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LS Talks About The Problem With LEC Medic vs Twitter Dramadude okay let me let me let me react to,so

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

LS Talks About The Problem With LEC Medic vs Twitter Drama

dude okay let me let me let me react to,some stuff here holy holy ,how is being misogynist bad and upside,down emoji okay getting paid by Riot and,talking about moral ethics dude I, can't I literally can't stand,these people I oh my God oh my,God I'm gonna blow a fuse ignoring the,obvious fact of the company have issues,of institutionalized bigotry does not,mean that all of their employees are,somehow morally corrupt this is,literally just a what about ism,yes yes yes,I think the the point he's making is,that Medicare is holding Carlos to these,high ethics yet works for a company that,doesn't follow oh my God if it,is your genuine opinion that someone who,works for a company that has had issues,with sexism bigotry is somehow even,remotely morally equivalent to,personally embracing and condoning a,person who opensly oh my God this guy is,a chef's kiss man this guy is a,chef's kissed holy these people,these people make me want to go over the,edge I I can't stand it I can't,stand because it's not it's not even,it's not even just that these people,think like this right it's not even just,that virtue signalers,oh my God I hate them I hate,people who find something to get mad at,they've never engaged with it in their,life and then they choose to get mad at,it so that they can join in the party,and then they suddenly are championing,whatever championing whatever the ,it is that they're mad about as if,they've held the stance longer than two,days ago like I,man it's so sick it's so sick I hate it,dude this guy is a dude this,guy's a this guy oh my Lord,oh my God I'm saying that magic speaking,out about ethics is ironic and also,lessens the value of his words because,he doesn't hold him at all oh my god oh,these people don't get it man ah they,don't get it oh ,oh these people don't know what it,is to to win the long con or win the,long battle even if what they're saying,is accurate,um or like I'm not saying that what this,person's saying is accurate,um but the person it is such a it's such,a situation in so many ways and,it's such a long conversation to have in,general that they're obviously not,willing to have it no I'm not going to,explain it instead of just wheezing I'm,just going to keep reading this, because I do not want to spend a,lot of time on this,um I mean also what do you mean explain,instead of just wheezing literally this,person has already explained it and I've,already like what do you mean I,I just literally praised the person,responding because obviously this person,is not logically thinking they're very,emotional in their response if they,don't criticize their own company who,they associate with why can you you can,criticize your own company while still,yeah,why why why does this not make sense to,some people by the way why why does this,but also the entire company is not,whoever within the company did those,actions that is not the entire company,it doesn't,uh this um,oh my God oh my God oh my God,oh my God,all right let's see the first reply he,did all right let me add him now it's,different because okay this person is,trying to say that it's hypocritical to,call out an individual when working for,a company I that that's it's literally,not the same thing a company is a uh a,combination uh well I mean a company is,many many many people right now if a,company has founding ideas or founding,beliefs that's different I think that's,I think that's that's that's very,different right,um,but even then it's it it gets it gets,kind of weird right depending on like,um what what type of a conversation,you're having I think it can get really,weird now the case in question is that,medic is calling out Carlos he's calling,out the individual right,um that's the argument at hand here,medic cannot I mean medic cannot,all of Riot is not whatever individuals,chose to do what they did nor does it,mean that whoever enters riot after the,aforementioned,um the the uh people were blatantly, like you know uh punished or,sued or whatever nor does it mean the,people that come in will have those same,practices and standards and then,treating them as such makes no sense a,writer who joined Riot games in 2020 or,2021 or 2022 has nothing to do with the,choices of former rioters that made,actions many many years ago man what do,you mean look at casual tweet,oh my God okay all right let's see let's,see,okay let me make it clear cry it for,discriminating against women so,constantly that they got sued for it I,have adequately fulfilled my moral,obligation did this guy reply,probably not medic being a hypocrite for,not criticizing similar behavior in a,company,these people are more,it is they're individual people,individual people are not riot,like what Riot is not a person,it's not a person man what is so,difficult to understand,Riot does not have founding beliefs or,founding principles,that are representative of that person,empowers actions which means if the,person in power who enforces Riot things,is removed or you know whatever h

