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RNC Official On House Impeachment Vote | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBCyou know a lot of House Rep


Updated on Jan 12,2023

RNC Official On House Impeachment Vote | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

you know a lot of House Republicans have,been ducking these interview requests,today and frankly from a reporting,perspective that actually makes it,harder to find out given the new vote,what Donald Trump's impeachment defense,is at this point but now we are joined,by someone leading that very charge the,Republican Party's national spokesperson,Liz Harrington from the RNC and a legal,expert who as you know if you watch this,program has previously advocated for the,legal case for the impeachment of Donald,Trump former prosecutor John Flannery,thanks to both you were being here,thanks for having me here Liz I will,start with the straightforward question,are the Republicans still asking for,foreign help to get Trump reelected I,would ask the Democrats because we spent,two and a half years debating that very,question I'll make you deal if you ever,host the beat you can invite guests on,and ask them questions but I'm asking,you because you're president right went,out in public and said yeah of course I,asked Ukraine for help so is that still,the way you want to win reelection,is Nancy Pelosi still praying and taking,this very solemnly when she's going on,late-night TV and yucking it up about,taking away our votes in 2016 because,that's what this has happened this is,what exactly what's happening I want to,go back to the chart you put up at the,top of the show because that's what,gives away the Democrats play right here,we'll put it up for you you want to,bring evidence and then John gets his,sermon go ahead let me lead you to the,chart and I'll give you another turn,what's fascinating here is one out of,four Republicans now going elsewhere,disapproving of Donald Trump,let's talk about what the real election,meddling is trying to drive down the,president's poll numbers a popular,economy look at the economy numbers we,had today the robust economy that the,president Trump is ushered in going into,an election and what are Democrats,trying to do,no bipartisan support for this,witch-hunt they're going in trying to,drive down his poll numbers exactly what,you see your time in turn I'm gonna,bring in I'm gonna bring in John,Flannery I'm gonna note for the record,you didn't really answer that the,question put to you twice right but you,do he didn't ask for help,he asked for help in looking into the,Justice Department legitimate,investigation into the election meddling,in 2016,that's what,favor was okay there's your position,your answer John Flannery your turn well,to go to the point he was saying if you,want the missiles to protect your entire,nation-state you better give me some,lies on Biden who's going up in the,polls and by my way of thinking defying,our policy about helping Ukraine against,a Russian aggressor who is the puppet,master for our president and saying that,I want you to give me dirt because I,can't otherwise win this election and,I've been working on this since last,November with my mouthpiece Rudy,Giuliani I think that's a little,different than minimizing what the,Democrats are doing but my concern about,the Democrats is more like MacArthur,Park in fact the remark by Pelosi about,when are we gonna hold the hearings,maybe think about it and I'm concerned,that shift will leave that cake out in,the rain and I I don't think I can take,it it looks so long to bake it and you,wouldn't worried that my residents are,delaying too long yes absolutely,malingerers why are they taking off next,week why aren't we holding hearings now,now right now let's talk about helping,Ukraine with lethal aid you know who is,president Trump three times you know who,didn't do that Barack Obama and Joe,Biden you guys know how it works both of,you we are going one at a time Flannery,I will bring back bring you back in and,Liz I will sit with you here on set with,me when there is an impeachment,proceeding in to Barack Obama you can,come back and we'll do that but on this,show we don't do historical you are here,to offer your views on behalf of the RNC,and the president as to what the,impeachment defense is I guess the other,question to you on all of this is is,Donald Trump going to say what Mick,Mulvaney said which is basically we do,do this all the time there was a,conditional bribery plot and let me play,a little bit of that for you to refresh,everyone's memory because no offense but,he's one of the top ranking officials I,mean you're at the RNC he's number where,the White House,acting chief of staff and here's what he,said in public in a room like this him,on TV - reporters take a look did he,also mentioned to me and past that the,the the corruption related to the DNC,server absolutely no question about that,clearly you just described is a quid pro,quo we do that all the time with foreign,policy that's it that's why we held up,the money that was very chopped up there,but he's talking about very generally,and I would ask why are Democrats so not,why don't they want to get in the way of,a legitimate Justice Department,investigation int

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RNC Spokesperson, Liz Harrington, Discusses the Party's Platform of Defending the American Way

