koiski this deal is only available,through our link so you must go to,d-r-i-n-k-l-m-n-t,dot com,koiski,you have nothing to lose because element,offers no questions asked refunds,get yours today,what's going on world brand new episode,of royal key there on your screen i'm,your host george kiel and i'm here at,the lsu baseball facility one of the,three baseball facilities that we'll see,today i'm here with emily dixon emily,how are you doing i'm doing great we're,glad to have you in baton rouge yeah no,awesome now this is a storied program,lsu baseball college program and you,guys have the facilities to show it what,are we going to see here today well i,mean you have to have impressive,facilities when you're six-time national,champions you can see our rings back,here and the home of college baseball's,greatest fans so we're going to show you,a little bit of all the facilities that,surround alex box stadium and skip urban,field and kind of a day in the life of a,player from their meeting rooms to the,locker rooms and then even when you come,back as a former player we still have,facilities for you jim so our first stop,will be the team meeting room which is,going to be something that showcases a,lot of our history but also something,very valuable for our players we have,pitchers meetings team meetings heaters,meetings all in here state of the art,video suite and this is where they come,every day before practice now one thing,i'm noticing in this team meeting room,that i don't see in a lot of baseball or,just any sport is you guys have your,showcase of trophies in the team meeting,room to remind the players like of,greatness i mean every time they come in,and sit in these chairs we have,championships the regionals everything,that we've won all of the trophies so,they can really just remember all the,history and tradition why they want to,come to lsu and be baseball players and,then obviously we have our road to omaha,too the road to omaha starts in baton,rouge that's how we approach every,single season so it's neat to have that,route on there for them to see every day,when they come in here now earlier you,mentioned the world's greatest college,baseball fans uh,talk about that a little bit because you,guys have uh set records as far as fan,bases uh what are those records so we,have led in attendance 25 out of the,last 26 college baseball seasons and,that one season was in 2020 so due to,covid capacity restrictions we didn't so,i mean you can basically say for the,last 25 years but 25 of the last 26,seasons so we value our fans very very,much here at lsu and our baseball fans,are unlike any other,emily it's no secret that the tigers,they put people in the big leagues right,and you guys have kind of a showcase who,are some of your favorite uh tiger pros,to come out of this program gosh so,there's a lot to choose from because,lsu's produced 80 tigers going into,major league baseball we've got a lot of,all-stars i grew up in the houston area,so i,am probably going to go right now with,alex bregman since he was with the stros,world series champ but working with some,of these guys throughout my time at lsu,with erin nola and dj la mayhew i mean,there's really a lot to choose from and,it's kind of like you can be a fan of,almost all teams because they're,everywhere now on the opposite side of,the wall uh you guys have a lot of,accolades right what is the one stat or,accolade that seems to you know garner,the interest of every recruit when they,come here it's really good to push you,know going into the next league and,being able to make that jump to the,professionals but as we all know all,student athletes you know not everybody,makes it to the professional league so i,really like the stat about our fans and,the support that's given around lsu i,think that's a really,powerful stat but obviously seeing,things in numb

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LSU Baseball lands ELITE two-way player Paul Skenes