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LS | Answering More Twitter Questions

LS | Answering More Twitter Questions

hey everyone it's alex and this is gonna,be another one of the twitter q a videos,my plan is to try to do these once a,month and you'll often end up seeing me,tweet the tweet out and then retweet it,a couple of times in order to generate,enough questions and then i'll usually,pick somewhere around a dozen or more,questions to answer and so you guys can,ask me questions there this time around,i do have a mask on currently there is a,maid that is cleaning the house and,every time she comes over we just wear,masks so no problem anyways first,question up is going to be by hans and,he asks,why doesn't lol teams invest into hard,analytics actual data scientists just,like the conventional sports do i,haven't seen or heard any good outcomes,of analytics outside itemization,calculations when there are plenty of,obvious utilizations drafts for instance,so this is sort of actually asking two,questions one you make a claim about,itemization calculators which also still,don't even really exist,at least not in a simplistic form that,you would think that league of legends,should have by now which is also another,really disturbing thing when you,consider it other times you'll have like,these custom made things that'll end up,existing in like the form of a website,that's usually private for certain teams,or you'll have things that are like made,up inside of excel and they'll end up,like putting out you know some sort of,an answer for you or something but it's,not the easiest thing in the world and,it's not as simple as it actually should,be given how large the game is how much,money is in the game and how long the,game has actually been out going back to,the thing where i said that i think that,they're mostly useless league of legends,is such a bizarre game in the sense that,yes it is kind of constantly changing,but games are sometimes either played in,best ones or best of threes and there's,so much information,that i do not believe that most,information that could actually be,gained from you know logging in,everything that you possibly do,could actually ever then be broken down,and provided to a player in a way that,it's actually going to transform into,being something valuable that wouldn't,have just been able to have been done,through simpler means what often ends up,happening is you'll get this,overwhelming amount of data and then you,don't really have anywhere to go with it,and even inside of that data there's not,really going to be any patterns that you,can make total use of outside of like,the very normal stuff that requires,someone of that kind of a pedigree what,will often end up happening is that,you'll actually end up using the same,information that people in the scene,were doing years ago that you know just,sort of pretty much anyone was going to,end up doing at least for the,information that's going to be provided,to players it's really hard to take the,information that data scientists and,data logging is actually going to give,you and then find accurate ways to break,it down and then be like oh okay well,this is actually somewhere where we can,do something now obviously what i'm,saying by this for anyone that tries to,rebuke this claim by claiming that you,can optimize jungle clear speeds or you,can optimize routes you can optimize all,these other things but you know these,types of things again this isn't,something that you need someone of this,stature coming in to provide that kind,of value for the reality is that league,is changing teams players champions,gameplay items everything so frequently,so often i do not believe it to be,humanly possible to actually make use of,these certain things based on our,current understanding of how to utilize,them doesn't mean they're impossible,it's just an i don't know and i've never,seen a way to do it nor have i ever,engaged with someone who believes that,there's a way to do it without just,being able to ask them a series of,questions and then ultimately having the,conversation go nowhere because you can,basically show how it's actually,not what they believe it to be or that,there's simpler means of going about it,or that the type of information that,they're attempting to use is actually,not useful or it doesn't need to be,gained through the same methods last,part of the question ends up saying that,there are several obviously,you know good places for this which is,in draft and i just don't think that's,the case anyway,the problem that i don't think is the,case anyway is because it doesn't matter,what an ai is going to tell you about,draft doesn't matter what data is going,to tell you really about draft other,than something that you can observe with,the basic eye what i mean by that is,that if you notice that a certain team,always you know reserves a certain 80,carry or support pick or jungle pick you,know in certain pattern sequences,you don't really again need someone of,such credentials to come in and make,that possible for you to find i know,that sounds really weird b

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Fats Posting Ls - Twitter Cringe Part 10 | Reaction