RNC Spokesperson, Liz Harrington, Discusses the Party's Platform of Defending the American Way

so joining us now for more on the,convention is rnc spokesperson,liz harrington liz great to see you as,always uh we've heard a lot of articles,yes we've heard a lot of arguments in,favor of the president so far this week,but we haven't heard a lot when it comes,to the coronavirus we've heard him talk,about closing the border with china,and operation worked speed but that's,been about the,extent of it liz why do you think that,is why have we not heard more about the,virus,well we've also heard directly from,nurses and first responders,that met with the president at the white,house but also spoke directly,to the american people about this,response you'll be hearing more about it,as well,because democrats seem to be running on,covid but you can't run on covet if you,can't,don't acknowledge the source which is a,communist regime,in china that covered up the outbreak,lied to the world,shut down travel within their country,but let it escape while they encouraged,travel,to italy which became the epicenter of,the virus so we're going to set the,record straight,we've also had many comments,played throughout our convention from,democrat governors who received,aid from this administration when you,talk about the uss comfort and mercy,which,unfortunately governor cuomo did not use,instead sent,infected patients back into nursing,homes so we're going to be talking about,this response it wasn't,all of america response this president,uh mobilized the private sector like we,haven't seen since world war ii,and we've ramped up production and it's,also going to be talking about,for the future because we will overcome,this we're not going to cower and hide,in our basement,like the democrats like to do with their,candidate,we're going to overcome this but we're,looking for the future,we're not going to allow 90 of our,medicines and,core manufacturing when it comes to,health care to come from a communist,regime that,clearly is not freedom's friend we're,not going to allow that to happen we're,going to end,our reliance on communist china which,this president,has been committed before the pandemic,started he was the first president to,really hold them to account,and be tough on china after for decades,with joe biden and the rest of the swamp,let them into the world trade,organization normalize relations let,them steal our intellectual,property and let them steal our,manufacturing base and those days are,over,under president trump uh please,obviously you said looking to the future,there's no party platform really for,2020 looking at,the party platform the addendum you guys,have written it says the 2020 republican,national convention will adjourn,without adopting a new platform until,the 2024 republican national convention,essentially you guys are using the same,platform that president trump,ran on in 2016. why is there no new,platform for 2020,so the reason for that is because we,were only able to have 336 delegates,meet in person in charlotte you saw live,our roll call,in charlotte on monday but we didn't,think it would be appropriate to have,when we have thousands of delegates not,able to be there in person,writing a new platform so it doesn't,mean that our values have changed it,doesn't mean we don't have an agenda,for the second term and you've heard,about it you've heard more policy,accomplishments and prescriptions in two,days,than you've heard all week from the,democrat convention,certainly in prime time they certainly,during their daytime coverage that,didn't get a lot of,um coverage in the mainstream media,where they were had speakers like linda,sarsour,anti-semite where they had other,speakers calling for abolishing police,abolishing premise prisons saying uh,you should you go to hell if you think,you believe in the border wall,very divisive rhetoric that shows that,clearly their agenda and their platform,is gone,as bernie sanders says they've,normalized the radical,in just a short amount of time but our,platform is very simple it's for freedom,it's for defending the american way it's,for,not just opening schools this fall but,opening schools,up to every american getting the,teachers unions out of the way with,school choice and allowing the parent to,decide,where their kid goes for a better shot,at the american dream i've heard a lot,about that you've also heard,you will continue to hear more about,china holding them to account in our,national security priorities in the,second term,and of course this economy 10 million,jobs in 10 months that's what president,trump is committed to doing,do you already see a good start with,this v-shaped recovery yeah liz i do,want to ask you because there was this,fascinating piece of politico by tim,alberta,analyzing what the party's platform,could be i want to show this full screen,of what he said he said,if it agitates the base if it lights up,a fox news cry on if it serves to,alienate sturdy real americans from,delicate coastal elites,that it's got a place in the grand old,party is th

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RNC spokeswoman Liz Harrington joins Evan & JB