LSU Baseball lands ELITE two-way player Paul Skenes

hey you clicked on my video appreciate,it now be sure to like the video and,subscribe to the page long enough to,cover the subject and short enough to,keep it interesting welcome to out of my,league i'm nick diaz skip burtman once,said,i wish for all my friends to win at,least one championship,and i wish for all my enemies to win two,because there is no greater hell than,expectations,jay johnson doesn't have any national,championships at least not yet but he,now has the hell of expectations and,maybe he likes it that way because if,having the best transfer portal class in,the history of college baseball wasn't,enough along with one of the best high,school signing classes that college,baseball has seen in quite some time lsu,baseball just got the best two-way,player in the country out of the,transfer portal yesterday paul skeins,from the air force academy is a,first-team all-american right-handed,pitcher,and catcher who has two years of,eligibility remaining he will not see,those two full years he'll be gone by,then,he was at air force last year and was,their full-time catcher for about 51,games,where he batted 3 14 and 13 home runs,pretty good but on days where he wasn't,the catcher,he was the ace pitcher for air force,where he threw a,2.73,era,with 96 strikeouts in 85 innings,his fastball sits around 93-95,his curveball sits in the mid-80s let me,put this into perspective for you,paul skeins was a draft eligible,sophomore this past season and back in,june he entered the transfer portal and,an lsu fan on twitter asked kendall,rogers about schemes entering the portal,and potentially if he's going to go,there or enter the mlb draft and kendall,rogers said quote,i have a better chance of playing,college baseball next season than paul,skeins,so much for that,this guy paul skins is babe ruth type,stuff or i guess nowadays shohei ohtani,for the los angeles angels where one of,the best pitchers in all of baseball is,also one of the best hitters in all of,baseball,that's what paul skeens was in college,baseball last season now,i'm not saying he's going to be the next,babe ruth or shohei otani okay just,that's that's not what i'm saying i'm,just saying that's what he does for the,team it's very very unusual to see a,player with this skill set at this level,college or pro you see it in high school,all the time with big time high school,prospects who are just more physically,gifted than everybody else on the team,but not at this level and especially not,at the major league level lsu baseball,because of this,now has no more holes on their roster,because of what paul skins does for you,and your team this gives you another,option at catcher obviously because you,have malazzo who is the best defensive,catcher in the country arguably but he,can't hit not that it matters because,look at the lineup in front of him so,who cares if he can't hit but now you,need a backup because malaza was hurt,last year now you have paul skeens as an,option for catcher you also have hayden,travinsky coming back who can't catch,but he can't hit who knows maybe he'll,improve as a catcher and then you have,the number one catcher in the state of,florida brady neal foregoing the draft,and coming to lsu,y'all whoever wins that starting catcher,job will have earned it and even if paul,skeens wins the full-time job,polskine still,gives you a second ace arm on the mound,a second ace not another starter an ace,because thatcher heard from ucla barring,he's healthy he's going to be lsu's,friday night guy next year,paul skeins is definitely now your,saturday starter and you're loaded with,transfers returning young pitchers,incoming freshmen to fill out on sunday,or the mid week rotation while at the,same time,being developed by the best pitching,coach in the country and one of the best,pitching coaches in all of the major,leagues,wes johnson,when it comes to lsu's roster next,season,i'm to the point where,it's like last year's tennessee team who,was on pd's and got caught with juice,bats where,just getting to omaha,for this lsu team would be a letdown,just getting there is no longer enough i,think now it would be a disappointment,if they don't get at least to the,championship series in omaha,that's the talent on this lsu roster,dylan cruz trey morgan tommy tanks paul,skeins thatcher heard carter young,gavin dugos josh pearson josh stevenson,christian little jordan thompson who,could probably start at third base,milazzo,brayden jober at dh and the number one,recruiting class coming in in the,country and all the young arms you have,coming back who have a lot of talent and,potential remember no number one seed,since 1999 has won the national,championship in this current format but,i would dare to say that this is the,most talented loaded lsu baseball team,since skip burtman's teams i don't think,i'm being facetious when i say that,either and also to anyone who thought,lsu was behind on nil,i don't think it's a coincidence that,lsu football and baseball went o

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ZEB RUDDELL The Next LSU Baseball STAR Full Interview