Fats Posting Ls - Twitter Cringe Part 10 | Reaction

foreign,when I first saw this video I originally,thought the young man to the left I,thought that was a child,um I am mistaken if this is a child then,a child has numerous amounts of tattoos,leg hair and facial hair so this is a,grown man and when you put this grown,man next to this human if you want to,call him that,they they don't look they don't look,anywhere close to being similar,how does something like this even happen,how do you,become this size,to to I just I can't believe that people,watch themselves it's not like you don't,have a mirror well maybe they do I don't,know where is this video even taking,place man why is your bed on the floor,uh not all of us are as privileged as,others I don't want to make fun of their,situation but,man you have to be eaten pretty good,right I mean you're spending money,somewhere right,oh let's let's let's watch a little bit,more,yeah that's that's a grown man this is a,grown man dude and I don't know whose,idea was it to record this video you,know it's some kind of like joking,matter like oh this is how me and my,boyfriend sleep you know and I just so,happen to take up 80 of the bed you know,and this is a Queen by the way it's,probably not a queen but even still,you're taking up an astronomical amount,of of room I feel like if you are in a,relationship with this person you gotta,sleep on separate floors and you need,this person to be on the bottom to make,sure that um there are no problems with,you know the level of the situation you,know what I'm saying like you don't want,to break the floor,right the structural Integrity of the,floor would be in question I mean it's,not like you can get on the second floor,anyway at this weight I mean if you,could how long does it take you to get,up the stairs how many breaths per step,are we talking about so yeah I have no,idea why they decided to make this video,it's actually kind of crazy this even,went through their mind but I guess we,could finish it,farting in his face,I feel like if you are that big you kind,of need you need like a structure you,know I'm talking about put something,underneath the bed like a bed frame,right so that way you have some when you,get up out of the bed you don't have to,like pull yourself up off the floor,because this person I feel like takes 45,seconds to get up if they can at all so,you really need some height when you get,out of bed to make sure that you land on,your feet because it doesn't seem very,plausible that a person like this could,get up off the floor if they were on the,floor so,unless they need help but these are the,type of people that you you see on my,600 pound life I already find it very,uncomfortable to sleep with somebody,um in a very in a like a smaller bed,even like a fuller up it's still kind of,uncomfortable like get your own spot,right like it's okay if you want to,cuddle but uh when we're sleeping like,actually sleeping don't touch me I can't,even imagine what it'd be like to sleep,with this person oh my God you might as,well just sleep on the floor because,this is not somebody that uh deserves to,be in a bet with you honestly but uh,tell me what you guys think down below,about this particular particular person,today is X remembering day your ex once,said you need to lose some weight I can,barely see your vagina it is pretty,necessary for a man to be able to see,your vagina when it comes to I would say,doing anything when it comes to sexual,activity I mean just just a simple,example right uh if your vagina is being,covered if it's being concealed by your,gut that's that's you know how am I,going to get down there right how am I,going to get down there you have in a,whole ecosystem now developing down,there because as we know when you become,fat you have an inability to wash,yourself properly you just have extra,stuff your arms can't reach that far,down so you're not going to even think,about it eventually you just go it's,whatever I'll just let it be where it is,and now you're now you have colonization,going on down there you've got,environments growing on down there dude,and now I you want me to go down there,you want me to go down there and do what,right I gotta bring a flashlight you,know what I'm saying I gotta lift it up,I need crane operators to lift up the,gut so I can properly go inside of there,and you know it's been marinating for,however how long this has been an issue,so now I have to go in there I probably,have a snorkel because I can't breathe,so I have the snorkel coming up and at,any moment if you if you choose your,because it's gonna get tiring eventually,right you're holding on to your gut,you're gonna drop it on the back of my,neck while I'm down there and when that,happens now I have now I have health,conditions for the rest of my life I,have scoliosis on my back is broken,because I decided that I was going to go,down on a very fat over overweight,person and I know you wouldn't enjoy it,either if I was big you know I know you,wouldn't enjoy it because w