RNC spokeswoman Liz Harrington joins Evan & JB

breaking news this morning Speaker Nancy,Pelosi requests House Committee Chairman,draw up articles of impeachment against,president Donald Trump for only the for,time in US history a sitting president,will be subject to impeachment,proceedings our live coverage begins now,good Thursday morning folks thank you,for joining us here on WFLA is live,streaming coverage continuing coverage,of the impeachment hearings of President,Donald Trump this morning just a few,moments ago within the past hour House,Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing that she,is asking House committee chairmen of,the judiciary and intelligence,committees to draw up articles of,impeachment against President Donald,Trump this is breaking news and we will,have a guest from the Republican,National Committee in just a moment,first though,JB a lot of action on social and clearly,we want to make sure that people know,what's happening we'll be playing a,sound bite from that press conference,that Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave just a,few minutes ago yeah and we have a tweet,here from President Trump that was just,delivered less than five minutes ago we,are gonna be reading your comments here,on Facebook live where you can use the,hashtag AJ be hashtag a Evan we're gonna,be reading your comments we want to hear,your response to Nancy Pelosi announcing,intentions for articles of impeachment,to be drafted we're back in a few,minutes to read your comments again use,the hashtag kjb,or hashtag a Evan four for us to read,your comments we want your voice to be,heard and let's start out with how this,all happened earlier in the month of,November there were two weeks of,impeachment proceedings in front of the,Intelligence Committee,there were many witnesses who testified,to things that they had heard both,firsthand and secondhand we heard about,the whistleblower complaint against,President Donald Trump regarding the,July 25th phone call between president's,trumpet and zalenski where President,Trump asked President Solinsky for a,favor to announce investigations into,president into scuse me former Vice,President Joe Biden the House Democrats,alleged that he did that while,withholding military aid from the,Ukraine as well as a me,at the White House which of course would,have benefited president Solinsky as he,comes into office trying to fight,corruption in the Ukraine just about two,hours ago at about 8 o'clock this,morning the president tweeted about the,impeachment proceedings yesterday and it,turned out to be sort of prescient he,said just after 8 o'clock this morning,the do-nothing Democrats had a,historically bad day yesterday in the,house they have no impeachment case and,are demeaning our country but nothing,matters to them they have gone crazy,therefore I say if you are going to,impeach me do it now fast so we can have,a fair trial in the Senate and so that,our country can get back to business,just a short while after that tweet,Nancy Pelosi held a press conference and,announced that she would be asking,committee chairmen to draw up articles,of impeachment here's a soundbite from,that press conference the president's,actions have seriously violated the,Constitution especially when he says and,acts upon the belief article 2 says I,can do whatever I want know his,wrongdoing strikes at the very heart of,our Constitution a separation of powers,three co-equal branches each based check,and balance on the other,I'll Speaker Nancy Pelosi they're,talking about the checks and balances in,our Constitution I wanna get immediate,reaction right now from Republican,National Committee spokesperson Liz,Harrington Liz joins us live now on,these impeachment live streams as she,has done before Liz thank you so much,for being here I want to just get your,immediate reaction to what's happened,all of this news breaking within the,past few hours I think it's a disgrace,and I think it's a Nancy Pelosi not only,turning her back on the founding fathers,in the Constitution but turning her back,on her own promise which was an,impeachment is something very serious,and it needs to be compelling,overwhelming and bipartisan she is yet,to convince a single Republican she is,yet to convince the American people and,instead of giving a present to the,American people like bringing the u.s.,MCA off her desk to the floor it's been,waiting for a year the new trade deal,between Mexico and Canada to be passed,instead of doing that she's giving a,gift to her radical far left base that,has vowed to impeach this president but,the minute he was sworn into office long,before there was ever a phone call with,Ukraine the president actually tweeted,following Nancy Pelosi's press,conference as well I want to read that,to you President Trump saying the,do-nothing radical left Democrats have,just announced that they are going to,seek to impeach me over nothing they,already gave up on the ridiculous mulher,stuff so now they hang their hats on to,totally appropriate perfect phone calls,with the Ukrainian president thi

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Elon Musk wants to expose weaknesses at Twitter: OptionsPlay's Zhang