ZEB RUDDELL The Next LSU Baseball STAR Full Interview

done that been there I don't know if,you've been there yet but but uh you're,gonna get there in studio Zeb rudel from,Monroe Monroe it says technically you're,from,Columbia Louisiana,okay,so I went to OCS for a while all right,and then and as Ouachita Christian High,School yeah I don't know yeah see I know,I'm on North Louisiana School your stuff,yeah Slaughter came from there yep yep,but I went to Neville my freshman year,high school okay and uh yeah I was tired,of getting uh bullied by Will on the,football field,you weren't the only one I think a lot I,think a lot of people were huh oh yeah,he's a monster,I mean our high school we wouldn't have,played in high school if I would have,still went to uh OCS but he I used to,play him in like peewee football like,yeah they called it YMCA or whatever and,it was back then or he could run the,football oh wow so he's like a head tall,on every kid like just run everybody,just putting it just stiff arm in,everybody kind of like it was kind of,like a game between me and him because I,played running back and he was like the,fullback but you just hand the ball to,him like I mean like you can't attack,yeah right it wouldn't fail it's almost,like the I am 12 guy yeah exactly like I,am 12. and you're like six three at 12.,you're like okay well that's not that's,not fair yeah but shout outs like will,for uh SEC office line of the week yeah,hey coming back from yeah his little,stent in the hospital I don't really,know what happened I think I've heard,some things do you know uh dehydration,is what they're saying seizure yeah on,the field but you know it didn't stop,him no I I heard he was chomping out the,bit in the hospital he was kind of like,trying they had to basically,time now you're not leaving like you,gotta you gotta clear these tests,um he went full uh Remember the Titans,he was at uh Gary Bertier whatever,he had legs it just didn't work I mean,but I'm gonna say but he was watching it,I feel like it was the exact same thing,I'm throwing the food tray exact same,thing I mean one guy couldn't walk the,other guy was fine yeah let me look at,him he could swear,of the week as a freshman our bookend,freshman as both tackles I think were,set up football wise set up for the,future let's get to you though all right,you're making me feel old I feel like I,just got left here but I didn't I am a,little older but,um Lefty Outfitter,throw Lefty hit Lefty right both sides,right I was telling you before this,before you got on on our break when I,got here,my freshman year I was,god-awful like I think I hit one home,run this fall I came out of fall I came,out of Christmas break and I struck out,my first nine times like just not in a,position to and I was trying right I,wasn't like I couldn't do it I just was,one of those things you come in right,now fall has basically just started I,guess y'all are probably halfway through,maybe you have three home runs the,offenses seem to be clicking everybody,seems to be swinging the bat how have,you felt so far in the fall and what do,you contribute to your hot start uh I,mean I felt good in the fall but uh I,mean started off the first game uh I got,Grant Taylor first at bat and you know I,got a big welcome to College of baseball,I gotta throwing cheese huh yeah uh it,was 90 I got 97 on the inside corner and,then like a 93 94 mile an hour cutter,and on my hands fell off and then a 78,mile an hour Uncle Charlie right down,the middle and it was couldn't stand you,just you took it you got frozen or you,swung out oh I froze yeah that's tough,it froze me come from his arm angle but,and then I,yeah I'm here um nothing like high,school but,uh I mean I just went back and watched,the bats and uh I took too many,fastballs I was in the line I went I,wasn't ready to hit that's one of Coach,Johnson's biggest deal is being ready to,hit and I just wasn't ready to hit so,that's kind of what I want to get into,is like you know Jay has been so I know,you have to call him Coach Johnson but,Jay has been,an offensive guy right like he has been,known for his offense known for his,Limestone everywhere he's been what are,some of the things that he's kind of,talked to you about,um as far as like hey this is what I,want to see from you this is how you,need to this is the approach you need,have you all kind of gotten in depth,with that yet or he's kind of letting,you be on your own right now until until,he sees what he needs to see,um he's kind of like addresses as a,whole,um the biggest thing for me was I was a,lead kid guy in high school like I was,like kick guy last year in high school,and I had struggled sometimes between,High School UC 70 and then you may see,90 every now and then so sometimes I,struggled getting it down like all the,time and the thing that he taught me was,I switched to like the toe tap kind of,thing and it helped me so much of being,on time,with everything because I mean you can't,hit if you're not on top of the best,fastball right and uh I mean that

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LSU Baseball is READY for The Expectations | Full Jay Johnson Interview