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LS - Twitter Q&A Video

LS - Twitter Q&A Video

hey everyone salus and if you're seeing,this video this is actually being,recorded after the previous video where,i just went on a tangent about,what is it that causes the repetition in,pro play but now i'm actually going to,try to answer your questions so let's,just uh let's get into it so the first,question up how does t1 get the best,talent out of their academy leagues and,why don't other teams try to replicate,that strategy in other regions by floor,okay so the thing is is that t1 doesn't,just find the best talent they don't,scout the best talent per se the way,that i think the question is suggesting,that they do what ends up happening is,that t1 is the creme de la creme and,every single elite top cream of the crop,as i already said,player who's on the soloq ladder they,already know this,and so because of that they're going to,hold out for t1 and so what i mean by,that is they're just going to keep,grinding they're going to stay high of,the ladder and they're going to wait for,the t1 scout to come to them and then,because they know that they're the best,because so many teams are reaching out,to them they're really high priority,lots of teams are trying really hard to,get this person they're going to end up,joining t1 you'll notice that this is a,pretty consistent pattern in basically,almost any game with the top top top,teams and that they remain on top for in,a very long extended period of time it's,really really really rare that you see a,brand new org or you see a random low,tier team all of a sudden come across,lots of lots of good talent and then the,talent actually stays really really good,or,that the talent end up leaving that team,and then again they they happen to find,like really good new talent despite not,having to become a top team or a top org,this doesn't mean to say that obviously,t1 isn't doing anything to my knowledge,a lot of the t1 players actually give a,lot of input when talking about,potential candidates and so having,literally five of the best players in,the world give their input to the,coaches or the the management that are,looking for these people can definitely,do a lot of a lot of good stuff,corrosion asks in doublelift's podcast,joe explained that you and faker view,league of legends very similarly how,exactly do you view league when it comes,to micro macro item builds champions,draft what are your amazing analogies,and how do you say casual player however,you leak so,the comment that joe made about me and,faker viewing it um really similarly was,on my potential onboarding for t1 in,order to end up being a coach for t1 i,had to have a multi-long hour,conversation with faker over several,different vods with a translator present,and i was asking lots of questions,basically about you know game states and,sometimes we would even get into,conversations about why certain,sequences just aren't good and some of,the things that i remember that really,stood out is sometimes faker would ask,for some time to think about uh whatever,proposed sequence it was uh with how a,certain lane would go or um how a,certain map movement or something would,go and then we resumed talking over and,over and i think that ultimately i was,never trying to assert,something is this way,what i was always trying to assert is,that based on x y and z,this seems to be like it must be the,best based on current game knowledge or,current understanding um and,is that the case and then enter a,rebuttal if there is one and if there,isn't one then that's the proposed,current you know thing until new,information is introduced or a new,perspective or something and i think,doing that over and over because that's,always been my approach with analyzing,things breaking things down trying to,look at things trying to look for new,information is just being willing to,intake anything and then just willing to,try to compute and sequence it all,together reach a conclusion and then,attack that conclusion to see how strong,it actually is against lots of different,and,lots of different questions or lots of,different you know views and um i mean,to my knowledge i think that's what he,really liked most about the conversation,alexander asks who came up with karthus,jungle i saw that before malice played,it in casper cup 2018 only shrimp had,had multiple competitive games on the,pick this just reeks of ls influence,so malice actually came up with the pick,himself i remember that they were at the,bbq house or something and i think that,mac noon was still a part of the team at,that time and the draft needed an ap,jungler malice ended up suggesting that,he could just play karthus,inside of the jungle,all of the korean players didn't,actually know what was going on when he,picked karthus and to be honest i don't,think i did either at that time i knew,that he played it but i didn't know to,what extent karthus was really scary,in that game i remember mac noon or,something uh,ended up laughing that malice was level,16 when the enemy lee sin was