Elon Musk wants to expose weaknesses at Twitter: OptionsPlay's Zhang

mike what do you think mike cohe is also,joining us here on options action i want,to get your thoughts here on twitter,this late breaking news what do you,think it means potentially for the,company going forward here too shares,are down i think about 10 and a half 11,percent or so since musk announced his,intention to buy this company yeah i,think there's a couple things first of,all we should take a look at what the,share price was even before this news,came out and it was trading at a,tremendous discount really to the deal,price and what that tells you is that,the market already had significant,doubts about whether or not this was,going to go through at the price that he,had originally,suggested he was going to pay so and the,longer this got drawn out there have,been many many hints along the way he,has repeatedly said that he was asking,for information he has cast doubt on,claims that the company had made,and all of those things signaled that he,was either negotiating for a lower price,or looking for a way to back out of it,on top of all of that we've seen,significant market weakness uh and all,of those things would contribute maybe,to a little bit of cold feet either way,i don't think the market was really,pricing in a deal at the original ask in,any case,um you know we did see a lot of options,activity we have seen it since the deal,came out there was quite a lot today,over 100 000 puts trading so there was,certainly some uh speculation during the,day that it might not happen and you,know valuation wise a dollar fifteen,maybe a dollar fifty a share at best uh,a year or two out uh throw you know a 16,to 20 multiple on it a kind of a market,multiple,i don't really see a whole lot of upside,for this stock in the near term,a lot of zigs and zags of course as you,point out in the story but in the last,several days of course it's becoming it,became more unlikely this deal was going,to go through and now it does look like,he is trying to terminate it uh tony,zhang is also with us here from options,action on the team i want to give you a,chance to jump in here with your,thoughts on the late breaking news here,about twitter and elon musk's decision,at least a filing with a letter from his,attorney saying i do not want to buy,twitter,yeah we can sit here all day long,speculating what elon musk is really,thinking and whether or not he really,intends on buying this company or not if,he's just negotiating but as mike said i,think the market is really what we need,to pay attention to and as technicians,here we don't really think about why but,what what is the market telling us and,the price at which twitter is trading at,is really speaks volumes it really,speaks to the fact that even if,elon musk intends on buying this company,that he's trying to negotiate a,significantly lower price than that,original 54,and 20 cents that he originally uh put,into the contract now my take is that i,don't think he really is interested in,buying this particular company he's,probably more interested in exposing,some of the weaknesses of this,particular company and perhaps is,willing to to pay a billion dollars and,break up fees to do so,you

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Andrew Garfield Reads Thirst Tweets