LSU Baseball is READY for The Expectations | Full Jay Johnson Interview

um,I'm excited,excited to introduce a friend of the,show,um The Field General the guy who is,going to bring LSU baseball back to the,problems it's been a long time it's been,since uh the summer,so he's been on here I'm sure he's Miss,Lloyd a lot but let's welcome Jay,Johnson back to the show coach welcome,back,what's up fellas how you doing I'm doing,great how are you doing,awesome awesome good to see you where's,that backdrop that's a that's a nice,backdrop,you know uh really complex I literally,just turned the computer around on my,desk and so I felt like your viewers,would rather see a nice view of uh to,box and say my cabinets look I I like,the view it looks it looks great I think,they would want to see like your depth,charts and all that kind of stuff,the notes I don't know right over there,yeah that's right turn that camera to,your right,um,coach let's talk let's get to it let's,talk about it fall practice has been,well underway uh you wind down I'm,assuming a little bit probably before,Thanksgiving and then the guys go out to,Thanksgiving how has fall practice been,you have a lot of new players you have a,lot of new new freshmen new transfers,guys that came back that are trying to,make the jump from you know being okay,to being great or for being great to,making being special,um what have you seen this fall,yeah it's been good I think uh so far,we've done a really good job with the,controllable things things that are,really small like when the position,players lift at 6 30 in the morning,everybody shows up at 6 50 and so the,things that require no Talent so far,this team has been very good with,um very low drama as I would like to say,where we could just you know get on the,field and work and make those,improvements with guys individually and,as a team I always start back at the,beginning every year kind of assume that,the players don't know anything and uh,you know really work through our,progression as a team and with them,individually so all good right now,coach I I gotta imagine something like,this could be probably a little tricky,but with the amount of guys coming in in,the transfer portal,coming in from different places from,your point of view how have they fit in,so far and how are they adjusting to a,new a new place,it's a good question I think first of,all,uh as many as we have as a relative,number we actually have the 10th most in,the SEC so oh wow wow,yeah exactly so what is a lot nowadays,who even know but a very good question I,think uh the team Dynamic is something,that you have to work on and you have to,be deliberate with in a year you know no,different than last year I mean it was a,lot of players that you know we didn't,recruit we didn't know it was our job as,coaches to earn their trust based on how,we worked and how we developed them and,you kind of start that over every year I,think the advantage we have this year is,there's 21 new players there's guys that,were in their first year college,baseball last year so you have more guys,that how we operate this is all that,they know and um the older players I,would give the credit uh to the,returners you know those guys have done,a good job of helping bring guys along,and uh leading by example and uh just,because there's a collection of talent,doesn't necessarily mean that it's a,team like you have to be smart in how we,do everything and putting that together,and I feel really good about that right,now and I think it just speaks to the,the character of the players in the,program you may have the 10th most,transfers but you have the number one,high school recruiting class in the,country on campus right now and you know,we've talked to a few of the guys coming,in Gavin Guidry some of these guys that,have come in and extremely impressive,personality wise they seem like they're,mature beyond their years what have you,seen from the freshman class on the,field off the field interacting with,some of the guys in there because,you have a team full of guys who have,the potential to be first rounders and,these guys are kind of coming in to try,to figure out their role after being,superstars in high school how they,transitioned into college,yeah so far so good I think uh what,stands out is how these guys are working,and how coachable that they are I think,all of them are aware of we have good,players and they were recruited here for,a reason and they believe in themselves,as all of them should so at least from a,compression standpoint there's guys with,Talent obviously and there's guys that,have the work ethic and now I think it's,just getting acclimated to you know,maybe a new way of doing things uh,understanding that you know this is,probably the biggest junk they'll ever,make in their baseball career from high,school to the highest level of division,one baseball you know you guys know,better than anybody uh it's probably,smaller you know going from LSU to your,low minor leagues and so we're just kind,of getting them all acclimated uh right,now

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Does LSU Baseball have a championship pitching staff?