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how about you give us the 78 million you,wasted on Levine and we give you free,crab cakes for life I'm allergic to,shellfish anyway and defense and defense,and defense and defense and defense they,want to disrespect my homey man I was,rockin the window Carter jr. but I got a,what's that really necessary Jimmy's I,see people take arrows on Twitter all,the time all the time but never did I,think it was gonna be one of my guys,though a Bulls Jersey over a Bulls shirt,whatever man welcome to the video and we,back if that's what you care about this,made me want to make an entire video,showcase in times NBA players took Al's,on twitter or instagram but as i was,doing my research,honestly it don't happen too often we,got Zach Lavine taking this massive,massive air we had Kevin Durant taking,the air long Instagram a couple months,ago we got the I'm tryin Jennifer from,CJ McCollum but other than that,NBA players ain't taking airs on Twitter,like that because the smart ones just,don't even reply to people you know,Patrick Patterson got caught though,anyone want to talk watch this hashtag,opinion needed hashtag help nay says you,heard of the up-and-coming brand League,ma no I have him we'll look it up now,y'all know the ligament thing is a dead,mean but steel precise execution by the,man Nate Brees gettin Patrick Patterson,that's bouncing took his own and he kept,going and he act he was really he was,really a need for some watches it seems,like hopefully he didn't get the one,maybe eyelid ma I'm actually looking at,this trend and Patrick Patterson,legitimately needed people to talk to,about watches you know sometimes famous,people say stuff to get their,interactions up but they don't really,read the comments and stuff he generally,see like Eva Platts almost everybody,thoughts,thoughts thoughts the guy really needed,people to help him with his watch,situation I hope he figured it out,but I don't really know dog Patrick,Patterson is really into this watch game,are there any Rolex watch lovers slash,experts out here that can help me with,the quick question,I became diggin it's Patrick Patterson,like this big watch enthusiast that,everything he care about in this world,is basketball the watches so there's no,more watch tweets for Patrick Patterson,but I did do some digging and found an,October 30th 2017 he said this working,out watch season two of attack on Titan,working out my samurai Champloo season,one and where can i watch death know,season 1 hashtag help now for most of,y'all this means nothing but for me this,makes me a Patrick Patterson fan I love,all of those shows man,he's trying to go back and watch but,anyway let's move on to the next one so,CJ McCollum is one of those players,that's always on social media so because,of that he gets handed a lot of elves,because it kind of interacted with the,fans alone but I forgot about that one,time he gave out a massive massive L to,Chandler Parsons shout-out to hunter for,reminding me of this so early 2017 the,Trail Blazers tweeted out a gift of,Chandler Parsons air ball in the three,and telepaths reply good luck in the,lottery show this year there's a good,comeback because at this time the,Portland Trail Blazers were 21 and 27 so,they were looking like they were gonna,hit the lottery but then CJ being the,man that he is says we hit the lottery,by not signing you that's it,that was the end of it that was the end,of it but about end of the season both,teams have met the playoffs the Portland,Trail Blazers made it as the AC the,Memphis Grizzlies made it a seven seed,but Chandler Parsons like injure half,the season so he ain't really,contributes it as never see,but regardless CJ that was a huge duh,I'm not forgetting that a game sounds -,Jalen Rose man he really helped us out,he shouted out my podcast on his podcast,and I really helped out numbers and you,will forever be one of my favorite,people on radio on TV whatever but lzl,and Joe ellaby gave him one a really bad,one so the story goes after a game,joylynn B was interview postgame and the,lady asked him,what percent are you at like how healthy,do you feel and joannabee hit back with,the 69% obviously y'all notice 69 stuff,and then Jane the Rose when I hear,someone said it's unprofessional,the JoEllen beat we were basically,talking about my condition but I think,he's this guy and a is gay and I think,I'm not 81% 81 so I think the joke went,over the hands are the two people,interviewing him but he said 81% and if,you don't understand second Rose was the,person that was guarded Kobe when Kobe,dropped this infamous 81 points if you,go back to read watched a game it wasn't,really salient roses they were running,like a zone for some reason but,regardless Jalen Rose gets a lot of the,heat for being the one guard and Kobe,with Kobe dropped 81 julep he's like the,king of social media he hands out a s,here near so we could make an entire,video about Joyland being his social,media antics but we're gonna end it here,because like it's

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Hasanabi--Elon Musk cannot stop taking Ls on Twitter!!!