Andrew Garfield Reads Thirst Tweets

here we are i am andrew garfield,and i am here with buzzfeed and i am,going to be reading,your first tweets oh god,andrew garfield is a precious bean,protect him,thanks dad i love you too that's sweet,see you was,starting soft can we talk about how,gorgeous andrew garfield is,for a sec like that man is ,beautiful,i'd let him eat crackers in bed,that was a journey i mean the first part,is just like incredibly flattering and,um as misguided as it is and then the,crackers in bed thing is,i guess cause crackers are messy thank,you so much it's very very kind,i wouldn't let my selfie crackers in bed,because i,slightly ocd when it comes to,cleanliness in bed oh god i'm gonna move,on,andrew garfield if you see this on your,secret twitter account i'm free this,weekend if you want to get lunch or,drinks or something and just let me know,if you want to do it earlier i can do,dinner during the week but i'm usually,busy before,six i love that that's very,very i like hyper vigilance i like,specificity of plans,i i wouldn't know where to find you but,i am free this weekend,i can't believe andrew garfield invented,being sexy,i find it hard to believe to the point,of knowing that it's not true who was it,that invented being sexy like when,was sexy invented i guess consciously it,would have to be,a human although i'm sure before humans,existed,in the cosmos and on earth there are,there are forms of life though did,anyone else think about the optima,octopus teacher being a little,like oddly sexy not sexy but like,i know i noticed like on online there,were people that were like i loved that,film by the way and i didn't find it,sexy it was someone else that thought,that there was,just read one thing online something,sexy happening between the octopus and,the man oh god why did i agree to this,i can't believe i lived through shave,andrew garfield,long hair andrew garfield mustache,andrew garfield and now blonde andrew,garfield,he really gave it all to us this is,tricky because the ego is,is such a a delicate thing and i i'm a,leo man,and it's very very hard for me not to,flattery is the way,into my heart i'm trying to take these,and and just kind of bow,so that the compliments kind of fly over,my head you know that was the original,um impetus behind the inventing bowing,when after a performance or whatever it,was actually to let the applause,fly over your head so you didn't get,inflated i kind of dig that so this is,like a real test for me to not get,egotistical,even mustache andrew garfield that was a,dark time for everybody,andrew garver is literally the daddy of,all daddies if i'm literally the daddy,of all daddies it means i'm,some form of father god which i'm very,very uncomfortable with and even my ego,can't handle that but,you know what for the next five minutes,i will accept being the daddy of all,daddies whatever that means,andrew garfield is thick and awoke,to the best things to be if i am in fact,thick,my god that's the dream because when i,was a kid i was the op,i was a streak of piss as you might say,so any thickness or anyone,claiming that i have thickness i,appreciate and wokeness too,swag is an acronym for sex with andrew,garfield,i've been trying to tell you all andrew,garfield is like a fine mixture of sexy,and cute,and seductive like bro bro this is,actually becoming too much because i,this is gonna,make me self-reflect in a way that i,don't want to but listen if that's how,you feel bro i'm not going to try and,correct you,if blonde andrew garfield ever kills me,see i knew was he going to get violent,i knew it was going to get violent it,always gets violent if blonder,garfield kills me do not prosecute him,because he caught me slipping that is on,me,god man this is tricky do prosecute me,if i ever kill this person,because um i love justice i wish andrew,garfield would whisper you better lawyer,up in,the cool thing about that movie my love,for jesse eisenberg,and the relationship that we created for,that film meant that,i wanted that line to hurt him more than,if i shouted it i wanted it to be,lodged in his soul if i can't,make money in other ways i will,charge people for me to whisper in their,ear you better lawyer a hassle it's kind,of,a good side gig yes the rumors are true,i am a ,for andrew garfield thank you,that's so generous i promise i will only,be respectful 95,of the reason i love spider-man is,because of andrew garfield's butt in,that suit,that's harsh on uh the rest of my,performance,we're back to thickness i'm just happy,to be of service would not be upset if,andrew garfield spit in my mouth,okay i want andrew garfield to smash a,laptop on my tits,whoa it's good i'm not gonna do that,i draw the line nope like this is like,pro tip,and also like boundaries like if anyone,says i want to smash a laptop,on your breasts just say get out of my,house andrew garfield's spandex clad,buttocks,should be legally obliged to appear in,all superhero movies from now on,i wonder what my fee would be to bring,that

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Elizabeth Harrington discusses US, Chinese cultural exchanges

Elizabeth Harrington discusses US, Chinese cultural exchanges

both the US and China have a lot to gain,with cultural exchanges and among those,who follow the trend is Elizabeth,Harrington she's the North American,publisher of the who run report well,it's very interesting Elaine there there,really been two big phases in the,internationalization of education in,China going back to the 1990s when the,first group of students started coming,to the u.s. they were really University,students and PhDs and they were sent by,the Chinese government to modernize,China to create the Industrial,Revolution in China the new generation,of students coming over are really here,to help China go global,they are here to learn the best,technical skills the best Western,management styles and then frankly the,growth and the opportunities in China,are enormous because it's a very big,market and it's growing 6% a year so,there's huge incentive for them to go,home and participate in the growth of,the Chinese market but then also help,China go global will talk to us more,about some of those incentives and the,growing lure of going back home is it,more with business and are you seeing it,more with entrepreneurs yes definitely,Alain it's really two things let me,address the government incentives first,then I'll come back and talk about,entrepreneurship which is very important,the Chinese government has literally set,up systems to provide incentives to both,Chinese and Western students coming back,to China the incentives include,everything from office space to work in,support from the Chinese government to,get different kinds of business permits,that you need in China very importantly,it includes tax breaks and tax,incentives and in some case they will,even give you land so they're very very,big economic incentives for the students,to come back and they wouldn't get those,incentives in the United States well,Elizabeth China has long been coal,one of the biggest exporters of brain,power now it seems that there's this,reverse trend of foreign experts going,to China to research to work especially,when it comes to science yes that's,exactly right,in the early 90s people would come to,the u.s. to study and then they would go,back to China they were called sea,turtles,now we call the young students sea gulls,because what they do is they grow up in,China they come to the u.s. to study to,learn the best of Western management and,then they go back to China but they go,back and forth so they go global and,what the Chinese really call this is not,the brain drain but the brain,circulation so these young seagulls will,be born and raised in China educated in,the US and then go back and forth from,the universities in China and companies,in the US and China to really help China,go global and the focus is very much on,entrepreneurship,what about visas and visa reform on the,logistical front having to get a permit,to live and work what changes have you,noticed in China and other countries,over the last several years well the,Chinese government really just recently,changed the visa system about a year ago,so first of all you can get a ten year,visa to come to the United States to,study makes it easier for students to,come here and the US government has,accepted that also but then for foreign,students who want to go back to China to,work they can now get a ten year visa,also and again when they go back in,special economic zones like Shenzhen,Guangzhou Shanghai there are actually,government offices and programs that,will help foreigners set up an,entrepreneurial business in China so the,government is really doing everything it,can to not only attract people back but,to help them be successful when they get,to China,Elizabeth Harrington thank you so much,for your perspective we appreciate your,time you're very welcome