Does LSU Baseball have a championship pitching staff?

long enough to cover the subject and,short enough to keep it interesting,welcome to out of my league i'm nick,diaz,as sure as the sun rises in the east and,sets in the west there is one thing that,every fan base in every sport says,just before the season starts,they say,we hope,if this happens,then we hope this will happen we hope,that's the theme not necessarily for,lsu's baseball team this year as a whole,but specifically with lsu's bullpen,the bullpen is the one position that,will ultimately determine if you have a,championship baseball team every year,you just go down the list who's got an,elite pitching staff you go down the,list if you don't have it don't mark,them off mark them off the board for a,title that means two aces and a boatload,of relief pitchers that are b to b plus,so,what does lsu have currently well,essentially with the exception of,michael hilliard who's going to be,probably the sunday starter,all of the pitchers,on this lsu team,are basically a bunch of relief pitchers,you're kind of hoping you develop into,long-term starters,and they all fall into,basically one of four categories,the first category is,long-time veteran relievers who are now,trying to be a starter the nominees are,devin fontenot and trent vettemir the,second group are young guys who were,midweek starters last year that were,also inconsistent as freshman relievers,on the weekends the nominees are blake,money,javen coleman,will helmers garrett edwards and we'll,throw in ty floyd the third group,are talented transfers that have had,tommy john's surgery they are eric,reiselman and bryce collins and the,fourth group is talented true freshmen,who have never pitched once in college,baseball their grant fonteno and kale,lansville so with all of these pictures,what the hell is jay johnson going to do,i think right now the the important,piece has been the ramp up of all of,them in terms of getting them in,condition and so we've kind of itemized,a group of guys that we're going to,extend pitch counts with and then a,group of guys that need to be able to,maybe go multiple times a week or in one,three inning bolt and then wait until,they're ready to go again,basically he's saying me and the,pitching coaches we're just gonna train,all of these relief pitchers arms to try,and go longer and then just cross our,fingers that one of them becomes one,that's not i don't want i don't really,want to hear that but that also doesn't,mean that it can't be done,one reason is because and we'll talk,about this later in the week lsu may,have the best offense in the country,this season and potentially the best,offense and lineup the program has had,in 20 years even better than the 0809,teams the second reason is because lsu,has a pitching coach in jason kelly who,is known as a miracle worker the third,reason is,lsu does have talented young arms that,can be are talented enough to be sec,starters,it's just a matter of will they so let's,just go down the list the first group,the veteran relievers who are trying to,be starters devin fontenot and vetmer,look there's a saying in the nfl,that pretty much by year two by your,second full year a quarterback is pretty,much what he's gonna be by that point so,who whatever you are in year two as an,nfl quarterback it's established that's,pretty much on average what you're gonna,be going forward,with vetmer and fontenot it's been,established okay,you've been relief pitchers this whole,time so just go be sec relief pitchers,this season there's nothing wrong with,that,i see where this is going i've seen this,movie before i know how it ends the,second group,young guys who were midweek starters but,were inconsistent as freshmen relievers,on the weekends so these guys can be,starters it's just a matter of will they,blake money javen coleman wilhelmer's,garrett edwards ty floyd based on,scrimmages,and jay johnson press conferences which,is pretty much all we have to go off of,it right now,the most likely potential starters out,of that group are blake money and javen,coleman now money he lost 40 pounds so,the kenny powers look is dead bring a,tear to a glass eye but that shows me,one he's putting in the work and the,second thing is that the work is,actually showing up on scrimmages,because he's throwing 93 miles per hour,in scrimmages where it's freezing cold,and windy next to the levee in february,and january that's pretty impressive and,also javen coleman grew up in front of,our eyes and got the upset clutch win in,eugene regional against oregon last year,when they needed it the most,talented transfers that have had tommy,john's surgery the third group,with eric reiselman and bryce collins,eric reiselman the guy who's from san,francisco who throws 98 miles per hour,and bryce collins who is supposedly the,highest rated uh,pitcher that jay johnson signed at,arizona he's also coming off of tommy,john's surgery,you know how they say coaches will tell,you something about a player without,really telling you anything,well,t

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Hunt Palmer of ESPN Baton Rouge joins to talk LSU baseball