Hasanabi--Elon Musk cannot stop taking Ls on Twitter!!!

else for everyone,gambled,persons,space trip and more,guests later,now,let's do it, hassanabi I don't think,I'll get banned for this but who knows,there you go,I blasted off,this is like almost a test you know what,I mean,banned for what oh for those of you who,don't know this is a little bit of a,test that we're we're doing here juice,it,um this now might be illegal according,to new Twitter rules that's right ladies,and gentlemen apparently Twitter support,this morning decided you can't ,link competitor platforms any longer on,the on Twitter,like straight up,Twitter support said we recognize that,many of our users are active on social,media platform on other social media,platforms however we will no longer,allow free promotion of certain social,media platforms on Twitter,specifically we will remove accounts,created solely for the purpose of,promoting other social media platforms,and content that contains links or,usernames for the following platforms,Facebook Instagram Mastodon true social,tribal Noster and post,they still allow Tick Tock because China,no they allow Tick Tock because it's not,a competitor video platforms seemingly,are still fine they also want to take,down linked trees and ,even Jack came back and said why,twitch is not a competitor so I think it,should be fine but we're testing it you,know I'll put my I'll put my ,Twitter account on the line it's,probably the social media platform I use,the most,Instagram is technically not even a,competitor I don't know why he decided,to put Instagram on there,some of you may be yelling go France and,others may be illegal Argentina I'm,yelling go journalism the Free Press a,banger dude he's back he's so back,is he serious damasius says yes dude,this is the crassenstein,posting,and your band no I don't think so,you have any band links in your Twitter,bio I don't know I might,do why,I mean eu's not going to allow that by,the way Elon musk's new policy,preventing linking competitors a direct,violation of European Union rules,penalty could be a fine up to 20 of,Twitter's annual revenue,yeah,um it's a direct that this what what,he's doing here,is a direct violation of of uh you know,antitrust laws,and like America is incredibly cooked,so they won't do anything because like,they're gigantic cowards,who,you know LARP as uh who larva is like,real politicians that are supposed to,protect consumers citizens against like,you know big Tech overreach or whatever,Elon from six months ago has something,to say,the acid test for any,uh to competing socioeconomic systems is,which side needs to build a wall to keep,people from escaping that's the bad one,yeah he's talking about talking about,the Berlin wall or at least the great,Twitter wall that he's building,an entire season devoted to your,greatest take oh God you got a kingdom,God's got a kingdom,God's got a kingdom but the devil got a,kingdom too,I'm gonna tie down that Devil's Kingdom,I'm gonna tie down that's awesome,imma go and tear down that Devil's,Kingdom,11 day brother what I'm gonna do,I'm gonna pray,dare that Kingdom down the kingdom,I'm gonna pray that King come down,before I heard the voice of Jesus say,Satan your kingdom must come down the,must come down,Oh that's oh,oh man oh man,can you spoil it I want to find out who,did 911 and I'm just an Anime Watcher,let's just say a lot of the people who,did 911 are in this video maybe all of,them,don't you dare click on this illegal,list of websites that are better than,Twitter,that's funny,what do you mean which Wars and,conflicts bro blowback season 4 is,literally,my 821 that's it from the mujahideen all,the way to it dude I'm saying it,dude,all the way to we deserved it dude,from operation Cyclone which they'll,probably go beyond operation Cyclone,because,you know it goes beyond that because,they're talking about,this is the fourth Marines ad I've gone,today why you're subscribe why,are you seeing ads and it's so funny,that the app finishing the songs talking,about the US backing and training the,mujahideen limafeo best timing for that,why are you seeing ads,anyway,mostly associated with that next Twitter,we'll send a note across platforming,yeah honestly,um,we see ads when we enter the scene wait,really subscribers see ads too when they,enter the Stream,what the ,no okay,um,yeah Elon Musk is doing incredible,things dude he's so brilliant he's so,smart this is definitely a good idea for,like,the guy who literally was saying,what did wasn't it Elon who like,recently said Twitter is the number one,platform for linking the other platforms,or something,who was saying that,and then it turned it was like number,seven actually but he,wasn't it Elon who was like,Elon doxed himself,two slightly different yeah what the, Elon you doxed yourself watch out,two slightly different angles for most,of the World Cup interesting,how could you say we deserve 911 that's,like saying Victor bat was arrested for,CIA competition reasons or elon's not,the smartest man alive