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Expectations are being reset to reasonable in the markets next year, says Gilman's Jenny Harrington

Expectations are being reset to reasonable in the markets next year, says Gilman's Jenny Harrington

the good news is that the market tends,to not have a another down year after an,already dismal year,for whatever that is worth well I think,I think the best news is it won't be,2022 anymore because we want to just say,goodbye to it completely but I think the,beginning of the year is is where the,highest probability exists for there to,be a little bit of a recovery rally I,would be surprised if in the first two,weeks of January you did not see a,return of capital into the equity Market,into the fixed income Market tax lost,harvesting you'll see a return of,capital from there I think generally,right now the expectation is that the,CPI print on January 12th is going to be,a benign one so I think the setup is a,favorable one to get a recovery rally,heading into earnings I'm not going to,go beyond what happens I mean Edgar,Denny is out with a new note today not,necessarily looking for you know a huge,thing in the stock market to start the,year but a favorable CPI inflation may,be falling faster than widely expected,as part of his note today the problem,Jenny is based on our CNBC stock survey,results,people aren't looking for much next year,I mean a third a third say we're going,to have below average returns for next,year you've got 27 percent of those we,asked say one to five percent and nine,percent who say negative so that gives,you an idea where sentiment is where,positioning probably is what do you make,of that well when you say the problem is,that people aren't looking for much next,year I actually don't see that as a,problem I think it's terrific because I,think one of the most important things,that's happening this year is that,expectations are being reset to,reasonable and if we have reasonable,expectations and behave rationally we,can actually set ourselves up for a,decent investment environment for the,next three five ten years so we cannot,lose sight of the fact that over the,past 10 years prior to 2021 the market,returns 16 and a half percent and,everyone's so miserable about this,you're like oh it's the worst it's awful,I'm down 20 well you know what if you're,down 20 this year you're probably up 30,the year before for that you're probably,up 18 the year before that the,annualized return on the market over the,past three years is right where it,should be it's about seven percent over,the past five years it's about nine,percent and I think that if we,collectively as investors have rational,expectations and behave rationally we,will make the returns that will get us,to functional places in our retirement,so when when the expectations for next,year are not much what is that six seven,eight percent sure the market,historically returned eight to ten but,six seven eight percent next year after,a year like this to me that's just fine,the question is Jason and do we have the,capability of even doing that given all,that we know that what we think lies,ahead,yeah I think it's an important question,to ask and I think Jenny makes a great,point and just you know what the last,three years have been you know this is,the first negative year in the in the,last four right so when I when I look to,turning the calendar which I know we're,all excited to do that for 2023 you know,the first thing that comes to mind is,obviously the fed you know we're closer,to the end of this tightening cycle I,mean 400 plus basis points in one year,uh these are historic numbers we might,see another 50 to 75 and as we've been,talking about all year and the FED has,has talked about in their commentary is,then and then they'll likely hold right,um and I think some of the concern as,well is what are the lag effects of all,uh that has happened already this year,with with Labor uh with owner,equivalents rents housing all all these,things will will take shape in in 2023,but I think once we can get beyond that,uh there there is some opportunity and I,think the market again 20 plus percent,you know an s p 30 30 plus percent of,the NASDAQ you know his history has told,us that uh we don't see a lot of uh year,negative years two years in a row so I,think those also can play well going,into the new year and let's see you know,how the how the next quarters uh couple,quarters and what presented itself here