Hunt Palmer of ESPN Baton Rouge joins to talk LSU baseball

twelve to two on 104.5 espn in baton,rouge i appreciate a few minutes of your,time hey what was the reaction from lsu,fans uh when the the regional pairings,came out and it was indeed lsu on the,road as opposed to playing at the box,it was the roller coasters in the last,two weeks so she was in pretty good,shape and then ole miss comes in and,sweeps them and you think that that hope,is done and then all of a sudden they go,to nashville and just blow vanderbilt,out for three days and you're kind of,thinking okay they're they're right back,in the mix you get that that wednesday,win against kentucky in the sp,tournament kind of feel good about it,but once they lost the next two you saw,the rpi dropped to 25,they had 10 quadrant one wins they also,had seven wins between 51 and 56,which were just outside of quad one and,the metrics just didn't line up none of,the national prognostications had lsu as,a host i came out on twitter and said i,just didn't see it in the numbers and i,think everyone had kind of resigned,themselves to that uh when the the the,sites came out i still certainly watched,but i wasn't very hopeful,yeah,this lsu team has been uh has been,fascinated when they've been healthy,offensively they're as good as anybody,else in the country but the uh the the,absence of jacob barry and kate dodie,and,um i guess gavin dugas as well has been,has been telling for an offense that one,at one point looked explosive and,unstoppable and then just kind of looked,a little bit pedestrian,i know jay johnson said today that that,jacob barry and kate dodie likely to be,back,do you expect them if they are back to,be able to pick up right where they left,off kind of swinging it like crazy,so i'll take them individually as far as,barry goes,in tuscaloosa in weekend number seven in,sec play he gets a ground ball off the,finger and has a hairline fracture uh he,sits the next weekend against ole miss,we know what happened there and he came,back against vanderbilt and only hit,right-handed now this is the guy who has,15 home runs on the year hitting 380 and,14 home runs are from the left side so,he's far more effective from the left,side but a good hitter right-handed he,hit great right-handed against,vanderbilt,and then he didn't play in hoover i,think they just wanted to rest him i,think it's reasonable to expect jacob,berry to be in the lineup on friday and,and pretty effective if he turns around,and hits left-handed you really know,he's feeling a lot better and you've got,one of the best hitters in college,baseball i think that is absolutely,reasonable to expect and even if he has,to hit right-handed he had a few really,impressive singles right on right in in,vanderbilt so,i i expect him to go dodie,dove to his left in nashville in game,three when it was all decided and very,clearly on the tv you can tell he's,dislocated his shoulder,the trainer came out he had gone to the,fetal position kind of violently,contorted his body and they popped it,back in he popped up off the ground and,matter-of-factly walked up the field and,you know i think that they said there's,no structural damage it's just going to,be sore he's going to be sore this,weekend so whether he can play defense,whether he can hit that would mean barry,might have to play defense if if if,dodie's got to be a dh that's more of a,question mark um i think both are going,to give it a try i think it's more,likely than not that barry is feeling,pretty good and that doty may be a,little bit compromised,so so the two things that have stood out,to me this year with lsu that,that make me question their ability to,make a deep run in the postseason,obviously defense i mean that's a story,that's been told over and over and over,and it's so unless you like to see a,team that's so bad defensively,but the pitching to me is just okay i,know there's some really good arms out,of the pin,and when mikhail hilliard is all on with,the breaking ball but like you know he,throws the little curve ball just to,kind of get you over get a strike steal,a strike and then he's got the hammer,and when that's working,he's really really good but i don't feel,that works but about one out of every,three times and that's kind of taking,like a three-year sample size am i crazy,for looking at hilliard that way,no you're not i mean it doesn't look,great when you look at it and then all,of a sudden he rattled off between last,year and this year,uh 14 straight,winning decisions where he hadn't lost,so,it doesn't look like uh like alex lang,it doesn't look like erin nola it,doesn't look like kevin gausman it,doesn't look like anthony ronato all,these aces at lsu's rolled out there for,years and he's not in that class i don't,even want to consider him in that class,but he gets out and with an offense as,good as lsu's is that's been sufficient,my worry is not michael if i'm an lsu,fan it's it's everybody else,there's just uh he's going to get he's,going to go whenever they give him the,ball whether it's f

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