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LS Nguyễn Hoàng Duyên - DGCB Số 294 - Twitter ế, Elon Musk câu, Trump hóa rồ…

LS Nguyễn Hoàng Duyên - DGCB Số 294 - Twitter ế, Elon Musk câu, Trump hóa rồ…

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LS gets HEATED talking about Twitter cancel culture

LS gets HEATED talking about Twitter cancel culture

you know the people that are getting,canceled right now and they literally,post their last like tweet or post and,they're done you know that they're done,they're never coming back you know what,I'm talking about,like they they're posting their last,tweet it's pinned to their page,and they're never coming back okay,the people that go to that tweet and,write a comment below it and just, unload in spew negativity and,toxic ,I can't I can't understand them I can't,I just can't I can't understand them,because like let me take fed for,instance right,I don't know fed feds never personally,interacted with me never done anything,to me he's done maybe some stuff to,people that I know okay,feds vets okay,fed is annihilated he's destroyed and I,know that he is destroyed I don't need,to go out of my way to comment on his,tweet to say more negative things I,don't need to go out of my way to, I can just click unfollow,unfollow never gonna view your content,again never gonna retweet it never gonna,like it not gonna talk well about you,I'm just not gonna talk about you in,general if someone brings you up to me,I'm gonna say well you know what he did,that'll be it that's it that's it not,not hate not love just apathy you know,or just indifference that's it you know,like you try to contact ignore,you the people that go immediately to,the hate and they have to comment they,have to say you're a piece of, I hope that's something you,know bye-bye your your life's,over blah blah blah and then,just keep hammering in it's like dude,what the is wrong with you that,that's not normal do you realize like,that is not a normal human response to,go out of your way to try to further,harm someone that has already ,their already it's not normal,it's not normal you are taking your rage,and,or other things out on a person because,you can just because you can you're like,the people in America that are,rioting and looting from stores,in stealing and committing crimes,because they can the same thing,it is the same thing you're jumping on,it like it's not the point of what,people are trying to accomplish we're,not trying to make someone kill,themselves we're not trying to push,someone to suicide we're just,trying to stop them from making,content and getting out of the circles,and here are you come along and you want,to make someone kill themself,and I'm waiting I'm wait because,I was a I'm not gonna talk about who it,was I got a message from someone in the,scene saying they were gonna kill,themselves yesterday and my immediate,response was to go and can't talk to,other people much bigger than myself,and they message that person and it was,like what the do I do what is what,is my response here you know there is so,much damage being done right now that is,just so excessive and it's so,ridiculous man you're if you're going to,these if you're going to these these,these Twitter's honey ma what what well,I okay bye,if you're going to these Twitter's where,they have pin messages and they're,leaving and you're writing and,you're trying to push them over the edge,you're a piece of man,you're you're just a piece of ,that's all that you are it's all you are,they're done man they're dead it's over,it's over stop driving the nail through,there's no coming back,unfollow them block them go and,delete you're calm,maybe you've ever wrote to them ,unsub to them on YouTube, unpatriotic Ord that's it that's,that's it damage is done apathy just,leave just walk away someone brings them,up to you just inform the person yeah I,don't support that person anymore,because you know this who the are,you two pieces of ,men just like the people that we're,trying to protest and then the riots,broke out but the riots broke out from,like the peaceful act I do not fully,know let me stop myself right here,I do not fully know the severity or the,nature surrounding some of the riots and,the protests alright what I'm about to,say is based off of the assumption that,the protesters became attacked or,threatened or pressured in thus the,riots ensued okay the people that see,this as an opportunity to leave their,own homes don't they don't care about,the protest they don't care about,anything else that's going on but they,are breaking into stores and stealing,and vandalizing things and destroying,things you're a piece of you are an,animal Unchained that is getting away,with things due to other going on,around you your behavior is unacceptable,these are your true colors these are,your true intentions this is how you,would be if there was not law you're,just so gross dude it's so gross,I'm just so,I'm so afraid people are gonna kill,themselves I'm so afraid

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