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Wedbush's Dan Ives calls Twitter an albatross on Tesla's neck

Wedbush's Dan Ives calls Twitter an albatross on Tesla's neck

when might it stop let's ask the star,analyst Dan Ives he covers Tesla shares,for wedbush as an outperform rating,something it has not done lately to say,the least welcome it's good to see you,it's stunning I'm looking at it right,now it's like a double take it broke 110,okay it's going to finish below that,today barely hanging on to 109 nearly a,12 decline I feel like we've had this,conversation a lot lately and every time,we do it's for several percentage points,lower than the prior time we had the,conversation what in the world is going,on here well I think must set off to,five alarm fire you know and that that,really started this in terms of the,Twitter train wreck and what's really,been a black eye from musk and a black,eye for Tesla and now the demand the,second leg demands starting to soften in,China China that's the hearts and Longs,of the Tesla story so right now that one,two punch is really a perfect storm for,Tesla stock and I can tell you,institutional investors calling me are,his White Knuckle nervous as I've seen,them going back four or five years okay,so you're speaking to institutional,investors who are calling you and saying,okay Ives you continue to tell me to buy,the stock I got to outperform on it what,should I do what do you tell them and,then it's like where's the stock go I go,so what stress test like is it five,dollars earnings power is it less you,know could this ultimately go go lower,could this trade 75 8 hours they're,asking you those questions and those are,the questions they're asking me because,right now we're in basically unchartered,territory because of a self-driven what,I view is a 600 billion dollar mistake,when you combined all that musk really,started here well how low can it go took,We Believe five dollars of earnings,power is really even when you're stress,tested Ultima I think where Tesla goes,you know in terms of 2023 you look at,units worst case we think potentially,1.7 to 1.8 million in terms of where,units could go I think you're starting,to get to a point here you get to 95 to,100 hours we start to get to a point,where that is almost you are baking in,that they would probably do four four,dollar 450 of earnings so I think we,start to get below 100 we start to get,to you know what I view is Extreme panic,in the name I mean when when you have an,outperform rating on the stock and you,haven't outperformed you know way up in,the clouds and you have and outperform,as it comes back down to earth people,start to question your credibility on,the name I'm sure you're thinking about,your reputation on this stock how does,that factor in how you're thinking about,it today and whether that will cause you,to change your rating on it simply,because the goal posts seem to have,no doubt and I could tell you in decades,of covering Tech stock it's in nature,going up you're a hero going down you,know obviously it continues to really be,targeted on the back I view it as is,this a trip this is what I asked for is,this a transformational play on electric,vehicles where today it's two and a half,percent of the of the U.S auto market I,believe it is so I I still believe it is,I I still I truly believe that,ultimately 70 percent of the sell-off,is really musk Twitter train wreck,driven rather than core fundamentals now,with that said damage is done as we've,talked about black eye how do you,ultimately start to regain your footing,if they what I believe could get to 35,40 growth in a worst case going into,next year you talk about what could be,five dollars earnings power then I think,we look back in this period and it was,way oversold on the downside but no no,doubts God this is definitely what I,view it's a fork in the road it's a,movement of trust for musk uh you know,in terms of where we are but you're,telling me of all the issues like the,competition the China shutdowns Elon,selling it's the Twitter distraction,that is the bulk of the selling I didn't,even mention the fact the re-rating that,stocks like this have taken in a,non-zero interest rate environment and,this was one of the poster stocks that,probably benefited greatly from zero,interest rates and a frenzy in the,market that happened as a result a stock,that probably never should have been,1.24 trillion dollars in market cap at,its peak and the jury is out as to,whether it should be where it is now,which is now smaller than a Walmart or,an even JP Morgan yeah and I do I do,believe even though we have obviously,the macro multiple compression,everything else if you look at the must,Twitter situation he did what no short,could do no bear no conspiracy theory,self-driven the 44 billion ultimately,led to what could be another five to six,hundred billion and that's why this is,going to go down as just a historically,horrific move for musk then now he needs,to course correct otherwise this is just,going to continue to what does that mean,course correct I mean I was what stops,the selling what does he need to do well,and there's three

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